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Alton Evening Telegraph Newspaper Archives Jul 2 1955, Page 1

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Alton Evening Telegraph (Newspaper) - July 2, 1955, Alton, Illinois Me Telegraph seat to toe on Toi r vacation Alton evening Telegraph sen in it flip Alton Community for More than 119 ears Heather Alton urea loud Soow Rotl mrm a Miori no com a nit in int i of Hartley mom jog or met High no fit established january 15, 1836, vol xxx no. 144 Alton ill., saturday july 2, 1965 16 pages a per copy. Member of the associated press . Steel boosts prices $7.50 a ton going going. Pittsburgh mgt a steel corp., which granted in average 13 cent an hour wage boost to ifs a in ploys to Avert a nationwide Lee strike is boosting prices a Quot tilt $7 if a ton. stills aril on came shortly alter it Ernley the shortest walk out in the Industry s history in it it Promise agreement with the Cio t med Steelworker. I Ullin i to Der within a few hour after the 12-h car strike ended Friday All of me Industry s Quot big st1�?T had followed the Leader in agreeing to a he pay boost they Are Bethlehem it it 11 corp a rept Ihl a tones a i Laughlin Youngstown Sheet or i be and Inland so eel. A rom a t will tort m up prices i a con i w i pay products fiord f. I it. the he in v la on a ton it other a d oth of Ca steel it d they a Mark Mer mint Dixon Yates Down for count $5,000acre to / offered for Brown tract i i r a is i urine v an offer of it Roo an a re for the Brown proper on n Henry St was authorized pending an election in september by Alton Bow d of Edu it at Ion thursday night. F p wit Kelly and empowered n an of it inn v hit Ebrown he braise Kenneth it. I Ssmon were the Board to sign k. A. Weber and for Purchase of u in Ai new const in n no to to stood by a ret. They would have any of the % c Iii any which err h a s papers fist to in Sis the no t i it near in Psi ire cml nil rated Hie w Ith i i in the mrs by Al Whix ski i i Memphis. Term to you might compare to to a prize fight a the Ling. B her and rumple a scrap he it tween hackers of to a and Dixon Yates in Congress and in court. To a hackers kept whipping left Hooks d ton Yates was fax and Strong. In the Pru Dent Eisenhower and the administration in its Corner to v backups were losing on ski Nix Btl All the while they Hadj their big right cocked. In the last round Dixon Yates took it on the he whether it get up before the count 10 remains to he seen the corked right hand was i Memphis the if in de soon after the fight started Nearis a year ago of bold to own too Mil on Dollar generating Plant rather than accept Dent Vales Power the stunning now was triggered to Hie frail 72 it ear old of Dent it of the Memphis utilities division r la. Allen. He called in reporters i Aal week and told them i w ii or commend that Mem of s by id its own Power a few Dav later the White school tax Levy j boosted 8450 too 2-county crime Board urged thursday nerd ight i 1955 oilman deadline extended e cob d Natl v can of Niovi n comes an old landmark Chimney at Horace maim bites the dust. Or rather raises dust As it Falls to the ground. Mclaughlin trucking and excavating company pulled ii Down along with a twin Friday noon. The old school will he levelled within a month at the present rate of demolition. A staff photo. Joui5 ii a a St it ate k atty Richard cof Ipoh until to Day r the return of Frank i Man r after new to Pac the steel w n he for Dav i d to the the the 6 3 acre Atte in the Center of Alton. If the site is approved by the \ it very of the school District in an Elf Hon ter1 at in Ely planned for next september the land will be used for the erection of a school building Roosevelt school the Roosevelt t Bool. Said to Yates contract will be reappraised s a Safe n View of the Memphis dec be util the to replan e House called n reporters to Tell them the Contr res a1 Dixon Holiday death toll reaches 72 e As of racy to pan sex w axles a moment to get the r Mills prof to have been j orders Are rolling j even on the of is t a in none lose Ned to wan no he r Eft �?��?��?