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Alpine Sul Ross Skyline Newspaper Archives Jan 19 1927, Page 1

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Alpine Sul Ross Skyline (Newspaper) - January 19, 1927, Alpine, Texas Sul Ross Skolil lit published by the students of the sul Ross state teach ers College. Alpine Texas Edn esd a january 19 1927 volume in. A out w Here Tiu West is number 7brand favourites Are to be chosen wednesday j. J. Bennett buried Tom Cross wins at Stephenville Texas menus Tennis singles three outstanding s. R. Musketeers preliminary voting showed a wide diversity of opinion was member of regents for teachers colleges gave much time. Thought and Energy that Texas boy. And girls might receive College education no saturday. January then Law flashed it it or flu win that j j. La tin to of Stephenville had ended Iii Artel it in it. Suddenly it dawned upon the teachers colleges of Texas that they had lout one of Ali it in Best Friend and most ardent supporters. I luring the past six years As a Meni it f of the Hoard it of regents or the teachers colleges or Bennett has or i ii much time and thought to the program of teacher training in Texas. Ile looked always beyond the colleges which ii til redly represent Ltd to the thousands of boys and Juris in the Public schools who were to in taught by the products of these institutions firm in his co cilium that the teachers colleges Are ilium the most important piece of work in the Field of higher Cauca lion he knew every detail in the pro g rain for each institution tireless a his efforts constructive in his thinking and Stilt Caman Ike in his Point of View. A Laboured on to the lid of his journey without taking count a it the Cost exacting in his demands for duty Well performed. He sympathized keenly with those barged with tremendous response unities. But it was As a Man that his lip was most i Plary. His minister Aid til him la was greater a Liati is Hutch lovable in his nature. In won and a a i t close to him scores of devoted friends from among the Hest nun and women of Texas near tin i lost of a Long and Mer a lament d that lie had left so Many Kings yet i Imam but his friends new that ii Hail Laboured wet in of sing a deeply Spiritualized nature in was tolerant of human w Kne. La was a Good father a go d citizen a True Friend and a Brist Ian seniors to put out next Ssue of Skyline defeats Johnson in finals Twenty men entered in tournament the Tennis tournament w i h was an important part of a Van. Program of athletic for men Las Quat Tor. Cam to la end w Hen Tom i to of Alpine Defeated All contest ants m the Oil go men s Tennis in go s approximately Twenty no n a tiered the tournament and interest a very keen toward the end of the elimination set the tournament extended Over a period of two weeks re. York. Scales and Johnson were favourites from the outset t Ros won tie privilege it contesting York by de i rating haul Ford in two straight set the ii Between a in and i orb ran to three its Cross w on Scales and Johnson eliminated Opp neat and played in the Semi finals first set went to Scales the second and third by Johnson tit fourth by Scales. The final set Wos won by Job to son the finals Wen played by a roam Johnson Cross won the Tournai Blent by taking three straight sets from Johnson and was declared the Champion Iii the College men s sin Glucs Woodrow Wilson foundation announces essay on Wilson contest the Miami a tin year i penned till the to Tai Tor in of that unfelt a Averil i to which \ of w Ere night Ami candidates run on Mon Day la Titi in it 7 to i ii to lid tit and Iii were ballot at the asked t gtd Row 11 son Manet and sol purpose i to bring to tin he i int 1 St ate a from left a tight they a i. Nard and Clifford Kell. Forward Fuqua Yourn Lobo Basket Ball team returns after 1800-mile Jaunt cals and Prim ill of on. The appraisal of Figur i to it troll endpoint a it tin an a a re will i it \ Cit win it most unfold out to meaning of filial Day 1 hat Matt in Tuit to d i a toilet plan in detail May in to t it r on t a i Arm of tin to i lion a of ii f 111 girl most popular popular boy and most the re Ellis it the 1 11 Niter my Nomine s the Way from ail t log Nior a Las Al Glitz three different in cd v of i Many of ring a in both phases test the billow my girl w re passe