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Alpine Sul Ross Skyline Newspaper Archives Feb 2 1927, Page 14

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Alpine Sul Ross Skyline (Newspaper) - February 2, 1927, Alpine, Texas Q Amman to Law a s w. I. C Ai i am i i Chen k 4&Quot Alp net a Iii is \ i of Mazda lamps Finger sewing Mach inks or s i John i pins attorney at i a \ in int i e a a Ai Pink St Tai it of f canal Al<1 diem m ii a t i l a ii til i ii i g til v will Pic 111� r v nil r p. It of a i a % in. Wood i 1 Iii it i it to phone 4 i i 1ai Pink. Transfer a a rid n1ht sri vie ,1. A. .1 this i a vat hit lit ii i s my to it k it Iva i Iii i Lull i i i a i i 11 Miti it i la a a it haul anything a a phone Iba i a Whitfield How i i lumber co i 1 Al Iid it t it \ i ill it m in Photic r i i i Blin Dino st0r1 la ii t it Iii k t i Milt i Hoo i s is Moi s flu la us a Wim Kutryn ti15 Tad maim i Wol i s Hoot shop 11 Iii ii i Iii Mim e to. I hat to St iii1 pm new per Nuon of stove phone 17 South Side of Railroad personnel of the senior class our sponsor flu to women it ii lit ii. I Wey �?�1 1 to pin it i. Slit i ii it and in Minin but in Joy the r 1 nil t Ion Hihi ii it in 1 i a nit to. In t v1 a i v in 1 it 1 Biog 11 if lift in 1 inn it n Nat 1 a. A in lit Mil. 1 u a in1,11a la. Ii. I now Iii Ito i ii v t i y i. I v. It 11 i in Hati a a w a it ii in hit i a ill a i a a a it i 1 i i it la ii is Ait i i t r. 1 ii 11 Mil 1 anti i in to Iii 1 a Al i to sin it a i in tin or i 111 v ant a ii t int in Iii i to. A or it it ii 111 ii ii \ t h it r <1 ii a 1 ii in in 1. A 1 n it a i i ii 1 to t it. I tin a i Ai ii to to i my a in v How a in. 1 a to ill it v in Iii tin t Nill a a a ii in i a a Iii us Vav ii v Mil o i j la. Is it 01 1.1 i in i la u lilt la Imam maim i ii g son ii him Vav. Is 1 to i in r w i f 1 n n v 1 run lilt mum spa ii i to j it us 01 i rim h pronoun but Ainoi j the 11 1 a i an glad that a have j him 1111 j 101 i u ii 11 it to 11 it at ii 1 in. Lilt in ii n11� 1 a a ruin mkt i Kliott i h 1 i. In ii 1 ii i a .1 lit til i Lur in a k 1 ii 1 ii. Wink. Ami Vav irk ii a t i bul urn in 11 Jib Vav 1 i i in in Vita i lot \. til oui 1 in Muha Al w a v Iii a ii 111 on i in a Itu a in r a i 1 j nil 1 n 1 it to w in n i in i t 1 i 1 n in i la us i in in i Law a. I t us ii t t fit 1. When la. A ii in wan to the. .1 ii v i Blin lit 1 Law a v re i 1 Iii. To that theft. Will a hmm Quot v in n i Elliott m in mud i in in j ii 1 to 1 ii i i lit. 1 Iii i ii i a i ,1 1 111 i ii to in i 1 1 Tim 1 Iii Ltd i Iii Vav hut lit i ill it i iou i i a it i Vav u v n we i h in la 1 1 in a How la. I. Al. In. I ii to lot 0 Al f u la i Abt ilk. I 1 a hmm la i. 111 v of la a pm any in my i. I v in in v or till ii of a i Vav it la ,. Till i a. I i1. Arni a <1 t my r a y 1 in. It her i ii 1-1 Ila is 1 flu t a if by i to roil j i m Vair Ilia in a department. Y Vita a 1 m my r of r h. N l la in in Mary so ii Iii <1 t in i a Hora pin it i ors to Sui Kusi r a in Iii ret a a in ii a for in a King a a hip in r it Bro in thut pan int or Nim or Murray a i it yet a 1 i a 1 Yea i to 1 a i Al i hat i. A ii to vain. Ill a Ila Vot of lilt a til h it tort i major to a Mont. Naim v a i on is Mim of i la ii run lid Quot i-11j it 11 is in i ii Tui Lii ii., Dom ail of to r col 01k in aul Ross Slit Gratin Din 11st a i in i i in is St Viool in i Al hit Turin r of ii 1 1 la 1 a standing in nun Natty Shwa oui of i three Kiu o punkt Alt a during tin fall a lid that Vav til til Kin a hic to i in a i til it to 11 la 11 car i won the ragout is Bolar hip on los in it 1 of Hor Pat and Nebula a shop Nant y a i i ten t it 1 it Ona i in at 11 Vin. \ it 1 i curricular activities sin has Tufts 111 ,11 v. .1111 ii it i Hibl a lid and i i. It ii i no Iii. W \ \ Iii i 2 a min Vav i awarded a a ustic pin for i nth Loti Ai Biti i ism tit ?. She u ill pit it it. Rotary of tin a. Hon Lull. In term i Nill Lam 1 1 a. Soc my. Calendar editor of the j by and Abd a in tuber of tile Mash j and Sii ppm dramatic club and the 1 a 11 Neil of Iii w a a. Last year i a am was h let d fill Bitont popular j to i in Sui bos so is majoring �?