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Alice Echo News Newspaper Archives Feb 7 1973, Page 3

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Alice Echo News (Newspaper) - February 7, 1973, Alice, Texas Page 2, Aliet Echo a we wtd., february 7, lf73 courthouse records Tyl of instrument i swi 15672 is 673 >5674 j57$ 15676 15677 i57 1567 1560 1561 1567 1563 1564 1565 Nolle of tax who r�1nm Lien re liens a j notice of ordinance Oil deed mob a 661 or a release of we Witt a ump to la asset it Aho of no prod from january a 171 internal Revenue ser let to w Reynolds Alice Nat to Sank Lack stores. Inc City of Alice m b Markin on orlon it in Orl Orton it we Kaiser Cement it Al Alices a a Loon Assn Joel Mayfield it in and Alecto Valadez m g Presley it us m o Presley it of j p Cerrano january i. 171 15723 15774 15775 15776 15777 1577 1572 15710 15731 15732 159733 15b4 15735 15736 15737 1573 1573 15740 15741 15742 159743 15744 15745 15746 15747 1574 159749 15750 i release two discharge release my affy q c deed we aft we release of we of of completion release my an cd tax deed tax deed to deed tax deed tax deed to deed tax deed tax deed tax deed easement to of deed an Chan cd Suppi notice Hosp Lien Atud of a blog a blog a my of a my c c judgment removing 15751 15752 159753 159754 15755 159756 15757 1575 disabilities 159759 la asset 15760 of 15761 discharge 1572 Rrt Reidt 159763 part re of 159764 special we 159765 special a Del a trans 15766 it 159767 a Del a trans 15976 it 159769 release it 159770 release liens 159771 it 1597 ty1 amt 159773 release liens 159774 my a asset 15775 it 15776 15777 15977 159779 15970 1571 15782 1573 �?�59784 159785 159786 159787 159788 159789 159790 159791 159792 159793 159794 159795 159796 159797 159798 159799 15900 15901 15802 159803 159804 159805 15906 15907 159808 Ajaj contract of Sale Aho Bill of Sale notice of tax Lien notice of tax Lien notice of tax Lien notice of tax Lien notice of tax Lien notice of tax Lien notice of tax Lien cd no inter tax we we re of my Rei of liens Rel of it Rei of liens Atud a Del my my we c c of probate deed q c deed an pm we part Rel it it we la asset tot is George Weston Dpi tot is Espirio Martinez Del tot is Vicente Morin or tot is Roel Garcia Garza civil docket 3740 Baileys discount furniture is Sofia Lopez action for account 3741 Alice National Bank is David Howell action for promissory note 3742 Alice National Bank is k b Gernandt action for promissory note criminal docket 12489 tot is Melvin Edward Shanks negligent collision 12490 tot is Frank Eugene Bullock an Stop sign 12491 tot is Anthony Field constant or Stop sign 12492 tot is r a Balboa Sec 12493 tot is Clement Gonzalez Dpi 12494 12495 12496 Dpi 12497 Dpi 12498 tot is Roel Garcia Garza aggravated assault upon an officer 12499 tot is Cruz Enrique Aguilar Dpi 12500 tot is Mickey Hiller contributing to delinquency of a minor 12501 tot is Stephen Lee Dailey fleeing an officer 12502 tot is Francisco Salinas Dpi 12503 tot is Elaine Mosley theft 12504 tot is mrs Guadalupe Villarreal Sec 12505 tot is mrs Candido Cantujr Sec 12506 tot is Manuel Garza theft 12507 tot is or Herb Corum Sec 12508 tot is Jeanne Teresa Collins fictitious operators License 12509 tot is Jeraldine Gonzalez Sec 12510 tot is t. J Fletcher theft 12511 tot is Jose Humberto Herrera theft probate docket 3896 estate of Johnnie Jack journey Shirley Ann journey admin for probate 3897�? estate of Julia Stafford Katherine Stafford Barnes and Sam Ferguson Mccombs admin for probate 3898 estate of Rosie Elizabeth Gawlik Edna Gawlik Hines admin tor probate 3899 estate of Ignitz Frank Gawlik Edna Gawlik Hines admin for probate 3900 estate of Hattie e Fornes James w Lynn and Bruce Lynn admin for probate District court docket 16638�? Joel Austin and co is Connie b Allen sworn account. 