Alpine Sul Ross Skyline in Alpine, Texas
27 Jul 1927

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Alpine Sul Ross Skyline in Alpine, Texas
27 Jul 1927

Read an issue on 27 Jul 1927 in Alpine, Texas and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Alpine Sul Ross Skyline.

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Alpine Sul Ross Skyline (Newspaper) - July 27, 1927, Alpine, Texas The Skyline a fill it Ltd a it a t off i at 11 i n i i t i a ii Art l f m. R Ahi i-1� 1 a ,1 a not flt to of he fib. A a i 1 a it Tiri a it i. In t to a id no a a a a i it it r a it i i a to or it fit end a i m r i no Rii a i by rift Ion Kim e for the Long a m of is for to. 1 i i of i f m in it for t to a. I 1�, i h a in it to if lit i la i fill it up �0 i of / hint in hit f a a Lii is i he v t manat Inq i nit of i v s is i my a a Iii ii i in intr it to xxx i a i sin a i f to it or i i la i in f i a i i i i i no a to i/1 i ii i it in ii f fill Liti i Linum a a i ii i it t i Iii i i i i Luna 11.1�� r a of a Iii Sinif \ Vii if ii h a in i nut int t Iii v ii Hil t lint in six to f Gilt hour ilk i i i 11 s t n n i ii in s in my v a a i in r ii i % not i ref i to if to if Nils nit flip of ii a r w Lio i id not ii not him love lint if in do s in let Iii better i Irv i ooh is Hiss Iii. Tor in i i fit i i a Hilt Iii Tifi till Mill Fin ii t f of in t of i Jolt till or it v i in x to ii in r Iii five not ii in to sign i 111 111 i to to a to ii St i i 111 hours in to to to ilk t in Bill Hill my i Harti i a Mim in till % is this True of for Rig nut v i it our i i i i i till trill ill Tiff lit full ii hut Mill a h i to i x f. N in r in in to prot Tifesi not to fill Iii i in. Web. Lop Mph to. Link a i t % Ltd a m a limes i a Mai Iii is \ Loi i Rauk of. I or a mum unit % a g. It oui tort la id h App. Hut it is aft i s x Iii Don t k now no i la. I in ill ii t adv of i is if fit it is a i so. Milt i Reirin of i pc in n m a it my Tor p it not in 1 ill v i it ii of Quot la i Ross for v i ifs for t his Momut my now it no t in Wii Fri m St to to Pill by in a i Iii glad i re. I Jin i had a put. It no for m in i ii a of d k my i. Of. R ilk. Oil f my mask no v <m1 i i is r i i re ii m is by a lit i f Iii. T ii no 11. A my during the t of St a int sir Wocl its you sept a i. A a ii a a a a ass it ii you. Lint Hinl u t. I unit your in min r you a Rrt ill hut t Rapp ii in fore you saw Fin i is. And i i Miro to ii you trill inn von still i who stood Mitzi a if ii y in rot Tori i Iliff. M ii Lih Iii in Mil Miro i co fit a Iii son ii. Store and history Iju a ii irn fitly the 111%% country Tinl unless Sonn in i r n h Al Tun j or mans int Nti Oft s it if Mill to fill in such to ii ,. I ithe in of Tun for ifs rang. Is ifs night out of i in m Fin m inti ii Walt it the re for w should in Al ins Jot Mill not a # i i 11lit going j it is in. Iii Nii i i tradition in Junr ii i for voting ii la hid in Olin n to go from in school to Colley is Uri As Small i had go from Kiihr Garf i ii to Iio Lili is Viool t to i n a it it i ook a ilk i to movement it look. I ii the arils in a Merna Arr sits riling hut is fills re ills term i it h sir shh to Guti nil in of to fit col i cd train us according to Lim to % hading Din Iford it is not in in stud lits Oitim to Coll fun if in to into a Good t Hill r no. 1.1 i Ansi in % ii the it a a old i a Lim it Ion of a irs dirt i t id or Road to lug on % hoi ii tins to p. In it it pm n Iii nun in ill. Oil a s i in droll or pm i Iii. Is i Al r. Is in a to i Iii on r a 11. Ii i % i in in ii a i in Titbit Iii m in of i a re a r col Fig Iii univ r sit n in raising i to in i nil no t in i r. I to k a p him it i in voting it Iii ii. Ilion or rums minded hut just it my. Ii out of pm ii i it Mill in Oil i v i Iii till r of i in it nut ii i i i a i iss. Mill i 11 it i licit i a Iii o. Do limn is not i or. Kit % to. It i v mum in to a ins to Iii is in i pc lulled our Lolly it Mil i. Icon in into Iii i Taal i. Fig. I ii. \ Mill on. . In at to Iii h ii i Ittin a tipi. Vav to should ii., to i Oil. A in serious Mold <1 a. Ii m i. I Pri a my to i prop iou Iii tot s. To irs flip it for a howl a int Iii., r i. Tilt or. I slut in i i i f i pattern i i 11 i. aft r i Urff w Mil is All too trill fills is is Pic till Manilla. Ami n Inri i of n. I him ii n in r la. Is lining a cold of in Ria i i i t hit. Hut for a ii i it it