~1 glowing again h cd this Vair a i Aimo record product the remainder that was one reas Why the s Nike Veax the the Industry s history. I i Nee to agreement a Hie thursday Shrike d adne Apptt acted i inv Peai font David j. Mcdonald and we pies Dent j own a Stephens of to a s i s be were so close to agreement i f my Dona. I dec ired the Dis Pule was almost be go at. A is resumed f a a Short t me to 4 unturned Ltd fag to dissolve subsidiary of la. E. Iii Alton i n in b Enn a Odd filed a be on w the die i a a x of Nerce comm ,-s.on for Perm is a to dissolve it he undesirable tor uses it Hoot budding would be it iced in some other manner the Board is at told. Only Garfield building and Roosevelt Annex Are deemed Safe for taproom. Ahio usable in the boats building on the Comer Are Row i it e additional Hood Issue will in at has i be cled to construct to pro a posed a Ltd Hon i on a be contemplate pro tax a Henry St sue the Money a driest a w a lid he that a Fin h was originally allocated for he re instruct Ion of Roosevelt Roosevelt property is considered by the school to re to he too entangled Lega la to make a Good the for expansion part of the present room Ever sue i a a. A i. To i proved is deeded to the citizens no of Alton for pm r k purposes and i by if is a question whether the or who h Hoard in id Legal v contract in j for years have a achoo building Ere ted to lit on the doubtful ground. When the the total Cost of the Pur. Have a Bority a of the Brown property with the real estate Salesman commit Aion would he $2x075. The land school District Engineer Donald ret pointed out is 85 per cent level and highly desirable for building and playground p in Spaes the site in Laso a Loco of Missouri rated in a Center of increasing child population. Another offer of a Simla i to it to the South was reject $75,758 taxes paid Friday Al City Hall into the Fonda. President had asked a the budget Bureau to Confer with the to \ and the atom c Energy Cornin Seton to determine whether it would be a the interest of persons living in the to a area Quot to con by tilt the Nang his a opiate ii press in traffic death rate the 1 re or of this year s of juju weekend was run her Todd i d a. As the it a cml it an that report s from or to cancel the Dix to f re a a per a if it car a ses contract at 12 noon it est today. 52 tray to Senate a proper a on com Fie deaths had been recorded since j Muter Friday voted to withhold 6 pm. Friday a to More Tham funds for a Power line to link for the 19- period. The Overall act Dixon Yates with the to a Power Trident death toll reached 72. With Grid d Memphis shows a Quot definite 9 drowning and la deaths in other commitment w he to Davs types of deluded none1 the storm Center sue Between of a he tie Albs were attributed to or Side rut Sod a str t rework. Able sect on of Congress a a a near the National safety c the cd Max to socratic leaders ext mated thai a Peruc said it was doomed Iki led in Highway acc How of it it All Start monday my a night d find remember the fighters ars born col be i president by to a and d von Yates Public versus private Para have been Slugg Rig it out me As it. X the or Vee we Are go n he is mate him j has us w i i i in dents by i Daria d today slam in to reach of Iao a a St cropped up Tenor we Valley Aula is punic Power saw pm. To Quot a could no longer Gen 4 oui nerd no in age 7. Col. 7. 3 boats still battle1 heat Iii Marathon that link he b i a a a or exceed in the no Holiday weekend june it an associated Prev Gurvey showed 12 per on died n traffic accidents. Ill drowned and 62 met violent deaths from in Scel-11 aureus causes a total of 5li the three Dav fourth of jul in hol-1 a a Vuk an of email it fs�?248 n # traffic. 192 and 83 in other acce i id no to ? fireworks who a Ovy Ned subsidiary in Mon by the Board thursday when i or re Power co and to trans Fer the Stih suchary a properties and franchises to i Electr e. T n on elect be Power co. Serve Alton kid Frev Tovy Tschip Milton Heig Tys Hartford and a Sec on of South Roxana to these centers the company supp sex electric Power and to the Coy of Alt in Ami ifs fringes the com pan a to Supply a natural Gas. The Transfer will result in a More flex Ole and for opera bans and remove needless complexities in Deal no with regulatory authorities a rom by John cd Ihm Ich pan Nat Man a d Washington up a sen East the filing follows a recent land d miss suns he accept the amendment of the i not pub new York times word that no i �?~a1. Is act from Security violation was involved in one requirement of incorporation As publication of a Story n illness Coni pan is owning or the korean War that the . Air operating a Public Utility system Force was using f86 Sabre jts a situated partly in Simois and Eastland chairman of the sen a a by in an Ady it ining state or ate internal Security sub commit the e assistants reported the latter ground too rough and Hilly for school p,.i-poses. Sen. Kast Laius takes times�?