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Alpine Sul Ross Skyline Newspaper Archives Aug 10 1927, Page 1

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Alpine Sul Ross Skyline (Newspaper) - August 10, 1927, Alpine, Texas Sul Ross Skyline life saving Demontra hew faculty Mem sub College do West Texas historical-t10n. Exam. To be held bets announced Sion expanded scientific society meets a. T. Mccue of red Cross to have charge of work at Edwards Pool August it Ami 27 arc the dates. Set for a series of first Aid and life t Fott flaps pious amp saving demonstrations to in Given # families research workers report on work bul nine families Are living in the Sui or pm Star. Twelve under the auspices of the Brewster county chapter american red Cross by a t. Mccue a special life saving Field representative of j. A or of Ross cottages this summer the american red i Ross. Met or is i i Hiller cottages arc occupied by Moth attached to the midwestern Branchi 1 office of the red Cross he Udonar tors of which arc in St. Louis. His program in this City will lie at edit reside it Murdock announces the Iii order to meet tin tired of tin follow Oik new f acid to in Meier fir affiliate in High scion is Iii Lins Sec Sui Ross lion. Tin sub College division of Sui John w. K Onisor. M. A., with a Horn a a i Quot a a a nun 1 fit re pal hit to Ltd a lit Filiti English the major University of offered and the nun a Kuh in it i us i Imp it i us Missouri Assoria professor a a f Ber of faculty employed English. Or. O Connor also to Okins h. Degree Iii education from the University of Arkansas and in has att Lilied tile state teach is col lege at Teni a. Arizona Tor tio til Tol Low Ink constitute tin facility l in Sidh \. Eli. In i Inver sits of i Imago m a., i Nive sit y of Texas is Soniat professor of English and history and Dean of six sum. Are attending R. Years and the University of Arizona Soh lid leg division. Armil Stevens in s., Southwest wards Locust Pool. Demonstration and instruction will be Given on August 21 examinations on August 27. A. T. Met us who represents the american red Cross As a special life saving representative for the states of Kansas. Colorado new Mexico and Texas has just joined the midwestern Branch staff after a successful season As a swimming in it Rhetor in the City of Denver. He1 has been a red Cross life saving examiner since 1925. Ile promoted and sponsored All Junior and senior life saving classes Iii the City of Denver during 112 5mil taught Ami promoted lit saving in the local Public schools of Denver various Civie organisations. Boy scouts and the University of Denver and taught first Aid and life saving in the knights of Columbus boy ology Quot courses As Well As at the National american red Ros it. Life saving in St tut at t amp Washita. Kansas City Missouri Iii i125. Ii also took All Active part Iii stat swim tiling meets in hit Home state it t of or ado inv my promoted stat swim Ming Meta for Parks amusement resorts and Lak Including Demon St rat ions in red toss lit saving Anil first Aid Iii All thro meets. Viky ii is a specialist Iii mass Iii them a re min Ible person to act As Matron of the House. Ii has had consider Armil sum of. Ii min Iii a it a i Aii it i sup nut nil lits of school sys Ahi sex i in in Nee Iii new Spaller w Ork. Texas stat teachers College As ii i w i ii a 1,1 terns Are Corn Pletl Iii Sui toss Tor Ami he will be tit cult adviser to the Distant professor of mathematics anti1 work this Iii Niue r Lins in ii Are j or who have with them two or More i Sui to Skyline in addition. Science and assistant professor of p of it. C. It. Children. The other cottages Are j Mary vomits Stewart in l. J., physical education Tor men. Weaver of Knox City ii t. Beck occupied by girls who Hare with Emerson and University of Wash Ruby a on it. S., Stephen e. Morf 0f Sinton t e. Sander of in ton associate professor of pub Austin state i. A. In is College i m a a pm . Of Iola my lie speaking and Reading. Miss Stew \ it is it y of Texas assistant professor Hinckley of Pyote the of tags s have housed More Art crimes to us from the South Tex of Spanish and education. Ltd re to has been