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Alpine Sul Ross Skyline Newspaper Archives Apr 6 1927, Page 1

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Edition sul Ross Skyline member Board of m6enis addresses Stumm aum Hon i i Jackson ii prominent resident of in water county and a newly elected member of tile Hoard of recent of the state teachers collies of Tela spoke in Eliazel Friday morning. Myrrh is Nee the president. Or. More lock was absent. Or Jackson was introduced by miss Cowan Dean of women preceding his introduction several songs were rendered by the a entire student body under the direr French marionettes to be presented May 12 unusual entertainment sponsored by woman s athletic Council of Sui Ross i Jean Oroz French Marionette i that a to appear at the Mojave i re Eiith on May 12, presenting Murk j Twain Quot Huck finn and Tom Haw i it or Quot and Shakespeare s Quot mid Amulet night a represent tie Tost Complete Marionette theatre n �?�1 world. A Complete Minio Tun i including the proscenium Bridge and platforms when ors work. Scenery Sta legislators visit Ai Pine and Sui Ross so rom win. First sub Rouege wins tilt inner class Mee earn a ear Vin. The it lighting Eton of miss hate a. 1 equipment All manner of prop Rte. Encourages Sui Ross totally Independent of any minitor til. Now no Ensor after bavins1 Quot a a a Quot it o.inlr>-. I n Mulo voral humorous. Remark j Taid that the papers would eventually cease their attack upon Sui Ross. Lab it r Zoilin litter in edit Ion that a reaction would take place whirl would tend to Aid the College and that the present bitter propaganda of hostile newspapers would revert Back to the Benefit of this in Stltt Talon. Ardent believer in education Ile showed wherein scientific re lurch work and education has been of material value to Farmers ranch men and men of All vocations by helping to prevent diseases which i Ause great losses to the agrarian. He Aid that the taxes derived Trota the savings alone made by the prevention of disease were almost sufficient to sustain t lit teachers to ollege of Texas he spoke of the finn when our till cur Ain of the Marion to theatre is drawn Tor the first time the audience is amazed at in Corm it Fen a of All details and when the marionettes. Or puppets begin to act making Correct gestures expressing i House appropriations cok senators Mitter surveys needs or i ant sul Ross the prop let ions com Jitter which i inspecting the Nasih of state institutions hut hater do in Alpine. The part it inspected the school Plant in the morning Aud then went out to Kern Canyon Tor a Barbecue. At 2 in in the College students nun Ltd a is of Alpine a set bled Iii the College auditorium after t few numbers by the Sui Ito orchestra. Sina Tor Berkeley introduced representative Claude i. Terr of Granger Texas chairman Otth a proper tons committee he told of the put Quot pos. Of the visit which a been stated above after complimenting inspect sul Ross the Marfa Soldier invaded the Lobo territory saturday. Venine for a practice game which ended in a for tit Iii to i. The Lobos showed a stroll de left. S Well As batting pow \ this Gam was a test if the lineup several weaknesses must i., a mouthed Outin fore us squad will Biu real hapa to play Martin marked i it tin Lobo it t be is finance Lent Lier to inv Igat pertaining to Sui los state teachers College Vert in Anim of in their opinion that the school held the fade Relesa until i entitled to. An adequate approx Ria a sixth when a Long lilt and an error Mon from the leg Isla t la re they stated to. Hatcher of Commerce luncheon and the pair i Yowler innings and How cd her monday enthused Over location tin senators were greatly Entliss i Over ult setting it the school and d thai they id no idea that th.