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Alton Evening Telegraph (Newspaper) - February 19, 1962, Alton, Illinois Page four Alton evening Telegraph monday february 19, 1962 editorial turning Point in British Guiana uprising in British Guiana against the government of marxist prime minister Cheddie Jagan has accomplished three things on at least a temporary basis 1. It has Given a Strong indication of Strong opposition to the left prostrated prime minister. It lessens the possibility that Jagan can continue to expand his socialist plans for this British Colony so close within the area of Fidel Castro a influence. 2. It has Given the British whose Colony Guiana is a definite reason for sending troops into the Island area and according to latest announcements from London indefinitely postponing their former plans to make that Colony Independent. 3. It has Given the United states the Teason it needed to break off assistance talks with Jagan and his government. The growing situation had promised deep Embarrass ment to this country Jagan was demanding considerable Aid from us and Guiana spending Independence was bringing close the time when we would have had to woo the new nation As a Friend or allow it to Widen Castro a sphere of influence. Now we have already announced postponement of the departure by our economic Survey Mission. Lagan is Tring to discredit the uprising by blaming it on the influence of major financial interests. Unfortunately for the credibility of tins charge the main steam seems to have been generated among labor Clements. Civil ser vice truce resources resigned Alton police and their St. Louis attorney Are taking a praiseworthy step in acquainting themselves in detail with regulations of the Alton civil service commis Sion and discussing possibilities with that body. For within these rules could veil be contained the speedy and peaceful settlement of our entire mix up. It is Well for All concerns to know the details of these regulations a not Only to know what path May he taken toward settlement but so that a1 May know and recognize what obstacles must be overcome to heal our wounds. Civil service through the years has always been looked upon As a Protection for Public servants against pressures from outside. It always has been viewed As Assurance that the Loyal proficient Public servant will be Given his fullest Opportunity to increase his responsibility and consequently his service. It also has been regarded As a Protection to the Public with a View to seeing that the Public gets the Hest possible benefits from those paid with its taxes to conduct the government. It has had its attackers even on a logical level a among those who held it protected the inefficient As Well As the ef-1k Lent in their jobs. In the main How Ever it has been a rework of Protection against the follies of politics and consistently has Given us better More efficient Public employees. Within the Alton regulations May yet he contained some remedy for the current situation a remedy which will involve a minimum of concessions from both sides and which could restore the police department whole with the quickest possible elimination of friction and strife. Progress already has been made in the discovery that polygraph tests for the men were not required under the current Call for examinations for new patrolmen. Two great lapses to mildly the world of music Bas lost to o of its truly greats within the past two w weeks a men who will be difficult to replace. And their Way of going was As contrasting As their places in the music world. Frug. Kreisler the tops among All modern violinists who nevertheless was such a modest composer that he played his own compositions disguised As works of others was the firs of the two to . Brasier had been inactive for a number of years particularly since an automobile Accident in Surv the world had slow by Learned to he without the music of his violin though it will be hearing for years to come the strains he composed and played As encores without even identifying himself with them. His last Solo work was recorded before the Lush recording qualities of modern Days were available. On the other hand the Mellow and understanding Condu Eti it a Bruno Walter a Active on the podium till the last. In recent Drew Pearson s merry go round Washington a nothing brings out the lobbyists on Capitol Hill like Tux reforms thu h might hit the pocketbook interests. Once president Kennedy showed he was serious about tightening tax loopholes lobbyists began swarming through the eap Itoi corridors like tourists at Cherry Blos Koni time. The savings and loan people for instance called a convention in Washington at the same time their tax privileges came up for review by the tax writing House Way and Means committee. The delegates were turned Loose on Capitol Hill to bring pressure on their Home state congressmen. Adopting the Sam tactics More than i too restaurateurs marched upon Washington to protest against cutting Down expense Aei out deductions. They cried to their congressmen that this proposal would put the Champagne and caviar joints out of business. Pickle producer h. J. Heinz organized a task Force of 19 big companies to fight a proposed tax on their overseas