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Alton Evening Telegraph Newspaper Archives Nov 24 1920, Page 1

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Alton Evening Telegraph (Newspaper) - November 24, 1920, Alton, Illinois A a a a a. A Jim a fab Lishco january 20,1836. Oil miners in marrow escape it Williamson Down 300 free plunges foot Shaft while carry jog men to depth of mine for Days work. Slim partner brings trouble on Young Man Alton ill., wednesday evening november 24,1920 15c. Per week 12 miners barely miss death controlling engine fails on making thirtieth trip Down the Shaft. All occupants injured. Twelve Coal miners employed in the lit olice and Staunton Coal company mine at Williamson barely escaped death this morning when the Cage in which they wore being lowered into the mine took a rapid plunge to the extent of 150 feet. The Entrance Shaft to Ute mine is approximately 300 feet deep and when the thirtieth descent being made this morning the controlling engine tilled to respond to Engineer Hugh Minke the Cage had been lowered about half Way and in attempting to Check the Speed of the engine the Power suddenly died and the free Cage continued its flight to the Bottom of the pit gaining velocity on it downward course. Twelve miners were in the Cage at the time and All were More or Lees in lured by the Impact at the foot of the Abaft. Mike Hollowitch aged 23 year sustained a broken leg. While it la feared that some of the others May Hare internal injuries. The injured men were immediately brought to the surface and rushed to a Litchfield Hospital in special cars where the extent of their injuries is being racer twined. The Cage had Side Twenty nine successful trips this morning As 650 men Are employed in the mines the Accident occurring when the thirtieth trip being made the lowering apparels is inspected regularly is a safety first precaution and this is the first instance it the engine failing to function and allow lug the Cage free descent. How All it the occupants escaped death in the perilous trip is nothing Short of miraculous. Bethel Turner finds it is up to him to identify More particularly a youth he knew As a slim a who according to Turner is responsible for his present inability to enjoy thanksgiving dinner in peace and Liberty. "81im,�?� according to Young Turner who is in made a business proposition to Turner that the latter help move a big Roll of Copper wire from a place where a slim bad stored it and carry it to the Sandbar where Turner would build a lire and Burn off the insulation to make the wire ready for a junk dealer to handle it Turner did his part be says but sorry afterwards for someone reported the matter to the police and Turner arrested while the fire going on. The Copper wire stolen recovered. About 70 pounds of wire in the Roll. Turner is being Beld pending investigation of the owners of the stolen wire and also further inquiry into the identity of a slim Quot if there be such a Perron As Turner avers there is. Turner says that he and a a slim Quot were to have shared the profits fifty fifty. The wire turned out to be the property of the Alton Bridge company. Finishing scale foundations for c. Amp a. A gang of masons and other work in of the Chicago amp Alton Railroad Are putting the finishing touches to a Job which has taken considerable Lime. It is the building of a founds Hon and installation of a Large track Wale for the company Between tenth and eleventh streets on Plasa. Evacuation for the foundation a. Firat and extended a null solid we struck. The Scales will rest on a bed of Concrete and the Concrete 111 Reat on solid Rook. That will Ethe Scales steady enough of anything can. The Scales trill be used a weighing cars As they pass Over waded. To open season a with game Here i Friday night file engine to be shipped in few weeks has been Long delayed beyond time set for delivery of machine to Hie City of Alton. Cracked Kettle disabled sewer causes trouble will effect big changes new machine first of Radical improvements proposed for Alton fire fighting forces. Basketball teams will get into action this week. Schedule Calls for Active season. Funeral of mrs. Sarah Elizabeth Browning. Jav tuners of mrs. Sarah but a s,, we h6ld after at 2 s o clock from Tho Home of Alton Basket Ball season proper wll Lopen on Friday evening of this week when 0h> Browns business col loge team will Brush up against the upper Alton bearcats at Shurtleff col loge gym. The initial clash la expect cd to be an interesting one for the Audenta have been whipping their team into shape in the past few weeks doing considerable preparation. It la understood that the bearcats have likewise been cramming for the first event of the season As each team to particularly