�1 Commerce and w ill receive her de j i or to june miss Fannie May a been Callet i of the most consistent students ii a a til so. Ame from alpini1 h school with a scholarship to i 1 1 a rid in a i veil the i in in Root a Sib Lars hip upon the com pie on of ii r Sophomore work in 1926. Hat shot a 1 informed to Excel in or i Odic a proved by tin fact that to Vav a of of till three student to receive straight a a a a records last to n she has been a b Ader in Sa-1 Hirn and red that organization a v ice presi Dan t in 1925 and pre sift i. Tit in 1926. She has taken an at the pail in i Las. Affair and in a. A a. Recreation this year she in to literary editor of the Brand Ana a Otho student Council. a Kilty editor of this Issue of the Skyline. It would take a score of exports to solve the problem of How Fannie does so much j with her Timity four hours a Day a 1 Mioi Igli for Lur Friend to know hat in always Lias time to help Wili tin business at hand and does it \ �-1 Fly and cheerfully. Her Maior 1 Fugli a. Itu it i it 11pti Menard who received a mum. I 1 -11 i a Ion it the beginning i this tenth ame to Sui Boss from i i i High school he Ilas done Allut in College work Here or Mel my was d11or in him of the Brand and Skyl a 11 has also been act i i n Athelm i name is found n he a a a a Quot Quot Lull Roll for 21. �?T25. And 26. If was president of this club in 2 he was elected to of popu car boy in 2 those who read his Cowboy papers in the writers Guild Hook pug of tin Skyline realize the Talent which to displays in that or inn t. W hich in has belong d tor two yi.1 is or Millard was president of the Junior Las last term he is vice president of the alumni association. Rudolph can always a depended upon to take the High i popularity major is Conine k is in Tim and \ 1 i Iii ,11 i i i a ii a i ii .11. Iii in i. It Lei hip Al Tell w i Iii .11., / is. M it i. 1 Aii by a 1 a. O i Quot i Cia la. I in. In i la a ii. 11 a Iii Sill 1 i Sill 1 min i i Ctet Iii i Sill 1 it a 1 i 1 a a i i n i is i i la i i la i loll i lid 1 ill Quot i to i i id la go Vav Al i in i la. Ailed 1 a i 1, Oti Iii Quot i or tun.1 o 1 a s 111 the him him i to 21, Iii the Pobo and of tip Jam Quot a Las in i till in 1 of holing Lur ii la i 1.1 i i w 11 k in a i of 111 in i of to. Was Council an t won Imi to i. I ii Vav Quot lilt a s it Blet Lush a i.,i. Him Iii is 1 of Sal Iii Iii and elmi1 la i is Topi i Fot ill. A v. A in a i i i a in a ditto id 1 ii shot j ii in in a lid Tim w cd 11 or 1 o 1 in i sin is Al is a him Iii in 1 of the a. Ii 1 1 Oil ii 11 aint i in writer 1,Nib or not Only Arrie to Anil ii ally 1m.iv y i i tit i v lib i tin Ami Tare part of Tim. Tun Aud Energy a til a Millport a to tie but find Tim to Ilia nag a bus i ill Kiel i keep haute for Hun and to 1 tit in g re Hilly to it 1 m j by or i that Hilly Joe 1 almost a in id i in it enough to Tutu to Edi j to Tup of the sky 11 to ult Loo Moth or Quot. Hand mrs Murray i on of i till Moat Ell t a to and i Apalit Leo pie in bul id and with Alt a t do lie find time in enjoy tor Quot of in i and to Katin a multitude of Friend or it m Bankhead was in a n 1 1,11 a Lei or Al Keiit i ii Ink to a i a ail. Tot get Wayland n leg Ltd i Ain sow pm la t it v trn i to of v to Para Iau Iii Indiana la Tut 1 nig1 of i. I a i v a a 1 111 past t ii i veal he Hart i. Ell sup. Nut and. It at Quot lint to v a i i to ilk la id 1 my 1 in hit it hmm a i eld. In stand 1 ii g Aud 11 Sui Ink it a Auh Oil Gaud col Ley Mina Johnnie we Rev mar Tat v of. The. La i a a a a of i he. Quot it Quot in 1 