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Alton Evening Telegraph Newspaper Archives May 20 1963, Page 1

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Alton Evening Telegraph (Newspaper) - May 20, 1963, Alton, Illinois Inside Page 4 Page 14 g&u�2.Page 14 sports a a a. Page is television Page 30 classified Page 31 obituary Page 31 markets Page 31 Welcome Home Champion Redbird Salton evening Telegraph serving the Alton Community for More than 127 years Cloudy tuesday Low 45, High in 60s Complete weather Pago 2 established january 15,1836. Vol. A xxv no. 108 Alton ill., monday May 20,1963 24 pages 7c per copy member of the associated Presa. $30,000 asked to repair storm torn paving on Central Concrete resurface planned recommendation for a $30,000 motor fuel tax appropriation to provide a Cement Concrete pavement in the storm damaged 300-Block of Central Avenue will be Matte to Alton aldermen at the City finance session tonight. Public works director Paul a. Lenz said today that he will urge that Aldermani action be expedited in order to meet the emergency situation resulting from the bursting of the Central Avenue sewer and that he will ask his recommendation be acted on by the Council wednesday night. Lenz said that the entire Black topped Brick pavement from Adams court North to e. 4th had been damaged beyond repair in last thursday nights deluge so that Complete replacement is mandatory and that the Section South of Adams court to Broadway should also be included in the restoration plan since its condition is questionable. The Public works director added that the 24-Inch tile sewer which exploded must also be completely checked and re set and that this will be immediately undertaken with City Crews. In order to investigate the sewer condition and also determine just How Many concealed cavities May have been caused in the Street work of stripping of the ruined Section of old pavement North of Adams court was begun today. Lenz said there Are indications Liat other sections of the sewer have broken in addition to the one where the explosion occurred and that the entire line in the Block must have attention before any repaving is undertaken. Because of the probability of concealed cavities he said heavy excavating equipment to expose the damaged sewer Section can not he moved into place until the old pavement is stripped off and actual condition of the ground below the pavement is exposed. Replacement of the pavement by an met project is the most feasible plan open to the City to meet the damage emergency Lenz said and he feels confident that if the Council acts wednesday the division of highways will also Speed disposition of the request for use of Mai funds. Some temporary piping was placed Friday to provide reasonable control of the flow within the damage sewer and Avert an insanitary nuisance until permanent repairs can be made. Hie Public works director emphasized that repair of the sewer is an absolutely permanent manner is a a must Quot before a City investment is made for a new pavement. The old sewer has a Long history of past failures. While preliminary work was being done on Central today the City sewers division was also checking to determine whether any obstructions or sediment formation were impeding the flow of sewers draining the Broadway Bozza Illinois intention area. This intersection was a focal Point of flooding Itiat interfered with traffic on the state route Extension Friday evening and a considerable Pool reformed there in sunday s evening rain. Lenz said sediment accumulations were suspected in some a ewer lines that should carry away storm water at the intersection and that a Crew of the sewers division was making a through Check up today with a review to remedial attention. Rooster pecks woman s i in a Bunker Hill woman was attacked by a rooster saturday when she tried to gather eggs at Home. Mrs. Alec Brinkley Bunker Hill was treated and released saturday at 8 40 . From the Wood River township Hospital for a pecked left leg. Mrs. Brinkley said a the tried to get me relaxes today Cooper gets honors at Cape by Jules Loh Cape canaveral Fin. Apr with two Days of examinations questions and confetti behind him astronaut Gordon Cooper planned to do absolutely nothing today except relax that s something that comes easy to a Man who can doze off while perched atop a rocket set to blast him into space. Asked at a news conference sunday if he thought his flight concluded project Mercury Cooper replied that it was his personal opinion that great gain would come from an extended Mercury flight. Then he tossed the question to or. Robert c. Seamans associate administrator of the National aeronautics and space administration. Face decision a we Are faced with a decision in the next week or so on another Mercury flight Quot Seamans said but said it is quite unlikely another Mercury manned Mission will be conducted. A the longer you keep Mercury personnel working on Mercury fails Appel to Carat hearing Edwardsville