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Alton Evening Telegraph Newspaper Archives Sep 19 1945, Page 1

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Alton Evening Telegraph (Newspaper) - September 19, 1945, Alton, Illinois I i River stages Quot a Al it nut 21 it. Ava a n a in Imi so by a a Pool 418.66 fail water 397.58 Alton evening Telegraph wore showers forecast with fool weather Najj it met men lion of an a Early fall established january is. 1836 vol. Cd no. 212 Alton. Ill. Wednesday september 19, 1945 member of the associated Presa 5c per copy weather forecast showers Likely cooler thursday Ming s hark hurts hell go to Hollywood cal., sept 19, Bing Crosby will Pend a week in a Hospital after his current picture is competed for a Complete checkup and rest his studio says he was absent from the set of Blue skies Quot for two Days because of severe Back pains. Courthouse and i>7<>7fioomen county jail to Eric cd a Ifor get Dot Bath mind ailments orca ional thundershowers Pra ted Tor Lata this afternoon and were to Herald a change to Gofer weather according to to Giyu i weather Bureau forecast shirk gives further support to Alumina who have been prognostic Ting an Early fall. I j today was to be Quot moderately a Srun. With highest temperature about so said the forecast. Late tonight and thursday Are to be a cooler with lowest Reading thurs Day morning about 58, and 1 thursday night a considerably cooler partly Cloudy to Cloudy was into ted for this afternoon through thursday with thursday Likely to be Quot rather Windy Quot. For ton temperature today was higher than tuesday and Maul aum afternoon temperature prom aed to exceed yesterdays top of to w hich was highest in eight Days. M in. I Early today Waul 62. Cornic pared to 60 yesterday and by 10 30 my a the Telegraph thermometer m rep it the f 75. Bright Sunshine a press i until la a in. When Par a Tacu Xii nest began to temper a my sols warming rays. A year ago today Alton area opa to Urb Home uni min Quot material Cost by it it Umi f. Gheen Washington sept. 19, it Jhu the government set up some peacetime barriers against inflation today after knocking Down Awn wartime barriers to a free Economy. Opa prepared to limit re gladly the costs entering into new hmm building which opens up oct. 15� although it cannot put a ceiling on the final Price of the House. These developments marked the further March of reconversion in business and government 1. Opa told retailers finally and definitely that wartime increases in manufacturing Coati Are i01 10 passed on to the Public m the form of higher prices for new washers refrigerators and similar Long waited products. Surplus bom 2. The Speed the Sale of vat War surpluses. President Truman slip Riff i a Jim to rid county building of insect Washington sept. 19. Up major general Louis b Hershey selective service director disclosed today that of 4.800,000 men turned Down for military service. 1,767,000 rejections were attributable to mental ailments deficiencies. A one of the greatest dangers to the future of this country is fall a no padding in army pledge by president no one no ill be kept longer m Ilan necessary Truman say Edwardsville sept. 19. A ure to Correct such disorders a her Washington. Sept of who a Roe. Bes and other insects whey told the House interstate sub tinman Declarer today that there will he a no padding in our armed forces and that a no one la going to be held in the i i i i want the midst of a Coo wave mined a kill creating a single and with s Low of 56 and top of 72. Administrator of the surplus proper it sept. 9% the month s minimum wading of 39 was registered. Temperatures thus far this month have been paralleling fairly closely theme of september last year and have brought Zero Alec Ioas of the relatively Cool october Ethel Ako marked last a sir s autumnal season to Board. He named w. Stuart Ned at he courthouse sheriff file causing annoyance at the court committee now considering legis Bouse and county jail will meet action to coordinate study treat j their Nemesis in the form of Manv and prevention of Neur Opay i Chloro diphenyl Chhatr a 1ordrm serv ice a Dav longer than is Negev of ddts within the next few weeks col. Allen Chaucer of the army a a Jas under plans announced by sheriff in general s office. Just Back mrs Hartman for thorough fumigation fru a Lon Dut it in in pm Dir up the pro a Sld int old of