supermen than one Hundred students this sum a state teacher College at Kings a teaching for student dint of Del Rio for three years and Mer. Six of these Are children too Young to attend Sui to. Several older ladies who do not take courses Are living in Tim cottage. Carroll Stevens it. S., Southwest the following course will lie of was assistant tilt superintendent by mean of interviews with the Texas state teachers College As feted beginning with the up. Mug of j under miss Anni Webb Allanton occupant it a found that the Hia ant professor of mathematics pm. Fun to no. September i county sup a intend it of Ion Alc cottages arc very Well like. I hey no Arince in the sub College Divi first year biology a a. County of or years and ii Sion and assistant in physical cd cation for men. I a it i year coins him Iii year Ruhr Conn ii. A., Steuben i. . I . a i is Colleg work has Luau lion in Iii Ville in which institution she has who major in High school subjects has been re elected for to More. Been he Al of th1 department of pub will be Don Iii til sub cold a div i a was for three years super Teri speaking since Kim. Sion. Dent of the Eckhart schools. Ile ii Limik so Small from the outside hut we have found them so Roomy and Nice one woman said. Quot we hav attended several stat schools a said another Quot hut have never been Abl to get Sui h comfortable and convenient lodgings at such a Low Price. It is a wonderful when asked if tiny a Ltd going to return to Sui Ross next summer Many answered that they or and a hat tiny had already reserved their cottages Tor next summer. A ceral groups hav the same cottage which the v had last summer. Complaints about the cottages w it re lev. Each group was asked about defects. Several remarked about Tell ii it cleaning Oft til grounds around the cottages. And ii a group stated that the pans Iii the ii Kitchen Wir not Largi enough. It the Csc two Ware the Only complaints. The prevailing comment was that the cottage Are everything that one Stephen first year year education. A Quot he in several school system Iii third year English fourth year eng Texas am Louisiana his it i bsh English history. United states cd Illegia history Industrial education plan geometry second year algebra first and second year Spanish. Bloys Camp meeting will b e held soon Eli. Amp Skillman i trove Nici t my. W ii i be or sch i to St auction in swimming. Ii a v i n g ,.oii,j sin. It it. Was 0f mgr taught i 235 men i a 55 boys ii m women Ami 55b girls to swim do feet or More. He is a member of the american legion and belongs to the american legion championship drum and Bugle corps Post no. 7 5, of Racine Wisconsin. Institute to be held in Alpine Sui Ross teachers hint it it will he held at Alpine september 5 to to Accord Mccue was in the Navy during dig to or. Ii. Head conductor. The War anti after his discharge he i a tire program has not been came recreational Leader and swim definitely made out hut one feature Ming instructor at Fox Lake wig do be the opening exercises Given Cousin. Ile is a resident of Denver j a morning by groups of teacher Austin state teacher College in a verify of Texas assistant prof Sor of Spanish and education Iii sub College div is inn. Golf tourney will open wednesday sixteen men hav entered the col leg tournament which is to open alter the int r. shown both Stuer Lnu slav on the Colleg course dents in the Paisano Encampment the tournament is bring sponsor. It is a spirited that the. Invitation by or. Dilley for the Iii. Ii Anil by which a been extend to the Stu miss Britt for the holies. Drawing h it Lindy to att my this uni Ting will be made tuesday morning it a will but accepted by larg. Numbers meeting to be railed Tor that Pur ibis ramp Iii Ting originated As Post Ami the entries will be divided i cowboys Camp melting and still int four flights for men. Miss Britt retains much of this atmosphere. Will have charge of the women this is the thirty eighth year a its play of t Low score in each 111 to ii t existence. It is strict inter to Nom will be used to ii Termini the Cham emotional. Pion. The tournament will be the i it a. Porter. A Washington. First for most of the entries a