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Alton Evening Telegraph Newspaper Archives May 28 1966, Page 1

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Alton Evening Telegraph (Newspaper) - May 28, 1966, Alton, Illinois Lighter Side Here a a guaranteed Way to make your 26-year-old Home look More attractive go out and Price some new ones. Alton evening Telegraph serving the Alton Community for More i lion i to \ ears mild sunday Low 50, High 75 Complete weather a-2 established january 15, 1836 s probes deplored Edwardsville a police chief John e. Hartung today questioned Why sheriff Barney Fraundorf was checking the tavern licenses of two holders of $250 Federal gaming Stamps in Edwardsville. A 1966 list of Federal gaming Stamps furnished Fraundorf by the . Internal Revenue service lists two Stamps in Edwardsville at the four of two tavern 402 s. Buchanan St., and Elsie a Uptown tavern 104 e. Vandalia St. A i have no quarrel with the sheriffs office and wish none a chief Hartung said. A i am responsible for Law enforcement in the City of Edwardsville As he t h e sheriff is for enforcement in unincorporated areas of the county. I want the residents of Edwardsville to know that i am enforcing the Law within my own chief Hartung said he w a s notified this week that sheriffs deputies called the operator of one tavern with a gaming stamp inquiring who held the liquor License. The police chief phoned the sheriffs department to ask a was a matter of information Why Edwardsville tavern owners vol. Xxxi no. 115 Alton ill., saturday May us 1966 20 pages 7c per copy member of the associated press. 1,500 men in sea air assault on Cong forces tractors on two beaches another battalion was dropped Inland i by helicopter and a third armoured Force of about the same size deployed on coastal North South Highway route i assault barrage the i s 7th Fleet ships Davis and Coronade fired a pre assault barrage of More than shells and rockets with Little resistent1 and few veterans a plot readied a maintenance Man cuts the grass memorial Day. Flags will be placed by Iii the Federal plot in Alton cemetery veterans organizations to Honor the preparing for the annual Observance of service dead. Parade to be main feature of Holiday were being questioned by the Merton aves. The 76th annual upper Alton memorial Day Parade will begin at 3 . Monday at the intersection of College and via a sheriffs department and said he was told a they were trying to find out How Long the taverns held the Fraundorf said today he instructed investigator Del Clemmons to phone operators of the two Edwardsville taverns to determine whether persons holding gaming Stamps still operated the taverns. A my office keeps a regular Check on holders of Federal gaming Stamps in Madison county a Fraundorf said. A the Check in Edwardsville was a routine matter. This is done of the Parade sponsored by the upper Alton business men. Inc., will March to upper Alton cemetery where state rep. Post 199 of the american legion will decorate All area Veteran Graves with flags during the Day and beginning at 7 . A firing squad from the Post will visit 15 area cemeteries where they will present the traditional 21 gun Salute and world War i Barracks members and legion Post 199 assisting. The Rev. Robert o. Laaser pastor of Eden United Church of Christ and mrs. Edward Coolbaugh president of t he Edwardsville daughters of Union veterans will speak at the by Kobert Tiivi is Saigon. South Viet Nam apr a combined Force of 1-500 american marines and South vietnamese troops launched an amphibious and helicopter assault against the Viet Cong near the Northern coastal City of Quang Ngai the . Command announced today. A spokesman said the joint Force had met Little resistance in the coastal sweep a three pronged assault 15 Miles North of Quang Ngai and 235 Miles Northeast of Saigon. The . Command at first announced the operation was an All Marine show but later corrected this to say that it was a mixed three battalion Force of marines and South vietnamese troops. Launched wednesday the continuing assault wa1-launched wednesday and re ports indicated Allied troops Ini tingly had failed to flush out Many Viet Cong. They reported killing 15 of the enemy and capturing 20 suspects in the first four Days. Also in Quang Ngai i not far from the Marine american b52 bombers struck1�&Quot candidates the