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Alton Evening Telegraph (Newspaper) - June 23, 1930, Alton, Illinois Today or. Mellon encourages. Summer is Here. And too cheap wheat. The erratic atom. By Arthur Brisbane so i More trouble in Wall Street saturday. Americans when ent Huai Vitic Are very enthusiastic and Hen frightened they Are badly Quot tightened some of the Best stocks whose future values cannot be exaggerated were thrown away at ridiculous prices often sacrificed to hold worthless Stock certificates that dumped on the Market by the tens of millions in the late ambling Craw there la Comfort in Secretary Melton statement that the new Tariff will not injure United states business or delay business recovery or. Mellon knows business ii Ever expresses opinions lightly. It should be remembered that in ail our history an increase in Tariff rates has never failed to increase Prosperity. Alton evening Telegraph established january 20, 1836 3c per copy the worst thing about this Tariff is the fact that Congress talked about it for 15 months every Day of discussion damaging to business Harding a Tariff went through in two months. Long talk is worse than changes in rates. _ summer began last night at la 45 o clock Eastern Daylight Sav my time. Today and tomorrow will be he years longest Days each Alta 15 hours and 9 minutes of suns Cut cd this Means Little to millions in big cities. They rarely see the in to unless they look up from Street canyons about noon. And for them summer is two weeks vacation. W. Beall Dies in quiet of cottage Alton merchant succumbs while on week end at Chautauqua Pioneer in business Alton ill., monday june 23, 1930 member of the associated press weather forecast Illinois partly Cloudy tues-1 Day mostly Cloudy showers and cooler in North and Central portions. Founded tool firm with relatives led school Board the Federal farm Board and Farmers Are worried by the Price of wheat. It was suggested months ago Here that the Winter wheat crop combined with government buying and storing might cause Trou ble about july i. Now july and september wheat Are below the Dollar level prices near those of 1914. Or Legge of the Federal farm Board talks reassuringly but prices talk More loudly. Uncle Sam has a deep pocket. It would be foolish to take the Short Side against him. But it is Bard even for the richest country in the world to conquer Quot Supply and or. Compton of Chicago University. Looking inside of the atom my a new Electron arrangement. The atom is not an Infra Micro Leopie motor system with negatively charged electrons going about the positively charged nucleus in fixed orbits. Electrons group themselves in Side the atom about As they please Ute raindrops in a Cloud some pipes nearer sometimes farther it betimes shooing off into space producing radioactive Energy As raindrops fall from Clouds to Earth producing Fertility. Everything in the universe made up of erratic minute particle of negative electricity called electrons so Small that a billion of them in a Corner of your Eye would not be noticed. Think about that Over sunday. Aviation advances thanks to Young people to whom flying seems quite natural Friday morning Charles Cary Rumsey 30-year-old Harvard soph Omore flew from the Hicksville aviation country club on Long Wand to new London Conn picked up a classmate brought him Back for luncheon on Long Wand then flew to Rumson n. J., to watch a baseball game two Days previously he had Down to Washington and Back Topping off at Philadelphia. The. Would Surprise his grand father. It built in h. Harriman who reunion Pacific and hts treat Grandfather or. Walter Cary of Buffalo n. A who used to drive Secretary of state Seward to country fairs on his coach the Lour horses usually at a Gallop. From the galloping horses to a monoplane is a Long step. At new Jersey College for women Young ladles Divide on the Choice Between Quot marriage and a romantic freshmen girls a Quot the for marriage 3 to i seniors. After four years of College life tote 3 to i for a career. Many seniors will change when oppor Tunley comes. There is a husband but not a career for every Law girl the serious fact is that College pm when they do marry have of children or none to marry or a living or amusement is poor business death came suddenly but not unexpectedly to James Wesley Beall Alton manufacturer and business Man sunday morning at 3 30 Oclock at his cottage in Plasa Chautauqua where he had gone with mrs. Beall to spend the weekend. He had been in bad health since five