Alpine Sul Ross Skyline in Alpine, Texas
27 Jul 1927

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Alpine Sul Ross Skyline in Alpine, Texas
27 Jul 1927

Read an issue on 27 Jul 1927 in Alpine, Texas and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Alpine Sul Ross Skyline.

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Alpine Sul Ross Skyline (Newspaper) - July 27, 1927, Alpine, Texas As Vonar now. X our hordes that Strong in Ait Ami i is is glad glad a Nill at % a our Call Ami nil y Ever that it lint Rand Tai in under the in Puls think Otth Iii. Is tiles sell at mask of mild Sill and snort should tin \ see my. I cud it Hiu Tim i know you mrs Hoss mans masks has sour is a tresses my tour faults you tried Quot i inst count Long ago hut i inst Yon non tin loss Tor til x nil \ i in ii careful Iii the Fig the and i Uenh to tall your wild masks son is or Iii the parts Sun just inn als hut i do not cond inn \ no has played though Ami behind i a or i ran Sci through tins masks non has Yon played unfair. Mul Mir at. To i Sass your to it Ami Don t ilk til in. I la or of too. Hold a find is till All empty gun while tiler. S an Art to the business. M ans Sam planned Mother attack. You would hot nos you As you a. Hut has had your fling in this stay. I is null i d know Sam anywhere l Eluting and the parts Sam have behind any mask my on ans stage. Plus. D has Don in go no. Mike Imlay i looked through your mask phased no part to regret my mans and into sour is s and there i s to he proud of Nim. Pull Oft sour in those Depths the Sam great mask and stand reseal it ii i in glad son didst play Tor a plans. Mid r the spell of masks or j a for Fain or a now to that s a i s it it Iii i fit i a t nip it it lies Quot id him stud lits has s is it d a sixth annual session of tin i tit whish began last i fidos. To least no go top Camise not r the milk my Iii nut the. Oft. S. Ii idl go officials has Odas Dak it Ito sigh i a a ii it it att mls is i s if least new supt. Alpine schools arrives in Tam fit St so lit on Iff this of in s i is. His h run wednesday night ii re is fight Ami solid is to St talents who has not had in Kandy Kitchen Normal students it Quarter buy your Canoy Huie and get the Best Home made candies Whitman a. Saylors and Pangburn fancy Box Candy everything in sweets the sat t a k i lip pert. Oils to go students who a. Going to it the t Aih it Ami has i sir t m til in cars should com mum. If with miss Vineyard it Lark is 11.111 or it the. Col h a sin who wish to go. Hut has no by i. Ii Iii id is to i or s s rat s e ars in Tima Iii r Smus will lies in Ltd in t a a from ii co w in Roll has it la s a Mitt slut in its Sill ii s. M r head is taking the i it Misi of Lff to a t Iii a Olla it i t in it Nuss la i. Rat my fit a ii i if sellouts in Iii co tar till i i lolling y in. Is Hill mall. Id is i t is i n a i n. Is superintendent i siblings Lier. To shh to v Hiti raft i sit i a i iss i my i Billingsly primary i St motor Deriti. Tai in r. I it i St is k or i Rand Quot la. In i it v. ,. Is ii to Sill is do s sit to i of is s or is s i r d in i Riih f i r. Shi is ill ainu i trip to x urn stun n dont s i i1 irk. Ai i a Tapani d her late pcs. 11 r plat to t ii a Siss i is has he he Kilt a Siiss it i Viii n i so Xii a \ la t f f Ila lits of t Ion i t Iii t ii i no a let my or i. I. Is i a i of a it i ii i a honk stir it sold it oui i it i it r in. Of Nash. I t it i Gist i ret i i it my w ill in Noel up and p i p. R of Sui la Oss i rom i i my k i is Prim irs Sij hcs isor the t Iii Hill in i i i i i \ x she it malts it t should a in you Learned hmm ago of tin of w of Stag. Nor has Lam. Ami flail r or. Corgi Xiv Truett. Of Dallas. Chang Al your ii. Art or turn. Your Ulm a a a or. Or. S j. I i i i