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Alton Evening Telegraph Newspaper Archives Mar 11 1961, Page 1

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Alton Evening Telegraph (Newspaper) - March 11, 1961, Alton, Illinois Inside in it of i Ori Al. I it i 4 Sot Iai. P to i a Mai Hix. Page a Ohi i Gam a. Page 14 comics. Pao i la it Amo 4 in. Pac i in it Assi 1 ten. I Alii 14 Alton evening Telegraph serving the ii ton Community for More i lion 125 years est h wished january 15, 1836. Vol. Xxvi no. 48 Alton. Ill., saturday March la. 1961. 16 pages 5c Pei copy mild sunday Low 35, High 60. Complete . I to of 1,1 member of the associated press last of series fail plutus i Nani Niotis Iii Ruckin ? of plan seat Itei a i of Childres i last in a Serif s based on views of Fin did ors in the april 4 tnlkm.1 by seb Aht Ian i la Telegraph atoll la liter unanimous support of Council men sure shut in manager government for Alton Council manager with no specific re a Ltd Amend nations Here As to Hoe the 19& budget would mayor Day bad i have been Appl it viable Rcd i slim favored the top i the Overall picture which Merit hut some emerged from interview s w Ith five of the sit candidates for City office Sinee the infers Levis were written one mayor candidate and oui councilman candidate have pro posed specific prop sins to Cid the budget i a five answered qty St ions posed tory the Telegraph on Council manager pm i a mint and the midget in article publish d this v Elk had not publicly mad their views Clew. Lister and Baxter both have won the endorsement of the Alton citizens Tot better government. Which Pon it id the mme Stob listing gov eminent Aid publicly of govern c Hanges m it were Wiwi however when asked to enumerate sum re the changes m envisioned. The mayor i had no specific suggestions exp a of the one on the appointment of the Legal staff on the subject of in 1900 Bud get. Lister and Baxter said that apart from some minor Reserva to Ais. They Uli cd it to be an efficient and realistic our. Allen and Russell decided to make budged suggestions on the grounds the answers Inda it the sound they were not familiar enough and the filly generated Over both Voith the measure to comment us in past months up ii to further have involve i others Tho those May or Dix huns ii had raised v Boie pee Kirtz office m the the in in of thu a go t As carts pril i cd lion As last Jiuji when it was a roof que shuns a r tin Lute Ai the a Council lot cloption hot term mayor the administration of the edit then the worst Quot la had government and that a of th-1 sen. And it ailed for a a due budget have men hatted hark i Fen in it sufficient to lower the ind Forth in debates and news corp Date tax rate for a to no Dork. Grit Nix of the Cand a mater of principles a Tate offend any a a Juk cecum invited to list s.,me of in cuts Henri Atkins for major change in be tonight could have Hen mad the Structure of the Gme Menf the mayor indicated that his of or the Simp a of the budget nations Wen mainly based on a a few t hawsers i rat Matte of i in plot Lisa i Quot it vi1iei�s in Law series dealt with had promis d the people in the to views of i Tyor i Xiv Day. A new in annexed areas taxes would a India at for Rel it Ion. Anin of a intr rash a and so object James Lavern Allen. Council cd to th1 estimate cent increase Juan Maynard Lister. Paul rus in taxes indicate d by the budget a Tell and Hugh Baler. By Gesting he amp us his objections were altar the two seats in the of to to based on motives of Economy. Council. Councilman Clyde Wise but aside from the City Hall of Man a candidate for major de serine he named no other items dined to air his views in the be he thought could he reduced or Lief such and Ion would be Incon eliminated from the budget. He intent with his request for Public repeated previous Public state debate of the issues. It was he who merits that the budget was too aired his views on the budget Complex a document for him to problem in a letter to the City make specific recommendations Council this week. On. The Only recommendations lot but the present budget has Al it Bangos to come cwt of the inter a Moat run its Emir. The Issue is views were by mayor Day that now shifting from the 19h0 budged the Council and not the City Man to the one currently being to