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Alpine Sul Ross Skyline Newspaper Archives Nov 2 1927, Page 1

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Alpine Sul Ross Skyline (Newspaper) - November 2, 1927, Alpine, Texas Sul Ross Skyline published by the students of the sul Ross state teachers College. Alpine. Texas wednesday. November 2. 1927 volume a it it it 11 Hrh Thi est i so number 3 mines games w orc on �?T2< bran called off Way by Stewart world famed russian cossacks Here tonight staff chosen the Dummy begun and the sponsors optimistic the russian first number on program for in Ciro tack chorus the tin1 Sui a it i concert it 2i xxx ill Ipp oar to sul Ross delay agreeing officials Given As reason on o clock Iii tit nil cd ail grave denies attempt being made to get game in place of mines new Edh year s grand is Well started for the Dummy is outlined and All of the staff members have been chosen except the business manager and the literary editor Alex Frog Nagl is the editor in chief Villa Wigbell j who is majoring in Art. Is the arted i Hor with Gene Grimes As her assistant John Fortner is the photograph of la Quot conservatory of my night at a Ditori Tim. This chorus a in i men is under the direction of tin famous russian conductor. Re gel Socoloff. A gradual of the i Ulve Csiti of Moscow and there will be no game with the Al paso school of mines. On monday afternoon coach Graves received a Telegram to that effect but the news did not become general until the Al paso morning papers announced the cancellation. As was to be expected the news caused a great Deal of excitement at Sui Ross and in the town. The team was primed for the game and the town and the student body was looking Forward to the first Home game with a great Deal of anticipation. The reason Given for the cancellation by coach Stewart of the shoot of tones was that officials for the game had not been agreed upon a week before the game the entrap Calls for an agreement on officials one week before the game is scheduled. An agreement had not been reached so the game in it can i called. Let los quote from the first Page of fhe Al paso Herald Issue of Novato by r i Quot Sii wart made every Effort he Aid. To secure this agreement Send-1 ing the Sui Ross officials a list of 30 Well known officials that would in a a liable Quot various wilis were exchanged by j tin officials through which Stewart Aid he understood that kit linger of Ustin. of fort Hiss Mil co Bien to of Al paso had been agreed upon monday morn inc lie called eat h of them by phone and All three of them said that they had not a von been approached by Sui ibis and now kit linger and Coblentz Are not available Quot not wishing to Haw a repetition of the game of two years ago when the Milles went to Alpine with off dais selected from the crowd id simulators. La athletic Council decided to cancel the the wire received by coach Graves read a for six weeks we have urgently Aud firmly asked you to arrive at u decision on officials for the game scheduled it Alpine november 5. Going to fur As to Call your attention editor. Fortner has hit work already i Well planned out and expects to have i All the pictures of the individuals be fore december i he has already i posted the first of Bis schedules and urges everyone to comply promptly to the hours planned. Miss Ayne Worth hints that the staff will have an interesting new announcement to make very soon they will have a meeting next week i after which tills announcement May be expected. Miss Keefer of the Art department announces that there Are quite a few students of Talent who Are doing excellent work in her department whom she experts to be valuable contributors to the Art Section of the annual the southwestern in graving company with main offices in it Worth b in Moscow knee it for in years of service in the late War ii has do voted ins lit to the study let music. It Iconium to the titles he Quot plays upon his chorus As ii Tiiu a i voices were musical instruments and produces marvelous effects after touring their own country the chorus accepted Iii invitation to give a series of concerts in the Royal conservatory of Milan in Issi they made a tour of France and Spain giving More than Iro programs the Queen of Satin attended their Cost at the Handy Kitchen certs in Spain and add <1 la r Praise i i to that of her people in tf>25 the i it Hor us began a tout of Mexico and Centra Mph a Tkv cry where their concert have been enthusiast or Alt received their programs include ancient Folk indescribably fascinating t ii ii is w lib it have been Sung by Gypsy bands gathered by flickering ramp tires Quot popular Tov songs and compositions tit the most famous compos i n number t tin i have been esp Dally Pupil hit with american Aud Nee a Quot the prisoner s escape. Quot the Volga Boatman flu rollicking Quot Cossack March of the signals Quot a blending of