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Alice Echo News Newspaper Archives Sep 26 1976, Page 5

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Alice Echo News (Newspaper) - September 26, 1976, Alice, Texas C Jamie Harris lies still while mrs Irma Peres All of Alice looks on and Faye Harris administers inoculation a Case study family problems eased Petroleum engineers to meet wednesday a corporations Transfer than employee to different cities and As the military transfers its personnel families Are confronted with new conflicts each member of the family is under pressure a but in a different Way this was the situation facing Joe and Mary a and their adolescent daughter Sally they were living comfortably in the East when Joe received his notice of Transfer to this area the family had to leave their Home friends and familiar experiences upon arrival Here Joe found himself extremely Busy and under additional pressure getting settled in b s new position tim with his family was limited Mary Felt lost without her familiar Community and social involvement most of All she missed the Home she had so carefully and personally decorated Mary Felt she had no purpose both Joe and Mary turned to alcohol to relieve some of the tension Sally who had previously been a Good student and a Well adjusted Young woman found Hales with problems and no one to d Seuss them with Sally made new friends whom she began relying upon for Solace a thus widening the Gap Between herself and her parents upon realizing their situation. To and Mary tried to reconcile the family but. Sally became More dependent on her newfound friends and challenged her parents by skipping school drinking and running away when she Felt her parents were too strict. To and Mary sought help from family counselling services counselling and guidance began to provide the family members with an understanding of each others needs new family rules were established that were More attainable and acceptable to Sally Joe began sharing some of his worries with Mary and found that even Sally was concerned and interested a family night established to discuss problems and find solutions eventually became a family activity night that is now an integral part of every week other positive results from their therapy sessions in eluded the reduction of alcohol intake by to and Mary and a closer relationship Between them with their own private time Sally has quit drinking and running away she says she does t have the time. Now that her family activities and new school interests keep her so Busy Joe still has some concerns and worries related to his lob but he spends More time discussing them with Mary who now feels she has a purpose anti is Busy redecorate my their Home thanks to the guidance they received from counselling service this family is on the Road to recovery did you know whatever you Call it. It s United United fund or us United Way Why would an organization want to change its name from United fund when everyone knows it s a drive to help the needy not so. Not anymore United Way is for everyone traditionally the concept was communicated in terms of need. It was presented through the photograph of a deprived or handicapped child with sad eyes pity was the reason for giving even though this was effective in the past attitudes Are rapidly changing people Are viewing their surroundings differently and have become More sophisticated in their expectations United Way has responded to these changes instead of emphasizing need we Are emphasizing achievement. We Are stressing prevention not problems instead of providing a handout Wear helping people help themselves United Way is people who believe in people and who express that belief by offering a future the purpose of United Way is being achieved by stressing the happiness and of our activities and pro Way i Grams create rather than the misery that Nece agitates United Way Evan the Symbol is a Happy Ona. And both giver and recipient can identify with it the aun Lik Rainbow grow my out of the hand represents Hope to the person graphically shown in the Center it also represents the giver s toy in making new opportunities and values available to a neighbor United Way whether you Call it Community Chest. United fund or part of combined Federal Campaign it Means Community planning for Progress it Means help my others it Means an ounce of prevention before the Pound of cure becomes Nee scary today s United Way Story cannot be told in the pages you Are about to read the Only Way that can be done is by getting involved in each of the 56 agencies that s a lot to expect of anyone so we Are offering a glimpse of what goes on at United Way in the following pages there s More of course you can find out first hand by getting involved in United Way it s Good for your Community a out of three people