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Alton Evening Telegraph (Newspaper) - February 16, 1953, Alton, Illinois Alton evening Telegraph member of the associated press 5c per copy. Vol. Xviii no. 28 Alton ill., monday february 16. 1953 established january is 1836. Waterworks,11 Calls from Hospital to woman killed City sewers Tell Mother he was injured 3 injured i Litho exemption i through a Telephone rail from a z"1 la coordination bom saturday Auto collision urged As vital to a Quot a a Quot pair there is one Alton Man who Rry ii ail wont have any trouble finding in Schlosser tells aldermen Corne tax exemption. He is Fred Lee Woodard of 1214 Coppinger re. He and or joining 2 facilities future need ultimate acquisition of a municipal waterworks was suggested to aldermen at a meeting saturday As apparently the Only Means of financing Altona a future sewer improvement necessities. The suggestion was made by the City a auditor and financial advisor. C. Schlosser. Who said a it appears that any Long Range program for adequate sewer facilities Here must include acquisition or establishment of a municipal waterworks. There appears no possible Way to solve the financing of the future sewer necessities without a municipal water Plant which will make it feasible j to save a sewer use tax. Bonding Power a the City lacks general Obliga j finn bonding Power which would even begin to solve the looming sewer improvement requirements j and securing a waterworks Loomas an important Factor in the sew j ers problem because it makes operation of a sewer usage tax a recently the City Council acted through a Telephone Call from her son. A. 2 c. James David Conner. 22, made from his bed in Letterman army Hospital Ward d-2 san Francisco. Mrs. Mae Conner of 627 Monroe St., East Alton Learned of his serious injury apparently a week ago. In an automobile crash. Airman Conner told his Mother that he suffered fractures of his right and left thumb a cracked Pelvis and ankle a puncture wound in his Side and a facial injury including loss of one tooth. The army air corps member who is stationed at Sacramento was on his Way with a Friend to san Francisco to visit his brother Francis Conner a former Alton Telegraph employee when the car was sideswiped and he was hurled through the Windshield to the High Mif new Orleans a a fourth life raft from the National airlines dc-6 plane that plunged into the Gulf of Mexico with pc persons aboard was found empty recently the my a a j today a apparently ending All Hope to retain the year round services Urmia a of Schlosser head of the auditing Woodard became parents of their eleventh child saturday. Ten of the children Are living All of school age or younger and none is working. The baby. Bom on St. Valentines Day to or. And mrs. Woodard was a son Anthony Roland. Who weighed seven pounds and eight ounces at birth at 4 12 p.m., in St. Josephus Hospital. I Wjk Muir a w a a a a Woodard who is 36, is employed Way Francis Conner now Foreman at Owens Illinois Glass co. His in a newspaper publishing Plant. Wife is 34. J an a resident of Mountain View had visited his brother just before he had Hie Telephone Call Home. Mrs. Conner is awaiting a letter for More details of the Accident but her son told her it might he some weeks before he will have sufficient use of his right hand to write himself. It has been five years since airman Conner entered military service. He first was in the Navy but for almost the last three years has been in the air Force. Fourth life raft of dc-6 found empty in Gulf Newingham fatally Hurt in tragedy saturday night mrs Virginia Newingham to. Of 3000 2 Glenwood ave fatally injured in an Auto crash at 10 05 p. In. Saturday or it 67 Jerseyville re eight Miles South of Jerseyville died at 2 04 p. In. Sunday at Alton memorial Hospital. Also brought to the Hospital in two Jacoby ambulances out of Jerseyville were mrs. Newingham smother mrs. Clara Taylor. 