the various signal airs Ltd to the russian cavalry Ami i encores swatter a Dixie. Sin 11 i n through Quot my \vii1 Irish and airs from Quot the student Prim to wets for the Comer a on Sale class rings for Lobos lose seniors ordered a cruel games at Lubbock pins with ring design now available at half ring prices senior of Sui it-.? have already made out their pin and ring orders j for the Vear those students who a i Cive degrees Ltd a Iii june or a gust of next veal have been Busy measuring linger and pocket Hooka to anticipation of that event a contract was let for four cars with the Star in graving company to furnish tin senior classes of Sui Ross with ring it of a certain design Aud a set Price and this class is doing its trailing ugh i that same contract never before pins of tin same design As tin ring been procured lint tills year since so Manv of til graduates wanted pins inquiry was plainsman expecting easy win. Are dazed by Lobo attack Breaks beat s. R. Lone touchdown of game comes As result of completed pass by tech w As Sigil Guild searches sub College cubs for new material tile writers Guild an organza has the contract again for the print of on we re h a a Fri Nrman the in lug of the grand this year. They a of Creal Ive writing is now Well acquainted with what is expect a mme a for p my but. M,., cd of them Ami Are sure to do their of r,.orkan,/alon to la a. Guild finds part it the Wink with tar itself in an unusually embarrassing circumstance due to the fact that i Here Are no student members of last year on the Campus several faculty members remain miss Grin miss Aynesworth. And or Allen the Guild Tan not go us canvassing tin student body Aud dragging in whatever people the deem ii such an organization must function on the basis let Quot join if you want to a the club issues this in the form of explanation each a Nolier of the or Gatil Patlon specializes in the panic liar kind of writing that ii is interested in and of doing the charter members begun that Way t ii ii -. Cowboy sketches poetry Tor Mal essays pros sketches sonnet and childhood stories were written the organization sponsor a Type get activity t ii it t is of great value to the individual Concrete plans have not been Laid. But it is expected that Rome action towards reorganization will ii tak u in the a fut i scholarship club picks its members although to per cent of classes allowed by society. Few Are chosen Alpin eyes Lead new members Are All around students in school activities of All kinds lose to Midland i on of the Ernst interesting toot i Ball allies of til season was played on Jackson Field Friday. October 21, when tile Sui loss sub Cidh a cubs Wen Defeated by the Strong i veil flout Midland High most Otth business places were i used for the game. Which was witnessed by perhaps a Quot a a Coph t lean playing on the part of both teams made the Gam Moi interesting Only on pen ally was assessed for roughness Morgan of Midland furnished til 1111 ill a of the Lay when it grabbed Al fumbled punt behind his own Kusi i data and raced i h entire length of the Field Tor a score the fullback also twisted and dodged for Long i gain on several occasions Artel was Hie outstanding player for the j Gillis in Hiba Hole he while Knight and Gray were starring in i line several times till duo Bruke through to spill the visitors Tor lot set the tin ii score a Midland la. Cubs made into the matter Ami found that pins of Hie sum could be obtained by Hose i them at about half the pro for the ring a i w of t he class members w it la to lift president also inspected a i lotion of a certain in which a Salesman brought to Thorn but under or Mondo k s advice they have not made any contracts As yet Tad in ill la tilt. Decisions As to tile Price do la Texas techs Hopes to overwhelm the Sui Ross Lobos in an easy Victor went spinning last Friday october 22. W ii to flu fax Boe flashed a running and paing attack that left i matadors in t dazed and confused condition i a Graves combination out fought and outplayed their Turr neg i opponent re a four quarters Only to asked his the game when Quot handsome ran some Walker flipped a 25 Yard pass to i Jennings for the Only score of t he a of Lorenl game according i the Alpine pm a ply who attended the game the lathes -11�> to i 1 have won the game by it least two touchdowns twice with in minutes h he to playing Quot a to. Of the invitations for f in Spring graduation have he n std for membership in t. A. C. Now being compiled to submit to the committee standards High fish requirements. Faculty preparation and Load. And equipment considered the Lubbock a Zulanch report Quot the a peed athletes from Mig fiend counts threatened to my lint a Mon Wall tired off a counter on ii to to to Canion when they downed the Bloodfin v backs one on the it i 1 11ii a cording to him loin fans wit. I in out panic Lite team to Lubbock penalty Cost ii til game