16639�?clark pipe and Supply inc is Glennwood Warncke sworn account 16642�?Alice feeders Supply inc is Robert c Jones sworn account 16644 William Aubrey Leigh jr., it us is Robert David Moody it us suit on contract 16645-Juana Martinez is its corp personal injury. January if 171 Leo to i do de la Garza Jesus p Palacios Werner a ooh Mer United states army Alice Sav a in Assn Jose Angel Garza it Al Dora Garza Vasquez. It Al Augustina c Garza Joe Eddie gumming it Al Ramona Chapa Alice Sav a in Assn Jose a Jimenez it us Urban renewal Agency first state by of Alice Noe s place Monroe c Whitman or Monroe c. Whitman or Monroe c. Whitman or Monreo c Whitman or. Monroe c Whitman or Monroe c Whitman or Monroe c Whitman or. Monroe c Whitman or Monroe c Whitman or Edward Herman settee it Al Santos Charles Rosa Elena Nunez Diamond d january to 171 Power tech associates memorial medical Center Jose Angel Ramirez stockholders Oil co Douglas Riser Tiger. It us Stella n. Casey Ruth Stockton Nancy Claire Garcia Jose Israel Rodriguez it us Jose Israel Rodriguez it us United states Navy Alice Sav a in Assn Sandia state Bank Glenmore inc. Rafael Cuellar Angel l Saenz it us Eliseo Cuellar or. George g. Maloney it us r f Emmord Spring Branch by to Alician Man or Assoc Ltd Alician Manor Assoc Ltd Felix Wolf it us Robert p afflerbach it us Robert p afflerbach it us january la 171 mid continent Supply co. Barnett helicopters inc e a Austin Alfred Nollkamper Sotero Alviar it us state of Texas state of Texas state of Texas state of Texas state of Texas state of Texas state of Texas est of Margaret e Knellinger Ricardo Escobar w. V Isham ass financial inc. Robert Allan Hill jr., it Al Kleberg first Nat l by first City Nat l by of to Barbara Ballantyne Grant Barbara Ballantyne Grant Billy l Burgan. It us Billy l Burgan it us Elvira Alviar estate of a o Cook Annie d Cook Tomasa Rivera Casa Blanca club Bertagna inc Small business admin Juan a Balboa it us Paul c. Barker to Doroteo Martinez it us municipal fines Paul c hover or47, 1016 Cherry St., san Antonio ran red Light $12 50 Bertie Bailey Morgan 70. Box 431, expired Mvi sticker $17 50 Lucia Smithwick 30505 Anselmo ran Stop sign $12 50 Mica Exiaa Gonzalez 19,859 n Adams ran Stop sign $12 50 Jack William Mcmonagle 18, 116 Agarito ran Stop sign $12.50 Orvice j Green 46920 Hickey expired Mvi sticker $17 50 Marvin Diebel 30, 1015 Kleberg negligent collision $27.50 Roberto Saenz 41, 801 Alton negligent collision $27 50 Johnnie Garcia n a 723 Hickey drunk in Public $27 50 Rolando g Pena 17, it. I Box 175, negligent collision $27 50 Santos g Chapa 30, 103 heritage place no Driver s License $27 50 Emma Munoz Rios 36, of i Box 303 a speeding in school zone $22.50. Gary g Gunter 16, 1322 Northwood speeding 40 30, $12 50 Delia r Solis 22, 857 Lucero negligent collision $27 50 Benito Charles Reyes 42, of. I Box 81c, negligent collision $27.50 Raul Garcia jr., 24, 504 Cavazos driving left of Center $12.50 Rosendo Buentello 29, 922 s Arkansas drunk in Public $27.50 Charlie Salinas 16, 710 e Cactus no Driver s License $27 50. Norberto Luna 31, 408 farm no Mvi sticker $17.50 Thomas Leon Odom 52, 1000 e third speeding 45 30, $17 50 Oscar Fey 47, Box 1424, no Driver s License Juan f Carreno 41, p o. Box 1616. Expired Mvi sticker $27.50 Leonel Cano Bezan 23, Box 36-, Benavides ran Stop sign $12 50 Hestine Trevino 37, 949 n Adams speeding 49 40, $11 50 Juan Manuel Munoz 21, 1004 e Hill ran red Light $12 so Lorenzo r. Saenz 21, 804 Lucero Street speeding 40 30, $12 50 Robert Dwight Walker 19, 1804 Agarito St expired Mvi sticker $27 50 Becky Hatton 15. Sag Wood Apt 502, no Driver s License and failure to signal left $40 David Pat Callaway 48. 111910 Leopard Street Corpus Christi expired Mvi sticker $27 50 Ruth b Grose 58, 1112 Catherine speeding 40 30, $12 50 Ruth Barry Connelly 70, 320 sixth Street. Negligent collision $27 50 Billy k. Kavanaugh 33, 610 Howell Road unsafe change of lanes $12.50 Douglas n Crawford. 37, 811 Bluebonnet Street speeding 57 30. $29 50 Maximiano Salinas jr., 15, 707 Tito Street no safety gear $12 50 Debra Jean Hines 20, 726 w third disregard Stop sign $12 50 to whom Reinhold Gottfred Ender Gordon cola Thornton Teodoro r Gonzalez at us Betty Carter Young Public City of Alice Lee Roy Cole Small business admin v amp v lbs amp ready mix Alfredo Flores or Jesus t. De la Rosa it us Walter Gilly it us Western steel co. First St by Alice Public 15968 c c of judgment Chartine Lowrey Elkins Public 159887 c c of Juo Meni Margaret a Davis Lowray Public it 59688 a san Antonio Portland Cement co perfection cementing co 15969 we Harold l Hurtt Orat in John f. Carroll 15960 Nolle or to Lien state of Texas Patricia r Moody 159691 Norte or to Lien stat of Texas Bruno Garcia 159692 Norte or tax Lien state of Texas b Bob Parker 159693 none or Tex Lien stat of Texas head furn Cantar inc. 1564 none or tax Lien stat of taxes Ricardo Barrera 15965 aug or of 8. My b m Easley at Al Tempco engineering Init 1566 asset or Orr let or b m Easley at Ai Landon Curry it Al 1567 it Norberto Alaniz at us Alice National by 1568 of Aile transit co., Init Al Alice National