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Alton Evening Telegraph (Newspaper) - February 19, 1962, Alton, Illinois Inside musts editor Ai. Social. Comics i to., classified. Obit at markets. Alton evening Telegraph serving the Alton Community for More Thun 126 years sunny tuesday Low 20, High 30. Complete weather i established january 15, 1836. Vol. Xxvii no. 31 Alton ill., monday february 19, 1962 22 pages 7c per copy member of the associated press. File objections to petition Gus Albers left and Hugh Baxter vice president and president of Alton citizens for better government shown at noon today As they filed with City clerk Paul Price objections to the petition w hich seeks a referendum on retention of Council Nia Nager government in photo. Objections filed to petition on government plan Flection two officers of Alton citizens discovered a glaring errors a he i announced Tor better government at noon j said including duplications of statutes provide that the Peti today filed objections with City handwriting and duplications option should Bear As Many elec clerk Paul Price to names on be names. Tors signatures As would equal to tit ions filed last wednesday of the 783 names which t h a per ent or More of the total vote opponents of Council manager gov actg charged Are invalid of cast for mayor in the preceding Oda than a let did yesterday a weather looks Good for orbit Fred s. Hoffman Cape canaveral. Flu. Apr a brightening weather picture buoy i Hopes today that astronaut John h. Glenn or. Will be launched toward a round the Earth orbit tuesday after months 0 delays. Ai a morning briefing project Mercury officials reported a generally improved conditions in the 1 Atlantic recovery areas where Marin it. Col. Glenn a capsule would descend. 1 the first half of a split two Day countdown was started at 2 30 . The recount was finished at 6 ., with both tile Atlas Booster rocket and Friendship 7 spacecraft described As in a a go condition. Officials were shooting for a launch Between 7 30 . And 11.2 30 . Tuesday. The weather Outlook in the Cape canaveral Vicinity gave officials some concern. A cold front preceded a Squall line was advancing into Northern Florida this morning. This could leave lingering cloudiness in the Cape area possibly delaying the shot for the Lith time. However officials were hopeful holes could be found in the Clouds through which the rocket could be fired. A Complete Check of the weather was due for about Midnight tonight after which officials were to make a preliminary decision. A we feel a lot More optimistic algerian ease fir reported near negotiations ended rebels contend talks continuing Bulko Al cab Bei a shop bus four fire companies this morning confined a Blaze in Railroad car repair shops of Illinois terminal Railroad to the three connected buildings car refile petitions. 388 arc not even re j election. This minimum of to Perl gait u coi Jonn a Powers a air shop paint shop 51,1 1 wheel shop. The Blaze wrecked three buildings dam emment in Alton. Only 875 of the 1,660 signatures Gisterek As voters Baxter assert-1 cent in the present instance would arc valid on the petition that de. Be 1,036 names according to a seeks a referendum on Altona she said the actg checked the statement Fred o. King presi gov emment. The actg spokes petitions against the latest sep Dent of the citizens for Democrat aged a number of Railroad cars beyond repair but was prevented from spreading to several other nearby shops of files and storage buildings. A Jack f. Erwin photo. Man said. Actg president Hugh Baxter and Gus Albers vice president appeared at prices office with a tem Bergt list of registered Alton in Alton the group opposing voters he reported inaccuracies j Council manager government of address Ainoi,2 other things. Thea concede Quot the signatures Are valid a 161 statement cd objection and nth Hie actg investigation reveal minimum required place the Carrier Constellation certified copies of the 153-Page that the anti Council manager per a Piu e apr onmp1muon petition on which challenged tuition is a grossly in error invade names had been marked. Equate and. In our opinion fails to 1,1 a Cote pc Baxter told the Telegraph a Doz-1 meet the requirements prescribe n i l1> government is provided statute. Hie objections were spokesman for the astronauts. I a conservatively i would say a the Odds Are at least 60-40 in our i Powers said one change had been made in the lineup of ships j poised to recover Glenn. The aircraft Carrier Forrestal has re David Mason Paris apr the French said today secret talks with the algerian nationalist rebels have ended leading to speculation a cease fire May be near. But a rebel spokesman insisted negotiations still Are going on. A. J a French announcement said i the conclusions will be brought i before the government. Frances i three Man negotiating team arrived in Paris from the talks and met at once with president Charles de Gaulle. Arriving at his Headquarters in a Tunis from the talks with the French rebel foreign minister Saad Dah lab told reporters a negotiations Are going on in very George Boi Atwood Good Berlin apr Allied