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Alton Evening Telegraph (Newspaper) - September 21, 1957, Alton, Illinois Traffic toll today year accidents. 7 955 a injury 5 117 deaths.0 7 a Accident involving injury j Alton evening Telegraph serving the Allan Community for More than 121 yen in cooler sunday Low to High 67a Complete weather plot i King Haakon Vii Dies at age of 85 Oslo Norway gds King Haakon Vii of Norway an old Sailor who Rode out the storms of invasion to reign for More than half a Century died Early today in the Royal Palace. He was 85 and the world s oldest reigning Monarch. The King had been growing weaker in his fight against a circulatory ailment. Death came shortly after heart trouble developed at 4 30 . 10 30 . Est Friday. Crown Prince Olav Regent of the realm since his father broke a thigh Bone in a fall in 1955, immediately became the new King. A Olav v. There will be no Coronation Norway a Constitution provided that Haakon was to be the last soundly until a King formally crowned in Corona Ore his death. Sion to the throne. King Haakon a stately 8-foot 3-Inch former danish Prince had been in frail health for some time. Early this week his doctors announced he was suffering from the circulatory ailment and expressed fears for his life. A medical bulletin said the King who had been receiving intravenous feeding because of a Throat Catarrh condition slept few minutes be Tion ceremonies in Norway. Olav submitted a written statement to a special Cabinet meeting saying he had succeeded his father. A i Promise and swear i will a Palace announcement said funeral services will be held tues Day oct. I. No other details concerning the funeral were announced. Haakon born near Copenhagen the statement said. The 54-year-old Olav must be Rule the monarchy of Norway in aug. 3, 1872, was the son of King agreement with its Constitution a Frederick Viii and Queen Louise of Denmark. As Prince Carl he was a 21-year-old danish naval peat the oath orally after a new officer Convay invited him parliament is convened in Janu to become its first modern Mon Arch. Son is now Prince Olav s son Prince Harold received the title of Crown Prince so per copy member of the associated press voted for monarchy although he had never aspired upon his fathers automatic ascent to1 a King he agreed to accept a. J if Hie norwegians voted tor a i m i monarchy. In the referendum in we a fowl 1906 259,563 voters favored a Monk Jav Lului us will Archy and 69.264 opposed it. The new King adopted an ancient norwegian name designate photo my himself Haakon Vil his infant son then Prince Alexander was renamed Olav. Respectful of the democratic Constitution. Haakon moved quietly in the background. He provided with Only 686 ballots cast the unobtrusive leadership at Cabinet first hour in the school election sessions and handled his Perote authorize $1,690,000 Bonds for menial duties with Cour Liness and construction or. James r. John dignity. Son superintendent of schools at always a Lover of the sea the i voting is Quot Light Fau Nijs All smiles gov. Orval Faubus is All smiles at Little Rock Friday nigh As lie leaves television station after a National radio and television broadcast. Gov. Faub is accepted i a. District court injunction against Bim and railed the National guard Anay from Little Rock Central High school just prior to the broadcast. A wire Faubus withdraws Arkansas guard believe in to debate Middle East my Tom Hook United nations n. Y t diplomats predicted today tin hitter charges exchanged by the so Viet Union and the United Staten on the Middle East this week will insure a full . Airing of the explosive Issue. Both Secretary of state Dulles and soviet foreign minister an Drei Gromyko asked in their open tag polio speeches that the general Assembly take up the Middle East ques no at this years set Aion. Dulles said the Assembly ought to discuss the question in terms of the 1019 a essentials for peace Resolution Liat measure railed on . Member states to retrain from any Throat or action aimed at impairing Freedom of any other state. Gromyko called on the Assem Bly to condemn the a dangerous policy he said the West is pursuing in the Middle East there is no specific Middle East item on