when w. Drew n tin mid ins Fot Bein. Of moi1 Side is 11 to Only six inches f goal lilt i la so ii i to col res Jyh Nile to t w a i i ill we i i la s the mat it a the i newspaper it Cor Ere i to Gam Iii t ii opinion that i t game of i he sea idol had re Clitis la sign mini own tvs t to a. Ami beat a g g in the tact i Lobo outplayed tin Plaine Iii to was a so Tel Ltd k it til jaw to the tits Matador who expected an a a win claim. Lobo hark who is continued on last Page faculty women have varied aptitudes in recreation tilt a a Gil i toss chapter of fit Schul warship societies of the South an organization founded in Texas colleges which has expanded All Over the South has recently announced its 11 membership for the coming year. The Lucky students were chosen from the highest to per cent of til lass s by to committee of the faculty although the society allows the selection of to per cent of the class the requirements of the Sui Ross chapter a so High that Only a Small proportion received the Honor this Honor is the greatest that the student can achieve in College for after All the standing of a College is determined by the Type of scholarship which it encourages. The list is As follows juniors Winona May of Alpine Isabel Yates of Marfa. Seniors Frances Gillett of Alpine Eda May Weyerts of Alpine Louis Loeffler of Junction Duncan Scott of Alpine and mrs. Mabel Burleson of Roswell new Mexico. Graduates m. P. Slover Princi first shipment of new books arrives Sui Ross shiite teachers College now ii. I committee of faculty mein to r Busy preparing applications of a Peru to it t ii fast Cleat on a tva i he Hill la pull w hell to Cut i i k t Muti Gridiron a pealed a i against a a i Tor a lit Yard run mask and Slipper holds tryouts on Steps of College 25 lonesome students out in cold make Best of tra Duhon s majority like hiking flow. Or growing Ford driving. And golfing faculty Watunen Abow great diversification in sports As much variety As in their individual differences. For instance we have it authoritatively that miss Alice Cowan Dean of women the supreme judge of institutional Law for Sui Ross feminine is a Home Loving person to the extent of washing dishes sweeping and dusting quite a contrast in the composition of her professional life graduate members Are from Alpine pal of the. To Iron Irh ool of san Boom Rou a a Alto Fannie May who is now doing j f u t j j graduate work at the University of Texas Johnnie Weyerts who is now engaged in touching and Watson Leacher of commercial subjects in the Coleman schools. All the at 7 30 on the night of tuesday november i 25 drama struck san dents were forced to do their stuff i in the Cool night breezes with no other Light than that furnished by the outside illumination on the College Campus. When the members of the mask Aud Slipper club assembled for their tryouts they discovered to their dismay that the Temple of learning had closed its doors Toz them. After to ii lock picking iin<1 expeditions to see the head Nineteen new Book have been Rice i trod by tit Library and Are ready for student him. This to it Only a Small portion of the group of Jon that was recently purchased tin rest of which will arrive soon a new feature add cd to tin Library equipment is a Chart giving the ten outstanding Magazine articles for curb month selected by a Council of librarians. The october Chart is posted on the bulletin Board in the Library. Miss Faye Hamilton librarian is pleased to announce that this month the Library failed to Curry Only two of the ten magazines named in the Chart. The new Hooks urn Adams herion ass of modern Progress Gassett life of Andrew Jackson. Buchanan bacteriology for students in Gen Kun a. Gurney rvs Ina Ca a1 Gre Ige modern history volumes 13 and in membership ill Iii Texas association a ii t Rolleg in applying to the membership thu ii data must to it Colic lid ii lid tabulated and air a Alk or. Is in i i Lia ruin ii of i commit to concerned has started la task school officials outside of tills Slat. Win arc not acquainted i with a to institutions i this Section. I be mail ii Pretl of re furring i Quot directory of tit Ltd. Leges is Blit. Belong tin a a a to Hon i-1oi�?