in the coastal Bend were served by at least one of the 56 non profit United Way agencies last year a Over 2 600 volunteers work closely with the 494 total staff members in All 66 agencies to ensure successful service programs throughout the year a do to the credibility of their membership in United Way. Some agencies Are Able to use their United Way funds to draw state and Federal monies into our area in some cases the match May be As great As three to on Federal to local dollars a some $8 5 million were poured into our area by the National american red Cross in 1970 and 1971 a after hurricanes celts and Fern of. And when another disaster strikes More dollars will be available to help the people in the coastal Bend a Money raised by the United Way is allocated toward agencies operations and not for capital improvements building or Camp funds a to per cent of All Money raised by Federal employees in the coastal Bend through their combined Federal Campaign goes to our United Way the Corpus Christi army depot As an employee group is the single largest contributor to the United Way of the coastal Bend. A report luncheons scheduled during the Campaign to publicly report Campaign Progress and inspire Volunteer workers Are paid for by firms and organizations Over and above their corporate gift to United Way training financial Legal assistance Goodwill industries of Corpus Christi provide employment coining rehabilitation and oppor i whet Loc personal growth tat the handicapped the or a bled and the disadvantaged 791 s. Port cd so 406 108 people helped Jim Wells county crippled childrens association w provide for Oncioiu help to Tam lie in the Jim Well area in the Core of physically handicapped children. 114 e 4lh, Alice 664-0747 40 Familia helped Legal Aid society of nieces county provides Lego service in civil mortar to qualified Low Wilcome resident of Niece county. 971 h Chaparral cd 8838223 2.286 client emergency and disaster preparedness a Modican red Cross act is a medium of voluntary Relief Ond communication Between the american people Ond the Ai mad Force and prevent and mitigate suffering caused by disaster the chapter s single objective is the conservation of human life see county chapter 158-1811 594 people served courthouse Lee die coastal lend chapter 882 1791 142,37 people served 1608 s. Irow tee c c am Wells county chopper 66 7541 2,672 people served san Diego Street Alice Kleberg Kennedy copier 592 6661 949 people served courthouse. Kingsville son Patricio chapter 364-2503 898 people served Sinton health and rehabilitation Alice East fund provides funds far research in heart disease Ond Hood defects and for Community education in these oreo 816 Washington Alice 664 7804 coastal Bend association for mental health promotes mental health prevention of mental illness and service to patients Ond their families a through educational programs social action and referral 334 Wilson building c c 1844152 coastal Bend Council on alcoholism promote development of by Ell agencies Ond individual prod in on in for i even lion treatment and re habilitation within then areas of competence educates the general Public an alcohol abuse and alcoholism and the resource available to them 310 Lone Budd my. Cd 883-1977 8,964 people served coastal Bend Halfway House for alcoholics provide a comprehensive rehabilitation program far Ako Holts. 38 n country club piece. Cd 883 8109 83 men and woman served Corpus Christi drug abuse Council promote education prevention and treatment of drug Obue Ond rehabilitation of the drug addicts 2606 Hospital blvd c 884 4511 ext 392 225 client Corpus Christi heart association educate the Community to facts concerning heart disease operates a diagnostic Heon clinic and works with proles signals Ond volunteers 7606 Hospital blvd c 84-4611 a a 370 101 patient South Texas Speich hearing Ano language Center analyses and diagnoses individuals with speech Ond hear my pathology carries out remedial procedures on such per sons publicly is information about speech Ond he org problems establishes classes and or school far pupils with speech Ond hearing defects Ond dealt with any phase Ai disorders of communication 3455 s Almedo c c 152 8252 1.479 patients Aoa Wilson Hospital of physical Medicine and rehabilitation serves the orthopaedic needs of the children in the coastal Bend Region 3511 v Almedo. Cd 8539977 883 children helped supplementary education american Field a vice sponsors a foreign Exchange student to further International re lot Iota Beeville 358 3350 Ingleside health a welfare Ano Library assists those in need it a area and helps provide Matching Mons tor 11017 services a Ingleside Ingleside m5 7 1,534 people served youth adult and family services Bee county 4-h clubs develop responsibility and leadership to youth from 9 to 19 through Home protects Ond group