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Alice Echo News Newspaper Archives Oct 22 1972, Page 1

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Alice Echo News (Newspaper) - October 22, 1972, Alice, Texas Alice 14 thu 13 Texas tech 35 Colorado 20 Missouri 30 Ray 14 Texas a amp Mio Arizona to Oklahoma 7 notre Dame 26 Texas 35 sum 29 Oklahoma St. 20 Miami 33 Memphis St. 7 Arkansas 15 Rice 14 Baylor 7 Houston 13 North Texas 6 h tee Muy or Alice Echo hews Call 4446598 a Makayi a till 4 pal Shedoy a Iii t a Jualice Echo news 11 United volume 77 second Cloit Pottage paid at Alice text 7im2 Alice Texas sunday october 22, 1972 United fund Campaign number 311 South Viets turn Down proposed peace formula tricycle trials Sag Wood malls first annual ? tricycle races were held yesterday morning and several youngsters competed for two tricycles that were Given away As prizes. In the top photo Barbara Adame four relaxes a bit too Early she was overtaken by Randy James Reaux seven who won a Green Trike for his efforts. Below Ivan Perez four wonders where the Competition is. He could have won doing a handstand. He too took a tricycle Home. Sag Wood employee Elvira Perez won the adult division and was awarded a trophy. Echo news photos Saigon up a president Nguyen Van Thieu and the South vietnamese National Security Council turned Down a Quot temporary peace solution Quot discussed during talks with president Nixon a special adviser Henry a. Kissinger the newspaper tin song re posted saturday. Quot these suggestions Are completely unacceptable from the standpoint of the vietnamese government which is restoring an honorable peace that will last forever for the said the report. Tin song live news is partially financed by Hoang due Nha. Thieu a Nephew and personal Secretary who has participated in the three Days of talks Between Kissinger and South vietnamese government leaders. The newspaper did not give details of the a temporary peace other sources have indicated discussions with the North vietnamese at the Paris peace talks included proposals for a cease fire and a halt in United states bombing of the North with other major political issues to be decided later. The South vietnamese government also plastered thousands of posters on buildings throughout Saigon proclaiming Thieu s Strong opposition to any peace plan that included a coalition with the communists. Kissinger conferred for three hours with foreign minister Tran Van Lam saturday but did not meet with Thieu. Kissinger held a total of 84 hours of talks with Thieu since arriving in the Southeast asian Republic wednesday night. . Embassy sources in phenom penh said Kissinger would leave Saigon for Cambodia sunday morning to discuss the Indochina War with president Lon nol. Bookies in phenom penh were offering 20-to-l Odds in favor of a cease fire declaration during the weekend. Official spokesmen for the South vietnamese government and the . Embassy gave no details of Kissinger stalks. But the appearance of the two foot Long posters indicated Thieu had not softened his resistance to a three part government with the communists. Quot to accept the farcical three part government is to Welcome the gang of communist aggressors into our House a said one of the posters Quot the so called tripartite government is just an arbitrary solution that deprives the South vietnamese people of their right of self determination Quot said another a we Are the Only ones who can guarantee with certainty that South Vietnam will not fall into the hands of the communists Quot said a third. . Embassy sources in Saigon said that by the time Kissinger left the capital he would be Able to Tell Nixon a exactly what limits and what horizons encompass the solidly entrenched Thieu regime a they an plumbing a by Depths Quot a spokesman said. Quot Kissinger representing pres ident Nixon and president Thieu each stated How far each Side would go. How far Thev could Back Down How Many personnel and Materiel losses they Are willing and Able to sustain Quot Kissinger. William Sullivan the Deputy assistant Secretary of state for East Asia affairs and us ambassador Ellsworth Bunker took part in the three hour meeting with Lam saturday Saigon braces for new attacks Fleet footed Felon out speeds Pursuit a Fleet footed thief with expansive sartorial tastes walked off with $430 Worth of clothes from a downtown Alice department store Friday. He wound up empty handed and Short of breath for his troubles. According to a police report filed by Keith Young manager of the establishment a Middle aged Man had been seen loitering around clothes rack. He picked up several suits and began walking to the front of the store. He passed All