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Alice Daily Echo Newspaper Archives Mar 8 1966, Page 4

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Alice Daily Echo (Newspaper) - March 8, 1966, Alice, Texas Pm go 4 the Atlee Tex daily Echo tuesday. March 8. Ims editorial an invitation to disaster by Don o \ Al by there Are at least two gaping holes in sen j. William Fulbright s plan for a sin met ? can detente in Southeast Asia. The Arkansas Democrat chairman of the Senate foreign relations committee a Ltd uld like to see the United states and red China reach an agreement for the neutralization of that part of the world with both sides withdrawing their military Power from the Region to bring this about says the senator we must make the Prospect of permanent american military bases on the Periphery of China a credible threat. And to do this we should confine ourselves to a easily defensible bases somewhat like Guantanamo or Gibraltar a our present strategy in the War in Viet Nam is not a credible threat to China he maintains because the chinese Are con Vinced we have neither the strength nor the will to keep on spending More and More lives and More and More Money in an Ever widening but inconclusive War the most glaring defect in the senator s argument even if such an agreement could be made with China is that China has no bases to dismantle in Southeast Asia no combat troops to remove from Viet Nam. By the same logic we might also offer to recall the seventh Fleet from the pacify if the chinese would dry Dock their nonexistent Navy. As for the senator s other recommendation not Only would a withdrawal into Little fortress americas be a Retreat undoing All that has been accomplished with such sacrifice on the Battlefield in the past months but it would give the communists the greatest incentive they could have for continuing the War. According to one military analyst Hanson w. Baldwin such a policy would Lead nowhere. It would mean the abandonment of All Hope of Clearing the Viet Cong from their strongholds in. The South and deteriorate South vietnamese morale it would mean conceding the strategic initiative to the enemy and exposing u s. Forces to Hie constant Drain of casualties without bringing increased pressure on Hanoi. A it would mean indefinite stalemate deferred defeat defeat on the instalment in his Senate speech Fulbright quoted a Canadian correspondent s report that it is a matter of Faith with the chinese that the United states can never win a land War in Asia that with All our awesome Power we cannot fight several revolutionary wars at the same time and that we will eventually be engulfed without direct chinese intervention. If we Ever hopi to achieve lasting peace in Southeast Asia. The worst thing a it it could do and the worst disservice we could Render not univ to ourselves but to the chinese a would be to join them in their dream world and adapt our policies to their Fantasma High in likes cheese that Nasty questions a Are you a Man or a mouse0 May not have too much Point any More. It begins to appear that mice Are a lot like people. Or is it vice versa a anyway studies at the University of California reveal that when Given a Choice Between running around in different kinds of wheels mice chose the one offering the most Challenge. Specifically they preferred a round wheel that had hurdles spaced inside it next to that they liked a Square wheel which required that they jump skilfully across the Corners As it spun around. Apparently the mice used the wheels for something More than just exercise the researchers also detected a Streak of obstinacy in the animals. When a wheel was rigged with levers which the mice could depress to Stop or Start the wheel it was found that when the wheel was started by a human the mice would immediately Stop it. But when a mouse had started the wheel itself and a human stopped it. The mouse would promptly Start it Hack up again. Evidently mice Are not As a a Mousy As some people Are 2 Good ways to risk death in Congo by Michael r. Cof it fax i Goldville the Gong t to if auth in the goo fro i join the Mercera amp Rte to fight rebel ? drive a car in Leopold Ville Ais the first is safer lets look at no. 2. Driving habits Here Art at first unbelievable but after a while reduce themselves to simple terror. The right of Way is on the right and meet Drivers accept this vigilance is necessary for about to per cent who must think they re in England am Bear left a Vaj Tatian is the one who decides to Back up a couple of Hundred Yards the wrong we Down a one Way Street. These Are usually taxi Drivers running Back to get a fare. Taxis Are a lesson in Thorn selves. The cars generally have not undergone a serious Maln Tai Nance since they were obtained How they were obtained is still a matter of question among car theft victims headlights Good brakes signal. A Complete chass and unworn Piston rings Are out rubber Dice dangling from the rear View Mirror and plastic Flowers planted Tony the dash Board Are in. The Mirror by the Way is for the Driver to View himself never to look Back at a car to become a taxi Driver one must reach a rather Loose agreement with the authorities not to gouge the client Milch More than is on the rate card and to print a a a taxi Sigil which must be slapped in front of the Driver guaranteeing obscured vision. The fre Are few traffic Cope at Peak hours three con1 in the How along the City is streets. They Are assisted by a Comer Man who is in perpetual arg meat with one offender while a Hundred More Drift by usually the pallor wait until a total