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Alton Evening Telegraph Newspaper Archives Feb 19 1962, Page 2

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Alton Evening Telegraph (Newspaper) - February 19, 1962, Alton, Illinois Page two Alton evening Telegraph monday february 19, 1962 dote from us. I at i Uriah forecast until Tuv Day mining figure show Low Tom per of ufos i ported Congress gets Kennedy Bill for Public works warmer t Snow is expected monday nit i in Atlantic states and Iii the Central Olathe Northern tier of Stater from new teau Region. It will be cooler in the England Westward to Idaho while rain Southeast warmer Iii the Southwest and Snow Are expected in the Middle a wire photo map w Saihe forecast Alton and Vicinity a mostly sunny this afternoon. Colder today. Fair and a Little colder tonight. Mostly sunny and warmer tuesday Low tonight 20 to 25. Lilligh tuesday around 50. Extended forecast Southern Illinois a temperatures will average 4-8 degrees below Normal. Normal High temperatures 44-48 North. 49-54 South Normal Low temperatures 24-28 North and 29-33 South. A warming trend at the beginning of the period then turning a Little colder wednesday or thursday and considerably colder by the week end. Precipitation will average around one half Inch falling As rain South and rain or Snow Porth and occurring about wednesday and again Friday or saturday. I Plum Oil us government the Alton league of women voters will sponsor a Public meeting next thursday in the Library at West Junior High school. Mrs. John Barton pub-1 linty spokesman has announced. She said the speaker will he Washington map a president Kennedy today sent to Congress legislation to give him Power to trigger up to $2 billion of Public storks projects in the Early stage of and business slump. In an accompanying letter Kenneth said die standby authority would be a an invaluable anti recession it would permit a speedup of authorized Federal projects and provide Grant and loan funds for the states to activate their own High priority improvements. Kennedy said without the necessity of waiting for congressional action which Quot May he too the standby plan part of the three Point program urged by Kennedy in his economic message Jan. 22. Has been hailed by most from but attacked by re Snow sleet hit Middle f nation by the a Sho i Atli i fresh rippling wind blown Snow and sleet storms which battered the Midwest Over the weekend leaving a Blanket of up to two feet of Snow and sheets of ice bins stored into the Northeast today. Effects of the damaging weather in the eight state storm Belt the Dakotas to Michigan democrats but attacked by re Werr widespread. Some areas publicans As a potential invasion were virtually paralysed thirty one inches of Snow covered Sioux Falls s d., As the heaviest Snow of the season swept Eastern South Dakota and Smith Western Minnesota. The storms spread into areas in of congressional authority. The other requested measures were standby Powers to reduce income taxes subject to veto by Congress and permanently enlarged unemployment benefits j the three Kennedy said would permit the government to act Quot More promptly More flexibly and More forcefully to stabilize the Economy Quot aet out formula the administration Bill set out a formula w High would permit the president to Start the works programs. He could move when unemployment had risen in three wit of four or four out of six consecutive months by not less than one percentage Point Ami after the president determined that the action was needed to attain the goals of the employment act of 1946 a maximum employment production purchasing Power automation cited As problem j future Job Security in a Day j of increasing automation is the prime problem before t cited steelworkers of the nation As Well As the Community right now a record class of stewards from 1,-Oraj 202 was told saturday night at a dinner which marked completion of their annual course of study. The stewards and their wives along with a group of Honor guests heard Lloyd Mcbride j subdistrict director of the steelworkers comment on Progress and Aims of the current big steel negotiations at Pittsburgh. They also heard a Brief report from Loren goad International representative from Granite City who had made a flying trip Back from Pittsburgh to be a guest at the dinner. Goad reported there was Quot a lot of optimism that Well have an Early contract this the Union he said had completed its presentation and a a we la listen to the companies next week this week now. I Hope