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Alpine Sul Ross Skyline Newspaper Archives Feb 2 1927, Page 10

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Alpine Sul Ross Skyline (Newspaper) - February 2, 1927, Alpine, Texas Quot in his a intern has ii Sinf Mem a my ? a Vav. Ii. i i or a Fronk 4�?o Alpine text Hrie ii i a ii i no i i loin Mazda lamps Iii la i Nill Wirt Ino la sewing Mai Hines John Perkins attorney at Law. \11 inc in ii i i i / x pc Alpine studio Tiff i ii it him ill in let a 11�?Tl�h<l nut Kilt list Lull <1 mini til Hix of i la Iii i in v will tic Quot in it it v no port in ii a ill be a wonderful Al i i Tully too the Chapel hour the or Chapel program of the 0 Ai of tried wednesday morning a Annary when Fri Dent Morelock addressed the indent Bolty. To the 1 Nim group n indent i to extended a Welcome and a i ii that the in Bing tiny pm a dint be proper no one tii t i i Audenta tii Greet in Gaw a i directed asking that the e my menthes enter w Holly and unstinting by into the a it . A Well a t to pleas urea t hat befall every College a Fud of Kim Pew student should Tot. It i acquaint d with Tot met t u Dent and t a a customs of the inst int Ion p As Pone life the pres a i it lated for the contribution t mad try the Quot Ort speaker signified his in t heir past Worth ird for their Coni in it it work. And for till. Of ii half of t ire in two k of the a t term a beyond Shiv doubt Iny Afeei Ding Quarter of the College til glut into it body wit i Mon tic Library and class phone i i Multi Alpine Transfer Day and it he in vim r n re is ired try nigh week or i Milt i. Cai s into to to k i i trivet i in i Tel Lee. Met i t All trains i haul anything ask la # phone Ign i a Whitfield i he Whit Mhz j i Lum Hek co i t to i i Elk Iai. I lid it h i phone 74 i he building store w e i�111111 Ami Karl Mill hoots amp shoes fit at Ciao work Vanthip mini Maart in la Ulilis loot shop i i a the it in Dis asses Plant development at the Chapel hour i full in a a planned Al Iii plan of Plant lie supple it lit Al tils i la a of a Dehait is i ti1 ii tied illustration of parts of each of the it Fateh Plant of gift at dignified in Otho it a plants of tii a p. I ii by Ouk lit ii i to important order till consist to v of nature seems to assert its ii in in it ire body of Plant life. From the Quot i of i t to t to highest form it Ltd Mito Ltd by slow hut positive form i i d a v. I a nun i Tat it o us i i u it 11 a tit i. I it r rot 11 Aid in of it shut Chapel i Houras i or want or term Poste i january Tome of 11 it \ i to i i of la Marl by i tic a a a got tin principal d i Cli s or is of at Ion to do. The thou it v try i e a review of just such a trip. I to happenings of each Day Wert Iii. Port Ray <1 the Atmo Phi Ripp Iran and peculiarities of the principal flops churches theatres offic it buildings Tresta the subway and i to crowds on tile streets were. I Pic thied loan eager audience from to tit a vents in the morning. When one pupate for the Day s on in v the i a -1 place visited ii tie evening usually the theatre lop Obb Ltd Days proceed rigs were. Lated in their entirety. Interest failed at no Point of the talk each my ration was new and striking and for that reason Well attend d. The is it nor did not receive Lopi Ion of i to City s one hut Thor remained an impression a build or a feeling in the mind of Oli listener that he better undertow the significance of a visit Durns tile holidays to Fin greatest of cur american cities. Stub College Sto Len s. Piein4 play tin us cortege it lass presented til program at the last Chapel hour be fur tin holidays. They gave a in i Mas. Play entitled a Why tech huh Kang which is an adapt lion of tit Story by that name writ to n i it it Raymond Alden. The Story. A Iii Atuaia gtd in or Raker s enc unit it workshop at Harvard University the Folio Wing students had la pa11 in the play Calvin , Hilda Lutz. Darrel York Della Tyler Olin i Fowler Carroll Vaughn Smith James Terrell Alt Neil Robinson. Ernest \ ande gift a la ii m to on a Gill the Ltd ii tick received the program enthusiastically Anil gave it considerable Praise platform for Basket Ball court is completed the basketball platform at the in or Olinge Hill has been com p. Vav till the exception of paining a is re Ady Fox use. The platoon is wooden in shape it i red a mar ninety feet Long by fifty ii wide in planning the project a a of sturdiness and Durail Pius Ceil Kepi in mind to is be urn by supported and of i is painted will he Waterer a f. Plans for the building of the court War made by Fuqua younger ult Industrial education Dent. Int financing of the project was made a possibility by the co operation in several Alpine it citizen or ii. I. Kokernot or. Furnished