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Alton Evening Telegraph Newspaper Archives Apr 3 1965, Page 1

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Alton Evening Telegraph (Newspaper) - April 3, 1965, Alton, Illinois Alton police Decoy nabs sex deviates in Park by de Pound Telegraph staff writer eight alleged sex deviates have been arrested in Riverside Park Alton in the last month As Alton police using a Decoy system have begun cracking Down on homosexuals frequenting the Park the Telegraph Learned Friday. Sgt. Ray p a r t o n of the detective Bureau who acted As a Decoy said he charged the men with disorderly conduct after each approached him at the Park during the night hours. Parton said he has been contacted 32 times in a one month period but has made Only eight arrests because the other men were a too round about in their proposals. Police chief John m. Heafner detailed Parton to the nigh watch of Riverside Park in an Effort he said Quot to alleviate the a people who Are inclined to such acts Are always around Public Parks a the police chief said. A the morals of our country Are skidding fast enough a he added a so we make every Effort we can to clean the situation Parton said that homosexuals have found a Haven in Riverside Park. A this has been going on for some time a he said a and we Haven to had a Chance to Stop it because of the manpower he credited the formation of the detective Bureau with giving the department a Chance to detail one Man on the assignment. Parton said that although he has made Only eight arrests a a in a positive the others were homosexual. In fact some of them Are known homosexuals. I did no to have enough on them to make an arrest the police sergeant said he came into Contact with the homosexuals after he would Park in a car in the Park. A i would Park Down there and they would drive up next to me a he explained. A a they a ask for the time or say a in a sorry i thought you were a Friend of mine anything to Start up a conversation. A in Many cases they would then ask me a what Are you looking for a id say a i done to know in a a Little bit then they a come right out and ask Parton said he believed he had the situation a pretty Well under control. There a been a remarkable change Down there since we have been doing this a he said. Chief Heafner said that the department has been charging the sex deviates with a disorderly conduct because a it covers a multitude of he said that under the Illinois statutes the department could not charge homosexuals with Public indecency a because the act was not commit Ted just he said the homosexuals a hang out in the Park inside their cars searching for a mate. A they drive and drive around the Park a Parton explained. A one night eight cars were following me around the Park As i was driving i arrested two that Parton said the homosexuals Are a coming from All Over just for that purpose. He said he arrested my Man from Vandalia and another from St. Louis. On another occasion Parton arrested three you by men a who he said were not homosexual a Aid charged them with disorderly conduct when it appeared they a were going to Roll me a the police sergeant in i lighter Side in politics if its against you its a machine of its for you its an organization. Alton evening Telegraph Cloudy serving the Alton Community for More than 129 years sunday Low 50, High 60s Complete weather pm. T Alton ill., saturday april 3, 1965 20 pages 7c per copy member of the associated press. Kings Boycott seen hurting race relations by Rex Thomas Montgomery Ala. A Many of Alabama a leading businessmen and legislators believe or. Martin Luther Kings economic Boycott of this state will Only Hurt racial relations. A if the Boycott should be successful it can serve no other purpose than to Worsen race relations in the state said raw Ford Johnson Iii a soft drink executive and president of the Birmingham chamber of Commerce. A fortunately. I done to think10 Alabama to immediately that or King will be Success-1sllspen tie up ans for such Ful a he said. Expansion a the second stage would Deal three stages with private investment funds in King announced the three Alabama and Federal deposits in stage Boycott Friday in Haiti Alabama Banks. King said More the first stage of the boy while the third stage would Spe Cott which he said would Start i finally single out items immediately is to ask any in produced in the state which Dusty or National business con-1 King feels the nation should Cern considering building plants Boycott. Many a body found in River Madison county Deputy Coroner Charles Mccarty has started an investigation to determine the identity of a body found floating in the Mississippi River at Alton. Alton police were unable to get fingerprints of the victim because of Gross deterioration of the body found floating face Down at 1 45 . Friday at the foot of Plum Street. The victim was identified As b White male about 60-years-old, 135-145 pounds. Clothes found on the dead Man were a tan shirt Blue trousers and Brown slippers. Police were summoned to the River by Wallace roller manager of american commercial Barge lines. Roller reported his