42, and her brother in Law. Gerald Newing Ham 36, both of the same address and the Driver and a ale occupant of the other ear Epler Mills 59, attorney of Virginia 111 serious condition All were de riled As in serious condition. Mrs. Taylor s injuries firm which bears his name. Be cause his firm made the Rity audit last year which contained important financing and accounting suggestions Schlosser was asked to serve As a general financial adviser to the c ity for the coming fiscal period and particularly to advise in the preparation of the next City budget. The conference saturday afternoon in the City Hall was one asked by Alderman Parker and which served As a sort of a curtain Raiser to the budgeting program i sussed in detail at the meeting by Schlosser were 13 a recommendations and observations which he had appended to the City audit report. Present were mayor Linkogle aldermen Parker c. And j. Dooley Warren and Brown also City counsellor Durr and City Engineer Fairfield. A sewer usage tax one of the final recommendations among the 13 was one that the City investigate the advisability of expansion of Rity Revenue by a a sewer usage lax. When this item was reached. City counsellor Durr reported that be had been giving the sewer use tax some personal investigation tor survivors. Three other life rafts All empty were found Bobbing on the Choppy Waters sunday by an Armada of planes and ships that combed Ine Waters. The coast guard said the fourth raft was recovered a accounting for All of the rafts and apparently ending any Hope for survivors c. named adviser on a cold War Washington v a president Eisenhower today named c. D. A a. A a Jackson r>0-year-old new York the raft had never been inflated publisher As his special assistant Only a Remote possibility was in charge of cold War planning held by the coast guard that any the appointment was announced survivors would be the fourth raft. The coast guard found aboard j by Sherman Adams chief assistant 1 to the president. Said even if mrs. Virginia Newingham were to the hat1. Short and spine. Gerald Newingham int urged severe head injuries. Mills was said v. Bombers hit communist build up area by Robfrt b. Tuckman Kottl a More than 200 u. Cd. Gater bombers smashed at a huge communist troop and Supply buildup area in North Korea today and it turned it into a boiling mass of smoke and flames. American f86 Sabre jets flying a protective screen for the massive Laid clashed with communist Mig gets deep in Northwest Korea in the second straight Day of dog a fights. Pilots reported one Mig probably destroyed and two damaged. Alin d fighter bombers knocked out two generators at the big Sueiho hydroelectric Plant on the Yalu. River Boundary of Manchuria. More than 500 air Force Marine and u. Carrier planes turned the giant Sueiho Plant the world s fourth largest into a pile of junk j last june 23, but the communists j evidently had rebuilt it. Allied warships meanwhile began the third year of their bombardment and siege of the Eastern korean port of won san. The ii. Heavy Cruiser Toledo and two destroyers the Wedder bum and Moore shelled Shore installations. The siege of won san is the longest in la Aava i history. It began feb. 16. 1�1, after the u. 1st Marine division and other u. N. Units were evacuated in the eighth army a Retreat from North Korea. On the Battlefront Allied infantrymen threw Back five Small communist probes in predawn darkness. Temperatures dropped below Zero All along the front. Cites dangers of sneak red atomic attack Taft says Ike no plans now House rejects seeks Cabinet for consumer Ujj f r More n in in of cuff controls we f 1 rank for Fra deter Seumas Washington a a there Are no official plan to put consumer buy rot it gof senator sax Dent has started step necessary my Back under credit controls the department sought added Federal Reserve Board made Clear a a s1.2 billions for this year sunday night. A Hoard spokesman reported a some pressure from unidentified sources for restoring Regula on a the consumer credit con Washington ,4 a a defense. It department request for si.200.000. Washington v sen Taft r Ohio said today president Eisen Irol suspended last May 7, which Bower wants to make a Cabinet Leq Irod 15 per rent Down and no too in new funds for the current rank government department out More than 18 months to pay on year was rejected in full today by of Tho Federal Security admin i most Housel ild goods. The House appropriations commit traction and has set machinery in but the official said his Agency tee. Motion to curate such a depart believes Tho present lug volume j the committee said the depart ment. I of consumer credit is not too Large Taft the Senate Republican floor ill View of the High rate of National Leader gave this word to reporters i income. Besides he said credit after a 40-minute meeting of con controls Are a a big headache for Gressional leaders with the presi the Board to i of Jpn a he said much of the session was i spent in discussion on the question in s., russians ment should use available funds to finance the programs for which the new Money had been requested. Most of the new Money sought was for army Navy and air Force