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Alton Evening Telegraph Newspaper Archives May 1 1965, Page 1

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Alton Evening Telegraph (Newspaper) - May 1, 1965, Alton, Illinois Rte lighter Side most girls Are animal lovers. They re always on the Lookout for a Long Silver Fox or a Short balding Wolf. Alton evening Telegraph serving the Alton Community for More than 129 years hot Munday Low is a re Complete weather per i pleasant Hill Mozier await flood Crest by l. Allen Klope Telegraph staff writer pleasant Hill volunteers in Mozier and pleasant Hill today anxiously Awak the Crest of the Mississippi River to see if temporary levees they have erected will hold. The Illinois department of conservation expects the Crest to arrive before sunday night but the main concern is that the levees hold up under the terrific pounding by the Mississippi which already has washed out dikes at Quincy and has flowed into a 15-Block Section of Hannibal to. The pleasant Hill volunteers mainly Farmers assisted by a few townspeople and High school students began building levees two weeks ago preparing for the flood Crest which is rolling Down the Mississippi. A added problem is the appearance of groundhogs that have burrowed into the permanent levees. The Burrows have caused a weakening of the levees. Volunteers have been kept Busy filling the breaches with sandbags and Straw backed up by wooden barriers. The sandbags have been piled on the dikes to give them added height and Board Walls with a combination of plastic sheeting and sandbags have been constructed to hold Back the water which is expected to get another foot to 18 inches High before cresting. If a levee would break at pleasant Hill about 2.000 acres of Farmland would be inundated. Plus a four to six Block area a chinese weapons captured Saigon South Viet Nam apr a big Cache of captured vie Cong arms included pre Aion. Lightweight flame throw-1 quells Park were under water of the town. Countless acres South of pleasant Hill would be covered if the levees there fail to hold. Early Friday morning a break in a levee about 3 Miles South of pleasant Hill was discovered and the fire department Siren brought about too men and boys Rushing to the scene to pile sandbags and Bales of Straw in the break. A retaining Wall to help hold the levee in place was constructed. A now a As one Farmer said a we have a stockpile of sandbags and other materials ready if a levee Breaks. Other than that we Are just sitting and some waited too Long to the South of pleasant Hill. Mozier which is on Rte. 96 is Cut off from the North by some three feet of water covering t h e Highway. Friday water was Over the main Street through town and had seeped into about six houses. A service station and Barber shop on the Side of the Road next to the River were under about 2 feet of water. Hamburg another Small Community to the South of Mozier and closer to the River was under 3 feet of water. At the North end of town water covered More than half of a Telephone Booth. In Grafton about la Miles West of Alton water a foot deep covered me Street running parallel with the Illinois River. Boat Sheds near Pere mar Illinois Rte. 96 passing through Mozier in Calhoun county is closed for a mile or More but can be reached again by going through the Hill country moz1ers maus Street around the town. Pleasant Hill is living in expectation of the levees holding around it. Of levees Are breached several thousand acres would be flooded. Resting after labors Volunteer firemen who turned out surrounding pleasant Hill. A. A de in morning rest after coping sue atop the levee will hold another foot of ,11 v with a is in Nace in the levee water Back from the Rich farmlands Frida Cess fully with a slippage in rebel forces ignoring dominican cease fire by Robert Berrellez Santo Domingo dominican Republic apr heavy firing continued in this rebellion torn capital today despite combatants on both sides including prisoners and those in Asylum in foreign embassies. Bennett emphasized that Only a cease fire had been discussed an agreed cease fire in the do with the rebels and not a final minivan Republic s week old settlement. Signing for the Reb the rebels ten military Leader. Domingo. The it. Rev. Emman pro Bosch military officers it was not immediately Dis Uel Larizzio played a key role forced the resignation of a cab closed who signed the cease fire in negotiating the cease fire. He Lan Junta government needed by agreement for the Junta forces was in touch with the rebels and Donald Rei a wer. Arnii ___�f�1h Itta u actin Plinta Murp than Roo killed with Aneth headed by Brig. Gen. Elias later met with the Wessin Junta More than 500killed with Leanoth Wessin a a Wessin