Well still be optimistic then Quot the speaking by both goad and Mcbride and introduction of special guests followed presentation of a variety skit sponsored by the International garment workers local under Cli-1 Keetion of mrs. Marie Griese men president. In the skit were Marjie wid Man Sarah Calvert Arline Yehling Carroll Kuhlman Verna Heilman Mabel Sumner and Roberta Norvell. Buddy Davis president of the1 local presided. Certificates were awarded by Charles Rogers i chairman of grievances for the local and by Mcbride. The sub District director i stressed that programs such As local 202 was carrying out in Honolulu it a it a Secretary today for the third time in two its stewards training course i of defense Robert s. Mcnamara months on United states involve were Strong supports to the a j meets top military leaders Here Ament in communist beleaguered tonal organization in its efforts to improve the lot of workers. The snows Fine St. Paul a a Light Side to the heavy snowfall which moved into the area sunday is shown Here when three boys decided to have some fun with the big drifts piled around one of their Homes left to right in the air and really enjoying it Are Stewart Weitz Man 14, and dude Golden 12, while Gary Meyers 14, stands on the roof awaiting his turn. Elsewhere in the area things were not so Bright As heavy snows and Drifting winds pulled traffic to a virtual Stop. A wire photo Mcnamara confers with . Military leaders Thailand u. S. Agree on Vietnam Bangkok Thailand a it Thailand and the United states Are a in accords on efforts to Settle the Laos crisis peacefully . Atty. Gen. Robert f. Kennedy said today. Kennedy Here on a whirlwind 22% hour visit during his world tour spent More than an hour in private conversation with thai prime minister marshal Sarit thanarat with Laos As one of their major topics. In Brief comments to newsmen after the meeting in Sarits office Kennedy said a we Are hoping Thailand and the United states that the matter can be resolved in Laos in a satisfactory manner. We Are both in Accord on efforts being made to reach a settlement. He declined however to be pinned Down on whether his reference to efforts meant a .- supported move to form a coalition government for Laos under i neutralise Prince Souvanna Phou a. Thailand is opposed to such a government fearful that the pro communist Patchet lao led by Souvanna a half brother Prince Soukhanouvong. Would eventually gain control of the neighbouring Southeast Asia kingdom bringing a threat to thai Security. . Aid to Thailand which has totalled $220 million plus $300 million More in military assistance Over the past to years was reviewed by Kennedy in his talks with government officials. Rabat a moroccan television will begin on March 2, 1962, the first anniversary of Hassan accession to the throne. Togetherness Boston three year old Joseph Goodrich jr., decked out in neat but scanty pyjamas and his fur coated buddy caused patrolman John Hupf Jan to do a double take As they strolled Down the Street during the wee hours of the morning with the temperature a Chilly 20 degrees. After a Brief attempt at conversation the three wound up at a nearby police station where Young Joe and his canine pal shared a breakfast of warm milk doughnuts and lollypops. The Young lad played with the police for about two hours until Joe or. Arrived to report the boy missing a actually Junior was t missing anything. A hire photo Prince Andrew two years old today London Prince Andrew second in succession to the British throne is two years old today and his favorite toy is a rocking elephant made of Wood. The elephant about two feet High was a Christmas present n a act to meet Alton Branch of the National Assn. For the advancement of coloured people w ill meet tuesday 8 ., at 720a Belle St according to mrs. Joan Edwards. Secretary. Made for him by Prince Charles 13, in the carpentry classes at Cheam school. Tho elephant is Pink. North Dakota Nebraska Wisconsin Iowa Illinois and Michigan. Tiey moved into Northern Indiana and Ohio and headed North-1 David Scott mayor of Spring eastward with heavy snowday indicated in the northeastern upper lakes to Pennsylvania Ami new Jersey. The violent wintry weather Field to. Iris subject will be a what can a Community expect from its Council manager form of government a the session was planned Par which whipped across the nations Tim Barly to answer questions that midlands from the Rockies creat May be Post d by the current j of monumental traffic jams. Controversy Over Alton s govern thousands of motorists