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Alton Evening Telegraph Newspaper Archives May 11 1968, Page 4

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Alton Evening Telegraph (Newspaper) - May 11, 1968, Alton, Illinois Page a-4 Alton evening Telegraph saturday May la 1968 editorial Madison Maco Upin contrasts it is difficult to avoid noting contrasts in the procedures of prosecutors in two counties in similar cases involving an Alton area resident. Thursday Maco Upin county states attorney Thomas Carmody successfully fought off an attempt of defense counsel for mrs. Marjorie Christeson to get a burglary indictment against her quashed. The question raised according to states attorney Carmody involved residence of mrs. Christeson in Madison county. The court ruled the charge involved a burglary in Maco Upin county Bunker Hill. Madison county states attorney asked charges against mrs. Christeson and others be Nolle pressed earlier in the week citing her earlier conviction in Brown county on other burglary charges a even though she was admitted to probation and was free under Bond anyway pending Appeal. A i # what we think about a a a prosecutors. Jersey texts. There a a world outside it was commendable of the Jersey county unit Board of education to come out in the open with its discussion Over inclusion of pictures of negro children in latest textbooks adopted there even though one member did object to them. Communities who have not yet become Well acquainted with the negro race its problems and the interracial difficulties that accompany its influx in Large numbers nevertheless Are part of the United states. Both White and negro races Are also part of the United states. No town no matter How a a White can say this year that to even five years from now it will not have any More association with negroes than it now does. Neither can it guarantee that its children will never be living in communities where interracial relations and their attendant questions arise. No matter How White the Community we believe its children should become Well and sympathetically acquainted with the negro his traditions and history. Otherwise As the metropolitan centers acclimate themselves to interracial appreciation and relations it will be the influx of Job seekers and residents from these outlying a Lily White centers that causes the bickering and friction now being blamed on the influx of negroes unused to ways of the . Morris s counter Militancy in comparison to actions taken by University officials for student uprisings on other campuses across the country that taken by president Delyte Morris in the Brief we Hope uprising at Carbondale this week was especially commendable. President Morris proved himself the Strong Man in this Case he has often been charged with being under less commendable circumstances. He expelled five students arrested wednesday night in a disturbance that involved virtual seizure of the presidents office. The charge was mob action and it doubtless was. It is time that All involved came to realize that the state of Illinois is not maintaining its great universities to satisfy the whims of a few self styled militants. It is time that a a militant action by men handed the responsibility of operating the institutions be taken to give encouragement to those other students a and their parents a who would like to maintain institutions of learning and preparation for life rather than wild adventure. It will be interesting to watch the Long Range results of this counter Militancy amp president Morris against the so called the american association of University professors Only discredits itself and adds to its resemblance to group of Ivory Hall thinkers when it questions Morriss measures of foot dragging current recognition that Vietnam peace talks might be bogged Down in discussion Over even arrangement details should cause no great Surprise. Hanoi Long ago strongly indicated it would be fighting every Inch of the Way. Its very announcement of the agreement to Confer with this country on a stoppage of bombing while other peace details were worked out should have been the Tipoff even if its Long time in coming Wasny to. To Chi Minh has been convinced he can Wear Down the United states and its allies in his Battle for South Vietnam and he has received plenty of encouragement in this conviction from our american peace Niks. We know some of these now May be slowly coming to realize that not everyone who shouts a a peace Means immediate and unconditional cessation. The nitpicking from Hanoi should convince americans that to does not really have a Quick settlement in mind despite his charges against us As warmongers and imperialists. He and his fellow communists Are eager to preserve every possible hold in South Vietnam and they care Little about the Cost. Paul s. Cousley editor readers forum method to lose pastor it May be you Don t like your minister. Then Here is a prescription by which you can get rid of him i. Look him straight in the Eye when he a preaching and maybe say a a Amend occasionally. The Man will preach himself to death in a Short time. S. Start paying him whatever he is Worth. Having been on starvation wages for years hell promptly eat himself to death. 3. Shake hands with him Tell him he a doing a Good Job. Hell work himself to death. 4. Rededicate your own life to god and ask the minister to give you some Church work to do. Very Likely hell keel Over with heart failure. 