the two buildings with the now fld fat then left a careful ment that no one ran accurately ail huh Hullt a Quot Nln of menu ii <1, rom it it Ihl. Lim la future a. z my a a a a a a Quot 1 Quot a a Quot. Tar. nand no re the. Lull j. I m numb of motion. And Metal Quot Zzz Quot a of. Air Daft pm a . Juan Hies for civilian use. Moved to combat Arras. He est an electric Spray machine de mated the rate of two percent a signed to shul off automatically i re in the South Pacific. However when a quart contain a is emptied do of can be dealt will he used for the fumigation Vruth a a a a a work to he carried on at night. New word m three allies Vert id Quot has been secured for the 1 Iraetta eradication Campaign at the courthouse end jail believed the first instance of use of Dot for that purpose in this Section of the state. Lie of Dot in pure form requires extreme caution As the Bug germ Eradicator May prove harmful to humans while causing sure Des the for flies mosquitoes. Roaches ants water burgs fleas bed bugs and Allied insect pasta use of a Strong solution is plan Haw Haw Given death Truman gives sentence by British jury Schwellenbac Hirohito Nota j London sept. 19, pm a a we Broad Powers War criminal Premier says Tokyo sept. 19, Prince Haruhiko Higashi Kuni Japan a occupation Premier told Allied correspondent that he had no Advance knowledge of Pearl Harbor did not order execution of Doolittle fliers and does not consider emperor Hirohito a War criminal. The Prince made those statement yesterday at a press con. London sept. 19, up a a Wil j Ham Joyce lord Haw Haw of the German radio. We convicted of la a Kuy and in labor nows a jury of to men and two to. Men required lev than 25 minutes it orc n a to arrive at a verdict after jus w la w Vili it tic Tucker had ruled that Haw Haw had left this country in 1339 a wrapped up in the Union Jack in order to carry on German propaganda. The Justice informed the jurors after listening to the a Days of Linier Secretary of i a Bor haitian added following Appl cation of the Dot at night the courthouse will he ventilated thoroughly before official and employees report for work the following morning. A plan is being worked for Fum Symington of St. Louis for the Job. 3. Another War Agency the office of economic stabilization was killed off its director William h Davis drops out of the government. A hat a a pow Erfu movement re Glion of that county buildings higher wage rates Quot is the greatest potential inflation Force. 5. Builders estimated that 300,-000 new Homes would he started neat year with building climbing i to i too too houses annually by 1948. L re prompt greek election Senate rebuffs Truman gives 1 Price administrator Chester bowies reported was ready to an of i i j Etc no a inc stricter Price controls on if i docs lumber hardware plumbing and other building materials. A a Shu. I i plan is to impose Dollar scion set Aumi Sci Iirth a. Ugh Weald to lifted an a Earnest Ini try flt Jun a a Arr fir tier so cd president p ceilings on grocery store Moured today for three major a items. Pm tractor charge for Point men to president Truman Roor laying and other building Are they Are vice also would be tightened up. Truman names Burton g 0 a to High court id j it k Blu Washington sept 19 Impi a London. Sept. 19, Upit the governments of Britain the United states and France issued a joint statement today expressing the a firm opinion Quot that elections for a revisionary Assembly in Greece should be held As soon As possible. The three Allied Powers said they had held consultations a on All subjects concerning Greece Quot with the greek Regent. Archbishop Damaskinos during the big five foreign ministers conference Here and they held out the Hope that election could be held a before file end of the the three governments have agreed it was disclosed to Arad i observers to Greece to watch the elections. General Douglas Macarthur had revised i own estimates of the number of room necessary for the occupation of Japan and Korea. Macarthur first estimated that he Reou red a Force of 509.000 but Cut this to 400,000 and then to 200 000 a member of the Royal family. The Premier said further that he himself had protested indirectly japanese atrocities. He would inquire whether the emperor knew in Advance of Pearl Harbor and would inform the press later there would not be another Pearl Harbor because a we will see a the army a