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Alton Evening Telegraph Newspaper Archives Aug 14 1967, Page 1

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Alton Evening Telegraph (Newspaper) - August 14, 1967, Alton, Illinois Says of killing by ande Yakstis Telegraph staff writer a gun waving attacker cussed and beat a state policeman in a Battle of nerves on a Busy state Highway until the assailant was finally shot Down before a crowd who watched the fatal fight to the finish saturday night outside Madison. A i did no to want to shoot him a Cpl. Cleo t. Angeloff told the Telegraph a but he kept coining at me with a gun and Yelling i m going to kill you to going to kill you a Dozie Kahee 49, of 618 third Street Madison died at 1 30 . Sunday at St. Elizabeth a Hospital Granite City from two bullets fired into his Chest by Cpl. Angeloff a 17-year Veteran of the Illinois state police. The tense drama started when the state policeman observed a car with one occupant stopped with headlights out on Rte. 203, outside Madison about to . Saturday night. A i pulled up behind the car to ask him if i could help Angeloff told a reporter. A when i walked up to the car the Guy stuck a gun in my Angeloff pushed the Many a gun aside. Quickly retaliating the Man struck the state policeman a right hand knocking his flashlight to the ground. The blow cracked a Bone in Angeloff a right hand. Bounding out of the car Kahee yanked Angeloff a gun and Holster off his Belt. Recovering from the attackers lunge the state policeman picked up his gun and Holster and snapped it Back on his Belt. With his gun still in his Holster Cpl. Angeloff started his futile Appeal to the attacker to give up his weapon. A crowd of spectators gather Stop his gun waving assailant who continued to stalk the state policeman. A the Man was screaming and shouting a Angeloff said. A each time he swung at me with the gun i jumped aside. This went on for about five minutes. And each time i kept urging him to surrender his the crowd of spectators stood nearby without giving assistance to the state policeman. The state policeman was struck several times with the gun which inflicted bruises to his arms. The attacker outweighed the policeman by too pounds. The Highway Battle ended when the pistol swinging Man pointed the gun at Angeloff and yelled a a in a going to shoot you. In a going to kill Angeloff Drew his revolver. A i ordered the Man to drop his gun he told a reporter. A the kept coming at me and yell in i. Ing a in a going to kill you. I fired one shot into his the assailant fell to the ground grabbing Angeloff around the legs As he dropped. While Angeloff tried to disarm him the wounded Man returned to his feet again with the gun. Angeloff fired another shot into the attackers Chest. The Man fell. Illinois state police com Thoi lighter Side when a woman meets a Man who looks her straight in the Eye she d better do something about her figure. In one occupant is upper me Siuw Nacu a wac m de and motorists stopped to headlights out on Rte. 203, Angeloff a right hand. Watch Angeloff a attempt to ism As a Alton evening Telegraph serving the Alton Community for More than 131 years Mander capt. Emil Toffant and four state police cars arrived at the scene. Bleeding from the gunshot wounds Kahee was rushed by ambulance to St. Elizabeth s Hospital in Granite City where he died three hours later. State police reinforcements dispersed the crowd to prevent any possible outbreak of violence. The wounded Many a car was towed from the Road where continued on Page 2, col. I mild tuesday Low 60 High 85 Complete weather a-2 tax hike needed Fowler by Edmond Lebreton Washington apr Secretary of the Treasury Henry h. Fowler offered Congress a Stark Choice today reject president Johnson a tax increase and open the Way for a possible 629-billion deficit or enact it and still face the Prospect of $14 billion to $18 billion red Ink spending. Those Fowler told the House ways and Means committee Are the hard facts of the nations fiscal situation. He said that with economies the government plans to make and with the to per cent income tax surcharge which he called a a moderate temporary emergency increase a the Treasury can hold its borrowing Down to a level that will not disrupt markets and shoot interest rates up. Thus he said widespread inflation can be avoided. Budget director Charles l. Schultze backed Fowler a estimate of the deficit and said a we Are determined to Cut More than 61.5 billion in spending. A we Are aiming at a Cut of Over 62 billion As a Means of holding civilian expenditures below the january estimate a Schultze continued. Fowler said the estimate submitted in january for the year that began july11 May now be exceeded by As much As 68.5 billion including 64 billion for defense and that