years ago last october 6, suffering from a malady which he and his family knew might terminate suddenly at any time. He had not Given up commercial activity nor ceased to look after his own business matters. Saturday morning Ai to of clock he close j his desk for the last time in his office announcing his plan to go to Chautauqua for the week end. He had spent a Happy afternoon and evening at Chautauqua. Mrs. Beall who had carefully watched him in his Long period of 111 health heard her husband breathing uneasily about 3 30 rn., sunday and roused from slumber just in time to know that he was passing away. Or. Beall was born in Alton and had spent All of his life Here. His Mother mrs. Anna Beall who is 83, survives him. He was bom 63 years ago last March 23. When he was Only 19 years of age he became a full partner in the firm of Beall Bros in which his father. Charles Beall and his Uncle Edmond Beall conducted a mining tool business he was a hard working Man and helped by his Industry to make the Success of the business into which the Beal Bros. Ultimately was to develop. Never spared self he was destined to become the head of the firm at the time of the retirement of his unde when he served As chief executive capacity until the time of the tale of the business to John Hubbard. In All those year he was associated with his father and brother the relationship of the partners to outsiders seemed to be that of brother and not that he w As a member of a second generation. Following the Sale of the Plant or. Beall engaged in another business and remained in that with his son. C. W. Beau up to the time of his death taking an Active interest Iii the business and never being willing to regard himself As an invalid and therefore obliged to take sparing care of himself. It seemed to his Camuy most appropriate that the end should come to him at his beloved Chautauqua there was no place away from Home he liked so we to visit. He put in much of his time in the peace of his Chautauqua cottage he had been interested in the management of the Chautauqua grounds and id been one of those who had helped rebuild that place after it had become a near financial wreck financed Roosevelt building or. Beall had been interested generally in Public affairs. He has never held any Public office carrying a salary but he did serve on the Alton school Board 14 years and for eight years of that time was president of the school Board. While serving the schools he had Given freely of his time. It was whue he was on the school Board some important events in school history took place he was a member of the Board at the time of the ending it of the celebrated Bibb school Case and had a prominent part in the satisfactory conclusion of that Long drawn out struggle. He was on the school Board As president when ride in air plane restores lost sight Duquoin 111., june 23, reclaims have frequently been made in the past that air plane rides have restored hearing but Walter Wyatt of Duquoin claims the distinction of being the first to regain the sight of an Eye in that manner. Eighteen years ago Wyatt was kicked by a mule and lost the sight of his right Eye. Last week he went by plane to big Sandy Tenn. For a vacation. On the trip Wyatt said the Pilot did Quot a few fancy the sensation of which restored his vision. The Eye Normal but Are at a loss heat humidity too to account for the restoration. According to Wyatt the plane which carried him to Tennessee was the first Ever to land in Benton county in which big Sandy is located and hundreds of townspeople were on hand to witness the sight entirely new to them. Mercury at j of sunday sets record City shelters As summer opens annual assault on Comfort the Lindbergh Pere and Mere Rockefeller heir and Philadelphia girl wed today Mary Todhunter Clark is Bride of Dartmouth graduate Philadelphia. June 23. A miss Mary Todhunter Clark daughter of or. And mrs. Percy Hamilton Clark or Cynwyd a Philadelphia suburb becomes the Bride of Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller second son of or. And mrs. John d. Rockefeller jr., of new York this afternoon. More than 700 of the socially prominent of new York Philadelphia Washington Baltimore and other cities will attend the ceremony at St. A spathe a protestant episcopal Church in Bala Cynwyd. Members of president hoovers Cabinet senators and members of the diplomatic corps at Washington also have been invited. The ceremony will be performed by the Rev. Benjamin n. Bird. John d. Rockefeller 3rd., will act As his brother