a plans Call for the j to it that the emperor wont be i. S. Engineer surveys Eland damage of 1943 if a flout Cair my As much water As that of 1844 should eff strike Alton again the River would i. Senator Harold. Burion he eight feet higher than that rec for people who want to buy Ohio Republican As assertive jus Ord stage United states Engineer new Bouse this leave two Nota ice of the supreme court. He sue have computed. Hie gaps in i ice controls the Republican Owen j. Roberts y a a a Hal a Quot a a o p pm non undersecretary is Secretary of War. Hail Nayder smote he succeeds Henry l Stimson re however construction of a an signed Unpi decedent to number of Low Coati 3. Vav. Stuart Symington As our return to their Homes of More than 2.000.000 soldiers he Ween a a Dav and Christmas. 1945�?o the presidents statement said a Between now and Christmas the Ditcher rata will steadily Rise from the a recent Dalh ant re of 15.200 to not less than 22 too per Dav and by january. 1944, to More than 25.000 per meanwhile Prest Secretary Chart is o. Rom told Tenor in they Tell have to out their own interpretation on president Truman s news conference remark yesterday on Macarthur occupation Force statement. The president had observed that Macarthur reduced by preliminary estimates and commented that he was pleased to know that Macarthur thought he could get along with fewer men a reporter told Rny a that pm of those who attended the conference interpreted the president s remarks As Bein sarcastic and that others thought he was rap porting Macarthur estimate. Rosa said that it a up to the Reno Rte a to do their interpreting. The president said he wanted to make one thine Clear that the Speed of demobilization i not governed Quot by our future need for occupation and other fort the services be added Are racy leg on demobilization As rapidly As thee ran and a we Shat not realty deceived again by the militarists. did not know Japan was so weak a Only a few Militarist knew that. This a one of the greatest reasons for Japan defeat Quot the Premier declined to answer some questions. He promised that he would Are the Allied correspondents who represent Many nation twice a month. 1 believe firmly that the emperor is not a War the Premier said in reply to a question. A the was deceived by the militarists who were cow to him and was t told the truth. According to custom Here if the Cabinet decides to Start a War the emperor does not veto the decision a by w w Ard Washington sept. 19 up a president Truman today signed the t�g1.yfun>? j0yrt i executive order giving Secretary a British subject but never Helera of Bors Enenbach Broad new he owed allegiance to the British Crown when he left the country because of the Protection afforded him by a British passport. This was despite his american birth and the fact that Joyce later took out German citizenship Joyce will make an immediate Appeal his lawyers announced. Joyce stood quietly while the trial a thus ending with dramatic suddenness in his sentence to death. Authority to Deal with labor problems the president formally turned Over to his labor Secretary the War Board War manpower commission and u. S. Employment service but stipulated that web decisions Are to be final and Are Are not to be subject to . Schweiz in Bach s review. Administration of unemployment compensation the order made it Plain will remain under the so when he walked away toward Elal Security Board but functions his cell he gave what appeared to previously performed for the state be the nazi Salute to friends in the and the social Security Agency Are courtroom. Shifted to the labor department. When the result of the trial a 1 Ewan Clague. Director of Unzem heard outside bomb scarred old Bailey a waiting crowd of londoners raised a cheer. The convicted mans brother. Edwin Joyce. A British government worker made the sign of the Cross when the sentence of d#4th was pawed and after the prisoner left the courtroom be Knelt in silent prayer. I luge Carrier Force to bring gis from Japan b-29 s flying non Stop Japan to Washington directors of the downtown Busine a a men association were Given the information this noon by. G Ramsey who is i presenting t est. Louis office of United states engineers making a Survey for potion and to what extent that Ned ran be met through volunteers Quot the president said that the army a Given Quot All of us Good reason for the same