programs courthouse. Beeville 358-4717 Bethune Day Nursery helps strengthen family units through various services Day care extended child care pre school educate Ono training recreation family Ond individual consultation Ond Community involvement 1405 Howord. Cd 887 7326 153 children served boy scouts of America a Gulf coast Council promotes the ability of boys to do things for themselves Ond others to Tram them in a Cockroft. And to teach them patriotism courage self Rahonce and Kindred Virtues using the methods which Ore now in common use by boy scouts. Also help High school Oge boys and girls find their role in the world of work 444 882-6126 20294 boys amp girls boys clubs serves the youth of the Community Ond assists their growth mentally physically Ond morally within the programs of toys clubs of America 3001 old Kingsville re Alice 664 7287 624 boys served 3902 Greenwood c c 853 2505 1.600 boys served 720 w Yoakum Kingsville 592-2100 575 boys served Camp fire girls provides a program of info rom education opportunities tar youth to realize their potential Ond to function thee Lively of caring self directed individuals responsive to themselves Ond to others Ond seek to improve those conditions in society affecting youth. 321 n Cameron. Alice 664-3221 420 members 3210 Reid drive. C c 854 hoi 7.064 members 609 w Yoakum. Kingsville 592-490 1 376 members carmelite Day Nursery provides qualms Core to children age 2-6 and during the summer months to children 2-10 years of Oge of families who must work 4015 Macarthur. C c 8536970 141 children served coastal Bend youth Oty provide resident Al child Cere for school Oge children of All Sociol Ond ethnic backgrounds in the coastal Bend area us Hwy 77. Dirt col 882 2171 160 children served crisis intervention service provides immediate crisis intervention to people who seek it. Including both Telephone Ond foe to foe intervention. Also Avo Wable to Sec idol persons and to prevent suicide through Public education 1577 s Almedo cd 183-0271 2,100 people served family counselling service assists families who Are Espelie Nimg strew due to emotional rational and Sociol courses provides training support and enhancement to families desiring growth and development in then respective family unit. 507 s water c c 882 7546 681 people counselled girl scouts a Paisano Council inspires girls grades i through 12 with the highest ideals of character conduct patriotism Ond service to become Happy and resourceful citizens 4209 s Alameda. Cd 853-0301 7,338 girls Greenwood Molina Nursery school provides non profit Day care of pre school a children of working parents and parents in training programs 954 emotional cd 854-2251 77 children served jewish Community Council of Corpus Christi posters Ond develops in with Community life carries on activities in the interest of the total Community and pro a de a common meeting ground Lor discussing molten per. Omeg to the general welfare of the Community including Center guided Leisure time activities tor Oil Oges Ond informal education.0 version c c 8554739 2.444 people served Kleberg county family guidance service provides counselling to individuals and families in the Kingsville area Alto provides education programs in the area of family me Ond other humor relationships provides con tufting service for schools Ond tar professionals in the mental health Field 729 w Nettie Kingsville 592 7410 376 people helped Robert i Moore Community Center provide soy car tar pre school children j 6 and after school age 612, health Cor service mod possible by the City county health dept homily planning social services and activities tar o variety of needed programs in the oreo 3029 Sabinal cd 884 7940 37 i people served neighbourhood centers of Corpus Christi provides educational recreational social end medical facilities tar the improvement of living conditions of Ama residents develop character Ond leadership in the Mem Ben of the group Ond encourages their civic a Twiest 614 Horn re. Cd 853 8881 357 families served fax Christi residence provides residential child Core and a Home for female children who tar some Well defined Ond established reason Ore in need of a Home away from Home 4601 co Lollen. Cd. 241 2833 40 girls Robstown Day care Center provides sole and adequate Day care for mothers who Are employed or otherwise unable to Core for Thair children 223 w ave. A Robstown 387-4136 40 children served Robstown Littie leagues 31 provide summer recreation programs for boys end girls in the Robstown oreo Robstown Texas salvation army a Corpus Christi provides o Community Center for activities a place of worship a headquarter for the Volunteer service programs of adherents and friends of the salvation army a welfare Ond referral Center for the troubled Ond needy 1502 upon c c 884 9497 8,113 people helped salvation army service