revenues May be As much As 67 billion less than had been anticipated. Fowler sought to show that the proposed tax increase is less heavy than those enacted under comparable circumstances in the past. He said that during world War ii personal income taxes were raised by the equivalent of 730 per cent and the taxes associated with the korean War were equivalent to about a 28 per cent surcharge. In contrast he said a married couple with two children and a 610,000 salary typically would pay about 61u More under the pending surtax proposal or not much More than one per cent of total income. Johnson in a series of ses Sions with House democrats has Laid out the main lines of the administration argument a deficit possibly approaching $30 billion would mean inflation higher interest rates scarce Money for the Small business and individual Borrower and quite Likely disaster for the Home building Industry. Inside today. A editorial.a-4 sheriff Musso picked wrong time to ask for More men. Special.a2 Alton City Council to have special meeting wednesday to hear audit report. Edwardsville Siu getting ready for to. Top Job .a4 prowler prowls Alton mayors premises. Sports or err. Misjudged Fly sets up cards Victory. or. Arleen Heggemeier gives recital to Benefit Church. Rowan.b-7 changes needed in food stamp Laws. By Barrett. B-8 what a Many a place in Beauty culture Cairo bound a Lunsford Phillips on the Alton dam lock Walkway at left pulls the raft while his companion Rick Moulton keeps it from scraping the lock Wall. The pair went through the Alton dam at 6 . Sunday. Raft still going . Warplanes make closest raids to China by Jim Kulp Telegraph staff writer two daring craftsmen passed through the Alton locks Early sunday evening intending to ride Over the dangerous spillway at the Chain of rocks Low water dam today but were stopped by the . Corps of engineers. The two Are Lunsford Phillips of St. Louis and Rick Moulton of Keane new chinese release soviet ship Crew Moscow apr the battered soviet merchant ship Svirsk limped out of the red chinese port of Dairen sunday a Moscow report said after the chinese released her Captain and three crewmen following a bitter Exchange of protest notes with the soviets. The soviet Union announced that seven tugboats full of red guards escorted the ship out of the yellow sea port. The Svirskas Hull superstructure and equipment bore anti soviet inscriptions. All the russian crewmen were aboard when the Svirsk headed for the soviet port of Vladivostok the announcement reported but the ships documents were kept by the chinese. Soviet Premier Alexei n. Kosygin sent a Telegram to chinese Premier Chou in Lai saturday demanding that the red chinese release the Captain and captured crewmen and let the Svirsk sail. A peking broadcast heard in Tokyo however made no mention of Kosygin a Telegram in announcing that a a the chinese government ordered the Captain and one other crewman to leave China and never come Back to this Hampshire both 18. They left Hannibal on their homemade raft a week ago with the idea of emulating the trip to Mark Twain a Huckleberry finn from Hannibal to Cairo. At 12 30 . Today the youths were warned about the risk in going Over the Low water dam by a boat from dam 27, but insisted they would try it anyway. Representatives of dam 27 then called the coast guard which sent a Cutter to the scene to Stop the youths or offer them a Tow through the Chain of rocks canal. Finally at the Hartford canal the coast guard said they could shoot the spillway at their own risk if they lightened the Load. They though they would. The pair drifted Down Stream this morning after towing their raft through the Alton dam and tying up for the night on sunday. They indicated they would go Over the swiftly moving water in the Chain of rocks spillway some time today. Their coat tailed on Page 2, col. 5 by George Esper Saigon a �?. Warplanes struck for the second straight Day today at North vietnamese targets just to Miles from red China a Border along the major Railroad from China to Hanoi. The attacks sunday and today were closer to the chinese Border than any previous air raids in the Vietnam War. Navy to intruders and a4 sky Hawks from the Carrier Constellation in the Tonkin Gulf raked the Lang son Railroad bypass Bridge 63 Miles North of Haiphong. Pilots reported dropping the Southern Span of the 360-foot, four Span Structure. A . Military spokesman said the Bridge is half a mile East of the Lang son Railroad and Highway Bridge which was knocked out in raids near the chinese Border sunday. Rail links the Navy said the Bridge was one of two bypass Bridges being built by the North vietnamese at Lang son to link i h the major rail line. Other Navy pilots from the Constellation hammered a rail sizing South of Lang son and pilots said they Cut the tracks in several places. The pilots reported they encountered Only Light antiaircraft fire. No planes were reported lost in the latest raids but the . Command announced that in saturdays 151 attacks on the North an f105 thunderchief and an rf4c reconnaissance plane were shot Down by ground fire. A three crewmen were listed As missing. This brought to 641 the total of announced . Warplane losses Over North Vietnam. Sharp fighting As the air War came closer to communist China in what appeared to be a lifting of some target restrictions by president Johnson Sharp ground fighting flared in South Vietnam a North pm 1st corps area. Elements of the 1st brigade of the . 