5. If All else fails this one is certain to succeed a get your congregation to unite in prayer for him. He will soon be so effective that some larger Church will take him off your hands. Bill Blakeley 711 e. Fourth in contrasts people talk about Justice but Justice is getting to be a farce. Tile criminal is getting worse and More numerous because of the stupid Laws we now have. Marge Christeson and Dave Canady were convicted of stealing hundreds of dollars Worth of material but Are running around free. But Salvatore Campagno fails to stick a City License on his car and is thrown into jail. I read in the paper that lots of criminals get off Scot free. There is something that stinks along the line somewhere. As Long As we have the lawyers and stupid Laws there Are going to be More criminals and less respect for human life and property. Harry Maul 402 Condit ave. Eds note both defendants mentioned Are under $10,000 Bond pending Appeal of their convictions in Brown county circuit court. Mrs. Christeson was granted five years probation Canady was sentenced for 1-5 years today s prayer father i really did no to know exactly what was happening to me or How much i needed it to happen when i became a Mother. I am so glad that these children happened to me. Even though motherhood sometimes gets to be anything but heavenly i thank thee for lending them to me for my love and care and my molding. Teach me to Pray for guidance. I know that my love alone is not enough thy Wisdom too is needed in Jesus name. Amen. A Lucy Collins Houston tex., director of education. Memorial drive methodist Church. Welcome to the peace table Washington merry go round sneaky meat Price hike planned �>34 it amp Allen Scott report by Drew Pearson and Jack Anderson Washington housewives done to know it but a meat quota Bill which will boost the Price of hamburger to 99 cents a Pound is now lurking in the wings of the Senate. It will be rushed out for Quick passage when sen. Homan Hruska Republican Champion of Nebraska cattlemen figures the Public is distracted by something else. The meat quota Bill is part of a High Tariff Cabal of log rolling senators who Are out to put quotas on textiles meat steel Oil shoes and various other consumer products. It was significant that when the textile quota Bill came up in March Western cattle senators voted for it. It was part of the Price hiking Deal. Western cattle senators have no political interest in textile Mills in new eng Mccarthy miffed because Kennedy snipers Tell the truth by Robert s. Allen Washington a there is Good reason senator Eugene Mccarthy is so peevish by sensitive about the charge by Kennedy snipers that he voted against repeal of state and local poll taxes. The accusation is True. They have him dead to rights on that. The official record proves it irrefutably a despite Mccarthy a Huffy protestation that throughout his 20 years in Congress to in the House to in the Senate he has displayed a inspiring and dedicated leadership in the civil rights this claim made in a position paper hurriedly distributed to newsmen is unsupported by any substantiating details. Probable explanation for this significant omission is that there Are none. Beyond vowing Mccarthy a Devotion to the civil rights cause the mimeograph deals wholly in generalities. Nowhere is cited any notable instance of his a inspiring and dedicated leadership a the records show that while Mccarthy has supported civil rights measures he h a s never been in the forefront of any of the Long and strenuous Battles to enact them. That is tacitly admitted in the position paper by its Complete silence on this highly pertinent Point. As the Kennedy and other sharpshooters Are increasingly pointing out with growing Sharpness Mccarthy a curious elusiveness is not confined to civil rights. It runs All through his congressional career. He has never taken the Lead on any legislation or Issue big or Small. There is not a single act bearing his name a a remarkable record for a a crusading reformers in two decades of legislating. In considerable part this explains wily the americans for democratic action rated him Only 62 per cent last year. Subsequently this Low rating was disregarded by the Ada executive Board which endorsed his a dump Johnson presidential candidacy in a narrowly split vote under the leadership of professors John Kenneth Gal Braith and Arthur Schlesinger or. Schlesinger is now ardently tooling the Kennedy Horn and exchanging acrid letters with Mccarthy. Galbraith while nominally still for Mccarthy is lying Low More will be heard about Mccarthy a enigmatic attitude As the primary showdowns enter the Home stretch. The minnesotans opponents will Zero in on him without gloves. On charge being readied is that the primary motivation in his decision to run for president was that he was a bored with the this accusation is not new. It was made against Mccarthy when he gave up a Safe seat in the House and ran for the Senate in 1958. At the time it was charged he largely did that because he was a bored with the there appeared to be a lot to this allegation. After to years in the House he gave every evidence of being fed up and wanting a change. It is now being said that after a decade in the Senate he became a a bored there and saw a scramble for the White House As a gambling Chance to get Allen Scott out. In Capitol cloakroom the report is going