-. T Homer col leg a so ideally mated they prop lion that w Ith proper support. Yood Ramr a akan to Only one or rave them a la liter to re tar form Nunnelly led the pack at Bat get Tine on. Home run. Two triple double Aud a single and a walk lease. Alford find Bingham also hit the Outfield i Aye Dan exception in Only t making fast relays Tho great Joy. Or doing tri.1 no human actor could aver do. Enthusiasm is unbounded. Marionettes or puppets As a Bat Sui Ross reputation for go a a Ltd work. La he explained the dilemma f the legislature. The Hoard of control Halh v t of. Nim and. D the expenditure of it ,000,non, while the Aralia sometimes Are t ailed art1 almost a mime a we. Old As the world. The puppet Ltd i Rev nut after deducting the. Yesteryear and the modern Marion it la Munts already spent or contracted Ette differ simply in the Many reline for win us count to no $4.suo.ooi Nientsu of mechanism and ideas of pre 6sj since a car. Nch Cmunt would be mutation. In Early Ages the people Rou in damage state institution and. The hand a it i the legislature Sui its would become the greatest f Ilmic. R school in the country. The legislator will be a Ltd it Friendly to Ward the. A Bool when the facts a known a a stated at the meeting Foff a a looked a. M Mir a bit. For it a v ing consulted a map we it. Fl0 grabbed a hot grounder Over a vast territory in till a Section Unrur third that had a single written id error and of Outfield Iliff i Alford made some of the most men at tonal plays Ever seen on the Jack son Field. It went Hack of second of ivus that is being served by the of i it Bingham at College. And w. Arc completely <0.l it hers at third and held i i. Sui was the Vor duct Exon Iii roots Dav Friday Vin ii i. W As fool s Day sods Cia s Day the sub College Elm i piled up enough Points to win by a 17 Mittit margin april i is alway a big Day in Sill Ross no classes j or ticket to til show and a Chuck Wagon Tipp r what a Day the a vents at the Jackson Field at 8 so quit a few students and some of the citizens of Alpen were out to witness the a vent Auden Joy tin occasion Bach class was Well represented and quite a tilt of enthusiasm was Manifest the High hurdle was th1 first event and a. Won by Mcneil and of Bison a second. Toth entrant were from sub foil a the. Second event was Tho pol vault the was also won by my Nell at i ill Lobo. Also of the sub ollege a second and so Elton freshman was third Mondok senior won first plan in the Century. Johnson. Freshman was second. Hillbo third and howl Junior was fourth Jour Sou captured Fin id. In tit forefathers were Content to Send pet Art producing an evening in their children elsewhere for Saki of j detainment which is almost unlit education. He a sold that today the ovoid it one can imagine i ter i Arent in Texas must look to it that Dainty chorus girls dancing blithely their boys and girls make honest if across tile stage a till cast of Prio Zens in All plan a. Cuipak Over on. Hun i red Soldier the speaker denoted several min-1 marching across the Stag. Countless to exhorting the. Faculty and the practically invisible strings lighting student body As a whole to attend effect rivalling the larger Stag. Employed them to depict certain Tiona taxation is the Only answer. Phases of the or belief now they have Wullich failing the schools of the stat found a Welcome place in the. Mer my 4 re it. Up Bop of expansion detainment needs of All classes of peo a in the Nix biennium. Or. Tech ply j suggested a tobacco tax such As was in or. Eros production or. To i introduced in the regular session As to do a. Re ref i. It of in a, Quot a a Quot it Quot Quot 10 Quot a Quot a a a Pressede a senator Lew is Quot you have her. A wonderful institution pro ii. It in be stated. The senator also Aid in was Iii favor of the Dor Mitory idea for teacher s College specially for freshmen girl. Senator West Ero a a said that he t Burch and sunday school with Pun Quality. In inclusion. Or Jackson try Eiith necessity of securing an education. He said that an education pro duct olm then certain it is that the Imaginal Ion and curiosity is so oils ii that nothing will suffice except a personal glimpse at All this magic. The Marionette appear on their devised slag. Before Aud in other ways the least of acc tenable of the different tuxes suggest. D. Or. Tier the. Ii introduced other members of the commute who made Brief talks. Or. George Kemble of fort Worth v h a a dialled us recently stated that ii believed that the. Legislator. Would