aircraft Dah lab decline d to elaborate flew through the North corridor while his statement did not Alf from Berlin today to counter re Pear to Rule out the possibility need soviet pressure on the of a cease fire soon it indicated vital air lanes informed sources further contacts with the French Are necessary before final agree military and commercial Tram j ment can be announced. J ports thrust through the Berlin the full rebel government is Hamburg corridor Over comm expected to meet soon to discuss nist East German territory the the secret talks. It also was informants said thought Likely the rebels would i the Western operation was de Call a meeting of their Parlia signed to assert Allied rights in ment the National Council of the face of the renewal of harnessing algerian revolution which must West corridor after threat in actg workers spent two Days of Law As being necessary to damage placed at $100,000 in it. Railroad shops fire damage was estimated a in thei state police dispatched two ten Box cars were tactics the red air Force. Western commanders gave orders for the transports to Fly deliberately below the level the soviets want for their exclusive use for a three hour period. For the seventh time since it started harassing Western air j links to Berlin on feb. 7, the damaged = or it Viot air Force told the Berlin Tkavc a say pm any peace Accord. Earlier diplomatic quarters in Paris expressed belief the wording of the French announcement indicated an agreement had been reached for ending the nearly 7�?T2 year old rebellion. With a feeling of optimism prevailing in Paris the Price of Gold fell off slightly. Frenchmen usual examining the petitions. They require a Baxter within the five Day period three. I 12______ permitted Law. Now the City a relax actg charges errors signature duplications in the area Soo Miles East of Bermuda a where Glenn would cd iut a a a Quot a a a r Quot. I a a. A air lore Tom hex hum. Us n the Minir to out come Down if he made Only one neighbourhood of $100,000�?� in an troopers to assist Alton policemen beyond repair the Blaze and air Crater sunday night. A Quot Quot orbit instead of the hoped for i Early morning Blaze today which in directing traffic at the e 6-to-8 others and a coach also re it we reserving air space up to j. French minister for clip it it thro. Huil Hinos in Minnie read was main Street Intersec-1 Cei Vod lesser Ceres of damage. In a. Rren i Sawr in clerk will file the petitions along with the objections with die clerk of Madison county court or with Madison county circuit court. Ight pm not less than 20 Days nor More than 35 Days after presentation text of statement objecting to and not in their own handwriting. F0 top court. A petition seeking a vote on re a i a illegible. Immediately effective taming Council manager govern Quot tile petition is insufficient in the specific court or judge or ment in Alton filed today with that it contains Only 875 valid Sig judges shall ascertain and de City clerk Paul Price matures and that 1,034 signatures. Al Are a decree the sufficiency planned parents tonight before going to. ,. Mem Nimni Mathw bed about 7 or 8 of clock. Way. The estimate As made a was re routed police to avoid from the re pair Sirop and the multary transports to stand . I he Romp Rte three orbits. A terminal spokesman lire How we Al main a a aped Tho Bla it. The so Jet to e Ciumo after a j a is Sahara Man Interj the judge then shall announce panned Glenn will land in the the fire discovered at 5 52 .Aofi qty police grouted the a Date for hearing the objections i Atlantic about 800 Miles Southeast destroyed two shop buildings and heavy a shift change traffic until in a of the Cape. Gutted a third. Destroyed were a the fire was brought under con some cloudiness was predicted paint slip and car repair shop. Rol shortly after 8 ., and fire in the Cape canaveral area a wheel repair shop adjacent Toj it Ose nm1d i3 relocated. Tuesday morning. But Nasa the repair shop was gutted and Nix Oiin weekend a on feb. 14. 1962, petitions were filed with the City clerk demanding an election Cai the Issue whether to retain the managerial form of government in Alton. Presumably these petitions were Are required Asio per cent of the or insufficiency of the petition number of votes cast for mayor the deem is immediately effect in Hie last election. 78,� of the Sig five unless stayed an Appeal natures Are invalid. If objection had been filed a i. Of the 1,660 signatures. 