Ager should i paint tile City s leg Pard for the 1961 fiscal year ii staff and that the a overhead which begins in april and it is m personnel in the City Hall assumed the candidates will make. Ould have been reduced to lower known their opinions of the new the amount of the budget and by document a information on it be Allen that appointment of de comes available. Last Craik it a x. Y. A three children Are strapped Down by seat hell in school Lins at last Meadow y., Friday. The Inis has to belts capable id strapping Down to students three abreast i he Driver also is in Decd Down. Cid into operation Friday the bus is new York states first school bus equipped with seat in is. It carries students of the Barnum Woods school. Al wire photo no race for Dick in 1962 Lily plans action in on Hospital taxes an jobless Bills out of i Louse Washington Apt a to House to completed action on preside fit Kennedy s emergency unemployment benefits program. The Senate has barely begun work a it a it. A voice vote Friday sent to the scan the final pier of the two Bill package a me sur that would make children of the unemployed eligible for the same benefits now received by children without parents or whose parents Are disabled. J the Lions in it week passed the companion measure which would provide up to 13 weeks additional Jim a pendent benefits to jobless who have exhaust d their present i rights. This measure a been stalled in the Senate finance committee. Which will open do a door meet Lings tuesday to consider possible a am Nim tits As pass d by the hoes the extra jobless Tvr it fit would cwt Jan est a mated $990 million to $1 billion. Lik la child Aid measure it would spire june 39. Mr2. If ill id states Chat a to i a part Iii the i Aid program and a numb r of St to already hav indicated the v will not it would Cost the government an estimated a it cd million with its in to Federal state Matching formula tile Senate finance committee completing Public hearings in the Extension measure Friday heard i plea by set a tary of labor Arthir j. Goldberg for approval of the House Bill with out change. Amendments would throw the Bill into a House Senate conference committee musing further delay. Goldberg urged enactment in tim to Start extra payment. By mid april. After the Lull becomes Law. He said there Are administrative Steps required to Start the flow of payments to Long Idle workers. Sen. John j. Williams. R-del., said he planned two amendments. Fin would substitute pay As you Oku uses. Pl7 Awa Xuy e inters Ion a Miki. Is a Tho tree nary Sareh tor All honest mail ran la Eon Shle Reil Over in i Ais Angeles. Douglas William Johnson right an unemployed janitor found Schumm Cash Iii the is reef today while out looking for work a anti turned it Over to the Fhi. Later it turned out the Money apparently had fallen out of the open rear door of a brinks inc., armoured truck which had just mad a pickup at a nearby Hank Lien Johnson is thanked by the truck messenger. I. In Yourn left a w Illiam j. Simon head of the los Angeles Fri of fire watches. A wire photo Cash fell out of a brinks armoured truck into h Stix it. Tether out Hunting a Job found and Calm the Fri Sacramento Calli map a Rich re m Niv a said Friday night he will not run for governor Ltd ctr comm next year. La urged California republicans today t o launch a Talent in the 1962 Pirt ment Heads by the City Man the Corpora to tax rate for Al Bigej should a submitted for ton based on the 1960 budget was search for m w faces Council approval announced by the county clerk election Campaign. All favor manager form thursday after accounts of All a i am confident that we each of the five mid he favored five interviews had been written win a wiping Victory in cab court action Council manager government for it showed an increase Over the Foi a told the Republican Lton. Of the City Council Cindi previous year of 1.2 cents per $100 stat Central Dimmitt a of a but i hav a word of a Twat inc inn wan by assuming dates. Lister my Baxter had an assessed valuation or a total pounced their positions on this $1.20 for property Asse is d previously hut Allen Ami Russell $10,000. Three of 7 losers support Day picket six of seven unsuccessful i Andi Iati a in tin Peta Luary 14 City it i Minny w re polled today for their opinions on support