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Alton Evening Telegraph Newspaper Archives Sep 23 1920, Page 1

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Alton Evening Telegraph (Newspaper) - September 23, 1920, Alton, Illinois It evening established january 20, 1831 protest filed against sewer in Piasa Valley property owners numbering 540, ask Council to defeat ordinance when been Able it is up for passage. Cloud Joy rides not taxable says collector to traffic Law Given favor of streets in effect thirty of streets in effect thirty Days after official Piasa fewer District property one it were out again at the City con be i Las evening regardless of an a noun it in tat made in the Tete graph i bal there would be no action on the ordinance until the companion Ord inc tee Lur the outlet of the v t hid i ten completed and waa had ii r tall to aulos to the Council in Aldol it it i to being represent of a i sizeable delegation the property once also had a protest in against to t building of i he Bower which waa lined by 540 names. In the protest the signers ask that Tho proposal m budding of the sewer to rejected by the Council for several reasons chief of those Given being the High Cost of such wort at Thia time and the further alleged fact that about to per cent of those assessed Are not ten fitted. The ordinance waa not brought up for Reading. The seat on of the City Council Stoulil ban been a near record breaker for Brevity but for the fact that to trainee Ord Nance was scheduled to be put on its passage and had to be read in full for the second hum by City clerk Kennedy. It was suited by chairman widening of the ordinance committee that copies it the ordinance had been Given to representatives of interested Organ hat ions for suggestions is to Chang a a. And that not a suggestion had �?~11 a a Vii so it was presumed the ordinance a satisfactory around he accordingly moved its passage and it was put through by unanimous vote of the Council. The now ordinance regulating traffic is to be pumice in pamphlet form for distribution among those who Are object in it regulations chiefly automobile owners and the Street oar company. The ordinance will be effective so Days after it la Iii hed officially. I he petition of fifteen members of the fire department for the in Augu to Ion of a new shift system in the or Bailment involving the addition of a half dozen men to the department. Read and referred to the fire department and finance committees or the City Council. Mayor sausage announced tile appointment of John Hellig As a a it a roman to succeed Jacob Newman. Of Quot a he was confirmed. Further time was Given the Oral we committee for report in a new plumbers ordinance. The mayor in free a air is an expression take on a new meaning when it i him f0r the War to Ltd Ridden individual to count up the Cost of his taking a taxi ride in an air plane. The Revenue collectors has a not to classify an air plane Joy tide m any Way that will make it possible for the government to collect a War tax on the rider. When the air planes were at Alton recently a. J. Wendelmann Field collector got Busy to ascertain of there Wasny to a possibility of gather log some Money to help pay to the recent War. He consulted every authority he could think of and none of them could see where the framers of the Revenue Law had in mind the Joy rider in an air plane. The air plane Imi t to be considered at ail As an . Fly a a a a carilon a be Revenue collector says t lie have to abandon the idea of making a collection from the Joy i Biers who take trip in Cloudland. Hut there is always the possibility Bat some subsequent Congress May decide to take this source of Revenue As Well As every other source that has been of the associated press Alton ill., thursday evening september 23, 1920. Car line funds will de spent week in improvement receivers to adopt reconstruction policy rebuilding tracks and rolling Stock with surplus husband May claim damages for losing wife expenses now at maximum Young Mother Dies after taking Gas roadbed on East Broadway costing $8.88 per foot highest Ever paid in Alton for building. Judge Yager today overruled a de Murrer of the defense in the damage a Uit of Henry Riffle against James Washington. The attorney for the defense raised the Point that inasmuch As Riffle had been divorced from i wife he could not claim any damages for to of services but judge Yager cited a supreme court decision in an Alton Case of similar character that the aggrieved husband was entitled to show damage up to the time of the divorce suit the Ray will accordingly go to trial aft i or an answer has been filed by the j defense. A creditors Levy on garage for advertising mayor Sau Auto smashed in trying new Law mayor William Sauvage thursday morning was Henri Calm of too great other claimants oui nut precaution in observing a traffic or Umer against finance