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Alice Daily Echo Newspaper Archives Dec 23 1963, Page 4

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Alice Daily Echo (Newspaper) - December 23, 1963, Alice, Texas Pit i i be Alice Tex Dally i rho monday dec. 23. 1963 Alice doily Echo editorial Washington column a All out attack proposed on poverty stricken areas by Peter Edson Washington correspondent newspaper Enterprise Amli Washington Nea a direct attack on the problems of am Cai. Poverty Ai the source has just been proposed to the National committee on pockets of poverty by prof John Kenneth a i Bra. The cd Harvard. A form r Kennedy administration Bra i Truster and ambassador to India economist Galbraith is also author and expert on a the affluent he asks a Why done Tae select beginning next year the too lowest income counties in the country in the cases of Urban slum Quot we could select More limited areas of equal population designate them a special educational a they would then of equipped with a truly excellent Primar and secondary school Plant the Hest in recreational facilities and adequate transportation to work. A then in the manner of the peace corps but with ample pay an f lit body of Young teachers would be assembled they w Ould be Tough enough and proud enough to go to Harlan county or to this hoi old not be Federal Aid to education. Or Galbraith insists. A this is an attack on poverty a he says. A pc an anyone argue that youngsters with these facilities and this training would share the dismal Fate of their parents a then Are adequate precedents for this kind of action according to Galbraith. Ten years ago when it became obvious t hat americans Highway system was not Able to carry its traffic Load tile Federal government stepped in with 90 per cent Aid to the states for Road building. Galbraith might also have mentioned that the school lunch and Pilot food stamp plans for feeding the undernourished now an acct pled activities of government one other Mer it of his plan is that if any Community did not want to accept Federal Aid to clean up its own pockets of poverty it might tackle the Job alone. This direct approach of the Galbraith plan is far different from other proposals Given to the National committee on pockets of poverty in a two Day Washington conference just concluded. This committee was formed three years ago by the Farmers educational fund established by the National banners Union Ender its presided Jam it g Patton. For the last two years it has been conducting a Survey of american poverty under the direction of or. Oscar Amati of new York school of social research. In Brief or. Omati finds there Are now about 20 million people in America who can be classed As a abject the Are ind Nidak with incomes of less than s500 a year. Or members of families of four or More where the total income is less than $2,000 year. This is roughly la per cent of today a population of 180 million. In 1935-36, there were around 34 million people clashed i �?oab1 act poor a a the social Security system is held largely responsible for a his reduction in american poverty Over the last 27 years Hollywood today Nelson Eddy s gift is full booking list Siree scene it did no to what a the crowd doth Moto Kab divert trays. Overlooked in the Christmas Rush was a note of appreciation from the chamber of Commerce Trade promotion committee to Iowa up amp a officials for the Job of installing the Christmas lighting decorations in the downtown area. Harry laves Committer head wrote Raymond Crown local manager saying a your finn has been doing this placing of decorations each year without pay and we realize the time and Money that is involved in this Public service. Therefore we want to take time from our schedule and say a More and simple a thank laves also said that the chamber a retail division approved a Resolution of appreciation to up amp a during a meeting. Hie said in part a it is our sincere desire to commend the finn up amp let and personnel for this service in behalf of All the citizens of Alice and Trade the up amp a project required three Days labor for local line Crews. Repairs to stringers were performed by the Jaycees. A it birthday anniversary greetings go out today to Alva Laurine Stewart and mrs. Baldemar Silva marking a wedding anniversary Are or. And mrs. W. C. Young. It it ii Rains this month totalling i 44 inches in the City Are improving the appearance of City Park areas. But not so with the City streets. The moisture several Days in duration has caused accumulation of increased dirt on the streets and at the same time increased the number Anc size of chug holes in the pavement Tex teary City Engineer and the Street Crews have their work Cut out for them during the next few weeks. Vav few a a it Roy Rushing Home from the University of Texas for the holidays said this morning that he his parents and Scott will be in attendance new years Day at the Cotton bowl classic in Dallas. Gerald helium local sports official was overlooked but not forgotten last week. Last Friday was his birthday. Now in his late twenties. Gerald thinks Nevada by Bob Thomas a movie television writer Hollywood apr Nelson Eddy s gift for Christmas is a Lull year of bookings for 1964. His stocking overflowed today with the cinching of a three month contract to return to Australia next fall that makes him All signed up for the new year with Only an occasional week s respite to give his still Mellow baritone a rest a this is the first time in be had to Start thinking in terms of a year ahead for bookings. A he said a it feels pretty Good a the Singer 62. Is feeling better aft recovery from a bout with a virus that made him cancel two weeks of an australian tour with his partner beauteous Gale Sherwood a it was a crazy virus no aches and pains but i Stop he said a a Gale y As miserable w lib a Strep Throat so a had to come Home. A battered troupe but now my voice is Back and alter the first of the year Well Start touring again a Eddy Hasni to made a movie in la years but he s enjoying