by 156 trn or l a coastal area Dev bldg co. Inc Joe Nemec 15700 a Del a at ump Allan r Holmes at us Robert a Gaines it us 15701 it Robert a Gaines at us Allan r Holmes it us 15702 we Clyde l Wright jr., to first Nat l Bank 15 03 we Eloy Valadez at us Josefa Gutierrez 15704 Bill or Sal Enrique Gonzalez at us Urban renewal Agency 15705 Bill or Sale Oam Etrio Hinojosa at us Urban renewal Agency 15706 Bill or Sal Ramon Hinojosa Urban renewal Agency 15707 redevelopment contract Oam Etrio Hinojosa it us Urban renewal Agency 15708 o c deed Roberto g Rodriguez at us Guadalupe g Rodriguez 1570 affy Gioisa v Banaz. It Al Public 1s9710 bin of Sal Guadalupe g Rodriguez Urban renewal Agency 15711 redevelopment contract Guadalupe g Rodriguez Urban renewal Agency 15712 it Robert King Wilkerson it us Sec fed Sav 8, loan 15713 affy Grace Stewart a Gentian Public 15714 Transfer Lien Joan Vai Ennen Udoman at at Grace Stewart a Gentian 15715 we Joan a Gentian Dudman at Al Grace Stewart a Gentian 15716 spacial we Robert f k res ton Rafael Cuellar 15717 special we Robert r Mullen or Rafael Cuellar 15718 a Del Rafael Cuellar Manuel Garcia jr., it us l$7i Transfer Lien Rafael Cuellar Alice Sav 8> loan Assn 15720 it manual Garcia Orit us Alice Sav amp loan Assn 15721 we Dick Watson to c c. Carlisle 15722 to Eulogia Gonzalez it at Gonzalo Garcia Orit us Hector Barrera Santos l Garcia it us John l Slinger it us Ira Gene gobble l g Garza it us Public Augustina c Garza Urban renewal Agency Public Urban renewal Agency Teodora g Cavazos Trevino Urban renewal Agency Jesus Calderon it us Jesus Calderon it us Public City of Alice City of Alice City of Alice Ray o Snowden it us City of Alice City of Alice City of Alice City of Alice City of Alice Gary j. Charleset us Tomasa r Ramos Public Public Jerry Hall Public Erwin e Erwin e Erwin e Erwin e Public Grimes Grimes Grimes Grimes Jose p Torres or. First Nat l by Alice Robert David Rivera Fleet development co Glenmore inc Rafael Cuellar Angel l. Saenz it us a Alice Sav 8, in Assn George g Moloney it us Alice Sav amp in Assn Emmord s inc. Alician Anor Assoc Ltd sessions mtg co Sec of housing amp Urban Dev Robert p afflerbach it us Emil afflerbach Farmers state Bank James l Mason or. Eloy Martinez Melvin Lee Barrow it us Public Urban renewal Agency Robert l. Parker b Bob Parker head furniture Center Charles f. Canepa it Al Charles f. Canepa it Al John b Henderson Clyde w. Schuchert Public Benito Saenz Troy Stephens Louise Burns it Al Lessye Tackett it Al Dick Watson to h d Grant it us Public j. C. Bedgood it Al Vosco inc. Ruth Lee Page Urban renewal Agency Public state of Texas Rafael Pedro Rivera Public Leo w Greif it us Benino Rodriguez it us first slate by Alice Doroteo Martinez it us Jacobo t. Lopez or. Gary Wayne Fischer 17, 1003 Bruce Street violation Driver s License code no. I $12 50 discussion set on ethics Bill Austin up the House state affairs committee discusses a Bill tonight that would establish a state ethics commission. But rep. Jim Nugent a Kerrville who authored the original ethics proposal warned a state affairs subcommittee tuesday the Bill is a hugging the line of the subcommittee approved by a 3-1 vote a substitute Bill by rep. Jim Mattox a Dallas establishing a 12-member commission to regulate the ethics of state officials both elected and appointed and judges. Nugent said a redraft of his original Bill with the help of an assistant attorney general and the legislative Council tried to Settle some of the More troubling questions of the Bill. A the assistant attorney general stated in rather candid discussion that he did no to know whether this Bill is constitutional or not a Nugent said. A i would ask that this committee or the state affairs committee Send this Bill to the attorney general for an official opinion so we know exactly where we stand. A a in a like to assure the constitutionality of it and get something. Id hate for it to go Loo far and have the whole thing struck Down a Nugent said. Art poster contest winners these Schaller school youngsters distinguished themselves in an Art poster contest sponsored by Central Power amp Light company for the Gulf coast area. Sweeping the top two places in the entire area were Brothers Darrell left and Dale Ricketson sons of or. And mrs. Duane Ricketson of 1700 Olmos. Darrell a fourth grader received a >15 Check for his first place poster and Dale a fifth grader won $10 for his second place Effort. Receiving certificates of Merit