military pay increases in which i \ Ere voted by Congress since the of repudiating certain a secret agreements a made by presidents # Roosevelt a and Truman. In i i la i i Iva some Progress was made toward 111 i i la i ? v/1 drafting a repudiation Resolution such As Eisenhower has called for i aft added. In his state of the Union and Iress Eisenhower said he would shortly ask Congress to repudiate j Tokyo to two u. Warplanes Northern Japan last defens department budget was approved. The request for additional funds came from former president Truman before he left office last month. In some cases. President Eisenhower revised the requests it in he made no changes. Some of the new Money requests i fitted by Truman were scaled la a a a i v Mph t Miami Ivoin Viu Aiu we a j o a Jwj Jackson would serve As to have been injured around the survivors had managed to get on a Liaison official Between the Var right shoulder and left . The rafts i hat the rough Waters a Jennri a a any secret agreements of the past Chat int pm tw0 re Ian Type fight Lown but a Quot of department Heads which involved the enslavement of i Marne Rihem Japan today i Quot plumed by Eisenhower. Other tree Peoples anywhere. Damaged one in a Brief skirmish retests a a no disturbed. Meet with newsmen i and ,.haspd both intruders to the Ltd Smittee oven Cut the Taft and House speaker Martin 3ttvset.held hurtle islands the far Fri a tent funds. If rejected in a mass met with newsmen in Kaj to Ajr Porpose full a request for $75,000 for the rhe office of White House press it Wjt the first to Jar soviet or a Dent a Council of economic Secretary James c. Hagerty in. Had appear pm Over North advisers Cea and approved in mediately after they and other for government Jav Ead 8 i25 000 fund for that it pro get of leaders had held their Reg a h Stronk g hacking on Jan Anont a an economic Adular monday morning strategy j3 warned her mighty neighbor to visor an 1 an economic advisory conference with the president. J North against such Una Thor a this was e departure from past Fol gets j a request for $350,000 for the sessions when the congressional the a. Oree announcement presidents emergency fund was leaders Hae been reluctant to Stid to Thunder jets intercepted Ltd hopped flown to $75,000 commit the Laus near Demuro on the Lee members said there is an deems tem tip of Northern hokkaido tax a balance in this fund and ibis morning. They signalled the a hat if can be in Wadi when Hie intruders to land. One Thunder regular while House budget is con administration is being prepared. I of Ppd fire Hon the order so dered later this year. Fra now is headed by mrs. Ove j t one of the Falls was hit in the fuse i a and wings. Both planes fled toward the kit talk. Taft said a Resolution setting up a new department to take Over the Woik of the Federal Security a a a a iou government departments and would have probably washed them i agencies Active in psychological overboard. I warfare strategy. The ill fated four engined plane j Jackson has been Given leave flying in 100-mile-per-hour winds from Bis position As publisher of was in route from Tampa fla., Fortune Magazine to new Orleans when it crashed Jackson h is Long been Active in saturday afternoon less than five planning psychological warfare. Minutes from possible safety Many persons prominent in business and society were aboard the big Airliner when it left Tampa at 3 p. In. Saturday for the 419 mile run across the Gulf. It was due in new Orleans at 6 25 p. In. It was Tho first fatal crash of a regularly scheduled ii. Domestic Airliner since a National dc6 he was Deputy chief of psychological warfare under Eisenhower when the president was command Driver of the car in which mrs. Newingham was killed was reported to be mrs. Taylor police were told there had been some difficulty with a fuel on the ear and it was proceeding North Down Piasa Hill or Piasa fill is it is sometimes called at a rate of five or to Miles per hour. The car driven by Mills was reported to have approached from behind and he even has secured a copy of 8 Elizabeth n. J., in a the ordinance for such a tax in one Illinois City he said but he had Learned from officials cities having a use tax that it is extremely difficult to apply unless a City has a municipal waterworks. City Engineer Fairfield commented on the a tremendous future. Severing costs the City faces due turbulent weather conditions about to need of repairs extensions and the time of his last report causing the apparent certainty the City Bim to descend from 14.000 feet to at Miami