a Best Man. After a reception at the Clark Home. Or. And mrs. Rockefeller will leave on a honeymoon trip around the world. Upon their return they will reside at Tarrytown n. Y., where or Rockefeller s father has erected a Home for them on his poc Antico Hills estate. Or. Rockefeller plans to enter his father s office in new York City immediately. Or. Rockefeller is 21. And miss c Jirik. To their wedding comas shortly site. Or. Rockefeller s graduation from Dartmouth College where he made a Brilliant record in pools Parks crowded As hundreds seek Relief contracts let on route 111 to built Bridges Alton sheltered saturday when the official Advent of summer brought a temperature of 97 sheltered and gasped sunday when a record Reading of too was recorded and. It seemed would go in for sweltering in a big Way today when the thermometer registered 92 at 9 of clock and in a manner of speaking. Was still going Strong. Quot it Isnit the heat its the humidity is an old saw but Ever was the truth of that hackneyed phrase More eloquently or More heatedly a a emphasised than saturday and sunday. Saturday the humidity was 62 and sunday it was 57. Oiven humidity and a Large amount of heat Comfort will be at the minimum. Saturday and sunday had and heat. The heat sent hundreds in their automobiles trying to Quot get a breath of air it sent other hundreds to swimming pools while others stayed at Home and tried to get along with electric fans and Lee water. Saturday at 4 p. Rn., the temperature recorded at the Laboratory of the american smelting so refining co was 97. Sunday at 4 p. In. The temperature was an even too. Today at 9 a. In. It was 92. The minimum today was at 4 a. In. When the Reading was 78. The i3-degree Rise augured for a sizzling temperature today. Tile too degrees recorded sunday constituted some kind of a record the highest june temperature in recent years was noted on june 30, 1927. June of 1928 was relatively Cool. Last aug. 22. A record breaking Reading of 101 was recorded and on july 28. Last year an even too was recorded also on a sunday. Paving blows up. St Louis with 101.4, had its hottest Day since 1925 and the hottest temperature Ever recorded before june 24. The sudden Advent of extreme hot weather brought at least four bulges in City pavements due to expansion of the paving material. Street commissioner Kelly Saki today and he believed that there must have been Many others not reported because they were causing no special hindrance to tray tic. Man lightly j Lurt As Auto leaps Cliff Driver found Unco Sci our clutching wheel in hands thrown free of car Granite Cinyan does nose dive into in Cie Remus Park ism a col and mrs. Charles a. Lindbergh left took their most recent flight together Mav 22 upper right mrs. Lindbergh lower right is shown ready for a glider flight. Lindbergh a son is born on Amie s 24th birthday looks like father. Weighs 7% pounds. Only details Given Anne Lindbergh went into seclusion after record flight april 20 Englewood. N. A june 23. Who colonel and mrs. Charles a. Lindbergh Are the parents of a son. The baby weighing seven and three quarters pounds was born at 2 15 p. M. Yesterday in the Home w Here his Mother the former Anne Morrow was bom. The same Date 24 years ago. Aside from the statement of the baby s birth and his weight no details of the event were forthcoming from the household of mrs Lindbergh parents. Ambassador six mrs. Dwight w. Morrow except the statement that Mother and baby were resting comfortably. News of the arrival of the Lind i Bergh heir spread rapidly to All parts of the country and to foreign shores and within a Short time bulges or blow ups reported Parade of messengers with con to him were at Judson and main grate Satory messages and bearing ninth and Easton and on Dorris Flowers began and on Mcclure avenues. Morrow Home. To arrive at the radio stations in Lindbergh Park had its opening Terru Ted their programs to Broad and it was reported that 2500 per cast news of the event which has sons were there St one time. Springfield. In. June 23. Up chief Highway Engineer been awaited with Lively interest state highways and City streets for several weeks. A name had not been announced sheets were crowded with automobiles. A today awarded contracts for Road great crowd went to Rock Springs for the new arrival but Charles a and Bridge work to Cost a total of to hear the municipal band concert Lindbergh jr., for his father or $317,441.33. The contracts were let and collision of two automobiles on Dwight Morrow Lindbergh