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Alton Evening Telegraph Newspaper Archives Dec 23 1963, Page 1

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Alton Evening Telegraph (Newspaper) - December 23, 1963, Alton, Illinois Inside 4 8 to 14 18 18 19 20 Alton evening Telegraph serving the Alton Community for More Thun 127 years warming to esd a Low 5, High so Complete weather Page i established january 15, 1836. Vol. Xxviii no. 290 Alton ill., monday december 23,1963 22 pages 7c per copy member of the associated press. Leave burning 296 have lost ship t a lives garbage trucks of the Alton sanitation department were running today with cold recorded As i below Zero this morning in spite of the suspension of seven garbage men. Here two men Cross a snowy Lawn after emptying containers. The trucks were being manned by sanitation department employees and extra Board men from the civil service commission. Sac b-52 explodes crashes Aberdeen miss a �?an1 unexplained explosion in the air ripped through a strategic air command b52 Jet bomber today killing its Crew of six and nearly disintegrating the aircraft. The plane exploded shortly after take off from Columbus air Force base. The explosion occurred 50 to 75 feet in the air and dug a huge Crater in the ground. Civil defense and air Force units immediately began retrieving the bodies but were hampered by ice glazed roads and Frozen ground it was not raining or snowing at the time of the crash but Light Snow covered the ice on the ground. Sac bombers sometimes carry nuclear weapons but the trigger device for such weapons is not attached no politics i ii vol veil. Says zit Robert Zitt Wood River town commission and a hearing on Lenz however according to up 10dec View she assessor denied today an of All the circumstances a sees a interference in Lenzy suspensions a charge of a political inter so the mayor added a a in a not the City Council to straighten Ference Quot was levelled by mayor going to Tell the civil service p. W Day at three aldermen to commission what to do and they the mayor also declared Tut Day following a reported at either a it had told him a they the temp o re hate the seven City administrative officer ref Tom committee had called suspended Alton sanitation de cannot tolerate pointes in run t a civil service commission pertinent employees. Eng their departments. Day and of them when t0 have he the seven men were suspend said. Quot if Dabbs thinks he can hearing quoted saturday by director of pub in the administrative offices of. Lie works Paul i no after they the City he can have Koppenhaver commis refused to go out on their Gar Day said the seven suspended to a a a a i Bage collection routes until the garbage men had been a Insu weather warmed up exr no sub Inird Inaten and had Quot told Lenz sequent filed charges against what to do the seven with the civil service Good jobs air slip Rescue saves at least 750 by Tom Ochiltree associated press writer London apr fire and explosions forced 1,046 persons to abandon the Christmas cruise ship Lakonia in the Eastern Atlantic today but at least 750 were plucked from the water in a dramatic air ship Rescue her London agents reported. This left 296 persons Unac survivors still in the water. The counted for. Planes Over the weather in the area is reported stricken greek liner said More survivors were being picked up. Other accounts told of Hun a . Air Force report Saidl reds hauled from lifeboats and too persons were floating in the water and All appeared dead. Aboard the 20,314-ton Lakoma when disaster struck late sunday night were 651 passengers mostly British or Irish but in eluding four americans. The. I liner carried a Crew of 3m. The Fae a from a scene in dec de passengers Many of them worn a total saved was of from the sea onto the decks ships. The lines spokesman in London said it appeared about 470 persons had been rescued thus far. At that time radio Mes Joh sons a service Washington president Anil or. Johnson with their daughter Lucy Baines hold lighted candles at a me Morial service to Mark the end of the official mourning a Rod for John f. Kennedy. A wire photo he did not know what the mayor had said about the alleged attempt to influence the hearing Date. He said the Date had been thousands attend service for Kennedy accusation that his verbal blast at Madison county Board of re the matter was set for i . The mayor had done a Good Job dec 30 this was a change from in handling the matter and tithe original Date of Jan 2. Ened charges properly with the it Quot Nih Kim u a a it he Eastgate Shoppe no Sands of candles burned Bright bareheaded and costless Sun a commission the hearing Date would be mail Center tax assessment were in the gathering dusk of Wash has meet president Johnson a no need saturday. The mayor made the charge to very much afraid Well of a Kutics Quot alter a meeting of lose Unz if this kind of infer tile City Council refuse disposal Terence continues a Day