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Alton Evening Telegraph Newspaper Archives Jun 5 1965, Page 1

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Alton Evening Telegraph (Newspaper) - June 5, 1965, Alton, Illinois The lighter Side if you can to bite done to growl. Alton evening Telegraph serving the Alton Community for More than 129 years sunny Sonday Low to High 87 Complete weather of. F Post office builder protests a slow Down the builder of the new Alton Post office has threatened to withdraw from the project because of what he said was a a a slowdown of working labourers an accusation denied today by a Union official. Alton mayor Clyde Wiseman said he had received a Telephone Call from Gene Rasch president of imperials inc., Waukesha wis., builder of the Post office complaining about an alleged a a slowdown by labourers on the project. He told the mayor Wiseman informed the Telegraph that if he did t receive a cooperation a he d pull out of the Job default his contract with the government and a take my beating John Shortal business representative of labourers local 218, told the Telegraph today that there has been no deliberate attempt by the Union to cause a slowdown on the Job. Shortal added that his Union had some Good men on the project a who know what they re he said he had investigated the accusation and had been told by the projects superintendent that apparently the slowdown was caused by the labourer so unfamiliarity with the site on their first Day of work. Shortal said that he since has been informed Friday by the superintendent that work was proceeding satisfactorily. According to Shortal an Illinois safety inspector has been on the site and made some a a suggestions to the subcontractor demolishing buildings on the Belle Street project so that the work would conform to state safety requirements. One of these Shortal said was having a first Aid kit available in Case of an Accident because there had not been a first Aid kit on the site before. Wiseman said he told Rasch that he did not know of any difficulties with labor since this was not the mayors province but added that his Only concern was that Rasch comply with City ordinances. Late last month on May 21, demolition work on the site was halted after police arrested an employee of the wrecking company for failure to obtain a demolition permit. Wiseman said he had checked with the City a building inspector j. G. Bennett and found that a permit has since been issued. He added that no repro sedative of the builder had consulted Bennett prior to demolition work. He said he also told Rasch earlier thai organized labor is a part of the Alton Community and he expected Rasch a to reflect the Community he added that Rasch assured him he would do so. The mayor subsequently wrote to a representative of the Post office real estate department advising him of the mayors concern Over the situation a and future development of the Wiseman said the City had cooperated in every Way with Rasch and does not want the Post office department to get an a a improper Public image of Alton. He told the official that the City did not want labor strife during the construction of the Post office. A Post office spokesman told the Telegraph that he did not know what the ultimate outcome would be if the Rasch firm defaulted on the poet office project. But he said since there is a performance Bond of the project a we would look toward someone completing the _ grand jury might find jail Money by William g. Ryan Telegraph staff writer Edwardsville there were Strong indications today that the new Madron count grand jury will go farther than its predecessors in a renewed Effort to focus attention on the antiquated 100-year-old county jail. The grand jury is expected to explore the problem of financing replacement of the jail. Construction of a new county jail officials asserted. Unity in poverty War dim the grand jury Impan eled May 24 and in session five Days expressed keen interest in its inspection tour of the deteriorating jail physical Plant. The Telegraph Learned today the jury has requested that chairman Harold i a dolt of the Madison county Board of supervisors and Heads of several Board committees appear before the investigating body Early next week Iju Molt also is chairman of the Madison Cooty Board of review which has authority to look Tau Olevea taxation. Several Madison county townships have been the target of critics who charge that property is assessed too Low. Purpose of the conferences with the Board chairman and committee Heads was not stated in the letters sent to them late this week by the state s attorneys office at the direction of the grand jury but the unusual interest displayed by grand jurors in their statute required inspection of the county jail and inquiries to sheriff Barney Fraundorf have aroused speculation that the grand jury will give a Long hard look at the problem of financing replacement of the jail. The grand jury is scheduled to make its initial report of criminal indictments monday