who rallied at its Headquarters at Isidro air or 500 pos Sibily killed the inclement of the Arm and air base. 20 Miles outside of Santo cured ran into the hundreds. Civil War. I were Hugo Condo and col. Force and the Navy to oppose Domingo Tai so refer no pm o Fex Ted tem to scribed Quot Nundo in Jamo the fighting which started when Stodomingo. President Juan d. Bosch admit levee patrol Volunteer fireman walks the levee Over a site Ted they did not have Complete control of their men who include armed civilians and dissident Voung military officers. Much of the firing was in the Vicinity of the . Embassy h where one . Marine was killed Friday. . Defense department spokesmen in Washington said 14 marines and 4 paratroopers Zzz Orch by a a Al Erk wrf1 z which rave Way Friday morning and threatened to a Pavc been women did in classics . Hill. Ii bout in Miles North of Alton we a a Rehels they were he est army announced today 1 it a a Quot a �0�?o"t>10v7 Oln leers answered a re l just casual los among the . -.1_________________ for Hoin Tho break was hatched with sandbags Lon and no oct ample to an employee of the Lino Este Rialls suited Hll Hwa it old t h especially suited to ply a a a Rill Chhat lha discovered German heavy described As for use As antiaircraft weapons. The announcement came As Illinois e Telegraph that. If the Illinois comes up another 18 inches. For help. The break was patched with sandbags rustic cover and Bales of Straw All held together with Iling wire. Inc i ii 111 came. N. 14w. T. W Saigon girded itself for possible par0,,c j11 he mar trouble Dur no the May i labor quote boys Home will be cover. Red. But not impassable. The arms Cache was found Foj Mhz ers already Friday during a three Dav oper covered of a or for More than a mile and another at Ion in coastal mangrove cd ii 11 Iii i 1 1 in i i i ill m 11 i i swamps about 60 Miles South of 01 Tavvo ul11 put a 0ul the capital mile of Road under water in the government said 152 Viet Dud,n8 Nood tog entire Vil Cong were killed during the action. Including 52 at the site if the weapons Cache. Another 35 Viet Cong were captured and 42 communist suspects rounded up the government said South vietnamese casualties were Given As three killed and eleven wounded most of the communist dead apparently resulted from air strikes by helicopters and . Aland 60 guerrillas were machine gunned by helicopters As they tried to swim across a Small River. Lage of Mozier. Relatively unharmed thus far Many boat docks along the River from pleasant Hill South to Grafton have been washed away and boats have to be retrieved by their owners. The Mississippi a stage at the Clarksville lock and dam just across the River from pleasant Hill was recorded As 32 13 feet thousands will visit Calhoun s Apple blossoms forces landed to protect american civilians. Fighting went on through the night in the eerie Light of Parachute flares. The Sovie news Agency Tass announced that the soviet Union had asked for an emergency meeting of the . Security Council to. Consider the situation in the dominican Republic. Tass called the . Landings a armed intervention in the internal affairs of the dominican new aggressive act of . the . State department in Washington it would the annual display of Apple blossoms in Calhoun county is in full swing the blooms reached their Peak about midweek said a and thousands of visitors Are expected sunday to View them. Kave no immediate comment on heavy traffic in the area sunday As motorists pass through soviet move to see the colourful blossoms May be hampered somewhat be . Ambassador w. Tapley cause of one Way traffic across the Illinois River Bridge Ai Bennett announced the Cea get Hardin fire went into effect at 5 30 . However Throe state police officers will be on duly sunday at this morning. A spokesman at ,0 direct the t rat Fie at the the dam said it would not Rise i Bridge where repair work has much More than a tenth of a foot restricted the two lanes to one. Above its stage today. I further complication is sex strike May Stop most Alton Wood River Home building most Home construction in the Alton Wood River area will be halted monday in a scheduled strike of Ciu local la again Alton District Independent contractors Union president Harvey h. Lyerla said today. The Union membership rejected a contract offer Friday night and agreed to station pickets at Home building construction jobs monday in the Alton area. The Union office is at 2214 e. Broadway Alton. Local la represents All phases of crafts including carpenters plumbers masons bricklayers and labourers Lyerla said. Negotiations Between the Union and the Independent contractors Assn. Reached a deadlock in a disagreement Over the unions request for a wage in crease and improved working