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Alpine Sul Ross Skyline Newspaper Archives Feb 2 1927, Page 4

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Alpine Sul Ross Skyline (Newspaper) - February 2, 1927, Alpine, Texas I. Calia 1 1 1 cil to 4 Alp not a a Mazda i amp , Ewing Mac Hawks Ott a Ponkop of h it a Nin i a to ii t i if i t Mihi tit a ii i Tor of the of tin mask Lith and the int your j Quot a a nip i ii j in a a Outing l it Hoy in i ii i ii con pc try a in a Noh Phi of Allen a i i 4> John Parkins attorney at x Pine 11 a Ai Pink Studd 1,11 i a Al m a Oil Lull of nit i tot a rid in i to a a a it ill Apio no i to Mir pot trait a i i womb of u t phone 4.1109 it it a to wet a a Wun tot Hwai Pink Transfer Day and non vim c fat if i to to a 111? to i a a k 1 f Mph i la Chi s Ami to it k Iii ii of i or i i the xxx i my 11 All train we haul anything ask i phone Iba i a Whitfield d. P it in i to i to co jul x r % i i i i Han ii i Ai to to i n unit it loll Holt loin i or ii min til ii t Limo la Mil of Tell Iii i of Nandu Khi has ainu in i name is Oil a i ii act Folind la anti ident of this club it i i toil Bitont Lipil Thorn who Road i in Tho writer Guild r Skyline real it the displays in that re h i h a a be Ion Al d m i i la i d a pro. Junior it a last no id of of till alumni a of tat Ion of 11 do i fill ii alway ii dept nth d upon to t i o Tho Rig my mat to a it red lit in popularity major i a of to is an honorary member of the f Chih it i is iffy flatly interested in athletics Haring lettered in both Hank it bait and football in m pre id it of the mask and Slipper dra math club la enthusiasm and Oner an boundless when ii be Ains a task. Ii no i i r until it i a it ten push. In Iii Many i min tory t i i the to a that Martha he ban been to Sui to she in of the Augusta High i i a i a w girl in old a i i infield h a in Tih of the literary society hike Vav c a so i am Here we h la r Brothel an i also attend Sui Hose i graduate or Ishii. Ami South w St Kansas so Lour a my v a i us who major i Kell f Ini t on Utility her Tor in fld is to hav t Hod i he a he let tic it 11 it i of to i to Pat i lit standing a in to t 11 i it v How pm lumber co i �>1 i i i h i i i \ i ,1 lit i a h 11 i phone 74 the Rizii Dinh store Hurley i furniture co. Furniture i or covering Shabra Stet is new perfection Oil stove phone 17 South Side of Railroad tint we wish a mild Sotiris pronouns hut a glad t hut Vav a i hider f to it f a it i ill ii til bar t to ankh tot t r main he hut util voile of i a Eft it t to re in a at flu Opportunity la fat i a por i i ilk i i thar t tin do a i hut to Folk Moi k Aud a it Roll i it i to Opp w i ilk i Oil i -1 v sponsor of ii i. Ii i a was manifested id greats t inter to and lit Buta in vim ii Iii a i a Efthos la in to til ii i alway. Right Hor xxii i the a Moi want in ii anything to is Law or t a if a that thing will a go Ovi i Val do forint of her plus a lat in standing i unusually it a Wam it o to or ill Mak All x ii ii my t to fall my thut w ult taking six it the rid of Lier Imp How i a it a i Iii Keg tit Toi on i m Tisi of her per and Seho Arshin Nan it Ira i i Iivo a i tonally anti v a Ines Tea it i liar 11 v it i sit Lias Imti lit editor of a Iii Bland and i i uht i of t or xxx x a i to i is to w i awarded a Ltd Isth pin at Iii ii a Lino til tits she is at i ii a Ere tary of the a hem lit i a is it into Oua i s co lit Rar it Ditroi of rile Brand Ann Ofay with student Council shot i t v editor of Fri Issue Otth a vim ii would take a settee of Oil Liney Vij its to so. The prob i to of How Cann i do of tit tie h with her Twenty four hours a Day to i. Enough of or Tor friends to know hat he always has Filiti to ind a ii t n business at hand. And does if i s Piet i y and cheerfully la r line or i English Keld Tuph Mell aril w la a a a i a ii a Tii re in s s it teat ton it the beginning i tins let in tame to Sui floss from a i i f High he Bool la has do to All of Iii College work Lier or Mel lard was editor in it Clef of the Brand Al pm Quot a Quot a Quot met i is a lsi�?olimm��?oiim3,,, w lieu Low hut w ill i it Ltd a Al t n i i do Lik it in Sut to at k hag Tun and \ a it i til Midi spells i is Klim the a rid lie f nod hot t in Iii la i till kind of pct on let i of Lier i it i la Ai a ii it i