subsidiaries. They hired Public relations expert Anna Rosenberg who has important democratic connections to Mastermind their protest. Other captains of Industry afraid to Trust such an important matter to their hired lobbyists. Have made personal pilgrimages to Capitol Hill to bring their influence to Bear on the tax writ Jere in fact businessmen linkers. J industrialists. Oilmen and spokes-1 men for other special interests have been pouring into washing ton to take up the cudgels against the tax changes. Actually president Kennedy wants to give businessmen a tax break in order to stimulate the Economy. He has proposed an 8 per cent tax credit on new Plant machinery w h i c h would encourage modernization to meet european Tom petition. More Revenue he would also like to step up the depreciation rate by Basing it upon the economic rather than pin steal life of manufacturing equipment. These two measures would reduce tax Revenue an estimated 12,800.000,000 a year. To make up for tile anticipated kiss the pres Idem has asked Congress to close i David Lau rence Eisenhower kind to i Khrushchev Washington Nikita Khrushchev May not have had a Chance As yet to read a verbatim account of what former president Eisenhower said about him on the lbs television last thursday night to it nationwide audience in America hut when the soviet Premier does he ought to take it i to heart. For it was a Fine example of what Christian philosophy Means As Manifest d by the very Man against Wiliom Khrushchev intemperate by Flung insults of May 1960, calling him a Quot scoundrels and a the question asked by Walter Cronkite of lbs was what Eisenhower thought of Khrushchev. There was no Referrer made to the Bible but. After hearing the former presidents reply this correspondent thought at once of some verses in St. Luke wherein Jesus is quoted As follows Quot but i say unto you which hear love your enemies do Good to them which late you. It Quot bless them that curse you. And Pray for them which despite fully use j Quot and unto him that Smiseth thee on the one Cheek offer also the i other. A f Eisenla Ower a appraisal of the a soviet premieres personality was a sincere Effort to give a fair analysis and to avoid any personal resentments. The transcript of the concluding portion of Eisen i Bower a remarks was As follows Quot now i Don t think that Thrush i Choy is. Himself necessarily a cruel Man but he is raised in the doctrine of Force. They give it the euphemism of the a dictatorship of the that is just i another Way of saying a dictator but so he j would think by him self would be disposed i think Toj j make As Good an agreement As he could As Long As he did no to have to open his country. But we can see j no Way of making such an agreement until he does open it and i think we Are right. I just do not \ j believe we should make a single Concession on that punt that if we Alf going to make these i disarmament agreements the. I country must be opened sufficiently just As ours is so we can see what the other fellow is doing. Quot i am sure he loves children. He is always talking about his i own family and when he met my grandchildren Here he extracted from them a Promise that they i would c Omoy if he could influence a their parents to let them come lie is very much of a family Man that Eisenhower could have called the soviet Premier some harsh names. He could have allowed 1 his personal experience with Khrushchev in deliberately breaking up the Quot Summit Quot conference at Paris to become the basis for. Deep resentment. But instead the former president answered con 1 i so i enviously the questions of the reporter who sat in front of him. He did so not Only without a certain tax loopholes. Means committee who has made rate a bitterness but with a. The most gaping is the tax sex a career out of representing the wholesome spirit of True Fraterno emotion granted to savings and j special interest. A loan associations on 12 per cent this column discovered he had of their reserves of they were checks from Gas lobby taxed the same As Banks the igl Charles Patrick Clark after Treasury figures they should advocating beneficial legislation for the natural Gas interests. Clark were Legal Quot Well of course no dictator is Ever As free to do exactly As he the 44 savings and loan com-1 a Dapper Democrat who re Fin it As the world seems to panics in the greater washing presents a Quot rough and Tumble it Hulk tit amt for example paid less Brooklyn District Keogh actually a a dictator has the problem of than $500 in taxes for the year hive outside his District in the Public opinion a How Public Opin to Block Congress from irs teas same Swank apartment House in Lon a through the ing their tax Load the savings which the presidents father a Al police state or a Are Way it and loan boys have mounted a Joe Kennedy sometimes resides. t possibly just have 200 lobbying Campaign that surpasses but Keogh is More than a neigh he Lloil russians hating him arid All others. They have wined and Hor. He has dose political ties to Wanink t0 Kil him adding the dined congressmen organized a the Kennedy s. Army and everything else. There nationwide letter rating Cam a president has sent word to worm Quot a do Tator he would 1 a Man. J him