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Alice Echo News Newspaper Archives Apr 12 1977, Page 3

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Alice Echo News (Newspaper) - April 12, 1977, Alice, Texas Sounds child in Street grows up a Small package named Garland Jeffreys has made a very big album and ifs a Good thing. Rock has needed a representative who a not championing White noise. Jeffreys a ghost writer a amp a records reflects the full spectrum of rhythms and emotions that his City new York has to offer but transcends his personal experience to become a metaphor for living under any Skyline. A ghost writer is about coming of age in the big City and for Garland Jeffreys ifs been quite a trip. First and Foremost he a had to come to grips with a mixed racial background that put him on the fringe of every group. Garlands Green eyed Tawny visage makes him a stand out in any crowd. But he a taken advantage of his connection with these different worlds to make a stylistically varied album with deceptive emotional depth and consistency. Whether he rocks out on Quot wild in the streets and Quot Cool Down boy a or shifts t i i a i i or of i a amp Wadst j or i a a in is investigative reporter . Kingston Raymond Burr rescues top to anchorwoman Eileen Partridge Diana Muldaur from a a near accidents after she was threatened by a blackmailer in a a Safe place on no cd tvs a Kingston confidential wednesday april 13. Ask Dick Kleiner of Mondsh acts their Best bet into reggae on Quot Why of and Quot i May not be your kind a the attitude remains constant. Quot some kids Are burned on radiators others Are psychologically Hurt a says Garland. Quot there Are Rich kids who Are fatherless some locked in closets others let go on the streets. I done to want to make myself out to be a in a not still an angry adolescent. But there a always been some sort of conflict. Like in a Cool Down boy a that a what i was always told. This Isnit Garland describes his growing up As Quot rough and is finding his own voice on this ironically titled record. He sings of the painful and sometimes violent experiences of an Urban childhood. A wild in the streets a originally released Over three years ago when it became a minor cult hit was written after Garland heard of a preteen rape and murder in the Bronx. Quot Why of is a child a response to racial separatism with specific reference to busing which Garland underscored in a recent Boston appearance. Quot i May not be your kind Speaks for itself. Says Garland Quot everyone i know has either come through those rough times or is trying to. That is the records sensibility. That a Why i feel people Are going to like it. Its forever All encompassing. That a Why i basically dedicated it to by Dick Kleiner dear Dick i have been told by different people that Bonny and Marie Osmond Are trying to get their staff members to give up their own religions and change to the mormon Faith. Is this True Cindy Groff Collegeville a. Someone close to the Osmond says its not True. This person says that the Osmond believe the Best Way they can advertise their Faith is by the example of their own Sterling behaviour. So they do no proselytizing. Dear Dick my brother and i heard that Farrah Fawcett majors and her husband Lee majors were breaking up because of something she said on a talk show. We were told she said on the show that she was a lesbian and that a Why they re breaking up. Is this True i Hope not. Miss Vigil Pueblo Colo. That Rumor is wrong on three counts a a the majors Are not breaking up a Farrah never said anything about being a lesbian on a talk show a Farrah never was anything but a genuine girl. Dear Dick i am a real Good fan of Elton John and i have heard some people say that he is a homosexual. Could you please straighten me out on this Lisa Weber Caldwell Ida. This seems to be the week for rumours about stars and their unusual sexual preferences. This one has some basis in fact. In an interview with rolling Stone Magazine John said he was bisexual. He said he liked women but. Dear Dick in be been wondering if Jean Stapleton of All in the family is Jimmy Carters sister. Pearl Maynard Plymouth wis. Jimmy has a sister but its not tvs Jean the president s sister is Ruth Carter Stapleton. Dear Dick i would like to know what year a the perils of Pauline was produced and who the leading lady was. . Fox de land Fla. If you mean the original that was Pearl White and it was made in 1914 there was a film biography of miss White starring Betty Hutton called a the perils of Pauline a which was made in 1947. Dear Dick can you Tell me if James Conrad of the wild wild West is old enough to have been in world War la i believe he was in my outfit. . Bank Tuscaloosa. Ala. His name is Robert Conrad not James and he Snow in Baa Baa Black sheep. No he Wasny to in world War ii. Conrad is Only 41. Or at least that a what he says # dear Dick can you Tell me Why there Are no men contestants on the new treasure Hunt program mrs. M. Klapp Muncy a. Two reasons according to the producers. First the audience at Home seems to identify More with women than men and second they find that women react better a i.e., yell and scream a