Confidence in it Ahi hts Quot to win the Battle of demobilization a it did in it a ability to w in the War Quot say in soldiers Are being returned to civilian life at a rate in if san re a mar ? Luton Quot of to Raati by voting today to return Tbs i tilted states employment Are to the states k but a vote of 54 to 23. They a pwn a in amendment to Unema payment in pen lion legislation i Fth give the states once a Mila the Irmin Alburty of finding a jobs for the unemployed who draw Al s�5ie a a Benefit from state admin to tit rest funds. A a a pm. It senator Luca to ill bolted and for Tow income Familia a Plu property administrator he a image and App Ting in forma but ration fora to sponsor the rated by Joseph e Mer takes Over Froin a Faiee Man Board t on regarding flood damage to la amendment he said he was wears Ron Preidt of of the National a Quot for a formerly headed. Try. Bult a Wang and Dirdra re a oration of Home builders. and re n format ton w ill be used in a guide it re. Democrat alike got a lift out of supporting the engineers proposal i Frfd a of a _. To getting people Back Merrion acclaimed Jim Raday a . Truman unexpected Choice for a seawall her to protect thou to a Quot t Ein k action by Rev Onver Sion director of Burton for the supreme court Busine District from High water performance full f Tater Hun two weeks ago pies John u Snyder in ordering All but for slightly different reasons Ramsey explained that the in-1 l fortifies full conf. It of meat Truman urged Congress to r01 my Courti fiction Ort. 15. Republicans liked the select ton of Dei it my uses Back to the it win mean a record breaking Quot their 57-year-old Senate colleague a Uch. Chute. I Home the tim time would a slow Down rite fat a sex Ute be in a statement a a qualified lawyer and because be Yrus a a oui h. It did run Soiu on them i if to i on vet Sion. Hoi id i Morats chuckled at the Polit Iti a in Naco of hardship to Del mrs Leal strategy of the president some erg and Veteran Quot Imp seem Hundred fit thou hot was Baolu eced in Hie Chok a. Mas coh 6# Buat in 1947, and the by Rob it k , demo goal of 1,000.000 it Mote Homes a Crane National chairman. Mrs. I it a Iju a Law tues Aid jars Loui 1 leached by 1948, if Burton exit from the Senate will tort tend to confine the Hood wet a a a i m a a not k be gov. Frank a 1jius< he of . Thus making an equal volume if i a i urn enrol a the National association of Baal Ohio. A Demix rat. A ban. E to a of drainage reach higher stages Washington sept 19 up Board pledged the assist kit int one of i party members in Rte pointed out. Fit. European tour 01 a 27000 member Compaq that doubtful state that would drawing a mental picture of a House foreign affairs sub-1 a a for voluntary of Tho Derao Crata in the Gramala to whal in Mea he said by Washington. Sept. 19 up a one of the three Superior Treaves. 1 attempting a non iop flight from Tokyo sept. 19. Up a Genera. Japan to Washngton will land at Macarthur head quartets a Minneapolis at 115 p. In. Cwt bounced today it would Lasite soon today. A new and lengthy list of suspected. A javanese War criminals 19 of ploy ment compensation explained that in about 20 states the u. S. Employment service had been taking compensation claim from jobless a a service to the late. The order did not interrupt this service he said. New Zearil hater even before the president mad i announced plans official with the order Wellenbach appointed a new head for the a s conciliation serv ice and directed him to examine the labor difficulties in Detroit vital automotive Industry. His chevre was greying Chunky Edgar l Warren former chairman of the Chicago regional War 1-Abor Board. Warren conferred today with sch Wellenbach and Howard t. Calvin acting director of the Aenice who now reverts to i previous position a assistant director. Warren said a statement on the Detroit situation rights be made late today. 7 hear labor Board thus assured by the president that its decisions Quot shall have the Sam degree Ltd finality a existed prior to the issuance j t a o Der held reliable japanese it a ounces of the thrown flying nun dieted an imminent purge of re Fob Japan to Wai Hington. An i purr incy aes Eion a Rob Ltd a of h e sire act onary element i the to the War department Taler it will Confer with mat Eon of the ordination forms 0 prem.,.r i Grunt Kani. 130 p. In. Alton time today. A i Ellen Jack. Who will deter unti not Spring a by that tim j out in the Pacific the largest bet they expected to land at de he said a ought to know How Mairner task Force Ever assembled Quot because Gas shortage. Man menu shall and fur oms a being torm a into special Quot car a a Der division 24�?