a it a Pel hour w Rit the most Beau girl most. Lev or boy. In w re most ranged All la cd through persons re these ran of the Eon Wen Nom honors the most Illust Beautiful. And now for Golf a Olf. As Well is Tennis has proved to tie a popular sport with the Stu Dent body several students to a kept in practice during the Winter months by playing on the local City links. Now that the College tipi a being scraped and put int i in i on Ion. It is believed that Many in a of the students will attempt the i is hating hut difficult game. Til re j a. T Ila been that students requiring credits it. I by a Ducat Ion May absolve a portion of this credit by playing Golf the needed equipment for the Gam has been ordered and to Tiann Vii in n student who desire it will ii furnished instructions in the fun de rentals of Golf an add i St in u ii has Bern Given the go Flayer by in a Mumm men get a t a t Ilia there will he a tournament As ooh As the St id til have had a cd no i lev lop their play in pow i Hilt t would appear it pm All ii ports will gain in Avo during t ii coming quarters the Lade Iak Teers i Etui in i i a thursday Fri Ini prod tour if East to Ltd. Till 1 la i a Quot Quot i. U i rip a Sui to t in pin yet a a he in i team in t he a of ii ii Gam v i tot dolls hat i s \ pc m pm a be Iii i in till in 11s main the i toll 11on tint Ute a h Amidon the Quot lab we v of til ii Rig. 1 it my a ii san i re main la Tali team Man. I i n to t Ables ii Sui to i of i he in n w it mail the trip w on ill i. As cot to. Tow ii a Aal. I to Art la. Howl i Smit ii a in \ Tom gel a Anis every it Quot tub t it the Olla i in x tit ult it that the team will a a. Till in the coming a -1 car of i la club has a w nil \ i i h la to Mph in i la i lilt the tit Issue of the Skyline will a put out by tin Skyline class. The Quot rowing state members have been Hachem initiates elected Tor the senior edition eighteen new members Johnnie reverts it. M. Ban wheat t Drury Woof Fannie May Leo Murray Horace m a clock miso Elliott various Limos been excellent class editions of the col leg. Paper at Sui Moss. The seniors in taking the first class Issue this year a defying All other classes a ii put out a better Issue editor in chief managing editor port editor society editor Muslin is manager axe hang editor faculty advisor there have at i n the evening of january is. The Sachem literary society held its initiation Tor the new member elected for the fall and Winter terms. The initiation ceremonies were held in the girls rest room which a beautifully decorated with greens nil navajos to represent an Indian scene. Later in the evening the new members were Given a Chance to Ihl bit their dramatic and imaginative abilities which they Dill in a Phi ii i Quot Austin it id Lee of nah in a pail of fast ant Lou ton of Hunt still onion i a \ i \ a m Tell i a it tacking Lobo in two t ill in Hinter i Quot i prs to i ton i v i wits a to ii Iii it 1. Quot Quot i. V it into a her a or i. M i of a i a Vav do the t a ail hot r a to aug a Gat Ion Quot a a it la a t a it the Cain i ill i Toa i Day it oui to it i t ii 11. Aud to Quot tit a it i Quot 7 Ltd do a att i noon were t in limit t hat Lobos Laboured in t a to a y \ at sail a Toivio it in i it Pra to the Laik t1 years tat Hampton i h team the Lobo lost la a of v p the present or Kerbl huh had hop of turning the in but til Lobos dashed ii r ii t a a of ii w it la a Dean vie Quot v i an in exp Tel Surprise Liat Iii \ v ii Lull i g ii lager a v ii Vav till the help of Long lit. I i to �ra1 a Yod the Fri Tagat san a Pridgi i it one. Thip a to of ably a Fain a t Tii veal i in file i Ai bos Ila v put Tow in a a til a it in umbel us or it Star a it Quot a Sui Mosi a to lit i in i 11 in r to flu Sui bos i to not Ember ii i lol Jim Sill Boss a Quot at t i la Ila to in in no at Waco in j a Tiu aty i i a \ a a m til a a i. At Coiler station c january. Texas \ a a m ii to it Colleg station but in i tool i Iii do a to i \ Alo Iii., i by it san vim on to main Gnu Hijii ii Antonio Sill in Quot i a in Sui Lui. Ross scholarship society to organize in the pig of Uhm the Sui to tat Tacher Colleg a granted ii. Mil i lop in tin Tex ii set Hula Rah in i i it t n i lid a Hie a i a in let y will i. I i g a n i. I it i v ooh. In rid tit Mort look slates a la on Dit iou in Ideal to til Iii i i hip