j county Board chairman Lan a dolt and chairmen of at least two Board committees however. Have Lieen a requested to appear before the grand jury next tuesday leading to the Assumption that after the jury submits its initial report and indictments and routine business it then will query the officials on possible Means of financing construction of a new county jail. A Cheek at the sheriffs office today showed that no subpoenas have Bee received there for service upon Landolt or aay other Board committee chair Atea. The Telegraph Learned however that the several officials have received unofficial a a requests by mall for their appearance before the grand jury la an extended Jab to vesti gation session tuesday. Grand juries for several years past have condemned the outmoded county jail physical Plant and urged that the buildings be torn Down and replaced by a Modem jail with facilities for separate housing of Youthful offenders awaiting court action. While in sympathy with the grand jury recommendations which have been referred to it periodically the Board of supervisors repeatedly has pointed up the desperate condition of the county a general Revenue fund As a result of tax rate limitations upheld by Quot a state supreme court decision and explained that funds to build a new county jail Are nil. A proposal to permit the county to resume its general fund tax rate slashed by a Ariy half to a 5.m7-cent per him assessed valuation figure by the supreme court decision i Imi was overwhelmingly Defeated to a referendum vote to the Genera election to the comity last november. Restoration of the a a old rate would at least have provided a Start in accumulating funds for astronauts in Good shape at Halfway Mark in Mission Houston Tex. A �?astro-1 awareness and awareness with nauts James a. Mcdivitt and Edward h. White ii. Still in Good shape and remarkably Alert soared past the Halfway Point of their record space ride which they re answering questions on what they re doing and How they re doing during the morning the Astro i nauts took turns taking pictures slain Bank employees lbs asks by Jim Kulp Telegraph staff writer a move to unify opposing forces in the Alton Wood River area anti poverty program has failed and plans to form a local group will be pushed. Or. Alfred Kuenzli of Southern Illinois University said today. Kuenzli has been the Center of controversy in plans to form a permanent Antipoverty organization in the Alton Wood River area. He said today that Floyd Galliher temporary chairman of the group has been a completely unwilling Quot to work out any kind of a Unity move with his Kuenzli a group and has been a obstinate and Galliher contacted by the Telegraph declined any comment on Kuenzli s statement. A we have about had it with Galliher who has been delaying the program a Kuenzli said. A the is unwilling to Compromise or to talk with us in any reasonable Kuenzli said his group has no Confidence in the proposed anti poverty organization and therefore will proceed with the first Steps for incorporation of the Alton Wood River area group on monday. A meeting will be held in morning Star Baptist Church Kuenzli said at which officers will be elected to work toward a permanent organization. He added that he will support Joseph n. Berry president of Alton Branch National Assn. For the advancement of coloured people As chairman of the group. The new group will apply for a charter Kuenzli said a and not wait around anymore for Galliher or the county organization. Kuenzli issued a Call for All ministers and laymen of both negro and White churches to join with his group in carrying out the local fight on poverty. He said the group would not wait for Federal funds though he Felt the area was entitled to some. Anti poverty Kuenzli said is a a Home town fight and his group was determined to go ahead wife it. A a we re not going to fight Galliher anymore a Kuenzli said a a a just ignore according to Kuenzli his forces Are in the process of forming a Lincoln gardens area improvement association because this Section is one of the a no. I pockets of poverty in the Alton Wood River three Bank employees shot in the Back yesterday lie dead on the floor of their office in the Farmers state Bank of big Springs neb. They Are mrs. A it is Hothan 35 Andreas Kjeldgaard 77, Bank president and Glenn Hendricksen 59, cashier at right partially obscured by opened Cash drawers looted by the Bandit. A fourth Bank employee was wounded. A wire photo icy Calm murderer object of manhunt saturday As medical monitors j of prominent Earth Points which Point maintained a close watch oni a a their condition. The air Force majors reached the midpoint of the planned four Day trip at 11 14 a m. Est As their gemini 4 spacecraft sailed More than too Miles above the United states at the end of their 31st orbit. At that time they had been in space for 48 hours 58 minutes. They Are to return to Earth just after noon monday. Excellent shape there is absolutely no de might be used As reference Points to guide project Apollo