the Assembly Agenda and the West is reported waiting to fee what develops before bringing one in. There is a Chance however that Russia or some Arab state might bring the Issue before the Assembly lie tote the West does. Syria has said it Mas bring c h a r be s of aggression against the United states. Informed quarters said the United states feel a discussion of the Middle eat would be helpful but that does not necessarily mean the Assembly would have to handle a Resolution on the Issue. The United states has a Posable course of action in mind. These informants added but it does not want to come out with anything package store idea opposed by Reuman Morin Little Rock. Ark. Gds gov. Orval Faubus withdrew the a on re of until after it hear the pm. Today termed voting sol King took the Saddest cruise of i National guard from Central High school Friday night and was v1, of other nations polls opened at noon his life in 1940. Hitler troops had exploring various avenues of Legal Appeal today to the Federal in the sources said Dulles Felt and will close at 7 . Poured into Norway and cities Junction that commanded him to pull out the troops. That Gromyko speeches ranged tin last school Bond election in had been devastated. Haakon amt a was Long As this order is in of Lents from obstructing or prevent drum Hope of a easing of ten the Alton school District in 1953, his parliamentary leaders were feet and until its certain reversal Ling by use of the National guard ions ,0 predictions that any com had approximately 8,000 ballots forced to flee to the North City on Appeal. I will comply a Faubus or otherwise the attendance of be Promise is impassive. Dulles taverns foresee Competition with drug and grocery stores objection to Plana of the Alton liquor commission to introduce to package liquor store licenses into the proposed new liquor License ordinance were expressed by to delegation representing tavern owners and work i lie liquor commission head rho tavern six okra Man pointed cd by mayor Day continued its out that Cut rate practices by discussion of provisions in the Chain groceries and drugstores proposed ordinance Winch would would be a blow to Tho tavern raise the $625 dram shop License to $700. Eliminate the $60 Beer store License hike the lower parlor License from $200 to $300, put a $15 fee on special licenses and hike club licenses from $150 to business. They based their Assumption on the premise that Tho practice of Chams is Tat in St. I Ai is to use liquor As a lost Leader to get people into the store. In he meeting was attended by $400. 72 t in sons including the com unde the old ordinance tile Mission and its stenographer package liquor stores would of and two reporters. Mayor Day a a rate under a dram shop License pointed out to the tavern of Ikea a tier the porn Iosco ordinance men they were Welcome to Emilic new provision for a package press their views inasmuch As the liquor store License would per commission is a representative of nut Sale by groceries and drug Ithem As Well As the other citizens store the liquor store Breme lot the rom Munith. Would not compel the seller to mayor Assurance devote 75 tier rent of his floor mayor Day assured the tavern space to Sale and consumption oilmen that tile commission to not liquor. A of ill Lute a blow it is this difference that brought going to aet quickly or secretly i any matter and that a copy of the ordinance is to be distributed the tavern proprietor and Der to All the aldermen and another i a Dalton of the bartenders and meeting of the commission ii waitresses Union to the hearing slated Benoro the proposed nest ibis morning. Cast in seven hours. Of Romsoe. There they boarded said. Gro student at Little Rock High 1� thursday and Gromyko in if the Bond issus is approved the a British Cruiser for England. J but he added w Ith det Ermma school a District will build a new school on Vidkun Quisling a former army ,l0n he will Appeal it. Ito tue. Or old Jerseyville Road and con a or. In line Kov �5 a it a had. His sinned. Taf us Ltd cd Quot tzz.17, ctr not additions to Rufus Easton minister and collaborated with the an appearance on a Little Rock Ticu Larrv inflammatory to a a us aet a a Fred ill he i i decided pointed out that or mane the i Marl two and Humboldt the Kly a v orman in Quot i by. A,.ar, mat Sortal my for Apptt from am. To work in his office in Lon. Quot an h her Ftp a a Quot thews said the exact procedure Africa Ano the Middle East and Tho Lemon today the. Don. Or pent Many hour a and on. A Lomond. D i m he look c,lst0111ar>. A a third Tim to slightly More than Ink Ellb in. Military torn of �-ta1 ret Pollee Appert probably will be nato. Skate and we in de Day. To years that the voters of the free Norway. Men a pro beside a by to the eighth circuit court of and District have been asked to Auu a a. ,. School. But the officers said they a . 