Iii Iii society a a follow i i of d a put it Ion and Cha act i ii til la i Tor Iii my i hip the top or ranking t ii ii i a a a Hall in t i Gihle to Iii Lull i hip Nill being taken til the a of Ach Nhat a it file a a ii a i i x of tit i i of mail of tin amount it get work i in and it i he t Ime it resident la i St Lith i. Plov Iii la t a la v i Tilo w to has Iii and an average of at Nim y. And any Senna who a made Iii a rage of at Lea a eighty a a. In Ell her it a the grail to to v 11 Al i i w Idem la a rat inn fourth a ailing to t in it i t Reding t in liar a be tio in Ell lid from notes of i i eld leg Lelota a Iii it a t Ion a i me Iii cell ii to Ber member i Jinni in 7. S f i. I i a at Naco dim Ile ii a to Ila t it v s f it ill i Iii in 1at Nacogdoches to a Titi. I it to. Sam lion ton o la a i at Lilin Tasvill j i la a i v la Sam i iou ton a i High i at 11 ii ii t v 111>a tot i Point cored by Sui total cured by opponent Sui in Sui Hosi i my ,. Nun Iii unite Moi i class i a to in tit w to in c t he a lat a tin it a Lection to tin to ii society hapa id dough additional hours to in halt it Iii cd requited tot a most sats factory manner. Hot Cho possible but not probable Lute and cakes were served the foist , i am going to let you lowing were initiated Edrie mor oni of this Spanish class five min Don Tommie Franklin. Alice loud lies Early miss Cowan. Der. Ivy Lloyd. Adel Rountree. Edna a a come to my House and dance to Erwin. May Winston. Ruth Ander night or Coleman son Lorena Varner Delight Tassin. Elpaso county leads student representation at Sui Ross College a it he i by count to dance at Sill Kot a i sex Cpl my or w a o Ltd mint it i a i it of tall at a Laloge re Alt r county k to mini i a it the i a a in t e i a a i t a t ii i to a nil Quot la la 11 be Lull i get a Ina 11 of tin it la la m the Tail tits from in Pao county who attend d Sui Hgt i ainu to got no work for you kids Adrian Turney Bernice Henry Lau luring the fall quartet were the Fob 11 it it Vav Oioi i lit i Mem her flub and Kab hts or inv a i i g h t y shall of Iii Iii be i i a i kill g a Lull to aet i it in part Quot to i a \ i president Alay a miss Aynesworth Quot Here boys have a coach shot Well your outside Reading for eng la this semester will h. Found in us of Liege students a Haas Laura Causey. Mess Sharp Pearl Crockett Milburn Ola Lau in Barker and Willie Smallwood Low ing Loti fre Quot Linum la i miss Mcmeans. A Hurch trill confessions i m i Oins to Kell we and i hav. Agnes Jill in in by mrs i Oil Man a i mob tiv a s this Moco i studied my education copy i hav a Date a Rudolph everyone made a on the test or cot to in a through studying Quot a Runkie. Wear going to our meals on him for the rest of the year those who eat at the dorm. Chapel attendance is president Morelock there will be a de Molay Dan at a a. Masonic Hall january s9 make Good showing ten students of the sub Roll be department made a m average during the fall Quarter. They arc Viola Hod Carrie Mae Vogt Fay Wilkes. Meryl Wilkes All from Al Pirn the i Vin wet Zig. Louis Wetzig. Of a lint Hilda Lutz of Hondo Edna Wyatt j of san Angilo met Milam of bal linger and Della Blair of mall two students Darrel York from Alpine and Dilia Blair from Wall. Received new classification at Tho it ginning of the present quart add it now classified As freshmen six Nee students it in metered the sub col leg department Martha Vin from la Cost Ethel Jolly Quot i Buena Vista. Alfred col of Shambra California. Otis and Otho Bilbo of san to Telgen Edwards of fort i is Myrtle Ltd i i ii Rati of Limo i in a to majoring Iii Horn Era a i Cochra to of Totin a i fre Maii. Pearl or k Utel paso i Mph Omar pm a Art it Quot Iii a i Quot to t freshman Tii Pelion to a Iii Quot la tit v i a in Iii to in Iell i stud e it Colleg of Clint paso Fiill i Zig of Clint Presidio Ami t o d for Emil ar0 of Marfa is lard i very a t ill. Was a Ditroi Iti 11 to life loll ii Illa n f Jet i r t # ii part til to t Xii i no ii Wetzig pin cd i n Iii Rohin it Quot ii i tid loll i i t i i ii it a in Tor i u student Quot it of til to of i a int i myi Iff or it i of 1121. Photo editor lot Toman to t Hohla president of i Chis in fun it i now i member of the i it re Filitti and writers Guild a mein bet of St nil e ii t of Mil v in i a Quot i it the minimal Ocia Tion and nes manager to