around that Mccarthy May not seek re election in 1970. Reputedly he has decided to Call it quits on Capitol Hill and return to the educational Field a As a College president. Land South Carolina Georgia and Alabama. However they had a secret Deal with senators from these textile states to vote for a meat quota if the Western senators would vote for textiles. Actually meat quotas would affect Only the cheaper brands of meat used by poor citizens such As hamburger frankfurters corned beef and chopped beef. Thus while the poor Peoples March is converging on Washington and while both the Johnson administration and farsighted business leaders Are trying to lift the level of the Economy of big cities cattle senators Are preparing to sneak through a Bill boosting the Price of the poor Many a food. Warns the National restaurant Assn a the result of this Bill would be to increase the Cost of hamburgers to the consumer by 30 per cent of 50 per boasts sen. Hruska author of the Bill a american beef is a Premium product delectable to the taste but not cheap to the Hruskac a cattlemen admit that practically All american beef is Corn fed for the Quality Market which wants roasts Tbone steaks and sirloin. The cheaper grades of beef Are imported from Australia new zealand and canned corned beef from Argentina Brazil Uruguay and Paraguay. Thus while the United states is urging Australia and new zealand to give More support for Vietnam and while we Are trying to promote the Alliance for Progress with South America sen. Hruska wants to Cut off meat imports from these friends and allies. Australia now buys $891 Mil Victor Riesel v we labor chiefs would rather fight than switch to Bobby Washington a Indiana or no Indiana labors National High command which has just gathered Here says it would rather fight than switch to Bob Kennedy. That leaves new Yorkus Junior senator with just a minority of one a Walter Reuther a who wants to see the front runner sprint into the White House. The Kennedy Reuther coalition now is tightly interlocked having been tempered by their shoulder to shoulder campaigning in the Hoosier state primary. During the Martini moments in hotel lounges or suites the National labor chiefs need no bitters for their drinks. They Tell each other they a have stopped Bob Kennedy last tuesday instead of just slowing him if not for the a redheaded son of a by from that in t elegant but ifs accurate. Reuther a political citizenship councils whipped up by Law regional director Ray Brendt went Gung to for Kennedy. They brought in ted Kennedy. They called in their regional people to meet with him at special luncheons. They spent heavily. They supplied the missing link a a labor image for Kennedy a Charisma and political Fortune. They helped a a bobs beat Back even the powerful pro Humphrey steel workers chiefs. No easy assignment this. The United steelworkers District 31 in Lake county running eastward from East Chicago along Lake Michigan has Over 75,000 members in the dense steel Belt half of whom Are negroes. In District 30 Indianapolis the huge Union has 30,000 members. Their National and regional leaders fought Bob Kennedy As though he were a latter Day Andrew Carnegie. But they lost. Reuther a constant attack on the nation s Al Cio leaders As a guardians of the status Quot and As enemies of negro workers May not have been totally responsible for Kennedy a win but the blasts did help. All of it was encouraged by the a a redhead despite his concentration of the Law convention in Atlantic City. There is no doubt he was in Contact with Kennedy Stop strategists Here and during their Indiana circuit Riding. There is no doubt either that Indiana set the Campaign pattern for the sudden death California primary june 4. Instead of Lake county it will be Watts and the san Francisco Bay area. Instead of the puerto rican Community Woven into the Lakeside steel Belt there will be the vast mexican american Community up and Down the line from los Angeles. Instead of Indiana a Ray Remdt there will be the devout Kennedy worshipper Paul Schrade director of Law Western Region 6. Schrade is on the Kennedy slate of convention delegates. At his Side will be the Pacific longshoremen led by the Ultra Harry Bridges who began criticizing Gene Mccarthy Long ago. The bulk of californians unions will be in the new California labor for Humphrey committee. They re better organized and have a More solid front than Indiana labor had. If they win they Stop Bob Kennedy. They the massive 14.9 million member Al Cio did no to in Indiana. They say however it was neither defeat or Victory. They did no to think they could Stop him there. They say they went in to slow him. They say they did. They wanted to make time for their affable Comrade in arms Hubert Humphrey to get started. A we plunged in late a one of the highest placed Al Cio policy makers said after i quipped something about it being the a a mourning after. A Pearson Anderson lion of . Goods far More in machinery and automobiles than it Sells the United states in meat. Argentina buys $230 million Worth annually and new zealand $89 million. Secret strategy of the cattlemen senators is to sneak the meat quota Bill onto another piece of legislation As an amendment in the same Way the textile quota Bill was slapped onto the excise tax Bill for automobiles telephones Etc. Sen. Hruska knows that a meat quota Bill could not stand on its own merits and