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Alton Evening Telegraph Newspaper Archives May 11 1968, Page 3

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Alton Evening Telegraph (Newspaper) - May 11, 1968, Alton, Illinois Saturday May la 1968 Alton evening Telegraph Page a 3 will soon know results it 160 help cerebral palsy girl Little miss Brenda Bertels of Dorsey will learn on May 21 whether the past two months of Day Long exercises has made any Progress in helping her overcome the crippling effects of cerebral palsy that have afflicted her since birth. I Fig 4 it Brenda 9-year-old daughter of or. And mrs. Eugene Bertels wont be alone when she hears the decision from an expert in Media a. In addition to a Loving family the prayers and Hopes of the Community and the More than 160 vol to. Quot v Safe. J a a making Progress a Brenda Bertels with the help and encouragement of her Mother and members of the future nurses of Bunker Hill High school crawls along a table during one of the exercises in a Day Long program designed to help her learn to walk. From left to right Are Vickie Bubs Brendan smother mrs. Eugene Bertels Kathy Duelm and Mary Jeannette Helmkamp. Greene makes new image in East Alton East Alton trustee i in i Greene is beginning to shoot j for a new political image. The controversial trustee. I spotlighted in the news because j of his frequent and vocal opposition to programs of mayor Charles Vanpreter. Is now taking a More positive approach. Greene is coming out for something advocating his own project which he describes As a Long Range improvement plan for East Alton. It features proposed enactment of a zoning code for the municipality of some 7.000 population and a minimum standards housing Bill. A i want to counter any impression that i am strictly against things Quot said Greene. A this has never been True. Because i stood against the mayor padding his expense account because i opposed conflicts of interest and tried to expose them to Public View because i opposed the Long established administration at times they have sought to Label me As being strictly against every Greene explained that he has been in favor of projects but i if they Are his projects a no matter what their merits a the administration shunts them aside for political reprisal reasons. A even if by a Miracle i can Frank Keasler and p. G. Greene always Back the Vanpreter administration and in recent memory have never opposed publicly anything the mayor proposed. A the administration wants to keep me strictly on the sidelines said Greene. A mrs. Margaret Pruitt the Village treasurer and sister of the mayor made it Clear to me that i Wasny to supposed to do anything but sit and observe during my first term in office. Since i have been against the administrations policies they have made a Strong Effort to keep Village business a secret from a for example i am on the ordinance committee which administration trustee Frank Keasler Heads. In be never been called to a committee meeting and when a new ordinance is introduced and i am asked to vote upon it i have no idea what is in it except by a Brief scanning just before the actual vote. A they read the ordinances by number and unless you Are on the inside with the administration you done to know exactly what you Are voting for. Just voting by number is dangerous i could end up voting for Greene advocates now a Long Merical or Industrial ventures. The trustee explained that trailers Are already in various locations in East Alton and a zoning Law would not exclude them from their existing Loea tons but the code would control where Mobile Homes could locate in the future. A we need a minimum standards housing ordinance As Alton and other progressive cities have enacted to keep our buildings and Homes from deteriorating a said Greene. A part of East Alton is spotted with rather run Down Homes now and this trend needs to be reversed. The Only Way this can be done is through a minimum standards housing Law. If the Homes Are allowed to deteriorate part of East Alton will end up As a slum. A minimum standards turns. Ing code provides for inspection a. Aula Dressel. Student to Homes and requires that they i Coo a of rvs conference is be kept in reasonably Good Liv i a As a Ija t a lie con ing condition considering ins it into current soc plumbing electrical circuit and1 problems sanitary facilities. Miss Butler a second year Greene proposes that the student from St. Louis said that Mother helps a mrs. Bertels helps Brenda perform another of the exercises thai they Hope will develop brain control patterns needed for the girl to overcome Hie crippling effects of cerebral palsy. Monti planning conference on race Unte Ern who have wine to Brendan a each week will be waiting for the word that there is Hope that Brenda will someday walk and move about like other Normal children. If Brenda has shown any Progress at All a and the residents of the Dorsey area who Are helping the Young girl say she has a the exercises will be continued with the Hope that her muscular functions can be developed. The past two Mouths have not been easy for Brenda or for the family. Brenda had to go on a diet and lose 30 pounds to make the exercises easier. She had to give up listening to the radio and watching television because music tends to relax the brain and the exercises Are designed to Sharpen functions of the brain and create new areas of motor control. Brenda who has had several operations at the Shrin Eros Hospital in , was taken to the Institute for the rehabilitation of the brain injured in Media pa., for the first time in february the director. Or. Glenn Doman examined Brenda Tor two weeks and prescribed the series of exercises on a two month trial basis. When Brenda returns on May 21, if she has made any Progress the series will be continued and intensified. Virtually without muscular functions when the pro Gram began Brenda now can raise herself to her hands and Knees and crawl the length of an eight foot table. Many of the exercises required can be performed with just the assistance of Brendan smother. But a leg exercise requires two persons an exercise needs the assistance of three persons and one exercise pattern requires five persons. A total of 112 persons a week come to the Bertels Home just to help in the program. These include volunteers from the future nurses of Bunker Hill High school the Moro woman a club Church groups and neigh Bors and friends. The Moro woman a club has donated $84 to the Bertels family to help