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Alice Echo News Newspaper Archives Sep 26 1976, Page 3

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Alice Echo News (Newspaper) - September 26, 1976, Alice, Texas 25 years ago in Alice Alice Echo Newt Sun. September a 1978, Page 3 ass saws Wev is Sass svs Yvet a he Sny Sass so of Ltd a a a a Astrograph it was a show and Tell time in the Hub City a Quarter of a Century ago As residents still aghast and agog Over the disastrous Flash flood that had turned Alice into the Venice of South Texas were in the process of digging out and cleaning up a deluge that drenched the City and the surrounding area with an unbelievable 16.18 inches of rain in five hours brought three to five feet of water up Over the curbs beyond the lawns and into the living rooms of nearly every Home in Alice damage in Alice itself had been estimated at Well Over $1.5 million with county commissioners sadly toting up the toll As the receding Waters revealed roads and Bridges in dire shape. The plight of Alice had stirred the hearts of folks All Over the Lone Star state with air Force recruits at Lackland fab taking up a collection totalling $896 to help out those More than 800 individuals who had to be evacuated from their Homes the daily Echo in the Best traditions of american journalism did no to miss a beat or More importantly a single Issue As Waters reportedly Rose in both the newsroom and gurgled menacingly around the base of the presses front Page photos showed residents wading in Waist deep water. An Aerial photograph taken by a department of Public safety plane showed the Texas blvd. Main St. Intersection area just barely recognizable As the floods inundated the entire neighbourhood covering All of East Alice without any visible exceptions _ mayor pro tem Mendal Hughett acting for the shocked City Council asked for state and Federal Aid to help clean up the mess relocate the displaced and undertake a flood control study that would prevent a reoccurrence of the disaster a preliminary study revealed 3,500 Homes had been affected in one Way or another with from 1200 to 1500 structures requiring major repairs George Walt head of the red Cross disaster committee assisted by or w a Davis Lawrence i tee Luis Mora and Dick Adams were hard at work compiling an accurate accounting of damage to both private and Public properties the National guard had been called out to help protect the business District against looting not a single Case of which was reported and Hughett was cautioning the Home folks to boil their water As the sewer Plant had also been inundated during the flood and the tap water might be contaminated r e. Horine chairman of the Jim Wells county chapter of the american red Cross thanked the generous airmen from Lackland who had taken up their collection on Alices behalf telling the air Force men their donations would he carefully apportioned among the most needy of our citizens As the Waters receded life was snapping Back to Normal with the Echo reporting City Hall still beset with resignations of key personnel this time it was Street superintendent Otto Richter who joined the Parade of those submitting their resignations to newly appointed City manager John l. Sullivan a i have been falsely accused of not cooperating with the City administration Quot said Richter adding that he would rather resign than continue to put up w Ith unfounded innuendoes the 4-h Gold Star winners Jackson jr., son of or and were announced by the 1951 judges for Jim Wells with Ruth Ann Heider daughter of or and mrs. Arthur Heider of Orange Grove being named outstanding girl and j w mrs j a. Jackson of Alice awarded the coveted title of outstanding boy in the 4-h organization and so it went 25 years ago in the Alice Echo. Library echoes Berry a world a 19/6 Dyni a inc a very Tunny do you want a Swine flu shot or not0 a yes the voice the cuisines of Mexico by Diana Kennedy reviewed by Rick Lutz the Alice Public Library has recently received the first of a series of Book collections compiled by is. Maria Herrera of the Mcallen Library each Multi volume collage dealing with a different phase of mexican lifestyle among the selections in the first of these intriguing kits to come our Way each of which will be loaned to the local facility for three months is Diana Kennedy a author Tive beautifully illustrated treatise on the cuisines of Mexico of great interest to South Texas gourmets for most americans accustomed to the Ordinary mexican meals generally served in Homes and restaurants Here about this Cookbook will be nothing Short of astonishing embracing the cuisines of the Spanish and the Indian As Well As the highly distinctive fare of the separate regions the food of Mexico is every hit As delicate and Subtle and various As the celebrated dishes usually associated with France or China mrs. Kennedy was a resident of Mexico for Many years and gathered her material from every part of the country. Her recipes have become the envy of mexican nationals As Well As visiting american connoisseurs and renown hotel chefs a perfectionist she also researched her Book in Many ancient and rare mexican Cookbook and tested recipes in her new \ Ork cooking classes although her recipes Are undeniably exotic there Are no difficult techniques involved in preparing them even the making of tortillas will be a simple procedure for the beginning Cook More important to the experimenter mrs Kennedy Lias searched out the sources for All the ingredients in her recipes and includes some guides to mexican markets and restaurants what is often forgotten by those who write is that their works Are of considerable Benefit to those of us who Are condemned for whatever reason to eating in restaurants. Those