astronauts returning from Moon voyages. Among the photographic targets were Point Jig Era and Aguilla both in puerto Rico Al Dorado Airport at Bogota Colombia Point Loma Lighthouse san Diego Calif. Lake Titicaca and late de poo a in Bolivia and the Junction Hof the Blue Nile and the White continued in Page 2, Cal. 4 rights push by Frank Cormier Washington a president Johnson has called for a by Bill w. Dean died instantly. The fourth big Springs neb. A critically wounded Over Muddy roads in a sly we president of the Bank Glenn steady rain today seeking some Hendricksen 59, the cashier Trace of the icy Calm killer who shot four Bank employees in the Back Friday killing three and wounding the fourth. Road blocks were removed after the state patrol and sheriffs officers completed a House by House farm by farm search of a wide area in Western Nebraska and Eastern Colorado but the huge posse continued to Check out leads none of them fruitful. Rain started about 4 . Friday dumping about 3inches on the area and turning Many Side roads into Muddy trails. The Rains continued today. There was still no Trace of the killer. A every available Man in too Miles is taking part a Quot Aid sheriff Floyd Stahr. Late Friday sheriff Stahr a 6-1 Bot 41 Man in a wide brim Western hat made his Headquarters in the Bank. State troopers Fri agents sheriffs officers my olice from neighbouring towns trooped in to report to him. A i have no idea Why he shot them a said county atty. Robert Richards. A they did no to resist when he told them to Lay Down on their the gunman fired eight times As the four Lay on the floor of the Farmers state Bank. Three was and Lois Ann Hothan 35, bookkeeper. Franklin Kjeldgaard 25, Nephew of Andreas was taken to a Denver Hospital with wounds in the neck and Back. High on hog Houston Tex. A while astronauts James a. Mcdivitt and Edward h. White ii Aren t eating gourmet food in space the Bill for what they Are consuming in their four Day flight is sky High. Each meal costs about $255. Pheasant under Glass lobster Tail Champagne no sir dry Cereal Bacon and egg bites toasted bread cubes and Orange juice made up the first meal. Their space menu includes lunch a beef and Gravy com Toast Date Fruitcake and Tea. Supper a pea soup Salmon salad Toast fruit cocktail and Orange juice. Late snack a Orange Grapefruit juice Chicken Sandwich chocolate pudding and Peanut cubes. I Sam if i a wife Man saves son Falls a Clifton Terrace father tumbled 350 feet Down the Mississippi River Bluffs after successfully diving to save his infant son from a similar fail. William Rhoads 1000 w. Rosenberg Lane Clifton Terrace suffered minor cuts and bruises and his 19 a month old son Randy escaped unhurt. Rhoads said he was painting in the basement of their Cliff top Home when he saw his songs head disappear Over the Edge of the Bluff 35 feet from their House. A i thought he was gone for sure a Rhoads Siad he ran out the basement and leaped Over a retaining Fence several feet from the Edge. He grabbed the child by the shirt and threw him against the Fence. Rhoads continued to slide and Tumble 350 feet to the Railroad tracks below. A new civil rights Effort to achieve Howard University said the there is 110true Equality for the american great majority of negro Ameri crease in their alertness. ,7 negro a not just Equality As a jeans a still Are another Are in excellent right and a a despite the court orders and Mission control Center at hous-1 b ton reported. The gemini 4 spacecraft was reported performing exceptionally Well. Mcdivitt reported a slight dryness in the Throat As a result of the pure oxygen atmosphere in the Cabin but that was expected. Eye irritation which the astronauts reported earlier because of the oxygen had cleared up. Mcdivitt had one complaint. He said he Wasny to getting enough exercise. A a we re in Good shape up Here a command Pilot Mcdivitt reported to the ground this morning. He added however that he was a a trifle weary and during the night he had his Best sleep yet. White asleep White who provided the main excitement of the planned four Day flight by taking a 20 minute excursion in space thursday was asleep at the time the report was made. John Hodge a Mission control Center flight director reported this morning that the astronauts spent a a very uneventful night. We did what we were supposed to do following the flight plan gathering medical data eating drinking sleeping and performing Hodge said the astronauts a Johnson delivering the com a the Laws the victories and me Cement address Friday speeches for them the Walls Are night at predominantly negro rising and the Gulf is widening Quot the witness n. S. Corn 81 and in failing health testified at geared eth Alert w they to a perjury trial of former okla the president said. Citing statistics on employment and income to show that negroes in some ways Are faring worse today than 5 or la years ago Johnson said this represented an a american the president who took the occasion to announce plans for a special White House conference