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Alton Evening Telegraph Newspaper Archives Nov 20 1967, Page 1

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Alton Evening Telegraph (Newspaper) - November 20, 1967, Alton, Illinois The lighter Side pinned on an office bulletin Board a double your pleasure double your fun a Xerox your evening Telegraph serving the Alton Community for Mitre than 131 years Cloudy tuesday Low 35 High at Complete weather Al established Jan. 15, 1836 a copyright Alton Telegraph printing co. 1967. Alton ill., monday november 20, 1967 vol. A xxxix no. 262 28 pages Price 10c member associated pre cottage Hills youths death still unsolved by ande Yakstis Telegraph staff writer a coroners jury saturday left its verdict a a open a in the pistol death of an 18-year-old cottage Hills youth while deputies probe into a a unusual happenings seen by persons after the youths death. Rodney Roberson died of a wound to the head fired from a gun in the hand of a a person or persons unknown the coroners jury declared after hearing evidence in the Case at an inquest at gent funeral Home. Roberson was found face downward about 8 . On the floor of the deep Rock service station on Rte. 140, cottage Hills oct. 21. He worked there As an attendant for his father d. H. Roberson. A pistol was under the body. The jury saturday left its verdict open because the evidence to Date has not definitely established his death As a homicide suicide or Accident Deputy Coroner James Grandone said. Grandone read reports of investigating deputies. No witnesses testified. After the shooting the coroners jury was told persons in the area of the deep Rock service station saw unusual happenings which deputies Are investigating. One Story came from an Alton woman and her daughter who were at a business place near the service station on the night Roberson a body was found. She said her daughter heard a shot. Then a car passed picked up two persons and sped away. She was unable to determine whether the car came from the direction of the service station. Another report was made to East Alton police Cpl. Ross Riley that some youths fled the station after the shooting. Authorities were also contacted by a couple in a truck who said they saw a Man walk to the Gas pumps of the service station on the night of the shooting. Later he hurried to his car and drove away they said. While the couple drove along Rte. 140, they said the Man who drove away from the Sta Hon passed them on the right Side of the Highway at a High rate of Speed. Sheriffs deputies Are attempting to determine whether the stories have any bearing on the Case. Two teenage girls who stopped at the station to buy cigarettes saw Roberson slumped on the floor testimony to the coroners jury revealed. The wounded Man was moving his head. The girls sought help. He was dead on arrival at a Hospital. Authorities were first told that Roberson was struck on the head with a bottle Grandone told the coroners jury examination of the victim at the Hospital by Grandone revealed a Hole in the right Temple. An autopsy revealed that a .22 Caliper slug pierced his right Temple. The slug fired from Point Blank Range was removed from his head. Bums were apparent on the Side of his head. No evidence of a robbery was found by investigators. There was Money in the victims shirt pocket and also in the Cash Register testimony revealed. A .22 Caliper pistol found under Roberson a body was obtained earlier in the Day in a Trade for a .410 Shotgun Grandone said. The pistol was found under the body. An attendant at the station said Roberson brought the gun to the station when he reported for work. One youth said Rob continued on Page 2, col. 5 frightened a a Little vietnamese girl reaches out to Comfort her frightened younger brother during a . 1st cavalry sweep through their Village in Quang tin province. The 1st cavalry on operation Wallowa was rounding up the villagers when Viet Cong sniper fire opened up on them and the youngsters became frightened. A wire photo . Paratrooper Force badly mauled by reds by George Esper associated press writer Saigon apr North vietnamese regulars surrounded a . Paratrooper battalion on a Hill near the cambodian Border in South Vietnam scentral Highlands today and with heavy ground assaults and mortar attacks apparently inflicted heavy casualties. An american Relief Force reached he Scee at dusk. The battalion of the . 173rd airborne brigade was Cut off for 24 hours before the reinforcements arrived to break the communist attack and bring out dead and wounded. Heavy enemy ground fire kept Rescue helicopters away. Associated press correspondent John Lengel reported from Dak to about 15 Miles from the fighting the heavy communist fire set off a huge explosion inside the . Perimeter possibly causing heavy casualties. It Wildcat strike shuts Down a Hon boxboard by Bill Lhotka Telegraph staff writer operations of the Alton Box Board co. Were shutdown sunday and today following a sunday morning a a wildcats walkout Over losses of Job classifications when a new automated machine was readied for service. Pickets bearing signs that simply read a on strike stood at the Gates to the Plant at the end of Cut Street