legions banned from their own kitchens for want of the ability to adequately Fry an egg or whose culinary output would Only enhance the patronage of the out patient departments of their local hospitals May browse through mrs Ken Nedys epic volume to great Benefit. It enables the restaurant customer to order More carefully More discriminate by from the existing menu. Also it May stimulate a chef bored with Huntsville Rodeo promises thrills Huntsville if the first tryout for the 45th annual Texas prison Rodeo held Here sunday is any criterion this years Rodeo held each sunday in october promises to be the most thrilling in the Long and colourful history of these events. Hoot Crawford Arena director after watching 76 convict would be contestants try for a spot on the program said a in my Long association with the Rodeo i have never seen the Stock so Frisky. If the riders will have the same spirit As the broncs and bulls we re going to have a Rodeo that will be something one rider with three years experience in the prison Rodeo said he likes the rougher Stock. Ernest Robinson serving a 50-year term for murder from Harris county commented that hell be ready for that a rough and Tough Stock. Tags program you re invited to participate turning out Only mundane touristy fare into showing his Duff when presented with a special order from a Patron who appreciates a dish not normally on the average restaurant s menu mrs Kennedy s excellent contribution to culinary lore is one of several similar gems in the packet our Library has received from Mcallen Library patrons whose tastes in books Are equalled by their interest in cuisine will enjoy having either libary administrator Alicia Salinas or research librarian Margaret Neu introduce them to this highly appreciated new feature available both Here in Alice and soon at both the Premont and Orange Grove facilities new at Library fiction Dunnett Dorothy checkmate. Hunter Mollie a sound of chariots. Wagner Robin s. Sarah to portrait of a teenage alcoholic. Non Fly ton Hope Karol Momma source Book for single mothers. Karlin Muriel individualizing instruction guide for diagnosis planning teaching and evaluation. Mathiessen Peter the search for the great White shark. Moffat Mary Jane revelations diaries of women. Meetings monday lecture room City Council 5 30 . Tatj esd Aye lecture room scouts Den mothers training 8 a m. Wednesday a lecture room system reference workshop All Day lecture room Den mothers training 7 30 . Thursday a history room special de. Olympic comm3-5 30 . Lecture room consumer workshop All Day. Friday lecture room consumer workshop All Day. For sunday sept. 26. 1976 Aries March 21-april 19 someone you re very closely associated with May feel she has a proprietary interest in your resources today and put you on the spot Taurus april 20-May 20 Don t make a major decision you Haven t had time to think on you could come up with a massive error in judgment through Hasty action gemini May 21-june 20 you re not Apt to have too much Luck today in getting others to do your bidding you la be far better of it you a end for yourself cancer june 21-july 22 in Hopes of bettering your lot to Day you might take a foolish Gamble basically opposed to your More conservative instincts Leo july 23-aug. 22 normally you treat those who Are your guests cordially today you re not Likely to be your usual hospitable self Virgo aug. 23-sept. 22 you May run into a person you have an old grudge against today Don t demean yourself by going out of your Way to patronize the individual Libra sept. 23-oct. 23 open your heart and purse to an old Friend today but Don t give More than you can afford you won t help by hurting yourself Scorpio oct. 24-nov. 22 you re ambitious today but you re Likely to focus on the wrong goals try not to spin your wheels on things that May not be desirable once at tdlh6 Sagittarius nov. 23-dec. 21 a problem you have with another can be resolved of you la bring it out in the open suffering in silence won t help the issues Capricorn dec. 22-Jan. 19 it is Folly to involve yourself too deeply in a Friend s problems today you probably cant help and you May be opening a can of Worms. Aquarius Jan 20-Feto. 19 there is someone who has cooperated with you in the past of you want him to continue to do so give him More credit in the future Pisces fab 20-March 20 you have a tendency to be unable to determine which Way to go seek a Safe Middle ground your birthday uttus Annika Al Camino featuring reel or Barbecue eat Hare. Or by Peoa to of los Angeles apr the waitress in the Universal studio commit Alary lingered after she took the lunch order. A i love to listen to that voice a she explained. A yes the voice. It is mellifluous and hypnotic Ideal for a seance or a Vampire reunion indeed Christopher Lee has menaced through an astonishing array of Cut rate but Well made British scare films you name it he has played it Frankenstein Dracula the Mummy fun Manchu Rasputin Gorgon he has even menaced James Bond in a the Man with the Golden Arm Quot Christopher Lee has left such perfidy behind for a new career in California. Taxes and typecasting helped drive him out of England he argues Lee is making his first feature film in Hollywood As an oceanographer flying the doomed 747 of a Airport 1977�?