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Alpine Sul Ross Skyline Newspaper Archives Feb 16 1927, Page 1

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Alpine Sul Ross Skyline (Newspaper) - February 16, 1927, Alpine, Texas Sul Ross Skyline published by the students of the sul Ross state teachers College. Alpine. Texas wednesday. February 16. 1927 volume it w Here Rill w est is Quot number 8gymnasium is practically assured 75 75 71 7 i faculty elects charter members of Sui Ross scholarship society 7� 7� 7� 7=1 7= 7 7= 7 7 71 to 7 to to 71 7 to to to to tii tis ii Tun. L a. Convenes at Dallas on february 26th speakers attend trom every state in Union the fifty seventh annual meeting of the department of superintend a a Nee will have its official beginning on saturday afternoon february 26.t at 2 of clock when superintendent Randall j. Condon president of the department officially opens the exhibit. This is the first time an official opening of exhibits has been held. It s intended to emphasize hat these exhibits Are distinctly an educational feature of the session there has never been an Opportunity tor the exhibits equal to that offered. T Dallas and the department is making the most of the Opportunity. In addition to tile technical exhibits which occupy an area of 65,00# Square feet and which have been arranged in connection with the registration and convention service in such a Way As to present maximum Al artistic and educational effects the distinctly educational exhibits which have been organized under the department of superintendence will occupy about 20,000 Square feet of Wall space. These will Deal with Art applied to life civics vocational and visual education the platoon form of school education exhibits showing progressive tendencies in education a series of exhibits showing tile Sal St and Hest thought in regard to schoolroom equipment grouping of pupils Etc., arranged by kindergarten elementary Junior and senior High school activities. There will ii Al it it a thousand Square feet of exhibit bowing Iii finest school buildings throughout the country. Weeks program touches greatest educational problems the saturday evening session it the fair Park auditorium will lie a meeting of the National society for the study of education. On sunday afternoon a Vesper service will be held in Mcfarland aug Tori urn of the Southern methodist i diversity. George Vav. Triuett of dul a Las one of the great preachers of the South will deliver the address. The musical features of the program i l consist of Organ numbers by Palmer it Hristian. Head of the department of music of the University of Michigan two numbers by the string Section of the National High school orchestra and two numbers by the choral so a Uty of the Southern methodist uni verify on sunday evening at s of clock or. To Hristian will give an Organ redial in the fair Park auditorium. Governor Moody to deliver address of greeting the general theme of the monday morning session will be a nations id Ais the address of greeting Widli he Given by Dan Moody governor o Texas the response for the association. By pay on Smith of Massachusetts. F. G Hardman governor of Georgia will speak on a National Herbert Wenig of the Hollywood High school will speak on the conf it it i or Vvs Enig won he intimation championship in his address on the Constitution at Washington last june. Sarah Lafitte Arnold of Boston will speak on the Birthright of America s led by the National High school or Hestra and the Organ the monday morning session will close with the singing of a America the Beautiful monday afternoon then will be a i umber of groups discussing Quot some continued on last Page bulletin issued by w. . Society tile annual bulletin of the West Texas scientific society Lias Loo n returned from the press and is now be distributed. A number of citizens of West Texas have Long Felt that the visiting fact concerning the history. Folk lore anthropology biology Etc. Of this Section should lie preserved. It was Felt that a United of tit and a centrally located museum would be of great value in preserving material of this nature. Thus the historical and scientific society As formed and the annual bulletin now represents a material evident of the desire on the part of the r a in Liers of the Socle to Success Tully collect and perpetuate lore and history of West Texas. Tilt annual bulletin is in Catalon lot in the arrangement and printing i unusually attractive. Further in j a St in the bulletin is created by the addition of numerous plates Chi jct no Spanish sern s the Book form a standpoint of Content is v of d into five major parts list of officers and directors historical h it Ion Folk lore collection report a i officers and directors and a list a the membership f the society tips publication a to Kint the first of ii Elal mib ii at on of the society. The material was collected fro v Trio Quot olm s faculty members and students of Sui Ross As Well it in interested i the history of n est to x. A mad. Ontrich unions. The o a animation is especially in b ired to Colon. I m. I Crimmins who three articles concerning lie a order commands at it Davis and Al paso and the trip that ruin of e. Lee took through West Texas. In the Folk lore Section students an i faculty members of Sui Ross contributed Tho most part or m cd Boatright former acting head of the Folk lore division collected several articles p. Training to that subject. Or. V j Smith curator of the museum mrs. Eugenia Chandley. Arbie Moore Freda Gibson. Lela Williamson and mrs. Alma Thomas were the remaining contributors the editing of the bulletin was supervised by a he committee on publications v j Smith