units provides emergency one Stop or the spot Aid to local people Ond of transients m the area a summer Camp for really poor boys Ond immediate disaster Ani with help of stat service. Alice 275 people served Beeville 199 people served Ingleside 25 people served Kingsville 412 people served Portland 36 people served Robstown 358 people served United Abs youth Council provides reelection for the youth of the Community Mcloud my game room Ond Leisure Lime activities Otto provides group instruction in special interests such of music Ond drama 806 i Hayes. Beeville 3589952 250 youth served United services organization serves the religious spiritual Sociol welfare educational Ond entertainment needs of the men Ond women in t armed forces 107 s. St Mary a Beeville 358-4455 military Community 342 a s. Drive c c 939-2460 military Community visitors Wesley Community Center an Ogency of social concern committed to operating on the belief that a neighbourhood organized around it own interests and needs con do much to confirm personal dignity provides Doy care after school care special education school dropout programs Ond Day tamping 414 n. Buena Vista Robstown 367-1451 700 people helped Young men s Christian association of Corpus Christi provides character building programs Hoith Ond physical education programs and opportunities tar Christian fellow ship Ond leadership growth to All member 4175 Broadway c c 882 1741 2.54 members Young women s Christian association provides personal development Ond opportunities for women and girls of diverse experiences and faiths to Tom together in the struggle tar peace and rustic Freedom and dignity for Ell people 401 n Coron Cohuo c c 882 4351 1704 members administrative and Central services Texas United Community services inc a strives to achieve the get Pete to Good for people throughout the state by shoring with other Public and Pivot it bodies in planning and coordinating human Terne activities Ond by helping in the implementation and financing of such programs including United Way Compo in 8th and Braza st., ambit United Way of the coastal Bend Ai itt volunteers in conducting a fund raising Campaign and reviewing programs of member agencies and recommending Levels of funding from the United Woy assists agencies with problems encountered in performance of service and assists other planning group to serve the people n the coastal Bend 833 Wilson building cd 882 2529 because of Hie not re of the Ogency t services the number of people served cannot be accurately reported a Oil and a he Middle East will to the topic discussed by Thomas c. Barger consultant and retired president and chairman of the Board of Aramco for the society of Petroleum engineers of Aime Southwest Texas Section meeting planned for 5 pm wednesday at the Petroleum club in a rus Christi Tho speaker is also a 1576-77 distinguished lecturer for be society of Petroleum engineers of Aime in his speech. Barger will examine the present situation in the Middle East and provide a forecast of what can or expected in the future from the open and Capel countries he will discuss some of the More common misconceptions about the Middle East and it the Basic a tincture of the Oil Industry in the Middle East countries a graduate of the i of North Dakota with a degree in mining and metallurgy Barger began his career with Aramco As a Junior geologist in saudi Arabia at the Start of world War la he became the local government i relations representative after some 15 years in government relations Barger returned to the operations end of the Petroleum Industry Anil became president and i Hie executive officer of a Kam it Barger retired from his position As chairman of the Board in 1969, after 32 years in saudi Arabia since retirement he has lived in la Jolla. Calif working As a consultant on Middle East affairs. The society of Petroleum engineers of Aime is an International technical and professional organization for engineers scientists and managers in the exploration drilling and production phases of the Petroleum and natural Gas industries Spe has More than 25,000 members located in major Oil producing areas of the world tax experts to visit in Hub City Campti Oiler Bob Bullock announced that representatives from the Corpus cd Sis office will be in Alice and u to tie to monday to ans quest Wjt from taxpayers <1 provide assw4�pce in him a returns Bullock i Aid enforcement officers Gilbert Hinojosa and Mike Maldonado will be at the Duval county court House next to the sheriffs office from to a in to noon and in Jim Wells county court House tax collectors office from i p m to 5 pm any year is a great moment Iii history for the Man or woman who takes the first step toward financial Freedom. Lets talk Freedom. Person to person. 55 de Magill to n. 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