enacted wednesday night which will not be effective for thir by Days but which he was practising for future observation. The ordinance requires the extending of a signal outside an before slowing Down or making a turn and the scene of the mayor s failure to make it work was the Mineral Springs Corner. Driving wee on Broadway to Bis office the City father adopted a Snail concern conducted by e. O. Obermiller considering taking action. Constable takes 5 automobiles a reconstruction policy by which die available funds Over operated s/t6? t he a1,on Granite ton Mil a a a tract on 8y�tem in Alta Are to be devoted to the pm pavement l f roadbed am rolling Stork will be adopted by the receive urfi for the company w. Ii. Sawyer arid f. Kallen according to inform Hon rom authentic source thursday morning 7 the present condition both Trak and car make efficient operation the Rase of Matilda Vasei Aga not e the fatal Quot Unju continued on affidavit of the defense a hat a material witness was absent and that he could not be found. The City court jury was excused until next tuesday All other cases aet being deferred. Hospital plan asks $300,000 loan to build father Sullivan writes proposal to c. Of c. For erection of addition to St. Joseph s. Sum to be raised by local body w. tic Bei iut la p�?~�?o18 around limited interns e. Zeller for Damsel for i n a a i ban in a Quot topped in front of the hotel injury of her husband was i contest anticipated when 1 the mayors hand was extended on other claimants for in id and Thal of much i Feather Structure designed to face eng ill who accompanied him pro Trad in. Of from the other displaying an advanced knowledge of traffic req re ments. Or the Motorman of the Street car right behind the executives Auto apparently was not up of City legislation men s clothes drop big Cut in textile prices property present their Dills for settlement. The it i sing of the Alton garage i �?�w7 i11h1buon conducted by e. W. Obermiller pre Rar ma8bed ,nt0 to re or of River with project of Park if adjacent property c an be bought. Imitated attachment suits today. The first was an adverting Bill which Mas owed to the Alton time and in whose intercut Justice Gorman issued an attachment which tie Machina and to at it committee of Tbs Hospital Warff Ninf rho Mike Down the Alton Street Hill l r which Ommerle thursday it was headed. J cd a Yed a letter from Rev. John the Coli skin crushed the entire Charlo Vin us Heri Back end of the mayors ears of by. Joseph Quot Paul pin h is Koon a Lam. W. _ a the re j. Of 8 Hospital propos Mas served by a a a i j5 Constable Hoffman. Immediately there Hub bad in Trik,3n from the shops ing the erection if a new i too i a Quot a Ltd a a a a win Tau to Quot do it �?�?&Quot.�� a a a a Quot a a a a a a a. To Tho tart t 4 Tho Olop Hono Strw. Several i or by 11 a not 11.500. To. Of Tho local i Kwh will la. Buss lawyers whose clients had dams my a Fauve ire and father Englel sum a a loan to the Peter. There began making known their Ani we ape w1 b Only minor personal in a Quot a heart trouble supposed to have been the cause of j a a Quot is a fatality to mrs. Miles of Al a Quot a paving the property Soma ire its operation. As no a to Ible and converting it in to a system gradually developing in value rather than to Cut Down on building operations. An example of the heavy financial Burden that Fang the ret elvers la matter of impossibility it is said Quot and goods reduced 331 lety in the interest of the newspap.1 i. We Woula to us a by. To con a a to Lune operations indefinitely As it is now equipped. Difficulties of Cost in construction and maintenance beset the receivers juries. 1-3 percent by Larisc a Hoffman attached five. _ h Mux Well Ltd to satisfy a debt of less Eastern Mill a ill affect ban fib it was predicted of Lay that Spring Coats. Mrs Forest mag Ulfe wife of Miles Maguire of 4101 Alby Street and t by track now a Lnu on pub formed the committee 1w. Could have a Lor to a a a him a Ciao chair p m of the a tout com Ute k a try 00 the of Kendrick place Alderman Davis notified the coun c11 members that exhausted. The 8ewer fund John we tiber Dies suddenly at Dorsey. Quot ebb re a Arra a re Eidling Sfier ded Bud it in Only yesterday not a at his Home from an at or a la a Ura i of the stomach. Of Bethalto waa Tamedl a no a rained but Webber waa it medical Aid Webber who waa Vara old. Bad for Clumber of a tor Wuh Nurt a a of the h8?i and for he put two year Quot a under the doctors care. Expect edly yesterday afternoon in the offic of or a. Don Stocker in the t commercial building from heart Toubus following the extraction of six i Teeth which bad been troubling her. Or Maguire had taken dental Gas a ild owing to the difficult nature of the operation had been under the influence of the Alle Cheti it fur js0rne to or. Storker it she had come safely out from under the influence of the Gas and had