Rise to the be. A Ion and me much As he played an important part in locating the school. A i am Goinges a Kas a member of the sell it finance committee and advocate a increased appropriation to rth senator Westbrook said .1 la Jackson Hoard of Regent a Call ii it Gnu for a talk nil responded with a few remark in which in appealed to til. Tudor to n their Influent in getting a the emergency. Or. Kemble was sent to Alpen to 1,1,1 1, program for the re Moi her make a Survey of the need of Sui was necessary to live and to follow i 11 quaintly Thelt. By vocation end that the real fun Rion of an education is to do what we can Lur our Fellowman by Helpin Urei ves and others s. R. Faculty and students judge in county contests a onery made in proportion to size. A Cating themselves on chairs by tables drinking smoking talking laughing doing everything that a human being can a. And men a doing a a it Aith of extra n that no human icing it i. Accomplish. I this i Ach \. I by a company of trained actors musicians and Pupp Leer who have Lien associated with the a for Many seasons and who hav rehearsed week in and week out to attain the Fin Pointe of Iii manipulation Mark Twain so adventures of Huckleberry which will but bos., state teacher College and spent the Day her March in and. It Ion to making an inspection of it sch of and conferring with official4 Hie institution in was taken for rip to some of the nearby Mountain by canyons and also visited til i in i it Orchard near Alpin in Bis talk at a luncheon wed Flay Kern by stressed the fact that the people of this Section need a to Jackson it on of the most ardent supporters of the Gill creating Sui it it it. Ami Ila Ever Bien it Lampion i the senator vier accompanied on a in monday morning by senator Berkeley and president Mon lock t a Fern Canyon on flu ran h North Ltd of town Aud were shown mint to lib Beautiful scenery in that i Hon. They went from Lur. To. Al has. Velieri they will hike an la. Sport Ion of the school of mines. I. Also looked Good the soldiers had but very Little practice and consequently they made Many errors several of tin Lobo scores were made on errors How Ler. The army team Bas a Good club Anil should develop into a first class team with some Mon practice. The in. Iii it the teams a .1 Pillow Malta Soldier-\nder.on, it Ransom of tier bin. La. A s to hell. So car Rotier. A a Smith i met a out ii. I Owens is Wule Ery 2b it to Lobos lease. Of. Bingham i Alford is noun ally of Reid la howler of. . With i \ la Martin. It subset. To a St Arn. La Lei Fain no fear that the school would ing accompanied by i a canner and i moved from Alizine and a Aid that i senator Berkel Eythe party driving several interscholastic league contests were held on april i. The county meet was held in Pecos. Messes Ratliff Anthony and Bank mud officiated in various contests. It is understood that or. Bankhead pad nil the crackers he could eat. Or and mrs. Collie or. And mrs. Mien. And messes. Drury Wood and Fuqua younger were in Marathon on april i and acted in Vartou Capac Momy class in ties As officials in the Brewster largest degree class in county meet. V. J Smith journeyed to fort do he would go Back and recommend to us House finance committee that Iii. And squat appropriation be made for the institutions maintenance. Or. C. N. Shaver of Huntsville the matinee number enable inc , Inan. Mated that Sui puppet to Ltd display All their tricks. Lots Kah the environment for a great summer school. Or. W. S. Barron. Of Bryan also stated that this re through Iii a car yet the fish won nigh sanm Huck chances Are Ghai while the evening performance let a Midsummer night s dream Quot Quot re it fairies sprites and Mendel a Ohn music show the extremely Clover and artistic Heights which the marionettes attain. Gion was the natural playground of Texas. Or. Adrian Pool of Al paso mad a few Brief remarks or. Fred minor of Denton then followed and sex vis last Friday to officiate at Taliej degree Are expected to graduate at the legislature would Jeff la his county meet. It is said that a found no contest to off Sci to so he staged one of his own. The t Murray