� to carry Back Washington sept. 19. Go Home i he victorious draftee army Flag non Stop from Japan to of general Macarthur. Washington three by in pet fort be employment administration meanwhile the american e in has resses sped past the Halfway Mark mgt a under the Rectra version office by residence got Busy suddenly of their 4500-Miie flight today exl of Are transferred to Schelien making preparations for the sex Seth on schedule Bach. The procurement and assign Nune its future policies Quot consist int Arith other Malta a the president a order also disclosed that Lite retraining and peeled arrival today of . Doug a Macarthur Premier Prince Higashi Kuni Hirn Eif in a in via conference yesterday told Allied correspondents that he government intended to nine responsibility Tor starting the War and try its own accused provided general Macarthur App wed the Prince did not rib Ramsey explained that the in-1 Ltd a c in stage of the River in a the army and Navy mean to do event of Dumiot water similar the task set for them with the to the 1844 flood would result number of men Quot the from other flood control measures Kirat continued Quot there will undertaken along the Mississippi no la i it ung in Anie j f and its estuaries. M am Lrol u g0lng of k that such items As levees diverting a Tranth so needs for her National it in War cram Tanya. Iter from thousands of acre of commitment re it a it a i Deraad in apr i at 8 a a cwt it. Gen. Bar j Mot sen ice of the wig Arney m Giles commander of the transferred to the Federal secur flight radioed that the three my administration. A a Myers wrae 120 mile South of Truman Ako disclosed that Watson Luke Yukon territory Canada which is almost tot mile part the Midway Point at Whit horse Canada in command of the other planes were a Gen Curtis e Lemay he is folding up the office of economic stabilization and turning Over director William h. Davis duties to reconversion director John w. Snyder. Davis himself had proposed this water bottomland As Well As other Fao commitment. But the rest of the men Are coming Hack Home and coming a fast As the services can Ora a however and there was no and Brig Gen Emmett o Donnell step rat wag taken by Surprise by word from Mac Art Bura head Quad Captain Kermit k Beahan. Of the timing. Tar on whether the japanese Houston. Tex the boy Bai Dirr who Truman and sch Wellenbach would be permitted to punish their dropped the atomic bomb on a both indicated to newsmen that a Igasaki. Is in of Donnell statement recently attributed to a per suspended army officials said Here that the Davis had Embar axed the admin a pm Arthur just f Tif tri in War Altos a hold go it in Home a Hrej Publ can a 10 31 a the Uch a flood to id use at least Alf. I was Back at her Deak j hr4c�?~_______________ a Truman Choice of the 54 foot Over the fir plug at the Cor / la s t t la Iii Iii f a. Undo a. In a of pm 4 we third gov l Vanung that under a us eng Europe Chil to e a a e Breeding rickets tuber cd Jar 11 if Irv a of aum Tren bus and other disease. Y daughter an average 12-�he said Quot look very a it it the memory of the Dot tii Idren i have seen year a cd Ratter Man a a. Secretary of in it it end business houses a off i a s. material but a a a a a Rolu y Acheson a grumbled that he is a Republican. A 1 Ramsey is making a detailed demonstrating it resolve to keep flight should have no difficulty in titration a firm grip on the competed Jap j arriving in the capital at 5 p in. Davis had bran quoted As saying Anes headquarter suspended for i cwt. A. previously messaged the government was behind apr one Day second Tokyo new Apapas he Exi ted to do. Thera was in Gram to increase wages 50 percent to English Ian Guajar Nippon a a on rur a will Rittig on prices. Davis took rival since a lightened Gas it line the to Hutton ornately that the the paper a ordered 30 min Load would step up the super fort Marg attributed to him la a Jih Ute before pres. Lim. To withhold raters Speed a they went Long ,f publication of in thursday morn the fight in scheduled to enter Ai a la a tag edition not because of object foe United states near Duluth no Rambill. A Raunft