1 t Borie Honda tor Chort con Quot i Quot a Quot Quot i red there a jus tap try in 194., he was greeted by pm nil in Khin he. Thu Mem a that is cheering multitudes. St action. I in 45 he was greeted by to up by. They old i that is the on May 12. 1947, the voters nor Mut Tud a meanwhile people in Little authorities Here approved by a margin of 788 to 7be orm or Princess Maud of Rock Are anxiously awaiting fan Jairt 229 the issuance of $1,000,000 England whom Haakon married Bush next move and loping to possible Quot a under a rarely Bood to construe the present do in 1938 01�v a monday morning when classes re method for Faubus to on direct West Junior High and Central her oni-7 Chad there Are three sume at Central High school and in to the us Sun pm school. A a Rand Hildron Prince Harald the question of whether the be they said they believe he could on feb. 7. 1953, the voters a it no in anti less a child. Grot will try to enter. I approach a simile Sun re me r i Ihori pm or 1mum him a a and or pc. Art i. Hill Appl �?~jum.r., he. On i. Nun Bonds to build new a in 1935> in his televised address Faubus might Grant a temporary suspend a a a Wace sport said a i have instructed my Atter Sion of Davie a injunction Mann an addition to West Junior. Nevi to exhaust every Rem. High a football stadium an or _ e in a by to Appeal this order a Matthew explaining the Sud lense preparation a French spokesman said he regatta Royalty Rill ii Eisenhower Wen ring her rolex and Crown a Queen of the president s cup regatta parades with King Neptune la. In Hie person of Robert of Neal after her Coronation at regatta Hall at Washington Friday night Queen Ruth in daughter of or. Milton Eisenhower president of Johns Hopkins i in Chrsity and a Niece of president Eisenhower. Al wire photo enrolment Boom continues at Siu girl regains voice after Accident Bill is introduced into the City Council discussion of the proposed Ort Nance a Calm. Dolton busing a representative of the to vans workers assured the Coin Mission Liat he will not sicking any in a Ial favors for tavern Man but that he brought up the objections whole in the interest it obtaining a a fair other mailers other matter discussed jointly by the commission and tavern men included closing hours. Mayor Day conclude that before the commission decided on any Extension of. Registration Handel Souaid us today of Southern Illinois consensus among. 1 a a Mph Fea Ltd University s alto., Center. It reached the Lim Mark during Fri pm on Oval Day tap Fei Aff to Rod Etc in ration. Mar8hmj-town, Iowa a Christine Sandston 13. Made a lot of people Happy this week. She talked for tile first time since july 22, when she was in an automobile Accident. Christine k father and the staff the it of or a it us he discussed with the state s at a one of the Gromyko speech a he wow. mid. It might h. A Ltd min he 931,000 of Sci ool at addition at Osterburg the Mark Jurt mind 10 �?�j1 Jip referring to the ruling in of Faubus four lawyers Twain and Thomas Jefferson,1 a pm Oplt Quot of Norway knew Prida from tier Munc taxi hearing Pinaul. Haakon for his Demoe tie inter a a k a Wist net judge d in a ,y and to. By of port. He n. Daw. He a a a Kan ism Quot a and Eunice Smith school a East Quot Al by a"d1, o up ir1 he inn had Quot thwarted Quot Quot inc oian tor put in he Anns bwtua., As Junior High the new North , skater and skier it Ltd Tatlor he a need by ,.