Zoe Ellen Murray or of the House. Lee Satterwhite. Of j freshmen the Davis county meet was held at Vaal Watson and Johnnie Styert Amarillo the following wore Intro j for Itsey i playing which was t Al dined Ray Holder of Dallas k. C together an Alibi it a May Cox it of Corsicana j. C. Hall of Coloa it it was hard by h i to number enables la i Bim it a school Man. Stated that Sui tin the Campus this question l it 11en asked Quot who won the nit r a lass basketball tournament Quot the Quot fish Quot did. Of course the tournament ended away Back in la Winter with Iii fish fur in the Lead. Al though it is old new a want every j i to know about it pressed his belief that Sui Ross and the freshmen were considered history of the College the other schools of Texas would re a very Strong and tender Lur the col a a chive All they asked for giving a leg championship from tin very ten students who have applied for the basis Tor that his Confidence thai opening of the season the Suh eol provide the in to preliminary track meet be tween it Stockton and Alpin High school saturday March is kith track teams showed Ai Well a a result of th1 Alpin boy participation. It look a if they have the bes material they hive had in years from which to Hull a record break ing track least i net the direction of coach Horae Oliver a Sui is student la boys Art a a a in a i a hot put at 3 fed i j inches at first of sub col la go was Mccond Bowles third Vander rift sub col lege fourth fish John n won another first place Iii the discus throw the Dis Lane was j feet Barkley was Sec a it my. How i. Bird Denman fourth. A n Wen Iii int first place in i he a Low hurdles. Murdock Sinai a d Mccond and Bilbo to re Denman won a first place for the r Oplis in the it in ii jump Hatcher. A soph. Was second How in third and ah�1 ton fourth the potato ran a re tape the in in it vent of tin lev no soph1 mores eliminated the freshmen it i a a i a r a a of ii Upp of is in ii won trom tin sub College Fri the Frioni or won or the up t Cia. Men for lir to glue Ani Iii of College to it Ain beat the fresh in n oui Tor third Lilac a t Lough w ulms a a it Ond first 1 i winning to in it a a i w,1 Sec of i to vol 1le� i Nib i v is Hurd Ini Carter. I t -1 a i loin t la 1 Lohn on won tin. Broad Jum get it in it him a third inst place Hull it id i urn Iii a to third and Fer i t ii i. Ii i ii i a Jim. Ii. Til next a lit a tin go race ii Iii Mott Amu ing event Many us Vvs to broken and some of Iii ump Litot of discovered for the i a i to t ilium they Bud nerves i ii i i Mol won first place tit Iii a a Iii tight Kond Elsei nil Tib College to Ilith Mugi 11iiislieil first in i 220 a Neill a econt1 foil i a ii a i re add moan Loi Ortii How i w u t ii i in t ii Juvey throw a n ill a Ond. Ilat Ehe third and it i t tit it Hatcher a tith Init Ile barely nosed evil t Mccullough Weta eci Cam Iii third Anil we Nyck fourth this was the la t event before noon til sub College w. I Dinu Al. I4 making rapid i fresh Man. 2f soph. My i upper i. I still ii us Lead a Good team and in did the commencement. Fannie May by necessary revenues. Upperclassmen but they weren t a Horace Murdock. Or. After a Short talk by former speak j aet up for til closely organised a of Dolphi Mellard. Murray Nancy Watson and Johnnie Soli College excuse meet v a nine. It i pm known whether 8je o me be degree of Buoh Eloi the v Changil the place of meeting q rth Lull a Ujj j Hran Uon. It. M As in Iii of c curtailing or Smith Jim Khz a i. And Drury Wood Are Tirado. Tin degree of Bachelor Polk Hornaday of . Dating activities or not re Civ the degree of Bachelor o it a Powell of Montgomery. M la. In the evening of april i messes. Science. I Hagaman of Ranger. Dewey Young i lift Bunkhead and Coleman Fannie May. Leo Murray Al of Wellington and j. F Walla of m. Declamation in Marfa at thei la Murray Nancy Watson and John Teague legislators and or Gaston it Idi i to unit it tryouts Weyert in members of the so a Melter of the Board of control Vii this event Are in prepare j Ross scholarship society and or two Oiler visitors. Hunter Metcalf ii tri get meet to he held i i ran nun has per loudly received