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Alpine Sul Ross Skyline Newspaper Archives Oct 19 1927, Page 1

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Alpine Sul Ross Skyline (Newspaper) - October 19, 1927, Alpine, Texas Libras v us Ross teach pfc a Tisdul Ross Skyline published by the students of the sul Ross state teachers College. Alpine. Texas wednesday. October 19. 1927 volume where the West is number 2lobos Down a. Amp a. 19-6 faculty Hunter fells a Wildcat with blast of powerful Rifle a new tells and songs Abe needed b. J. Ratliff. Head education deft., frightens Wildcat to death with so us Sui Kona in soon to have a new addition to in museum a Shell shocked Wildcat which la a animal found but Seldom in Thuc United Staten. On sunday afternoon. October in r. J. Ratliff professor of education and head of the training school was South of town after ducks. He had with him a Small Arsenal. Including the 12-gauge Shotgun with which he had been committing assault and Battery on the ducks and a 30-�?T06 Rifle which he always takes with him to protect himself from stray cougars and Lobo wolves. With his party he was going from one tank to another in Pursuit of a flock of Teal when much to his Surprise he saw a Large Wildcat crossing the Road about so Yards ahead of him. Drawing a Bead on the Varmint with his trusty meat gun. The 30-�?T06, or. Ratliff let the weapon explode with a Roar that not Only put the beast Down for the count but floored the female members of the party As Well. But upon arriving upon the scene of the supposed shambles or. Ratliff found the Varmint upon his feet. Groggily trying to make hts Way into the underbrush. With a yell or. Ratliff gave the cat a charge of Huper xes and the feline thicken stealer collapsed. Upon examination it was discovered that the cat had sustained no Bullet wound and As a consequence or. Ratliff has decided that the fellow was from nothing but Shell Shock. The carcass of the beast is soon to decorate the museum of Sui Ross College and it will be Only one of the Mun it interesting exhibits of Southwest Texas life with which the place is crowded. Local contractor is building walks for Sui Ross cottages Sui rom is is dire need of new yells and songs. There Are plenty of yells in every school that Are Musty worn and sometimes even senseless. That Type of yell May be found in abundance. Telia that Are Stock material and have been for Ages Are in some cases Good and have the flavor of traditional standards. But in Many other instances they Are antiquated and conventional. Tells of the Sis Boom Rah Type Are easily enough found. What the school needs and is demanding is a group of yells and songs that Are not Only new but also express to a Large extent the spirit of the school. Such yells Are it is True already had in Small doses but there is not enough of them for a significant showing on the part of any Pep squad. The important part of the Story is now reached. Students should assume voluntarily take it upon themselves to Supply this need. The ant Home game does not come until november 6, but when that does occur new songs and yells should be thoroughly mastered by every student. Contributions of new Peppy yells and songs should be turned in either at the Skyline office or to the yell Leader. A milk theft several depart iring lifts studers milk hew equipment unknown vandals get liquid brain food of unfortunate cottage dwellers Gallons stolen classes demoralized. But Hawkshaw on Trail Promise solution of mystery Alpine contractor soon have cottage unit in cl08ed with walks to soon it will be possible for the occupants of the Sui Ross cottages which lie half Way Between the College Campus and the business Section of Alpine to go either to town or to school even in the Rai Niest weather without getting their feet wet. The sidewalk which is to surround the Block of cottages is nearing completion. It is to be four feet wide. The work is under the supervision of Harry Harrison of Alpine contractor and it is hoped that the walks will be completed in ten Days. At the present however it is held up by the Cement shortage which has put a Stop to All the Cement work in Progress in the City plastering As Well As walk building. The Alpine lumber company is expecting a car of Cement in soon and when it arrives the walks will be finished. Faculty cottage nears completion Bitt for 800 it is to be almost As Large As the s. R. Cottages will beat for less aggressive cubs win Victory in Mccamey tilt entire score of eighteen Points run up in first two quarters of plat the Hub Coll go team. Eager for added victories migrated to Mccamey Friday. October 14, Aud displayed a tight aug spirit that could not be overcome by the less experienced Mccamey High ids tile game was continued on last Page . Soto meet at s. R. Next year Issi bulletin museum to be open to students regularly at fifth and sixth periods milk eggs using unknown practices last night made another successful haul of one Hundred quarts of bottled milk from the front door Steps of the 8ul Ross cottages which makes a total of several Hundred Gallons stolen in the past two weeks according to police reports this morning. I heavily armed losses of Deputy sheriffs and police since sunday evening have guarded All streets about the cottages yet the mysterious thefts continue. Officers believe that the next 48 hours will see startling developments in the Case. With probably several arrests. Clews that have been followed since the Early weekend Are rounding into shape following the theft Friday night of a Bokos quart of flour and water later i found discarded on a lamp Mist near town a prominent Sui Ross Sleuth a who has worked unceasingly on the mystery since the abandoned bottle was found by a group of College a last week is following several Clews which he believes with the identification of the egg will Lead to the apprehension of the thieves. No other articles of household Ware have been missing which leads officers to believe that the robberies Are committed by a Circle of milk eggs. The robberies at first considered Small by the