risen from the dentists chair with the intention of going Home to her children when she collapsed. Doctors were called and two of them did All that was known to them to revive her but without Avail. She died at 6 40 o clock Over an hour after she collapsed or. Stocker who has devoted him a Elf exclusively to the extra zionist line of the dental profession is an expert at administering the a and he a Aid that there was Flo apparent organic defect in mrs Maguire during the time she was under the influence of the Gss id it was a great Surprise when she collapsed and failed to rally. It was not known that Abe had any heart trouble and members of her family said that except for a bad i Toothache that caused her to visit the dentist s office to have the offending Teeth i pulled she had nothing wrong with her so far a their knowledge went mrs. Maguire s Maiden name was Clark beside her father j. Clark. Who lives in Alton she leaves two Sisters mrs. David Beau ism of de Trott. And sirs. J. C. Carroll of Milwaukee. The Saddest feature of the death of mra. Maguire is that beside her husband she leaves four Little sons the oldest seven year old and the Young est nine Montha who Are left with out a Mother. Fhe waa the Best of mothers and her interests entered chiefly in the Little Home and her family. Deaths from heart trouble following the of dental Gas Are very rare and those who studied the matter closely were greatly surprised that mrs. Maguire collapsed and died after undergoing the experience it is believed that mrs. Maguire must have developed some heart trouble of late and that the sex East Broadway Between Washington Street and Monument Avenue. This stretch of 1,100 feet is being Laid at a it it test of 9kj8 a foot which is three times the Normal Cost of such work and i the highest Price Ever paid by the company for construction. The one Man car As a Means of reducing operating expenses is still under consideration and will be Given a thorough tryout in the near future there would be complications Over the attachment of cars As it was very Uncertain that the title to the cars wa.-. J rested in the Alton garage. Henry Promise of lower prices on Spring nals or wi�?~0 was interested in the clothing for men is vouchsafed in the Kara of a business having sold his farm statement by Eli Strouse president1 be Hau it and in up his mail of the National clothing manufacture Rar for Roife to Conha of town and go Era association following a 33 a i n bus Neap called Ai the garage this Roosevelt Grid squad formed in 2 first elevens interest for ten Yean. Negotiations on the project Bav been under Way by the committee for some time and last week the body went to St. Louis to Confer with father a i la Van for the submitting it a direct proposal. Per Cen reduction in Price by textile manufacturers than essay according to associated press dispatches. Strouse did not predict drastic Cut in prices holding that Quot men s cloth no cannot go Down More quickly than the Cost of labor and materials a adding Bat Quot the Cost of textiles is not the Only Factor entering into clothing his speech was made at the con morning with a View to one of be cars Constable Honan refused to let him have a car saying that of them had Bren tied up by i his atut theut l. F Stlltz and Hon Are to a Lim lied extent involved and there May be complications. A week ago s lit it father and son bought the automobile Access Orle Stock carried by the garage paying for the Stock tools and other i t he proposed addition is to Cora Prie a 70 bed institution with an operating suite equipped with All the Monre apparatus. It is designed to have the building Faro the River front giving rooms Southern exposure and Tab or out a a. F practicable Purchase the adjacent who aum Oach Haight will take y on the South of the present two full teams to alter Park ther in he of Xvi boat Nate quarters in White a Nab a pro to by he Ircy int of nets of the property this idea is to be abandoned. Hall opener saturday. Scrimm aging the husky Shurtleff _ we in it Dav afternoon Ccu Aeh vent on of clothing makers in Chicago i jeeves Zzz a a Ilot i i �1 Row Vahi a school bks alter a reduction of 1-3 in the Price ,. A a Len a or a organized i squad of forty Gridiron of manufacture Colon g of had flo0d of a am in a a lint a he 1 it k a Iron properly and while the title of been announced by the amok it or a of l. F it la expected to inaugurate the car Man fact tiring com. By of Mand of suit a Quot a Quot far a a n a Ine with Good track in order to Ter n. H., Brodders of 4000 000 Hatlon conic by the Quot lock regularly a it a fair to it on efficiency and it Ard of Cotton goods weekly i a Quot pm on in the minds of fear that the Collen Market Ujj lawyers As to whether the Transfer ready unsealed beaut of of heavy can a amps made to pm by Pron Ltd authority venation of orders might reach a to 18 a by con Ible Hoffman