the of Marfa my Rev. I. It Millican the i us. 15th, and Degro of Bachelor of arts from Pioneer preacher it the Rig to n for then Alpin on Denton line Woulard of Pecos has in feted College this term she holds a Parent to ichor a Anocia Tion Bol of hip. of april Tennis preliminaries will a played thursday afternoon and Friday morning Kina will b played Fri Day afternoon and saturday morning finals in debate will he held saturday morning at to o clock in Sui Ross auditorium a declamation it on St a ill of a a staged Friday right and the track in to will take plat at Salt k on Field saturday afternoon beg an a a i 3-� i in according. Hob Clark a Well known Sui rots to the so Rolt re i c Leman i director general athlete left Alpine at the done of he in in vvii11� coach show Lith Winter term to work for the will dire t til athlete event. Southern Pacific Railroad a Mug the new students Ltd of i Ross for the Spring Quarter Are and mrs Jack mix Sui or. Bend. Were presented in a spirit of camaraderie 11 on Mitt members continually heckled the speakers furnishing Eon Ider a Hie amusement for themselves and the audience Aneth r failure of the meeting was the a Williamson it Unity it the auditors were Imp it a i Evv two things which stood out in it a remarks and above the humor first that the Conduitt was hiking it task seriously and was w for the Best interests of to k i it Ond that Sui Ross and ill other hols would receive i Stu for Leal ail it upper it la it 111�?� n were Lucky enough to take a from the freshmen by a or oies la which Wasny to so Serl oui considering that it was the univ Kame the fish lost the Victory get ally broaden d tin upper la in ii n Ai of super Tor t y but u should in hav because they had merely Lieut the freshmen bust Lunte while the regulars a on the Bench in order to k v ten in Supi Coors a ham1 0 gain encouragement in overcoat their gloom most of the Oil games played to the freshmen ult a in easy Al Chlrles for the Pond men when the final whistle blew the freshmen record stood almost similes with five victories and one defeat the men who a illicitly respond dbl for our basketball h i Cement Are Withers vie n Alia a Roark Johnson by i York and Hingham who couched the to parti 1 p i ted n the Gam toward gaining form and endurance which Are the two great essentials 10 any track Man at that Fri Stei county meet Iii Marathon Al Plant won Over Man thou a Pink lost several literal a a it to by Forl Wiur however. Al bin won flu to a i. And Geld meet in a Large score Marathon won on a 11 rot place Aud every Melter f the Quot Vipin team won the right Appeal ii tet Dis rid Iii \ of w of the boy h w on the right to Limpet in the Hiatt k in of ii list in la Yai a larger and j Lull prepared h had i expected to go through the District meet the ,11 ii a Mal i it Victory hid then in to 11 % to the state wide honors a \ it i Aan there Art great puss Hll i ii on h men As Smith tread who at. And wat on Lushi Iten. Tennis double w non nov it. Lohi ii i at a a Chapman b in White scale i six it it a go Iii first aft r tilt Weyert into it oui von Ann v a net Vii in w i Lull i to from sub to grades for Winter term Are Good do ii ugh it tit the made att a vet Agurok it int Cros freshmen re Oiler i mss men tip a f t it ii i to i first pm a be and soph a ted i i la for third re Sophomore won first a Ian t full . With sell i cud my Hub Coll Cut third Mosei a manage a the Murav ii. I won tir i la a with the St to a body w ii ii tips sated Hiti i ire passes to hit show the j How w very int resting and my j Pili i la d by tin Tud a and to 1 ult v i1 Ippe i w t to even i of a. Tin pot Tan i Ayne Worth a fit Star of this game but a a tiv to a sos face by miss such a fed the classes i unusually Strong and Quot set Hak Quot ilk of i tit old a Bow mule in the tug of Winti r term to a try of Quot la Quot thirty oven c and eight an a rage of Twenty subject. W two it thude to i two failed ii he it t in one an the freshmen Hui git event wit ii i 1.11 1 pull the Tass score or As follow suit olb a. 7 i freshmen t hop humor a tit Lapper Cias run a to

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