urn it a / m us if it a x it i Mil la i n r la in a i you have i ii la liked in the parts y Oil s played on this it in hut Collie Hack to tin of Stag to your old part. Him arse a while and return to this stage it i cording to in Art id Dallas Ness flu so mini of .1 tin i Iii Iii the Hll Stoh is rot of fort r it w Ashington. A i amid it. Get of san Antonio ire sum Texas is preparing to o Tima i Iii of the outstanding religious h Ailers interesting Mal Sis that is ill Tortu. Pcs it. Possehl Iii in contribute t i to. L a Uii Iii at program is decidedly to. Id of do t of in you a i s h. I hey is i 11 ilk. Yon a s. To work Whit. The singing is under Bis ass if s. Professor Wood ring the. Dir tin it fit it Mckinney Mil or Nichols. A trying to put composer into a ship i system for lit Chi. program follows Tor ranch bookkeeping to. R a s. N Bluet it Ltd to St nil lits is Hoss ish to a of St idly they ire Marl a it a i i i in tills i Quot Nondas St Lim ii. A i Quot a Iii. Quot. Ningui. I i is Iii i Unior i p so it the i agin. I p Iii i ass Ort ii i. Agin. 7 to p Iii i is fling a mum. S a p in hah l is r &Quot.�?�bool. I i a to Reece tax Lri mists mount a to .11 Birdie it Rcpt i with a hat tru to if. Is i loll of Tail i a t p Al a att huk in tin i i in a or i tip in by is. N and or Goon a i it Alpine to la to a it v it Bip Gran again i that or att. Of and of t a to tot tit tit in it i i Tutti to t i1 h it i in till in t up to i i to i into tit ii the first National Bank Alpine Texas w e solicit the accounts it it of College faculty and Stu dents. Promising courteous and efficient attention to your banking needs. Capital and surplus $135,000 better without the masks w Oil i s Oil t a it Oft Quot think it the part you pits ii on the old Stag. Flint Sam St in is calling waiting for Yow my return. Flunk it the glory feea1 oui Ami Dang r a a i your part on that Stag Ami the. Magic thrill of each curtain Call. It nine i. T Iii. Unti your mask Fin Wagon starts Hilt in St Isk on the. Slimmer round up. . Is thous ids of turns you be seen or it it ii Hills at Daylight. L evening or noon the. Scorching Sun of midday lowing lords Anil hissing j i i i to 7 Iii or a fast 7 ii. I s Oil it Lis s no to Iki Hite is posit Ion on kit. A it a Brist. Or i it Iii i Lor i is it sit y. Xiv a. I 111 Kilt i asses Iii it. X Quot Mas school oui xxi i by years sums up the w Lull history of Sui Ross hut this show the t pot problem that. Ail hot i mix it x to i Ihl of % n la . Hoi n. Iss ids r Mon Iii i Mullish on the. Map i it. To a Alo ions till til Moi sacrum it. A i Iii isun. Mass and is t Ilion Iii Spanish on the up. I j Sand i a ,.i. A pin telling Pray in Ami Sermon a tract ii ill Crristian lit la a a. I i if \ 7 in holy i a ins . I lining Pray a Mil the \ i Pine Mir it nit Ilc of >111 pit to \ pit is to Khi its vim x khat x Starek vim pan v up i a hts i Lupine Almut oui Fash plan in no i the worked out by students of the col dug of la. I Bibl i. Get Sill slim Longs to no est i. As i Timil Iii t tinn be int it. Mil Paul in. Ii w inner of this veal a i. Ii i a inspirational pulitzer priz. For drama in idiot workers. Educational men a a l of Quot trim Outlook Asim my s i i \ i i Quot i i list i la \ i Sulla school Iii in i fug Erva. Or s ii nil a x ,. To ii log it 7 a a it. Nepf s Lav j in month. Ii ii the. Sir n i hid it la in Soi i or in Pacific lines a r j i to a r Argonaut and Quot unset limited trains limps. Veiling cowboys my mean i horses and dust i binds it flu Cut Ting grounds or in the corrals the sin ii id Gray Sage. The song of flu ? Locust at noon is Otth. Envoi. I Thodor of burning hair in the i branding a n Ami the snort id a wild i i bronc i counted on your coming i so i brought Dong your top hours i for your return lies