desirous of taking the drat Victory and thus getting credit tor starting off the Cage game Active ties without a Handicap. The Browns team looks like a formidable gang at Basket shooters and it is predicted that they will make a Good showing against their first opponents. The bearcats May have Little advantage in the Way of exper Lance but the College team intends to overcome anything of this sort. A curtain Raiser is miso scheduled for Friday night when Shurtleff a second team will take on the Cherry Street Echo team these teams Are said to be evenly matched and the Victory in this Case wll Likely be a toes up. The main game of the evening will commence at 8 15 Friday night and indications Are that there will be a Good sled crowd of Alton fans on hand to tee the opening game. A number of Tio Keta have been sold in Advance by the students and they look for renewed interest after the first game of the coming season. Awe. Maw us up of 4�rtter. In. Adam o. Mil or. A re services wart a conducted by we 4 Quot 6,r a a a a Rte be rely Quot a a mend .1 a a a auroral services. La to cemetery. Burial in hold open Bouse on thanksgiving Cam holily0 y my a of a observe or j a a the Kyl i?�141 program to be a Juwing will be Ope a a a appear in 1. ? Puyer who a dark be head it or at sir thurs 1ay a Moon. Clas a wu1 by am on a Jewet re ill be re q or on Friday Telephone rates Advance by associated Presa Springfield ii nor. 14-�?Advance Telephone rates in 39 towns in South pm Illinois asked by the Murphysboro Telephone company were granted by the state utilities commission today effective december i. Quilted out open to a com Oiler Arm i a Umer a the usual and a Fred out thereat tar. 2�?~-d"ld hindi Tod air Frond jury in v. A a Ordinary worser cd Char a of Haling sex asst8 we to a and uni his a attorney James e. A Necton with affidavits he Stop Crews from deserting Here by associated press. Washington nov. 14�? enactment of legislation designed to prevent me desertion of Crews of foreign ships at american Points and entry into this country As stowaways on vessels will he asked of the next Congress by the House Immi Garelon committee according to a statement of representative Johnson chairman of the committee. Desertions he said had reached serious proportions. The new fire engine which the Ahrens Fox company at Cincinnati has teen had in course of construction for a Long time for the City of Alton will he shipped some time Between december 4 and 7, according As the paint May dry on the new machine the shipment of the fire engine has been delayed months beyond the time originally promised when the contract for the Purchase of the machine signed. One delay after another came due to bad conditions in the Trade and theer has been considerable disappointment Over the delay even of the new engine not needed for a big fire. It is hoped when the new engine comes to make a Radical improvement in the fire department and it is probable that another pumper will be bought later on to improve the service further. The pumper will be used to supplement the water pressure in the Mains whenever there is special need for it. In the higher parts of the City there in frequent trouble at times of fires with Lack of water pressure and it is promised that the new engine will do away with this trouble. The engine will be installed at no. 2 Hose House which has been remodelled to receive it. The City of Alton owned a fire engine once before but sold it hoping to depend on water pressure from the water Mains but with the growth of the City it has been found impractical and unwise to depend on such pressure without an auxiliary pumping machine. For some time complaints have been made that the sanitary sewer had joined the l w. Quot . It would t work and no wonder. City Engineer Schwaab has the reason Over in his office in the City Hall. It is a Large Iron pot or Kettle and it found mocking up the main outlet of the sewer in Lucille Avenue just below College Avenue. From its looks it bad been there a Long time and water and Sll kens bad covered and corroded it greatly. It waa a cracked Kettle but sewers Are no places to put even cracked kettles. Sewers were never intended As junk Yards. They Are a Handy places to get at junk and besides they pay no License to operate As junk dealers. There Are regular junk dealers in the City who do pay licenses and who should be Given a Chance to make their Money Back. That sewer has now abandoned the i. W. W. A and will stay divorced from them of upper Alton people will Puit trying to make it a junk Yard and general Derbis dump. Will observe a thanksgiving m generally us too f follows hard Luck stories religious services by All denominations in conformity with presidents proclamation. Senator would declare peace