Theodore Burnett identified As Holder of a county liquor License for Ted s Barb a in Godrey township s Lincoln gardens area failed to appear Here this morning to answer to a charge of a keeping a gambling Burnett was named jointly with George m. Wilson is. Of 5 e. 14th St., Alton in a warrant la sued Here saturday morning alter sheriff s deputies reported they interrupted an alleged Dice game in the rear of the tavern test and Otter medians of tis i in a magnificently. Friday it. Chief Deputy sheriff Goonie he fold to he Able to me too Loch told the Telegraph at won Quot Quot Quot a today that hum. La had nut apr Quot a Quot by we by Ltd speared during the Forenoon to lug a to a Jon a uis or to the Charlie As the de big i Why Quot of a a run lro0> fondant had main adv indicted us a i tibetan villages. He also described As matter of Facury As though it was really flights the longer you delay putting them on the gemini program Quot he said. Tuesday the laconic oklahoman with the Huck finn Grin will receive the National aeronaut us and space administrations distinguished service medal from president Kennedy at a ceremony in the White House Rose Garden. Then he will address a joint session of Congress and the following Day will go to new York for a ticker tape Parade. Today Cooper plans Only to rest from the one predictable after effect of his 34-hour Connie adventure an Onrush of adulation from an admiring populace. His latest taste of it was a Homey and Heartfelt Welcome by the people of Cocoa Beach who turned out sunday along a simile stretch of Sun drenched blows and waved flags and Bunting and Brach towels and hollered a Well done it was one of the largest crowds Ever assembled in this Neon lighted Sand spit which the astronauts Call their Home away from Home. The astronaut accepted the plaudits from an open car waving and grinning his now famous Grin. Brakie him was his wife Trudy. Two cars behind were their daughters Carnate. 14, and Janita 13, smiling in teen aged embarrassment. The Parade ended at a Beach front Motel where the girls sat demurely and listened to their father describe his 22-orbit space flight for the Benefit of the 700 newsmen who had watched him blast off four Days earlier. Orbit by orbit in his drawl Cooper told orbit by orbit How he performed his various experiments made photographs of celestial Phenomena and also much As any other sightseer Pendant had previously indicated he would. A Are you going after him. To arrest Bim a a Telegraph reporter asked. Ramach replied a we pleads guilty Wilson named in the warrant with Burnett entered a guilty plea to the charge just before i nothing at All How he glided his spacecraft manually Back to Earth after All the automatic methods had failed. A i saw the Light go on a he said a and i thought maybe at first i d just ignore it. But i derided maybe id better not. I was Alton looked like a resort Birmingham police investigating theft of dynamite Cache verdicts reversed stolen with boats and trailers spread around the riverfront and pretty girls in bathing suits walking the streets Alton had a real summer resort Atmos phere saturday. The girls were returning to Sears and Myers Bros after modelling the suits in the boat show. More pictures Page 3 big farm vote tuesday expected in this area heavy voting ii expected in wheat subsidies will be based on All five counties of the Telegraph production under the Golem area tuesday As Farmers ment s agricultural program throughout the country go to the Truman May. Madison county polls to cast ballots in the fed farm adviser said the county eral wheat referendum. Heavy voting is expected in Madison Jersey. Greene. Maco Upin and Calhoun counties on whether the Farmers want tighter controls to curb production a Telegraph Survey showed today. Purpose of the referendum is to determine the extent to which vote is predicted to be a the heaviest we be Ever crop Small Farmer eligible lie said this is because for the first time the Small Farmer is eligible to vote. Farmers with less than 15 acres in wheat will be eligible if they have previously qualified by registering with band blares and. Five cows die Hornchurch England apr the Hornchurch drum and trumpet corps went for a weekend rehearsal in Peter reads pasture. Reads 50 cows lifted their Heads with interest As bandmaster Brian Keeler raised his Baton for John Philips Sousa so Semper five cows dropped dead. The rest stampeded. Keeler apologized profusely. A they were obviously terrified by the noise a said read. But he added that he would t sue a a these things saturday before Justice of t h e peace Earl Vuagniaux a who to a a go sued the warrant on Raj s thi we a la a it that signalled complaint a and was Given tithe it my nor it guidance trouble suspended years sentence in the , county jail and ordered to pay a $300 Fine within 30 Days. The maximum $500 Fine on the charge was assessed by Justice Yuag Luau need on Page i col. 3 data at the dam Sarn temperature yesterday today 54. High 69. Low 55. River alas below precipitation dam at s a in 24 hrs to s a in 12 0 Pool 23.0 0.71 in. Soviets pull out of Laos with pilots mechanics the county agricultural Stabile ration and conservation office. May said that registrations have been returned by 708 Small growers in Madison county indicating a big vote in the offing had on a larger wheat growers were Ell Gible to vote without registering he added. Ballots will be counted tues Day evening in the ask office to n. Main St., Edwardsville. A two thirds majority is necessary for the referendum to be successful. The National farm Bureau has come out against the wheat proposal while the other National farm group the Grange has expressed its support. 