chairman the bulletin has not been distributed to the general Public due to he Small number printed Vav the the exception of a few comp Centary copies the members of the society Are the sole recipients of the bulletin donors of Wilson essay prizes announced the names of the donors of the $25,000 prizes to the boy and the girl who writ the Best essays on Quot what Wood Row Wilson Means to me have been announced by nor Man Davis president of the Woodrow Wilson foundation they Are Bernard Baruch Udward i of. Raymond fond Lek Jesse Jones Cyrus Mccormick Harry Morgan thaw George Norris miss Caroline Rees and mrs. Charles Tiffany. The conditions of the contest were announced in a recent number of the Skyline and Are now posted on that Library bulletin Board will Send represent astronomy aiivesi0s1aie Mee is formed the charter members of the Sui Ross scholarship society were elected by the faculty Iii a called meeting Friday. February is in the Spring of 1926. The Sui Ross state Tea Liers College was granted membership in the Texas scholarship societies since 1922. Twenty five colleges and universities of class a. Senior rating have been admitted and hav established local societies in accordance with the Constitution in february 1926, at the annual meeting held at southwestern University Georgetown. The following officers Al the state organization were elected president professor j. C. Mall Hannon of Baylor College. Vice president. Professor John lord of Texas Christian University secret a by treasurer Dean la v. Benedict of the University of Texas each local society is expected to Send one or More delegates to the at the Chapel hour. February. A j roup of faculty and students met Iii the College auditorium for the Pur p be of organizing an astronomical society. There was some discussion As t it whether the society should be organized is a department of the scientific society or should he a separate organization it was decided that for the present the society should i distinct from All other bodies. Vir. S. I Melton was elected pres i it Lynn Kelly vie president and Leo Murray Secretary treasurer rile president appointed or Smith miss Aynesworth and miss Linn til draft a Constitution and by Laws for the organization miss peek. Mis urinal meeting. In february 22 the. Y and miss Linn were a 1927 meeting will be held at Texa a i tinted As members of the program Christian University Iii fort Worth. I i m in nut in or. Molly a. Boatright chairman of the faculty scholarship committee will represent the Sui Ross chapter miss Fannie May. Recording seer tary for the local chapter will he student representative. Eight students receive Honor by a unanimous vote of tile fruity the eight students whose name i re presented let it the scholarship committee were elected to full no n. But ship in the newly organized so. I a to. In accordance with the cond lion incident to membership in the flirty which were published in a i t cent Issue of the Skyline one Grad student from tile 192 Classe three students holding senior Rani last october and four of Junior rank at that time were eligible to membership. The students who received tin High Honor Are graduate student. Nina Bell. Caldwell senior students Johnnie a Vybert mrs Zoe Ellen Murray Leo t slur Ray. Junior students Fannie mat Nancy Watson. Duncan Scott. Lou Loeffier. These students with Only one exception have completed All of then College work in Sui Ross and All it it i them have made exceptionally Biga averages ranging front b plus to a the fact that a majority of t Ingroup has always been engaged in numerous extra curricular a Tivin and that they will have done All a it the work for the bachelors Degre Iii less Titan the usual four year p. Rod is further reason for the Pride which Sui Ross takes in the charter members of her first scholarship society. Off Loci s of the society elected formal organization of the. Sui Ross scholarship society was Coin filled on Friday afternoon with i Cowan and miss Elliott i i. Hunting the faculty. The officers were elected and the corresponding Secretary was instructed to Send by or. Boatright a full report from the local chapter to the annual meeting of tin scholarship societies the of filers chosen were president Nina Belle Caldwell b a. 1926. Vice president. Duncan Scott. Recording Secretary Fannie May corresponding ref Ary Nan a Watson the soc it to decided to hold the. Text meeting at the Home of or Melton february 12 students and faculty member w to Are interested in an organist Ion of this kind Are cordially in a Ted to a come members Sui Ross orchestra broadcasts program tin Sui Ross reheat re broadcast a program from the fort Stockton broadcasting station wednesday the 16th. They were on the air from 9 until look clock according to miss Irma Lee Bat director the lot lowing numbers were Given minuet Don Juan 11 terms zoo russe i Ternie Zolt a aval Liberia Cana hungarian dance no fat i oin tin bal Pizzicato polka i intermezzo March in a major Bol ill scherzo Imperial Edward March to a c Frank rust i Mascagni Bra Btu Gillett is rails a Mallory Bach i laude Schubert sour Sousa Allen reheat a in National drama week observed by Sui Ross the speech arts department and the mask and Slipper dramatic club have presented a series of programs tor tile purpose of observing National drama week these programs have been Given under the direction of miss Nell m Smith head of the speech arts department i the Texas teachers association Iii Al paso during november of last year. Plans were made to the speech arts teachers for the observation of this week. February 3 to 19 miss Smiths classes and the members of the Ira in talc club have bet it working on the for