fla., nationals vice president in charge of operations capt. E. Kershaw said the dc6 in saturdays crash May have met a Tornado Kershaw noted that capt. E. A or in charge of the North african smashed into the rear of the first Campaign in world War ii. Car later Jackson was Deputy chief Mills ear is a heavy Sedan and of psycho logical warfare a again the other car a lighter Coupe. Mrs. Under Eisenhower for Quot operation new Ingham we As in the rear seat the invasion of Conti web a dog and both received the liena1 Europe. Brunt of the collision. The dog Adams announcement said j Vas puffed. Lac son will serve As a special As Kershaw noted mat capt. To. A. V .1 a Springer Pilot of the dc6 met Root liars Fri i a inn Lupu some Day Likely not far Distant when it will be required to pro 4,500 feet. Ens. Frank Polk aboard a vide treatment plants to replace patrol boat said the bodies were open disposal in the Mississippi. He too said successful employment of a use tax seemed to depend on City ownership of the water service floating around when his Craft arrived on Hie scene Early sunday afternoon. A judging from the appearance of the bodies a Polk added. A i the front automobile was said to have been crushed and a folded like an accordion so its body was Only a Little More than half on Way to visit mrs. New Ingham her Mother and brother in Law Wen in route 1 to visit at the Roodhouse residence 1 Rad Ilock Gallur a of Henry Newingham father of Distant to the president with special responsibilities in the a cold War planning of this Schlosser immediately concurred would say they were All killed riling from his municipal auditing instantly. None had life jackets experience that Only with a my on. Nie pal waterworks does a sewer a use tax appear practicable. Such hip Iha. Jami Laue. A. A tax Means residents benefiting St. Flair authorities by sewers pay for this usage and p l in Many a death in such Revenue May be used to Rob umm in rhe auditor added however that Clair county authorities today con have told of passing bad checks in at raft Jort. Die a a a dulled an investigation into the Kewanee Streator Kankakee and mean grabbing a Purchase project it death of mrs. Imogene Giblin at Henry a Proir said. A a i a _ _ 4 f. Of. Al-1 a 1� la Salle. 111. A two Brothers and the Sisters they married have Reen seized by police who said they passed bogus checks in four Northern Illinois communities. Police chief Edward Kasprowicz River. Said the women Josephine de Voss 15, and her Sisler Jodie 23, were seized saturday night when a merchant complained they tried to Cash a bad Check. Their husbands Elmer 30. And Stanley 27, were seized sunday. Elmer who is married to Josephine was seized in Chicago at the request of la Salle police. The two couples who were held without charge for questioning the dead woman a husband William who is a service station attendant. Mrs. Newingham was the former Virginia Collins born in Wood they were married five years ago at Winchester. Her father Cecil Collins and a brother James Are employed in California and were reported in route today to Alton. A sister mrs. Roberta Moore of Alton also survives. The body is at Streeper funeral Home. An inquest by Deputy Coroner Quinn was to be conducted. Police chief Clyde Horah of Kewanee said merchants there lost because someone else comes in Tractive 26-year-old Divorcee. A a the on offer to take a water whose body was found in her car works Bond Issue. Parked at her Centreville town More than $1,000 to the couples a acquiring a waterworks Foi ship Home Early sunday. Alton a he suggested would have police said she apparently died to be carried out on a logical j of Carbon monoxide poisoning carefully prepared basis that could they began an inquiry because of justify and w in Public support for cuts and bruises found on the face its and what appeared to be blood Given most attention in the con-1 stains on the garage driveway Ference were recommendations of the motor of the car was run the audit report dealing with centralization of municipal purchasing so As to secure the savings from Hulk purchasing under strict specifications to assure required Quality of All supplies. Bulk purchases it was suggested that some plan for bulk gasoline purchases for example would save the City 12 to 13 per cent on its fuel Bills through reduction in Cost and abatement of Federal taxes. The audit report suggested the City might install gasoline pumps of its own. By. Aldermen and officials in explorations earlier this year found such a step impracticable. Instead the plan