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Alton Evening Telegraph Newspaper Archives Oct 10 1970, Page 4

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Alton Evening Telegraph (Newspaper) - October 10, 1970, Alton, Illinois A-4 Alton evening Telegraph saturday oct to 1970 editorials. A a what we think about. Cambodian a Republic. Carrier a lib Day. A a a handicapped shift officially Cambodia moved from the governmental classification of constitutional monarchy to that of Republic Friday. Amid spectacular ceremonies in Tam president of the National Assembly issued the proclamation. The new Republic he said would end More than a thousand years of a often cruel capricious Rule by the thus As formally and officially As possible the Rule of the certainly capricious we can to vouch for the a a cruel Prince Sihanouk a now in exile behind the red curtain was concluded. Basically the shift in form was not difficult. Prince Sihanouk was ruled removed from his throne in absent a some months ago. But even As Monarch he headed up a government based at least constitutionally upon an elected general Assembly. The question of How it has been elected and How it will be chosen in the future will continue to be important however a plus another How much will it influence the executive and administrative authorities and How much will they Rule the Assembly an even More important question is How the general Assembly will reflect the will of its constituents. These All Are subject to history a developments. Under pressure of War within its very boundaries it will be difficult for the new cambodian government and its Assembly to interpret and carry out the Peoples will As Well As it might if it were far removed from such violence. In this it will face the same problem As governments of South Vietnam and neighbouring Laos. Some compromises will have to be made a More certainly than have to be granted in the United states which has been Long without a formal shooting War in its midst. Our late violence leaves this open to question the constitutional monarchy with its general Assembly was established in 1947 under French Rule. France two years later granted Cambodia limited Independence within the French Union. Then in 1954 France announced plans to withdraw entirely from the Little country which is barely larger than Arkansas. Many decisions on this Side of the Pacific will have to hinge on the effectiveness of the new constitutional Republic. We wish it every girls prove themselves it have been More timely Telegraph newspaper Carrier Luveen Williams found a thousand Dollar Check in the Street while carrying her route during National newspaper week and turned up in a Page i Story on the eve of National newspaper Carrier Day. The area and the nation had just finished giving their attention to National women a liberation week. So we feel the two movements in their crisscrossing worked Well together. The circulation department regards Luveen a work on her route highly. There was a time when some of our More sensitive social service spokesmen especially at the Washington level regarded new girls dubiously. To a limited extent but nevertheless throughout the country girls have taken a deep interest in newspaper routes and have carried out their duties effectively and responsibly. We Hope at least one effect of the women a liberation movement will be to break Down prejudices against girls in this role. Increasingly the girls will be carrying newspaper produced by staffs where women Are expanding their employment Bridgehead whether in the editorial business or production departments at an employee or an executive level. We Are Happy to note from our own experience that the liberation movement besides stimulating More thought to employing girls and women has prompted More females to seek jobs in types of work strange to them Jam Relief to relieve the Alton locks traffic Jam the United states corps of engineers is resorting to a device we wonder it Hasni to tried before a switch boat service. The corps has contracted with a private towing and general River service firm for a boat that can pick up portions of split tows and pull them through the auxiliary lock while the main towboat drags its portion through the main life device. The auxiliary lock in the Alton dam setup has sat there largely Idle for months at a time awaiting service Only when the main lock a twice its size a had to be shut Down. Meanwhile rowboats have had to Divide their barges and shuttle through the locks twice for each full Tow. One would hardly expect a civilian to have the boldness to suggest such a device. The thought might often have occurred to Many of us who immediately would discard it As something the corps with its knowhow would have rejected previously. The corps belated adoption of the method Here it seems to us demonstrates a need for a shakeup that would result in More constructive thinking. If the corps had not thought of it at least Barge operators familiar with the problem and possibilities should have shed Light on it. Meanwhile we believe most observers will realize that the switch boat approach will offer Only a slight Relief to the present dam Jam and certainly will not reduce the necessity for the new dam with its much larger locks which now Are in the Points at pollution legislators from seven Midwest states took an enterprising and commendable step this week toward Relief from pollution problems. States involved were Illinois Missouri Iowa Indiana