a it . By so per cent of the total lot the remainder of the fund by a subscribed to by the College the building of the court was further made a possibility by the Alpini lumber company whirl assisted to the it it it it furnishing tin mater a1 at list in ice i he new court w ill have rather a \ Ai led usage. Til College team As will As the High school team will play All match d games upon it. Also the Volley Hall tournament to by lid a til Pring will be staged up on this court. The completion of the new court furnishes a Utility to i it is hoped will fill the present retie needs a institution is the length and Ivlow Quot i one Man enters a. Are you developing into a Large though person to cast eventually such a Shadow my favorite stones by Irvin 5 Cobb proving there a something in a name i on i knew ii coloured Chilli culled it eve Quot lot ii Ort. Whose real name was eczema. The Mother of the unfortunate pick Ninny had found the word in a Patent Medicine almanac and had fallen in love w till ii poetic sound i 111si included in my acquaintance at one time a negro youth who answered to it tin till of i i i Lowed Harris Yas Iii h s father on being it a Quot Cli for ids reason for choosing n unusual ii baptismal prolix tor i offs fir is. A i got Dot name Olden holy i, i a i t be member i mss wha it say Iii de Law a Quot sprayer. A ill lire lie in mime rut tin test mental name which struck in a being most interesting of Al was worn by a dog a mangy appearing. . Nondescript Rah hit dog Xxiii trailed an old Darkey whom a i fiend of mine claims he met on ii Road in i in Piney Woods of South Georgia the dog ranged off int the thickets and his owner ordered him Nick. Quot did i hear Yon calling mint dog Hovel rude Quot asked my Friend. Quot now Suh i ailed him a liver a we Icli is Short for to o Ltd w it is la Dawki Elk lit mum. A where you get that name and w by Quot fur sri i it i reasons i Quot sniff the it id Man. Villi a he tickle. A in in i git Dat Daw v in Jis Little scabby nip Ai Alin n infill of Liisse f w id his Tongue. A it it i met ii is w liar de flood Rook say Alf <1 Daff in Over. Lick. I ores so i know cd Dell i had Don hit on de fido mime Lur bit Gill i it of 111, i copy tis Icie the Central Cress a. Latten i we Are now Selling Corn fed pork Alpine meat Market Huss Manizer service us i pin in i. Ii it -1 los i Sam i Brot the the foil i v la a ish urn Iii a ii a v i la j of 11 la on i i 11 it Hoard j m la la. I v Ples Moi. Ill j a n Iii i la to a j nut i i Quot air cot the j a n to a i i 2 a Mien .1 ii la i v i t health talk ,1 no in it i Vita Sci pm 1 Nury i or. M Hon j a Titi of it 2 i Iii Ila la to liar 2 i in Ells la Dew j a to ll., r v 2 a i till i Janna i it 2 amp i i cat ii i a a i v ii Viii. I 11 la Kohl in v a a Vin i. Cd Iii Hilt i i Vyalki at the a Hap. I hour. Latin Mivi. Ii r Quot v. In illustrated Leal in till i he general w As i i Oil till. Mid so la ground o i in Middle a to Quot w. I t us. La to ii of a mid ii v a Iii Quot Tun a Birri Hiye v a. Vav it a ii Interior us of a i t it a Iii in ii Celt in a a Tim i Ham la i bind plot n. stat and a number Tif no i ii a in ult i it plug Iii Lett bul i i. A a a n id a Lav the wed it t Ile Hap i t auf Ion to Ltd Din a me to lipreading la the. And thei m slum flu it body Walt lir ii on morning january let hour to t a it it v a a avoiding Tiffin to a it Iii in reported. I i a oddly european count he in in a possibility i a a i ,1 i a i j i i. T i i t i i a i t i i i x i j a i i y i i i a i i y t 5 j. I y t y i i i % y i i j i a a f i t t t p or Sui Ross state teachers College Ai pint Rex a to a Mandan senior College tor teachers i Dea i climate it 11 d a Iii i limn. I till rec i cud in i to vat Ion Winters of us. It i big t in t noted is. The. Vav \ \ is uttering i Quot poll a to All worn n d intent who u a a i til i it Eon or a Ling flu i Upit might to i urged is in to Elf Uff Clent Reward Thi was agrees hut at thaa no tin hit vegt that tit. Eap Wilt i largely upon the Tondt visual s taking Eer Iain Pree Atu tons thai jut. I i u advised ii i i health department i t y i 5. To y $ i j j y j a i i do y Beautied i scenery mount tilt l h. Ii i a x i advanced courses batting Kiel 1-Dit ing get tie to i v most Del i i Oil i ionized by t he sub Cui lege courses 1 1 a 11 Igho. T i cd suasion and for Frodo Oitai y t i t t. I. I i i. T i t t i i i. I. I i i i. J. I i x the custom of the country til a English Nave the credit for being a a co Servo i a race a Breed in which rape. T for tradition is hosting that Bey herniated to change any this r which hell i ii the merits of Antiquity and established Comfort. The Story which follows it May or May not he trite would lend Quot indicate that Iii i rail really