after his with the approval of director h. H. I the Street car track at the Entrance. Grandfather were mentioned As Cleaveland of the 8tate depart to the Park resulted in a traffic ment of Public works and build Lle a up Well 10 riverfront Ings. They were As follows route 111, Maco Upin county Bridges Between Chesterfield and pwn. Medora. W. F. Sayer. Jerseyville j $65,064.35. Route 111, Maco Upin county Bridges Between Chesterfield Park to take advantage of River breezes of any others to Riverview wife 18, fled twice has tenth child Auburn neb. June 22. Ufi a the tenth child was bom Here to mrs. F. A. Sultzbaugh 18. Who was married at the age of la. Only two of the ten children Are living. Mrs. Sultzbaugh was born in Louisville. Ky., oct. 2. 1912, and named Ruby Josephine Hul Henry re bold adopted her. Her first husband was w. Miller whom she married in april 1923. She was divorced from him in August 1923. While she was mrs Miller she gave birth to still bom twins. The next year triplets were bom to her. Only one living. It died at the age of 23 months. Twins were born next one dead. The other Henrietta. Is now two years old. On april 19. 1928. Mrs. Miller married f. A. Sultzbaugh. Since then two babes have died before birth. The latest arrival is a nine and three quarters Pound daughter. Eagle and wife crowded ear with air exploits hold widow for fatal shooting of her suitor St. Lou 18, june 23. Do a a verdict of homicide holding mrs Pearl Montgomery 26-year-old Englewood n. J., june 23, of a mrs. Charles a. Lindbergh who became the Mother of a son. Sunday entered comparative seclusion after the record breaking transcontinental flight with her famous husband on. April 20. Easter sunday. Except for Short flights with her husband. Anne Morrow Lindbergh had deserted the Aerial limelight for the quiet of the Home Here of her parents or. And mrs. Dwight w Morrow or. Morrow ambassador to Mexico is the Republican nominee for United states senator from new Jersey. The record breaking flight of the Lindbergh on easter sunday was the Climax to nearly a year of almost ceaseless aeronautical adventures and achievement for the Lone Eagle s wife. High spots of Anne Lindbergs Aerial ventures since her marriage May 27 last year follow she Learned to Fly and navigate an air plane and received her pilots License. She won her Gilder Pilot s License. She navigated the plane in which she and her husband set a Speed record for transcontinental flight. She photographed from the air. Ing of William d. Mcgrath. 43. A Railroad clerk also of East St Jungle mrs. Lindbergs flights since her probable choices. Preparations which had been i _15, was returned today by a j marriage total nearly 30,000 Miles made for mrs. Lindbergh a recep a a a a Tion in a new York Hospital were j Coroner s jury. Mrs. Montgomery is in a serious they include two transcontinental flights to to Al Anna 111. Chicago june 23. Put a a heat and wave th8t topped the Century Mark Medora Mississippi Valley Structure shoved the Middle West into the a1 8teel co., Decatur. $10,813.04 route 150, Randolph county. 5 05 water yesterday. Cd nestled several Days ago and hoi condition at City Hospital from los Angeles and return Pital equipment and two nurses Poison taken at the time of her a 7,000 mile trip Over the mayan were installed in the Morrow Home. Arrest thursday 8he described Jungles and through the Caribbean the shooting which occurred As sea Region. They were Riding in Mcgrath a a trip West to the Cleveland air automobile As an Accident and the races and return. With a Gash on his forehead one shoulder wrenched suffering from body bruises but with no serious injury Jack Green 26. Was Able to leave St. Josephus Hospital for his Home in Granite City at to p. In. Sunday. Just three and a half hours after his Coupe nose dived from Summit Street into Penitentiary plate a drop of about 35 feet throwing the Driver out into a Weed Patch and coming to rest with All four wheels in the air. Green s Coupe according to statements he made after regaining consciousness in the Hospital got out of his control when the brakes unexpectedly failed As he was driving Down the Steep Summit Street Grade from Prospect towards West fourth. Unable to take the turn in the Street the Coupe hurdles Over the embankment. Golfer see plunge. Witnesses who saw the Accident from the Tom thumb Golf course in the plat said that the Coupe seemed to land on the Radiator and front wheels and then turned three flip flops before coming to rest upside Down. Green they