however through White Glen troop chief lobbyist for House legislative chief Larry the . Savings arid loan league. Of Brien to Stop representing the has told Treasury men bluntly special interests and Start work Quot we intend to beat your brains my for the Public interest a it j Quot you be had your fun Quot o Brien the Resta mat curs have been a1-1 told him Quot now the president most As Active in opposing the would like you to help him put proposed 50 per cent Cut in in across his tax reforms. Side glance Fry Galbraith 25 and 50 years ago to with the new firm across the Hall. Could i borrow some Cream for our Coffee break a Reader s forum after the Nightmare feb. 19,1937 the planting program of the Illinois state Highway department was extended to route 111. A. Krug landscaping superintendent of the East St. Louis District said. Sugar in Maple Sycamore Moline Elm White Ash Oak red Bud Dogwood Thorn and purple Plum would lie planted Between the Godfrey Brighton y and Brighton. Burglars who forced entry to the rain amp Hamer grocery store at 1904 state St. Got Only $5.50 Cash contained in the heavy Metal Cabinet i. C. Hamer said. The greatest loss was accounts of about 80 customers totalling $3,000. Also burglarized was the Walter Donaldson tavern at 811 Highland Avenue. The City am Tulance was Only 50 feet away when a Man was struck and injured attempting to Cross Belle Street North of seventh. The ambulance had gone to 8th and Belle on a peace disturbance Call. Victim of the Accident Joseph Heldrich was moved to St. Joseph s Hospital where a head injury was diagnosed. Alton Harbor was filled with floating ice after breakup of an upstream Gorge. Marking completion of repairs and improvement s to the pipe Organ of first presbyterian Church and enlargement of the choir loft a sunday evening musical program under the direction of mrs. H. R. Barton was planned. Walmer Brummer was to be guest organist. A former Carlinville resident and son of c. H. C. Anderson of Carlinville had been named commander of the fourth Cruiser division of the United states Navy. He was rear Admiral Walter Stratton Anderson who had been the . Naval attache at the american embassy in in Inion. And had Only recently been transferred to Washington. D c. The attorney general s office announced it would Appeal to the Illinois supreme court the foreclosure and Sale order against 120 acres of land located in the heart of Pere Marquette Vears be id indicated a preference for remaining in California. His More recent recordings therefore were featured by the playing of men specially assembled for Bim there though he did some still with the new York philharmonic. His death of a heart attack was a definite and shocking blow to this Man who was such a giant when it came to leading orchestras in the interpretation of hit greatly beloved composer Mozart Beethoven Brahms and Mahler. Among the regrettable failures of modern recording companies perhaps was the fact that they did not get or. Walter to Complete a recorded Cylc of Mahler and Bruckner symphonies before his death. Mahler was one of or. Walters close associate and teachers. We should have had the imprint of this great students interpret at Ion of these symphonies in the Superb sound reproduction Media now made accessible. Thank goodness i woke up. I jibe stand he did in this matter was having a Nightmare. Let me but since he had Only the Wel Tell you about it. I had fallen fare of the people at heart he asleep while Reading about the suggested i Call on the chief of unhappy plight of folks in Alton j police. I dreamed i was driving Down weary but still trying i a a Busy thoroughfare and looking Rived at the police station and for a Friendly policeman to ask was told to look for or. Buck state Park the order a Jeen directions since i was a Strang the 3rd. To my amazement i sex m town. To my dismay there found him standing in the court was not a policeman in sight. I Yard with his eyes fixed on the came to a crowded school Cross far horizon watching while ing. The children were looking Buck after Buck with Little tin up and Down the Street for their badges pinned in their noses j old Friend the traffic officer. He slowly passed in review on their a Way to try their Luck with the lie Detector machine. Failing to find the help and Protection i sought. I turned out Side once More. And Here i be Lay the Jersey county circuit court after the court upheld a mortgage Given in february of 1934 to Alfred w. Schwing of Peoria by Anna and Charles Miles former owners of the disputed land. Feb. 19,1912 Quick action by miss Fem Oulson teacher at the White Oak school in Godfrey township was credited with saving her brother Earl 21, from drowning when he broke through the ice of the Sidway Pond where the two were skating. Seeing her brother disappear As the ice broke at an air Hole she secured a Long pole from the Shore. She extended the pole to him and he was Able to draw himself from the water to a Point where the ice was Safe. Continuing moderation in the weather produced pools of water on the Frozen Mississippi Here. Few if any crossed the ice Bridge now that the footing had become Slick and treacherous but the Gorge still held firm. Hundreds visited the riverfront sunday. Many