employees sighted the body Deputy Coroner Mccarty sought Aid from the Alton Volunteer emergency corps to remove the victim from the water. Angry response the Boycott brought angry responses from Alabama state legislators. A the White folks if they so desire can Boycott too a said rep. John Lewis Cates of Shelby county accusing King of being a Power mad a i can to see How with that Type of rash thinking the negro people of Alabama can believe that King is helping their cause a said sen. Jimmy Mellow of Shelby county. King said the Boycott would go on until these conditions Are met an end to the poll tax in All elections. Convenient times voter registrations at times convenient to working people such As at night and on weekends. Appointment of negroes to policy making positions on state boards and in state agencies. An end to alleged police brutality and the Assurance of equal police Protection to All citizens. Denunciation by officials and civic leaders of violence and of the use of racist ideas in political statements. A this is no attempt to destroy the Economy of the state of Alabama a King said. Migs jump Navy jets in raid on Bridge link by John t. Wheeler Saigon South Viet Nam apr . Navy planes today knocked out a Bridge 65 Miles South of Hanoi capital of communist North Viet Nam and were challenged for the first time by red planes. Three communist Mig jets jumped the planes As they attacked a Road and railway Bridge at Dong Phuong. Said leapt. George h. Whistler Navy spokesman. Navy planes chased the migs but lost them in thei Navy planes struck. Haze i a . Military spokesman at the same time. 50 . Air said several hits were scored on Force floor and fi05s hit the the Bridge but could not say Ham Rong Bridge at Thanh whether it was destroyed. It is a Hoa a City of More than a Mil single Span suspension Bridge lion 15 Miles South of where the j Hoo Yards Long. _ _ St. Louis still tax Chain of rocks spice Snow?.no some 4,000 Gallons of lard which spilled from this tank truck on a Highway Bridge near Ventura calif., resulted in this scene. It took Highway Crews More than four hours to clean up the Slippery mess on the two northbound lanes on the Bridge on Highway a 101. A wire photo i . Will increase Viet Nam forces Washington apr ambassador Maxwell d. Taylor is going Back to Saigon with plans to add several thousand americans to the . Force in South Viet Nam. He also intends to see another 160,000 South vietnamese added to the fight against the communist Viet Cong this year raising the country a total to about 700, pm. Taylor completed a week of o including continued air policy conferences with it Quot k e s against communist Dent Johnson and top officials North Viet Nam and extensive Here Friday lie leaves Wash of air As Well As ground in ton tonight to return to his forces against Viet Cong con embassy. Heavily damaged by a cent ration in the South terrorist bombing tuesday be Alm is to convince North the conferences reportedly Voct Nam it cannot win in the confirmed present major Strate South and that it can get peace i Only by halting infiltration of momus a mighty mite when son loses match to Barbell when a 150-Pound Barbell fell on her 140-Pound weightlifting son mrs. Dewey Summers 110 pounds and no weight lifter tossed the Barbell off the boy like it was a Peanut Shell. A i done to know where i got the strength a mrs. Summers said. A i was excited and scared when i saw my son with that weight on mrs. Summers took son Gregory 16, an Alton High student to Alton memorial Hospital where it was found he had a fractured left wrist. By the time they returned to their Home 176 Biscay drive Godfrey mrs. Summers said her impulsive fear for her son had subsided. A by that time. I even Roll the barbells out of the Center of the room a she said. She said that Gregory who has pushed up As much As 165 pounds had hefted the 150 pounds overhead when his feet slipped and he fell to the floor. Troops and arms. A round of air strikes against infiltration and Supply bases in the North began feb. 7. Officials Here say so far they see no sign North Viet Nam is changing its mind about the War. There have been reports from abroad of a weakening in Hanoi a determination but these have been discounted by officials Here including Johnson. Taylor told a news conference after a meeting of the National Security Council Friday he thinks the chances of red chinese intervention in the vietnamese War Are very slight. By ande Yakstis Telegraph staff writer the City of Madison owned Chain of rocks Bridge exempt by court action from tax payments in Illinois remains on the tax Rolls in Missouri under an $800,000 total assessed valuation the Telegraph was told today. The City of Madison paid a $36,240 tax Bill in 1964 to St. Louis City tax collector John k. Traver for Missouri a assessment on the Bridge based on a tax rate of $4.53 per $100 assessed valuation records show. In Illinois $54,488 in protest tax payments were ordered refunded to the City of Madison under provisions of a court order issued in Edwardsville removing the $916,000 Illinois assessment of Chain of rocks Bridge from Chouteau township tax Rolls. This