� y conf Ndu Ltd. Tin . District m. Court has Dulles speech irks Syria a cd. La had Pessmeg Hie 1,100 Mark yesterday about Ltd in ring but the enrolling was reduced to a slow trickle after that. M Bools an addition to Mckinley a Ruc Ronald n Davies who said Kau-1 by my thru do no a Partick Fri or High an addition to Godfrey Ken in school Board and approved by l j1 no jurisdiction of the tary of state Dulles . Spree school and an addition in ,iwc�<t_im�� to Tad Zayad a do >0 m enu of a div Mew remt. La Amund my official a Marion so tool the margin wit a a a a a jump do Lare Mil than. Mid that hat,., to n Syria rut indu Alu it to 5,700 to 2,m j petition of the United ruled their Contention that the of Syria and tile Solo addition to voting for the he also was an Early Automo states of America. For h Pic District court has no Union Are proceeding with two Chihil construction Bond is live Pioneer and often drove the Ira Narv li1jufu, against gov Jurt diction Over the governor a a a a caution to prevent Fri sue the resents of the District Royal limousine himself strictly Faubus. And All others named the it a not participate further a a bration from growing to a Dan in a Vot set kbhprv1?8 a r<flah0nh he to hot petition to granted and have parti a a a a crisis the school tax ceiling in the Dis had a leaning toward engineering a Uch Tiu action Sigall Issue with or 7 d trip so that Alton teachers could and regularly attended meetings it Raj to. To i it Uli it ult he have a pay raise the vote was of the polytechnic f. A i Oslo. The 400 full time freshmen at the Cen iter Alton As. Nation a Kex a tor said. Because of betting in tor will meet monday in the Bool of imm Eire with a View to help a a Csc iou mess and the loss and audit impel for an orientation session is the budget by or tune and 0, return of the Power of speech. At which they will hear described Acu Vit it v j aphasia occurs in Only about one various phase of the schools or. Erie Baber director of the it to a who of a a the functions by authorities of the in Center said he expected fur a it in Iri a damask is Syria in a or. Sli Lui on. To to a a ,. K of iou ing thin will b. Tawk. T f t a tit wednesday while her father ing those tor evening classes can be a id a in i Sloe of Beaman by fill,1.1 am l Ryan pay Airout 2.800 to 2,200. B. E. Bassett named head f Premier Sabre assail and for ill be a Point of our Appl a Plater Saith Bitar de to Al. Of we had staved in court noun a san moment we would have Forte if a the of hostile us. In grounds for factions if Ward Arab countries in a speech to tile . Gen the question you hear on every a i to in rain that started at Dawn runner now in a the Lnu jul a Quot a Quot quoth Quot much Quot l Wisent Street come to school monday tile negro students i Don t know. Sibelius Dies famed composer Ai # u p a. Alton to Llan Iii Marn lion Helsinki a a Jean Sibelius a Uil Uii Iii set sunday on Alton Lake rain starts at Dawn is Quot soil soaker was Tomeyo a office Mara closing Vait enforcement is linked with proc tire in the county. A 4 . Dowing Law had been discussed previously. The License fees were set up on a basis comparable to other Illinois cities the commission noted. In closing his remarks Dalton asked the commit icon to consider it the evangelical Hospital Here were almost As Happy at she was for four weeks since site re covered consciousness they had waited for her to speak. She had tried to talk hut cried when she failed. Christine had verbal aphasia. Night v which or now Vinod Toto dlr Uwon group under a it. Quot Quot to Quot Quot the "1 my cd Quot by or How Quot in a of do a n it Nav a a a wry or of stud of owl of a a a tuesday the 485 Day students be a in h of the c a mus. Right a Lri vhf. A is of work and Revenue i Gin their year Long go Dkl. I later they will he Given Matet atsed taverns compelled to clo a preceding this Bel Wen 300 of a a a a a to All. Or a ,.ledher. We us Natl Esse a a a leave a my closing to the discretion of the commission. In the discussion some club were pictured As Quot limited membership taverns a and it was said there Are enjoying a lower License fee though in Competition with the a legitimate tavern. No decision from further made us oct. 4 without pay ing a visiting her at the Hospital. He Endi to Sion Dunro which h was penalty fee which after that will a a Ltd us a aged or to try to make More out Hub in general be added at the rate of $2 per Day Soun it to Are