�1 i Ord on Story Natchez mix special a i. A 4bill Stratton parsed heir a 12 1,9 a. In. Today followed by Harold Berry a a 4 30 a. In. And Roy Smith a 7 20 a in. Storck is motors developed Mechanic to difficulties 20 Miles downstream from Natchez. His Crew Tel it phoned his not me in Wayne City la. And told his Famiie that ire Din k do. Last Vear in of 623 drown dents Dea is. The record Overall toll for any Independence Day to. A. Period a aet n the four Day Holiday n 1930 when 792 perched the National safety concil est. Tax collecting to cd bom x stretch in Alton when payments aggregated $7i 758 the highest daily figure in in ire than a week. Up Perth now Nero App a to hav e taken count that the payment period Here to nearing a close and a Rush of payments that set in yesterday Forenoon was continuing today. Total receipts of faxes through Friday a and at is 550.mi Elliott reports Colli tor Elliott that Manx who Are now settling their Persona Tux accounts Are apparently respond no to Quot reminder notices has sen a hot. But among Call Era v Ess it Day a re Many be noted woo were making return and paying second install to their real is ate tax Bills e Pav my Pineir second to ailments before the local collects s office cloves a week fit a today Are helping the City without being nut of prs set for making the rejection through its City trea it user the City is Able to re Ain 2 per cent on All tax receipts. This by Bis up a balance m excels of collection costs that can later be applied to general City expense payments Friday evening when treasurer e Bott kept his office up n to 9 a a re the most numerous of any evening period. T. N Utu ded in payment figures available today were checks in a big stack of envelopes mailed yest May. And received a the j coiled for s office in the foremer. A i delivers so Busy Wax be hints \ Eto of korean Bonus Bill ted for cd w a Bee the fact a z of j Fred Al new distribute Quik St toning in at i Springfield it v a gov la i am Stratton a strongly indicated he will veto a Bdl proper my a 130 Dollar Pion for pay no bonuses to veterans. A of the korean War tile governor said for Day the Bill has not vet reached his desk Mackinac Island Mich wort Man s. D Friday night he w it a in no hurry to return to St Louin a i Don t even know the Guy that a Wortman said Quot Carter ill be glad to talk to la m w Nen i get b a a a i i Quot Gering Bael for ail this s a seven fit or a Nabo Nally know Thrity today in d port the proposal i ens crime r mini a clean up of m id a its neighbor St James v Corm the St. Leu Cir and Pax put my it Lunation of a tin Mission a d that zen to h Pio it n i my out gangsta no he advocated to Madison Aud it commission neat to Ortman Mon frug Urr hurry to a ba1h a re 8 he said this by he red to is located part Connor a d Winch Las oar of j. Fred k did not Mark i Tri Hutira in St counties Quot it so extremely like a that people know who killed to Connor mud Quot and the re w retaliatory measures a a r i sip a up Citi Emp. And the tax Levy to too Over that t4 different a in it budget Pron to Ion increase in Tacl do ans salaries for and Minna Hoo too i be Rex s an offset for att of f Lucati Ott mask Chi Housa m budget and tis year is him last Vear. This it my Rte de of a of 3200.000 for a her and gusto my for supp leg pupils. Another a is no dieted ase Aid which will Nek be received in be of of the j too a Cour red u 1956 to he not fix a1 due to in increase m As a valuation of 115,duo too in Rhoul District another $150,-Par x figure is a a gift is Ion for Patton of taxes in if an the \ in the to i or lax of for my anti and 1951 budget year totals i rational fund the building amount in it Tud the 1953 i on St or. J ent of the Lind for the 845.50 a mar fund. Net fis<a1 n the edit .120 229 >0 in this latter 52 �?T,11 229 40 of Ion fund. B Johnson up intend it Bool told the Board i it n it he exported an Ith the tit re id Mon Imp in t so easy stand a a to services run Between is and and the Mainland wort he plates cart Wortman this Bas a1 in such Ca the Corr would supp mix Mon or the Nav in could lie c he said he Point such place and Garv. Ill he result. Been in pattern in is with him at hotel where room o Hoo daily my if Wortman quickly he will authority said he it a tie i county rom Quot temporary a is ask citation also med on for a Upcott. V i sit men the r i then he added at a news Confer does t Reu Ewe seek to