1,904 in county o. W. Mowrey Maco Upin farm adviser said Farmers in his county Are Well aware of the proposed program and he expected a much larger vote than in past referendums. Approximately 1,900 farm owners Are eligible to vote in the county he said. The votes will be tabulated at the ask office tuesday night. In Jersey county where More than 1,000 Farmers Are eligible to vote a spokesman at the farm advisers office said a record number of votes were expected for the same reason As in other sections of the nation. This will be the first time Small Farmers will have a voice in whether or not allocations Are required. The number of Farmers eligible to vote in Greene and Cal supreme con of prior to n i r a bombings rules for sit ins r Washington apr the supreme court threw out today the convictions of lunch counter sit in demonstrators in four Southern states and declared it unconstitutional for a state to require segregation and use its Powers to enforce it. The pronouncement in an of in in Baton Rouge. La. Ion by chief Justice Warren Means this Birmingham. Ala. A it authorities Are investigating the theft of a Large amount of dynamite several Days before twin blasts touched off negro rioting in this City and threw Sparks of racial unrest All Over the nation. _ two cases of dynamite were Warren in the Baton Rowe Caw Stolon rom a a Stonik said the convictions and jail sen to the May la bombings of a be no negro can he convicted of pnpp8 trespass for seeking service in a a a a White Only restaurant to the to was lds a a a a he stale has a Law requiring Mck pm a prom had jul nation in Public Cating places. The ten peace same principle would appear to Sutie Justice dour apply to other businesses. Las commented that restaurants operating under City licenses Are Public places affected with a pub lie interest. He said places Bro House and a Motel sheriff Mel were As subject to bans against Vin Bailey disclose sunday. No racial discrimination As any pub Wally that would be too pounds. Ile Utility. I a a a a a frightening Douglas repeated this viewpoint a did b us y Quot Tvr it p1� a in an opinion today. Look in this Quot uneasy Calm prevailed Dar rive major cases were involved in the rulings. And in a Case from Louisiana the court threw out criminal mischief convictions of sit in demonstrators even though there was no Law or ordinance requiring segregation. Warren said that in this Case coming from new Orleans City bulletin Birmingham Ala. Apr the Birmingham Board of education today expelled or suspended Losi negro pupils who Wen arrested for participating in desegregation activities. Ordinance prohibiting where does this leave the restaurant operator who chooses on his own to limit his customers to individuals of a particular race Justice Harlan in an opinion taking exception to some parts of the court s ruling said. Officials had Stid they were de a no weekend. Nearly 1,300 Law Ter mined not to permit negroes to in nmn enforcement officers were Avail seek desegregated service. Conse the cases were from Durham. Abu it for duty and potential tim Quentlyn he said Hie City must n.c., new Orleans Greenville ble areas were under heavy a be treated exactly As if it had an s.c., and two cases from buro Iro about 3.000 Federal troops my Ham Ala. Called up by president Kennedy the courts action was Dis for possible use in Birmingham Rio red with the release of an Opin were on standby at two Alabama Ion by Justice Harlan in which bases. He Tom curved in part and dissent j gov. George c. Wallace who cd in part with the majority s has sent about 700 state officers Adion to the City filed suit saturday it was not known immediately in an Effort to Block any use Ai _ who delivered the majority Opin Federal troops although the right of a private Ion the president find Wallace met restaurateur to operate if he i Chiefa few hours later at muscle pleases on a segregated basis is Shoals or North Alabama at a Osti no Shiv loft Antun Rouaa to Tice Warren since he released an a not Panama Ai a ostensibly left untouched the old no n Frojm. Tennessee Valley authority an court in truth effectually deprives. So Niv Ersary Observance. They talked him of that right in any state during a helicopter flight to where a Law like the Greenville the Greenville Case i Atren