with Germany. End of the Road for aged Man peddling pins All business is suspended Industrial plants too win generally observe the Holiday by shutting Down for Day. An old Man reduced to peddling safety pins As a Means of eking out a living came to the end of the Road this noon in front of the pm juju Telephone Exchange. The old Man who carried mail indicating that he James Bunton of Franklin iu., waa a typical specimen of the wrecks of humanity that remain derelicts exciting pity of those we see Mem. The White haired old Man evidently had Little enough reason for living and this noon As he plying his Trade seeking to sell safety pins he dropped from a paralytic stroke. Some opera tora leaving the Kinloch Exchange at noon noticed the plight of the Man and they caught him As he started to fall. They propped him against a step until More help could be procured and finally they summoned surgical j Vernion help and the old Man taken to St. Joseph s Hospital to remain until the end should come. When put to bed at the Hospital it waa found that he had five shirts on his person and a great superfluity of clothing in general. He had no overcoat however. His appearance indo thanksgiving Day will be observed generally by Aston business and Industrial institutions. Some of the factories will suspend work until next monday owing to Lack of pres in their business. There will be religious services in Observance of the Day. In the first Baptist Church the Down town protestant churches will hold a Union service and in user Alton the free methodist Church will be the place for the services. The following program Bas been announced for the service in the first Baptist Church fifth and Market streets tomorrow morning at to o clock. Organ prelude prof Richardson. Quot doxology a Praise god from whom All blessings flow. Invocation Rev. D. 8. Wahl Reading of the presidents proclamation Rev. 8. D. Mckenny. Hymn Quot Praise to god immortal scripture lessons Rev. O. W. Heggemeyer. Prayer Rev. C. D. Shumard. Selection by choir offering for near fast Relief remarks by Rev. C. C. Smith. Rev. E. L. Gibson. Hymn Quot of Beautiful for spacious Benediction Rev. C. E. Comb rink. There will be no Issue of the Tele graph tomorrow because of it being a Holiday. All the roman Catholic churches will observe the Holiday with a High the task of raising $12,000 As a College fund during the present time when All one hears is hard Luck stories does not sound any too easy however c. J. Jacoby of this City has just returned from a ten Day Campaign trip accomplishing the above result or. Jacoby accompanied or. O. E. Arlege president of Central Wesley an College at Warrenville Missouri on a trip with the primary object of raising funds for the College in Many instances they were confronted with the same stories from residences of fanning communities namely Quot we Are getting 35 cents for Corn Ana $1.26 a Bushel for wheat which is not much a the two campaigners were undaunted by these hard Luck stories which served Only to double their efforts in seeking funds and As a result of their intensive interest their Mission fulfilled and the sum of $12,000 real iced for the College. This sum of Money raised in ten Days is by no Means a Small record and tends to show that the Public is realising the value of education. Scarlet fever a claims four i in Short time two families afflicted second time each within few Days by fatalities from dread Scourge health officer not alarmed says that diseases Are not making any alarming spread in the Community at present. Snow interest in organized Basket Ball . It and j"1�?� a a a a xxx a i. Morning. 2 2 a a so a a do it i a Quot a a a by Benn Ann,.anc a 2j2z a a a old my for St. L-.nl�?T. Church. Who waa about Down and out. Knox of Pennsylvania will introduce Resolution declaring state of Gorman peace by associated press. Washington. Nov. 24�?senator Knox of Pennsylvania said today that he plans to reintroduce at the next session of Congress his Resolution to declare a state of peace with Germany. This plan the former Secretary of state said would be followed despite the presidential veto of the previous measure. Senator Knox indicated he does not expect passage of the Resolution before the special session of Congress next Spring after the inauguration of president elect Harding. Senator Knox who has been mentioned As a possible Secretary of state under or. Harding said no one had any authority to represent his views or those of or. Harding in connection with a Cabinet appointment. Red Cross aids i will report on i drive results Godfrey Delhi route wins. State Road will take Shorter route and decision la Victory for Godfrey Road meters. The death of a second child in the ring ring family and a second also in the Birk