has resulted in an Odd situation. Madison county cannot collect taxes from the Revenue producing Chain of rocks Bridge even though an Illinois City. Madison owns the brid7 but this same Illinois City pay taxes to St. Louis. The City of Madison pays Missouri under a direct assessment of the Bridge by the Missouri state tax commission. A majority of the taxes paid is distributed to the St. Louis Board of education for operation of the St. Louis school system the Telegraph was told. I think its wrong that taxes Are paid to support the St. Louis schools and we lost tax Money for our schools a Granite City school District superintendent Russell d. Johnson told a reporter. A but that a the difference in Illinois and mis teau township tax Rolls costs Granite City school District 9 an estimated $41,279 in tax Revenue the Telegraph was told. Chouteau township assessor Otis r. Reeves vigorously complained. A a it a definitely unfair that the taxes Are paid to mis Souri and taken away from us Here in Madison county a Reeves said. The Chouteau assessor said he will Forward a report to the Illinois state department of Revenue. City of Madison attorney John Gitchoff told the Teie in the action farther North. Whistler said he did not believe . Planes got close enough to fire during the Pursuit of the migs. The raid was the closest to Hanoi yet made by . Planes and this May have accounted for the presence of the migs. It seemed Likely the migs were not sent up spoiling for a fight against the More numerous Navy planes but were already in the air when the raid began. Whistler did not say what Model of the soviet built Mig was involved or what National markings they bore. But North Viet Nam is known to have some old mig15 and mig1? air ,. Craft. They Are not believed to graph he has invest gated mis sophist scaled Souri Law to determine when viig21s. Or Madison can gain a tax exemption in Misson Whistler said the red jets appeared on the scene and made Johnson talks Over truce with Pearson by Frank Cormier i Johnson who hew by Helicon Thurmont my. Apr ter Friday night to Camp David president Johnson discusses with prime minister Lester by. Ranged an a Normal afternoon Pearson today the Canadian s 1 a Call for a respite in air strikes conference with Pearson against North Viet Nam As Ai no Agenda was announced possible first step toward peace. I but Pearson a suggestion for a . Says Russia harasses ships by Lewis Gulick a we have no Choice but to a pass on one y s he pay the taxes a Gitchoff told said he did not know if the reporter. He said Missouri Law Migg Fred but he assume Ltd they continued on Page i. Col. 5 did and had missed the Navy a plane. Apparently the Navy planes did not score any hits either. Whistler said the attack was completely successful in severing route 1. Thirty aircraft from the 7th Fleet carriers Hancock and Coral sea had attacked the Bridge across the Nam a River this morning but caused Only mod moratorium on . Bombing of j Erate damage. Pilots reported a North Viet Nam was certain to heavy Haze restricted visibility. Figure prominently in the talks j a attack was ordered plans for the second Johnson this afternoon and 30 Al sky Pearson meeting in less than raiders and a4 Jet attack planes three months were announced dumped 500. And 1,000 Pound by the White House shortly be bombs on the Bridge dropping fore Pearson said Friday night one Span tet0 the River in Philadelphia that a pause in go on 0j bombs were dropped. Air strikes might prompt the in Leader a communist regime in Hanoi to by antiaircraft fire tar. Adopt More flexible pm Bemoon raid. The Pilot a Ere a was of fhe landed safely at a Nan airtime House reaction to he base m South Jet Nam with a Sugges Ion. Hydraulic system failure. However Johnson told a news fighters conference thursday the United Vee states will continue to take males Wui us Induc cd taut. A but did not Contact any enemy measures he described asap. I Thanh Washington a the United states charged Russia to prop Riate and fitting and Meas planes Ine it of a than Day with four new instances of harassing american warships on Ureda words he has used re whoa a 01 Moie toe High seas. in talking on route i. A their ships. The United states no missions North complained in a note feb. 24 names 17th parallel that soviet Craft had interfered of v,.�?zv a a. Pearson a Veteran diplomat.,. With . Carrier operations in made his so eggestion in accept. Sedan reported loaded who sex september and january. Eng the second annual Peare Plosives and destined Fot a ter today a . Protest charged award at Temple University Rorls at ack on k that be said that unless Steps Are a Ai a Quot a. A a the nearby i. On Jan. 7 the soviet ship taken soon to reach a peaceful Arav in a protest note. Washington told Moscow it will a Bear full responsibility for the serious consequences if a collision comes from further a dangerous actions of soviet ships interfering with . Navy operations. The . Note delivered to the soviet embassy Friday j yer Tikal with a Lookout on her settlement the War in Viet made Public by the state de Nam might Well become a far apartment today is the latest in How using