Telegraph today at two suspected Viet teamed tcc., Ong troop concentration areas. In addition. Harold w Baillie targets were 30 Miles North-1 Lent Ine and Sam Chomko West of Quang Ngai City. Tire lights. Marine casualties were reported Light As the four Day old operation continued los pilots flew 317 sorties Friday against Viet Cong targets in South Viet Nam the air Force flew 175 of this total the marines Kis and the Navy 34. Vietnamese planes flew 247 similar sorties in ground support strikes. On the political front Buddhist monks led demonstrators into the heart of Cholon the chinese sector of Saigon for the first time today and were Dis-1 Persed by riot police firing Lear Gas. Insulate closed meanwhile the . Mission announced that the . Consulate in Hue was closed Down today because of the Zwior Security situation stemming from Buddhist led disorders a spokesman said however the american Consul. Thomas Corcoran is remaining in Hue and has set up an office in the military assistance command compound. I except a handful of americans. Including most of the consulate staff were evacuated Friday from Hue and flown to Saigon. Voting hights of too Cha i lenses in yen ice by la Imp i Telegraph staff writer Edwardsville the voting rights of More than Khi persons in three Venice township Venice precincts to and s both Iii Madiso charged today they arc registered Hie affidavits were signed that Madison county clerk eur against persons registered in Alia Hotz has failed to conduct Venice township precincts 6. A full scale investigation of 8 and 9 Are being challenged. Ballerine told the Telegraph today that More affidavits will be signed this afternoon by i 3 30 by John Mangiaracino me Nisi voter registrations in the three moreover. Ballerine signed committeeman candidate in i precincts have been challenged precincts As she had promised j 14 affidavits Friday against Venice precinct i who earlier province. In affidavits signed by two rally Tinc and Chomko persons registered in precinct this weely presented to the p assault Madison precinct committee set Ned 85 affidavits this 6 whom he claims Are illegal0,in,y clerk s office a list of a i if.,. I. I i. I Nii Moc a n in l,.i a. Annual services of the Wood-1 service. Included in the pro by the Ralph Smith a Mon the Jawn cemetery association will Grain will lie a concert by the Rev Fri a in in Deion and a a p both Continio a on Page 2. Col. Todd Parade bands. Teams the Rev. Or. Howard Taylor will speak the memorial Day will include marching guided missiles Drill and a mule team. Featured in the Parade will be marching bands from s i x area senior and Junior High schools a marching unit and two guided missile displays Rusk rules oui los. Withdrawal of German troops by John m. Highton or w Ashington apr Secretary of state Dean Rusk has from Western military facade or the comity to prevent Gamb nation a guard Ting with the Stamps which Are Ltd it Romig unit area american legion Post color guards from 3oi Gaul us Oun Upa <1171 issued for Coin operated pinball a soofits1 a remain there As Long As they Are needed and wanted Chines and other gaming Devic. Rusk also told a news conference Friday he Hopes members issued for that Federal gaming Stamps Are i to an reps Emhe armed fore Rull out any rnaj01 withdrawal of . Troops from Germany sued for $250 each to persons s and contingents of boy scouts he said european allies have been assured our forces will is. A when we find out a gaming in Walter Cook the Only remain a North Atlantic treaty organization can reach firm decisions g Spanish american War vet soon on plans Jor removing natos military Headquarters and stamp has been issued to a eran in Alton will ride in a plans bases from France place we find out immediately. Alton City Alder ways t0 improve rope which is bound up with this Why they bought the sheriff men and a a sweetheart Queen relations will he Dis division said. They done to pay $250 for a from a Woal _ High school will cussed extensively when he and Senate majority Cader Mike stamp just for decoration on the 1 0 provided with Convertito to other Ajjie 1 foreign ministers Mansfield has proposed thinning Wall chief Hartung said he was aware of the two Stamps is sued to the taverns in Edwardsville. A since we had to further notice from the states attorneys office we continue to assume that the pinball machines in Edwardsville taverns