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Alton Evening Telegraph Newspaper Archives Aug 14 1967, Page 4

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Alton Evening Telegraph (Newspaper) - August 14, 1967, Alton, Illinois Pact a Alton evening Telegraph monday August 14,1967 editorials. What ivc think about a a a Musso s new muscle9. Humbert Hazard deputies is. Police District / one Way you look at it sheriff George Musso has picked an appropriate time to ask the circuit court for permission to increase his deputies corps during 1968 a from his own viewpoint that is. From the viewpoint of the Urban dwelling Public he picked the wrong time. Did he seek the order now consciously a recognizing the existence of a Brand new statute that makes it possible for counties to establish police districts in non incorporated areas did he know about the new measure from where we sit it appears speedy expansion of the sheriffs own Force would bring so much Relief to the pressure on Mussow a corps that it would reduce the desirability among suburban residents of adopting the police District. Thus the Urban taxpayer would continue to support his own police department and at the same time share support of the sheriffs corps with a minimum of direct Benefit. And the Relief Given the non Urban taxpayer by the Sharp expansion would sharply reduce the chances that Madison county could approve a suburban police District at the required referendum. We have pointed out before one undesirable feature of the non Urban county police District Bill it places in the sheriffs hands the authority to appoint a with county Board confirmation a the commission that would enforce any Merit system grafted onto the program. The Merit system too is optional. Thus either Way the sheriff would either directly or indirectly control the personnel of the county police corps. And this Factor would make it difficult enough to achieve approval of the program at a referendum without adding to to 20 deputies to the sheriffs staff before it was even brought up. Sheriff Musso should address himself rather to the task of trying to get the county police District plan approved. It has been pointed out that the Quarter cent increase in the county sales tax could conceivably finance the addition to the sheriffs staff. This is beside the Point. It too is paid by Urban residents in their purchases in suburban areas. And it could be used either for other services of the county or for reducing the county a real estate tax. It is highly unlikely that the sheriff can Grant his minions the kind of salary increase he proposes they should get a raise by the Way without stirring up demands for like increases in All other departments of the county alleys in Godfrey we join with Godfrey residents in their concern Over need for sharper traffic regulation in the new Lewis and Clark school area along Humbert Road. They have assembled 465 signatures on a petition asking evaluation of a traffic count in the general area but with special application to the Bartlett Lane Humbert intersection. Proponents of the study for better regulation Point out that no sidewalks Are available leading to the school along Humbert and that motorists pay Little attention to even the 45 mile Speed limit posted along the Highway. Humbert has proven for some reason or other to be one of the most hazardous stretches of Road we have in the area in proportion to the amount of traffic that moves Over it. Routing of the Highway turned out to be a real estate developers dream. Subdivisions have been mushrooming along its entire length from upper Alton a and most have their housing pushed up a so close to the shoulder that widening of the Road to four lanes would be expensive As Well As inconvenient. The developments continue however. And this a Quot an immediate effect on the highways traffic dangers. For the traffic and residential density seem to have Little effect Cai the care with which motorists negotiate the Road. It therefore is highly essential that attention be Given the need tor protecting Young lives from the More heedless of our Drivers a made even less careful by their need to get to and from their jobs in Alton or East of it. This and other problems which have troubled Godfrey lately May eventually add up to a Square facing of the question does the area need the services of a municipal corporation whether its own or someone else a Vietnam and Orlando is it a True criterion of our modern Day american civilization that amid an International crisis in Vietnam and a racial relations Climax at Home the personal problems of two men a baseball player and football Star should become the area causes celebre. The baseball player ordinarily a charming fellow and a Strong Leader of his fellow players got fined and suspended for some words an Umpire understood him to address to him. The football player who has a record of missing half a season per year with injuries anyway was called into two years military service. And both rate right up there with the Vietnam and racial problems in Public discussion and presentation of information. Paul s. Cousley editor readers forum give school a Chance school time will soon be Here. Perhaps some youths Are making up their minds that they Are going to quit. Some consider school a bore a a a waste of time. So they wont go Back. Then a what ill Tell you what when one goes to a firm for employment the first they want to Loikow is whether one is a High school graduate. If not they Are not interested. A Check of want ads in any newspaper will be an answer As Well. Some done to like the teachers. These