of these took walks out onto the Frozen surface Only to fall and get their clothing soaking wet. With d. G. Williamson of Edwardsville As toastmaster attorneys of the county and their guests attended the second annual banquet of Madison county bar association in mini hotel. Wit and humor sparkled on the after dinner program. The serious addresses were by chief Justice Carter of Illinois supreme court and us District judge j. Otis Humphrey and d. P. Dyer. Attorney general William h. Stead represented governor Charles s. Deneen. Returning from the nearby Home of by Beall where he and his wife were making an evening Call j. Mont Malcolm found a burglar in the act of ransacking his Liberty Street residence. As Malcolm entered the front door he heard the intruder Rush out the Back door. Some minor articles of jewelry were missing residents of school District 99, South and East of upper Alton at an evening meeting endorsed the plan to erect a $10,000 school building and named a committee to suggest three Sites to the school directors. The District had a fund of $6,000 in hand. Painters Union members gave notice of an increase in their pay scale from 40 to 50 cents an hour As of april i or $4 a Day. Bricklayers were to Advance their scale from 65 to 70 cents or $5.60 a Day. Never came. Soon they started crossing without him. Some narrowly missed being hit. I saw reckless Speed demons cutting in and out the Allen Scott report satellite system tax reforms bring out lobbyists w of traffic and nothing but empty held a heart breaking sight motorcycles with a policeman a thousands of Alton citizens were Washington a the develop american in this Experiment Nasa sri it a hanging dejectedly from the behind a huge Bluff pushing and ment of a communications Satel to establish this Type of system enlists plan to launch a satellite handlebars in mute protest of straining to shove their beloved us system under president Ken the satellites would have to be developed by the american Teeth Speed violation. City into the River in the sincere Nedys plan should make Over placed into an orbit 22,300 Miles phone and Telegraph company. I saw an aged Man struck Hope that its shame and frus Soas communications including in above the Earth. The relay station at Andover Down by a hit and run Driver rations would be hidden from div dual phone Calls a lot cheap previous Nasa studies held that Maine will be operated by at amp to. With no squad car to give Chase View in the blackness of the or from 40 to 400 randomly Distri under nasal a schedule for 1962. And bring him in. Mississippi mud. The proposed system will mean buted satellites would be required its scientists plan to launch a tot i was horrified at All of then suddenly i awoke to find faster service to almost any Point if they were orbited at altitudesa1 of six communication satellites and determined to do something it had All been a bad dream. On lha Globe. Ranging from 1,000 to 5,000 Miles ail of which will be placed in or about it. I was told by those who but was it is not the same it May also Quot Lead to the sub preparing the Way hits under 1,000 Miles know i must first get a petition thing happening in Alton today Stit ution of satellites for the und another Nasa report reveals Moon program to see the mayor. This i did. At Are they not banding together Era a cables on which we now that the . Is already preparing the National aeronautics it his office i was told he was out neighbor against neighbor depend for transoceanic Tele the Way for experimental work space Agency is keeping it Eon but i could talk to a or. Buck Friend against Friend can there phone with other nations designed to Fidentia but Ranger Iii did take or. He any real winners in a Dis these Are the vast Communia eventually make the Eom Buniea j some photographs of the Moon. I showed him my notes and Pute of this kind where the in to on changes predicted in the in Don systems worldwide. They Are being processed and will told him my Story he became Nogent must suffer with the published economic study sent to agreements on communication he made Public soon somewhat Quot flustered a at my guilty. The House space committee by satellite experiments have been the hottest dispute among recital and in a polite manner the scars will be deep and the Nat ional aeronautics amp spin worked out with great Britain j Nasa scientists is Over whether informed me that he had no a everlasting but with a lot of administration. France and Germany. Neotia lunar Impact by Ranger Iii might Hority Over these matters and soul searching and selflessness prepared by Nasa to support Bons with Italy and Brazil Are have been possible if he Agency s suggested i see the City Man on the part of those involved. I the presidents plan to create a now underway. Johannesburg deep space station Ager. Have no doubt but that the privately owned but tightly regu in All these cases the . Is had been fully operational. Accord i gathered up my notes and right will prevail and in a lated corporation to operate the arranging to have these nations eng to one group of scientists if left for his office. He too was Short time they will All awake system the study states that set up relay stations to handle he South african site had had out. But i could talk to or. As from a Nightmare. Quot with the development of com to and Telephone messages car it command capability the Moon Buck or. He seemed kind we can Only Hope and Pray Mun cations satellites it will be ried by the .