extradite him. No Effort Quot the thing that makes the most was made by authorities to prevent sense would be to set up a study Ortman s departure for Michigan commission a Hast tuesday although East St. Also awaiting the governor s a Louis Poce has issued an order j Connor added Tion is a Bill creating a commit for Wortman s arrest for question on to study the Bon is question big and Marse recommendations in the widow of the slain Koenig 1957. Was questioned by authorities the twi he Nan. Sub in of to state about three hours Friday and was referendum would pay an ext orb red to appear before the county grand jury aug. 15. Hoer g Wax shot Las wee and h i As Hod a was puffed nto the trunk b x car. Cars of two of his s were fired on in Gangland fashion a month earlier Here to the swim action in a Phoenix City. Alarid one the citizens were aroused by Wighton slaying and other underworld violence but full support of Civie leaders is necessary to accomplish this enrolment of 9 him students next fall with a average daily at Tendon it e of 9 Trio or 9 too pupils. Cites Iii miss 4 it it or noted the the of and Mist Ding school a it firs rises with the child population. Quot me must always lag behind in receiving the Money which we he pointed out Quot Bei auge the Tux setup Tate Aid claims Federal and stat Rem Hur Senen for vocational and special education fund Are pent before a claim can be filed a the 1955 tax lev Ini a miffed a Olav to la Quot Ouno a clerks of Madison and a i were composed of 11,850.000 for the Edu-5 rational fund $679 of41 for the building fund and $32 too tor the District contrib Mon to Illinois municipal retirement fund. Of the to 78,qo0 for the building fund $454 046 91 is for debt service which mean it will he a phed to paying Riff principal and mated .10.000 Illinois korean War veterans $15 a month for overseas i duty and $10 a month for Domestic service Between june 26, 1900 and j j us .6. 1953. I it would be financed by a Bond Issue payments of which would be retired from taxes on harness racing and liquor Stratton also said that he intend to use h x veto Power to Knock oui no a of an is mated 40 to 30 in i on dollars voted by leg Slat ire n excess of the two ear budget Rico mme Nat Ion the governor s budget originally called for about $1 709 too too among Tho a a Ems which Stratton listed a outside the budget Are a $1,000 annual Pav rasp for legit Holiday eases Washington s traffic Irish it re a of that s6 too too Bond i to year. Afton Hoof extend 78 qua eludes 33 build it and admin Ira plus too nor Ftp i is nor mail a s 11 1 lo23ic Wane boost a at Laclede i a led 5eei co. Today announced the installation of a i atom a a 4 2 dollars state Ness wage a a ale effective july i. Washington v the work end brought Relief today to Washington Gigantic traffic crush headache caused by a Public transit strike 9 the strike started Friday and All in pointed to no breads in i j tuesday at the earliest after the fourth of july Holiday. Federal h o w e \ e r were meeting again today w in i representatives of the Cap Tai transit co. And of Al Streetcar and bus workers who want wage increases and some fringe benefits Congreve planned hearings next amount of the a tie n last Distant huh e Mil and intr 400 teacher live Pei Onnel. Hing employees 500 too business annually since the building and expansion Prog am was put into effect in recent years the average annual Cost of operating the school District a been in the Vicinity of $3,000,000. The estimated 1955-56 budget a pre it a need by supt. Johnson to the Board Friday night follow inc ome i St mated educational fund collector s staff up to noon closing mat accounting on i had to be deferred. Mates that 40 in Hon automobiles a. Arzoun Wmk on mail payments w he on the n ghz ays d ring the. J. Salat Bol Day period. The period of great j ext peril in near the end. When fund in help school d strict Budd classrooms a 12 a million Dollar boost for state employees motorists tired from hours of travel Are returning Home on crowded highways j fireworks deaths Nave dwindled sharply in recent years. Various states prohibit their Sale. In 1903. He had withdrawn from the j fireworks killed 466 persons and a it r j injured 3.983. Smith s Boa ran out of Gaso deaths by states traffic drown line 13 Miles downstream from my and m see Laneous in that or Natchez and his wife Doris Der h red an airboat to take fuel to 850,000 fund for seawall Belore Senate for All hourly employee at a a the