condition similar of a that which has Haf a re a Tiller had not been forced the closing of the company s around Hrar a tor several Days. Woolen department. Is in the a sprit two any a Rii in of a c to Franl rested the liveliest interest in the levying of the a pachment suit by the announcements of the route will be made As soon a the tracks Are in condition that will warrant the innovation the objection raised that the near vehicle is inclined to Rock a t it Vyrlle running la met by the argument that athletes into two teams of comparatively equal strength neither of which he propose to make a first or sect and squad but for the purpose of fort Puuing a Strong defense will play for a while a entire teams under the conditions of the letter half of the loan is to be paid at the end of ten year and the remainder to Bear interest at five per cent will be paid at the end of Twenty years in the event that the building will Cost More than the estimated amount which the order considers probable the Sisters Are to provide the additional capital required As Well As the Purchase of the grounds for the proposed Park. Father Sullivan a letter follows no a a. _ a a w1 announcement As the reason for the 11 the tar Are liable to on in reduce to Tipre it it roadbed and Only prent roadbed and Mooth track will afford a fair test to the car. New manager of manufacturers j. D. Brooms of Houston tex., selected As successor to Richard Wilder effective oct. 15. F 1 Uty Coroner win. H Bauer held i a a la Nch of having so Many Teeth of a Fie a a a quest. Webber leave to mourn i a Ono proved too heavy it the Alto Minnie Webber and Black . A number of persons looked list a a a a it we. Stat on of. Of Etc near the ,0� a be nov a n,8hl top 8nake waa cause Quot ural her of levellers and beaded v8 when Baker a a a of i. The tax on the weakened Organ. The funeral will be held saturday morning at nine o clock from the Cathedral. Burial will be in Green Wood cemetery. A Rente of a so h. Reek with Milwaukee tank company. Herman reek has accepted a position with the Milwaukee tank company As Salesman and has been doing a Good business Selling to the local de a the Milwaukee tank office at Milwaukee j. D. Broome of Houston Texas has been selected manager of the manufacturers association of Alum or. Broome will assume his duties about october 16th. Or. Broome is an Industrial Engineer of wide experience gained loth in private Industry and in the service of the government Dunn the War. He has also had pre Vious experience and training in association work. Or. Broome is a deep student and i usent talker and has specialised on questions pertaining to Industrial management such a labor employment welfare service and safety work and housing As related to Industry. I practical experience in such matters aided by Bis Vigal have know we and natural ability seem to peculiarly qualify him for this work. Or. Broome is a Man of family and will close up his affairs in Texas and move to Alton just As soon As Possi Hie. He is now looking for a Home. Richard Wilder who has been manager of the association since is organization and resigned August i told the Telegraph today that he will stay in Alton but that he was not ready to make any Public announcement of his plans or. Wilder s resignation was Given by him with a View to engaging in other business of an important Char act w. M. A. To open 1920 season ii apr q i to id n i v1 far a of Tom we re to ram Row a n Lull in i Una i is Tother an attempt to ram Enot Irh was a to a they Loftt who m a Vamp j a a a j Money with Bim in the business. J newspaper for an advertising Bill and indicated that they too were consider no making some move but Constable Hoffman a standing Pat on his Levy and would Bot Wabble a bit to make room for someone else to get in. I e w Obermiller said a few Day ago that he plan to go Back to the cadets will Start term Reward for word of with Strong opposition from Greenfield High school. A schedule not filled. Roosevelt this year boasts a col to the. Election of Spunky youngsters Shojin. H committee appointed by the Jack experience for which coach of a t0n est mss. The play e re showed we n up want Ltd our conversation on Fri 0� the defense last night against the quiet "fmbmityh0/ heavier Shurtleff outfit the line i on following pro proved a weak demand11 he a Backford no of Rommert of or. Re ii w. De Pau on Ake conditions to be stated the director has planned a a sen be,0w. The sum or threw Hun or a a game for the learn which cd us thousand dollars $300,000the sad far is Loo inexperienced to accomplish daughters of Charity will build and a Strong attack he proposes to equip an addition to St. Joseph Hon take two Complete elevens Atli four. Petal at Alton Illinois to be a first. Or five substitutes to Whitehall for class fireproof building contain info their opening contest saturday from forty no fifty Beds in rooms