defray any expenses. The Money ordinarily would have gone to sponsor a crippled child to the 1968 a camper ship for crippled children at utile Grassy facility near Carbondale. The club gave the Money to Brenda after it was determined she was not Phy is Colly Able to attend the camper ship program. The family first Learned about the exercise program from a Friend whose daughter has been following Tho program for the past year and is reportedly showing tremendous Prog America s largest family clothing Chain the students of Monticello College will conduct a Public lire of the races in America j a the Overall question before the j affairs conferee next week on conference will win Amer. The College Campus in Godfrey. Held in two parts on sunday la continue As a democracy or May 12 and thursday May 16, "j11 Rac Al a Rife my get a 1 us the conference will treat the Rou. A via Sot anarchy to racial situation in America to Aparri it it l ? a miss Butler said Day. According to Sharon but main 9uestiori was taken slur an/1 Pitlo fir Icen i Ufi Ihunt tilt la he out pm ulc Piti of lege Public affairs conference. Bring to a proposal to a vote i Range improvement plan for on the floor there Isnit a the Village which includes a other trustees on the Village Board consider adoption of his programs Over a period of time. Mayor Vanpreter commented he was generally in favor of the ideas but mentioned finances As a controlling Factor. Proponents of both the militant j land nonviolent attitudes toward the racial situation have been i invited to voice their convictions. Miss Butler said that through questions answers and general discussion the Confer hence will try to define the fut enhance since of the six trustees four always vote the administration line to make sure i can to have an ordinance or Resolution the Only trustee who some-1 areas remain residential times votes in support of Greene. Greene is Don Mcpherson. The Greene a suggestions were., made during an open session zoning Law. And minimum star.-, the a card the darts for House a. Jotter trustees did not comment. The Village need. .1 zoning other improvements head Law to control trailers and to locates clue up urfa a residential Louis Avenue a traffic sur insure that our said vey a year around swimming Pool for residents addition of two were elected on a a Are behind the times in failing to form ticket. Enact a zoning code to protect administration trustees residential areas from in Bob link Jerry la mar he said East Alton has fallen to. The to v1u all0n 1 0 Hind Tho time in my Roll it most the of Clefs to thellus Muscles 6 pulled hip a l loses fingertip in 11 tune Accident. A 4-year-old Alton boy flexed a sew-1 in this crime items to be displayed Iii Alton police week event and i. Nine Man police Force and a 40 ing machine Over at his Home hour week for the men instead i Friday. Croach ment he trailer or earn of 44 he or ii a Lau 10 con1ro1 Keith Nels. Soil of or preach ment by traders Cag trash burning better garbage mrs Wilbert Bartels. Rte. I pick up possible use of com Jalton caught his left ring Fin-1 rulers owned by the City of Ger in the sewing machine. The i Wood River or Olin Mathieson tip of the Finger was Cut off. To handle some Village paper-1 Keith was released Atter treat work and improved Street ment from Alton memorial bos i lighting in new areas of the Spital. His Mother said doctors Village recently developed an grafted skin and believe the around the new water Plant. J Finger will mend displays featuring counterfeit Money weapons and tools taken in serious crimes old Tures samples of the various drugs that Are on the Market including the storied a Mickey a the Public to come into the police Headquarters and tour the City Hall building to see How the Po-1 lice department functions. He said Tours would be con ducted Between the hours of 3 and 9 . Each Day during i and police department badges and i or knockout drops a movie outlining the everyday chief Petersen said that the activities of a police depart. Ment will be highlights of the department urges Alton police departments week Long Observance of National police week which opens monday and runs through saturday. Alton police chief William h. Petersen said the displays and programs Are designed to a the we Klong activities quaint the residents with the Petersen said Coffee activities of the police depart j cookies will be served ment and explain How various police activities Are carried out. The displays at the police department will include a display of counterfeit Money which has been loaned to the local police department by the Federal government. A display of tools of mayhem will illustrate the various weapons police investigators Here have taken from juveniles accused in serious crimes. A traffic department display will illustrate the step by step procedure a police officer follows in the investigation of an automobile Accident. Another display will show the various types of narcotics police investigators Are required to be Able to identify. This Fea advertisement end All termite and pest control 231 w. St. Louis fast Alton phone 254-8173 James a. Mathues owner this Well known firm in East Alton is located at 231 w. St. Louis. Phone 254-8272 for free estimates and inspections. Right Here in our Community termites Are doing thousands of dollars Worth of damage each year. Don t be one of those folks who still have termites after inefficient methods Are tried. 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She is in the third Day. She is in the third Grade there described As an excellent student. Her teachers say that she is a Good Reader and has g kit a voice control. The exercise program is conducted at Home because of the Lack of Hospital or clinic facilities at the Institute in Pennsylvania. The Bertels family has one other child a son Kicky la. Small appliance radio toaster clock Iron can opener see p. N. Hirsch amp co. Stores Wilshire Village Morth Alton Alton Plaza Wood River j want ads Click Reese drug do Adrian medical Park service a dependability a Low Price free prescription delivery other location Ems i Eastgate shopping Center i wont chlo Pla by Tiff discount Gaur s store we a a s. So. A a a go Wils Kellk. ,.�?sea unday Coupon specials 12 noon to 4 . Sunday May 12th Only i i 3 i Tai Jupiter 24 Inch hooded Barb Grill a motor and spit i Wiki away a Coupon potato chips Reg. 49c Jupiter a a 3 i 3 i s i size 32 to 38 or Coupon ladies1 and teens sleeveless blouses. 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