for their entire were left to right Elane Warner daughter of or. And mrs. Frank Warner of 711 Gibson Shari Bishop daughter of mrs. Joyce Bishop of 764 Gibson Gay Booth daughter of or and mrs James Booth of 1307 Woodlawn and Patsy Barton daughter of mrs. Julia Townsend of 311 Broadway. Echo news photo Texas legislature schedules debate on regulating lobbies Austin Tex. Up Texas lawmakers who last week booted lobbyists out of the House cloakroom scheduled debate today on a lobby regulation Bill that speaker Price Daniel or. Warned would test the Quot Reform spirit of the House. The lobby control measure was the first of two of Daniels so called Reform Bills due House consideration today. The second was a shield Law protecting newsmen from being forced to reveal their sources of confidential information. Tough House fights were expected on both Bills. In Between final House approval was anticipated on a Resolution creating a constitutional revision commission. Gov. Dolph Briscoe said he would immediately firm the constitutional revision measure and said he Hopes the 37 commission members can be appointed next week. A separate Bill appropriating $900,000 for financing operation of the commission this year also was pending in the House. The measure has already passed the Senate the commission is to study needed changes in the 96-year-old state charter and recommend revisions to the legislature by nov. I. Those recommendations will then be he work documents for the constitutional convention which convenes in january 1974. Daniel warned House members in Advance that there would be attempts today to dilute provisions of the lobby control act and called in Texas citizens to keep an Eye on the House debate. Quot a i urge the members of the House and the Public to be wary of innocent looking amendments which would have the effect of gutting this essential the speaker said Quot no person or group which is legitimately and honestly attempting to influence the Egis lature should object to or oppose any portion of the Bill As it passed out of the committee version of the Bill would require lobbyists to Register with a new state ethics commission and periodically disclose their activities spending sources of financing employment and other information a this Bill is designed to prohibit the unethical practices of those lobbyists who would abuse their privilege or attempt to buy legislation or favourable administrative Daniel said rep Dave Allred. A Wichita Falls sponsor of the reporter shield Bill said he expects a number of House members particularly members of the Republican delegation to attempt to rewrite the Bill during House debate the House administration committee last week moved lobbyists outside a House cloakroom where the business representatives had for years cornered lawmakers to discuss pending Bills now the lobbyists must wait in a crowded hallway outside the House chamber a a a a a a a a a a is no abortion Low better j p fines fines assessed from Justice court of judge Alberto Garcia Kenneth Allen Kingsville Nas speeding $22.50 Ernesto de la Paz Kingsville Over Gross weight $42 50 Juan Barrera Laredo Over Gross weight $42 50 Lee Bowman Alice no valid Texas operators Driver s License $27 50 Juan m Lozano Premont drunk in Public. $34.50 Benito Villegas Premont minor in Possession of alcoholic beverages $27. Oscar Munoz Premont minor in Possession of alcoholic beverages $27. Romeo Garcia Alice ran Stop sign $19 50 Ruben a Gonzalez Alice speeding $22 50. Roberto Gonzalez Falfurrias no mud flaps $17.50 John Halbrooks Corpus Christi speeding $22 50 Romona Olivarez Alice failure to yield right of Way backing out $17 50 Rafael Garza jr., Corpus Christi simple assault $34.50. Antonio redo Mcallen speeding $22 50 a. J Caddell new braunfels failure to yield right of Way to emergency vehicle $17.50 Wesley Duncan la Alice defective exhaust system $17.50. Juan Galaviz jr., Corpus Christi no Driver s License $27 50. Juan Galaviz or Corpus Christi slow vehicle failure to keep to the right $17.50. Esteban Contreras san Diego wrong Side of Road not passing $17.50 Gilberto Garcia Alice no Driver s License $27 50 Juan Perales Robstown one License plate $17 50 Lino Andrade Alice making alcoholic beverages available to minors $27.50. Austin. Tex up Tex a As will probably forget about writing new abortion Laws according to the lady legislator lawyer who helped persuade the u. S. Supreme court to strike Down the states old abortion