Are Legal a Hartung said. Nde in the Parade. Gather in Brussels june 6 for a out . Forces in Europe and Parade marshal will be t of nato found meeting. An associated press poll of 75 Charlesll. Moore commandant comments came As an senators shows 44 favored some of Western military Academy. Allied move was up posted tinder reduction in the 225,000-Man u a Way in Europe to respond to . Force in Western Europe soviet foreign minister Andrei under nato. Six army a. Gromyko Scall for a pan divisions Are Iii West Germany. European Security conference Rusk said the nato military Denmark plans to broach the situation and possible threats idea at the Brussels meeting against Western Europe would who will ride on horseback in the Parade. Also taking part will be a the worlds smallest mule owned by c. R. Thomeczek of Godfrey. Veterans organizations in de qualified diplomats in London be reviewed in the Brussels Eon the police chief said he was j Wardsville will take part in two said the United states and Var Ference but declared of Ameri told by Emadine Bach been planned ceremonies and dec-1 ious other Allied countries react can forces in Germany see of the four of two to vein that she removed pinball machines from her place after a rating of Graves of veterans de cautiously but not adversely with flags in All Edwardsville when notified of the danish in cemeteries during comm Emor Tention warning from him last August Active services memorial Day. Any conference on european that the Damp holders should at Greenfield the Rev. Nor Security would Center on the a return their Stamps Quot because Man Renn pastor of the first j continued division of Germany of the a a possibility they a right Baptist Church will be the 26 years after the Start of world lose their liquor licenses. Speaker at memorial Day serv War la. West German Chancel a at the time i phoned the aces at to . Monday in Oak Hor Ludwig Erhard spoke of this two taverns i believed that it Wood cemetery division Friday when he said might be illegal to hold both a veterans of foreign wars one of the great tasks of the liquor License and a Federal Post 1299, Edwardsville world Atlantic Alliance is to begin a stamp. Subsequently t Learned that i was wrong on this Point a Hartung said. Inside today. Editorial. A 4 discussion of sanitary landfills is. Incinerators is mushrooming. Five die of Bec slings r War i Barracks and american a real dialog with the comm legion posts 1090 and 199 will nist world. Johannesburg South of join the services at to . In a it is possible to ignore the inca apr notoriously vicious the Edwardsville City Park displeasure of germans Over Pps apparently irritated More where the Rev. Or. Donald the division of their than usual by hot weather have Crimson of Eden United Church Erhard said a it is not possible terrified South africans with an of Christ will be the principal to ignore the confrontation of gov attacks in the last six speaker. The w orld Powers Iii Central Kun months. Five people Hunt. A 2 search for grave in old Jerseyville cemetery fails. Hurt .77. A3 Broad jumper wins second but hurts self. Religion. A 6 Carlinville minister can to Tell who son first. Family77.7. A to woman a Council and Welcome Wagon install new presidents. Sports 77.-.777. B l East St. Louis doubles score on Alton in winning conference track title. Were stung to death hundreds of other suffered painful stings. Pet dogs and other animals died in the onslaught. People fleeing in panic before swarms of bees in several ease dived into swimming pools or Public fountains to escape the Phoenix Ariz. Apr the Arizona supreme court a invaders ruled the states loyalty oath will remain Iii effect despite a \ Johannesburg family and ruling by the . Supreme court that it is unconstitutional. Guests who were having drink the decision was in a three paragraph order signed by chief in their Garden spent two hours Justice Fred c. Struckmeyer or. Friday. In their private Pool surfacing loyalty oath tor j j arizonans remain in other War developments a a reinforced Viet Cong Pla toon attacked a unit of the 1st cavalry a airmobile Divi Ion Friday night but a driven off in a 30-minute fight after the cavalrymen called in artillery and illuminated the area with flares from planes tin action took place in the area of j operation crazy horse 20 Miles North of an Khe and 265 Miles Northeast of Saigon. Ache discovered a other units of the cavalry division uncovered a v Iet Congo Cache Friday containing 42 recoilless rifles. 