tied yonder la. Ii lid others written to his publish is the. Ii or. A lung service. Or. I lowing oat s. San Xii Tonio. I u never forget the thrill i u neb hour. Paul when the. County a Jar Cain i Fidfl position on out on. Illy and that i in of is d Brist. Or. S i Hor w. 11 111 it ii a i a prayer meetings bldg it Quot will conduct the met no Tor Iii. Ii Ami in s. The at the. Gall n Nick ring now worn. Us meeting will in held Limiter hear hint Paw the ground. Done to a j a a a in a a i son still Ito it on the. Old St a g. Conducting list it i bar its tall \ re not you fun a a 7 it is As the Hai upion it lit Tori Pik it r it the county. Xii prefers country but a ills ii of of t la i mis e to 11 it umm la i i 11 it i n i fill Hureh of Brist Iii. Is at i ourt i dolls each solid i at to but Tor . St ii. I my common iou str ii. I id cd prayer sir in. I i Day v i Ning s Belock. Phi Sio la Rian w ii lid i school. Ill a Iii Lori Itzig noon. I i a Iii i Ling s. , s to i p in. A it ii Arums is Mil to i of Itous i Oplt Uteri aim d t in members Federal Reserve i system lift Mitt Mthr Tutti Iii 9 in x Otill to i i Palace pharmacy phone 98 drugs. Sundries and confections or i both his. Id it ill up. A answer non i s on Tab it t your porn it mask and a us is r tin Call air. T x. S. Is. Had is full. I pc pits a d i t lion s. In i parts behind count in s4 Quot Ltd o a masks Ami on t is n it the it number no wort Stag. S i \. E ii j o s a i it cd to bit i fist i s. Felt the thrill of in ii v a Curt Iii s i ill a he Russ. A Many masks to a Wear Many i prepare Tor Ami a it Upp. R. To Orel 11 Irp. I of is Gill Niusini. N i a to s i song and Prats ii ii me Kinney. I Ort director a los Sun i ans. Or. A bings Rsie. I it a. I re. It Dallas. Do. So s \ Leas in i ii Vav a it cd late a Alt Iii. My Rob s _ ii at a d is it. Nom Iii a t n ii a i i t i v Vav Todo 1111 play to a i to it Oding do Nom mat Ion a i Iii ii w ii i bucked i hand and doubling a in r. ,.m this net Ision. Doubled Mil called hut with lie it was Nom or ill Ami i elms ill and or. Vav the. J of r id won. I Gata my ii. St to the part Oil nil mask i won and i in lift complaining it How i tar. I x its tat Iii los some St i Iii hands. Tonight Vuu saw ii in mrs i it girls who Hoard at Lur Lions with a t it. Alg party monday evening. July j i i flier it Vav r. T or. T Ahi Pridgi. In i is Joyci a 111 ii ill won highs or. Priz Munroe dbl it ii Ihl w the. Consolation Pri. Girls presented mrs up with tub ii of tie in appreciation the cards Iii in Emir was is in 11, j. R. Xxx Pimm i it. It. Physician and surgeon office phone a it i ii. I i i a j i i i i i i i i t i j i ret. Phone at Alp inc Texas i t i i t a a t t i i xxv a now or Ming Corn fed pork Alpine meat Market Huss Manizer service try us Sandifer s Iro Pery the pure food store phones 123 and 153 / 7 ii Al i i Lull i Oll n or. Garnett bros., props. I i i i i j y i �?��?�g0ssardette3�?� a the newest Gossard line of Beauty a these new Dainty lingerie set consist of a step in with fitted Belt Section buttoning on one Side. The narrow Bandeau matches. 4.50 to $6.50 Mitchem Gillett co. Quality amp service a i Hind a mask and playing it icily in Natt Rotov part win Irmo the. In a it it ins hard sought Prats and a plans. Sinh is the Lur. Aud thrill of i in so i it. In to his ii if w ill inv exit he. Hut dearer by tar to my own. I Mudi in still the. Same i have not changed a hit. I have worn masks Only Tor the pleasure til try my myself and for the inn it my. And Fin glad i have. Hear the Call of the old Stag i pc heard it All these four years. I would have answered sooner hut i longed f a the feel a it a certain mask the. Mask i wore tonight the one i have on now. I know its feel now Ami i in Content so i through with