the Brand Ami line to r t bib run a a v m i to 1 Lull t he ii a 111 a it i a Kin Loas Ding i of Fie Tell dealt t who Are a live in Coll in i y ii rut ii rail v ii v port net mat it Lodi to 11. I v Etani la us i Kiln at i nil ii it i j a j a Tom Given Quot univ a ti1 the col to Filitti to Huro ill Quot i i ii a reported to a doing Good i a nil i pro ii i both it Quot tint v Bool ii a i 1ji a Hie w a v i of a i to a i May skill ton Quot to Mil la la i a of Wall Lizabet ii ill Illi Smallwoo Edna Wyatt my a v Ltha pm a it t ii student who Nam Lier ret Iii in ii to Sui to for lit la ill to it i lilt lot lout t ii i of the work the or Ltd i i ii 11 Tole a Iii nov Iii Ber All Tho a no nil i of Iii lop or tanking to it ii if t a i in Pho Igor it Jim Joi a Vav la Quot Ila v it returned to College a Jill Quot i t Iii i id All other it i i to i no it o ii in in us i or s i is to an a rag Ltd i ninety v. A i. I a jul i 111 1 ahoy e of. Lith to Junior is my hip la my dough id t fits to ii h it re t ill Sophomore turn to College to Torii a tenth of the Junior be ii Ion i 1,1 a a till to Iii it t i deficiency add i iou i i urn d Junior i seniors i i Iii let it ,1 in i Tiki us Ord t tin lop of ranking tenth Tim i i la a Cia account being i a k i ii Otth flit ii Nill id each Odem except 11 bin to Hall it a Ligibel to gradual not Imal my in Lier hip provided that a Quot of 1 Elf i lid vim iia. Dom i i Hail one ii i t ii of Iii mid work in i is id a in Aid Colleg provided further that on who has i a ii a Oit by tin on fourth shall have mad in v Era. Grad of 111 ii t j Quot i a Hove. I non of i us ii t s elms ii by the Mem her ii i p committee shall b pit Cut cd to the faculty of t heir t a i Cliv m Litu Iione lot approval foods classes give dinner \ i Crisp w inter in tiny Pas r of Ello cd ii a i Chica of Art a i it it q a 11 a pm Chi it t a t "1 to t wept Richard Var Crisp i a i but t the Culver mint my Iii i i in a a a i ii wit to Holly t at r r v 11, Del i 11 Mie idiom ii i i i., Gav tit-1r annual a i Din net on 11 a a Ember i us it a t in i of leg dining room in a Beautis Xxiii decorated Igried can Sonia to and v i till the fable Wade d with glowing or it n Anvil in if a1 h it d i re id to w Gay Ltd i touted for in it to popular and the Scottie Kell of att to Davis n a to v w Utun Peggy i la--.>11 Ruth Hailey Melburn Glass i no Shook Vita Nell Robin Quot ii Edna a Stott Tominie it Anklin Peggy hates lots Nev ill sum of the Bill ifs flail the Sam til 11i both most popular Aud Moat a auf tui the billowing boys were voted on Lui in i popular and no tat Clever i la i bet t 11 Urb Muddy Withers i a 11 la. I n Olin gel i ii in i Low Lei tem Kelly Drury Ood Jam Swami Adolph Mellard it tiv i to i., e Smit ii la cry a pm it to Kermit lit n i Nim a to Scot t Hay i net i r m j t Walmac Ltd Neiford Jam Terrill Jam Reid let i pert hurl v editor Iii a Biff of to lit arum led Bot ii Tor most popu Tai and in -1 -1 v r boy 11 v Iii own request hot a eliminate from on. Three former favorite. Nancy wat Quot to Drury Wood and Rudolph it e 11 a to received Oil m tin race. I four of the men on the Brandin in Lett Hurley Rudolph Mel-1, i i Lim Swann and Horace Morelock Vav re nominated the. I tit Kelly family Gen. It. A Lynn my Scottie were total halted the i Brothers were riv a tot Hio i popular boy Scottie Gene Ami Lynn or proposed for two Pla a cult to not Only a brother against brother gut i that often cloner re latin Wiship Roommate there wis rivalry James Terrell and Delbert Hurley were rival both tot a a vet Ami popular Hoy \ no on reel Yod a two thirds majority there will he a run off wednesday morning to Chapel those who received the largest majority w ill in he candidates they Are As follow met Beautiful girl Peggy Hassell Milburn Glass to t popular girl me i Crunk a of i Ickell y most popular boy i Miry Wood i la i n i Low Ler Fuqua younger most Clever let Quot a Delbert Hurley i i e is i in red parrots were used As fax irs to tin end of the four court dinner Santa Ciao wis in fitted to distr i lint e gift i the guest for t to dinner a r the girls of the clothing department i my i Tarot h y i agon Sui a Quot a students who Quot trip the Light fantastic have been mad Happy by the announcement of a Dane to held so sturday evening Inu Arv

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