checkout counters and kept walking right out the door several clerks followed him outside and yelled for the Man to Stop. Sales clerk Aaron Garcia gave Chase. The suspect sped South Down Reynolds St., then turned West onto san Diego St. As Garcia closed the Gap. The suspect dropped the clothes thus unencumbered he fled the scene. Garcia retrieved the almost ill gotten gains and returned them to the store police Are searching for the would be thief. In other police activity buddy Luce reported a car stolen from Yates used car lot. The vehicle a late Model compact Sedan was discovered missing at 9 a m. Friday. Mrs. Diane de la Cruz of 1711 Andrea St. Reported Friday afternoon that clothing had been stolen from her car while she was shopping downtown she told police her vehicle was locked and when she returned to the car a door was open and the clothes were gone. Saigon up a South vietnamese and communist troops fought for control of two hamlets and a militia outpost saturday within 15 Miles of Saigon where . Presidential adviser Henry a. Kissinger held a third Day of talks with government officials. Saigon mayor col. Do Kien Nhieu ordered a general tightening of Security in Saigon to guard against expected commando and terror raids inside the capital before the nov. 7 . Presidential elections. . B52 bombers dumped More than 600 tons of High explosives in seven raids around Saigon Between noon Friday and noon saturday spokesmen said. The bombing strikes could be clearly heard inside the capital. Jet fighters flew at least 34 missions in support of embattled government forces the . Command said. In Saigon government workers plastered Walls with thousands of posters denouncing any coalition government. Political observers said that the Nguyen Van Thieu administration appeared to be publicly vetoing any attempt to end the War by the imposition of a coalition. Kissinger a third Day in Saigon saturday was relatively quiet. He talked for three hours with foreign minister Trail Van Lam at the ministers Home and spent the rest of the Day with ambassador Ellsworth Bunker and Gen. Creighton w. Abrams the . Army chief of staff. Field reports said that the heaviest fighting in the Saigon area saturday was at Hoa Nhut Hamlet and militia Post 13 Miles North of Saigon the Battle actually began thursday when the communists took Over the Hamlet and forced the militiamen out of the Post. Friday South vietnamese regulars and the militia Force attacked guerrillas entrenched in Hoa Nhut. Lung cancer rate increases search for Boggs in sixth Day Anchorage Alaska up a the air Force reversed itself saturday and said the voice heard by California citizens band radio operators could have come from the plane missing in Alaska for six Days with House democratic majority Leader Hale Boggs aboard. When the plane went Down monday five californians reported having heard Many details from a Pilot in distress in Alaska. However the conversations were eight hours after the Boggs plane would have run out of fuel. For this reason plus doubts about the plane s having citizens band equipment aboard an air Force spokesman said earlier this week that the reported conversations Quot just did no to jell with what we bbl reports attempt to overthrow Sadat London up a egyptian army officers tried to overthrow president Anwar Sadat a government last week the British broadcasting corp. Bbl said saturday night. Quot according to the reports the plot collapsed when one group was stopped by Chance in the Center of Cairo by a military policeman Quot the bbl said in a newscast. The bbl foreign affairs correspondents said Between 200 and 300 egyptian army officers were believed to have been arrested after the coup attempt failed. Quot according to reports reaching Eastern Europe and the West two groups of officers drove into Cairo a week ago to try to capture president Sadat Quot the bbl said. One group then was halted by the policeman the plot was discovered and the plan fell apart it said. Quot the officers Are reported to have been protesting against Egypt a failure to wage full scale War against Israel and against the Union of Egypt with Libya Quot it said. The bbl said there seemed Quot no suggestion the attempted coup had major military or political support and the current situation is expected to remain British government sources said the foreign office had reports that Quot some kind of incident that could have been a coup attempt Quot did take place. They said the reports were Quot conflicting As to the size and seriousness of the incident. As for the by cd a report of mass arrests of officers the government sources said they had no hard information on a crackdown but that Quot wholesale arrests had followed previous coup attempts in Egypt but the californians who make occasional Distant contacts because of Freak weather conditions were flown to Anchorage for interrogation. Voice indicates Landing col. Earl Ray an air Force spokesman said saturday Quot it is Clear that if we assume certain things the distress signals could have come from the missing Cessna 310.