� with such passengers As Jack Lemmon Olivia de Haviland James Stewart Lee Grant and Joseph gotten. The briton moved Here with his wife and 12-year-old daughter in late june and intends to stay. A it was i decision that had been building steadily Over the years a he said Quot i had worked with american companies but never in America some of the English pictures i had done were successes Here so i was not an unknown Quantity. My career had brought me dangerously close to typecasting. A a the private life of Sherlock Holmes waa the turning Point. Billy Wilder was not Only the greatest director i have worked with but the Moat sensible one he said. A i done to care what the Man did before i want him for this the film was not a Success but it was for me it showed the Industry in Britain that i was not an actor who did one part a a a in a 54, so i obviously done to have stars in my eyes a said Lee. A two publicity Tours of the United states decided it for me a i travelled for a Golden gun and a four musketeers i discovered that americana knew who i was and it would not be a Gamble to move my career Here Quot two further motivations the state of the English film Industry a parlous to say the least Quot and English taxes Quot when 85 per cent of your income goes to taxes what can you save Quot he said. A a that a where i found Christopher Lee came up the hard Way in English films a for the first to years i was considered too tall for the average English leading Man and not typically British because of my italian background a he found his Niche with a the curse of Frankenstein Quot in 1966 the Hammer company followed with a flood of terror films attracting the involvement of the Community in the new title in program for the talented and gifted students tags will be the subject for a meeting tuesday sept 28 at the Alice High school. The primary purpose of the initial meeting will be to explain the project and to enlist the Aid and Active support for the project. Officers will be elected at the meeting. The tags program involve 150 students in Adams Junior High and Alice High schools who have shown a High level o achievement in one or More academic areas. These students will participate in Independent studies and will develop self planned projects designed to enrich and enhance super dance a Ruben Ramos Mexicana revolution a Jay Garcia and the crusader band monday sept. 27 . Hall Alice 8 till 12 tickets at Liberty record shop. Their special talents and interests persons desiring further information May Contact w w. Farrar director of curriculum and instruction or Maxine Walker coordinator at the Central office or one of the teachers of the program Rosemary Monferdini at Adams Junior High or Becky Palacios at Alice High any person in the Community interested in Young people is invited to attend the organizational meeting. Try a delicious change a cabrito a Carne Quisada a Chick a burgers a Short orders a mexican foods a Specia Uty open 6 a m a wednesdays now air conditioned Las Casillas de Villa Nueva pm 645�?across from k. C. Hall by Sibo dial devotional 664-0841 end Takiar Imam Crisp Intuit in Crunchy Gulden Taco Khelu Al participating Torci. This thursday thru sunday Only september 23,24,25,1 26 Bernice Bede Oso sept. 26, 1976 there will be some advantageous changes for you this year that could Benefit you financially be prepared to move when Opportunity knocks for monday. Sept 27. 1976 Aries March 21-april 19 you can achieve your ends through Friendly persuasion today be tactful you la win allies tor your cause Taurus april 20-May 20 your instincts Are right regarding something you Toel has potential value will take work to make it an asset gemini May 21-june 20 plan to do something fun today with a bought cheerful companion your moods will be governed by oui c to any cancer june 21-july 22 resourcefulness is your Strong suit today hut it won t come into full play unless something occurs to test Yout Mettle Leo july 23-aug. 22 there Are two sides to every Coin focus on the positive aspects today you la find the solutions you re seeking Virgo aug 23-8ept. 22 patience is essential today in your commercial affairs you won t gain the Edge till ifs time to wrap up the Deal Libra sept. 23-oct 23 be a Good listener today and you May pick up information of considerable value it will come from an expert in his Field Scorpio oct. 24-nov. 22 hunches today regarding financial matters should Only be used in co function with your logic in making decisions Sagittarius nov 23 Dee 21 someone i i be me recently. Orth knowing better get in touch rather Titan waiting tor a Call Capricorn dec. 22-Jan 19 for Best results today Don t flaunt your authority More will be achieved by pulling strings in the background aquarius Jan. 20-feb. 19 Cut through the red tape Todne Deal directly with the top Man toying with subordinate s a waste of time Pisces Fob. 20-match 20 Don t be hesitant about making Small concessions today if you see they could profit you in the Long run your birthday sept. 27, 1976 this year should be a very Active one both mentally and physically enjoyable fresh interests will enable you to meet new people and do gift event things Buckhorn movie information admission $1.25 tonight monday Shadow of the Hawk a terrifying adventure into the unknown. 4 nyx Miles so. 281 Unis hot Una ii nil Demit a ii Mumk a we h t v i a -41 b a bibs amp pm sunmon., tue. Call for Showtime Welcome to the 23d Century. The Only thing you cant have in this perfect world of total pleasure is your 30th birthday. Logan is 79. Metro Goldwyn Mayer prints a Saul David production Quot logans run Quot or Michael York Jinny Aguiler Richard Jordan Roscoe Lee Browne Earrah Fawcett majors amp Peter Ustinov David Zeug Goodman my on in William f Nolan a Georgi Clayton Johnson ,.eon, Saul David comm Michael Anderson Puj him Tood to my metr0c010r amp a a a h United artists Mem it s age v information 664-0404 Call for Showtime Fri thru thu Wem Itrat cum tim i hot now open our new party room a seats up to 60 people we can Cater to any food suggestions a pleasant atmosphere a excellent food Call for your reservations 664-6630 to Beefeater Hwy. 281 so. Alice Texas

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