i j j a member ? the Jit Evenaun ii a a lit to Auci Ety in Auh col -1 leg girl and a ii>>111 Ber a it of tin oho a rut. Int or1 h eat a she Vav a Ais a a a a j la Tuttoi Ink Fth Nind year class w a to an Becq it in. In theatt a birr 1 i r activities if Thod leg Sti editor it chief of the Jhu. Of the s k v 11 in she is a i 1 her of i tic a hem literary society of the Trot fief i it and a Wen a Vav a pm i a a it i tank a a 1 Sui Ross state teachers College at Pini Texas a Standall be Moi College Foi tent bet i do Al climate 1 in Munaim 1 Iii i Iii Ibi wittier i to it a i la d in -.11111 Lead a it 1 t a Ion Beautiful St Nery Moisiu Iii it no 100- Pitt to a i 1 a Iii i a an advanced courses degree Hilly recognized by la tending item editing Agene sub co 11 Koe courses to Follett Dpi Paioa amt for High t Redita special courses 1 ii a i i him 1 a a a to Ottoiii a Manul training mini a program of physical education that provide healthful a real Ion for every Minden Ai i courses 11 up at Impi maa hint la a Are h Well equipped i Biary i amoral i a a faculty of est a in f a the Moat part at Lara t v i tar. A girls dormitory unde i a Iii up Armaou mar i an to in $.10 a month of tags Fok i Luht housekeeping j. X x x i i a i stand in any matter. Is Well de wed. I Mere Quot a to Rcharles Drury Wood graduated from til Alpine High school in 1921. He a dont All of i is College work in Sui Ross. He ha-1,Laved on every football team that Sui Roll 1 eve r had. He a vice provident of the a a to a Lull in 25 Ami 2.- or Wood 1 a member of tip 1 Ler Kii i.1 ii literary society Stu 1 Cut Council and glee club. He was president of the Junior class in the Spring of 26 la a elected most popular in in last year a master Quot i alway ready to. Contribute fun and mischief to any occasion his major is biology Edna Erwin is a graduate of the Hamlin High school she did her freshman work and one Summers work at Meridian College. There she belonged to tip Arcon Seth Ward literary society. She is a member of he a diem literary society at Sui bos her ideals and work Are alway up to Par. Her major is his tory Hornet Moil Loci. Or the youngest member of the senior class Ballone All of his College work in Hill to Ile has be n in threat cd in All College affairs during his four years Here and he has yet to miss anything Good that a happened sine Iii arrival on tin Campus. His major is English he was assistant yell Leader in 25. Of made his letter As liar Ter bark on Iii. Foot Bali team ibis year. Aft 1 four year of hard i raid ice it has been Aid that he has All Iii requirements of a football a tar i a kept is in 4 6 in served a he is an honorary member of the it club Iii in greatly interested in athletics having left red in both Basket Ball my football. He 1 pres id. It of the mask and Slipper dra math club. H enthusiasm and Energy an bounties when in begins a task. In re \ r qui until it is accomplished i major is history this is the year that Martha Haas has been in Sui Ross. She is a graduate of in align a High s. Bool and did College work in son tit Western College Winnfield Kansas so was a member of the Dell a ctr literary society hike club and 1i w c. A. She Ane Here Dom Kan a with her brother Ani Hinter who also attend Sui Ross. Her major is history. Mrs. Myrtle to tiles did her freshman work in Burleson College where she a president of til a Merino literary society for naut her year and half to was in Bailor University. She has done the 1 re in a Indol Quot of tier College work in Sui Ross. Sip a he n primary supervisor for two and me half years she a taught in the Dallas Public schools for thro. Years. She 1 now supervisor of the intermediate department of the training school. Sip is a member of the Sachem lit-1 Rafy society or conies has taught and kept up with her College Active Hies her major is history. Willi