conditions. Lyerla said. A we will set up picket lines monday morning at the jobs a the Union president said. Peeled because a number of Fer Friday but indicated to news-1 Ries Are not operating because men that foreign elements of High water might have taken Over the re Ano Titer possible difficulty for hellions movement visitors May result if the mis president Johnson said Iii a Sis Sippi River reaches a Crest statement in Washington Friday expected sunday of that occurs night there were significant the Telegraph was told Rte. Too signs that people trained outside at Grafton May be under water the dominican Republic ire by the backing up of the Illinois seeking to gain control of he River. Rebels. Because of the flooded mis Bennett said the rebels and Sis Sippi and Illinois Rivers for to �pp0s, m 111 air it a i a Ries at Golden Eagle Grafton a eed t0 so abm a 1 Stinn and Deer Plain Are closed. Arbitration by an g a. Of american states commission. Visitors to the areas Scenic spedal0\s foreign minis display of blossoms will have log thu Quot u j Tot Dies crushed by tractor Carlinville a tim Kessinger. 2, son of or. And mrs. Lynn Kessinger. Was killed Friday when he fell off a tractor and was crushed by a wheel. The boy was Riding with his older brother James who was driving the vehicle on the family a farm near Chesterfield. The rear wheel of the tractor ran Over the boy when he fell. The Accident occurred about to a m. The boy died in an ambulance Enro Ute to Carlinville area Hospital. A verdict of accidental death was returned by Coroner c. J. Dawson at an inquest. Friday in the Home. Death was from a fractured Skull. Blast rips consulate a act asks filth squelch a. My ters meeting was called in me Nomo was Pircea Unuer me go by Way of Rte 16 via Jersey a Ashi Neton and an Oas peace1 passageway no one was in a he Ville if Ute. Too is flooded. Panned t0 by Here a loading in conjunction with the an night. President Johnson hadit we have no clue at All As to Nual Apple Blossom festival two urged the Oas to take re spun Why the bomb was planted. Montreal a a by Are Amite bomb exploded at the j . Consulate Early today smashing 78 windows and six doors the floor through an elevated passageway Between two parts of the con ulate building was badly damaged by the blast. The bomb was placed under the the Union performs work in Alton Wood River East Alton Godfrey Roxana and a number of areas in the Telegraph area Lyerla reported. Ivor a this strike will virtually shut churches in the area will Spon Nihi Lity for restoring peace and paid . Consul general Rich Down most of the residential Sor dinners for the Benefit of re establishing constitutional Ard Hawkins a this is very a building jobs a he told a report-1 travellers. Government in the dominican visual for or today. The lutheran Church at bras Republic. There have been anti Ameri Union business manager int Man Davis said the local performs about 98 per cent of Home building in the Alton area. Sels will serve from noon to 4 the cease fire pact Bennett can demonstrations protesting . And St. Anselmus Catholic said in his announcement guar .�?T military action in Viet Church in Kampsville will serve a tees the personal safety of Nam and the treatment of be from la a m. To 3 . J a a Groes in Selma Ala by ande yakst1s Telegraph staff writer Alton a act chapter president Joseph n. Berry said today he asked the operator of Alton Bible and Book store to remove copies of a congressional speech attacking the Alabama Freedom March As communist inspired. Berry said he went to the store tuesday and sought removal of a reprinted speech delivered on the House floor March 30 by Alabama congressman William Dickinson. Complaints from local Church members to the Alton a act Leader prompted his action Berry said. A the objections came from both negroes and Whites a Berry said. Berry said the House speech is objectionable and an attempt by a Southern congressman to discredit a the Good that was done by the a i went into the Bible and Book store and asked the proprietor to remove the material or else we would file a protest a Berry said. The Alton Bible and Book store at 2808 e. Broadway Sells a variety of religious articles including study materials for vacation Bible schools. The Book store proprietor declined to respond today to Berry a statement. The Alabama Republican legislator hah expounded in the House address on the historical 50-mile Freedom March from Selma to Mont Gomery charging it was infiltrated by people he called a human flotsam adventurers prostitutes beatniks and similar reprints of the March 30 congressional record Are being circulated in Alton some from under the counter of local stores the Telegraph reported Friday. A passing out this kind of material