than men do so they prefer women dear Dick please help me. I insist the locale of Baretta is the los Angeles area and a Friend says its new York. Which is it Carol Jones Huntington Beach Ca. Neither a although your Friend is closer. The location of Baretta is officially a unspecified a but it is definitely Eastern not Western. And unofficially they re using Newark n j., As the Model. Dear Dick is Shaun Cassidy who stars in the Hardy boys mysteries related to David or Jack Cassidy Sherry Mahler Tucson Ariz. Shaun is the son of Shirley Jones and the late Jack Cassidy which also makes him David Cassidy half brother newspaper Enterprise Assn i its been four years since Garland Jeffreys has made an album. While the wait he claims has made for some rough going in his adulthood it has allowed him to mature As a musician. Quot i feel like in a making a lot of big discoveries in my life and its Good to have emotional facts examined publicly. I used to feel a Little pushed around. Like in a lift me up where i sing a in a the restless child of the underground a that a pretty Clear. But in a not that connected to a feeling of resentment now. Quot in a More connected with the that people like Charlie Parker and Billie Holiday a jazz people a really suffered through it and made Beautiful music. I thought about that a lot during these years and its been a real inspiration. There a been a Long dry spell Between kind words. You just have to have Confidence in your work and fortunately i Garland found that by employing different rhythms like reggae he could Quot say something very heavy clearly a and through this he has found his own style. Its not the music that makes Quot ghost writer such an exciting and forceful record. Its the Complete musical statement. The tramps perhaps the Premier disco group held a giant Vansant in new York at Roseland dance City remember the movie Quot mar by Joey Sasso Garland Jeffreys i done to want to make myself out to be a in a not still an angry adolescent. But there a always been some sort of conflict. Like in a Cool Down boy a that a what i was always told. This Isnit to a. It raised one giant question in my mind can disco recording groups make it As live acts the Appeal of the discotheque with their generally excellent sound systems and Nethe worldly lights is completely lost when a group takes the stage in a Large Hall. Roseland had plenty of dance room but so Many people chose to stand on the dance floor. Then on one Side there were the Street creeps dealing a Loose joints acid the cocaine on the other Side the record company had its own Little social Section which included the unlikely likes of Diana Vreeland Andy Warhol Bill Wyman of the rolling stones somebody who claimed to be the Prince of Greece and some other people who walked around As if they belonged there a and you did no to. As for the tramps they Are As in be intimated better on record. Playing Bilal big thrill los Angeles apr when Johnny Sekka was a boy at a moslem school on Maccarthy Island in Gambia he was assigned one Day to voice the Call to prayer. The headmaster told him afterwards Quot you have such an excellent voice from now on you will do All the Johnny Sekka today plays Bilal the onetime slave whom Mohammad chose to be the first Muezzin in the film spectacle Quot Mohammad messenger of Quot imagine the thrill of playing Bilal after having made the Call to prayer As a boy a the african actor said. Quot i approached it with great reverence wanting to do the Best possible Job. I tried to Ponder a How was it done that first Day when Bilal made the Call a a the result is a highlight in a film that has Many moving scenes a As Well As fierce Battles and some Dull patches in its three hours. Sekka mounts a parapet and intones the holy words in a ringing voice. The faithful exiled from Mecca to the town of Medina leave their work and come to the primitive mosque to worship with Mohammad. Sekka won the role against heavyweight Competition a Mohammed a no less. The Champion import Ned produce director Moustapha Akkad for the role of Bilal. Quot but Akkad wanted a moslem with acting experience to play the role a said Sekka. A besides How could anyone believe that Ali could be tortured and abused As Bilal was a Sekka underwent one of the most trying ordeals that any actor has faced. He and his fellow filmmakers not Only faced the heat wind and Sand of More than a year on desert locations. There was also great doubt As to whether the film would Ever be completed. Moustapha Akkad a syrian trained in american documentaries had acquired Arab backing and built a $1 million replica of Mecca near Marrakech in Morocco. He directed Anthony Quinn Irene Pappas Michael Ansara Sekka and a largely English cast plus thousands of extras while the political pot boiled. A there was an air of uncertainty on the set a Sekka recalled. Quot we constantly heard rumours of a shutdown because Many leaders of the Arab world were against the film. That situation was inflamed by reports in the Western press that Quinn was playing the Quinn actually plays Hamza Mohammad a Uncle. Akkad followed the strict moslem tradition that the Prophet could not be pictured in any Way the