388 to the petitions and the court presumably up Iare not registered voters Accord-1should decree the petitions Are filed under Chapet Section a Hng t0 sept 26, 1961, precinct list sufficient the matter would have Illinois revised statute of registered voters. Been referred to the City Council a you Are Here no i in i 53 0f the 153 sheets were Obj which would have called an elec Obj cons Ai icing t in. Tamed Irene Miller. Two of Tion on the question of keeping or 19, 1962. Against c Suichen a tons Are raised to All these 53 abandoning Cound manager gov of these petitions in accordance with Section 5-5-3 of chapter 24, weather watchers w err rooting for the roof destroyed. It to thin out so Glenn can blast wind whipped flames threaten off about 7 30 . Est. Good cd several other buildings in the visibility is a must to permit film shop building Complex but fire the rocket during the critical men of four companies confined1 Early phases of its flight. The Blaze to the three connected form r vice president Richard project Mercury officials will buildings. Firemen directed a a. Nixon and his wife Pat. Spent make their final go a no go de High pressure log curtain Between a Eckand Lormer a. Cisick based on the latest w eath the car repair shop and the nearby i till Eisenhower Palm desert. Calif. A accompanied Premier Michel near tit Jean k i a kind Paum in the Berlin air Broglie and Public works minis crisis. Sunday morning. Moscow Ter Robert Buran on his visit to announced it had rejected a three-1 the president Power protest that Maneu vers of a French spokesman confirmed the red air Force in the corridors of the first time what was Gen j Wen dangerous and illegal. Orally known All along that the the allies insist that air safety 1 secret talks had taken place feb Hiles in Force for 17 years re-111-18. He said they were held on Quin notification of each i divid French Ali. It was believed the uni flight through the three 20 two sides met near the swire mile wide corridors linking Berlin Border. A a with Frankfurt Hanover and Jose and two other French min it a Lin held 111, w Hamburg. Asters met with rebel vice pre Emir of Iowa Missouri and nil we Stern towers charged Mien Belk Cern Krim foreign Nois have agreed on a plan for russians were trying to minister Saad Dah lab and two Inge the rules making other algerian rebel offic tolf Quot mock bookings for the red air the algerians had left their 3-state tax proposal is formulated or at a Midnight briefing monday. Main diesel repair shop which it apr Quot a kit d. Eisenhower at a mutually cooperative Effort of there were three postponements was virtually unaffected the in a Bis desert reseal. Sales and use tax collections d last week after such eleventh hour Ferno 15-to-20 feet away. Nixon and Eisenhower planned Lino is gov. Otto Kemer announced weather checks ass. Fire Chiel Warren arable a round of Golf together today today or Al get �?zmt., air be French at a Ecret toe technical Crews planned to reported the Blaze apparently the two posed for photograph purpose of the plan is to avoid Fon. Has a in refs m the. To it it a Complete the first half of the 14 started in the repair shop but its is at the Eisenhower Winter difficulties that Arite in the Bor n ions but ,.y Mavis on hour prelaunch countdown today origin was not immediately de Home but ruled out questions on Der areas of Iowa. Illinois and of Jbf. Sap tvs no its then pick up toe count again after Ter mined. He said the three build politics. Nixon is seeking the re j Missouri where there has been carrying j throughout the week optimism reigned loth in Paris and Tuni ,. ,. A. A.,the meet complained to the Over Progress of the talks. But Midnight ii the decision is Madei Ings were Quot a mass of flames in wiccan gubernatorial nomination i confusion As to the sales or us tha Sou Jet fighters out the weekend there was a note Iii California. Tax liability. A competitive disa Dvan. A a a a a. Tags present in Border areas Are be. Asje drive is of a from a number the Best in local government is into toe Atlas rocket sunday after main Street Hill when Tor paint today a chuckle be cd to eliminated in toe. Bartmus of toe extreme in Hie Fnu Mph the. Rato to sheets. Eyer Alert to any move not in the not. Asa said the rocket and shop exploded sending tongues Quot t a a Amer a a 3 ,. A of the air Reuk to Ber Haw a i is invalid /�?~0b< ton raised t0 a11 8evenbest interest of the citizens of Al the capsule were a technically of flame High into the air follow alarm the was statement. Mgt air ran travellers go of. A settlement of thei better. Ii 1w2 general features Orp emment. A c com a. Irene Miller is not a re Baxter As head of the actg Illinois revised statutes. A voter acceding to the issued a statement today in and you Are request to presen in t sept. 26, i961. Precinct list of re edition to the formal statement of objections to toe proper judge As Jyi Stere j voters. I objections filed. He said to try for a launch when firemen arrived provided therein to determine tie a a a add less of Irene Miller a tile actg in its Effort to pro pm 011 p�1 14 Lavundi Crews Alton police sgt. Franks Shmidt sufficiency or o is 263 Dooley drive and toe vide leadership and encourage loaded the kerosene like fuel Back told the Telegraph he was on the petition. A it h e objections b e i cd Are enumerated below a i. Hie Oitice petition is invalid a bees obtained Cornelia Davis ton ready Tor toe countdown and de a column of thick Black in that it contained extraneous Ber a j re is a kbow71 incur a consequent in considerable smoke several Hundred feet High. Material . A copy or a press a try a Cone up was taken in toe petition release. _ when it should be 1202 Cave put in circulation Byr persons in �?