losing up to a Maxim in of $5. J s1 she was talking eagerly of a a huh Jetton Ean Ltd Fedr. Baber said be to her dog.1fo the it mime a Ion that a some upsurge in us evening and Brown a. Her cat. Classes registrations monday s,1 a did a a a a Hinig about her when they met tor the first time. Rny a Era by he a knows was Nart a Diu. A. Killed in the crash. Regular registration he said would Cobb atle through monday a. Cd cd he added Ihu i Studeni. Tor Roku Riar Moi t a her tests and conv ution on gambling charges had been made at the town club on East Broadway mayor Day pledged to Hack up die police chief in any recommendation he might make about the i own club License. Heafner suggested the commission warn a a in by 7 at Alton dam. First night. Mm7 a a the proprietors that the License n1 Udif a ast. Iyog soviet it provided some Relief from w a a a View to facilitating this. A a a Alry would la revoked at any further Rev Dustiin in Syvila raised military the drought that has prevailed to a said the registrars office Jan Ichols Aud Bill offence. He said some mitigating Ili Ierta a Ainee us Seoud wettest june do open monday and tues of �?~7u. M Friday circumstances plus the fact the brooding mystical Giam among the world s composers died Friday night at the age of 91. He had been in Good health until stricken with a brain Hemor Quot hag at the Villa which he built near Helsinki 53 years ago. B. F. Bassett of Fairmount addition has been appointed general Campaign chairman for this Falls Community Chest fund Campaign. The announcement was made by Herbert r. Hellrung pre i Dent of Alton Wood River Region i Community Chest Board of directors who stated that Bassett s Job will be to help select personnel to head All 29 divisions of the Campaign organic twin and to promote All aspects of the drive this years goal is $253,125. Hellrung also announced the appointment of l. H. Butterwort 339 Ninth St Wood River As co chairman. Bassett is president and general manager of the United states defense corp. St. Louis. A wholly owned subsidiary of 01>r dark. I Duane of in Tanto poly returned to to s., i Salt he a record. It Lay i rom 5 30 to 7 30 and on a7 0,1 h Ninor place had fat Ned for Yean continuing through toe forepart wednesday and thursday from 7, of Epsom a it without similar trouble led him of the morning the rain fell at to 6 30. Late registrations , m pm to augg St the warning instead no. I was slowing Down Alai no Jug immediate re fixation of i. Not too fast. He received in the registrar t 2 failed to do the today is Den if High s3. Low 72 his a a tug Balow Erat tip Iauco at 7 Arn. 24 hour to -0 5 Pool 23 4 o i in soil making Rote nor too lightly. Office Deruig the Day All next a dry Countryside will Benefit a Amore from extended Fine rain Ile disclosed that it had Brenda i a at the dam 9 than from a sudden downpour that found necessary to assign some m yesterday a by Hakaim Brand number in the d pleasure Hoat not a and vanishes today St Adins to evening classes Telegraph outdoor of Mlinor a ent. The pleasure boat events Damn a Uuie and valleys to permit diem to work out their one second annual Altern to include classes b c c 36 d f toward River. Programs in full. Of Cbelius left his imprint on the Hardin Marathon heat race is and women a Ala is the racing 1 p to 7 am Lay. September world of music with 13 symphonic scheduled for i p a sunday. A boat classes Are b Bucu c i Raim he men in aug a have sagas seven symphonies and Sev Mueh greater number of entries and do speeds in to Fin Miles of no and openers Only and Era works for piano and strings than last yea.�?T, 79 competing an hour and More will be it the to Lull moisture from All of the grand sweep of his tone Croft arc expected to run to the tallied by the fastest outfit. These slightly Over a half poem a Finland has tet figued to classes said Lee Sawyer vice Inch. And mystified additives sine it Commodore of the Jolly Rogers trophies will be awarded for Thunder and lighting a. A was first performed in 1899. The boat club sponsor to conjunction ply a a in a a arh Lasaka. H Ity during this waning summer russians who torn ruled the land with the mid West Marine ass will 1 6 no Mhz i a cd with Large accompanied the rain in its of the