should give thought to the fact they the teachers once went to school so they could learn to teach them a and others. Teachers Are human a like their pupils. If some of the pupils would take the chips off their shoulders they a be surprised at How nicely the teachers would respond. The education youths receive now is the foundation for their weekly earnings later on. Those who drop out will a a received according to what they have maybe Money is a youths biggest problem. Yet it would be surprising How Many Are in the same boat. If it is a wardrobe problem try to make every Penny count a and it is in this area the youth will get his first taste of what it is like to be on ones own. Maybe the problem is a the every school has one. They make school life a private hell for the less fortunate. They cannot see Why anyone wants to Trot to school in just two or three changes of clothing or Why they done to hang out in the local malt or Burger shop playing the Jukebox Etc. They never Stop to think that some kids can to afford to spend 25 to 50 cents a Day and that these a a drab looking kids done to dress any different because they can to afford to. Those who Are having a Tough time making ends meet and yet can squeeze by should get their schooling. Done to quit. There is a better life a prize out there. But it is never handed to one on a Silver Platter. Anything at All Worth having must be earned. No one else can study for you. Those who have everything should try a Little compassion for a change toward those who Arentt so Lucky. As the old Indian said a you try walking in the other Fellows Mocas sins for a this world is full of misery and hate. Youths should Promise themselves that this year they will try their Best to help their classmates and teachers make their school a happier place. But it All begins with the individual. Dolores Hall Box is South Roxana How Park was named Well it finally happened As i knew it would some Day. Pot shot Miller up in Jerseyville shot a loaded question at me and i could not answer it. Having been born and reared in Alton i thought i knew everything in and about Alton. But or. Miller had me stumped for a time. Pot shot asked How Uncle Remus Park got its name i took the question to William Metzger of the greater Alton association of Commerce staff who has spent Many years talking with the Biggins family owners of the site in negotiations for its use for downtown parking. From them he Learned that an elderly Man used to spend a great Deal of time sitting under one of the Trees whittling and telling stories to the neighbourhood children who gathered there. His name was Remus. The children naturally fitted the Joel Chandler Harris characters name to him a and tagged the Park with it too. I really think that or. Miller is pulling my leg. He must know the answer himself. He was bom in Alton and spent his boyhood Days in our City until he was old enough to join the Navy in which he spent 20 years. Miller in be got news for Fred though. If he goes up town in Jerseyville he will find parking meters sales tax personal tax income tax just like we have Here in Alton. Only the Duck Bluds Are cheaper in Jersey county. William a. Crivello 349 Bluff St. Pinching the poor a great amount of National attention is being focused on riots and All kinds of investigations and remedies Are being proposed. There w ill be no one single cure All answer but one of the reasons for the feeling of helplessness and hopelessness among Large segments of our poor people is the Ever increasing Cost of living resulting from inflation. Inflation is the no. I Domestic Public enemy of our country. It takes purchasing Power from our people As surely As do taxes but with the greatest unfairness to the Low income group. The inflationary policies of the Johnson administration and its controlled Congress undercut the very segment of society which the so called War on poverty is supposed to be helping. Fred j. Miller Rte. I Jerseyville a Well goodness who could have put that in there Victor Riesel los. Competition Sharpens Economy Washington merry go round intrigue strange concerning memoirs Washington a the International intrigue Over the premature publication of the memoirs of Stalin a daughter Svetlana Allilu Yeva is even stranger than so far has leaked into print. The mystery Man in the Story is Victor Louis a bespectacled 39-year-old soviet journalist whom . Intelligence has now identified As a Kremlin agent. The intrigue began after Svetlana a startling defection to the West an event that jolted the russians As severely As the defection of Caroline Kennedy to Russia 20 years from now would Shock americans. The state department not wishing to get involved officially asked sex ambassador to Moscow George Kennan to keep Svetlana from stumbling into any Pitfalls. He called in h i s next door neighbor attorney Edward Greenbaum whose Madison Avenue Law firm obligingly took Svetlana under its Wing. Svetlana had brought out of Russia her memoirs All neatly typed and ready for translation. But she also left a copy behind. Greenbaum immediately parcelled out the rights to Svetlana a writings to his own publishing clients though they did not submit the highest offers. Harper and Row a Greenbaum client purchased t h e Book rights. The new York times another Greenbaum client bought the first serial rights. Life Magazine also purchased rights to print Advance excerpts from the Book. Although life is not a Greenbaum client it is in the family so to speak. Marian Sulzberger daughter of the new York times publisher is married to Andrew Heiskell the time life Board