�2. The enu rep nine a Springs according to the j known at that time and later ii-1 in that the certified copies o most recent City directory and gtd with the cite cleric petition furnished the City map of two stated g the press last clerk do not show Evi Nee o �?~�?~4. Newell Allen signed one Friday that if the petition meets a Seal being used to Slie tas being a subscribed and the requirements of the Law the has one As prov i it it in swy Orn to before him Fred 0. Actg will encourage interest and statute. King Chi dec. 21, 1961, while the Active participation of the Vot d. Ink Lulu. ,. The certified copy of the be /. _. _ a it of their pension Eon 1949 that of s. Me Milieu Quot Date of sign for All 12 names is ors in order that the voters de m tuition furnished the City clerk of 2j determined Jan buttons were made to two re Jack to 1947. 0b a �?o5. Several of those obtaining requirements not Mel pfc b v of Quot of who b he Quot Quot Quot ird Nily a. A a a on Are hereby rained to tit Jons Signe it their own .1 a oaf a. An a a Haustov. Still do i Board of nut sea at Tho Pollee among the 22 members of the to mauling members Chile police me to be div dual signatures As noted there-,1on p,.litjon a a has How found fund following a a nor lice department who recently ten magistrate Fred m. Schreiber As Tatj a a we limit for Piir. On. The notations used Are As of is respectfully submitted be grossly in error inadequate an of the Board deist resignations in connection temporary president continuing Ryohei Tion of the use tax that the foregoing object wis of and in our opinion fails to meet it it Dav recent upheaval in the City Lerk Paul a. Price As lion. Arcome the a Prima Facie evidence the requirements prescribed Trio so whose top lations for j department. It was reported that rotary and m. O. Elliott As try Aspi agreed upon k buzzed Western air Cral Cor idols last we a the West is making Katuni of to pension fund for 2 resigned policemen okd Van in the of pessimism with reports from Tunis that difficulties had cropped its firm j up. Algerian. Closer together Kemer said that in the future <0 Foj run Bick without sub War of rebellion for some time when a Purchase is made m riffing tickets at communist con i on feb. 5, de Gaulle scorning Iowa or Assoun store for ship Troi pos m highways and rail right Wing plotters against i ment to a Point within filing rub expressed Hopes before a n but Estany has charged for National television audience that o in a Tiu i months that the West has mix peace with the algerians would sales in Illinois for delivery to Laed air it Wryk it not the. soon. Owa or Missouri will Bear the rp5? Tig Ulfat Al few it it St. In m however rightist a Waki is ,1 pm commercial airliners to Fly a europeans vow to keep Algeria Jsai it i to Berlin but Aust they claim French did seek to Block its inde it Xis in its reorganization effected. A who a a Rolf it is were provided Ady Pend nce through toe terrorist at a Mih Ting in the Attice of City l the. For air i military Gar Isomi. Be ret organization _ 2 a7 in the foreign state much hum. A. J vere treasurer m. O. Elliott the re a a1 a a same As does a registered busness within the the Illinois us tax of 3h will be added to toe Sale lows a in re not a registered voter according to sept. 26, 1961, precinct list of registered voters a a re registered voter according to said list. A cd or x a duplicate signing ejecta a particularly the Date Independent \ Otei it Honor Paul Simon Chicago apr six state representatives have Beal honoured for a rating highest in voting and leadership in toe 72nd general Assembly the Independent voters of Illinois. A the Best legislator awards were presented to Robert Marks de vans ton Paul Simon. A Troy and Abner j. Mikva a Chicago. During the saturday ceremonies. That the signatures statement of Law As being necessary to require refunds at pension dues were Vot toy. Who resides at 2345 state hirer. Schreiber is the represent apr and goes. Norman Erbe of residence and dates upon the be i referendum de a Gerald p. Toy. Who re-1st. Is to engage in real estate rive of beneficiaries of the pen Iowa Ami John m. Dalton of mis tuition Are genuine and True that a furthermore the Legal ques signed with rank of patrolman of activities. Von Marri whose Home Sion fund. Noun went into immediate Effort the persons signing the petition Tion has Arisen As to whether or Ter 12 years of service and de is at 2627 Hillcrest ave told a a temporary organization was Kernel said Are electors at the City or Village ii it the Council manager form of Ward Voumard who resigned new x report r that he has two a k. Because of toe nearness of a conflicts that have Arisen in and in cities or villages in which government has actually been in i with rank of sergeant offers at employment under con an election at which Active Mem the past due mainly to a mix electors Are required to be re effect a full four years As i equip Loy will receive a refund of is iteration but has not yet mad i hers of the police department and understanding of the application Gisterek that they were duly re led Illinois statute before re i_.827.74 and Voumard one of $3,-definite plans for the future a Una Jalso beneficiaries