problem. And $79ii000 for comming the pre mat ure baby care program. The governor a d Quot it s foolish to i sign something into Law if you icicled1 s Ai a on and Madison plants which will provide ave age increase of Over cents per hour. The strike took away bus and an Streetcar Serence for an estimated 15 100.000 customer. A a result what police said was Washington s Quot this increase is provided for worst traffic crush in history clog in the company s labor agree ged the City in the morning. Cars j in commenting on 4 in tinned on Page 7. Col. 8. Workers of America Cio and downtown streets one Driver major follows the parted established working a crossword Puzzle As he continued on Page 7, col 7. I h in. He is continuing the race. Near it men hours behind Stilton. By it Vuolo Brvno the Fust report from the it on Tesams m the third annual new played of till tip names Jean Max it Rick to it direct Viton school band tee. Said late Friday the group Orleans to Al ton outboard Marina or As made any such town race which began Friday hut that Quot i am glad to a put mgt Central Tandara states. The statement continues Quot in order to insure against loss of tax revenues a new Section make this statement in the interim been added to the act which est of Complete xxi require Union electric go. The Story w As written in 1950 by of Missouri upon completion of Charles Grutzner a times report Wmk the dissolution to make payments to certain in District equivalent to legally extend Vii against sensed value of Union electric 19 0. Their twin motors Wen Power co. Capital Stock in the Grutzner was among a dozen for bins smoothly and they to Ashington up a Many nil Renois protects Are included in the $565,630,000 Waterways program the Senate approx nation commuter for Day recommended the j Senate pass. The Bill incorporating the program has been approved by the committee. It Calls for spending about in per cent More than president Eisenhower asked for the comp did met a the a and Almot to per cent More feat Hing experience a has been president and Quot mrs Eisenhower a the him quote chosen to sue red Ray Martin Are in the mountains of Maryland ado plod is a Rector of the Ahon Illch for the fourth of july weekend the my Nam it projects Are include it How a band Eisenhower in mountains for of weekend a musician who placed trombone with Quot big name bands and w to a has had extensive de in the we construction Calumet har a dispatch from Baton picnic for the White House staff Bor and Pic Vanois waterway Calumet Sag Channel time <1 16 p. In Alton Daylight they celebrated their 39th wed time was received Friday eve Ding anniversary Friday with a acquisition. Brooklyn Eagle who were named More the dispatch concluded. Quot Union Colliery co. At due by lbs new satan Winston m Bur a dispatch from a. And mrs. Quote Ina Juoh Nix been Audett As people he knew As fellow Harold Berry. Roxana at Raton subsidiary of Union electric pow in 1937-1940. Grutzner Rouge revealed that they had or co., will become a direct sub testified he became fed up with been delayed one hour because in chary of Union electric co. Of communism and quit just before int fuel line Ston Nace and a. Missouri. Missouri iwo pc Light pining Tho times stak1�?oiv Quot a. 6tp in Thov co. Of Jeffer Sitofi City. To. Mis Flatland indicated in his ques left at t 2u p m Raming 130 Souri try a a a a a a a to in Bellev a _ a Ion electric co. Of Missouri. Of try the Pentagon had cleared it concluded. Quot applications for approval of top pubic anon. Rms a its about xxi me transaction also were for statement Friday said Mue from new Orleans Mak warded today to the Missouri he subcommittee has been in no Stratton average time Leas formed by the defense depart run Durni wp1t i la couples. Tnp t for their Ann Ersary the White House staff gave the Elsi showers a sofa and a Large engraved Silver tray. Receiver appointed tor Elton tire sales Hamilton Jones Alton actor 170.005 Beardstown $800,000 Clear Creek drainage and levee District. $600,000 Degognia and fount a. N Bluff levee District $420,000. East St Louis and Vicin 1 in is Jean Mccormick. 53, of 37 k a it ton ave Wood River. Who her no in East Junior High school chorus director. Muffin considered an out standing band director resigned a month ago to accept a position at higher Alary at Naperville. 