favored and explained by City Engineer Fairfield is to extend to use a modified credit car arrangement whereby the Cit can obtain Fleet prices but secure gasoline in moderate lots As it is needed in course of actual operation the City a motorized equipment it permits a bulk rate along with exemption from Federal taxes. Fatally injured a Lien car hits Telephone pole Rosiclare i. A Cene Cook 27, of Sparks Hill. Was fatally injured sunday night when the car in which he was Riding left state Ning and a Garden Hose attached j 146 near Here and struck a War in Korea hurts National defense plans to the exhaust pipe had been placed through a ventilator window. The cur was in the garage Telephone pole. The Driver of the car Wayne a English of nearby Elizabethtown authorities were searching for a is in serious condition in Rosiclair St. Louis Man believed to have Hospital. Been with mrs. Giblin saturday Cook is survived by his widow night. 1 mid four Small children. By Russell Brines Washington spa the army says its Effort to hold Down the Cost of the korean War has delayed Progress toward foolproof National defense. It. Gen. A. C. Mcauliffe the army a Deputy chief of staff for operations testified that funds were stretched As far As possible to finance the War from available Money and to avoid asking Congress for extra appropriations. As a result he told a House appropriations sub o in in i 11 e e. Stocks of equipment have been reduced without being replaced and standards of operation and maintenance have been depressed. This has saved Money Mcauliffe said in testimony made pub lie today but a has not improved an so Ynar of d Man has travelled i inc at Shurtleff colies who will our com Hal readiness position1____a.__.1.iky. I no Alton civic orchestra tonight chicagoan 88, journeys to hear grandson in concert All the Way from Chicago to see his grandson perform in tonight Salton civic orchestra concert at we est Junior High school auditorium. He is a. Rass Miler Grandfather of Western military Academy Cadet Ronald harder member of the orchestra s clarinet Section. No re Terai taxes. Unknown to other member of this plan already is being used he or Hes Ramr hrs a ssh for a Quot a a the Public works department , we along we a hard arcs he City and saves the two rent Enta Ware ,y Cree nights dress rehearsal which last Quot to sex is a a a Ariy a die fire department it was scheduled for 8.1j a tonight will feature can Shelton continued on Page 2, col. I. I St. Louis concert pianist Nosy teach join the orchestra in playing the Mendelssohn concerto for piano. Other items on the program will be the first symphony by Bizet the Only symphony known to be written by the great operatic composer Wagner a a Rienzi overture and Henry Hadl it yes overture a in Bohemia for the civic orchestra series though season tickets Are sold in Advance individual concert admissions also Are available at the door tonight the orchestra will out to its first use the new Rise purchased shortly after its pre christinas concert. However it will play from the stage of the auditorium this time. However and has further delayed Progress toward achieving a proper state of mobilization Mcauliffe said major military equipment sent to Korea this year Pas not been replaced in the nations stockpile because an estimate of the Cost is to be included in a forthcoming military budget. Army officers said they had enough funds on hand to finance Che korean Campaign through june 50 without asking Congress for More unless fighting intensifies. Korean War costs Are not included in regular military budgets hut Are met through pedal appropriations. By w. Joines Macfarlan Washington a the Federal civil defense administration said today Russia could Send 400 planes against any spot in the u. And drop numbers of atom bombs capable of inflicting casualties with each blast. Such an initial attack the Agency said would come practically without warning probably during working hours and would be aimed primarily at crowded Industrial areas. It would he backed up by psychological warfare to spread panic and weaken the will to fight and biological warfare to add disease to bombed out devastation. It added. The Agency a annual report was sent to president Eisenhower and Congress by acting administrator James j. Wadsworth. Eisenhower in his state of the Union message urged a stepped up civil defense i it because he said there was no question Russia has the atomic bomb. Wadsworth said in his report a these initial civil defense attack assumptions Are neither a dramatic overstatement