chairman. All belong to Greenbauml Scircle of friends and clients. How much these distinguished publications paid Svetlana Hasni to been announced but its no secret that she became a millionaire capitalist quicker than any communist on record. Time Magazine claimed she collected a record $3,200,000 from both american and British publishers and time should be in a position to know. Harper and Row set october As the release Date for Svetlana a memoirs and the new York times planned a 12-installment serialization beginning in late september. Life Magazine will print its excerpts simultaneously. The autumn publishing Date happens to coincide with the soviet unions 50th anniversary Celebration and the conspiratorial minded men in the Kremlin detected a plot. They darkly concluded that the United states hoped to detract from the Celebration by raising the ghost of Stalin by Way of Svetlana a memoirs. Soviet intermediaries first tried to persuade Harper and Row to change the publication Date but the publisher refused. Then Victor Louis suddenly appeared on the scene with the manuscript Svetlana had left behind plus pictures from her family album. He offered these last May to Parade Magazine whose editor Jess Gorkin turned him Down. Gorkin considered it unethical to run a Story that other publications had purchased. By Victor Riesel there is a Domestic front. Not All the issues of the coming presidential Battle will be International or of War and peace or of Vietnam. Thus the other Day i turned to Republican front runner gov. George Romney and asked what he believed would be the most critical problems or. Romney lashed at government intervention in the private lives of the citizenry and controls and management. Labor he charged now is becoming monopolistic with the Aid of Federal statutes. Here in his own words is the definite statement of the beliefs of a leading contender for the Republican presidential nomination by George Romney governor of Michigan Lansing a the great political economist Henry l. Simons once observed that there Are Only two ways to discipline an Economy by Competition or by absolute authority. Historically America chose Competition. Through Competition we have Giyen the customer ultimate Power to regulate the Economy through his own free choices in the Market place a just As he has the ultimate Power to control his government through his free choices at the ballot Box. Competing enterprises bid freely and fiercely for the favor of the customer. The producer prospers or Dies at the will of the customer. And the customer David Lawrence Marshall plan for american cities Washington vice president Humphrey has been frequently referred to in the i a s t few Days As the author of a a Marshall plan for the reconstruction of american cities in order to help solve problems of racial friction riots and other disturbances. Actually this idea was first advanced by the National Urban league and was discussed at a news conference in july 1163 by negro Leader Whitney Young director of the league. It was later endorsed by James Farmer then National director of the Congress of racial Equality in a Book published in february 1966. The original a Marshall plan for Europe was started As a Means of reconstruction in countries damaged in world War in president Truman pro posed it in a message to Congress in 1947. The project was authorized in a Law passed in april 1948, and called for an expenditure of 17 billion dollars Over a four year period. Actually 13 billion dollars was spent. The plan got its name because general George c. Marshall As Secretary of state in the Truman administration launched the idea in a speech at Harvard on june 5, 1947. When therefore the cry of a a Marshall plan for american cities is raised it Means that Many billions of dollars would have to bt1 provided. Vice president Humphrey has emphasized that the project could be undertaken along with what has been called the a Model cities the purpose is primarily to Clear up the slums and improve housing conditions in overcrowded areas. Preliminary estimates indicate that it would Cost too billion dollars Over a 10-year period just for the a Freedom budget for the poor that is being proposed by negro leaders. For a a Marshall plan to assist american cities Means that the municipalities and the states would have to put up Large sums for building not Only Homes but factories too. If jobs Are to be extensively created a new approach is needed. It is contended by vice president Humphrey that private Enterprise can a it or form much of the task. But so far As expense is concerned the name a Marshall plan can hardly be applied to the kind of project the negro leaders or or. Humphrey have been urging. The negro leaders Are thinking in terms of a re Lief project rather than a a Marshall plan.�?