111. Mccorm k s music up it Rienche includes trom Ity. $1,283,000 Preston drainage be rust in Terre haute ind. The i District. $260,000 grand Tower drainage District $230,000 Wilson Wenkel and Prairie Dupont drainage District. $485,000 Wood River drainage District $700,000. Planning -.Alton. $30,000 to the Missouri Public Servile commission in Jefferson City and the securities and Exchange commission in than 23 Miles an hour to that in ent that it is Quot unable As yet to Point and Berry s average in slate from its own records a Heth continued on Page 7, col. 6. Der 20 Miles an hour. The boats continued on Page 7, cd. A Telegraph of ill of publish. July 4 the Telegraph will not publish next monday july 4, Independence Day. Was not contained in the House approved Bill River singe tees in it a bes tor s orchestra in years. Freddy Martin s orchestra one year. Isham Jones orchestra one year. Will get borne a orchestra three years Ray Noble s orchestra three years. He has played on radio programs including Jara Benny a the a Parade and with Andrea Host Elands orchestra. He has a master s degree from Indiana state teachers edged along police stood a every downtown Section. Parking was an Auto St dream a no time Emit except regular Rush Hou it no Nickels in the and along the curb in bus zones. By even homeward in h most of the rag were gon it cars moved More swiftly. Some government girl it Tood on the curb with signs announcing their suburban destinations govern it personnel had been encouraged to take the Day off a suggestion which apparently thou Sands heeded to get an Early Start on the Holiday weekend under the old contract that sex pined at Midnight thurs it sit operators got $1 90 an hour cd instruction top mechanics $ 2.03 the operation wants a 25 cent a hourly boost for fixed clips operators and 31 cents Mon Foi top mechanics. And. $ 675 nor taxes 54 Levy. Tit Chi taxes 55 Levy. ,. 3 123,543 mimic. Retirement 28.000 tuition spec de and summer. 6 506 transportation state 31 xxx not. Sch a a amp v olt 1. 2.000 cafeteria Ltd it hide a a ate Federal Aid. 235 Ooi slate Aid it voc and special education. 4 Vii Book rentals. 60.000 athletics. To Xiv anticipation. Total. $3.122 04? outstanding bbl. 276 543 2 845.500 building fund taxes 54 lev. $ 300 nod taxes 55 Lew. S i x nor Muny retirement. 40 xxx Sale property. I oot estimated interest 1953 constr fund 20 too balance and de fund deficit. 201 �07 1953 constr fund. 2.311.229 total. J.185.830 Bill outstanding. 65 607 3.120 22? expenditures estimated Gen. Control Jean Mccormick and is director of the Alton municipal band. The decision to promote Mccomb k to the High school band position was made at a meeting of the Alton Board of education thursday. The Board also voted to hire a new elementary teach purse snatching a daytime Pur get Snak lung incident that caused Cash loss Al $49 to mrs Betty Lou Ross to 109 Vav tenth St., was reported to the police at la . Friday. Mrs Ros. A negro resident. Auxiliary maintenance Cap. Outlay debt sen ice contingencies totals $ 90 too 2.045,000 238,000 40 too 370 xxx 5,000 to 006 too 17.300 $ soc xxx 38.000 33.000 too 902 Hig 2 375.229 454,04 7 453 2 845.500 3 020.220 a Bureau Taro lock amp dam 36 1 fall 1.27 stage 4.04 % College has taught in Alton a miss Ann Johnson schools three years and before Mccormick position at fast that at High schools in metro Junior will be taken by Boyd x it a pop stolen police investigated nit Wert complained that she had been unable to get Trace of youths followed by a Man and woman who mrs mar Menish operator also coloured on leaving a Down of the Central Avenue Dairy bar town store and that the Man had reported to have taken about 25 grabbed Het purse securing the six bottle Cartons or a pop Money after he started North mom her 4tstablishmerit shortly on state St. Rill from Vav. Fourth before to p in Friday the but mrs. Ross related her robbery Ness place had been crowded loss to a policeman who a com with Youthful patrons mrs my named her in a hurried but Nish reported and the carry out fruitless search through the Cartons apparently were Annig West bad business Section to died out a Side door by a group which it was thought tile purse which had a Caf in waiting the to Zero 38548 la j Olis Ecron Roxana and Brent j Lamar it a an Honor graduate snatching couple might hav e automobile was seen to 1epa t Pool 418.74 tailgater 399 52 Wood. To. He plays first from j last month of Southern Illinois Bone with Alton civic orchestra i University. Returned after flight from state just about the time she discover. St. Red die to

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