� the y will accept trans cd thus it my be easily Cen that an acceptance of this App at Ion by the authorities and the Entrance of this College into title associations it native for the american red Crons would no to Only mean i great Deal to graphically described to the student Sui Ross but would also be of a i my Jav thursday at Assembly the Terral value to the student who wish inc it thous that Iii organization pm pm to Transfer credits earned Here to it 1in coping w Ith a disaster of any Institute ii of higher learning National importance or ague Rop which is located outside of the stat resenting an that la de til association pays special voted to the alleviation of need and tent on to tin Entrance requirements distr a had Impi Opportunity of a or freshman students and requires la Mounter Many incidents of vital unturned on i it Page american r. C. Relieves disaster declares r. C. Ague incidents of the Mississippi flood vividly described to student body Royal Clyde ague National repro and that of her recreational. And perhaps the Depths of her nature have not yet been fully interpreted. Miss Anne Aynesworth whose Day is Crow ded with business and activities is possessed of a nocturnal pastime of which one would not dare suspect Here aimless solitary walk in looking Over the records of the members of the society it is interesting to note that the members Are far front being grinds alone. Their election to Hie society was in most Cates merely the Climax to the Many Hon Orr that they have received in collies most of them have earned groundsman. Or. Young who was at prayer meeting the club made the y by St of the circumstances achieving a greek theater Effort by the it Ifill Steps and columns i the tryouts uncovered a great Ideal of Talent but the club elections will riot come out until the next t sue of the Skyline. Detailed information on that Subj t to Vii -1 a taken it ii that phase of registration and ills on the i mature students the total enrol i in it must he Givin id also the monthly attendance at Carlsbad Cavern steadily increases ing. The Only Light that we can scholarships from their High schools throw upon this affair in View of they have All taken part in school the fact that this individual uses eve activities athletes school journal Ery moment to some advantage i Isis. And class officers Are represent comes in the suggestion that she May cd among them. For example this be studying astronomy. I year the editor in chief and the Man there Are some professed golfers aging editor of the Skyline have among faculty women. At least we both been elected to the society know of two who own clubs misses Lutle Britt and Elizabeth Keefer. Any enterprising person who desires continued on Lait Page according to custodian Thomas Boles it tin Carlsbad Cavern 7.250 people were shown through la huge Cave during Hie month of August. This report was Given in the curls Bud current of August 3o Many Sui Ross students have made i the trip to Carlsbad that they might Delbert Hurley last years editor View the grandeur of the caverns it of the College annual is now in is of interest to note that the attend rolled in the Texas a. Amp m. Pursuing i Ante record at Carlsbad Cavern is a civil engineering course steadily mounting Carslaw the conduction of a i eat Fourier he it i is and in Teg gals it ook Short life of night eng Elk Dill Koman soc i it y from Nero to Marcus Aurelius Dill roman society in last Centi by of Vav Este in e Mim be. Keen ride Jefferson Davis 1 Kos ident of South kites or nature in Wiek can poetry. Herbert writers and a ibises Yea Krook 1927. Hill world s great religious poetry. Hubbard an introduction to study of landscape design. Morgan our presidents. Man to. Municipal government and administration. Oman dark Ages. Wister seven Ages of Washington numbers Iii each Chinmin the application a great Deal of information is demanded concerning i faculty they must know the preparation and number of yours portent which each member of our to i lung for has to his credit the instructor s Load Ilia a and other Fin arc asked in this Wiiri of the quest Ion Nalio the value and the types Nith lab oratory equipments the number of volumes and periodicals in the ii Barry the extent and the Cost of the building and grounds the income human interest these incidents ii Simp though enter a tingly a la1 to t it St Nib la t the american red Eros. The speak stated Iii aided victims of dorm Art and the ilk in some eight distil cases the gnat amount of National a ii. I work that a been done May a More fully realized when ii is Rem Nib. Red that it 1 a Rosa Nev i a heists Ite Al a a urges in a a of deader. Unless til Iii ast i is of sue it Magnet us As to a unman Gabb by haul hoi is or Agit spoke in parti dial of the recent Mississippi flood that Wao Wal reaching in. Its damaging effect in a morn facetious turn the speaker told How the organization utilized to Adan cum Hail of til College and other subjects Are several Hundred porcelain also taken into consideration when a thut some manufacturer school makes application. The com thoughtfully contributed Mitten is now in tin midst of the col Jgr Agne is one of several people Lection of tills Muti real and will soon have the paper ready. Paul Vogt former freshman student in Sui Ross is pursuing a mechanical course at Texas a. A m. This fail now touring tit nation educating the youth of America to the advantages of having Ait Urgal Gottlob such As tin american red Cross Ila is from Cleveland Ohio and is to owned for his work with the red i Cross Ami us an educator

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