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Alpine Sul Ross Skyline Newspaper Archives Feb 2 1927, Page 12

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Alpine Sul Ross Skyline (Newspaper) - February 2, 1927, Alpine, Texas The Skyline help those who help us Tho kit Xan f Ottmer a i entered in Ria matter the. Of oui in run no Iron lad pout Oft o a Pink to und Rah -nf.umf, to Pend Iii act of ii 3 huh a Quot kit 1 Len Pil Vav. Should Lea i a a under con Public to i Oil if or i Attl Inird ,-Ruth. who make thin wedge a y Oloh month but this of Hiis i for in to reap the a a a Lese student of ii i Quot a 11 i Coll Kun a. R he up. I i on of ii engl o-1. I a a 11 in tip staff editor to to f Johnni . Cd lot sport editor to. Let editor Uusi ii. Al. A a k a r i hang. Editor far ult y advisor Weyers m Hank head Drury Wood Fannie via. Lad Murray Dorothy limn Mims Elliott in the Milt of life perhaps no group of adult thinks of Deal h i f r�uii.-n11& ban do Coll a students a rely do the. Spectra Oine is i i Iii Iglitz. Alway. He Are uis a vague far in the til us visitor a. In ii Tore last Hornet brought Horn for. Tili to i youths the a. I that Iii til midst ii stalk death. Trice in the on weak did in Olio to Engli i i a la feel the icy Finger rend our nearly for tin of la snuffing out old to lives of the a y Oil Rig men from Bay lot i ii Ive feel sickening horror for their loved on. And their Alma meter we Bow out Heads in a Sam thy. A a for thai ins. Which our Comrade have sustained w. Can Only say that the v Are our own. Wife d that i. Or to i la Purl our lord we Gri a. With ii a lit Harv. T from our College of Quot never ill the Lite of the f i Tex an have we asked any butt or Quot a for n greater donation or Benefit . D than would be expected Sifoa by Rich Hill to in a College f a. Rive . Not a King for a donation in the 1 i no Vav. Expect to give that a those merchants who to kindly. Of. Rat. \ i in a. Cited on every i no pent in advertising w Itin i rom Iii time hence we re pm a Cong in till paper our East texan advertisers Honor Holt. w a a titled e. T a a Don for p i to Lead a e \ ii l lion the staff. We think that this is a Good a a. Consider wily should not a Lake. Special Effort to spend our n one with Tho. Merchant who i Oora Quot v Jill i to i howl. Show your apr a ii. T on to your local merchants ibo i used their doors on saturday to v a f he on i of leg. Pla y Hall by. I a ing them your Trade. I kissed per on her Cherry lip. bought that j would faint. For i used a quart of turpentine i to clean toy lip of paint. The Campus hat a Cowboy returns Home the. Usual aria Mas crowd i of them throw la. Tat Ion hut my ii Maeu ver Eros Iii. Hood Rig you find a eat on the train an i Iii die Tim. Star off but my How Low seem you will never get a to y win tit Nail. Though you do. You has. Been looking out the for quite Awin window the engine with a a trill whistle announce our destination you come to your feet and am Down the aisle to the la co of h. seems til. is rather slow in letting you flown Tinon the ground you glance hurriedly around and be. No one to meet von then a you turn and i walking towards tie station athe Market vain. Quot a vow enthusiasm drops a hit a cold wind cake meat and what not. Then to the Kitchen for a drink of water and to water taste As Good As Home Ater. You discover old 97 is a till out in the cold and probably All froze up. So you slip on a coat and Rush and a vie old burp meets you the door eager to go along. The v has died Down. And All the i loud have drifted by so the Moon a lining Bright. Hut s mighty cold after some persuasion with the Quot Hook. Old 9? starts up with a bang and you Pilot her into the shed and. Lose the door. Then you notice ail i or the milk calves Are huddled up in a in i runt get Orner of the Corral so you hop Over they a fat and Frisky the Fence and open a stall door for s to them. You can help but notice How the old Well known Hills look in the cold quiet night. Back in the Holts you declare you Are froze from your h. both ways and crowd up to the fireplace. After a bit you Start off to be d. But maybe you have to Rai Tun because you forgot to Tell something. last you Are All huddled up in your own bed. fell j i Vav. Van sickle i s attorney Law Alpine. Texas i 5 i full he. Cd and full of fun. A by i a ill the ranch Hon Quot is just around Tahiti and of a sudden old 3 7 seems to decrease Lier Speed. You a