next fall to explore such problems said a it is not enough to open the goes of Opportunity. A our citizens must have the ability to walk through those Gates. A this is the next and the More profound stage of the Battle for civil rights. We seek not just Freedom but Opportunity a not just Legal equity but human ability a not just Equality As a right and a theory but Equality _ As a fact and a speaking at commencement by spoke of seeking Justice for the negro and said a i pledge this will be a chief goal of my administration and of my program next year and in years to come. I Hope it will be part of the program of All a the task is to give 20 million negroes the same Chance As every other american to learn and grow a to work and share in society a to develop their abilities physical mental and spiritual a and to pursue their individual Oklahoma scandal hits More judges Oklahoma City okla. Apr a weary old Many a former member of the Oklahoma supreme court stunned a Federal court Friday by implicating three present members of Hie High state court Iii a bribery scandal. By disappointed my friends a said Cargill told him that five other justices on the nine Mem homa City mayor o. A. Cargill sr., 80, that Cargill helped for 20 years to finance his election had Only been in space for five minutes instead of More than 47 hours. He reported spacecraft conditions were excellent and there was nothing in sight that could cause an Early termination of the Mission. Very impressive Hodge said he was impressed with the a enthusiasm and the completely disgraced my Fame Ber court also had been a taken care he identified them As chief sewage explanation ordered state Calls Jersey officials Jerseyville City officials have been ordered to appear at a hearing of the Illinois sanitary water Board to explain the aseged discharge of sewage into do Arcy Branch. Clarence w. Klassen the boards technical Secretary said Friday the hearing will be held in Springfield but no Date has been set. The notice charged that inadequately treated sewage is flowing from sewers serving the Anderson subdivision in Jerseyville and polluting do Arcy Branch a Small Creek 2 Miles from the City. No one takes water from the Creek the Telegraph was told but livestock has Access to it during part of it course. Mayor James Dolan said the problem involves septic tanks in the Anderson subdivision which he said Drain into Field tile in the area. He said sewage is seeping from the Field tile into an open ditch which drains into do Arcy Branch. Mayor Dolan added that the condition had existed to the sub division for to years. Jerseyville health commissioner Kenneth Searles said the subdivision contains about 75 Homes but that apparently Only a partial number of septic tanks Are polluting the Stream. Searles said the problem exists a because septic tanks done too the he asserted that part of the trouble arises because the area s soil will not contain the seepage from the tanks. According to Searles the pol campaigns in return for his vote a a Harr it a a _ ver Davison and w. H. Black Bird and two former members com who at one Point told of the court a Arl Welch and n presiding dist. Court judge Roy b Johnson w. Harper St. Units i Violat Welch resigned from the de my oath and i ruined myself t enc1 after being convicted of Nymn Latov i Coracan my farm. ,.income tax evasion. Johnson was removed by the Senate pm charges of accepting bribes. Cargill is accused of lying of a Federal grand jury when he said he did not know of bribes paid to the supreme court. Com appeared near exhaustion at the end of five hours on the stand. For four hours he was Cross examined by chief defense counsel Percy Foreman Houston Tex. Foreman brought out that in 12 cases involving Cargill before the supreme court that Corn did not vote for cargo us a clients in All instances. A he did no to Call me on those cases or he called me and told me tha he had the same kind of Deal with the other Side and i voted the Way i wanted log Cora replied. Corn said he meant attorneys opposing Cargill when he said a the other Lution a could be a health Hazard. He added that when the subdivision was built some to to 15 years ago the City had no zoning ordinance. Jerseyville has one now he said a but it Isnit Searles did not know who complained to the state about the pollution adding however that he had heard complaints about the condition for some time. The subdivision is located on the Western Edge of Jerseyville. Inside Tot Jay. Editorial.a-4 criticism of costs for juror lodging at Edwardsville should be Well taken by agencies involved. Nicholls.a-2 twin trials in Edwardsville Are drawing to close. Alton teacher gets prom nent place in Book for Ber second career in the profession. new Book tells Many a solution to mechanization problem it you can to beat the machine join parables. A4 theologians taking another look at parables in the Bible. Religion Section. another War brewing title ones Between rival pro foot Ball leagues

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