this stage Ami headed Back for the other. Tonight i in free to an swi r tit Call get under cover i in going to yell. Bring me my horse Buckskin of color and wicked of id i in i i i Lima ii my son. It i Niland spent the week aul w it ii i iss i id v s i Lima ii. I is i. It a Holland is the trip St of i r my Xii Holland it fort Quot to. Toll Lis Folia Potter put lit the. Wok nil w it ii i Ary j Potter. Ruth Holt has r. Turn. D to Morrow. I ii r bom. Iii Santa Anna. I iss i i la i a or. \ initial i friends Iii Rankin Tor a few Days i is Luna Harper split the Wick lend in i Lingua visiting her Par so 1. It s my i is Nils. Sill i ii la 11 la in till i x Sii or i in it l l Mati u to i report Trout us tin. I la Shelby. Dot Iii a a i the by i Sio id it to Umoh of til i Iii it sit v of i a \ a ii i ii Cli it let i tit Man it tin Intuit to on citizenship cd in Atmo Otth. National Par lit i in ii. R so eat dolls. Ii in in i Brant i of the. Organization which works through tin local l each i associations to a Mirage the. Training it a bitter citizens ii to _ a i. I g h Yates Sim rep hiking done promptly and Neath give us a trial Alpine drug store it twill he up. t slim. Is Vijh is in sri i i Sill i i to plates on the Skol in stall w i i hit vacant it the and of tin first six Wiiks miss love Alii Tuong those who visited the Ham. Society editor returned to Lur Arshad a Rill. Ware misses no v Horn in 1.1 paso. Or. A a in. Val i Lyn and c i a ire xxx a Liaison end late. Spurt editor. because a Burg. Villi Thurston Don of toll r vilified these plans have be la till. By ish Mary i Al Lum and i r Quot it xxx Cost phone no 12 Fot oui building and water Supply materials Alpine lumber company i put i pin Al ill . A Xvi i Quot or a Quality and services i fees or i int t v toilet Artic irs Kodak films we specialize in prescription work school supplies Alpine sex. Ovan. Id or. Deep Williamson. I iss Haiti a hates has been a guest it i. La Williamson and bus is. I try in. I iss Ruth Woodson spent several Days Iii san Angelo visiting friends. Miss Georgia Holland has return Only d i., r Horn. Iii i Ort Stockton. \ Ohie golfer it bibs for Golf will in issued at flu stun room from j Jio to i to. I i glance with fire in his eyes and a a miss it. Vineyard is the guest of xxx arming has been issued com spirit that Piru r Dies. Hand me Myr list r a pjs Vineyard. It it it go it a a Pulc Mic a infantile Para hoots my spurs and my hat Huck s1n that is raging Iii new i x Leo. In my gun and hand in my rope to Maize it Ullin i a s. A of. a Ltd its stat that the j dear to my soul and let me ride. Or. And of the disease is not As w id i i i in where is the w agon. Amp i know my the mask i love is the has ii ii feared. It would a. .a1 a let my return to the old Ole you Hava tin ii it no tis in however advisable for students with stage Vii As i left standing in my mask. Hut the mask of re Al self. Ii Hilda la to he careful about trips stirrups with a tight rein astride it Oil in hard and tight. I feel anew to this part of the country. It a thousand pounds of horse flesh tin Lur of the old stage and in a furious impatient and fast raising ready to act. I hear still its Call. Or. Fort r will address thu a str. A of lust across Tho Sage hats my answer i com i come. I la 1 it body at the Chapel period on a is i go. Here untie the mask the he the a for in Cue up with the thursday july Jyh and or. Truett a a last and Best i be worn on this Sta curtain. Mag of masks and Mas will hav Barge of the exercises a i glad i came this Way. The mask Piedade farewell1 saturday. July 30. Watch this space for the new authorized sales amp service Alpine Texas Alpine motor company Fhone 78 phone to i x in i i

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