of the problem or a Retreat from the reality of growing soviet capabilities. A we Are making Progress in civil defense out Are losing ground in the face of the growing threat to our National Security. Make no mistake Alx iut it americans civil defense is not developing fast enough to meet the threat that now faces the report quoted the air Force of saying 70 per cent of an enemy bombing Mission would get through the country a defense. The Agency assumed 400 bombers would if Trike with no More than 15 minutes warning if any among the 67 areas it has designated As most Likely targets. Its primary task the two year old Agency said is to Alert every american family to the dangers of unpreparedness and to the need tor a grass roots system of civil the report said nearly 2,000 civil defense exercises conducted by cities anti states in 1952 involved two million civil defense workers and 42 million private citizens. It a Aid nearly four million persons have now Neon assigned to civil defense duties. The report listed As Basic requirements tor effective civil detente 1. More real and effective leadership at All Levels of government and a adequate financial support instead of Token 2. Continued improvements in sea and an defences of North America. 3. A practical step by step dispersal program for Industry and a realistic shelter program for highly congested areas. 4. Fuller recognition that the spiritual Unity of civil defense is in important Factor in the survival of the american Way of life. 5. Civilian self Reliance aroused by full knowledge of the dangers the nation faces. I la Culp Hobby who sits in on Cabinet meetings j on the matter of repudiating be i ret agreements Taft said the j i president was referring primarily a Thunder ets broke off the to the Yalta agreement Between Chase to av0ld violation of rus president Roosevelt and the rus territory a the air Foresaid. Know of no agreements Ujj was in the same general area i the Ohio lawmaker said he does Wuhu sight of the Kun is it that a not know of any agreements made Superior was shot Down with the russian by the democratic administrations which Are still secret. He said Eisenhower in speaking oct. 7. Russian protested to the ii. That the super fort violated russian territory and opened fire on soviet planes. The u. S., in re i of a a secret understanding a in his. J denied both charges and said state of the Union message a he supp1fort Vas maimed. Referring to agreements which peae gave few details of j Cere kept secret at the time i today a Actu n. It did not speculate were made and for some time a the Nal Jona ity 0f the Lah i thereafter. J 0ts< j the Ohio legislator made it Plain Ajr in Japan had orders that Congress will not be asked to comment repudiate any Complete agree a a in be got orders right Here on j ments but Only those parts of my officer said. A not agreements which a indicate any 0 say a acquiescence on our part to the suppression of Freedom in satellite countries or the committee directed that new automobiles be purchased for the majority and minority leaders of the House the Money to come from contingent expenses. Chairman Taber Rny said this will put the House leaders reps. Hall Eek Rind and Rayburn a Tex on the same footing with the Senate a leaders in the matter of having limousines and chauffeurs furnished by the taxpayers. Execution Date of Rosenbergs set by judge Secretary of state John Foster Dulles sat in on the conference As did chairman Chiperfield a a1 of the House foreign affairs committee and sen. In Alexander Smith Ltd chairman of the Jaf Jao c # Senate foreign relations sub com j Xiv i of Vav la Mittee on the far East. Committee oks income tax Cut 28.5 cents for Premium. During the Price War prices tumbled As Low As 18.9 cents for regular. Weather St. Louis gasoline Washington a the House / ii i Way and Means committee today i Nee gel lion leu approved a Bill to Cut income tax St. Louis a gasoline prices rate to per cent. Effective june were increased five to six cents a 30. Gallon today at a Large number the a Cut was sponsor re by of City and county service stations j rep Rood Rny chairman of creaking a Price War which Star the committee to Here last november. His Bill was passed by the com new prices ranged from 24.1 and Mittee despite of a resident Eisen-26.5 cents tor regular to 26.4 to towers recommendation that no lotion be taken on an income tax Cut until St is have been taken to balance the budget. Reed said the vote at a closed committee meeting was 21 to 4 in favor of his proposal. One demo Erat and three