this morning. Members of the United paper makers and paper workers locals 975 and 76, Al Cio honoured the picket lines. There Are approximately 575 Union Mem Bers at the Plant. However officials of the paper workers Union maintained that the strike was a a a walkout and was unsanctioned. A membership meeting was scheduled for 2 . Today at the Union Hall on e. Broadway. A Public relations firm released copies of Tele inside today. Editorial.a-4 Quick action shown on Alton High negro problem. Hunting.a-2 two Hurt in Hunting accidents in area. Whites impose own Boycott in Madison hit a a a a a a a a a a3 woman Driver hits policeman directing traffic. Spurts.b-8 bears hand cardinals humiliating 30-3 defeat. Family.a-10 mass Jubilee Community choir heard in first Public concert _ the difference Between instalment and Cash buying then and today. Rowan.a-5 sen. Mccarthy a attacks on lbs said to be vengeance. More than 800 White students were absent from Madison schools today in apparent retaliation to the school boards decision Friday to reinstate barred negro athletes. The White Boycott hit the Madison High school this morning where 80 to 90 per cent of the White student population was absent from classes school District supt. Ray Dragich said. Whites represent about 400 of the 750 students at the High school. At the five Junior High schools and two other schools of predominately White students approximately half of the Whites stayed out of classes. Negroes make up 1,300 of the 2,932 students in the school District. The a a informal Boycott action was initiated sunday in a meeting at the Home of Phil Barnett Cloverleaf addition Madison where 84 parents gathered. They protested that the school Board Friday met in a a a secret session to reinstate the negro athletes. The negro footballers were barred from sports at the High school after they boycotted practice sessions because of what they called poor representation of negroes in school events other than sports. In Alton today a committee of negroes met with Alton senior High principal g. C. Davis to discuss a a grievances including an Appeal for negro cheerleaders. At the Madison parents meeting sunday Whites complained that the school Board meeting on Friday was illegal under Illinois Law because it was private. After hearing state police capt. Emil Toffant the school Board voted unanimously to reinstate the athletes and consider other negro student demands. The a act immediately lifted its Boycott and negroes returned to school to continued on Page 2, col. 4 Senate near action on social Security Washington apr the Senate appears ready to wrap up before thanksgiving its work on one of the most sweeping social Security Bills Ever considered by Congress. Senate democratic Leader Mike Mansfield has set Early opening schedules for the next two Days and obtained a strict limitation on debate on All remaining amendments. This is expected to bring final passage of the legislation on wednesday. The final form of the measure then will be determined in a conference Between the Senate and House which passed the Bill last August. In three Days of debate last week the Bill a managers sue nearly the form in which it won Senate finance committee approval. Many More amendments re main to be acted on. The biggest test is expected on a re publican move to substitute the House Bill for the version worked out by the finance panel. In passing on this the Senate will determine whether it wants to go along with a much larger Benefit increase and also much higher taxes that the committee needed in maintaining it in wrote into the legislation. Stanhope denied new trial advisory hearing set Dee. 21 Edwardsville after denying a new trial motion this morning associate circuit judge i. La. Streeper set dec. 21 for an advisory hearing before imposing sentence on Norman Stanhope who faces a jury recommended death penalty for the March 9 Hatchet slaying at Alton of his wife Stanhope 47, who was convicted sept. 22 by a circuit court jury which recommended the death penalty appeared unperturbed in the courtroom this morning As judge Streeper announced his denial of Post trial motions in the Case. Including a motion for new trial. The court entered judgment on the jury a verdict finding the defendant guilty of murder in the slaying of 44 year old mrs. Dorothy Stanhope and recommending the maximum penalty. Judge Streeper then announced that a hearing in a mitigation and aggravation would be set for dec. 21 at 9 30 ., after chief defense counsel Malcolm Durr and states attorney Leon Scroggins indicated they desired to offer evidence to the court before sentence is imposed. An automatic Appeal to the Illinois supreme court is pro Elded in event of jury conviction for murder where the death penalty May be imposed. Continued on rage 2, col. 5 Grams it said was sent by the International and local Union requesting that All employees return to work. Paul l. Phillips president United paper makers and paper workers sent a Telegram to Alton Box Board asking that it instruct All Union members to return to work immediately. Victor Kassing and Bob Gillson officers of locals 975 and 976 also informed the boxboard i n a Telegram that they do not Sanction the