of mayor la w. Day in i hid Tot n election in the City election april 4. I have cannot the i sent gov in in w ill in Evita la fail on his flt a and be a Pushover the former Vita president in his first political speech six to la sith presidential election tast november out nod a program of action designed to Ltd re store Tho a one dominant gop to Power Ini on behalf of former Wood River township in Den i nixed to Alton prior to Jan. I. 9g. The cite of Alton has Prepa a to turn injunction sub in an Effort to relic them 0 Bwy or the deferred plan from payment of a in cents tax for operation and met Naneen House Hill. It would step of Wood River township Hospital City Counselor John w. Up collection of the 0,1 pm cent hot cart revealed today increase in Hemphi Yersh payroll filing if the in Justion f>1itlon, Tiv. A1i�n proposed Al tax Ltd he Nykl la 11 a Tow live to in it met court had been held ton. off. Hoef it said. A Nti ing a con tile Wood liver taxes apply him no Quot collection a of Hine with states atty to tis now Alton residents of the 1p until a 4anuarj 13h3, and Dick h. Mudge next monday or it ski River Hospital a i would tuesday by which the question Ive Subj t to a 11 i it in by the run at Issue May he so1tld without Mon township in mlle Lor along a Wen retired workers from re with other taxes it hinged on the Alton township books because Ait a is a Eity township its City treasurer is sex offi Cio town col i Lumini loved Man finds 8240,000, a Altinis if no mention of Reward by about half the tim n the Iasi Driver Robert Downs ii a Vav i is Angeles apis a can six months the neatly dress Djit when to Happi Ned to glance Vos big containing $210,000 in negro i ainu Tuin Man washes Hack through a rear window in t Brink Inc., j w windows and haul away rubbish his it Mph it my it. I Cera a a when waking of Pouch and Fri agents we sit Juring the truck past. Helen. 30. Route when Johnson Telephone d the Hight if kept to wit Money drove to an apartment under the Obi the got something Here tvs tin Tion where to had an a Yow folks might be looking for Quot Point men to a about leaning mrs Tolj a reports up the debris the Man he was uhf happened. Quot we saw this bag laying in the strict. My husband picked it up and threw it in the Burk of oui station Wagon. We drove about a die Brink s Huck had been Ink clock curiosity got the better of me a he it about $100 a we a a Friday with his wife id never be Able to look my the kids in the face again a said Douglas William Johnson. 30. When he res which has is in no do vision to a As bag his to see about in debris the Man was t in. He drove away the Lay in the Street in car to was Canvas to nil it n Agenda for in Williams also wants the Bill o Mack ill Lon for the stat Nixon uttered with City to prov Ide Lead a Watt. Arid Al ship to his Home state party should it become hut he did Only after ruling been Floe fire thai to Toad conferred Friday by Telephone with Mudge who was in Springfield to inform him of the Eirv plan to Piess clarifying sup. Aud asked by tin stat s attorney to Isilda Oft such action until they Ouid Conkein the Legal Poilu on dont at Decatur Nook d Washington Cap a rep. Friar to his Brief conversation inter f a k jr., d ill., plans with Mudge Hoefert added a poll in met Wuth a Terai of the of members of Hie City Council army Elvis j. Stain or monday liven made in cooperation to it it discuss to new military us for reviving unemployment Coni it ensa Tion Gold Ierg asked thai he hold this amendment until the president proposes change in the Bis a in in ploy it Law in a later Bill. Another amendment pro a piously is announced by sen j Sph I Lark who Conte mls that at written the Bill would reduce benefits available tor unemployed ot1 i in Tom Mogk United nations , apr tile United nations general As Sembly wound up the first week of its resumed session Toahty apparent As far ase or from Agre in it Iran the United California hunk to the fed ral Reserve Bank fifteen Nanny bags were piled High ins id the truck i Ell into Street one apparently Slid off the tour Tut a horizontal inside that released the door and fell into the Street. A guard inside the truck have my sat facing Forward updating his that a a records and did no to notice open door. And i turned around and looked at it. I said a do you