said committee and Lenz in an an meaning that Lenz would Possi tearoom of the mayors office ply resign. Quot he can to tolerate in this morning. Day was not pres Tererence and he does no to have Cut Clifford Dabbs. Committee j a added that if Lenz re chairman and the two other signed. Quot the mess will be up to members Darrell Riley and so a Oney Kidwell met with Lenz for about an hour. When they emerged Lenz was obviously angry and immediately had a Brief session with the mayor. Lenzy a Only comment to reporters was that Quot in a not going to withdraw my he would not say anything further. A Satis if led cd today. By Bahry Schweid Light our country and All who have As we gather Here. It is a associated press writer server and the glow from that wish that we not lose the close Washington apr thou-1 fire can truly Light the world a Ness and the sense of sharing and the spirit of mercy and gathering dusk of Wash Day night. President Johnson compassion which these last in and children were bound for g a Gay Holiday on the portuguese he British liner str Theden Island of Madeira. Radioed she had picked up 300 All but the Stern of the ship survivors. Some injured plus was ablaze and explosions Sorne dead the Argentine rocked her 608-foot length by the freighter Salta was alternately time Rescue vessels reached the reported to have from 220 to 400 scene 180 Miles North of Madeira survivors. The British Montcalm and 550 Miles Northwest of Cassa a it had in survivors and Blanca the Argentine liner Rio Grande the ship listed heavily to Star another 50 Board. The water was dotted the Saita raced As hard As with lifeboats and swimmers her engines would Pound for trying to escape the peril of the Funchal in Madeira the Brit repeated explosions. Ish Consul at Funchal said smoke Quot there is terrible anxiety Groat Clouds of smoke rolled Here there were several Brit a up from tile red hot Hulk. Peo ish schoolboys aboard who were pie wild with Joy waved from coming from England to spend lifeboats As rescuers a Christmas with their parents preached others struggled to who Are resident business Folk swim As far away from the i in the Madeira based on political ambition Egton As the nation ended a told More than today s chuckle a lit in boy went up to a Santa Claus in a department store kicked him hard in the shins and said Quot that a for last year a o 1983, general feat it i corp Quot i have no political ambitions month s mourning for John f beyond being assessor a Zitt Kennedy. Sad i sheltered against a biting Zitt had objected to a Cut of wind on Winters first Day they $300, no in the assessment of symbolized that the late presi Eastgate shopping Center made dents ideals Are still aglow in by the review Board and the world. Charles Rook of Alton a mein-1 bareheaded and goalless in 14.000 gathered Evv Days have brought for All at the Lincoln memorial and a i us a the nation by radio and Televik to set in motion the solemn Sion Quot thirty Days and a few symbolic service at the Lincoln hours ago John Fitzgerald Ken memorial three religious Lead Nedy 35th president of the unit ers a representing the protes de slates died a martyrs tant roman Catholic and jewish death. The world will not forget faiths it a Torch from the Eter what he did Here. He will Uve Nal flame near Kennedy a grave identity hinged Oil his j head. Over red by a hat Ber of the Board suggested that Brilliant Winter Sunshine Kenne on in our hearts which will be in Arrngton National cemetery. Ziti s stand was taken because by had said in his inaugural and his shrine a i to Monument he planned to seek county office Ress Jan. 20. 1961 Quot the ener Zitt said the review Board had by. The Faith the Devotion which Cut his assessment from $972,000 we bring to this Endeavor win to $672,000 i a a sunday Zitt retorted a a i think by Bob Ryffel Telegraph staff writer he is narrow minded about these knew he was Bald they charged statements. In my opinion him with the offence. This is Zitt said he could not under a 16-year-old boy who said Wood River Pouce stopped he had been served liquor by a Lour youths in an automobile i it a a. Morning at a service Dabbs would say Only that Bis what May a t0p secret this station at Wood River Avenue. I. Committee was Quot satisfied but morning when he told Wood and Edwardsville Road when an 1lllon Wood River bartender revealed 1 45 this a a cd it Man of the of Rev jew on this would not elaborate or say what hover a liw. Officer noticed that the to Flat of Rook the meeting was All Al it he a re of take off his was out on the automobile the township Declar added that reporter would be hat head be mostly Bald in the 17-year-old Driver talked Thal he fel1 was Rook who fury informed about the Situa front As he were intoxicated police was the in de Hon later. I and such was the Case police said. The youth told police he a red Villa. With Landolt and however. Day told the Tele later. Had a speech impediment Frank i less a the 0,her member