&Quot what has to be assumed is that the Pilot. Don e. Jonz landed the plane somewhere on his 550-mile flight from Anchorage to Fairbanks and then took off again. About 50 abandoned airstrips without communications exist along the route. It also must be assumed that Jonz had aboard citizens band equipment which is not common for planes in Alaska and perhaps that his Normal equipment was not functioning the californians said the voice they heard indicated that he had landed and then took to the air again presumably because of some technical difficulties. Distress Call maj. Ken Shelley another air Force spokesman said to the Best of his knowledge this had not been mentioned in the weather Alice and Vicinity a Chance of rain is forecast today. High temperature will be in the mid 80s with a Low tonight in the Low 60s initial reports received by Alaska air command Victor Parker of Nevada City calif., said he heard a Pilot report that he was too Miles Over the water with an hours Supply of fuel left. Later the Pilot said Quot of my god in a going to hit the after an interval the Pilot spoke of slipping possibly toward water. The last transmission was too garbled to understand. The Pilot had put his location at 12 Miles Southwest of Juneau but an intensive search of this area proved fruitless. Parker speculated that the Pilot was lost. No recordings of the conversations exist because it is against Federal communications commission rules tor citizens band operators to make recordings a massive search continued saturday with two rf4 phantom reconnaissance jets with infrared equipment joining about 40 other planes. Hall the pictures taken in a flight by an sr71, the successor to the u2 spy plane failed to turn out Boggs campaigning on behalf of alaskans Only congressman Nick Begich disappeared on a flight with Begich Begich s aide Russel Brown and Jonz. Beggs wife and three adult children returned to Washington saturday from Alaska mrs. Boggs said Quot i am More confident because in be seen the efforts put into the new York up a cancer of the lung the variety that holds the least possibility of survival is increasing so rapidly that the lungs Are now the spot where cancer is found most often the american cancer society said saturday. Lung cancer kills up to 91 per cent of its victims and its incidence in the United states has been steadily growing acs reported. The rate this year among men. Who Are most often affected is 18 times greater than it was 40 years ago. Despite the grim figures the society said lung cancer Quot is a largely preventable disease since most lung cancer is caused by a unfortunately it is difficult to diagnose in time for acs said in its publication "73 cancer facts and Low female incidence there will be 79,000 new cases of lung cancer during 1973. The society estimated 3.000 More than during 1972. The predicted incidence for lung cancer matches that for cancer of the Colon and rectum a a disease that has stabilized in recent years in its incidence and mortality. A lung cancer will result in the highest number of cancer deaths this year�?72,000-with Eolon rectum next at 47,000,�?� the acs publication said. Lung cancer has relatively Low incidence among women although it is increasing steadily. Breast cancer with 72.000 new cases and 32,400 deaths expected in 1973, is the most common variety among women. Cancer in All its varieties is the second most common cause of death in the United states after heart disease the society said with a toll of More than 318.000 people or 16.5 per cent of All deaths according to the most recent Federal statistics 1968. The american cancer society estimates 350,000 persons will die of cancer in 1973, while 222,000 people will be saved from cancer. But the acs summary said Quot about 111.000 cancer patients will probably die in 1973 who might have been saved by earlier and better a cancer Quot cure Quot is counted when a person has been free of All signs of the disease for five years after last treatment. There Are now 1.5 million americans who formerly had cancer but have been otherwise healthy for More than five years and another 700,000 persons treated recently who Quot will live to enter the ranks of those we Call Quot about 53 million americans now living will eventually have cancer a acs said Quot one in four persons according