camera plays the role of Mohammad. Quot Akkad left the set one Day to visit the King of Morocco a Sekka said. Quot when he returned he told us a this film will be made. Nothing will Stop but one Day the soldiers arrived and production was shut the resourceful Akkad managed to find new financing and moved the immense production Overland and by water to Libya. Throughout filming he shot each dialogue scene twice a in English and with another cast in arabic. Quot on the last Day of shooting i cried a Sekka said. Quot i had lived the part More than any other because of its closeness to my own experience. For 14 months i had played it without an audience. Only now will i be Able to determine if i confidential report insiders at the Abc network Headquarters in new York Are convinced that the Long simmering Barbara Walters Harry Reasoner feud is about to boil Over. Reasoner and Walters have offices flanking that of Robert Siegenthaler executive producer of abcs evening news. But they rarely see each other off the set a sometimes when they come in Here for rehearsal and say a hello a its the first word either one had with the other All Day a a technician told me Siegenthaler acknowledges that he a in a hot spot admittedly abcs evening news Isnit living up to the networks Hopes for a bigger audience with Barbara the million Dollar baby. Jaclyn Smith is a lonely Angel. A a in a just 29�?and for the past year my evenings have been spent coming Home grabbing a Quick bite to eat and studying my lines Quot the a Charlie s Angels Star mourned. A i ask myself is this any kind of life a Jaclyn s marriage to television actor Roger Davis soured about the same time she was cast in since their divorce there a been no Man in her life and she admitted to me that she s not sure she made the right Choice in going it alone. A i did the Only thing i could do i followed my instincts to be my own person.�?�. Where do criminals learn the crime Capers they pull from to say numerous hoods who have been nailed and thrown into the Slammer. Programs like a Kojak a a the streets of san Francisco a the rookies and other crime shows have become nothing More than a school for criminals according to a recent study. Inside the tube Bruce Solomon who played sgt. Foley in the a Mary Hartman Mary Hartman series and his own wife Mary have filed for divorce. President Carter asked for and got All tapes totalling 12 hours of the recently acclaimed to series a roots a from Abc to. His own ancestors owned slaves in the South and he will View the show while relaxing at the White House. Of the american people continue being so apathetic the bureaucrats in Washington will legislate away our personal freedoms. This is the list of what entertainer Lawrence Welk believes. Welk told me a Elf we Don t change before Long we re going to have a country controlled from Washington d tube talk Kate Jackson is carrying a great big Torch that overshadows All the acclaim and dazzling Success of her a Charlies Angels to series. And it is her series. She came up with the original while she was still working in a the rookies and she Drew the highest salary by far at first. Now Farrah Fawcett majors has negotiated her paycheck past Kate a but Kate says it does no to bother her. But something bothers Here a lot. She suffers from severe tension and is frequently stricken by painful headaches. Often when she s not on the set speaking lines she s collapsed on a bed in her trailer eyes tightly shut Mouth drawn into a thin line of pain. Friends say Kate a trouble is the breakup of her four year love affair with actor Edward Albert jr., son of Eddie Albert and actress Margo. They separated a year ago and Kate can to get Over it. A Eddie s really the Only Man i Ever loved a Kate told me. The presidents brother Billy Carter turned Down a lbs offer for a weekly to series at $20,000 per show. But Billy says he prefers Plains peanuts and his service station with a Public speaking tour thrown in just for pocket Money. For a relaxing drink try a super sour made with Johnnie Walker red naturally. Daytime to stars have switched to Medaglia do Oro espresso Coffee which can now be made in any Coffee pot. Cobers assist neighbors Bedford by. Apr morning Star Scobie Doo and Raggedy Ann done to have phones but they spend a lot of time talking with each other on their citizens band radios. Their conversations Arentt restricted to Idle gossip. The three in Rimble county women have used their lbs to rally help for neighbors in trouble. For instance they recently found alternate shelter for a family that had lost its Home in a fire. So it was natural that the three would try to find a Way to help Dona Barnett an elderly Blind woman without a phone or other Means with the Community. Why not the buddies decided raise Money to buy mrs. Barnett a cd radio of her own Astro graph Aries March 21-april 19 it s possible you could create some problems today either through Wishful thinking or impracticality keep that Sharp logic working Taurus april 20-May 20 of you want to stay in the Black you must fight your extravagant tendencies it s difficult for you to grasp the value of Money today. Gemini May 21-june 20 rather than use