101st airborne division starting operation Benton ran into a withering barrage of Small arms automatic weapons mortar and artilery fire from too to 150 communist troops in a Battle that raged from sunday night until nearly Dawn today. Mortar barrage the paratroopers said they counted 35 enemy dead on the Battlefield Southwest of coastal tam by about 340 Miles Northeast of Saigon. Two paratroop ers were killed and 19 wounded. The . Troops also reported capturing 18 enemy weapons. Another unit of the brigade suffered 12 wounded sunday night in a 60mm mortar barrage fired by Guerr Ulas. About 40 Miles to the North vietnamese rangers sweeping the ridges where they had battled an estimated 1,000 North vietnamese regulars for two Days West of tam by said today they had Kiuei 156 enemy sol Diers and captured 45 weapons. They reported they had suffered moderate casualties in the initial engagement saturday. Two reinforcing Bat talons reported Light casualties. Vietnamese a Nitia defending the Huong Dien sub sector Post on the coast to Miles North of Hue reported killing 52 guerrillas in a six hour Battle sunday. The defenders suffered Light casualties an army spokesman said. In South Roxana state raps Lagoon by Dick Fackler Telegraph staff writer the Illinois sanitary water Board in an official report has officially recognized Long standing complaints of malfunctions in South Roxanas sewage la Goon marking the first major failure of a Telegraph area Lagoon. Lagoons in Godfrey township and Alton have functioned adequately although like South Roxana the Youngblood Lagoon in Godfrey was slow in filling a Check disclosed. The report issued on the malfunctioning sewage Lagoon operated by the South Roxana sanitary District is scheduled to be taken up by the districts Board two girls killed by Glacier Park bears West Glacier Mont. Apr the superintendent of Glacier National Park says lightning May have goaded two grizzly bears into killing two 19-year-old girls Early sunday As they slept in sleeping bags in this rugged wilderness. Killed in the separate incidents 20 Miles apart in the mountainous Park on the Tana Canada Border were Julie Helgeson of Albert Lea minn., and Michele Koons of san die go Calif. Roy Ducat 18, of Perrysburg Ohio was seriously injured by the Bear that killed miss Helgeson. Forest rangers pressed a search for the killer animals. Park supt. Keith Neilson said his Only theory on the attacks was that lightning strikes in the Park alarmed the normally shy near sighted grizzlies into attacking. Lightning started 14 Forest fires in the Park saturday and sunday. More than 400 firefighters tried to control them. The Park has had no rain since june. A there seems to be an association Between the lightning and the attacks a Neilson said a but we can to be sure. There is no Scarcity of natural food and the grizzly is an unusually shy animal. Its strange for them to Cornfield Haven a hidden from View from anyone on the ground is the air plane that crashed near Woodburn sunday afternoon. In front of the plane Are newspapers used for a signal. Air photo by de keen Tim fliers walk from plane crash by l. Allen Klope Telegraph staff writer \ 45-year-old Alton Pilot who was practising Force Landing procedures sunday about noon put the practice into use a few minutes later when his air planet a engine quit. And he was forced into a Corn Field near Woodburn. Neither the Pilot nor his passenger was seriously injured. Robert r. Bishop who once wanted to go to Vietnam and Fly helicopters picked out com stalks to land in because he thought the nine foot stalks would help Cushion his funding i when the wheels of the two place Cessna 140 hit the stalks the plane went Forward on its nose and ended up on its Back. Bishop suffered a Cut lip and a passenger Edwin Sie grist of 4030 Alby St., Alton was unhurt. Both men Felt they were Lucky. A it could have been much worse a said Bishop who had to Force land another Craft on a Highway near Edwardsville last november. Looking Back on sundays adventure Bishop who lives at 1012 Easton ave., Alton had planned to do some aerobatics and practice forced landings and