know what you be pick gtd up theres $240-000 in that hug he said no a and Start d shaking All Joh Timin said Quot i was knocked off my feet i never dreamed id hands in anything Lik the pm. Lop War pc Rolv anime a a a j _ a a. A out his own three a Spond he its and Ai mrs Hester j g. Hodge. R added Tiit their Uppit Alt of is Willard r u v to Fml Kwh Latora wik. Conf my i Isar it a 1 Quot Rio a a i. Mom int i or Shiv nisus mass lbs governor la a it lion / a candidacy manager Graham Decatur the filing of the suit. D,.pot necessary had the army has approved by tile City leg is Quot i no gators. Tile City Counselor explained i group of legis that the i960 Wood River town with hint Hospital rate of ski cents on to quote him As say the Sido of assessed v valuation Domain not a candidate. I Prises two items 1.18 cents for intention to be a Eandi Bond a debt service and 4,62 toot the i Vise its installation. 111., signal corps indicated it will Dot deign ,0 close today s Iii nerve that which it a Hies a Man seated on a bus to flirt with a woman who is stand ing. I9si Genera features corp it or Institute a draft 7 area Chain grocers closed As clerks strike1 a snotty John on and Roe James Lavern Allen and a Rod b Reed. Paul Russell for the City noun a failed to reach Edwin a. Roller inc one said to did not support remaining unsuccessful Pri hav mayor Day. John Jay Dick stated Many Council candidate dab he favors mayor Day s opponent. Councilman Clyde Wiseman and a for Council seats a Allen and Hugh Baxter. Two professed Quot no i avoid e. Downey who lost out in tile primary mayoralty contest stated Quot i am a member of the Alton citizens for better govern.,. Mon and i exams no opinion a Quot Quot , t a a a except of course to support a Mpa nips 1,1 Ute Alton Wood i been picketed taut the King r Maynard Lister and Hugh Box or Aroa War c Ose Toda it by Stor it in Collinsville has. All Lister and Baxter Are Van strik of retail clerk d a Al Kio Gei slopes were open for dilates for councilman and Are and .11 Ith i Chain stores j business Tod in with supervisory supported by the act were operating with supervisory help on the Job the other Quot no opinion a came1 1 a. Tod ,. In it i from mrs. Margaret Troy oho 0nrj5 a Quot no Mon was eliminated from the race he non l it Quot "0�?olrt re in monday. 1.3 Berk a re. East Alton a the vote Fob 11 mrs Troy said 9 we help in. Ferguson. Wood River 12 >4 Quot i was unable to Arend the the the Cit it a Stork we open Mimun re Alton and 2602 meeting thursday called by or. Prida it us i a set it or Visoky pm state St. Alton the National i was out Claves working. After lasing St food store at 1s62 e. Broad 9 . Friday the stores re main Way Alton and 337 of. Fer Erl closed today Pickett walked eur in u Otil River. In front of ail the Tri City stoics stores hat ate open Are the Friday and this morning picket s i Kroger co stores Al 184k i a were again in front of each store j Broadway Alton Godfrey Road two National food stores were Godfrey and 651 Berkshire dosed Friday and again this East Alton the a up food the Telegraph Friday reported morning. Clerks have picketed stores at 1719 Washington ave. That unsuccessful candidates from a National food stores since and ill Pia a St in Alton and the feb. 14 primary had been in thursday. The Telegraph was in a la National food store Alt w. Cited to meet thursday with at-1 formed this morning the National Delmar Godfrey Torney Bruce Quackenbush. Cam hex store on Delmar Avenue Pugin manager for mayor Day. Would be open from 9 . To Quackenbush said he had not be 9 . Monday with supervisory cured the viewpoints of All the in help Manning the store. A a a a a a a inv my. A s successful candidates and so the a amp p food stores were the Chain stores have offered i fight therefore could not make a state open today with supervisory pm comparable salaries ment until later. He affirmed ploys working. No pickets hav Given in St cents tor maintenance and opera Tion. Quot we us 1 there is no authority for taxing owners of property Lar wide e. Brooks of Carmi who were annexed into Alton iu., american legion department township and City prior to 1960 rom Monarr will to the featured for coat of operating the Hospital a the Annua ism year said Llo Fml Celebration March 17. Contention is upheld it will not