family in Wood River township from Scarlet fever today aroused apprehensions on the part of a number of people who feared that there might be Chance for a widespread contagion in this Vicinity. It said today by or. D. F. Duggan City health officer that so far the conditions with regard to Scarlet fever and diphtheria two dread scourges of childhood were much improved and he did not anticipate much trouble with the malady. Co operating with the City health department the school nurses and the visiting nurse have been doing very form local team. Will effective work in detecting and guard hold first practice next the school nurse organisation which Haw Firat Chance to come in Contact with Many cases. Ring ring child s death. Lucy the the re year old child of or. And mrs. Albert ring ring died at noon today from Scarlet fever. This a the second death from the disease in the family and there were five members. Including the father who were Down with the disease. The funeral will he held tomorrow afternoon at 4 of clock and will be private. Interment in City cemetery. Cage players gather at y to tuesday. The Illinois state Highway commission has routed the state hard Road Between Jerseyville and Alton through Delhi and Godfrey according to an close 72 saloons and cabarets associated pre. Chicago nor. 24�?attorney general Blind age filed 72 Bills for injunctions against Saloon and cabaret owners in the United states District court today asking that the places be closed As Public nuisances under the prohibition act. The defendants were ordered to appear before judge Landis this afternoon. A i # # 9 a Vav Viiu Vii a in Campati closing Date is nou Cement made yesterday this . n r00te Teing two and one half Miles i be Shorter than the mute through to held Over remainder of a by and rearing less grading and t Hon ill Una a i late pm of a delegation request 8 a my that the hard Road be built through organized Basket Ball for Alton Dur inc the coming season assured As a result of a gathering of interested player at the y. M. C. A. Tuesday evening. A Call issued last week urging disciples of this game to get in the going for organized Bali Here to replace football during the Winter and judging from the keen interest shown in the game tuesday night Thor will be several Good teams hers. The Firat general practice will be held to next tuesday evening while the first game to be played by the veterans of former games will be on the following Friday december i against the Browne business College team. There a Good attendance at the special meeting called for organization and Many local players Are putting Forth every Effort to see Alton go Down on the Basket Ball map As represented by a Strong team. Among the prospective players who will step out on the floor next tuesday evening to trim Down for the season games Are Rothacher Mcdon Nell Wandling Brothers Woods Poole Stilwell Jacoby Bagle and Cay Wood also Osborne and Bell of Wood River. I his will give ample Opportunity for a Good work out and after the Firat eau it is expected that Thoro will be a number of other players to get in on the game. In former years Afton has had Strong quintets to compete with teams from surrounding towns and thus far Western Union i Cable Landing i flan halted Brighton and Piasa to Alton Quot riot am bar of requests Havo �7a. Teen received from various teams. Considered because it seven Miles farther than the Jerseyville Delhi god Campaign chairman Homer Hod Trotte in of the american red Croaa fruit Hal the Grad in of this Road which is to be built with an apportionment of the states $60,000,000 Road Bond Issue is to be started this fall and surveyors will begin at once. Son of the american red Cross fourth roil Call announced shortly after noon la Why that the Campaign a Tutu continue a null the close of the present week. Contrary to the plans of the local workers the time Extension is granted in order that they May have a a a nyx. More time in which to Complete their americans v Mange canvasses. The Campaign in Wood River will continue until next wed a Day. Campaign work it progressing Fields to Mexico. By associated Presa. Chicago nov. 24.�?the movement various teams both near and Remote for games whoa a schedule is made out. After the teams hear Are sized up next week work on the schedule of games will be started and plenty of fast games will be assured local fans in which they can Center their interest As a followup for football. Military off in irs take priest by associated frees. Carrick on Shannon Ireland nov. 24.-�?the removal it a Well known local priest to unknown destination by military officers created excitement Here today. League Assembly want Ald by associated press. New York nor. 24.