Michigan Wisconsin and Ohio a All on lakes and Rivers and with a generous Blanket of air thrown in. William j. Scott Illinois attorney general who has taken a highly militant stance particularly against air pollution lists had urged formation of commission such As that formed by the state legislators at their conference in Chicago the Telegraph has always insisted that though anti pollution measures must function partially at the local level it is necessary to make them effective with a focus from area and National Levels. This applies whether we consider air or water. For pollution of either at one Point by a few involves us All. While the Federal government has shown increasing interest and has undertaken More intense action against pollution states must undertake a major portion of the enforcement. Even their own local governments for most part cannot function in this Field without authorizing legislation. It is important that such measures be taken uniformly state by state and with intense cooperation Between enforcement and research authorities. The states involved in the Chicago conference touch upon the geat lakes and upon at least four major Rivers All flowing into the great Mississippi. Coordination of their efforts even against water pollution is therefore essential and we Are Happy to see them follow attorney general Scott a recommendation. Paul s. And Stephen a. Cousley readers forum grateful to the a givers a voir we wait for their second response. A i am most grateful for the Many men women and youth giving their time to scouting hospitals and the handicapped and poor. They Arentt full of just a hot air a they know the main purpose of life. They Are concerned with life not How Long they can live but with How they can discharge their dudes and obligations to god and to it me another. They Are giving us examples of How to love their neighbors. They a Ell us if your neighbor is in danger protect him to utmost of your Power. When your neighbors property is in danger protect the property As you would your own As far As it lies in your Power. The fruits of peace of mind a the fruits of the spirit of god a Are peace and love virtue honesty integrity Fidelity to every virtue known. The spirit of hate is viciousness unrest fear a mental illness. A bitter Fountain can not bring Forth Good water. If you want to have peace of mind peace on Earth and peace on our campuses strive to become As Broad As the gospel these Fine individuals will Tell you. The spirit of moral ideals leads individuals to Justice to be kind to their fellow Man and to labor for their welfare and safety. It inspires them to do Good makes them come alive brings peace of mind and happiness. The spirit of being the do or is always pleasant and satisfying because it carries with it a sense of helpfulness to others it begets love and Friendship it begets memories of the Happy heart. Where there is an absence of gratitude either to god or Man there is a feeling of perching doom we run. Those who wish peace of mind and the fruit of happiness should Honor themselves by a proper course of living. They must Honor and love and be charitable to their neighbors. These wonderful individuals ire begging us also to return Good Tor evil remember the poor and needy and sustain and help them whether they be sick or weak against god or for him Black or White. They a Ike the fruit. Ifs very tasty. Money cannot buy it nor fast talk. Peace of mind sound mental health come from doing and being concerned for others defending the rights and liberties of our neighbors As we would defend our own rights and liberties. Robert l. Liesen Hardin meets fiscal needs in a afraid those who Are trying so hard to dig up dirt on sen. Merrill Ottwein Are going to come up with an empty bucket. He so happens to be unique in the political realm in that he is a a a statesman of integrity who is sincerely endeavouring to represent the will of his constituency. He operates a ording to the letter of the Law which one Seldom sees these Days he is intelligent and honest enough to realize that if he votes for a a needed legislation for which Little or no funds Are available it is the responsibility of a legislator to vote for the needed sources of Revenue to implement said legislation. Regardless of his business interests prior to his entry into politics he has no conflict of interest holdings which would cause biased voting or Compromise. He has never received funds from statewide Republican party sources for his Campaign and we re a a working to raise the funds some Are seeking to portray sen. Ottwein As anti Catholic re his stand on state Aid to private education and a misrepresentation of his stand and attitude on liberalization of abortion regarding Aid to private education he a just following the Constitution. Besides some of my Catholic relatives Are a Ink it. Does that make them anti Catholic As for abortion one cannot legislate morality and Cert an i y cannot justify legislating a strictly sectarian viewpoint regardless of denomination. I suppose it is mistakenly ingrained in some that All republicans Are anti labor that they will not accept the fact that the prime interests of labor Are also the prime interests of the Senate Public welfare subcommittee of which sen. Ottwein is chairman. All our materials including a a signs Are Union made. Mrs. Doris l. Hatfield 626 n. 3rd Wood River parents to blame i see we have another front Page Story on Chris Greer a hair which probably will get a lot