hat it it i Vav a v h a to v of Nill Chilli Mill a i us rid lilt it thin Ollk Hai a Rob i it v i it Iii Ming i la a Al -1 i in St i yes 11 by re of i out Pil l Dell i tin institution i a r it i lege w i k v i Al la hid Tito Iii i in hmm i Moi e it la in Iii i to urn her a a a in a v hit id Iii xxx her letter in lots tie i of m Ltd ii Vav a managing to hip w Iii m in till la w it i i Dent i to she i ii ii of Las done so a Al a 11� do it tall la a of t Ile of Flo of la Junior a i i on lug to Vav a a no Iii x x it u to la. And w nil i Vav Hill la s at Iii i in Sim to ill by i i Sill slim a to i is Ipp r t Iii a i s so v i j i i a. I i i i a t t i i y j. I i i i i t i j x i i i i i i i a re i i it Tii it i Anil rebuild boots amp Shotis fit it Cia Wink Sii Lup and main Tai la nubs Boot shop. Ii a m my til if Aud nil is a i set i muh la a ill Tor of t Lolo w editor Iii a me in in t of i to and clo writ i i Barb s i Miry Wood from the x i pin High 1921. Ii has Dom All of work in Sui Boss he bag play on every football team that Sui its has Ever had la was Vive president of the it club in a in Ami i Wood is a member id the if Milan literary Hoe i it y. but count ii and fill dub. He was president of la Junior plans m the Spring of 2� la win elected most Quot a Polar Quot in i a of year a Mast a i always re Ady to contribute Tun and Mishi to my occasion his major is biology Edna Al win is a graduate of the Hamlin High re Bool she did be freshman work and on summer s at Meridian College. There so Quot belonged to thar Eon Seth Ward literary society she is a member i a it the Sachem literary society at Sui bos Ltd a ideals and work a always up to Par Lier major is i tory Horae Mon lok. Or the Young i a member of the senior Clar has done Allt his College work in Sui Boss Ile hits Bein interested in All College affairs during Bis four years a Lier Aud ii has yet to miss any 1 thing Good thin has happened sine his arrival on til Campus his major in English. Ii Quot was assistant yell Leader in a i. La made his biter a Uarte Huek on the football team this year after font years of hard i met ice it has been said that he has All the requirements of a football tar it a Cerf so in jul in served As business mini int i of the Brand and the sky Lim and As photograph i Tor Tor l a Brand Iii it he is a Hustler Atli a go getter of the Best x sort to thoroughly enjoys life and y living he i mental alertness and y Quot uth Fui Energy personified a a i is Dorothy Ligon i am to Sui bos from Al paso High. Ami com y Phi d her Sui Klieg work in Lins i mrs Myrtle Yoni did or fresh Man work to Burleson College t Xii r Shwa president of the Pierian literary society another year and half so wan in Baylor University so lots it inn the remainder of or coling work in no Hess so has been primary supervisor two and Quot to half vials so has taught in the i alias Public schools three years she i now supervisor of the intermediate department of the training it Bool. Re i a member of the Sachem lit Rary society or tonies has taught and kit up with her College Active by her major is history Willi no normally and Leslie mar tin Are two new members of the sen Lor class w to were recruited of the be ginning of this term from Howard pay ii both w re letter men in that its Ithon it is to he hoped that a hey will soon make places themselves Lier or and mrs. A. J Brannon Are senior students who ire doing Corn i Poydence work they a teaching at Marathon patronise thy i in advertisers a. M Turney attorney at Law Llord building Alpine Texas we ate now Selling Corn fed pork y i j x i i Sui Ross state teachers College Alpine Texas a Standard senior College lot teachers institution sin was society editor the Skyline and Secretary Treu a i of 11 ? 11 in in and Secretary of xxx x x Iii so a been a Lively engaged Iii ail Campus act Lvi ties a has probably served on noir Quot eat Quot committees than any other student in sol toss she a c ully changed her major from Horn a a Ono inies to history hot a serv ice to til College can not i unlined up in Ltd Many weird sit has been a pc Quot ally Valdahl when la end Ialy be i my work a necessary to Quot up Over Quot some Enterprise there is not Alpine meat Market Huss Manizer service try us i i �?