believe was hurled out As the car somersault a. Prank Henderson of dry Street and Harvey Henson of West ninth Street with another Man playing Golf dropped their clubs and ran to the wrecked car. They expected to find the Driver pinioned within. But the Coupe was empty and then Green was found about 15 feet from the Coupe in a thick growth of weeds. Although he seemed unconscious. Henderson said. The steering wheel which had been torn Loose As he was thrown out. Still was tightly clutched in his hands. Wounds not dangerous. Someone called the City ambulance and the police report shows it was just 0 30 when the Call was received. Officer Waller found Green bleeding profusely and took him to the Hospital with All possible Speed believing he might be critically Hurt. The attending physician however found no evidence of a fracture from the blow Oreen had buffered to his head and pronounced his injuries not serious. He regained consciousness a Short time after being treated at the Hospital police called the Home of his Lister. Mrs. C. E. Ridenour 2622 Madison Avenue. Granite City. And later in the evening greens brother in Law. Ridenour and a Friend came to attend him. By that time Green was Able to Start Home. Flying last week the arrival of messengers troop tag up the drive to the House was the hottest spot in the Central the Only a bout the Morrow Miles of paving South of Sparta. Area we Anna 111., with a tem Home to indicate that so in Omen William Lough Marion $64 337 60 feature of 110 Centralia was run thous an event As the birth of a route 150. Randolph county. To 92 with 105. St. Louis sheltered Young Lindbergh had taken place. Miles of paving from Chester Northeast. William Lough Marlon. $187,-226 44. At 102 and Omaha neb., was bits 1 tired with too. Sioux City. La. With there were even persons within the House at the time who did not result of a scuffle Over a pistol belonging to her. Police testified to a dying declaration by Mcgrath that he was shot alter a quarrel when he announced he would be Alton stepped out and did what was Exchange congratulation considered a remarkable feat in the a a to Nea congratulation Evansville ind., were one degree better off with 98 and Pipestone minn., reported 96. Beaches pools and lakes were crowded everywhere. At Desne it Yow june 23, col Moines la., two men were drowned j Charles a. Lindbergh and rear 4d it while swimming they were William Miral Richard a Byrd met today Scribner. 18. And Lester Rees. 25 99. Had its hottest june Day since learn of the birth until they left 1926 Cairo us Lincoln neb., and and were informed by outsiders. Unable to marry mrs. Montgomery spot no a trip to Maine and return. A race Westward As far As Wichita. Asst Hunt for the lost t. A t transport City of san Francisco glider flights in California this soon. Lindbergh and Byrd Exchange felicitations Adolph Zukor important moving picture Man spent the night at the White House and told president Hoover we find not cause for comp int in any part of the country h ii his 1.503 Heaters or. Zukor Wadies Small towns and big cities his receipts reflect conditions say they Are Good. He a a 10 1< american society for a to control of cancer warns the Public that cancers Best friends is far of cancer dreading that the doctor will to the read word Quot cancer a Many a old the doctor and die needlessly cancer. Get advice about any a Normal growth or soreness taken Early cancer usually can cured. Financing of the old High achoo building on sixth Street now Roose veil Junior High. He had tendered great service to the masonic fraternity. He was chairman of the building committee of the masonic Temple association when the Temple on state Street was financed and erected. Serving a Leader at a time when a Leader was needed he inspired his colleagues on the Temple Board with determination to proceed with their building in world War Days when the situation was far from encouraging to undertake such an Enterprise honoured by Lodge he not Only took a deep uttered in the masonic bodies meeting in the Temple on state Street being a member of Blue Lodge chapter Council. Commander and Eastern Star but he also had an Active part in the work of the consistory at East St. Louis. In recognition of his service he was honoured eight years ago. By being elected an honorary 33rd degree Mason. He served for years As an officer of the Lodge of perfection at East St. Louis. To last class in the East St. Louis consistory carried his name As a special Honor to him or Beall leaves his wife and three