Munts Vule the president ordinance continues to i declared that when a state in their broader implications a Agency passes a Law compelling. It briefly. The decisions in these cases could to discriminate against Wai Ace id. Al have greater ,mpa<1 on the a it it race. Lure of race relations in the South Quot la Ltd at. A criminal processes a a us Murp the than any outer decisions since the a Quot tipped in a Way Whaen di8pulblon. courts iss ruling that school a a a a Trtat Artko Mao a Law a. Nil Naruns lathe so i relation is unconstitutional. Dby a Mph a by and local authorities Are keeping these rulings were not the first it outta it it a a Amend nut m Birm in the sit in Field but were the a a Quot not be a by attempting to pm Down any Diorite that irm first to get to the heart of the separate the mental urges of the Fum Issue Ain Northeast Alabama la per int supreme court s first Deli ii Truin s opinions of la Cliv a it is were arrested for attempting Sion in a sit in Case was an Grised with the court majority to Complete the integration Pii no need Dee. La 1961. The court because of its treatment of the Gamage of Stem Baltimore poet then threw out breach of the state action Issue. Man William l. Moore. The group peace convictions of 16 negroes Harlan said the cast s called for included actress Madeleine Sher who sat at a White lunch counter Ltd Dis cart it treatment and Wood Vientiane Laos api soviet embassy sources said today the soviet Union is withdrawing the soviet pilots and mechanics who have been helping to Fly the soviet supplied transport planes belonging to the Patchet lao faction. Die sources said Moscow took this decision when the present i crisis Between neutralise and a thet lao troops erupted in the Plaine Des Jarres six weeks ago i a if we continue to help Only one faction we May be accused of interfering in Laos internal affairs a the soviets said. The last group of 18 pilots and Mechanic a out of an original 79 a is sch it Dulce to leave for Home in the next two or three Days. Boun was not available but officials predicted heavy voting in both counties. Today a chuckle a conference has been defined As the confusion of the loudest talking character multiplied by the number present q 1963. General features corp other thefts solved teen car thieves nabbed in 75 Mph Chase arrest of two teenagers in a stolen car after a 75mile-per hour Chase by police Early sunday cleared up at least three other stolen vehicle cases in Alton stretching Back to last summer. The two in statements to police sunday admitted taking the car in which they were arrested and told police they had been involved in taking three other cars and a truck from their parking places and then abandoning them. They were arrested by sgt. Leonard Scheibe in North Alton after he had chased them from the downtown area at speeds ranging up to 75 Miles per hour. Charged charged with Auto theft was Dean l. Grissom 17, of 219 w. Iii 13th St. The other youth 16, was referred to juvenile authorities the car recovered by Schiebe shortly after 2 a m. Sunday was owned by Gerald Manley 912 Washington ave., who did not know it was missing until police notified him. The pan said they took the car from Washington Avenue near East Junior High school when they saw the keys in the ignition. They drove through Alton and cottage Hills they said then into Riverside Park where they spotted a police car. Scheibe said he saw the car leave the Park at a High rate of Speed and gave base. He pulled alongside the automobile at 5th and Belle streets Scheibe said but the car drove off again at a High Speed. He chased the machine up state Street and finally managed to Cut in front of the vehicle in the 2300 Block. Tile two youths then admitted to him they had taken the car. Scheibe said they had run through several Stop signs during the Chase. The pair told police they had taken cars from their parking places and abandoned them after Short rides four times previously on May la Jan. 18, last fall and last summer. The vehicle stolen earlier this month was owned by Gene Elf Gen Fairmount addition. The two said they took the truck from a service station at Ridge and 4th streets and abandoned it when it ran out of Gas. An Auto owned by Anton Spag Nola of Benld was taken from Washington and Boza streets in january the two said they abandoned it when it stalled at College Avenue and Johnson Street. The Auto stolen last fall owned by Maggos 1005 Rozier St., was taken from the 1200 Block of Washington Avenue and abandoned in upper Alton when it got stuck. They said they also took a car from Pearl Street near Broadway last summer but police had no record of the incident. All the cars had been left with the keys in the ignition or with the ignition unlocked they said. Differing moods muscle Shoaib at right Alabama gov. George Wallace Kennedy flashes a Grin at the crowd follows Vith eyes downcast. A wire after arrival at Muncie Shoal sunday. F photo

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