17.000 rounds of ammunition. 1k.000 pounds of i Salt. 1.200 pounds of Rice and a Large Quantity of medical supplies a the . 25th infantry division ended a 12-Day sweep of Jungles 35 Miles Northwest of Saigon called operation Wahiawa. The infantrymen reported killing 157 Viet Cong in the operation and capturing to while sustaining Light casualties themselves. Because of the continuing Monsoon storms the air offensive Over North Viet Nam Friday dropped to its lowest Point in recent weeks the air Force flew Only two missions. Returning pilots reported they destroyed or damaged a Barge and a Bridge 25 Miles North and West of coastal Dong hoi. Light missions Navy fliers from the aircraft Carrier Hancock flew Only eight missions Friday also striking in the Dong hoi area. Pilots claimed they destroyed or damaged 15 Junks and barges 13 Railroad cars several sections of rail line and a ferry slip. On the ground two battalion of v Iet Cong or about boo men attacked a vietnamese militia Camp 25 Miles West of Saigon i Friday night they were beaten Back by the vietnamese defend ors reinforced by 40 american a Green Beret Quot the elite special forces soldiers describing the new Marine assault named operation Mobile. A military spokesman said one battalion a 500 men a of marines landed in amphibian i e in 0 c r a t 1 c committeeman candidate. Respectively in Signe morning in the count clerks office asking that the persons named be erased from the Register As they Are not qualified voters within the precinct in which illegal registrants the 99 affidavits plus the la signed earlier this month by bailout inc and Chomko bring the total to 110 whose voting rights in precincts 6, 8 and 9 Castro alerts Forres names he wished investigated. A Many of the names John is questioning Are voting in Venice township precinct i. Hut live out of state in Missouri a Ballentine said. Ballente signed 24 affidavits this morning challenging the voting rights of persons in precinct 6, where he is seeking the committeeman Post t Hoinko signed 52, challenging the voting rights of persons in precinct 8, where he is running tor committeeman. Ballentine and Chomko Are j running against a machine endorsed Quot candidates. Venice township precincts have for years been the stronghold of the democratic political machine. The affidavit signed by the two candidates list As reasons for erasure from the Register against it Uba and that some Are not a Bona fide Quot state of Alert for residents in the precinct in by Isaac m. Flores hav Ana apr prime minister Fidel Astro said Friday night he is convinced the United states is planning a armed aggression ordered a Mem ski Man communique read armed which they Are registered that i some Are sex convicts who Haveit a not had their citizenship rights. Restored and that several Are i radio and television Castro a decease j used Secretary of state Dean Rusk of a practically threatening us with War Over armed clashes Between . And cuban forces along the perimeter of the . Naval base at Guantanamo in Southeastern Cuba. President Osvaldo porticos immediately called in the ambassadors of communist coun k a there arc quite a few Missouri residents some sex cons and a few deceased person a Ballentine said among the person listed a not being a Bona Fidel residents is John Bridick. Who is oppo my Ballentine tor the commit in precinct 6 tries and asked for volunteers i a orld is us a Lere rum a willing to Ani Cuba against the Madasu Quot Madison threat of aggression Tiv Yankee a Quot Quot no a a ave imperialism. Maline charged a the mail left at the address pertains to someone else a Ballentine said Bridick 1 a former county chairman of the democratic machine and Chomko the ambassadors present included those of communist Chi a the soviet Union and North Viet Nam and the representative of the v Iet Cong guerrilla in South Vici Nam there was on the response to Ballentine report be a porticos request. Vol it a Icid Milieu this i Astre said the . Defense Quot Quot no a �?o"8 a. Department lied in claiming"1�&Quot Ltd vesting aug a that six cuban soldiers it ene oops there sometimes tin1 most Blissful moments have their minor tragedies. Two year old Terri in Fisher of Kirkland Washington experiences one in her backyard swing. I ii h