Minim. Ii m Igi Amir noun. I is Nival id it v his Nill i nil lit to hav it ins n Opin iou is to tilt is right and m ii it is m rung is it not High . school to n in r v a r v Mih ii Iii Iii i my Al that s. Hod in. Inis a quit of till in in re m in i Whit or. Us lit Mon Al m i v s St it. is Renoir la id Sill Moss stud it 11 a 11 m in that flu v behave in a i v guard and up Ohi its roman to. Traditions of Fin Obi lit Mas of Lato la spin m is Ami authors to immortal in it to Iii. I it i in a is of motion a ictus s to. A Rodma it for . Tits run in. N it flu world Ami fir mid my imagination it South it ill As nothing sin. I store ii i is ills. It fill lows that. Riot Only is till store Worth preserving lint the spirit Ami old customs should not of ill Mcd to in Side is i Bai Slid. From its is Iii it d v Din a it is a Prat vain to preservation of Obi spirit and revival it son if of i a Quot it. A Iii Ken. By a kit Iii urn to. A a Buwhin Veu wry a ,. A a in. I Quot "i1 Quot a i i i Mil. Our in Art turn xxx in la von lift Mif. I followed. Iii a ii l out or tween spell it mask 1. A i -1 n v Mir. I., lib Voo a it a in., that in a a a a a a a we a a r 1,1 let. I a it i Milr let a. Curtain Blo. The fur la Hurt a a it a a tight. Viki he thankful i in Wii i followed for near four pc Arsi l i i i. Who vim bucked line and turn i i i my Tannin but i in a. W,., Man lid nut under my to Spak then s a couple sit stand what von did and who vim did Ting Fivi r re in Corner. Look. M it to by Trio unlit it your part you so. I smiting at you. I i Nils of v ours i. I s go no if gird ii it s quiet out tiler and no on Mill int Rupf still v on ii ii t k to o a in 1 Strang int it no i Gin is not Vons. I ton in wearing a mask in i i pit. In ii inv void a Little Low r hut then i have. Tor i am sui11 what it a stranger in re Iii the past four years i a lived a thousand cml it differ it times inv a Frow i played it so natural. Hut one saw and ii aril and Felt Anil understood Don t you remember there were Flowers at the door when the last curtain fell Lime lets Jar open the door of the past Ami pass through the Gate and Hack Trail Over the was we be travel ii. L imn it is As Plain As Day. See yen lits tilt High the fag and your Fame carried you on. Hut then you had Only the lust of j coaches and your Ritis Wert Sci soul i for a ii rat ions. I a 11 no did All Vona past training serve Only for Fin parts Yon a playing now surely not. I wish you would come Bach ant my play your old part the part you grew up to play. Lite stage is sit Tor your return. But sum of characters Are gone. If is True that on the old stage there is no audit a to applaud and no hand to make your pills heat fast r Blit to. Hack on that stage you May win the approving glance of others of your kind. And As you remember i i Are no footlights on the old Stag Only the Sun by Day and the i Aiu fire by night. That s the stage you grew up on the stage you used j to love and the one i love still. Think of the part you played on that i tag your stage hounded on the North and East by the Pecos and on the South by the Rio Grande. Yes your part is still waiting Lur you. Keen your costume is hanging As you left it. I done to like the Way you dress fur your parts on this Stag the Way you Are dressed now Whit Dollar Ami All. No. The always in ladies my gentlemen. A. ,. Tin customs. Odd , has a a suit is not Worth of in lunging to. Realized this and has commercialized Nur prof Sion has nut a fro ,. It. Ritzou Satnos it v Isi Turs each Var s. Us it values and w in cannot. I. A Enn tribute to Lier profit re v in Jin it ii tween right Ami w rung. It Lime for thrill which v git i in in a n1111 to profession and. Iii. Frion tilling that i ii Are Rili veg in Iii.11\ i�111,ii to sign a contract slavs Long gone. It is with in adv r Situ restriction a a i a is tial Liln try j a ii As last remaining outpost id flu the xxx. . I ii town and its i Nill school to it Niters it Man j tins e in Mph in up to flair reputation t n v will in Vir a v i ill of Hie a 1. No Ion is too Inis % to i i it of a cur a hat mud. . It hum Mil from dial grilling to stranger and to . Ii. In Hun plan ins pleasures or give Hun information to bad that x exchanges it a Quot a Quot t a _ tiny really in any tilling ii the inst prut to t nit d St till i i us lit i Moi 11. Ii in. I i it lit in i j Al Lieut i no Imp ii