asked Siegrist to go along for the ride. The two men flew out Over Woodburn which is out of any airways and had practice aerobatics and the forced landings and were headed Back to civic memorial Airport when the engine started coughing and finally quit. Bishop said he radioed Alton control Tower at the Airport and reported his position before taking the plane into the Corn Field. He went to a nearby farm Home belonging to or. A n d mrs. Julius Shaw where a hired Man let him Telephone the Airport that he and Siegrist were Allright. Bishop left a Quarter on the table for the phone Call Cost and a note about the Accident. While Bishop was telephoning the Airport Siegrist took an airways map from the plane and checked the emergency procedures. He Learned that two los should be Laid out on the ground to indicate no one was injured and everything was under control so a newspaper in the plane served the purpose As the Marker. Bishop who works As a Barber said he thinks the Carburettor linkage malfunctioned causing his air planet a engine to go to an Idle Speed which would not provide enough Power for flight. Oddly enough he said it was the Carburettor on a rented plane that caused him trouble last november. At that time Bishop who was a student Pilot was practising near Edwardsville when the Carburettor iced up causing the engine to quit so he landed on Rte. 66, without damaging the air plane. A now that i have my u Cense which he got two months ago and have my own plane i have another Accident and total out my own Craft which is valued at about 62,400,�?� Bishop said. He added that he had to give up the idea of flying helicopters in Vietnam because he was about 1% years too old for the warrant officer training program. Bishop said after t h e Federal aviation administration and his insurance company surveys the aircraft in the Field then a truck from Walston aviation will be sent to bring the air plane Back. About two hours before Bishops Accident a student Pilot from Jennings mo., crashed on the runway at civic memorial but he too was uninjured. According to witnesses William e. Hoven was coming in too fast and too High and when about 50 feet off the ground stalled the aircraft which hit nose wheel first. The wheel went flying Down the runway but the air plane stayed stationary its propeller digging into the runway. There was no estimate of damage but the air plane a Cessna 150, ego be repaired. 4 of trustees during a regular meeting tonight. The report which includes eight recommendations for Lagoon improvements was received last thursday by the districts consulting engineers Sheppard Morgan amp Schwaab. It was issued after complaints were made about Lagoon doors and conditions to . Congressman Mel priced East St. Louis and the state sent a sanitary Engineer Paul Blakeslee to make an investigation on july 26. The report states that the Lagoon is not functioning As designed and a combination of factors including Low per capita water consumption Low lamber of sewer Cannet Moas and combined evaporation and percolation of flaw to the Lagoon have resulted in grossly inadequate water depth in the Lagoon. It continues a approximately 70 per cent of the Lagoon Bottom area is covered with a shallow depth of water and the remainder of the area is dry. A was a result cattails and other water weeds cover a major portion of the Lagoon area and a Large sludge accumulation has developed around the Lagoon Inlet. A control of nuisance conditions created by the present Lagoon operation will require the control of vegetation growth and the maintenance of an adequate depth of water Over the sludge discharged to the Lagoon to prevent odor the states eight recommendations for improvements include i. Construction of a Small embankment through t h e existing Lagoon cell in use to reduce the area to fill with water. Diversion of ground or surface water into the Lagoon and investigation of the Lagoon Bottom to see of artificial sealing of the Bottom area will be required. 2. Control the growth of cat tails and aquatic weeds. 3. Provide for the control mosquitoes As required. 4. Repair of fencing around the facility to keep dogs and Small animals from entering 5. Provide improved preventive maintenance and surveillance of the operation of the lift stations. 6. Post signs at the Lagoon site informing individuals of the nature and ownership of the Lagoon facilities and warning against trespassing. The report notes that posting of appropriate signs May reduce sanitary District liability for injury or illness resulting to unauthorized persons in the Lagoon area. 7. Make monthly report on la Goon conditions to the state 8. Comply with the requirement that the operation of ail sewage treatment Fatui ties to continued rage ice. 4 of

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