graph that the refuse disposal the bartender charged is Tony the Driver gave an officer of the three Man Ward. Along committee was trying to put Pavelek. Owner of City club permission to search his car in t0 Back up Rooks these men Back to work Day tavern h e. Ferguson Wood which two full quart bottles old if a of the other assessors said the three aide men have River who was later released on Beer and two half full Quait us�,<1 the state manual for shop no business in in administrative Joo bail. Bottles of Beer were discovered j Ping centers through the county matter of the civil service com be bad his hat on his head other youths in the car Wert the shopping Center assessments Mission and they re trying to get when confronted by the youth two 17-year-Oid boys and the would be uniform a Zitt said polities who was asked to identify him 16-year-old hut added that i Don t want to the three aldermen should the boy identified Pavelek As the 17-year-Olds were jailed take Issue with the other asses have contacted him and not the Man who sold him Beer Sun at Wood River and the 16-year sors a Lenz the mayor said because Fey night or Early this morning old was released to his parents j Zitt assessed Eastgate by us Lenz is working Foi me. Even when Pavelek was brought to one of the boys described the my a manual supplied by the the station. Interior of the City club tavern department of Revenue. The the tavern owner who denied to the Quot letter a police reported Board has taken the position Selling the youths liquor was a four were fined $30 this that the manual is Only a guide wearing a hat while making the morning by William Hubbard while Zitt says that assessments denial. Having previously seen Justice of the peace and re should be made by using the Pavelek without his hat police leased at 10 15 a in. Manual. Hata at the Ham a m temperature today i. Yester Day s High to Low �?�5�. River stage below dam at 8 a in i 6 fool 23 2 fret imitation 24 i s to 8 a a. None pals a bul Noble do i stays a Hunting dog sunday did the right thing when he Quot turned himself in to an Alton policeman who was after some men Hunting illegally in the City units. The men were in a wooded area tie Hind the 2500 Block of Davis Street when a policeman arrived at the scene following a Telephone complaint from a resident of the area the Hunt ers fled in All directions. But not the dog he ambled with Tail wagging up to the officer and even followed the policeman Back to the squad car. After detaining the dog a few minutes the officer radioed Headquarters and was told to release it. Marks end thus with the rhythm of Lincoln s Gettysburg address Johnson marked the end of the an open jeep carried them across the memorial Bridge to the Monument where the Torch was used to kindle Johnson a 30-Day official period of mourn Candle and then those held by my he had proclaimed on his Cabinet officers supreme court predecessors assassination nov. A justices and other dignitaries. A a As it was too years ago so an hour and a half later the g Jug now a Johnson said in his new president turned a switch address. To Light the National Christmas a we have been Bent in sorrow to behind the White House but not in purpose. We buried leading the nation in a transition Abraham Lincoln and John from sorrow to the Joy of Christ Kennedy but we did not Bury Mas their dreams or their visions. Quot on this occasion one year Quot they Are our dreams and i ago a Johnson said Quot our be Sions today their fight for _ loved president John k Kenne better life for More people is a in reminded us that Christmas it legacy to their is the a it when All of us Dedi a Cate our thoughts to others a we w Hen we Are All reminded that y t mercy and compassion Are the u Jyh l really enduring Virtues when a pm i jail of us show by Small deeds a Fey blessed to give than to receive Quot so in that spirit tonight let me express to you As your president that one wish that i bbb tm1 Lakonia As they could. The water temperature was 64 degrees warm enough to give those in the sea a Chance to survive. Officials of the line believed two babies and 30 to 34 children under 12 were aboard. Some accounts told of mothers tossing children into lifeboats and of parents struggling in the water to keep their children afloat. . And British military planes criss crossed the area spotting swimmers and lifeboats and directing Rescue boats. A . Air Force air Rescue report received in Orlando Fla said a c54 flying Over the area from the azores told of the casualties. It said Quot the too were wearing life jackets but All appeared to be radio messages told of the dramatic Rescue. The master of the British Tanker Montcalm capt. E. J. Kempton an englishman reported a a there Are a lot of people in the water around the burning vessel. We Are picking up As Many As newlyweds some passengers were newlyweds. Others were retired people seeking a Sunshine Christmas Holiday. The adult passengers had been singing