cottage people in their persistence have reached serious proportions since numerous College Folk email children and babies have been forced to do without their several quarts daily Home mothers have considered it advisable to take in the milk As soon As delivered by the Dairy but without ice it is reported to sour which equalizes the danger in both instances. Unless the present clues Lead to the arrest of the thieves the cottage parents threaten to take matters into their own hands rather than see their hungry children face a possible starvation. Sui Ross College professors face an imminent problem in their class rooms inasmuch As the students As Sert they can not prepare their lessons unless their study periods Are preceded by a sufficient intake of food. College authorities Are anxious to solve the mystery before the morale of the school is jeopardized. Home ec., chem. Physics. Ind. De. Depts. Get needed apparatus tin Home economics department is installing six new electric stoves the stoves Are so located that two girls can work at one stove. The Home economics department is very proud of its resurfaced floors. The newly polished floors puts the finishing touches to the new equipment that is being bought. Tills is to be the largest year that the Home economics department has had Iii Sui Ross. The chemistry and physics department Bas got in a new electrical drying oven a Carr calorimeter a sul Ross comes from behind to whip new Mexico on their Home grounds saturday. October la. The Sill Ross Lobos invaded new Mexico with the determination to overshadow an Early season defeat at the hands of the a. C. To. Will a ats. Playing before .1,000 football fans the Lobos swept through the powerful new Mexico aggie for a to to Victory. Tilt fact that the Lobo pack the tented a. A m. To Lier Home Field proved that Sui Ross was hacked in a Hgt a Erfil eleven. works with precision Gold plated weights. Thl balance is re. Publication for the personal use of or. Walker. The balances that the students use Are regulated by this balance. A new Weston Ammeter was received with this list of new equipment. Or. Walker is expecting in several new tables the addition of which will enable the chemistry department to take care of 40 students. The Industrial education department has received i i drawing sets. It drawing in turds. 18 triangles i2 Scales and a new storage table which has 1300 drawers in it tile i oho Park worked with machine Lluc precision during the entire game hut As a result of costly fumbles and penalties the Baibos were unable to Cross the aggie goal in the first half the second taif was free from penalties and the i Obos slowed Down tile Field with consistent gains. The defense wore Down the aggie morale by stopping them on the line of scrimmage although Dunean Scott senior student Lins the entire Lobo line stood the teat been selected As editor in chief. He i Smith. Townsend and Ford kept twas managing editor of the Skyline the aggie a backs in a doubtful a during the fall Aud Winter terms of mood throughout the contest. The permanent Skyline staff makes its appearance the regular Skyline staff has been appointed for the coming year the majority of the members on the staff Are old bands at the Job and they Are directing their efforts towards University Model butane which has making the Skyline a first rate cd watch the Heads at last the Skyline has a head schedule. From now on the staff Hopes to make its makeup As smooth As that of any metropolitan daily. An attempt is being made to give the Gist of each Story in its head and to make it sightly As Well. There will be one two. Three and four Deckers there will be boxes. And there will be features All the tricks known to newspaper Dom. Read your Skyline through its Worth it. Tbs West Texas historical and scientific society will bold its next Semi annual meeting sometime Early in the coming year. The committee Frosh throw Sophs curve with a fish 31 third stapes members of m. E Church baptists second Christian presbyterian lutheran. And others represented exactly one third of the students now in attendance at Sui Ross Are of the methodist Faith while one fourth of the total enrolment proles to he baptists according to the records kept in the registrar s office the hat includes eleven denominations which have varying shares of favor among our students while a few of the number failed to make any 1328 27. And was elected to succeed j mrs. Zoo Ellen Murray a it editor upon her resignation in the Spring Quarter. Ile took an Active part Iii die organization of the Gulley slaves and has likewise done work on the College annual Gladue Bowers and Louis Orff Ler managing editors for the coming Long term Are qualified for newspaper work. Miss Bowers edited the High school paper at Mineral Wells for two years and tin paper ranked As Best in the state one of those years she also served As assistant editor of Tho Texas woman s College a handout last year Aud is sure to meet with Success in her new staff posit Ion or loonies has done some very Good work on the Skyline in previous years. Ile edited the fort Davis High school paper one year during his High school years anti is Well qualified for journalistic undertakings Kermit Allen is the new business manager. He has proved that lie Bas the a Pep Quot and vigor by bus sports writeup for the Brand cult of year. As Well As by Bis service i sports editor for the Skyline a a text Wallace our new ports editor a ted As assistant in that capacity last year. He has offered some valuable contributions to the paper and is going to continue the Good work. Mrs. To Colin or literary editor is working Iii the journalism class Aud has bad some previous experience along that line. Site has served As advertising manager on u St. Louis High school paper and promises to lie quite an asset to the Sui Ross stuff Edna Mac Scott is the society editor for this year site was editor of the Murfa High school paper for two years and contributed to the Skyline during her freshman year. The Exchange editor Tom Bowles has done much dependable work on Tho Skyline although