in Nunnally and Leslie mar tin a. Two new members of Tho sen i tor class who were recruited at the a ginning of this term from Howard-1 Rayn both were letter men in that ii i it it Ion or is to he hoped that i it w ill soon make place fur them so pc Here or and or is. J Brannon Are i senior stud hts w Hoar doing Corr i Pondelee work they Are teaching at Marathon j patronize Skyline advertisers a m Turney attorney at Law Nord building Alpine Texas d the Brand and a and and a i i i a a i i Sui oui i his we Are now Selling Corn fed pork i Alpine meat Market a a a Huss Manizer service try us his a a i i j 1 x x a a a i t j a a a is Quot a he ssh los set xxx it a intimate Contact Eide of nil us a tudy nth Fhy it dual to nut i oat in tie me Spring term opens March 21 Pend a year among the Davis mountains write or bulletin h w. Morelock. Pies int v,-.v,. I i ii t t j to i i 1 i or a is. Business manage the Skyline and As photograph editor for rip Brand Iii 27 la 1 a Hustler mid a go getter of the Best amp Ort he thoroughly enjoy life living he is mental alertness Youthful Energy personified. Miss Dorothy Ligon came to Boss from Elpaso High Aud pitted Lier sub College work in institution so was society editor Al the Skyline and Secretary Treysur a r 11 Sachem in �?T26. And Secretary of w a v. In �?T2 7 Slit has been a Lively engaged in All Campus activities sip has probably served on More Quot eats Quot committees than any id Lour student in Sui Ross. She a 1 in by changed her major from Lump a ionian in to history Dot services to the College can not he summed up Iii so Many words she has la Een especially valuable when dependable lard work was necessary to a Upu Over Quot stun Enterprise there is not a student who has attended the classes or adorned the Halls and Steps of Mil Ross during Dot five it years but will Law Aviv numb r her As Oil of a i wit ii a ii to a a Quot ishm. Iii Hunink the most truly popular girls on the i i Campus Warren Laird bus done All of a Liege work in Sui Ros he 1 a1-, ways interested in class activities 1 i a and is on it the most regular in at-1 i or to Naip 1 it a group that is devoted i la to picnics in a Pic of the fact that i he has worked on the outside durin his entire College career he found time to carry the usual iou of courses and to assist with extramural activities his major is in i ii -1 rial education Aud to is on of or Smith s mainstays in that department Warren has wanted an education enough to work hard for it. And in acquiring it by has also1 i i gained an intense loyalty to his lass and College a reputation for Thor a highness a College Tau s dignity that coups from knowledge Aud a Host of friends. Mrs. Delight tass in attended the a Lith Western Louisiana Industrial Institute. Lafayette and the Louisi i Ana state Normal College watch Ito ? this so was on the current sauce1aft. Cit it of the pot Potter vice president of the e. L. S., and let a longed to the choral society since coming to Sui Ross mrs. To amp Siti has i become a member of the Sachem lit i diary society and a. Interested her i i self in the activities of the senior ass. Sh1 is majoring in Commerce anti i tarrying extra heavy work in that line her Friendly spirit and winning mile have mad her popular with those who have known her m Ciao and at Berkeley Hall. Warner retd did his freshman work in West Texas stat teacher College the remainder of his co Lugo has been done in Sui Ross has i your dreams come True when we build a House for you Alpine lumber company we put Pine in i Pine of till t ult <1 rift it the Tai Hord Barber shops solicit your Trade i to shops a Ltd it Quot i no i i hmm a Inton Neww in or my Turney physician and surgeon a i i Alpine Texas i Quot a Quot Quot a wwm.ttm�iw4hi�i. M .n.ji. Muoi Tummy

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