to ii att As gtd Loti a Bud a Hess a w Quot Lite of pet Hap you ask if the Brake l on. Tit n you Crane your nos. Around to get a first p a a Elf ranch House my Horn. And of a sudden you round the curve in tier. All is. Something inside of not a1 sleepy. You think of Jolt aim demands the. You i end bout Bud offers a hugged i my that and aft hit you Are pet you warm up a v iriv the world hark Ltd mighty mighty Happy. And a Tore you know you Art sound i Leep then in a dream maybe you Rifle the v a How i i i a 1 stats ii .11 the Howard Parn in Holly a instructed or a do Quot old to win de political Leader Iii is a i Tigon to vote and its then i1111 la a a la in to j my about arbitral Ion Iii the i. A ti1 or with Mexico. Till win a a int in a lie with a Enqu mud in comm Tel a in new veil hitter wire of protest a been from University professors Wood Elt in dial Texas educational to Titu Doi to a h. Seriously i i,.i, in Iii. In. In. In nil i Lone i affair of Hill Lions tide were called upon Mak Quot in to a Dot Al Ion Wui Ilo Oil know Whit Quot ii a till and who a you Reading my thinking vt1 you worthy of Elf Iron hip summary of a senior s dirty flunk d tour courses and made three a a. Spoilt lids 70 for cigarette and matches to ria.-, a up till after Nii Dingott 244 times Rod mile to school walked Mark i i w nit. I theme spent lid hour on Linal. Had to dates id with the Dean of men 3 with president Chapel til Lime spent Oil 92 i stamp. Hewed a a is , flow Are you coming a answer this and maybe that and re moving you of your suitcase Lead the. Way to in waiting car the Sam Good old faithful car do i a mein a Loard Quot a Tim been Iii College la ii \ to Dale loaded 2 to x u Bourn in a sent out of Library i i twice in to minutes gave a to for Benefit of picture shows inn i. s Cia est x. D to Flat on other Peoples ears a d Torii in Chapel line Tim. Ii .11-11 in. i in. Wat Len All. Senior a attitude toward Torii col leg Vav to til. I Don of i a he. Annot. Lit Quot i Lull t�?T1 the humid Mal e i purpose h. Y with tie admin ration Mil. They know what in Ryling to do i ii. cannot in Perlah n efforts to i sect thew unless the eau Litchult in in to i ii of Ini til to til o h. To. I of i heir a thu to 1 to do re i k now to. I ebb m i ii. I ii of cd my i. A in in Didy o Mejt. I i the life of a Lobo the follow no strenuous pro ran carried out practically to til Quot let 11 \ a. Ii i Roach Simi w ill voting hide during Iii in Frequan \ Lait to to of leg to a in. Lie Art having met d tile Benefit a if the eight Hull Hep required by the coach to la to i to he Ami til Fri so talk Over tin affair of Day Aud night in no of til car cd for that purpose. To 4 Iii. In ret in to a Brief Nap to refresh him my you climb Over the out of sight. As old 97 comes us i Stop the Hack gat., you Duck. Blowing my you pull your Over Low a Tittle farther. Bud climbs eat Viliar Iii noir deck. Solemnly and says. A Well. He dido out on a round up with the Chuck i no tart through the sip How you an stand truck Wagon and Remunda. Perhaps is lion coca i be Hie laps you on longer so you softly open he door Winter and the cold wind and sleet the balk aim knocking the. Bigg and Stop out with a loud yell pro Cut ilk a knife. Or perhaps is age out of your hand Quot Why hello ably the Quot first of its kind sine von summer and the scorching Sun beats Idt then the hello s my own and the Herd on the cutting Howdy n have been passed Ai lid grounds stirs up huge Clouds of Yog Dart for Hie House. But Bel a Hoking dust. But whether be von got to til Quot door old pure a Winter or summer you Are Happy and j Iii tar his share of attention y her of the family. Perhaps you r pass on in Ami Are surprised to find will Obi 97 Wutte beg i bar in hang have been mail to show your War Quot and a vow in to House a big fir is to. Jut. Around in front you can to help Iii la Quot living room fireplace. You i of ii and Tai. And talk and i nigh in Many wises you can to. But noon Onie and maybe tears of i Ivun inn Cut that tie because your heart your by. Then after an hot in or just can and won forget that Nhu remarks that Titer Quot is in i to i to the Home Range with a now work to do outside. So you <1 p into boy so Lariat. Perhaps after All. You your boots and Spur and old cloth s. Are like the Little boy who liked of and by you pass out you take to f go places just to get to return the of town old hat from its Nail in the Kitchen. You decide its great to get out of up town clothes As Bud would la them the Jingle of your spurs Anni mighty Good following be i round Andy our old hat fits just Light. Contented for there is a tie that bids the cow boy to the Home rang to the hardships and trials and glories of a cow boy s life. is hard to put your Finger on and tit reach tint and touch old 97 warm Radiator. Dozen of p old. Nod to you Bud says in i All ready of gum had number on bulletin to ride to you climb in and fasten Ter id. An the pro i a no i i i up i to is Thile. 