ires. It. I follow i Neil ii. Fin. In t a i . Ii v i a 11 v Iii. F v Pic it i i a i i fit i i v. In x v 11 i lid that the Iii in i in i id. If the. Ii a. I i with in a tilth Uffe i in it to. I a i in o to ii i a x Lull i i i Umi. Will brr of a the \ i i often. Vim cled or i Ike Sui Ross do Vuu giving Hun nit i stint lots it his torn Hunt Tow ii and Spiel in i bout it. Patron Saint. Buffalo Hill t to a stills Odd m till glow of pm Asuri fur eos Myrv is a Ipi ally is toll it historic and Romai Itie is sue at lulls any pin Iii Xiii in i. And Vav i i Ivi a Viv a a son to or is in in memory with Loving Prid to i r to it i is Young hut it his Par taken it the traditions it xxx St until our to w Comers fed at Here a nil i Handel tsp in ans i a i com minus a m by stud id ids ins gun i to Suim it during his i ho11 lit. That it is a a ii r to Stav up m it ii on s work the a ii it is to a itch up with it it in i v a i liable. Min it it is n Iii. Mil it i id All too ult ii it is soon Fin ii and to stud. It in us Tor the. Inori hitter porn ii it i i / it in a i Bis i Tex. Ii it a it asst King ilk. S., Litany hits it Wisdom it is gained 11, rung i. Painful in m in. It xxx i a ill i., i u the. R. Hid nut ill it us a. Tang i nought to turn Down the path it Iii to Vav ii. Ii in. Asor my Gav t Ai i tut v is or t to Dull Road id the. Rev in at lid Mort thin ump. Ii it Tor its loin Lim is l a x la. Ii v i. M Cunt Ains an Iii rest my i i t Tell. It it i i it the Orth pol. Iii Vav Iii. Ii or. Ills Worth St it s to it practical Man it often considers inv ills univ of Sci it i to. Int rest stint Tutu la i i us tvs t hat t he w orld i by. Ill is in of ice lick us lit hop my vigor it my in ginnings Mil it Arpris s Iii cd re Field in a we in pm Ore r my scientist venture beyond confines it Dogma and mans Ltd in in. To compter mans 1 ignorant. I hat the motto of tins. No n might Well he taken from the till i est a lit ii , to strive. It i Cowan out solicitor. About cleaning a to. And not to yield xxx can nut think of a Bitt. R one i phone 258 it i Tull 111 11 Iii Vav Fiat in a ill i ii. I it it the St i my. I d is t he i it i Matt. F i court i the count Iii forming Bis opinions it our town my Oil towns it it i Losi p ills i no Oso Iii Turin the it Putin of or Tun ii Aud our town s Itic Nishiji to. Tin ii Sid world it in till is Vav do ii or galls a in aril in i Iii. Hand it Lasp Itiat ii Vav Lim my Strong i a snub 11 11 in xxx. Need von Iii is ilk. \ i build i ii r. Or. It i St ii will bread. T to the nil a All Vav i o la i lit la a is i t. It Vav la Vav do the. Tight kind get spirit and a la of i b i. P i 11. Ii m Lull la Iii. Xxx i Art 111 i f souk a a t us ban a ii i till too Inis v m it ii our of Timm to pay my. I it to it Ion to it it ti., a it my i within our in 1.1 la Imit b. W Ort ii Vav hit i 1 in i ii. La in i Tun i n i i i Piti s not my i to i. Oui of it i lit to a e o i leg i As will. A Whitti. In trill. The in it Utun of a. To a to immaculate that s the word to describe the appear once of dresses or suits cleaned or dyed in our modern Plant. When dry cleaned the Glover Way their life is prolonged and original Lustre and Beauty Are restored. Send them to a master. I conceive Sims Abbl aulos. k v. J i i May we Call at your Home today is is w anted to of t inv pined on mask that von might know me. But. I in a s Wile re von i was afraid of what von might first ii sons in acting flunk or say. I flared von would think i was intruding. Lint att r part you played tonight i could not a Sist any Long r that Dav when Yon i it in. Cast it Iii in my let in tall id. I wish it had in n r dawned it s ii in mighty lonesome Tor Iii. But i a managed to get along. Hium Lull r the Day you i. It Xii Oiler we Kotumal asked von to Collie my Pla y on snot Lier Stag my vim followed no ten r Mort fair put r haps by far flail i. And Yam turned your Back on in my tied on the mask uttered von i know von a n he Armet i by be in w Sag. And so w Ai i but Iii a different Vav ohs i know All and a heaps Raul Cine r Mort night my such a night in tills i Miu i ii St. I behind mask a it i i r on too my had i not is. N you put it on. I would ii Ive not known you and who you used to in x on be earn enchanted is till the part you . Playing behind the. Mask i was near by hut Lam didst know ii tul is you Plait d my gild. <1 h o k and Torii on in Stag. The null. In. Applauded my Loosli Goltl East t ii it la \ shadows on \ our ii i ice the lights i m of to to kick than tint t in v Wert not shining on your fro. Silt the crowd ilk. Von Iii at part masked though Yam w. A it Xii i la admit i Vav As i lift i p doll x lid i re of ml., r a . Von How. Your in id and by Moth. R to Oil a mask i mask you disliked but vain fore Voi Iselt to pm i \ the. Part. lit r it was ova r von Tor Oil the. Mask my sat Aud look it d it it Tor a Long Tun x s. I Vav As then but i wish now i had not been i i. Of your in Hole Lith. Tiger As if i old. I might Bai regained von t ii ii ii and i dared. 