binoculars steamed More Lemble con. A series of angry exchanges to within 75 feet of the rear of fact a Over alleged nautical harass the . Ship Dutton. The Amer Johnson spent Blent. Iran naval Essel was in the to considering Viet Miles South of Hanoi. In Saigon a City wide search was launched for a Viet Cong Souri Laws a he said. Loss of the Bridge from Chou-1 Cusing americans of buzzing i net Ometer Cable much of t be Viet Nam Dean naval vessel was War cuiiaiuclui5 the russians have been a Eastern Atlantic towing a mag strategy. He met thursday and inc Timur Leonc Himino Raship Friday with Maxwell d. Taylor a 43-year-old Madison county Man charged As an accessory to the 1961 ambush slaying of a Railroad employee declared today he is innocent and demands that the states attorney initiate court action in the three year old murder Case. Robert l. Niehaus of Troy in a plea to the Telegraph today said that a criminal complaint was issued against him nearly three years ago by former states attorney Dick h. Mudge in connection with the murder of Billy g. Barnes of Washington Park. A i am innocent of this charge and want to Clear my name a Niehaus told a i will take my chances in the a this has Hurt me and my family. I had to put up Money for a $10,000 Bond and lost time off my Job when they put me in jail a he said. A this charge has been staring me in the face for three years. I ask that it be taken into court or the charge against me dropped and my name be cleared of wrong a Niehaus said. Luther Paul of Granite City was charged with the Barnes murder and Nie Haus was named in a complaint As accessory to the orime. Both Niehaus and Paul Clear Are faced with charges pending since the complaints were first signed against them in May 1962. Barnes was Enro Ute to work at the Railroad As a Telegraph operator oct. 26, 1961, when he was ambushed and shot seven times by the killer who waited along a lonely Road outside Granite City. Railroad police it. J. Robert Scott and the widow of the slain Man both made pleas to the states attorneys office that any evidence in the Case be presented to a Madison county circuit court grand jury. Chief sheriffs investigator cd Apt. Louis Bowman recently re opened the three year old murder Case. A was far As i am concerned. The Case is Complete. I have a detailed report of my investigation and interviews with persons involved in the Case. I am ready to present it to the grand jury and have been for some time a Bowman said. A i am waiting for word from the states attorneys office to bring the Case before a grand jury a Bowman said. Former states attorney Mudge refused to present the Case. Mudge said there Wasny to sufficient evidence. African students ask to quit by Fred Coleman the american ambassador to South Viet Nam. Taylor was asked by newsmen Friday if he had sought an intensification of the air strikes. He said a i am quite satisfied by the pattern Johnson was asked thursday if he thought the bombings Are producing results. Although he inside today editorial. A-4 Milton Road flare up shows Lack of communication. Election. A-2 Alton mayoral candidates tee off again. Old opponents Square off on Urban renewal. A a Quot a a i a Nuvill i vum4vu. Moscow apr the mysterious death of a Young ghanaian declined to speculate on that he two weeks ago has triggered new efforts by dissatisfied african said we will try to take such students to leave the soviet Union informed sources said today measures As Are appropriate the students have been pro an Baku two weeks ago was the and fitting and measured and testing in various ways. Some latest incident in a series of Are calculated to deter the a Kobert l. Niehaus have boycotted classes. A few have found the Money to leave the country. Stage set ins a group of kenyan students staged a sit in demonstration last week at a Railroad station in Baku the soviet Oil City on the Caspian sea. Diplomatic sources said student complaints covered racial financial and educational issues. They said the death of ghanaian student George Daku grievances. Pressor ghanaian sources have said at the same time Johnson they believe Daku was mar said he and his advisers Are dered. Soviet police Are invest willing to do anything honorable Ligating. In Pursuit of peace. The Case recalled the death of Canada Poland and India another ghanaian student in comprise the International com december 1963 which caused a Mission set up to enforce the juror. African students said he 1954 Geneva accords that Par had been murdered by russians Titio Ned French indo China and to prevent his marriage to Ai created two Viet name. How russian girl. About 500 africans stormed red Square to protest his death. Ever the commission has been relatively powerless to Deal with the vietnamese War. Owens. A-3 operators for Glass Industry in Atlantic City still have not reached agreement with management. Crusade. A ande Yakstis tells of Christian character of the Selma Montgomery March. Religion Section family to to. Aii Book report Little known facts on England a great train robbery. Sports 1-1 Koufax has arthritis in Elbow future in doubt

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