11 la. in p. T in f Nicholas him Mil i. Ii to my til til. La lat Quot. To. In till 1 i till i. I ii i. 11 11 of lid Utti la i mild i to i i a ii i i Ato. Train d a. N Tot i a to. I -1 ,. 11. I by. I Ini in 11 Vav a i Dom 1.1 unwed try i v tag to pm to ii i Lull i a i of mind of a ii a la lid. I u a w App to i u la 11 i a i. N i \ p. N. In a i 11./,e that ii inn in a ii in i to. i w to in i. I i i i a Quot i 1.1 i hat i a now a Milit i 11& in tin tact ii to ii. Read i i h is i Iii inn in v i to to in i. I i in i in i a in in i ii i ii -1 i to Tish end in n i m a i1 Helnn in my entertain tit a. A. With in a feel say i figs aril in a i Fen Holts in in bout 11. Oil a . A to. I Lull i. I. Ill la Quot till now ii Imi he i Quot a to i m us food i again i in. To a lors my \ lit p 11ii Aln Quot or upon pc .1 la n i. In in ii i i in till senti i i. Iii in i n Gal i ii lid. A i a ii a i Ore Multi do cd of ii i list i o toll Tel to a to. Chi Hart i in Iii and i. 11. I i i i Moi i tip i Iii i Al ii i i i i Mil ill Otth. Of. hat i a ii 11 sin i Lier. Stat i i i Mil la i wit col. My is Mot privilege int id. of hereby lining will in tilt n Iii to Dun the under class f in is him i i Quot Quot Low tit to Mvi i Pill Liege witted Are fiord d to Iii a to nil. I s the gradual my i i a is sol Boss i each illicit upon ,.min no i in u a d a i in Polla. To i in in my Widm in sch urn i i of. 11 Kai or i Koss is nor 11. A a ii i int in my i is. Id therefor a 111 Tai i a la in nut i in h i. By As by to la ii i n i s att n a -1 unit 0.minds i i Mai i to tass Chiu a in i the. Cli or a a i is i Al Ltd a up Alpha Quot Trail a ii mime i Hap. I pm Riu is of a als Oil to git 1 cd 11 slag on in Rig tit a nil Ald. Id Ile a Ditol my he to blessed with a $11m ult i Aln a tass. A w la tilt represent ii i i hours each of Rem i. N work upon hts into u. To Hobby. To. Is tort to p,.t i k to. A. in i ,. I to Mer. I ii Ai nip to digit the curtain and squirm around until Vonar a Ais. Dill 97 is in motion and Bud carefully Slid out of a he crowded streets to the Al then Steps on the Gas did 97 responds As she always has id he town is soon left to the North. Not so cold after All go in a f in Iii. Wind you talk Quot i tins a by Ilia and ask questions till Bud fir Al answering yes and no and takes tin initiative Ami likewise tit door. The roads an pretty rough by you Don mind a bit Down tit in about five Miles you meet Thiv i Din mail some thirty Maul s Lair and Yon learn the new apr s is to to Ltd Jones. Then. Tit truck nut Tot anti sways try no ale j three fourths of the Road. a a a attempt d to cull him a couple of. A Crim a a you Eros Indio in a Ltd Ahu mall a mix up you had with bord of cat to and a Hunch of Art Nuj inuit v a s farther a in you Iii i Herd ii ran in i rom the f or ranch and you wave to tit boy As you pass and Knob will Volt. Attic was place., with ii of to a Iii is entry you decide you if hungry my upon in a Cost mat iou you find a hex of Alistes ill tile rear of tile car you a k Biol to Watts on hut to Hakes to Load Ami out in a w ii his lain you eat and laugh a re talk Quot i i h is that a Imi that All i the. Then a Biol Slacks up talking i i Ami g la up i in ppm unit a a a k a i. La dons you ask about in tile i no. Tith. Neighbouring Lait he mild Tiow did tile calves self n Kansas City and How Many Bacilli i. ii Loti a lid ii la. A re til Quot old bachelors courting Ami Hova i to Gra s and How a the Row holding up. Aud what tanks a dry lid How a i in Iii mites my i h my and a to. A ii a do in in Fly an so on Ami Vii Thi Tim old 97 a. A Cit show. Ing Ini Tail Light to tin Long by Tittle then As you a Stan to old 97 i Arr Amu roue Iuda that sit i just j he Cava Hor id Clower him to hmm the taster so Gin and be ult a on i ii a ii you re halt away Horn and out of to Quot Lane you no a. Tuple get to to Thor going to w n a in we. As Chi up we mid a ii m. T r ii colder since