Wildcat strike. They informed their membership to go Back to work. The Central Issue in the strike the Telegraph Learned is a new no. 4 paper Board machine. It was scheduled to go into production sunday morning. A Public relations spokesman for the company explained that the Crew for the new machine was reduced by one from the old no. 4. No one was Laid off he said. The spokesman said that the company followed a clause covering the policy for a Normal curtailments in its april 1967 contract with the Union. The contract runs for three years. A a a wildcats worker told the Telegraph that the a a curtailment would affect four men in the classification that was the four taking a loss in classification and pay would bump four below them who in turn would bump four others and so on Down the classification line with a corresponding loss of pay to each a a bumped worker. The strike began at 7 continued on Page 2, col. I could not be determined immediately what caused the blast. The fighting perhaps the most vicious yet in the Highlands Campaign came As . Planes bombed the Hanoi Hai Phong area for the fifth straight Day on sunday. The attacks included blows against the fifth and six targets to come off the Pentagon a restricted list in four Days. They Are a Concree Plant and a Barge Yard near Hanoi. The . Command announced the loss of four planes bringing the total number of losses Over the North to 749 aircraft. The four planes carried six crewmen All of whom Are missing. The belief grew among american commanders that the communists at Dak to Are trying to do what they achieved earlier this year just below the demilitarized zone draw Large american forces away from thickly populated areas and pin them Down in the sparsely settled mountains. Some 6,000 americans and 4.000 South vietnamese now Are at Dak to 270 Miles North of Saigon opposing an estimated 6.000 to 8,000 North vietnamese. 40 . Dead North vietnamese soldiers dug in on a Hill 14 Miles Southwest of Dak to killed 40 paratroopers of the u. S. 173rd airborne brigade and wounded 42 in an All Day Battle sunday. The paratroopers swept the Battlefield today but there was no immediate report of How Many enemy bodies they found. Field reports told of three clashes within 800 Yards of each other. The North vietnamese broke Contact after seven hours under a heavy bombardment by . Fighter bombers and artillery. Elsewhere in the area two u. S. 4th infantry division companies fought four Miles South of Dak to and the South vietnamese reported a Victory saturday on Hill 1416, five Miles Northeast of the Dak to Airstrip. Red losses the 4th division reported three . Infantrymen and seven North vietnamese soldiers killed and 12 americans wounded. The South vietnamese said their paratroopers and . Planes killed 390 North vietnamese regulars on Hill 1416 with the . Command reporting 868 enemy soldiers killed in the Dak to Campaign this brought the claimed total of communist dead to More than 1,200 in the Campaign. American casualties of 197 killed and 750 wounded have been reported. While the Battle for Hill 1416 Cost the South vietnamese 32 killed and 153 wounded. Communist gunners on sunday shot Down five u. S. Helicopters but All were recovered intact. B52 raids eight engine b52 bombers went after suspected enemy positions 14 to 17 Miles Southwest of Dak to near the area of the american paratroopers Battle in four raids sunday night and today. The Northern air wars new targets sunday were a Concrete production Plant six Miles West Northwest of Hanoi and the Thuy Phuong Barge Yard and transshipment Point one mile farther on u. S. Pilots said heavy ground defences prevented them from assessing bomb damage but they reported a Good target coverage at the Concrete Plant and said at least two strings of 750-Pound bombs fell across the boat Yard. The losses of two air Force i 05 Thunder chiefs and two a we to we to Navy k4 phantoms brought to 749 the number of acknowledged combat losses Over the North the four planes carried six Cremen All of whom Are missing. North Vietnam claimed 17 american planes were shot Down sunday and several pilots captured. From carriers in the Tonkin Gulf Navy pilots struck rail Road facilities in and around the key port of Haiphong. South of Saigon in the Mekong Delta the u. S. Command reported two u. S. Gunship helicopters mistakenly fired on Friendly troops killing or wounding 40 South vietnamese soldiers and four american advisers. The command gave no further breakdown of the casualties. She a checked evidence it the estranged wife of a Wood River Man was arrested for reportedly trying to destroy cancelled checks representing support payments made to her in Florida police said today. The woman mrs. Edwin Gerdes charged with destruction of private property and disorderly conduct told police she Tore the checks up after breaking into her Hus bands Home at 883 state Street thursday morning. Bits of the checks were found strewn in the rooms of the Home. Mrs. Gerdes later admitted to police she was trying to destroy evidence which was to be used in a divorce hearing she had come to Wood River to attend. Police said mrs. Gerdes separated from her husband for several months also admitted to opening a curbside