statute. Rep Sarah Weddington Daustin argued against state attorneys in the Case of Roe v. Wade last year contending the states prohibitions on abortions violated the constitutional rights of a Mother to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. Seven supreme court judges including chief Justice Warren Burger accepted her argument and in a landmark ruling Jan. 22 struck Down abortion prohibitions throughout the nation instead of trying to write Laws around the supreme court ruling mrs. Weddington a freshman representative says it would be better for Texas to let the ruling stand for itself. Quot i would prefer the situation where the state is Neutral on abortions a mrs. Weddington said a a it a interesting to remember that in 1971 the Texas Council of Catholic Bishops said they opposed change in the present abortion Law but if it were to be changed they would prefer a Complete repeal of the Law Quot the Catholic Bishops took such a position. Mrs. Weddington said because of the experience of new York where Laws allowing abortions made the state appear to be promoting them Quot one reason i am personally for the state s being Neutral is because abortion is a medical procedure Best regulated by the medical profession. I do not see any need for a state statutory regulation Quot she said the supreme courts ruling set Basic regulations mrs. Weddington said including that the abortion must be performed by a licensed physician in a Hospital and that the state May prohibit the operation during the last three months of pregnancy a bul Only if the woman a health is not endangered Quot i feel that there is a natural conservative tendency on the part of physicians which will be quite regulatory a a she said some of her legislative colleagues have advised her to sponsor a Bill setting minor restrictions on abortions in Texas but mrs. Weddington said most members Quot Are just relieved on not having to vote on the question a for that reason she feels the marijuana is debated Austin up seventeen lawmen and Young people asked legislators tuesday to pass one of four proposals reducing penalties for Possession of marijuana. No one spoke against the Bills. The Senate jurisprudence committee sent the tour proposals to subcommittee. All four would reduce the penalty for first Possession to a Misdemeanour and two of the proposals would not include imprisonment Only a $200 Fine. The other two Bills would set punishment at fines ranging from $5 to $1,000 and jail terms of no More than six months or both one proposal set the minimum amount for convictions at four ounces and the other at eight ounces. Quot my position on marijuana in Texas is that it should be reduced to a Misdemeanour Possession of two or three ounces first or second offence a without a county jail sen tence a said Travis county sheriff Raymond Frank Richard c. Cowan of fort Worth a self proclaimed. Quot a Hie Hoffman of the right w ing Quot said present Laws a have been counter productive and actually made the problem worse. Quot use of marijuana became a major social problem Only when the typical users changed and they have changed Quot said Cowan who wore a Gray pin striped suit. White shirt and Black oxfords. Steve Simon of Austin representing the National organization for the Reform of Mari Juana Laws Nurmi said there is Quot no medical Legal or moral justification for sending people to jail for simply smoking marijuana a marijuana use will increase tremendously in Texas in the next few years and to simply pass legislation making first offence Possession a Misdemeanour and making Sale a felony would Only create the same bottleneck its in now Quot Simon said Don Kennard chairman of the Senate interim committee on drug abuse said the four Bills Are inadequate matter will not come up during the 1973 session mrs Weddington is sponsoring two other Bills relating to birth control and family plan Ning which she said would alleviate the necessity for Many abortions one Bill makes it Legal for doctors to prescribe contraceptives for minors without parental consent and another allows sterilization for a married person without the consent of the persons spouse Quot a client came to me and had nine children and she was on welfare Quot mrs Weddington said Quot she had a problem with the Pill and could not use the i u d but she could not undergo sterilization without her husbands consent and he left her to years ago. 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