republicans voted against it. Twelve republicans and i nine democrats were for it. Before the final committee action the democrats on the committee offered a series of promo als demanding a delay until the administration takes a firm stand on Reeds tax cutting drive and j until the administration gives some \ report on the effects of the Bill. Eisenhower has declared a i lands off policy on the tax cutting Bill for the Lime being. Democrats Lave assailed him for this claiming he soul i have taken a definite position. All the in socratic proposals wijsrv1 vere Defeated by a straight party vote 15 republicans to to demo 1 rats. Alton and Vicinity cold wave with Strong northwesterly winds and temper lures falling to near 15 tuesday morning. Highest about 30 tuesday afternoon. Occasional Light Snow this afternoon and evening. Partly Cloudy tonight and tuesday. Shippers forecast 200-mile radius of Alton North 2-6, West 10-14, East 12-16, South 14-18. River stages sea level 7 . Zero Sovis m a stage 3.85 it. Fall .56 it. Pool 418.69. Tailgater 399.33. Dead 14 hours 80-year-old Man found alive in mortuary embalming room Elater still mls Aing Berlin a it there was still co Trace of Gerhart Eisler in West Berlin today. Allied and German officials is Well As the jewish Community Here said the denoted soviet zone propaganda chief has not turned up anywhere in the West As far As they know. New York a a an 80-year-old Man was found alive sunday in an embalming room two hours after the family doctor had issued a death certificate. William c. Brossman of Brooklyn was taken to a Hospital where he died Early today More than 14 hours after being pronounced dead. The family physician. Or. David Blumenfeld. Had listed arteriosclerosis and senility on the death certificate. Asst. Dist. Atty. George a Regan quoted the doctor As saying he found no heart Betat pulse or any other indication of life when he twice examined the patient thoroughly late sunday morning. After the death certificate was signed Brossman was taken to the Queens funeral Home of Charles Morton and placed in an embalming room. Morton and his aides noticed a Flicker of the eyelids and an apparent slight exhalation. An ambulance doctor was Able to restore breathing sufficiently to permit Brossmann a removal to Wyckoff Heights Hospital in Brooklyn. There he was Given Shock treatment oxygen and blood transitions but failed to rally. New York a execution of Ito Mir up Julius and Ethel Rosenberg today was set for the week of March 9. Federal judge Irving r. Kaufman scheduled the new execution Date for the husband and wife whose Appeal to the president for clemency has been rejected. The couple was convicted nearly two years ago of conspiring to transmit atomic information to Russia. They have been in sing Bing prisons death House Ever since. U. Marshal William Carroll said the Date of the electrocution a nay be March 12, and the hour la p. In. Est. Rosenberg. 34. And his wife 36, originally had been scheduled to die in he electric chair there Jan. 14. But the judge postponed the execution to permit time for the president to act on their clemency Appeal. President Eisenhower last week turned them Down. Setting of he new execution Date came amid a growing clamor Over the Case. Hundreds picketed the White House late last week in protest against the death penalty. For the second time the roman Catholic apostolic delegation in Washington last week informed rhe government the Pope has received Large numbers of pleas for mercy. And sunday night a protestant Leader renewed the plea of some 2,300 protestant clergy for commutation of the sentence. No american civilian Ever has died for espionage the crime of which the couple was convicted. The court proceeding today was simply an announcement by the judge of the new execution Date the presence of neither the government prosecutor nor of defense counsel was run juiced. Marshal Carroll said he will go to sing sing prison to discuss with the Warden the exact hour and Date of the execution. Only action by the u. Supreme court which has twice rejected appeals in the cases could now save the couple from death barring reconsideration of the Case by Eisenhower. In sentencing the couple to death two years ago judge Kaufman called their crime worse than murder. Northern Illinois Road covered with Snow Springfield 111. A a All state highways in the Northern third of Illinois Are covered with packed Snow and driving condition a hazardous the state Highway department said today

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