he has never been on tile stud before the Beautiful Little cottage being built by the bul Rosa faculty la bearing completion and should be occupied within a week. During the summer session some of the members of Tbs faculty decided that there should be a smaller cottage than those now owned by Sui Row Coati bed of last Pace is now planning to Issue another his Frogh shed tears of j at the Chris. Torl Cal bulletin within a few weeks j Tensae of fish Hill which will consist of three main a Lvi _ Slons namely scientific research the Sui Ross freshmen have Al Folk lore. And Early history of this ready developed a Fine class spirit state. And have shown their unit in Many or preference known or. Smith head of manual train ways but the sudden looming of following tin methodists and raping department wishes to announce a Fisi �?T31" on the Hill at the left of tints who claim Fin and the student to the student body that the museum bar-8k-bar and the announcement members respectively in descending will be open to students every thurs that the ii 111 was named fish Hill order we have the christians with Day afternoon regularly at the fifth last tuesday morning came a a stir 32 adherents those who failed to and sixth hours. In order that our prise to everyone and showed the list any membership with 27. And out of town visitors need not be Dis originality of the Sui Foss fresh men. J fifth in popularity the presbytery appointed in their Leisure to visit the last monday night the freshmen j ans. Who come in Tor their share museum it will be opened by special climbed the bar set bar Hill and de number 23 sixty per cent of the arrangement at other times than stroked the fish �?T31 that had been i five episcopalians who study in Sui thursday afternoons. I previously painted they then car Ross come to us from Dei Rio. Other or. Morelock has ordered for the fld rocks and Whitewash Aud erect j churches represented with their re College four More Glass cases for a the Beautiful flashing fish a claims Are Catholic with la which there is great need and also on the left band Hill and formally the Christian science with 2, the a steel letter Cabinet which will be named it fish Hiu. One of the go re a sub College picnics at Paradise Canyon weenies buns Coffee and cakes Are consumed by hungry mob monday the loth the Sui Rosa sub College gathered for its first social event of the season which was a picnic at Paradise Canyon miss Pendley miss Coon and coach Stevens chaperoned the party sixty love members of the sub College student body attended. The students gathered at Berkeley Hull where a number of cars and the used for filing old documents maps Indian drawings and old historical letters now in Possession of the society thus keeping them sate. There will also be a Small card catalogue 11 a the intention to have every future fish class paint the old t ten continued of of tit Page and rect themselves a new one. A a christened it by accidentally falling Over a big tub of water and upsetting that precious fluid that had been carried so far. Christadelphian and the congregational both of which Muster i the lutheran with 7, and then the Church of Christ with a membership of 4. That almost to per cent of those enrolled went on the record As professing no belief May probably be cont ived of last Page Laid to the fact that some students who had formed no allegiance failed to list their preference or that the old students who were required to restate their Faith failed to comply. Lobo who followed a powerful interference Down the Field Wert Mcneil Clark. Grady. Alford and Cowan Lobos gain Early fir t Quarter the weather was Cool and stiff altogether favourable for a fast game. Til Lobos received the Ball on their i Yard line the bait was resumed for to Yards. After hitting til line for Short gains the Lobo punted to tile aggie 20 Yard line in in Exchange of punts Ira Iii. Lotto Quarter took tin Ball on i 3o Yard line and started on a run which ended deep in aggie territory tit Wadu Brut Cha Nee that the Lobo a til to score the next play set the Lobos hat k live Yards on an offside a plunge Tiff tackle gained three Yards i pass Alford to Ford a grounded behind the Aggi it go,11 tin punt which followed gave the Hail to Sui Ross Iii Midfield i 8� i oud Quai to during the second period both team fought with everything they had the Ball was exchanged several times Iii a punting Duel with Alford having the and batting Over the \ \ m Booter. The period a half Over win n tile Lobos started an offence that could not a j stopped with Alford Grady and i Mcneil alternating As Hall voters the Lobo Pat k started a steady drive toward tin goal. Powerful Days which lilt off tackle gained Yard after Yard until the pack was in striking distance costly Fumble with Only thirty Yards to go Grady Lobo Quarter made two pretty or tackle thrusts which netted 20 Yard every is ibo was fighting their second Chance had come the next plunge netted five of the to Yards to go a touchdown seemed sure tile Hail was snapped a Lobo fumbled and a. Of m recovered the aggie punted into Lobo territory where tin Bali stayed for several Piny Sui Ross punted to Midfield aggie Start drive tin aggie started their first and i i t drive Down Tho Field Quick de jeep Lve plays netted Down after Down until the Lobo were backed into the very Shadow of their own goal her every mull stood lits ground and Tim til St two Downs did not gain Foi the aggie with a knife lifting Hue plunge the a a m fullback Currie the Bull to within reach of tile Sui Ross goal it was the last Down will about a Yard to go ring Lulf 0 o. Aggie get break tile third period started with a Light fast Backfield representing Sui Ross Clark. Laggett. Hardin and Allen entered the game for the first time the Lobos kicked off to a. A a. Who in return punted out of j Bounds on the bul Ross 5 Yard Lino. Standing behind his own goal Lino Townsend Iliad to bring the team out of a Hole. The Ball was snapped. Townsend was about to get off a Good kick when an a. A m. Man continued of lilt Page

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