some time. Two plays and a program of talks hav. Been presented. The purpose in this kind of program was to give the student Boily a general idea of the trend of american drama the meaning Anil purpose of National drama week. And to give some examples of Worth while plays. The first of these plays a a the trusting place a a coined by Booth Tarki Tigon was Given monday Iii impel by the member of the dra math club the leading Rob Lan i clot Briggs a lad of the typist Turk i at on a seventeen Quot a. Was played by Delbert mini this is the first play tin dramatic club leis presented tills veal it was Vit Well received by tin am i ii Cut wed there were two shot t talks on subjects from Ani. Roan lira truth work and an is in Nom St. Phi ii Leacock wish read frn Lav Ili last Plav. A the other on by at f Bur kid. Loin was Givin i ii it Day night the three program or. Combined and offered to the. Pubic All person interested ill till to Iii of arterial tiniest were invited to t tend. One Otth. Largest groups before which the drama to. Lull has Ever performed proved a very upper Cebu five audience for this program the program in detail follows the trusting place i Boot ii Tal k i Tigon i Cha rafters Lancelot Briggs Delbert Hurley a is. Fannie Brigg Odessa drunk a Sale Briggs Rupert Smit ii mrs Curtis a the m v a Triou Hail spirit of Liberty t Iii i lop the personnel of the it piano. Ruth Anderson violin. Irma lie Matey saxophone Laura cause clarinets Alex Mcgonagill Henry Black Thomas Inman cornets Janus Reed Toni Cross trombone Howard Carter Vav i ii wan Bass Fred Haas the orchestra was accompanied on its trip by the Alpine rotary Dull sextet and miss Guenther from tile music department of tin College., who Sang mis vat y Louis i treasurer Leo to. Murray members of the Council faculty. Miss Cowan and Vyne Worth students Johnni. Iris Zoe Ellen Murray and Loeffier. The Fatu Ity advisory committee Ini id or Mody c Boatright miss slather Elliott and or f j. Walker blam lie c it to i i Idolph Del lard Nam v Watson voice James Swan a Henry Ingoldsby Warner Reid scene the lounge of a botel Tim. An afternoon in Spring talk National drama week a h Duncan is Oil. A a tin i Lee i int if the. Drama an essay by Stephen la. Of i Pearl rocket t talk a american drama and dra in it t i St. Try Zee Ellen Murray a the other one it a of ii tar Ket chem a characters Hamblin red Warner Reivi. A Dane to. It kid Lynn Kell the other one Richard c Gillespie scene a Lear space under a rail Load Bridge time the Day be fur tomorrow basketball tournament to be held this week because of weather conditions the interscholastic list Riel basketball tournament was Plato Ned from lust week to Friday and saturday of this week. Great interest was taken in tip tournament in which the Alpine High school won distr in Hon Ort. Drive for funds nets $15,000.00 in urine the drive for funds with which to build a new $35,000 gymnasium for Sui Ross came to its culmination with i total of $4,500, either Given outright or pledged by the citizens of West Texas. The ranch men and the local commercial club respond cd most generously in contributing tor the building of this Long needed Utility. The present plan is to Auk the legislature for an additional amount of $20,000 for the proposed building this amount would Hup Dement the $15,000 raised Here and would assure the building of the Gwinna i ii Iii. According to present Phi is it Eims that the citizens in the. Or rounding country Kenned tile a dial need by a gymnasium of the. First to Complete tile athletic equipment already available. V s gag. Of san Antonio Holder of ranch land in bet or count gave $.&Quot. My to tile Usu this rpm souled the largest individual gift donated tile Alpine chamber of Commerce directors at a recent in Ting agreed to underwrite >.#00 of the needed amount further donation Viveir mad. By Guy come Quot of san Antonio Mil Vav Vav turn1 of Elca of i Ali of whom Confori halted >1.000 rile last Gilt of $-.00 ram by. W is. From a rum Liman it is his desire that his name be withheld Bow. V. I the drive for funds has i., ii to t m. Ess Iii indeed. And there pm a possibility that mirth it Reo it bar i by i ions May be made to the i mid i Tilo Nea r Tut lire to 1 w b. Ii construction of the new building will Start has not Hee derided upon depending upon tile action of the legislature it is impede that the construction will be under w a during the summer in older that the. Building May de finished by i Iamb. R i. 1927, the open my of the. Not it Long to Shiloh architecture to Hai Momyr with main building the strip Mil. It by been a inured will differ from that of most col leg gymnasiums in that it will Homo Nile with tip architect in of tip administration building Aud it will by an adornment to the. Campus rat Lief than Millet Bing that one constantly has to make excuses about the Materia to be used is hollow tile with tie from exposure faced it red Brick and White Stone to match Hie administration building the buttresses where tiny Are used will be of Cobblestone which web Harmoni. With the Cobblestone adornments Al Leady built on the Campus tin building throughout will tie of first it lits Quality both from a standpoint Al t to a a it it 11 Eft tin my f he f \ a of material used the building As it is now planned will be constructed into three main divisions it on end of tip building the departments for the use continued on last Page coming1 a Sut prise program at Chapel. Thursday morning february 24 a Best number of the year skilled artists. High class fun admin Sion $1 of students and Raeul admitted free if they present student activity tickets 4 4 a
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