mail Box and taking out an $822 Check mailed to Gerdes As a loan on his insurance policy. Mrs. Gerdes told police she took the Check and then went to an attorney for counsel. The attorney she said advised her to Tell police. Entry to the cents Home was gained by breaking a window in the storm door. We Pound devaluation raises world ire London apr repercussions to the 14.3 per cent devaluation in the British Pound rolled around the world today and bitter discontent brewed at Home among labovites conservatives and angry men in the Street. The governments announcement saturday that the Pound would be devalued from $2.80 to $2.40 provoked Matching devaluations in Spain Ireland Den Mark Israel and the British col ony of Hong Kong. Fifteen other nations said they were undecided while other nations kept their currency a ratio to the . Dollar steady. Prime minister Harold Wilson went on television sunday night to explain that the devaluation is meant to Spur British exports and that the limping Economy deadly chlorine Gas explosion threat passes by Ron Ruthfield Newton Ala. Apr residents of Newton evacuated because of the danger of an explosion after a Railroad tank car of deadly chlorine was derailed saturday were expected to be permitted to return today. An emergency Call brought additional water pumps As firefighters tried to Cool the tank car. Officials said the danger of an explosion apparently is passed. Newton with a population of about 3.000, was deserted except for state patrol officers who cruised the town to guard against looting. Only a few firemen and Rescue workers remained at the scene of the train wreck where Small fires had threatened to set off the tank car containing 100,000 Gallons of chlorine. The fires have burned since Hie derailment saturday night. There were no serious injuries. Some residents who were in an area of several Square Miles were permitted to return briefly to their Homes from surrounding towns Sun Day night to grab clothing keepsakes and pets which they left behind in the hurried mass evacuation saturday night. Skeet Pate an Alabama department of Public safety agent said six tankers of ammonia were burning near tankers loaded with propane and a Tanker of chlorine Gas. He said the outer Hull of the double walled chlorine Tanker was cracked. The fires were being contained by civilian firefighters and units from nearby it. Rucker Pate said but added that flames continued to erupt occasionally throughout the rubble of the Seaboard coast line freight train. Will have a Chance to a break out of the straitjacket of Boom and bust. Most countries that devalued with Britain Are suppliers of food and raw materials meaning British buyers can import from them at the same old prices. British salesmen stand to gain in countries that held fast. The government is in effect giving them a 14.3 per cent subsidy to undercut their Competition increase their profits or a combination of both. However Many prices on the Home Market will go up resulting in a curtailment of buying. The government Hopes this will turn manufacturers to the Export Market so that Britain a balance of payments will move toward the Black again. Wilson s conservative opposition reacted As expected. Tory Leader Edward Heath charged that under labor leadership Britain had been a reduced from a prosperous nation to an International conservatives spread word that they expected the entire government to resign and Call new elections but Wilson a Cabinet had been unanimous on de valuation and showed no sign of breaking up. An emergency debate on the crisis is scheduled in parliament tuesday and wednesday. The conservatives no doubt will introduce a motion of censure but with a nominal majority of nearly too votes Wilson has no Chance of being driven from office. The devaluation was accompanied by a boost of the Bank of England s discount rate which sets the pattern of interest rates in the Sterling bloc from 6 to 8 per cent. This prompted the . Federal Reserve Board to increase its discount rate from 4 to 4ty per cent in an Effort to keep dollars from going abroad to get higher interest rates. Union electric ends dispute Over poles the to Union electric co. Workers who walked off the Job Friday afternoon reported Back to work monday morning said John c. Dipped Sutier intendant of distribution for Union electric this morning. It a. It Wildcat walkout a a handful of pickets stand behind a sign that simply reads a Oil strike at the Entrance to the Alton Box Board co. Oil Cut Street in Alton today. The company Lins shutdown production following the 7 Sunday walkout. The workers complained Friday that Utility poles being unloaded at the Shell Oil co. Should have been taken to the Alton Yard first instead of directly to tin Job site in South Roxana. The poles were shipped from St. Louis. Dipped said that a meeting was held with William e. Parker business agent for local 649, International brotherhood of electrical workers the Union to which the to workers belong. Dipped would make no statement concerning the settlement other than i h t workers were Back to work As of 7 30 Monday. Parker could not be von tarted for comment this morning

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