and a to working entire teams alternately the quarters. The lineup of Tbs squads is As House to rent Toni own i Shulenberg Al Duncan Western military Academy a formidable football eleven will open its 1920 schedule with a set to Greenfield High school at Western Campus saturday. The game will be called at 3 p. In. Cap Miller coach of the team has assembled a squad of forty pigskin pus he i a All of whom Are determined to make the team. This substantial i thursday morning a lady entered i a Erwn i e the business department of the Al t , evening Telegraph and had an jul Quot n a o add inserted in the add column As i a Klenberg Al follows wanted a gomfortable1c. Dwelling House in Altona Reward i Mcmanus r o. From the word a a Reward a one can Zinberg Al judge How scarce dwelling houses Are t. Erie rowers Farley Grabbe in this City. In fact one is reminded of the cities in the Oil Field Region where Board dwelling and hotel rooms Are almost at a Premium. Soldier returns to Camp after visit. Harrison Webb a private in the Wyckoff e. . B Mill vain l. B cant Rill r h b. Black. F the Sale of season tickets i turnout is backed up by the return to i nit exl states army has returned to 4n,t under Way and. With the i demand Bis affording a a a a a Park in front of our building Twenty and thirty Beds in wards the building will have a modern operating suite with Alt fittings and furnishing requisite thereto. The budding will front North on present grounds of Hospital by the rooms will nearly All have a Southern exposure with an Outlook towards the River. I have in mind however in in. Butler pro vement to thl arrangement which Yungck h i May be enabled to develop will materially add to the present eligible Meyeis site namely the Purchase by a he Bio Herd g. 1 tor without any added obligation Duncan j b9�n be Pill of the lenders of a a Leschey i half Block of ground immediately South Kabel j of a Lay Hue of present grounds in Halsey by it of the Purchase by Sisters human 04 a added half Block Ken the main. Ford front and be South and i would ask a j your assistance in Alley con a Beautiful mrs. Annie Englemann of Conway Springs kan., with her two sons will be a week end visitor of or. And mrs Ween Sauer and after visiting her at her will leave for her Home. The achoo of five veterans of last year s team who Are expected to form the nucleus of a husky Aggro a lion. The team la working out every night and should is in Good shape for the opener. The Cadet average about 160 pounds and Poss less a fast set of backs. In Greenfield they will face a worthy opponent at the Eta Toff for the Little Greene county town always turn out a Strong eleven which has the backing of its entire town. Westerns schedule for the season Bas not yet been completed but at present includes Roosevelt High and Blackburn College while negotiations for a number of other games Are hanging fire. Camp Sheridan near Chicago from an extended visit with his Parent i or. And or. E h. Webb in Alton from Chicago Webb win go Camp near Washington d. C. To weather forecast mrs. Edward Levis is la at Home on Washington Avenue. Ber official Foye Cas for St Louis and Vicinity partly Cloudy tonight and tomorrow probate in with thundershowers moderate temperature and Strong southerly winds. Illinois unsettled tonight and tomorrow probably with thundershowers in North and Central portion continued warm. Ald of the chamber of Commerce it j t Ark 1,1 or it of our building while is expected to put the school ath-1 4 no hrs the hoi e that thl May be Vuletic on a Pound financial footing j a a Omi Lith <1 i would wish that loan be the pasteboard which will be Good a bad �?op00 the present site Only for All six of the games to be played he pr0per y owners May not sell to Here Are to be sold to students at i 8 reasonable Price which. $1.00 each and a a outsiders at $1.61. I of 0utfie would preclude our anon Maplewood has been signed to play j a Ideal. Here october 16. Filling the vacancy made in the schedule by the Elimina Hon of the Edwardsville Date. Barbecue celebrates emancipation Day. A Barbecue to Yeti brat a Maipa ton Day is in Progress this afternoon and will be continued tonight in Frier Alton. The to motors soured to 200 Pound hog and roasted it and they have other meats and a Genet a1 least of Good things is promised i he loan is to be predicated upon the fact that Btu Ding and its equipment will Cost at least Throe Hundred thousand Dollar $300,f�00. In the even that it a Tould Cost More and there is every likelihood As i now View the matter that it will then ant in that event the excess in coat Over Throe Hundred thousand dollars $300,000 aha i be paid fir by the Sisters As will the rout of added ground if purchased As Iii Mariner above set Forth. The loan amounting to three hut a ired thousand dollars $300,000 aha continued on Page eight

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