children miss Ethel Brail Carl and Percy Beall All of Alton he leaves besides his aged Kotlier mrs. Anna Beall one brother Charles l. Beall of Detroit Mich and five Sisters mrs Jennie Dixon of Alton mrs Frederick Browne although Chicago beaches will not colonel Lindbergh congratulated be officially opened until next 8at among those were mayor c. P Kitchen of Englewood and Daniel Pomeroy Republican National committeeman who had called on ambassador Morrow. A i am a bit surprised a mayor Kitchen said. A for i left ambassador Morrow after 5 of clock and he never said a word about it. Come innumerable Short air plane hops Stone and with her husband Bernice Ford not at revival father says Bernice Ford did not attend the opening services of Alonso l Shoemakers revival last thursday in the tent near East Alton. Her father Frank Ford is author police seek City employee As killer of gang reporter Start search for Man i to had averted conviction they met in the hotel urday and the municipal beaches a where Admiral Byrd is making he will have none All summer due to hold doctor for coed s death after acquittal Champaign in. June 23. Up a after deliberating 19 hours the jury in the trial of or. T. M Eade of Champaign on charges of murder by alleged illegal operation of miss a on the gun Cleon Hinton. 24 years old stenographer. Returned a verdict of acquittal shortly after 7 a in today. State s attorney Roy Cline said he would ask the court to set a Chicago june 23, up a James red Forsythe gun Toter and former City Hall employee was hunted today is the Man who a tue Alfred a a Jake Ingle Tribune reporter Forsythe who judge John Lyle a year ago characterized As a Quot potential killer Quot is under a year s jail sentence for carrying concealed weapons. The sentence recently was affirmed by the appellate court. Judge Lyle recalled today that there had been much political activity in Forsythe a behalf St the Headquarters and went immediately to the room of a Friend for a Good visit. The flying colonel was deluged with congratulations on his fatherhood when he arrived at the hotel but did not mention the subject himself he answered the Quot congratulations Coloner with Only a shy Grin. Fairbury Bank fails Fairbury Iii june 23, the Fairbury state Bank failed to open today $1,086 4973 the tax Money shortage four were drowned night when a boat capsized in a storm on Reid a Lake near Tryon neb. Pro Pone half immigration Washington june 23. A mrs. Lindbergh who has been her husbands constant companion was t Bernice saturday in the air since their marriage May 27. 1929. Continued her flying to within a few Days of the baby birth. Last thursday the flew with colonel Lindbergh from Teterboro Airport to Hartford. Conn and return ten Days previously she had accompanied him in a test carrying charge. Quot his Forsythe s friends among the politicians almost ran me to death to vacate the sentence a there s another girl who look. Quot judge Lyle so Aid Quot i would no do to 1/% s Ltd a a Hannaa a a # a Cill t a 40jt i Tiu i 0 till of it i i a a lot like Bernice who was there on6 indictment containing the in. ,. A Forsythe the police recalled was Ford said he had the statements i arrested in a raid on the Moran Gladys Louise Anderson of Chicago. University of Illinois coed. Who died shortly before miss Hinton of several persons who attended the opening meeting to Back him up. He also displayed two letters which he said were written by his pin dog the outcome of the Ander daughter from the cite in which a Cline announced his in Aiello gang Headquarters lat de i Cember he a released when he identified himself As an employee of or. Bade was remanded to jail the corporation counsels office. To Witri intr a hah tit a Ime a a a lice at the time in commenting on she is visiting. Tention of seeking fifty percent reduction in the to flight of a Small monoplane he release said Forsythe w As Quot in indictments pact. Innocently he was sent against the surgeon in the deaths Thor t Lent a hoodlum migration quotas for the fiscal year 1931 was proposed in a Reno-1 cancel party for Advent the Only description of the baby former Nancy broad8tairs. Or itch die Kent eng Lution today by chairman Johnson a the statement of a servant in Jum 28. A a Nancy Lathrop car of the House immigration com-1 a Morrow household who w As deposits totalled Mittee a a Means of combating a not do a to at k re a i i a in a Oak. U. Has blonde hair of several other women if the Pend ing trial result in an acquittal. Several surgeons testified at