ii of sin was quickly comforted by Lier Kotlier. Al h i re photo rated the . Base monday and exchanged fire with american guards. Rusk told a new conference Friday the United states had protested the incident and demanded that such action Stop v defense department spokesman said a far a i known no one was injured in the Exchange of gunfire Dabbs wrong 5a says the oath. J Only for air. Struckmeyer s ruling said golfers Jack Nicolaus of the mrs Elfbrandt must take the United states and Gary player1, oath before she can collect the of South Africa had to abandon j Hack Pav with interest part of one match when at the penalty clause in a 1961 tacked and stung by bet s on a Law setting up the oath is de Pretoria course during their the . Supreme court ruled i dared unconstitutional. Struck $56,000 Challenge series. J5-4 in favor of Barbarael in Eyer said. The clause makes it a 43-year-old Man was stung Brandt 32, a Tucson school a felony to take the oath and to death when he tried to Rescue a teacher who with her husband remain a member of an organi i dog. Other fatalities in id Vernon had taught without pay nation advocating forcible Over cd a Man who tried to drive 1 since 1962 after refusing to sign throw of the state government to his Home. Referring to the april is decision on the . Supreme court written by Justice William o. Douglas Struckmeyer said a it was difficult to understand exactly what he said a i he Board of directors of the Alton area Ummal Aid association today a corrected Quot the a simple arithmetic Quot or Alton Alderman Clifford Dabbs by stating that the Cost to Alton for use of the animal shelter was $3.74 per dog a not $15 77 Dabbs second Ward Alderman complained that Cost to the City for use of the animal Aid shelter was excessive and asked the City Council to seek bids for Small animal control in the City. Dabbs said that Statis tic supplied by the 3.a show it i costing Alton i i 77 Lier dog to use the animal shelter facility on East Delmar Road Godfrey. The Board of directors and officers of the 5a�?Ts assailed Dabb s statement As a a unfair and a a incorrect. The 5.vs Board a Correct cd Dabbs arithmetic by stating it Cost the City of Altun $3.74 tor use of the animal shelter. T he figure of $5 74 tabulated by the 5.a a figured on 522 dog moved to Ila Sheller Iii 1963 from Al ton 3.v and was based on a my appropriation to the is from the City Fin the shelter Sci vices Dabb. However Aid the figure of $15.77 per dog he mentioned was figured on the total appropriation for animal control in id go which was about $9 Usu a when we figure the Cost per dog it has to in1 figured on the total amount appropriated by the City and nut Only the $3,060 appropriate eel to the animal shelter a Dabb said a total it sit to a is allo noted in the 1900-67 Cit Budge and appropriation Ordi Nance for animal control a but Only $3,000 of that amount goes to the 5 a a. A when you figure the Cost to Alton per dog for use of the shelter it must Fie figured on the amount of $3, i Kio because that it i the amount we get from the City a or Ray Gibson of the 5.a said. The 5a\ a non profit by mane group is supported from private donation of benevolent individual Iii and Clit Ion to the $3, appropriation from Allon with investigation it voter registrations in Venice township precinct 6, s and 9 i. Hotz was not in her office this morning a miss Hotz assured a that she would Call Allol the sex con personally and that she would also Cheek All of the changes of address a Ballentine said. She implied he said. That the Only per. Son to whom affidavits would he sent would lie those living out of slate. A she a failed to do any of the Ballentine asserted. A we Ballente and Chomko have had to Cheek these illegal voter registrations. We kind of feel that we re being used we feel that miss Hotz j did no to do us j because miss hot has failed to fulfil her Promise to invest Gate. Ballente said. He a ii d Chomko have had to a run House to House checking registration for Tho county clerk s office a Quot we intended for her to Check out illest1 registration a Ballon it inc said a but i have been a suied silo has t of she had on it acted these people the name till lie tin these the a list the latest registration listen v Vilice township precinct 6, 8 a lid 9 furnished by Tho i continued i Page 2, of. 3

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