wen1 tem Merit. Mrs. Barton said Pora Rily stranded As Strong winds Scott is serving his second term whipped the Snow into High drifts As mayor of Springfield s Council on highways and streets. Manager government. He is a traffic was sharply curtailed. A pro Resaor of political science at end Many schools filled off classes i a i Thiesf Missouri state College foday. Church services were can j Springfield. He stressed that cooperation such As this was not Given in All parts of the country. A Job Security Quot he said Quot takes precedence Over every other is-1 sue at present in the scale conferences. He added that Quot some of the problems resulting from automation can be dealt with so that Industry can feel it is con Man admits vandalism to zoo South Viet Nam. Accompanied by la military j diplomatic officials my j and Namara arrived sunday night from Washington and repeated remarks made earlier that the South Viet Nam government appears to be making Progress in the fight against communist subversion land infiltration. He declined specific comment when asked whether the United Chicago apis police said to a states wag becoming directly Struc Tive and the Union members Day they Are holding a husky 6- involved in guerrilla warfare can feel it is a salvation for footer who says he a the Man who against the Viet Cong troops. Them a i stalked through the St. Louis zoo before leaving Washington How i he audience. The $2-Biilion emergency plan celeb in Many areas sunday mrs. Barton said that follow would permit j in Nark a a secondary mid a had Lohss quote no Quot a a million increase in led Bloch Al travel m Luthern directed at by. From Era outlays on resource censer fun Nesotas was virtually halted vation and other Public works Many airports in Minnesota and projects previously author it is by Dakota were closed granting of up to Toi Millier in up a a r ,. To Tate and local governments a a Wincle Huj Huay i Avern reported ,. In Sheboygan and Ozark be noun for capital improvement pro-1 Grams citing the problems ahead under automation though he reminded that one Mill in this area during the past six years has increased its capacity 50 per cent and not increased the number of employees even one per Early Friday and smashed of never Mcnamara said that Percsi do ens of Snake cages. Dent Kennedy had made it quite Lee Duke 28. Of w e b s t e r dear that . Military personnel Groves mo., told police that in South Viet Nam serve Only in i snakes a upset police said Trohn Teal and advisory capacities. I Kike a 250-Pound unemployed and discounted a suggestion that janitor told them he had been or . Involvement might develop several mental hospitals in the St. I Toto another Korea. President Kennedy said at a news conference last week that thefts from cars. He said that some feel the Louis area leaving the last one answer to this automation prob in 1954. Lem is reduction in hours of 7j00 Arr Sikes Friday a s rsonmi1 in Viet Nam Ai work but a president Kennedy tried to Stop the nighttime intrude Thoush not combat troops have Doest t agree and did t even pm try repeatedly slugging him ordered to fire Back to prompt 0ver the head with his pistol butt text themselves if they Are fired authorized Bouw Loans of up to $250 million to. State and local governments j pm v s which might otherwise by unable to carry their share of the Cost of ties. Some 700 ice fishermen including women and children were j Edwardsville a tavern break in near Granite City and forced entry and thefts from two veil hours sunday re is wort Inci Jon Lake Pozgan near Oshkosh i funds reported to the sheriffs of iwis., As a blinding snowstorm or during the weekend.,.to shuck the area they were to in cop i cd. Hartford re projects for which Federal gum con.,ported the Windshield my two Side were authorized and w allocation of toothed $2og million to any of the three preceding Ner vation department worker Quot window of his automobile were land volunteers broken while the machine was. 1 colder tether moved into Between 11 And mid programs As Rush be Nece Oary. O Midwest. Kit so a Nhy Al a Quot spelt to a when seeking his prose he warned that a the idea steel should become a seasonal Industry is not going to be a copt of a after pointing to the possibility of stockpiling steel against threatened strikes. Also introduced at the speakers table were William Garvey of Chicago editor of steel labor and Paul s. Cousley assistant general manager of the Telegraph pistol he said the Man ignored him and a pin smashed Glass Cage after Cage a like a machine a