does persist in our Anglo Saxon cousins. The i a in. A it Vav told to it me had it that through the Fields Between two Village in Sussex rail a foot Patti. It was nut the qui Hest route for be go j my from one of tin hum Iota p the other for i wandered about hut it had in Een originally by tile Horny naked feet of Saxon serfs and no was Vav a deep la of the turf by tile heels of i taint b s generations every body in tile neighbourhood used it because everybody always had. \ country gentleman lived Midway j Between tile town Ile led a reason i Abl. Quiet. Mot to say Dull existence i Hue Day lie heard a v felons Hull whim straying about the Countryside Chaa Itig Peili Stria is frighten no children Ami generally misbehaving himself seeking for variety from ult mount a ony in to life the gentleman went i birth in t he a it Cru on hoping to glimpse i i to Tail. Cot tour afternoons he i sought to discover the Vav hereabouts of Lim marauder lot with no Luck in to e ii Iii evening he lingered Lichi lilt ii neatly Dpi k Ile it id a to ii Bell a tile Vav Here a hedge crossed i i Hie ii when be heard in Lite Dis 1 j lame i ii rough Lite thickening gloom he Palter of Fly us Lect. Mingled with Etc head hoofs a convulsive i a pan to. And tin ii Orts of time Large j i i Quot it Uhi Aine i lie local Post Luau Ani Chilli person Ile was legging along la lop peed tis mail Pouch bouncing a ii his Tup by i i Ket neatly part ii by to. W into Ami id owing Lack Ward a vet lits shoulder and just behind him came to Bull. Lunging with Iii horns at the of the fugitives trouser. By half a length the fleeing Luau Lea. Lied the hedge ahead of his put sue Ile dung himself headlong Over the still my in us Protection Brent bless w Fille the Hull bellowing his disappointment. Strolled off to seek an cd Ier victim. Lite eco a tor tilled lir to invt postman to ids feet. Lit most had you tonight. Fletch ? or the gentleman by Tipa i Bel p ally i i most adore every night this week r Ato i i Quot Feller i 2 ? a f of to i lots x Kandy Kitchen Normal students Headquarters buy your Candy Here and get the Best Home made candies Whitman s. Saylors and Pangburn a fancy Box Candy everything in sweets Quot Quot in in. To Sooim your dream come True when of. Build a House for you Alpine lumber company we pet pint i i Cine Hori Barber shops to i. Trade i to shops Erin his finn t or m l Turney physician and Surger Alpine special courses lit it i a out in it. I. Ii a in Rig Fri i. J pall. I a program of physical education that provides Railroad time table Texas i i a a bit. Irani cd tii ii i tit i a re if Ion tor a \ Crai i courses i. It t i til. A to >1 my in i a it us Ina at to tv., a Luis Lex i furniture co Kurti lure to or i of. Nag i untie Tov a n new pc fiction Oil stove phone it South Side of Railroad Chape bout a final to. Omit unit in ii. I i tie 11 to bad 11 g w a Vav i i ii my j i Ayr Worth gives Holt inv impairs Stunz of new York Csc a a i a Vav i ill la i 1. I tit at flu Hap i flout i it Nej a \ v a. Vot i p. I .-1 to in i of leu Ted tin Tud. To livid on a Lour through \. W yet t it during fit to tial Aud Tull at in w it. K of the in attn Fiji Itta v f. Iti a i i very one in Clit urn i in to Ahi Ait Ali to. La great no in All the blender of it Holiday garb Wath wild of move la Worth hut i a a 11� my that the fulfilment a that w might to fur tit the. Future Forin a the it at Hgt p. Akou and Well equipped % i i Ain exp Din to a. It v i it g re a 4 11.1 lie Illy of at Layat girls dormitory ,11.t a r i a i Tup a a m How ii Iii 1 la s o m la till la cottages Multi Foh Light housekeeping i intimate con Iaci a or a to to j at to t e of i v to 1 i not it it. He ii a it g. H. Amp s. A s p latal round train 104, Argonaut train 8, Sunset mail train 102. Limited weal bound train 103 Argonaut train 7, Sunset mail train i of. Limited k. C. M amp 0 Orient drive southbound motor train no i 8 40 pm Lea a northbound motor train to 2 9 u am 9 a a an a. j 8 a p in 4 38 am to f�8 pm 2 05 p in j. Of. We Lam i. May Asician and surgeon office phone it yes. A Honc 6 Alpine Texas a m Turney a Itoh aka at Law Honl building i inf Texas mail closing time siring term opens March 21 spend a year among Thi Davis mountains tor bulletin h w Mot clock president i Tram 102. East bound tarries mail to san Antonio and Point beyond j mail Clon ill 2a train lot Casebound carries Bruj mail mail closes s p m i it air 1"1 Vuk. A i Amund carry a Itma mail. Mail closes 1 30 p. To i rain 7. West bound Carri closed Pouch for Marfa anti also for Vej j Pas and Points beyond mail Clos s s p m Orient malt Clos 835 an. Southern Pacific i jars Tiei you their Argonaut and Sunset limited trains

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