the trial that mias Hinton had died of i unemployment. Lowros t tos Malcolm it derm. Or. Go a so to. I p b Oum of Denver and my of re or As a result of the Fie Beall of Alton hts he and Blue eyes. Friends said colonel Lindbergh took the news of his songs birth with an appearance of outward Calm but that the Grandfather. Ambassador Morrow gave Frank expression to his elation. They also said the arrival of Aboy conformed to the wishes of both colonel Lindbergh and his sudden change for tha j wife for a son. Mrs Lindbergh had invited a automobile in which he was Riding Cord setting in. And death followed j few friends to celebrate her birthday with her. Flans for the birth ver Campbell the former Nancy peritonitis following an illegal of letter widow of Lieut col. Cohn ration Hurt in Auto crash Friday Dune 13, Dies Powys Campbell died Here yesterday. Or. Eade s testimony was to the effect the girl died of pneumonia. Axe wielding negro did tsp arc his foe Dean e. Edmonson or i tic ally injured Friday june 13. When an with two other men representative of the valuation Bureau of. The interstate Commerce commission suffered a worse a Haemorrhage of the my in and Dot within a few minutes Homer Scot 38. A negro walked Market St into police Headquarters shortly be-1 in a Little fore 7 p. In sunday his head Cut and when Edmonson whose residence was Day party were hastily put arid get a a Dos Dan for the Advent of Young or. Lind at 5917 Devonshire Avenue St was wrecked on the Edwardsville Louis had been engaged for three Bergh the Lindbergh were mar Road near the Shell of refinery w a is previous to the Accident by ried May 27. Last year a. In at St. I the Illinois terminal in checking j a a values of tire terminal properties died sunday at 5 55 Joseph s Hospital a a a Learnt. A a a nig of Mim Vera Reedy. 18. Tny aft rate parents of a has tenuous to the Young Btu to Mim Reedy i1x1 the hos the funeral of or Beall will be St to of clock wednesday morning from St Paul s episcopal a lurch burial will be under masonic auspices Edmonson suffered a fracture of j with him in the automobile at the the Vertebra just below the Waist tune of the Accident were John Lim after surgical attention Given Pinson and c o. Dan St. Louis he was in his thirty eighth year him Here at the Hospital some in Pio Ament was noted and apparently he was much unproved when and is survived by his widow and after passing the eighth Day he i three children. Bay Falls into tank drowns Kewanee. Ii june 23 up both of i Fay alien Carlson 22 month old son of or. And mrs. Oscar e by doctor. Ambulance Driver Waller i police was just coming in from a trip to round by the Hospital after an Auto Accident tie from and without waiting to question the unable to find him last evening negro police put him into the am but today they hunted him for murder police said they had no photograph or identification of Forsythe explaining that no rogues gallery pictures May be taken by police until the High court has sustained convictions the police have held persistency to a theory that the murder of Lingle when solved would track Back to the Moran atello gang Lingle who had a wide acquaintanceship among gangsters by reason of his work As a police reporter was known to be Friendly to Al Capone whose gang Tong has fought the Moran Aiello group search also is under Way for sized an Frank Foster original owner of the gun used in the Lingle murder. Foster formerly a Moran atello ought Little to ask for a Man changed allegiance some time Hind account of the Bat ago. Going Over to the Capones is standpoint but were j a policeman killed in Auto rash Chicago june 23, up a driving it they had engaged he explained f other fellow another cutting Case was report balance and it a started Back for led to police saturday evening at to an automobile which he a had Bor St Joseph s while the doctor was sewing him up and dressing i More severe Carlson Cambridge 111., Farmers head wounds Stott told police that was drowned yesterday when he j he had been Cut w Ith an axe by an fell into a tank of water. Tother negro Harry Little at 709 Mesa a mexican report p. It. It ing he had been stabbed by Paul wealthy Lara Meza signed a complaint and Lara was found and taken into custody an hour later he was slated for a hearing in police court today. Rowed from mrs Clara j. Shephard. Widow and owner of the Inland Printer a Trade publication Robert j Weiss. 40. Park policeman was fatally injured in a collision with a truck

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