since the defense Secretary a lust trip to Hawaii in january the United states has attempted titled Copeland said floor Mots in the machine were stolen. Ail estimated $140 loot was of in a break in discovered Early this morning at the Stal Ely automobile the a stand by capita let to in in Rte. 3 improvements a of a Quot measure is design d to overcome a a ?. Quot. Terns m other Northern areas of the objection frequently raised it line Snow leu against Public works As an Ann. ,. South of the heavy Snow zone. _ _ recession tools the fact that die Lings Park tavern on Rte. 162 ,. , a band of freezing rain or Mizzle i remedy is so slow starting that. Near Granite and sleet pelted areas Fitim North its effect Rome too late and Jem actions Roll 11 not and Indi in a a of Meams Only Wiford. A a a Amer Mic Faatiu Alto Quot a a nation which follows the Butine Mohle a Walling we sin Patti it is left recovery. A. A a. While the machine was parked my j Al 11 Ottier his in Many cities hit by Kennedy said the present recon saturday a Quarter mile from the j. The ice storm. Ery is a a prot i dog in a Sansiac-1 residence because of Road co i a a. In Iowa tile Northern half of Ery is proceeding in a Satis fac a Lions die sheriffs Al Orv. The state wats covered with Snow High jct Tessness. I til is an ap-1 notified. R ranging up to 20 inches at Rock propitiate time therefore to build k defences against future fees j i Oliff pit Al d up Duke sunday a j program to evening As he was trying to sle p the government of president Ngo in a North Side doorway. They u. R. ,. ,. A Dinh elem. Gen. Paul Harkins. Noticed his head was a mass of was recent appointed to head cuts and took him to a Hospital _ it e a a a. In a new . Military assistance where he told about the zoo 0 a <i1s,h0 sane republicans in recent detective Jam of Howard Rte. I was Tail Light was Robed said weeks have charged that the Ken Dukes automobile bore three bul no a by administration was minimize let Hob s he said Duke told him no direct . Involvement in he was fired at by the zoo guard South Viet Nam. But Mcnamara said he Felt that Corbett said Duke was Relue the Campaign against the co mutant to give details about what lists was headed in the right a touched off the attack that nearly Keetion. Waters of famous Springs. They j released Many venomous snakes. Quot i think i can see increasing were used primarily for their a the says he just does t like j Eft activeness of South Viet names therapeutic value according to snakes a said Corbett a the says forces against the very Savage the encyclopedia Britannica. They -1 Viet Cong troops a he said. Early a so dust carbonated Waters and beverages first were seen in the 18th As he fled Century and represent european attempts to imitate the popular and naturally effervescent atom Kennedy said. Tho Mew troops retake Kong olo Fie Start hic la ted deaths were reported including four i Chicago and one in Iowa. The deaths were attributed to or exertion while shovelling Snow a Safe Fri stuns new York Apt a often el1sabethville. Katanga apr president Moise Tshombe 0vernn.,.nt Uno Obed Tod it t hns i a is Tav lab re Beo us a it Trofio. Have retaken the North a a it a Quot re. A a a a a Katanga town Aik it Gigolo san Public affaires says of the new years massacre of 18 Catholic missionaries. Tshombe s troops took oven Mongolo fran mutinous Congo Lese Tryx it is from Stanleyville who seized the town about two months Alto in a rampage through North Katanga. The mutineers fled Leav i ing behind arms and ammunition the announcement said. In new Book a christians and Power politics Quot by Alan Booth published by association it is thurs., feb. 22 regular meeting Alton Wood River fedoration of labor machinists Hall East Alton at 7 s0 A full report on the Alton police situation will be pre enter. Ail delegates and Busine representatives Are urged to attend. The Public is invited Arvel Pickering president. Specializing in the popular ready credit Loans Call or visit our Init ailment loan department i Lites in the history of poor mock by Homer Aprell in the Early forming of College schools of pharmacy the wholesale to a exist played a Large cart. In Philadelphia lies ton and new York they did much to sit up pharmacy a an Independent bran h of Medicine in new England in Koz Baith Olomei lande.1 in Massachusetts and his Crew loaded the first cargo of new England exports it consisted a of the bark and path of the Sassafras tree a so one of the first exports were pharma to Uncal. 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