-launched Satel missile s trajectory error could have paid $800,000,000 in Taxe last year instead they paid less claimed the checks Blan $6,000,000. Ftv8. He tried to see the other Fellows viewpoint and problems. Eisenhower in his to talk began for instance his comment on Khrushchev with this observation though preoccupied. He listened the Awakening will come soon. To my Story then went to great Lucy e. Hagen lengths to explain Why he took 216 w. 13th St., Wood River. Proposes Toiv Milidis Riel i am for education but it is out Dent in each District. Possible to provide services at Lites. Shave been corrected Early enough lower costs per Channel than we at present stations Are being a a collision course. The now experience with undersea readied in England. France and station was the Quot first to pick up i cables or could obtain under any . Maine to take part in re Ger in aft a was fired oth other plan. So called telstar Eom Buniea re a dentists discount this. Ironic it holds out glimmering Hope Toms satellite test which is now r a. Johannesburg already has that a we will be Able to expand set for May. Be necessary equipment but Lithe communication system to a "�?1 Quot a Quot i Quot a a a command capability will not be operational until april. Of hand As far As school buildings i would propose for the school capacity Well beyond that which to go of a apr i Var of it National in Are concerned. Board two members each from is now economically possible with / f civic i j Nasa is planning two addition Terra moment expenses that can be he there. A so he Lias his problems too. And therefore a in trying to assess his personality a we must not make the mistake of saving hat everything or docs we think is evil sex is entirely of his own Volution. Quot now i really think he very i much w ants peace in the world. Roxana is Selling Bonds for $230, Bethalto. Roxana. East Alton Jachles alone. J id noon a this Yea Inelus 000 for la classrooms a Rafter Wood River. Hartford cottage the study reveals that Nasa kit it to tog firing in late april and Early scientists now believe Quot it is Pool do a a empty talk May. Bible in the not too Distant future Inge "7 do nothing Ila army map service reports to establish continuous rom Mun Spur to a Quot a Sonu lung Ion that the mean distance from the cations Between the . And eur St Rel be j Vou Asp a Oak Earth to the Moon is 238.866 Miles rope by using a single m dunking hold my Tongue a nine Mon than the figure that similarly the orbiting of an and a Mukden my thoughts. In has been Ai copied for d e c a d e s. No. 15 want to build if people it would be More Ekonomn Al Tomother satellite Over the Pacific j 1 a a Ufa it to t buy for on a township wide basis would permit Quot the establishment 111 1 Oigt inet a Doul my Peru rental methods is said to be and this would mean More state of communications Between the a lie Nee May i Bear accurate within a mile. Aid. J american continent and Japan in nest 10 the through Christ a mid March launch Date has la Anda Library Bethalto $38,000 Hills and Rosewood Heights Etc. For two school buildings. Wood the District should have one River High District is voting on superintendent and assistant one 5950.000 for 27 classrooms. East adviser one office staff one Alton Grade District no. 13 and administrative staff and one pulpwood River elementary District chasing agent. Will pass their Bond issues. Taxpayers can relieve this problem by building a Wood River township High school and using the present building for a Junior High. This w ill relieve the pressure in the grades and will eliminate a $12,000 superintendent and $10,000 assistant superintend with the Hospital Bond Issue Australia and the far amen. Been set Tor the new Titan ii. Which is needed coming up lets Quot a third satellite Quot according a James w. Kennedy n.y.c., rec which arrived by. Air at Cape Ca look farther ahead. John s. Boren 135 Ohio ave. East Alton to the study Quot would round out the Tor Hie Church of the ascension j Zaveral fla., this month. It has coverage for messages Between if c 962 by the division of Christian _ a a a it a inn t. Education National Council of the the i a East and european land a hurdle of Christ in the u a All inertial guidance. Q 1962, Bell Syndicate. Inc meanwhile almost every com he would like very much to have written off by businessmen which has an overseas sub an Assurance there was going to they have invited the Congress Gry has screamed to Congress to no War. But this would of a on men on whom they b Ive been against die president s plan to tax his own term so that he would not calling to Dine at their la Xiv j american companies at Home on open his society because i Ani eating places a on die Louse or profits they make abroad. Sure every piece of evidence we of course. By equalizing the tax imbalance have shows that lie has a t in men i Riel idly Keogh Kennedy Hopes to Stop american jobs Faith in his ability to keep both groups have found a Chain companies from moving their