traffic Jam occurs to get off their stand and join the Corner Man for a smoke. There Are a few foot patrol men to Check offenders. There Are two forms of up d too much and too Little. Leopold Ville has its collection of hot shots who tool Down the in Ward at 80 Miles per hour or so it has some More decrepit cars which can it top 20. No exact accidents rate figures Ane available but news exception. Street scene Mart Prtrt a Nohrr to / / what he the grow doth move la lures ways most no meeting for Lack at George Hardaway of Dallas publisher of a a flight Magazine and chief Quot Chili head was supposed to furnish the meat but forgot it. Hardaway who presided Over the meeting led the crumbling of crackers a ritual of tile society. The program included a poem by Rives a speech by Fowler he looks like real presidential material1 / / Sterna Days it lust does no to pay to get p \ letter from a Friend tells of one Al those times. monday i started the Day it of b draping a gallon be a v on of milk i save two cents by buying that Alae _ a a a e and Down and introduction of is Kahn sex Cabinet. Then president of a screw factory Rushing go to school skating who has made 28 trips abroad. Par met instead of from the above you can get Ibber Girdle it an idea of the activities of the to it to realize my Chili and they have worked in into of out by my time i got at it until they have what they r my hands need think is the Best recipe. Any flt i gave them a Way they never seem to get tool pastel too much of it. And it by a fax Gal in another of Orite of the Dallas press dub Momento was and a number of air lines of Coffee with Fowler set a society Preckl a a a to riot in arg ago when Dent by making a serious talk Ped to Ber feet about Viet Nam but prefaced with a d Oak. Then her it with an observation that and she stain a three months in Viet Nam is Mericl. J thought i heard my Uke two months in Dellas a Only door by ring a a its birth by were celebrated yesterday by j pm Cal Jingshu Orth Andy Hanson Sod mrs. C. T. Mcdermott. Ted a bin. I a celebrants a Brian it an it. Mary Ann bund and Sand Larue. A in in he Venter record chronicle tells o the return of Wick Fowler the paper s correspondent in Nam. Duran Wicks 10-week tour. He sen Back items to his paper about tax to boys and the Edi tor by Ries w As kind enough to Send us tie article about Butch Milller which we Repine de. Friends gave Wick the most appropriate Welcome that could be imagined a meeting of the Chin appreciation society International was held to pay tribute to Wick a charter member. Hie group which included members of the Dallas chapter is noted for its informality and tin ii�?���?~"ii.t.1 auks certainly no i a a a _ pie remnants of re and the Ever pm it of screeching u b some say the f urdu a it % much training a Nev id to run a it. Which is about nil. A blame the Farmer Bel Glar colonialists. Deflum As reportedly the lad cd try in Europe to require drivel. Licenses. Some say it nobody could pass the in. In any Case it soot. By nines necessary to join wheel at random Kot a Post office employee Lyndon. By. A obviously annoyed a woman entered the Post office to complain about the mishandling of a package sent to her Home. The package containing assorted nuts had been ripped apart and the contents spilled outside the mail Box. After an investigation the Post office reputed the Foi lowing the Box was intact when left at her Home but a Squirrel on the prowl for Winter provisions entered the mail Box and helped himself. Ben Casey to a How could you throw that a curve at the $1 poor kid he almost i Neal Adams broke Down i you me an. And he did t u toe mob or walk daily crossword Puzzle this and that at to s 22 Rojett. 23 doctrine 26 bothers 30 exist to time gone by Perch As for a portrait 3 wrong prefix 34 Stag 3f pedal digit 36 doctor s client the vegetables 40 Stream in i Giand 41 pitch �12 challenged 45 storehouses 49 Range 50 males f>2 bargain event 53 Small Glass bottle 54 reply a 55 wicked 58 Sweet potatoes 57 scottish Sheepfold 58 genuine Down 1 cause of ruin 2 heavy blow 3 Bellow 4 inherent 5 slight coloration 6 heavy calamity Captain easy a the new Vork office of is amt Horr Isle toys inc. F in who easy ? he pal. Up i weep a 12-foot Rea c i Lono time no mear.,Yar Rimpa Ai nov anon beaut a Nav j i &uiwe5? you now our Mott o. If it�?T5 goop �?�5 horrible by Leslie Turner Doi r if i didst Haye weak eve in swear that was an Alligator i i 42 or Luj Quot i.1 is a in 4j us 53 we Quot i la 54 j t j j 56 a i ,1. Brr i 1 a. I a Ney Sparer Enterprise as1 Gur boarding House with major Hoople e6ad, 666,i never j realized pods were / 60 tempera Emta i an5w� but thi6 Ferow la have to started totals after i attached the r s \ special Collar you Pat in nit / perhaps i i i Thure s a Yore obvious i i afay i de to Rush hit Quincy told me to so. Pot the you or a major by or i is Are Wrom the mad who sold him a a Clever a so Fidler the docs can t talk the Alife daily echoes Tab asked ll�4 Cut or week Day after exc sturday and sunday v printing and i loner it it int a East main i porn Dent Blither postage paid at h Texas it Ion upon the r reputation of or corporation to the Columna who be gladly it brought to publisher re Wirtly a it a <1 in Ute Thia newspaper the opinion of the Alao cited Puma re a of advertising publisher a new. Paper it Iki los by a Ltd. Court. Kat is week inc Celia and adjoining b m it Vav a m a a til 15 so m i Quot is 25 months 3/5 month 125 Mali m Tim a 9 Monu Ai 7 of ,yhutf"nu�?~ a a a 1 Batea Are la Advance

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