dancing and walking Arm and Arm on the deck when the fire erupted and forced them to scramble into lifeboats or plunge into the sea. The passengers left Southampton last thursday for a cruise to Madeira Teneriffe and the Canary islands in the Atlantic off Northwest Africa. Then shortly before Midnight came the first ominous wireless message telling of fire aboard. It was followed Early this morning by this final anguished message Quot sos from Lakonia. Last time. I cannot stay any More in the wireless Cabin. We Are leaving the ship. Please help in London worried relatives and friends flooded the offices of ormos shipping co. Ltd. With phone Calls. R. J. Atkins the a the vessel was on fire every a where except for the aft por company a passenger director lion a said a radio message said the liner was Quot fully from one of three planes from equipped with lifeboats and oth the . 57th air Rescue squad or equipment and everything Ron based in the azores. Was in working in rafts the Captain Matio Zarbis an Quot survivors Are in Lifeboat experienced greek Seaman was and life rafts which have been said to have arranged a boat dropped by . Air Force aircraft. Four vessels Are in the area and Are picking up survivors about 60 per cent have been picked up so far. Quot however there Are Many Vav onion dead at Winchester 14 homeless in tim area blazes fourteen persons including seven children were left homeless by two sunday residence fires in the area. A third sunday Blaze in the business District at White Hall destroyed a farm implement company. As an aftermath of a saturday fire at Winchester mrs Carrie Bates 73, who received severe Burns and inhaled smoke died late sunday afternoon at our Saviours Hospital at Jackson Ville a son Jack Bates lives at Wood River. Routed by the sunday fires were or. And mrs William Combs and five children of Carrollton and four families including two children who lived it hoi Belle St., in Alton find shelter All of the occupants of the two Story Frame building gutted by fire sunday afternoon at the Belle Street address have found temporary Homes with relatives relatives were Able to take care of the Combs family at Carrollton although members of the family had to vacate the building with Only the clothing they were wearing. One of the children did no to even have on shoes driven from the Belle Street apartment House into the near Zero weather were mrs. Dorothy Covington and children aged one and three or. And mrs. Arthur Clay. Governor Henderson and mrs Lizzie Williams the latter owner of the premises Henderson said this morning that All had found shelter with relatives. He said the fire started when a kerosene stove in one of the apartments exploded the fire at the Combs residence at Carrollton stalled in the Kitchen and had gained such headway when discovered that the family immediately left the building adjacent to the House was a new residence the family was constructing and this was saved by firemen from Carrollton fire Protection District but construction had not reached a Point where it could be occupied tile family included five children aged 5 to 16. Firemen i two firemen Donald Reynolds and Dale Moore both of Carrollton inhaled smoke and became ill during the fire fighting and were administered oxygen. While Carrollton firemen were fighting the residence Blaze they received a Call for assistance from White Hall where the business District building occupied by the t o. Westnedge farm implement co., was blazing the Frame building a tractor and five hucks were lost in the White Hall fire. The building w As owned by mrs Myrtle Mclaren of White Hall. Seven persons including two children were made homeless when lire burned out this apartment building at Imp Belle St., Alton sunday. Fire was caused by exploding kerosene stove. Drill for the passengers before the Lakonia left Southampton and there had been others since she sailed. Four americans the passenger list named four americans p. Pacer of Margate England or. And mrs i. Buchanan of Cowling England and miss e. Driscoll of St. Leonard s England agents said these addresses probably referred to the places where they signed up for the cruise. The sea was Calm when the order came to abandon ship. A few passengers were in their night clothes. But most had been walking the decks or dancing roman Catholic and Church of England clergymen aboard had made arrangements to hold special Christmas services. A . Air Foret c54 left the azores carrying 20-Man rafts and supplies of food and water a Royal air Force plane left Gibraltar at a it break. First ship on the scene was the 4,999 ton Montcalm. She messaged Quot Lakonia now exploding and fire spreading rapidly to All parts of the the Lakonia owned by the general steamship com lid. Of Greece was formerly the dutch liner Johan Van Olden Arnetveit she was built in Amsterdam in 19ft and was refitted Early this year. Still working 1,046 fear

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