finns fearing that its nation both Are St Louis Organ Glt be f�8ures. The events will by phase today. These Mummer pr�9r�s Wols it t rms a Quot sex. Al Viden. E id the needs its per Rio ii to a a. In m a a a a a Al i ,. Progress by new Hospital group Iii City reported grandeur might incite Freedom Izat ions. In announced Over a Public and dorms symptoms provide riots banned it for a while. I the races will begin and Erlat 8vteni by Marland Haeg the a Swan of Tunela a with a the Alton Motorboat club at Clit it a a t Orn Modory of the Rogers Ark philosophy of death and dam ton Terrace. The v Arious classes a a egyptian radio club an oven the 65-mile round trip. The first boats should begin crossing technic imm. A. Mechanic Nance plan a pm Era. a Quot a Quot a j Engineer he joined the former of he United slate. Detente Leared in 1928 and a collection of Western Cartridge co. As ass St corp. Minor Ork. Called cd if am to the work. Manage in 1936. Butterwort a. Been a real we published in 1929 h"u., ardent of this area since i flu when is be toil was born on dec s 1865, at Hamelin a in Central East Alton to 1938. And became he was appointed assistant Man general manager of the St. Louis Ager at Standard oils Wood ordnance Plant in 1940. In 1946 River refinery. In july of the he was fleeced a director of Olin same year he was named Man industries inc., and in 1952 be Jager the position he now holds. I Inland he began composing at the age of to. After a fling at in Jai studies he dedicated his life to music. Lent Friday tor it advances erasure for the beginning of the n6 made by the Hospital to fall season at 2 27 a in. Monday pavement fund group to the rain this month up to 7 plan Quot in for joint action by All ably was almost tyo inches be a it a 8 three hospitals to meet of land along the Way the turn Low september Normal. Normal be a pressing needs around Fiorot at the Hardin Bridge a null be More than 2 inches at first National the finish line at the dub about 3 ., Sawyer estimated. In event of Roto the races will be run on the following sunday. Entries will be accepted until noon sunday. By this morning four More boats had been entered to each class with a Large land at the boat club. Tin 21 Davs. A a Calcutta party will be held at the Alton boat club this evening. The highest bidders will get 60 per cent of the Driver s winnings while the Pilot himself will get 40 per cent. Sawyer and John Spring in Eyer also of St. Louis will operate the Pace boat. Today a chuckle the trouble a Man has when he reaches Middle age is to decide which there s the most of age or Middle. To Sig Nril feature corp. Bank k Trust co. The group reviewed Progress to Date and Sonal inspection of the Hospital plants would enable the members better to judge the needs from every consideration. W. Harrold Thomas president of Tho Board of of Alton memorial Hospital and a director of the Hosp Tat improvement fund invited the members to be heard reports from m. Eyrie Gin their Lair at that Hospital Milnor treasurer and Henry la. Mcadams chairman of the personnel committee. The organization formed plans to. Visit the three hospitals in the near future. It was pointed out that although the committee had substantial factual and Pictral next week to be followed closely by visits to St. Anthony and St. Joseph s hospitals. Following the general inspection decisions Are expected to be made on the Active Steps to be taken for meeting the needs of the hospitals. \ i Cense. Flub hear Lithe from real stranger Albi que que t member of Hie new Mexico German Shepherd club were happily engrossed in their favorite subject dogs a when the door opened and to walked a Well dressed it Ranger. J in began making a speech to the startled huh informing them that seven million indians lived Between Dallas tex., and the West coast a and he informed them sol Piniy a fall Are capable of speaking a bait Law he emphasized that this was a Quot acute concluding his talk he Lay Down on the floor and the meeting pro. Needed somewhat shakily. Inside musts editorial society. Sports. Radio a to comics obituary classified a a a Page 4p a e Ltd Fage a a a a a Page to i Page la it a a. Page in. Page la

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