larg. It f w to addressed the. Student number having played their first Hod recently will lie present in Gulf this summer. The men enter Ami Rev. W. A. Shelton of Allan Itig Are Alsup Allen Oliver san la. , Rev. L. D. Anderson of a hrs Varner Ronde. Robinson port Worth and Rev. John h. Bur Hopper. Holt Conn Grant Weaver a of Waxahachie w ill conduct the w est Cochran Scott and Farmer. The tournament will open wednesday afternoon on the College course and a Large crowd is expect a Al to follow the various flights. To t sir Lees. Or. Benedict is the first i River sit of Texas graduate to president of that institution. Colorado. Changes made in Grade require dts from different sections. Or. Ratliff and miss Billings a will have charge of the instruction. About one Hundred fifty teacher arc expected. Brewster county Pecos county Jeff Davis county and the Marfa and Mccamey schools will Send their teachers to this inst tut. Annual Scenic drive Over Davis mountains i Nive sit it a Texa lie rec in. D ii Gre from the Louisiana stat i Nive sit be fur that institution was Griot ii Mentor standing or. W Cav r h is in it ii sup Nill ii Dot tit Otth Knox it school for two years ills Coll a work has he. Ii a i it it it w. to it \ i it stat. In Tell so i a i. It a cd wort ii let loin sup nut but Iii Sinton Tor set ii irs la has attend Sam Houston stat in others i Nib athe i nit sit of to it was. And the i nit a site of Dorado or Sand is its up lint but of Higgins and i Oil to a Tor ii but to Allodia As sup nut. But ii graduated Trout High school it Allodia and it As thin Pupil get or Idle it in is still his prof s Sor or a 111 it 11 taught Iii \ list Iii Mil it a school my was sup riot ii Dent at Richards in for ii want to Iola when ii has he ii sup riot ii a Blit Tor two year. Ills Colleg work has been doll at Sam Lions ton stat teachers allege and the University of Texas. I or. L. Coll Iii Al v has it it la superintendent of Small schools each if which in has managed to raise Var much Iii it i in i it v of work. Iii i come a was superintendent at it Rand dolls int fore he went to plot where Lobos been Tor two years. All of tins men have thir Faut Lin s with the Iii and prefer to come a 1 ii ii f a v Ora by to Sui r Oss because of til climate the West Texas historical and Sci it tic society ii by its Semi Annuli meeting to Sui Ross on August 6, i a ?. Visitors from several Points Iii xxx St Texas Wen Here to attend the meeting and an interesting and varied program was Given. Owing to the serious illness of i wife the president Hon. Ii. T. I etcher of Marfa was unable to Attila than it thug. President la. W. Mon lock presided Over the morning session which was held in the col i a auditorium at the Assembly hour. Lion. .1. I. Jackson a former Iii tuber of Board of regents of the Texas state teachers College made a Short talk on the Points of historic interest on the drive from Alpine to fort Davis and Iii the Vicinity of fort Davis. His talk was made doubly interesting because of the Many storms and it Sonny incident i ii related about these Points. Or. To i Sims of paint Rock thin gave Iii address Oil the subject of Quot Indian pictographs and in tri graphs or. Sims passed Bis to Iommi Iii a v i Iii it Rich Iii Indian pictographs Ami i tro graphs and has devoted much it ins Tim to a study it the Iii and the. I Milan Maun is Ami customs re pc tied through the Iii la stated that Maiv of tiles arb my rapidly destroyed Ami str is a the import an of copying them be fur they a lost la has a collection of nip i s which ii has Iliad. Anil Xii doted a larg. Number of the Iii Iii the Louis of his talk. Explaining their Signet lean a i ii cd filing session opened with tv., numbers by the Sui Ross Quad i Tow la Iii the. Dept in / in changes in program the m w catalogue contains the announcement of changes in scholar tic requirements for athletes. To ,7rln. Quot fax for commencement six Grade Points. The Grade Points a ire to a determined As follows commencement exercises will he a equals four Grade Points b held for this summer three c. Two and done. Hereto evening. August a plans for big annual event announced by committee perhaps the greatest outdoor but my. Returning to hum by 7 so pan. Tor stud aits attending the summer 1�?