to present Quot the hopeful Side of the cancer problem Quot the society said lies in Quot the startling contrast Between five year survival rates for cancer detected and treated Early compared to survival rates after it has invaded other parts of the wreck kills three in live Oak county George West three persons Are dead and three remain hospitalized in a Beeville Hospital following a car truck collision Friday night at the intersection of highways 9 and 59, East of George West. According to reports from the live Oak county sheriffs department the Accident occurred at approximately 8 35 . When a car driven by Ely Moreno address unknown apparently failed to yield the right of Way to a truck driven by an employee of a san Antonio meat packing firm. Moreno a vehicle headed West on Highway 59, was struck on the left rear Quarter of the Drivers Side. Two victims were pronounced dead at the scene another victim died at 9 30 a m. Saturday in a Beeville Hospital four of the victims Are mexican nationals and two Are native texans. The Driver of the truck was uninjured. Fatal crash investigated beginning with tomorrows Echo news will be a new series dealing with extra sensory perception esp1 and the occult Quot the strange world of Brad the series will appear every monday and Friday in the Echo news. Tomorrow Lee Marvin believes in esp. Goldthwaite Tex up a Federal aviation administration Faa investigators began their inspection saturday of the crash site of a plane that fell in a Pecan Orchard and killed seven persons. The Small plane crashed Fri Day when it appeared to develop engine trouble. A witness said the Craft Quot was coughing and really pouring out smoke a As it fell. Quot they done to know what caused the crash a said a sheriffs spokesman Quot its plumb the witness who would not identify himself said the plane circled the area for a time be fore crashing. A the plane was really smok ing a he said. Quot it went around and around up there and finally just Fred and Margaret Mccall 32, of san Saba Tex. And their children Lee Ann 12 Troy to and Melissa 6, were killed a Long with mrs. Mccall a Mother Hazel Carpenter and mrs. Carpenters other daughter Christy Lou 17 Roy Wilkins a local undertaker was one of the first persons to reach the crash Quot there was no place cd d out there a he a guess he was in a Leal Euler gency and was trying to find some Flat place at one Point during a Lur Day s fighting two communist soldiers faked a surrender to the government forces when the South vietnamese moved up to Quot capture Quot the guerrillas. They were ambushed held officers said two Miles North at Bung Cau Hamlet 15 Miles from Saigon. Communist troops late Friday entered the town s Market and warned residents of the Hamlet to leave refugees said Satur Day. Over North Vietnam Friday. Us. Jets flew through generally had weather to at tack in 190 bombing raids the . Command said saturday nine Waves of b52 lambers backed up the jets with raids in the lower Panhandle including six missions Over the Mugia pass the major route to the to Chi Minh Trail in Laos. 75 Miles North of the demilitarized zone Doz air Force planes using laser guided Quot smart bombs and regular High explosive bombs raided the rep Railroad Yard 40 Miles Northeast of pm strikers walk pickets Arlington. Tex Upit Auto workers walked their picket lines during shift changes and Union and management representatives negotiated saturday without ending a strike at the general motors Assembly Plant. The 3,650 members of United Auto workers local 276 walked Oft their jobs at to Friday when a letter of strike intent deadline passed without negotiators reaching a settlement the workers claimed work schedules were too High to be met. Would Stop any was pm officials said he Plant would have been shut Down whether the local workers struck or not because the on hand parts Supply had about been exhausted. About 9, workers at plants in Kansas and Janesville wis. Also struck Friday. An 8. 500 Man local at St Louis reissued a five Day letter of intent to strike a ill s heartbreaking that we get a settlement Quot said a Union spokesman Quot we met every hour we could by their is an honest difference of opinion he said 175 of 200 Union grievances remained to be resolved blames in differ enc Charles Breusing National Liaw representative blamed the Arlington strike on in difference by management Quot because Thev knew they operate Quot we feel the issues could have been resolved Hail management met up to then obligations Quot said one Union official a pm spokesman said c regret that local 276 of tin Caw Union text it necessary to strike Over work standards

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