of Public reaction. I would like to voice my opinion. I believe rules have to be Laid Down by a responsible source first in the Home then in grammar schools secondary schools etc., and in our society. I care less whether master Greer wears his hair Long or Short or whether there is a stick dress code. What concerns me is the breaking of a Rule being condoned and even encouraged by a Parent. The court probably will overrule the school authority As in past cases thus encouraging the practice. Such situations cause disrespect for school authority and can Lead to irresponsible citizenship. I believe that if there is a bad Rule most parents will band together to Force its repeal. Robert a. Tucker 5902 Dogwood Lane Godfrey forum writers note the Telegraph Welcome prose expressions of its readers own opinions. Writers names and addresses must be published with their letters. Contributions should be concise preferably not exceeding 150 words and Are subject to condensation. Jack Anderson Washington a rep. Herman Schneebeli the diminutive Oil distributor who represents Williamsport pa., was scared by his primary opponent this year. Executives of some of americans biggest corporations learning of Schneebeli a concern rushed to his Aid. They dumped bushels of dollars into a Campaign fund that eventually swelled to More than $120,000. With this outside financial Aid Schneebeli easily outdistanced his opponent and ended up with a comfortable 70 per cent of the vote. Nearly to per cent of the Cash was raised at a Washington reception sponsor e d by the House r e p u b i i c an leadership. Lobbyists from several major corporations paid $100 apiece to attend the june affair at the Sheraton Carlton. Meanwhile additional thousands poured in from tycoons across the country none of whom live in Schneebeli a District. The list of donors includes the presidents of Kennicott Copper the Squibb beechnut corporation and the huge Western Pennsylvania National Bank in Pittsburgh. The Gilt list of contributors also includes top executives of the insurance company of North America Gulf Oil company Peabody Coal company and the massive Mellon Bank. The reason for the generosity of these men most of whom have never met Schneebeli is obvious to Washington insiders. He occupies a High ranking seat on the House ways and Means committee which handles All the nations tax legislate n. Furthermore Herman Schneebeli is a Man who can always be counted upon to stick up for big business. He makes no secret of this. A my vote is usually in the interest of business a he told this column. A a lot of businessmen feel that in Man asset in Congress. I suppose the contributors were guided by their representatives in Washington. I never called up in them before but my opponent was spending a lot of among the contributors was Bertram Dedman general counsel and time lobbyist for a he insurance company of North America. He agreed that Schneebeli is a Man who sees things big business Way a the knows quite a lot about the tax Laws a Dedman told us. A if business Ever needs a Friend he a the sort of Man you can go to and talk Dedman acknowledged that he had called on Schneebeli during last years debate on the tax Reform Bill in which every businessman in the nation had a stake. Another donor was Thomas Mullins president of the Peabody Coal company which fought to preserve the Ray Cromley South Viet Hawks want . To go tycoons love Politico who is key to taxes to per cent Coal depletion allowance. Mullins however said he had no recollection of making the contribution. He said somewhat mysteriously that his political donations were funnelled a through various channels and suggested that the company a Washington office might have a better idea Why Schneebeli got the $250 a frankly in be never met the Man a Mullins confessed. Peabody a Washington office was unable to explain the donation and Frank Milliken the president of Peabody a Parent corporation the Kennicott Copper company was no help at All. Milliken Woald not speak with this column although he also kicked in $250 to help Schneebeli along. Footnote Schneebeli seemed sheepish when he discussed the huge fund he had raised from outside his District. A this is the first time in be Ever had to ask for outside help a he said. Washington this reporter has spent considerable time in recent months talking with men close to president Thieu and the leaders of his major opposition in the South Vietnam Senate and elsewhere. Most of these men have wide military guerrilla experience. Most would be killed if the Viet Cong and North vietnamese took Over the country. Almost All Are Hawks. They Are strongly anti common St. Without exception they believe the time is Ripe for president Nixon to sharply increase . Troop withdrawals. They believe this will help win the War. Their personal estimates vary. One a very Strong Hawk indeed a a Man very Active in South Vietnam a anti communist organization and who holds a Strong position in the Senate has stated privately his belief that if All goes Well it will be practical for the United states to withdraw All troops a except a modest residual Force a by the end of 1971. He could be right a or wrong. But he is gambling for his life. For the communists have indicated in a most convincing Way that he would be among the first to die if they took Over the country. The consensus among these men seems to be that by the end of next year the United states should be Able to reduce its forces in Vietnam by More