�.11t<t Xii Murray not Only cant ill ii to 11 a 11 v heavy Load til six sub nit Mil spend a Large Pant tier nun and Energy in Campus a it i tie hut find hum to mating a bus hand and Toke a House him and Little girl Billy a Quot. It i in meted that Buu to i almost a it rom pushed enough to tak the i by worship Quot to the Skyline Oft her Moth jux i hand or i on get x the most a Nerg to and Eai Abl to j j pm in Sui Ross and w it to All i t do v tie find Tim to enjoy her work x and to gain a must Ltd of Friend v i it i Bankhead a Clio u v tot vie president or Bank Timi a a attended Wayland foil. To i a tin x vow my to in no Hersity of i Al a in Indiana la in to a a v it i the Pasi Yea a. To has been superintendent at my y Rev. I i a Al i n i t if a Iii Sta uding to l a willing i help anybody on by x i Isloa us Man r u h no v Sun i in Only two my it in w to it. A a a tit or by Lim git Sui Ross Sui a Oil a a a Aud Oiler. A mis John xxx v it rotary of x t lie Cia is in t bes Stu w a x i i j a it Stiller Fth St. It j t Tun 111 Raty to to my col v leg girl Aud a Ines in r of the Ehy ins and orc ii a 11 a sin w is also a a Lut Torian to tit a it Cady a class j i Baa in in Arteva in la a it tra curricular a try till of the col leg so u it Dit a in Chi t it of Ideal a a i �?�l1mate a lied tot St Lei Minim i s Aud ii Iii w int i Aud recreation i la Beautiful scenery Sti Iii thu Mountain scenery no Piront advanced courses i Gre s fully recognized Lay the leading acc edit tug a gentes sub Colixte courses Foi pol leg Van Itanion and High school credits special courses Iii it i Columella a Home Lcou Nivica manual training. Musi a program of physical education that provides healthful recreation Tor every student All courses had to truncate diploma and he Green Well equipped i Bialy laboratories a faculty of trained expert holding the Moat part. At Layat m x degrees curls dormitory untie i Amity supervision Hoard and it in $30 a month cottages Light housekeeping month at in o i j he Usu it of the Skyline so i a to y her of the Barham literary society Otth treble Clef Luh and a w i a he Calci pin and Blank in intimate Contact Between faculty and Itu sats Hgt cd a dual i not lost in hic Masse string term opens March 21 spend a year among the Davis mountains write or bulletin h w. Morelock. President i student who has attended the class in or adorned the Hall and Steps of. Sui to Quot during hot s five years hut a a will always remember her a one a a tin most truly popular girls on tin a Campus. Warren lord a done All of Lii College work in Sui Boss. He is a1-1 ways interested in class activities and is one of the Moat regular in Atli Miami of a group that is devoted to picnic. In spite of tin fact that he has worked on the outside during Iii Enir College Carcer. He has found time to carry the usual Luau of courses and to assist with extramural activities his major is Industrial education Aud he is on of or. Smiths mainstays in Itiat department Warren has wanted an education enough to work hard it. And Iii acquiring it lie Lias also gained an intense loyalty to his class Ami College a reputation Thor a highness to College Maui a dignity x i that comes trom knowledge and Ai Bact of friends. I mrs Delight l is in attended the ? a a a they est i n Louisiana Industrial x Institute Lafayette Aud the Louis-1 i i Ana stat Normal College Natch to lie she on the current sauce j a aft society of the 1�?Totpoure, vice i i president of the k l. S., an a Ba-1 i longed to til choral society. Since r i rom tug to Sui Boss mrs. To amp us a i i become a member of the Sachem lit it Ary society and a. Inter sled herself m the activities of the senior Tash is majoring in Commerce and i tarrying extra heavy work in that line her Friendly spirit and winning smile have mad her popular with those who have known her in class and at Berkeley Hall. Warner Beld did hts freshman work in West Texas state teacher College. The remainder of his col by it work has been done in Sui Ross your dreams come True when we build a House you Alpine lumber company we put Pine in i Pine Mil i, oi.1111111111,.i. I i null in until i i s s Hord h a Barber shops i solicit your Trade = i to shops 1 i 2 a i i j Quot i or m l Turney f physician and surgeon i in i a Alpine Texas

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