will elect their 0 governing use taxes Are Gisterek at the time they signed j Feren Dum proceedings can . The respective amounts aurally i have to make a living representatives on the Testa resolved the Revenue de Illinois classical group thav cd Olivent Ion Here fhe 22nd annual meeting of the j George Lunas of Washington Illinois classical conference will University of St. Louis an author open at toe hotel Stratford thu re 00 archaeology Day and continue through saturday it was announced today. Ionic of the topics and speakers throughout the meeting will the petition and that the petitions be nought should be deemed insufficient in a this question Preshus itself what each has paid into the ii j once pension fund through made any he or William Geti at Foret the conference is made up oilman a co., a romansh Switzer commented a but have not yet body Xhu s ejection will be on the a amp rement or tax commission or greek and latin teachers of lilt land s foul the language a miss. A a. _ j third monday of april and will1 states involved a Kemer said. I Nois High schools colleges and Bernice l. Fox Monmouth col accordance with chapter -4, Bec As a result of toe action taken payroll deductions toy reorganization of tin police followed a biennial rear move Kisner said is con universities. Purpose of the Leia a dear Ovid problem Titi 5-5, of the Illinois revised Lite old Alder Nink form f f 11 d his application for his re a pension Fruita Board in came a animation. Side red the first of its kind and meetings is to Exchange ideas on is. Or Heller. A is latin a statutes 1961. Government in so be Ting ii fund last Friday and Vou a necessary because two of the the reorganized Board au-18 designed among other things tot latest teaching methods. Dead language sister Marie air. I ghz ser Paiik 0f ,0rfinai a for mourn in i Mard presented his application elected members a the. Represent theorized the sitmm2 of t0 avoid toe necessity of Federal Ernest Howard of the Alton High Aquinas. Rosary College River Albers. Do certify and -0 i in fill of writ manager at to meeting held in the natives of the police department 5 intervention or control. School foreign language depart Forest a teaching the classics make oath i that we Reid at plan could fit go into Fth i until Raymond l. Galloway and Vou fund flt a is but two men Kemer said toe Tor Quot gov a ment will Demonr Teaf to schools 2004 Kinsman drive and 706 j two years later. Northdale drive respectively in a in recognition of its response the City of Altai in the county of Madison and state of Illinois 2 that we have examined the Anthony Scariano. A Park a certified copy of a petition de est James p. Tsoukas a Chicago and Alan j. Dixon. A Belleville were cited for honorable mention. The citations were presented at the organizations seventh biennial awards meeting. Manding an election on the Issue whether to retain managerial form of municipal government in Alton and 3 do hereby raise the aforementioned objections to said under a provision of toe pen vilify to the citizens of Alton a a a to mice Ltd a has been determined thai them from to it Olk t 9emce wore actg through its elective of Vry Quot nth the 2u years necessary flyers should ate an objection to Fot the petition. A Titis should not be misconstrued As an attempt to avoid a referendum but merely an insistence that All Legal requirements Are adhered retirement Are entitled on Roviest to return of All cond Bubalis they have made to the pension fund. Toy s Pend of service with the police department under the retirement play extends Back to Mard a had separated from to bits a Board. Of the police department Turin in Wing no am ram mom i a a a. Am. 1 then id now a a ii if a a registration will open thursday lice service their recent Resig-1 this made possible the issuance a x vt>1 Lection Effort to 1 saturday morning at the High at 6 and will continue Early nations. Of warrants for the refunds of bordering states. School. Miday. Friday meetings will be attorney Ross Armbruster in pension dues and of payments mrs. Dorothy g. Ramey of be j held at the Stratford As will Early Gal adviser at the Board advised of pension checks due beneficial the Board that Severance from ies of the fund for february and Hata at the d pm the department the two had lost succeeding Mouths until full re 8a m temperature yesterday right to continue on the pension organization is had. To Ltd a 3� High is Low 37 body. Galloway has been serving Price said toe fund now has As River stage below precipitation As the boards president Ami beneficiaries la retired police poof Voumard As vice president men and 8 widows of policemen.1 -4 hrs. To 8 a in. 0.03 Inch. Tha to will preside at a session morning saturday meetings but Friday morning at the Stratford. T the conference sessions will move or. John a Heller of the University of Illinois president of the conference will preside at the sessions. Speaker at the dinner Friday night will be or. To Alton High saturday at la a. In. For the final meetings. Kenneth Hagen member of the Alton High faculty is chairman of arrangements. 1

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