�. Very Little of t h e sums Given to Europe was in the form of Grants to the poor or poverty stricken. It was largely financial support to existing industries or to cities for the rebuilding of areas that had been destroyed during the War. When Whitney Young speaking for the National Urban league outlined his a Marshall plan four years ago he urged that preferential and compensatory treatment be Given negroes to help them overcome the results of past discrimination. Another negro Leader James Farmer later spoke of a Domestic a Marshall plan As follows a admittedly there is something startling about any demand that a whole ethnic group receive special reaps the principal benefits of economic Progress. But consumer sovereignty faces grave challenges today. One comes from the diminishing Faith in our competitive Enterprise system fed by the theories of the advocates of a planned society. One of the great society a Mast renowned economic prophets recently wrote a everyone including All economists agrees on consumer sovereignty in principle but no one wants to Trust it in this economist and much of the great society clearly demonstrate that they done to Trust the american customer. The thrust of their argument is that Industry not the customer controls and manages demand telling the customer what he wants or should have and managing the customers life. I thoroughly disagree. I Trust the customer. Trust in the customer was the basis for the recovery program at american motors ten years ago when i was its president. I believe that consumer sovereignty is the Keystone to our competitive Enterprise system. If we Are to continue to Progress As a nation consumer sovereignty must be protected and strengthened at All costs. But if the great society economic planners Are right and of Industry is indeed manipulating Consumers then the next logical step is for government to do the manipulating. The Basic problem with this Type of thinking is that it replaces consumer sovereignty with government sovereignty. And substitution of government sovereignty is bad news for the consumer and bad news for the Economy. Government has the tendency to move too fast to go too far to stay too Long and to make its regulations too rigid. Sooner or later Gow Emmenual regulation stifles initiative innovation and Progress. Today prayer o god the physician of men and nations look upon the confusion of the world in which we live and the division of the Church and stretch Forth thy hand in Healing. Endure with the spirit of Wisdom All to whom is entrusted the responsibility of government and give encouragement to All who seek to heal the divisions Between men of Good will through Jesus Christ our lord. Amen. A Dudley Strain Lubbock Texas minister first Christian Church. Did then news from the what they25 years ago August 14, ims the Alton trades amp labor Assembly would sponsor the annual labor Day Parade but would abandon plans for a picnic. Although tire rationing could militate against a Large entry of floats the group would of Lei prizes for the three Best floats. A program would be presented at the end of the Parade at Riverside Park. Under the new Illinois permanent registration act a three member Board of registry would serve it each of the county a 115 polling places on sept. 19 and Oft 6, dates when voters could Register in their Home precincts prior to the nov. 3 general election. Cpl. To i r Harschbarger 20, of Hartford son of or. And mrs Herbert j. Harschbarger of Madison Avenue Wood River was one of 18 men killed on i he aircraft Carrier a a Lexington who was posthumously cited by the Navy for a setting an example of courage and Devotion to duty of the highest memorial services for the Corporal were held at Oakwood cemetery where a Monument to his memory had been erected. The Al and Cio unions won the voting at the Federal Plant of american smelting amp refining co., which lad been conducted by the National labor relations Board. The police department began a quiet drive against the display or exposure for Sale of salacious literature after the department had received reports of offensive pictures being found in the hands of children. William b. Snyder enlisted in the Navy and was sent to c Reat lakes. Bethalto rotary club members under the chairmanship of Walter Neumann and Charles Aghetta had competed numbering almost every House in the Village and had Laid plans for buying Street signs. The Deb members would mount the House number boards for those who would Purchase them free of charge.50 years ago August 14, 117 Pope Benedict was circulating among world War i participants a suggested basis for peace he urged i he restoration of All conquered Independent territory and an agreement for International pm Tryl of other telegraphs of territory which might cause future friction. The latter classification included Alsace Lorraine Poland Trieste and Trent Long centers of International Contention. Washington announced the next major american fighting unit due to be sent abroad was the Rainbow 42nd division a Force of 19,000. Mai. Gen. Douglas Macarthur was to be its chief of staff. Illinois Coal mine owners were calling for Federal intervention seizure if necessary to halt the spread of a strike that already had idled hundreds. Seven interurban cars bore 350 salesmen and officials of the International shoe co. To the firms new Tannery at Hartford where All were briefed in the methods of manufacture and the products of the Plant which soon was to open. Draft Board members Here were finding follow ing publication of a list of names failing to report yesteryear for examination that Many of these already had reported in other parts of the country. Peter Geibel after being accepted for army service b. The draft Board at Louisville ky., where be was working for Standard Oil returned Home for a visit with his father Nick Geibel. A former resident Here he was called before the Alton draft Board for examination. He was rejected As underweight but intended to accept his Call at Louisville. He was eager to get into the service. Wood River residents were enjoying a Welcome peace and quiet Over sunday with saloons there closed for the first time. No a booze parties from Alton were whizzing Over their streets in automobiles and the gangs which used to cram the Midnight traction car out of there for Alton had dwindled to one passenger

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