than 200,000 men. That would leave 150,000 or fewer american troops there on dec. 31,1971. It would make possible a reduction to fewer than 40,000 by late summer of 1972. These my i believe the North vietnamese Are overextended. They believe that so Long As the coast of Cambodia blockade continues that the Viet Cong and Hanoi a troops will be hard pressed for supplies. They note that the North vietnamese have been forced to divert sizable quantities of their Reserve supplies in Laos southward to the cambodian front. They have been shocked at the poor showing of the North vietnamese regulars against Green cambodians and the Lack of support the cambodians have Given the northerners even under pressure of fear. Support in Cambodia has come primarily from North vietnamese settlers and from some tribal groups who have Long been communist from their experience in guerrilla War these men believe this conflict must be won by the people on the spot a the South vietnamese people and the army. These Are men who say also that if the United states had not intervened when it did South Vietnam would have gone Down before to Chi minho a invading forces. But this is no longer 1964, or 1965 or 1966. The South vietnamese army is stronger. Even More importantly the people have their own self defense forces and in recent Battles have shown their determination to fight for their own land a whether they Are for or opposed to the Saigon administration. These men believe their countrymen will not make the reforms they must take the initiatives the War requires until the american presence is smaller and the government the officials and the people feel in their hearts that they Are on their own. Then it will become a South vietnamese War and the government and the people will make the hard decisions they now key it putting off a trusting to the United states to fill the they did then news from the telegraphs of yesteryear25 years ago october to 1945 Larry Mckennon 2, was scalded about his neck and arms when he toppled into a bucket of hot water. After the Accident the child was carried More than a mile by his Mother from their Calhoun county farm Home seven Miles West of Hardin to get Aid. He was reported in Good condition at St. Josephus Hospital to which he was moved after emergency treatment at a physicians office. Hli Nois Baptist action at its convention came up with a plan for financing Shurtleff College at Alton. It was to form a 10,000 club among persons of that denomination who would agree to donate $1 per month Over a period of years. Altona a Rev. A. B. Baron pastor of upper Alton Baptist Church was elected vice president of the ministers Council. School Board action included retention of architectural services of a Chicago firm needed to plan Long Range programs of building and replacing or modernizing of obsolescent school buildings. Also g. C. Davis of Nokomis recently discharged from the Navy was named principal of East Junior High school. He would succeed Ralph Kober of the senior High school staff who had requested a return to his former Post of assistant principal at tile High school and instructor in biology. The Julliard Institute voice scholarship won by miss Ella Jean Paton of Wood River brought to nine the number of pupils of miss Marion Copp Shurtleff College instructor who had received scholarships from the new York Institute. The Rev. Everett d. Hood 52, pastor of the Godfrey congregational Church died. He and his wife had been Active in religious and Community affairs. Landowners who had filed objections to the levee project along the Eastern Bank of the Mississippi River from Alton to Wood River withdrew them allowing the signing of the contract.50 years ago october to 1920 a stenographic report of a speech attributed to president Wilson during the Versailles peace conference was released by the stenographer Fred a. Carlson in Washington. Passages of the speech were generally interpreted As pledging the United states military Aid to repress european difficulties if it was needed. One quotation a we must not close our eyes to the fact that in the last analysis the military strength of the great Powers will be the final guarantee of the peace of the in Cleveland a a duster mails out dulled Sherrod Smith 1-0, to give the indians a 3-2 Lead Over the dodgers. Speakers single followed by Burns double to the Fence scored the single run in the sixth. An audience representing a Complete Cross Section of the Community rather than Mere partisan hangers on crowded the Temple theater to hear Secretary of the Navy Josephus Daniels speak under auspices of the Cox Roosevelt democratic club. His speech mostly devoted to the league of nations was greeted with dignified quiet. Or. Mather Pfeiff Enberger was selected to introduce the Secretary. The Temple a been completely redecorated in preparation it operation by the theater a new management in Tim for the event. A continuous Stream of visitors responded to Thymia Board of directors invitation to an open hous in the associations newly redecorated and remodels building. In All night festivities that included the Rebekah Wood River Odd Fellows Encampment no. 92 in instituted. Chief of police Fitzgerald reported an incr Asir number of sunday speeders were being rounded v by a special traffic patrol employed by the Cit some were being warned that their penalties wout be escalated for repeated offences and that the should stay out of the City

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