must be a rider on another vital piece of legislation. Mastermind of the textile quota Bill is sen. Ernest Rollings. . Mastermind of the steel quota Bill is sen. Vance Hartke. A ind. Mastermind of the Oil quota Bill is sen. Russell Long a la. Working together they control a sizable Block of votes. Note the steel and textile industries which Are lobbying for import quotas recently announced their profit figures for the first Quarter of this year. Profits had gone up 40 per cent in steel Over the same period in 1967 and 30 per cent in textiles compared with the first Quarter in 1967. Yet lobbyists for these industries informed Congress that they needed quotas because they were on the Brink of ruin. Rep. Charles s. Gubser a Calif. Has just come Back from a taxpayer financed junket to South Vietnam to turn Handspring regarding the War. Gubser is a Long time Hawk and no later than february of this year proposed using Low Grade tactical nuclear weapons in Vietnam. Today he has completely reversed himself. A i do not favor the use of nuclear weapons of any he recently told a group of Stanford University scientists. A i do not foresee circumstances where the use of tactical nuclear weapons would be appropriate in the future a Gubser emphatically protested. A i do not now advocate nor have i Ever advocated irrational acts which could Lead to nuclear War a said the frightened California congressman. The reason for Gubser a sudden right about face on nuclear weapons is the fact that the former mayor of san Jose Joseph l. Pace is challenging him. Forum writers note writers names and addresses must be published with letters to the readers forum. Letters must be concise preferably not Over Iso words All Are subject to condensation. What they did then news from the25 years ago May la 1943 a new plan to solve the War manpower problems my housing shortages in a critical defense areas was announced by Shi Zueff College and Western Cartridge co. College president or. Guy h. Wimmer speaking for the plan said that College girls could pay for their education on a work school alternate plan three months at each during this year. As far As possible the plan would be a buddy system of two girls sharing room one going to school one working and at the end of the stated period their programs would be reversed. Working would not prohibit the girls from Access to College activities if they fit into their work schedule they could also attend evening classes. The munitions company was anxious to attract Young women who planned to follow business careers or specialized in physics to chemistry with a View to accept Laboratory and research positions. The president cafe at Wood River which had been closed by the City was reopened under the new management of Marie Yotter succeeding the former operator de Boren. Certificate of organization of the Dan Murphy Park association was granted by the Secretary of state. Purpose was to establish operate and equip for children a play in the City of Jerseyville a Park and playground. The Park would be conveyed to the City which would maintain and operate it. Named to control and manage the association for one year were Helen Chapman Franks. Pereboom Berl Hunter Herbert Berman Leo Smith Frank h. Markman and Marguerite Mcdow. Louis n. Schenk pharmacist 3c, was at Oakland Calif., following his return from the Southwest Pacific and pvt. Richard deck was at fort Warren Wyo. The Rev. H. R. Rasmusson at Blackburn College since 1932, was Given a degree of doctor of divinity at graduation ceremonies on the campus.50 years ago May la 1118 British ships had been delayed 20 minutes trying to find the Entrance to Ostend Harbor because of fog reports of the Royal Navy disclosed regarding the successful attempt to effect a blockade. German telegraphs of Shore batteries meanwhile bombarded the entering vessels. The vindictive loaded with Concrete nevertheless found her Way in edged up against the piers was unloaded of its Crew by Small boats and sunk. On the italian front fighting picked up As austrian forces reorganizing stepped up raids. The German press predicted a general offensive in that area eventually. One Man in Tolje county was a a stuck with 60,000 pounds 400 barrels of flour which he purchased before food regulations became effective county administrator e. J. Lockyer disclosed. The owner had difficulty disposing of the flour because he had no substitutes to sell with it As required by regulations. Lockyer intended to seize the flour if it were not placed in circulation within a few More Days. As new officers headed by w. C. Gates were in yesteryear stalled the downtown business menus association discussed a proposal for weekly trips into the Rural areas surrounding the Community with a View to getting better acquainted with the residents and interesting them in Alton As a Market place. Fifteen skeletons apparently those of an earlier race were found buried on a Hill in the Roxana refinery grounds As excavations Progress for the new refinery. All were found sitting erect. Previous similar finds had been made in the construction work. More than too Alton women turned out at the . For organization of the Community a first troop of Home guards. Capt. J. A Kieselhorst of Hie local militia company attended to counsel the group on organizational details matters of uniform design were left to be worked out later

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