of control of Russia As Long As it is on in on i Essman Eugene rations overseas and taking jobs a Clos d society. He does not about animals answer to previous puts Pion Keogh a Power on the ways and Alton sex riling Telegraph away i rom american workers. Want any free Wheeling reporters i spite the bus business pres a television or press or other sure Many congressmen Are Wor Wise a going All Over that coun med about this threat to employ try and reporting about it and ment. Even s. Tuite finance chair particularly reporting of them pubic inc Dally by Alton Iete graph aai1 Harry Barri of Virginia who t the Russia she Doe set ii prousi48publlsbsr usually modes with big business think mind Fiat you report about and editor a cautious about opposing the him Here. It is that he is very Sumen Tion Phu. Tic a mkt up a for. Pun. Careful about what you can re earner by Mali fi2 veal by Illinois ii Only one thing that port about him and his actions ksim�>ssw5i.�?~ a 2�pt8aite Quot , to that of is vet Ansi where Carrier delivery ploy ment he declared privately Dve a b available. Quot Congress will not tolerate Anont in tars a second Cia matter the pout office at Alton Iii. Act of conure. March 3, 1s79. This writer on hearing the last Pari quoted above was immedi in member of the associated press Fht associated pres is exclusively even the president s proposal to lately Rem Inch a of a comment Gram tax credits to manufacture which Stalin made in 1945 to Hardy for modernizing their equip by Hopkins As reported in the ment is opposed by the . Cham saturday evening Post by the. Ber of Mimer be and the National late Robert Sherwood. When t he entitled to the use of or publication oif i Asse. Of manufacturers. However. A russian dictators said he was sen All now dispatch credited in Tfelt thy Arp the support of so the corporations they represent. The Railroad Coal textile electronics and machine tool industries have already endorsed the plan in Defiance of the c of c and Nam. Paper and to fished herein. The local new pub member the audio Bureau of circulation local advertising rates and contract information on application at the Telegraph business office 111 East Broadway. Alton. Ill National advertising representatives the Branham company new York Chicago Detroit and St louts. A 1962, the Hall Syndicate inc to what his own Quot Public opinion a would think of die abrupt cancellation of lend ease Aid by the United states Hopkins look Jed sceptical. Stalin said in effect Quot Don t smile we have our Public opinion across i male Deer Smilk producer 6 Equine animal 12 French headgear is regret 14 persian poet 15 roman Road 16 Wile 17 decays is narrow minded scholars 20 Analyse grammatically 21 charge 22 sick 23 kind of bom 26 hardened so ceremony 31 sow 32 age 33 fruit drink 34 Mollusk 35 wintry precipitation 86 Macarthur or Eisenhower 38 school group 39 tier 40 prosecute 41 under 44 residents of Bodmin i dry 49 Thicket horse 50 be Over fond 51 mature 52 malt beverage 53 Short jacket 54 Headland 65 forbid 56 knocks Down 1 omit 2 French head 3 imitated 4 Long necked animal 5 Box 6itonoun 7 moist 8 mental Confidence 9 love god 10 rodents 11 gaelic 19 Fisherman a equipment 20 entreated 22 entry in a Ledger to haul 24 be borne 25 Sun disk 26 aquatic animal 27 russian River 28 cupid 29 Birds Iii and Simm =4wt4 31 cabbage salad 34 Raven 35 slim 37 eats away 38 Mongrel 40 staid 41 Home for Bovine animals 42 City in Pennsylvania 43 rims 44 soft drink 45 Jot 46 halt 47 fowl pm 49 vehicle Mirror of your Mino by to work for. However a person with deep feelings of inferiority May drive himself into a destructive pattern of ineffectiveness by doing so. For example he will get Little real satisfaction by showing up favourably in comparison with a Friend and is Likely to suffer a bitter sense of uselessness if the comparison shows him up badly. I \ i 3 a Quot i or 6 9 16 or ii 14 is 16 it it 9 a 21 a w b1&Quot 24 r 57 21 Siyi a pm 32 33 j in of a r 4 a Quot 45 j u 45 47 43 of 56 is 52 w a 55 Ltd 1962. N y Herald to Bune. Inc newspaper Enterprise Assn. I in 6 Are Happy go Lucky people irresponsible answer some Are but Many who appear Happy go Lucky simply have a different set of values than their harder driving friends an unusual sense of discrimination Between their need for a new ear for example and their need to save for the education of their children. When a situation deserves serious consideration they Are Likely to be meticulously dependable and responsible and to face their meaningful problems unhampered by pessimistic doubts and fears. Is w Quot Quot mum id we compare ourselves with others answer a Little comparison is inevitable and often helpful since it May teach us better ways of doing things and. Higher Aims to 1962, King feature synd. Loc do children need fatherly discipline answer most authorities that the trend toward Leavi culinary problems to the or is a Hazard to the healthy personality growth. Is unlikely to develop his pc qualities of leadership Strei purpose Etc., if he grow manhood identifying these c fetishes with his Mother May have no Clear mental of the attributes to look pc husband w without the image c Culi nity created by her fat

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