you area d my a Douds a spa Ding Over in of of a Studd Bias you pass out tin Buck Gate you notice a new 7 a a Windmill total Wax aul mentioned in i he let Lei \ lid who follow ibid to i ? ii. Corrals to f a a a i some three Hun Kandy kitchens d to ii no r y a a ii Quot i 11 great j \ in shut i Lea a la Hart or i i., Hack. You go into tin feed Stool i shoulder a sink of cake tramp out to the feed though anti scatter j Iii Mot the to you go into the Saddle j ii i id ii ii ii i. Lair a id v or i Ami in i naturally Quot i to ii i m f. Ai you a a one thin j viol there Are your Leggins i rid top j Ami bridle just a you left them Gnu cent to help but take tile rope out in to Corral and maybe you Sitka j ii Imi Tex Viii on i i id i i Loti ii Mill Quot ii Quot . Ill Quot i up to water and you go out to them j Ai a hand full f cd v ii. There Iid nig and faint Anil baby i first May he they 1 re a know you. Int a Aii All them i a Nam and soon j i a i. Vii Ila my Vuu Iii diem to you notice that paint needs coaching j Ami that baby i ban footed then j fell loin plainly i the beg no re feed. That that All you a., and a Quot to Duck your Load again the cob wind an make for do they just you ii buy your Andy Here my get the Best Home made candies Whitman s. Savior anti Pang but n s fancy Box Candy everything in sweets Louise Viust sundew you v a i pre of i do Bouse again to help by milk Vii this tint you have been talk ing my listening Aud talking pm a pore Bud tells you to throw a couple of Bales Hay to the c cd s ill do Ted lot mid Ahu Clint Quot i in the loft and Start or Vii pans by the stall a h re Bud i milking to toil him a in int you had almost forgotten to to per you it11 fat carry in several of i ii i i i i a a i i a i a Mil i Hern Pacific lines j j ii to r you tit in Argonaut and Sunset limited trains i p Iliad of Wood for the fir pm lot Poi in. D to to regular in Tati mint a sum i j i i edit toils during a Mhz i Lite. I Neltte i he ii Hai o i Brand in and go a n i n i. Permit Oil pay 111 a a e k i a i Iii i i for Coll entitled i. Orig Alit Friedal a him ii hide i a. To rom ii Hipa i to Iii a a a a a i of to a a a to a a and to Aud leg. Aff to the mad ult. Las program Servo foil. T Ion lits to of by Tho ii ii., Al i to Flats tor f ii tie i Alia or a k a. A in read ii i quote. Is a is Arm my a us i ii 1 get in tit a ifs i ii i Ted vip pm. I. a Quot to Hill i Hie Clit r keel. Warm i have hit . In. Hts i. A old a a Imi. Alf re if von i la port bet a ii ii re the co her vie he to ii 14 halt ,1 a a m a i h sir a to the South the is i n g of playing ? Iii watch Quot a ill the i All for supper i1 is to the Corral and you go into the. . A i tie till ifs great set 11 a n to Iii Al Horn a you his fee like a Ell Ahu a Quot Are feel the same away from h one of a supper Ahu draw up a chair i i More lug Quot ii lie fire i i log a i Groom mid Bud and you Start talking again and spin to Row Al. Of to hear ii Ingle by in i Iii the vial i tit., k Cap s Caa Lull tile poll or s i Bool Tea to sri de or til of sigh i of what i along that i Kif a u spot i ii la fore a Hee a a ii Rind they Arim in Vii Pur to a quite a lil to a Herd bit of mum Quot of f Load to Ain Hir Quot a nig i maw la i a Fui i is a a Urb. I pie or a i until j tin if the Tepetl ? s f d then bion Micro i m mid ask # Biti know i and Fin a i a wami being quoth to i his a a Auto or eight the i her had is von in tic Fie a i to Quot family pm Pirn my laugh to your a air then a i Gin Nee he clock and a surprised that b Eft r i Ach Aud i a thine v i go in in the lining room a n a tie but i of i so Quot a snack of pick Hassen company ladies and children read a to weal wonderful value in All Pring merchandise All dresses Coats and Hatpin a saving to y n Hassen company a i Sita sat Ixia tit i i i i 1 9 i speedy taxi service i?1. Per mile fide an hour inv part of City 25c including Orient depot Light and heavy hauling c. Williams phone 297 and 56 big Bend grocery company. X. Alison i. Sonnier he Mcquarters for Kresh fruit and vegetables phone iss buy a Coupon Book and save b b state National Bank Alpine Texas solicits the account of Sui Ross Normal faculty and student Sui allege depository for Complete automobile service Casner motor co. A Alpine Marfa j. E. Casner Gen. Mfr. I i i a i r. A. Mcmurry heating plumbing electric pumps Sheet Metal do plumber with a conscience Alpine Texas

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