~ruifram for Scenic drive session is the annual Scenic drive i ars h a Berkeley Hall at in thursday or the Davis mountains. I Ltd rth it a in final exam summer let let 7 mor than 500 Stu 2 m a a trip to i Ort Davis fore an person might represent for All stud hts who Are apr Gnu and citizens will participate Appl Orchard and return to College who was passing in As Many plying for degrees certificates and a a this wonderful drive leaving pin my., at la . As three subjects. Under the new diplomas at the Clos of the summer Berkeley Hull at i a the Long regulations one who is passing in term will be held on monday aug Lmh of automobiles will thread mus three subjects May play but must i to 32. A students Iii these groups Luiz Canyon top the Ridge and a make a certain average. One who is will be expected to attend classes rive in fort Davis about to id. Of passing in Only three subjects May regularly until the lose of thurs make two Dos and one a two bus l a. My How much xxx. Xxx Oxild i xxx it i i ii lick Huck i i ii </1 r $. Iii the has ii to the president in1 la i Xii. Ii or Mil 1 my gave talk on the Early int rest of the. Spaniards Iii xxx it i was and their i it r int a St Iii other sections giving the reasons Tor this la talk a ii upon the the v Lupin it of the ear in Trail rout Mark out by esp to i lids a. And Sosa in r Barr Scull i xxx St i it a newspaper correspondent and Short Story w fit rth ii Spok on Quot Birds if fort Davis and Vicinity or. Be the has i ii interested Iii lords Jot this Region Tor two years. During this Flint lie stat to in has identified Between forty and titty and has seen Many More which ii was unable to identify. In spite of its is a Mug in is As a habitat this re gum. Lie declared has a or at Many Birds. Many of our most common hods a said Are tri Qiu Nelv Nils called or be Oft stressed the pm Asor that May in derived Trout is lying Birds and learning to Call tin Iii by naut 1 a to xxx Plains then Adt a ret it inciting of the \ i Pill ii is <1 til in f v on the subject to it handier til unum rec plans w a till i Rositi r frills Quot i sing the mad Tor to ii i i Fig employment Tor so culled my oui mein Trail which girls w in plan to enter Sui Ross ext lids from mull head crossing on this tall and Vav to Imp to. Arn most the Pecos to the Mouth Otth con 111 r i of their Vii rises Sinh positions Clio tiv a is in amp. I Gay summer plans made to find girls employment Lim hav Long been found Lur boys who that Tor of the development of our wished to go to school. The him Routier trails showing How Thev Barb Cut in Limpid Canyon Ness men of Alpine have always a re Laid Down by the Ltd Rev poor 12 noon. Givi n positions to such boys Iii prof i is the ii formed the Obi stage lines Creel to others. It is hoped that and later were followed by the i that All ars stay in line and enough places can be found in Al railroads. He stressed the import to visiting the Bird Appl Orchard follow or. I. Jackson. I pin hones where girls May help Alec of tins Early trails Iii Pioneer Days recitations and the daily class Quot in Miles Down Limpid it any ii the 2. That All fast driving and of with housework for room and Hoard life Aud declared that the state and a a or any other combination that will give him the necessary Points. In any instance a higher Scholastic requirement is demanded than has been customary. Record for these three Days will be pleasure seek is w ill return to the averaged with the final examination Cottonwood Grin near Davis Tor bar and term record. for Benic at the noon hour. I ii Ift a forts to pass each other in the Road he avoided. I. All students Art expected to a to fill this need. Several applied should adopt some in ans of work Tunis for such work have already my some of them. Been received from girls who Are >1. M. L. Uri Mizut rend a a All other students will he Friday August 20. Held on noon w ill he sput in climbing Kod aking Ami Mountain turn to Alpine not later than 7 80 Lier now and others who plan to sight so . Come. Continued on Page 4

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