�?the Assembly of the Tongue of nations Bas sent a communication asking american co operation in armenian affairs Accord had a n Effi Flavin by the near gut Moses favors View of Lodge on league. Washington nov. 24.�?senator Moses of new Hampshire irreconcilable opponent of the league of nations to a statement commenting on gov. Coolidge a speech last night at Boston said senator Lodge had declared the league dead and since he would have a vote on the matter and gov. Coolidge did not he thought More Validity attached to senator lodges opinion than to that of the governor. S or f err a thew work ill la 10 ,1?�?~8h up of lows a the recent election the Conli work indications Are that the jul said adding that Many expect Doe will be a typical whirlwind for enter business there. The fifth Ward captained by mrs. Oil Lespie with mrs. We. Smith As Vijeu a plan to close Cincinnati breweries tenant turned in the sum of $90.00. By associated Presa. Thia report is not Complete for there Washington nov. 24.�?three clo to no Issue of the Telegraph thursday there will be no Issue of the Telegraph on thursday thanksgiving Day. Are Many additional places to Call at i Cannati brewing companies were cited in this Ward however it is my mid 10 show cause by december is Why cation of Success for the Sain Ward their to to make Cereal beverage turned in a grand total of $65.00 in Bould not be cancelled because last years drive it is predicted that a a the a have not in Good Faith Oon the Ward Alt a will turn in twice the fun nuts t0 the Federal prohibit us act. Amount this year that raised. Lafe year. A a a other like example have been not a from a he in thee ensure of he j921 a <-0o�w Lon a Lobrin the p.1xu. By. In Homo Cue it a empty a Calton boys held to grand jury Elmer Turner 21 years old his brother George Turner 24, and William Lemon 22. Of Alton. Us in jail since Friday charged with stealing harness and tar paper valued at $500 from the Brooks general store at West Alton nor. 6th, waived preliminary hearing at St. Charles and were bound Over to the circuit court Crew from u. S. Sub Chaser 154 prevents Cable company from land ing wire to Miami. Utilities Board suspends increases. By associated press. Springfield iii., of. 24.�?suspension of proposed advances or Gas and elec by associated press. Miami. Fla., nor 24.�?what regarded As an attempt by the Western Telegraph co. To connect its cables from the Barbadoes to a Cable from Miami at the West end of the causeway today stopped by an armed Force from the United state submarine Chaser 154. Order to prevent the connection of the two cables were received by the commandant at this District from the Navy department some time ago and the commander of the submarine Chaser had been ordered to prevent any such attempt. When the work of laying the Cable stopped a portion of the Cable which had not yet been connected at the West drawbridge of the causeway waa left on a Barge anchored in Biscay Bay. A Force of fifteen men went out to a Barge supposedly with the intention of connecting the Cable where work had ceased. A few minute later the submarines tied up to the Barge and a Crew of armed Sal Lori headed by the naval commander went aboard ordering work suspended. Etiman. Nationalists enter by associated press. Constantinople nov. 24.�?it is ported from a turkish source re that impossible to Call on All the persons. Those not called upon Are is iced by the chairman to Send in their names and a Dollar so that they May be included in the Camp Tig n. Receipts and Button for such contribution wit to a cording to All Advance inform Day this will be Given As the business Dis Trice canvassers will have Friday and saturday to continue their work. Booths in various stores will be maintained on these two Days also and bring in a Good a venue. Trio rates in eight Illinois cities served Eriman capital of Armenia has been by the twelve subsidiary companies of entered by the turkish nationalist die Illinois traction co. To the Middle forces. Of next april waa ordered today by the utilities Board. Wilton commutes Rintelen sentence. By associated press. Washington of. 24.�?president Wil b on has commuted the sentence of Franz von Rintelen German convicted of War time conspiracy on condition that he leave the United states before january i. Von Rintelen a former officer of the German Navy three times convicted nod sentenced to 4 years 3 month weather forecast at 4 p. M. Highest yesterday 48 lowest 32 at 6 a. In. Official forecast for St. Louis and Vicinity. Fair tonight and tomorrow not much change in temperature Low est tonight will be about Tho freezing Point. Illinois. Somewhat unsettled la North ortion fair in South portion tonight and tomorrow not much Changa in temperature

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