lion Ole material but because ii Winn from there the route tot some republicans replied that Hent in their fold Survey of the possible flood dam Washington sept 19, a senator Taft of Ohio. Chairman a Kere. Using As a basis the Bun acting Secretary of stat acheron of the minority steering commit Ness men data and estimate of said today the United stats gov Zarkh Oryille Man Heads i i hoi dibs Inlet of i riot Champaign. Ill sept 19, a u v. In the administration need Wiaes suffered in the 1941 flood Ern ment and not Gen. Douglas a Kakik publication for two Days. They is Era flying at Only 117 m. P 1 Hanoi disciples of Coriat Washington Bept 19. it not claim it la ont Muing this which almost equalled the 1844 Macarthur u formulating an for printing inflammatory Arkles h. Resulted from a timing nor ,. A Willani a. Askew submit for american censorship a Printer s proof of an editorial in the recent Chang of foreign ministers. On tuesday the big japanese language a Aper. A Aht. A. Ordered lows a court near Green Bay urn. Lansing and Detroit Mich Cleveland my Pitt Burgh. The b-29s were averaging 236 mile an hour a previous Ai my report that age to buildings and Mere Bandi i acheron avoided specific men is i be included in the Rati mates. Hon of Macarthur name at a Louis should use a your vie. F Quot my most High ta�1 partisan flavor of Side it Roosevelt stage. Lean police Tor the nsnfir.n�. Position the help feed the j�5&Quot w a a "�?T<1 to int Xiu. E by adding Stu ii to of As Well a dam and c. J of Japan. the War torn ration Umit mgt a Quot a Al net at will be at Hast a cold the conditions required Foith republicans done to regard i Quot .7 try Winter mrs. Douglas ,.tponcment of induction Are Patterson As a re Publ loan. Taft told a reporter Patterson for i i. A boy must have entered High clrr1u�?~t if appeals judge Pereira Dor unit school a similar institution be 11? Quot Putnam county. In s yer to Quot Sui i a ii registered men w us a he Rauise of instruction must a Elj Lunf Hist it Arf it Arni nation purse bet anus one of the big be pus us Quot continuously and sat Orno a be of mrs Richard is a univ �?~1 form red Cross worker of he Mai the two conditions he May ask Lor a draft i mid Post Quot tailed her marriage ii-7� a sued in Frame to col Lark Day Denver. Sept. 19 a one Tor the Hooka is the hair raising experience of truck Driver James a lira 24 carrying 2000 pounds of Dyna mite. The truck driven by lira new conference. But in Sharp quotable sentences he stated his View that the a occupation forces Are the instruments of policy and not the Deb pm Grants of policy for statement in his rapacity As directing head of the i a had hell. Piloting the machine through without consultation with w Ash state department in the Abenr went out of control when the of Senetar Byrne brought into brakes snapped and for the next the open the comments of official six Block the outcome was any Brae since Macarthur a announce-1 to Ken 1,0 against him. J aeronaut in be internationale. Body guess j ment cd future occupation figures in ont to in the a a a a a a gov with Burio appointment Truman demonstrated again that to Liki it old Senate friends Bert while he was in the Senate the Monement until he had to ten Grad president worked closely with Bur rated. until he reaches i Joth ton a member of the War Index to in Thadav. I n Bevel is sooner. \ kiting committee which tru a Hie postwar conditions j be Lee Tive service also Alao unread la pm it my a. Replaceable. Ext night that Uto Versi 1 hot a in Nator. Whose first heavy evening traffic lira manag i in ton behind their hand of a in re he my Jumet Rurac neg i Rara Yiep Ujj w 1,1 upgrade after he had Quot . Cd Quot and it a sri s�ri.,2 in a a a a to last a plat the currant school Quarter Fin rid 0 h,.r u chef Jusu a a Gnot Cir Ltd a 1 a a i Ernest it the sources w to spoke of Imp end a Cabinet resignations vie Premier Prince Fum Tmara Konove probably would lend the list he is a Minuter without Purt Foito two other Cabinet members without portfolio who May step Down at the name time. The sources said. It. Gen. Toshihiro Glia i a. And i Ketora Ogata the latter who also is chief Cabinet see Retat it a named by Macarthur on a list of members of the Quot Bleck i agony society but it a understood american authorities due to communication difficulties a of president As More the giant bombers were stripped person re geared foe