11 of i w nit Tai to Vav 11ispi something to let von know i w As m a. Several times i saw you tight. Fin i remember i i forgotten Vav i of mask you fought bib i lid x its i w is there standing Iii the crowd. My fists Mer clinched and Iii veins turned from Blue to red cml when Yam in. It Down Yam ill i my name not or lining i was near. Cml i mss rid and your unconquerable spirit soared Ain you arose and fought As of Obi and won. And she w bos. Mask you Vav v on not knowing i was the re and i heaps not caring. And another i saw you in Nous and pacing the. Floor w till nerves kit cd High my frown on your masked face ii us in. Shrink x is. Tin one whose mask Vuu wore deserted you re n is you left me. And i was forced to sit and watch vim nuke your Deci Mon. \ lid of. How i to anted to Call your name and Tell you not to be impute it in delay but to wait i one i cup and drink deep of the twist. Re Ai i a i g. 1 1 other Cost nine displays you Best. Illier w in n As a Carefree boy Iii inner worn As a Carem e inn you tag it childhood received your Xou wore no i masks then. Yrs you played a thousand and one parts hut you were Jeu r yourself. X on merely stepped into another Charlet r and played till your heart was Content. Ami i i was in till you cur at your Sill win tiler you Sut your stick horse Over treacherous ground battled with imaginary bandits managed the largest of ranches or led a \ in furious army Horn who Rode at your Side and counselled is it la von my planned campaigns who laugh with you and joked with you who sat Vav till you in silent in the Cool Shad. And went Vav if ii vim is v our mind lifted on wings it fancy ind worlds bowed at your feet. I a it magic thrill it it All it ii As you to i understood. Hun t von know in. Yet xxiv i Iii in Molnr i thought you knew a ill pc known i v. R sin we met. Haven t y on 1 cml i stood with you when von p his. I of the door of manhood and is the curtain went up and the Musi ring out i was excited even As Yon in filed no introduction von ii id your spurs in the. Other . Mhz to ii till,.mlhint your Stetson Slicker Saddle chaps Ami All. Are waiting for you to claim the Iii again. Then too i Don t like the War paint of this stage. Better i ilk the dust of Roundup or the trac of a passing Shower upon your face and costume. X our horses would not know of John Perkins attorney at Low Alpine Texas i Milady Beauty shop lasting Wax Marcels hair cutting a specially a. M Turkey Atti Kinky at building Alpine Texas w. N an sickle attorney at Law Alpine. Texas i i . Muumuu ilium his ult Lim Ihl huh for Complete automobile service Casner motor co. Alpine Marfa j. E. Coiner Gen. Mgr. I i ii i speedy taxi service sightseeing trips and picnic parties car to Carlsbad. $40 River trips to grand Canyon $35 any part of City. 25c. Including Orient depot Day phone 56 night phone 297 c. Williams n a a or a the r adopt ii by cd pincers it a those journeying into la to ids of i Truing the teacher has much same prejudices to it it and w it Mil until he in show it. To. S.,m of get veil s of Public a i understands. I saw you play i to not to overcome. Pirts that taxed you to the limit a i i Felt your Sinder body Sway i i x Hinckley it no cited ii i Strain As a by tided Bow. And one a positions principal of Marfa i saw you behind another j a lib school for next year. k the Queerest of them All a it state National Bank Alphin Tam. Solicits Tho accounts of Sui Ross Normal faculty and station to Sui Ross College depository t big Bend grocery company t. N. Alison j. Sonnier h a do Carters for fresh fruit and vegetables admiration Coffee american Beauty floor we sell for Cash Only but a Coupon Book and save 5% phone 188

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