the let Ion a a it pm Kwh and to Pital lax a it Hir yet Sti get to speak it legion anniversary Gelel ration Bruce Quackenbush. Of town. I Haven to had Hie Opportunity to talk to or Quackenbush i have no comment at this time particularly since i Arn not familiar with what Type i support i Quackenbus h is King for mayor in the Quot of our reduce by half the on their Milton area residents the City Counselor cited were annexed into Alton by Nind Doc Melior of 1959, and the Many property holders there and also those in some earlier annexed Wood River town ship areas Wen in Alton in Advance of the opening of the i to tax year. Hoefert indicated that the part Quot i the Wood River Hospital Levy for pay ing Bond and interest is in a different category from that of operating the Hospital and therefor is excluded from the in Kier res i Ipi Oettl lit Nihil h lilt the clerks struck Chain stores and higher wages and better and welfare ism fits against the through misreading of a dim Carbon copy provided he Tele graph the newspaper misquoted two figures in a statement issued completed Brooks was elected department commander at the i960 fat convention in August. He is an air Force Veteran of world War ii and soned in til european theater of operations. He a served As 24th District commander 5th division commander department senior vice commander and in Max ship chairman and three years As vice chairman of the National internal affairs commission tile Alton legion auxiliary is planning a potluck dinner for 6 30 ., with the auxiliary supplying meat Rolls and Coffee. The legion lad it Birbb at a caucus of representation of the american expeditionary forces held in Paris France on March 15-17, 1919. In id in whether t items off its docket the smaller nations still looked for the soviet Union Ami the United states to reach some Accord weeding hit controversial is but they could derive Little j encouragement from East West exchanges so far. Main sticking Point appeared to i soviet insistence on a full luring of the arms question highlighting Swiet Premier Thrush Chi Vas Call for total disarmament. Some diplomats were hopeful la talk 1 concluded in Siberia bet re a a Khrushchev and us. Ambassador Llewellyn Ethompson might have a fruitful bearing on the Congo and other issues facing the Assembly. The a delegates believe Khrushchev s reaction to the message Thompson brought from president Kennedy might decide whether the soviets will press their demands for liquidation of the . Congo command and their Sla Hing attacks on Secretary general Dag Hammarskjold diplomats speculated that the Thompson Khrushchev talks May also help determine whether the two Powers can agree on drop Ping cold War items from the Agenda. At go crisis Council scheduled to continue Dis russian next tuesday on racial 10. Olin gets Cartridge Yonl Rad Brooks the Bule re which ultimately resulted in creation of the . Veterans Ricau. During this period the Gion organized its National habilitation service. Alton Post 126 was formed in further organization Steps were 1919, with Homer Hod son elected a other �?~00 men it was Learned a by Wiilie bag was Ca i cd but bore a tog stating tto it sum it contained in hts and 20s. The Johnsons drove on Home i filled a Ftp end David it Tay tor. A former Chicago policeman Quot Taylor said. Call the to lie. hav every car in the City out at your House with sirens blow ing and people coming around and the neighbor what you have dont Quot mrs Johnson recalled. A Contrail for utmost s4 million Johnson Aix Tay Lor agreed for ammunition was awarded to Johnson should Cal the Fri intern Mathieson of Emieal corp. Steul. Four agents in three Carat a i Alton Friday. Rep Mel with n almost immediately Vin priced East St. In the John on sons Richard. Formed the Telegraph today la Clement 13, and Dora Nee. La the contract awarded by the a were in Seho through a that St. Louis ordinance District t ails Johnson called Quot Mon excitement for delivery of 54 million link Belt than in be Ever had for anything and 2.8 million Cartons of packed Llad anyone mentioned a possible 7.62mm cartridges. Reward he said no one had. Hot 13m ammunition will he made planned to Call the Man about at East Alton. The apartment Job sales tax Revenue for fiscal ear shows hike Alton s Revenue from the one to