Quot of armament and Armor to lighten j a a Fth a Quot no a convention in the them for the heavy Gas Load and a varsity place Christian Church also to provide for the slightly in Chril a a prions it esterday the Over Vised craps each plane had foliate my named j. Hausam of 12 men aboard to permit a rotation Peoria and . Robert h. Cowl of duties during the Long flight. In of i. Carmel Trice presidents. The army apparently a not at we by Heibel of Charleston tempting an official nonstop air Cret by treasurer. Undi Tance record so far As a mrs. C. Vav. Longman of Spring could be Learned there were no Arr old and 1-Eta Egan of Decatur Range ments for off Tai checkers were named to the executive com from either the National aeronaut Mitt for three year terms and the the federation c. R. Porter of Albion for on year. Train scatters Money 40 Milos pm on Roe s move to halt sales a rejected by supreme Louii Field 111 h i tan f Stone political win go Boise. Idaho. Sept 19 Prophet eare easts is Aarau a a in but his Teminie depend on the length of a political . A required by Law to live in Boist. Tri s. a it ,5 preventing the state from collect i g pm Ltd spent nearly nine months mat supreme court Rafus ithe retailers occupational if a Hoff pm rom it. Sow he o restrain the slate of tax fur in Man the until the by Jato a Home of to end next Friday maybe not until fall of 1946 i Ament tim to prove its Contention that Hwa not a member. I shun t a it a a _ Iii i nations said a a wide gap1 j b i too mail Bas Breaks existed tie Ween Premie Prince a a Higashi Kuni and the three the exx ted to leave the government my from collecting the two a stat Lut unt i present e of it Kurpius a diminish surplus now in excess of flit Quot l. J. Lull head of the state health too fall below f15,000.000 from Ltd apartment collecting More than half of the. Cosset sent Lull to Blackfoot As tax for 18 months. Acting superintendent of the men the opinion affirmed a 1944 mad Tai Hospital and rented i Home. By mfg pm county circuit court dismissal the catch when the temporary i a be o Mouise of Collins of Munroe com joint Tor want of appointment terminates so does. Ably will occur Friday. 9 had sought an injunction equity. 1 la governor s Leas. I the turkish born Prophet who i no in but Ai rejected a a Eais Static stat repo wats icon county circuit court dismissal Pasadena. Calif sept. 19. Up the Rev Charles g. Long White haired i radar of a religious group known As the Quot remnant of the Church of god a has ended in 24-hour fast and today he and i flock were waiting for the end of the world which he predicts prob Bridgeport. Ib., sept is up of a Railroad car while the Traia they daubed Higashi Kuni a is my a of nne �160tj0 through Tuwa a without Stop Aera Nauy interested in the rident Aliy As it was Ping the bag missed the wire Negus 4#mcs ratio action of Japan Tats h pm and 0h��?o tank intended to Stop its Progress. As a Reform step and in compliance yesterday ratting off groomed off a track sign underway the wishes of Gen Macarthur Nea h the moving train Contenta and raid Konoye and the others Lorn 2? the bed opposed the Premier s 5. A a Dent. Were teat tried along the in Apone and american imm. A it a a led t0da but in rat mated Star rout postman Charlet la 72, announced that the Salt to Agama iwo a it of the Money in Deomina Wade on hand to Raceil the time May be at 7 33 p. In Alton rat. Been Otil 15. Flu and 820 Bill Pouch a ably assisted in collect War time 9 33 a. In. U the by the japanese pres for delay in a a Ovard kit no the Money As workers off Al veg pie gang problems such a 96 m 1 1 und a a Quot to the Tram duty j it Uit a out of a nearby Man food and housing shortages and in far Washington. Ind Ufa Turing Plant creasing unemployment. A it it no a Fly Hui a Quot signed by the1 til said postal and the reigns Ion two Day ago of Lurral Rel try Banitt 1-Ouit Railroad workers had been assign Mahoi u line Mitsn a so foreign to Hlf fun get a Honan Bank of Edlo walk the tracks to working re a i Bridgeport. Stoltz said. Ton ind. In an Effort to my o out used of Page to Tai tuna a the mail Pouch was silos in oui to remainder of urn currency. Last coming la according to Jara Salem time. However Rev Long referring to certain biblical passages stated there is the possibility of a delay until sept. 29 even until the fail of 1946

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