your splendid intellect you la rely on Fortune and circumstance to bring you through today they wont suffice by Bernice Bede Osol cancer june 21-july 22 be modest today even though theres something you re bursting to boast about applause will be More sincere if someone else Speaks out Leo july 23-aug. 22 its unwise today for either you or your mate to splurge Analyse everything before you buy to see if you can get along without it Virgo aug. 23-sept. 22 Don t let others make the decisions today even though they re eager to help ifs probable they la gum things up for you fury still popular Rome apr fury a Hollywood made series about a Young boy and his talented horse has just finished a record breaking four week run on National television that created a new suppertime routine in Many italian Homes. The boy child actor Robert Diamont is 34 years old today. The Jet Black horse whose exploits enthralled italian to audiences died on a ranch in Alabama two years ago of old age. Fury was alive in Italy during february with kindergarten children singing the shows theme song and grown men glued to television sets in Coffee bars to make sure they did no to miss the latest instalment. The 1955 series was aired nightly during the a family hours Slot from 7 until just before the 8 of clock news Mil Lions of italians made the show a pre supper ritual it was family entertainment with All the sentimentalism and Good Guy wins in the end clinches of american television in the 19506 it had wonder horse fury fending off wolves stomping out fires and running for the heroes father played by Peter Graves whenever human help was needed to get his Young master out of trouble Libra Bapt. 23-oct. 23 be careful in your work today not to become so obsessed with detail that you Overlook objectives try to see the big picture Scorpio oct. 24-nov. 22 done to Bank on another s lavish promises today you May never receive the gift or service he has glibly mentioned Sagittarius nov. 23-dec. 21 of you want something done right away take care of it yourself when the control leaves your hands so do your chances for Success Capricorn dec. 22-Jan. 19 to Hustle briskly today you should t Lay it on too heavy they la be disappointed if you re not sincere aquarius Jan. 20-feb. 19 stay out of stores with desirable merchandise and High Price tags today your whims will get the better of your budget Pisces fab. 20-March 20 you tend today to be complacent and to treat serious matters a Little too lightly this is not a Wise course Psi april 13, 1977 this year opportunities May come to you from people you d least expect be careful not to let the source cause you to pass up a valuable opening the Call went out Over the airwaves and soon the Money rolled in from fellow radio buffs. Before they knew it the cd buddies had enough Money to buy two radios. That second cd was earmarked for . Kemp a retired Trimble county school bus Driver who like mrs. Barnett is Blind and does t have a phone. And still the contributions came in. The women finally asked their friends on the airwaves to Stop sending Money a they had raised enough for a third radio. It was t decided who will get that set. In the meantime the cobers got together to install the radios for mrs. Barnett and Kemp. The two elderly persons now have an effective Way to ask for help when they need it but morning Star Scobie Doo and Raggedy Ann also got a Bonus. They have two More people to talk with on their lbs Santa Ana. Calif. Apr big Moose simply decided to leave All the Static and join the great broadcaster the minister said. Almost every car at the funeral of Mounce Brady Jackson 60 had a citizens band radio Antenna and the services reflected the Hobby of big Moose his cd handle. Jackson died March 14 in a traffic Accident. Quot i was driving on the freeway the other Day with May cd on a said the Rev. George Wood known on the airwaves fatted from the person i was talking to. He went out of my Range. That a what happened to big Moose. Tuesday special giant Burger 69 wednesday special 3-enchiladas $49 Dairy Burger we fill orders to go 1117 e. Main 664-2117 he a just out of Wood said big Moose was baptized several years ago. Quot he made a decision that he was going to be on the Side of the great broadcaster a said the pastor of the Lemon Heights Baptist Church. Buckhorn movie information 664-0911 admission 11.25 tonight wed., thurs., a Fri. Bienvenido Amigo Quot Welcome Quot to the Beefeater ii Man beyond momus in Limuti in sextet Herm fwd Owuor inner a we Minto Jou Mimm aug Clatt mpg Sun Mon tue Call theatre for show time Ceta up my to . All drinks % Price 5 00-7 00 a Silver strewn f Kant a a amp ans a maj i wha Chi. Haza Vaia Anfe hic it . 5 00-11 00 i Gene Wilder Jill Clayburgh Richard Pryor an a i hum til it fam a Silver Streak a uai.4h aau ate Ain m a Chi nip of a ? y cd i on Iamb is end Patrick Mcgoohan i no up a of a Kituto s Mah f 9 Hamb Chi a a re a t f aaa a pm a Juki a i a. Mas i run t mag or alb to a mph Hiu a of Cor Ai mfr Job a a it Mut Mac Nhy Matte a of ans aft lu4 to who mob Swu Tux Call theatre for show time today Turl the 21 St Sage t information 664-0404

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