the City from the state collect half cent sales tax will total cd one half cent ales tax is due $291,347 for the fiscal year when to inclusion of new areas Annex the final monthly Check is re Seiv of to the c Ity in 1960. A number of african delegates re wee k. Sale topped la to have in in pressing for immedi a count is $647 More Titan retailing activity in Alton show debate on the con was anticipated by City manager cd an increase of More than $13 but with the Security Graham a. Watt in making up million in the 1960 Calendar year the City budget More than a year according to a compilation i Misada exceeds last year s total cd on Alton sales tax returns violence in Portugal a West Afri Ais by $10,517. Although there was a Slacken Ean territory of an Mia it was Ender the budget for th1 penning in the Pace of increasing sales doubtful the Congo would come up now ending Avenue from the of merchandise in tin previous until later in the week Kaos impose was estimated at year the volume of i960 Wiles a authoritative sources hero said s28500u r Vrh d but the it vast showed a of si.820,000 Over Friday night seven Mon asian Vas ,n2sof�. A a u the Dollar sales volume of or. African nations Are considering he total to la it received by the Sal is of merc Tzandis in Alton sending troops to Keef up the . Force in the Congo la All seven through with 1&Quot- k. Web. Asma i their Plin. The Koo Man Force of a Quot or he a to a it Quot a a a a k8.t6.mb. The in. To bolstered by More than the City for the we ent fiscal year last year As shown by the City was determined thursday by de sides tax aggregated $60,697,409 1958 total of sales volume that it would receive a net amount was $32,510,646. Louis ,., ,. Examined carefully was $2,-Lin 1919 that he sought their support for appeared a1 the a amp p stores. Charles which the clerks have 600 instead of $26,000 As quoted. Irinod of mayor Day Allen and Russell. A spokesman said the butchers accepted but the three Olio told the Tele have come in As usual without j dined to meet graph they Are giving their sup picket lines to Cross. Poh to Day. Allen and russell1 the Kroger co. Store in the the j i0 $29,876.84 tins month. The a computation of the Merchan h1 statement issued Wii my a at a Rouen held in a first Post commander. Other1 nun 1 a March payment applies to retail d using volume became possible demanded by councilman Clyde Wiseman St louts in May. 1919. And a a officers elected at that time were India said Fonda pm he 11 would a lies to Iea 1th regarding his proposals for Bud tonal charter was granted by Leo Willis vice commander Paul it old a brigade about zen eth. A adjutant or. Mather i men to the Congo a to fight tor hold Pfeiff Enberger sr., chaplain Joth very existence of the United soph j. Dromgoole historian a buttons. _ and 1920. During the per son Bramhall sergeant at arms Industrial depression the or. Pfeiff Enberger is the oldest tonal charter Congress sept. 16, 1919. On the legion was engaged chief v for expenditure As those 0ffic it furniture which he urged in in perfecting its organization and St. Welfare benefits the spokesman said. As quoted Rod stores de a Ilia t for commodities which he legion found employment forgiving past Post commander. He8a-rn, temperature health and also urged be examined was j More than 1.000.000 veterans. In served in that position in 1921. Tvs stage below a Union $92,000 instead of $2,000 As pub 1922 the legion started its first Al he has been selected to serve Asi up at 8. I hailed. Tort pc Aid disabled veterans chaplain for the annual party. 1 00 data at the dam re last december. After the City received its sales the March payment reflecting tax report thursday showing the Trade Here amount collected from last a prior to Christmas is the highest combo s gales. I credited to Alton in the la a 12 the Christmas a with was the months. Next highest payment of biggest retailing month of 1900 the fiscal a erupt was on of $24,�?� with a sales Voi Unie of $6,224,209 yesterdays High 54low 29�, precipitation 24 hrs to 8 . None. 919 received last november on december of 1959 had in sales retailing transactions of last a volume of $6,059,400, monthly a gust. Rage it retail til Quot Tat year a part of the increase Revenue $3,058. Too

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