is a slap at the Good persons who were on the March a Berry said. A most of tithe complaints that came to me Are from Church people who have seen copies of the speech a he said. The reprinted speech was circulated monday at a Public meeting in Alton sponsored by the John Birch society a american opinion continued on Page 2, col. I King Oas peace team due in Santo Domingo by Lewis Gulick Hington a the states looked to the or Don of american states to make sure the cease the jittery dominican enter american group Oving swiftly. A special ministers meeting was this morning. An Oas Cam planned to Fly to the divided Caribbean Republic tonight. President Johnson in a Brief nationwide broadcast Friday night urge the Oas to take responsibility for restoring peace and rekindling constitutional government. A few hours later . Ambassador w. Tapley Bennett announced in Santo Domingo that the ruling military Junta and the rebels who want to restore ousted president Juan Bosch to Power had agreed to submit the dispute to Oas arbitration. The objective of the Oas peace team is not Only to secure a cease fire but to offer a formula under which the dominicans might establish a stable government latin american diplomats said that what the Oas actually seeks is to establish As soon is possible ii canal order in the dominican Republic so that american troops can be withdrawn quickly. The Mission is unprecedented. The Oas normally tries to resolve conflicts Between countries not Between rival groups within one when Johnson spoke the situation was chaotic. He noted that violence and disorder had increased in the previous 24 hours and said an earlier ceasefire agreement was being breached. Calling on the Oas for prompt decisive action the president said a it is very important that representatives of the Oas be sent to the dominican Republic just As soon As possible to strengthen the cease fire and help Clear a Road to the return of constitutional process and free Johnson dealt briefly with the Landing of american troops in the dominican Republic. Asne spoke 1,700 army airborne a troops and 1.430 marines were already ashore and . Officials had said the total would be swelled to More than 5,000. A for two Days american forces have been in Santo Domingo in an Effort to protect the lives of americans and the nationals of other countries in the face of increasing violence and disorder a the president said. A with the assistance of these american forces Over 2.400 americans and other nationals have been safely evacuated from the dominican Republic. Forman say their differences Are exaggerated Atlanta a. Apr Martin Luther King or. And James Forman key leaders in the nation s civil rights movement. Have admitted differences but say they have agreed to cooperate in several projects. At a news conference Friday King emphasized in a joint statement that differences have been exaggerated and that he and Forman Are working together. King is president of the South-1 a much in agreement with the Era Christian leadership con other a Belafonte said. Report Ference and Forman is exec my the joint talks were meant Tive Secretary of the student to Clear the air. Patch up differ nonviolent coordinating com fences and Avert inroads of Divi Mittee. I Sion when King and Forman ire the joint statement also re in the Field sealed that Singer Harry Bela King said the discussion was Fonte had been called in to act a very fruitful in general we As an objective observer in re Are in agreement on meat egg solving issues at two meetings of the civil rights leaders. Belafonte stood with King and Forman at the news conference in a downtown motor hotel and immediately afterwards returned to a discussion of Issue Vas projects and problems with them. Forman who made few remarks at the conference said Belafonte was not a however the soft spoken Belafonte said a it would be incorrect to say there were not some situations where there was a Lack of Belafonte said that in the heat of Battle and the War an nerves there comes a time when objectivity can leave you for a he said be was requested to meet with King and Forman and some of their colleagues. Belafonte and the two civil rights leaders said they discussed no issues at the first meeting in Atlanta on april 21. Each group was declared. I Quoit ii a inside inlay. Editorial.�-4 Progress on anti poverty program should be fast and cautious. Library a or. Donnelly head of Hayner Library Board states a Case. Projecta-4 country Church group takes on a project of farming 41-acre tract to raise funds. Religion Section. Ann Landers says parents should guide children s firsthand experiences. Sports. By track teams smart Hll records in East St. Louis relays. Pm

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