a Ren Ria Ishanee thanks in Large part to re release of his old movies with Jean tie Macdonald Mem had unusual Success with playing them in Heaters As operetta classics. A i s amazing a in remarked a kids in this country Are beginning to know me. I find it tremendously the Macdonald Eddy Era lasted for a decade then both moved to other partners and Fields Eddy did some films without her but somehow the magic was gone. A i did a couple of dogs and then it was Over for me a he said candidly. A nothing could follow that last one i it we As a Northwest outpost a which he made at Republic with Elona Massey. Never Idle he hit the Road playing Heaters and night clubs with his old songs and parodies thereof he was never one to take himself seriously. Business has been Good and Eddy and Sherwood Are consistently re booked at smart supper clubs throughout the country. Across i mines at Tonopah 5 Ruth Coppe Nevada 8 site of University of Nevada 12 Central american wee 13 labor group a 14 Askew j5 greek Temple 16 Nevada City 17 miss Hayworth 18 impervious to 2 0 Valley National Monument 21 beam 2 2-vegas 23 Nevada Indian 26 maxims 30 hostelry31 female horse 32 every one 33 greek letter 34 Lake it Nevada 35 boxing term a 36 immerses 38 Lakeon Nevada line to choler 41 in flan weight 42 Little 45 Nevada. Capital a City 49 russian City 50 self Ester in 52 diminutive suffix 53 Corr ring 54 Legal profession 55 perches 56 impoverished 57 secondary 58 horses gait Down 1 abrupt Flexure Anat 2 japanese Coin 3 turn into wind Var 4 arid Region 5 devout Ness 6 sick seem like Yule at first by Ron attry Atlanta. A apr Ever have a year when it just did no to seem like Christmas that s the Way it was for our family this Christmas season at first. Work and the routine of living had crowded in gift buying and card mailing were behind schedule besides. Christmas requires children and one fledgling had married during the year and the other was testing his wings in High school so we had that Bali Humbug feeling about Christmas we heard the constant blare of loudspeakers with carols everywhere and they spread More irritation than Joy they seemed to stand for form and not substance anti Christmas and not Christmas and we grew More disenchanted with the Holiday. Still there were rituals that needed performing. One was the Purchase of a Christmas tree. There Are Only two kinds of Trees the ones that turn Brown and drop All their Needles within two Days after you buy them and the ones that inexplicably stay Green for weeks. And you spend hours prudently selecting one from a supermarket a Fly by night stand or a boy scout. But As i prepared for the search a Friendly neighbor named Bill Terry invited me to go along with him. A Friend had said we could Cut a tree from his Woods near Stone Mountain he is still Young enough to outrun Stokes Micenheimer in a Hundred Yard dash. Personally. We doubt it if he can stumble that fast. It it it local police merchants and others saw last saturday As Ute largest turnout of shoppers on the streets of Alice in the City a history. However today found the streets Only sparsely populated. Maybe the cold weather. To 1?t we Lone Coy in daughter of or. And mrs. W. W. Ike Coym. Was in his Home for the holidays she is currently teaching in the Denver Colo. Area. Answer to previous Puzzle n Bond a jul pm 7 plaything 8 most unusual 9 lambs Penname 10 Norse r ight. 11 coloured fish a 19 new Guinea port 20 tropical fruit 22 Nobleman 23 mixed As Type 24 preposition 25 two toed sloth 26 dutch River 27 solemn Appeal 28 City in no. Ada 29 wild Plum 84 european Blackbird 37 Comstock a a mines 38 beverage 39 take into custody 41 Twenty 42 hop and jump 43 or. Martini 44 go by aircraft 46 mix 47 Prince von Bismarck 48 Bird s Home 50 recede 51 joyous fatally wounded Wichita Falls of a mrs. Connie to Matthews 17, was fatally wounded at her fathers Home in nearby Iowa Park sunday night officers quoted her Brothel 16, As saying he was handling a Rifle when it accidentally discharged. 8 9 Roll to 17 go 2728 29 32 35 wild Iii is decreasing in some states for two reasons a Lack of food or the cover charge. 53 56�?o 46 47 48 50 51 54 57 55 58 23 time it i at the football 0 a me Ime loud a Quot Eaker pages someone Only when its very important a a or. Epsom or. Epsom please report to stadium a a office or. Epsom / a a a Quot Vlasi a docs time is own i. By Jimmy Diatlo italic Pichois to Bolus Ucb ism so tue 6000 doctor 6ets to said of pics to red there s a Rhone Call awaiting him. Hello,0�a2-�ay on your Way Home Stop at the Deli and pick up a Walp found of boiled Ham and some Swiss cheese a a Tamu Sheh in full laced every wee Day noon except saturday and sunday morning by the Echo printing and stationery clo., inc., 405 East a a by. Alice. Tex a. Or. O. Tag Wald Piei dial and publisher Cir a second Dana postage paid at Alto. Texas of was Tike being invited to a quilling or a husking Bee. To me. Those stories about people cutting a tree for themselves out in the Woods had always seemed to be merely old wives tales or a half forgotten custom. A cold wind was blowing when Terry and i arrived in the Woods with his two sons Tim and Mark. We saw passably Good Trees immediately and wanted to Cut. But Tim disappeared. We heard him in the distance Quot come Over this Way a he cried into the wind. Quot i be found a perfect one a by the time we arrived he had moved on ahead shouting that he had found an even prettier tree. Then we followed Mark who also had found a better tree. And As we walked the voices of those Happy and searching children seemed to by symbols of the spirit of Christmas hopefully beckoning us through the cold v kinds of doubt and indifference. We found our perfect Trees two shapely Cedars. Next Day my family began to decorate the tree. It was then that we realized what a truly remarkable tree we had for we had not been the first to adopt the tree and take it into the family. Deep inside the branches and clinging close to the trunk was a Small and deserted Birds nest unharmed by time and storms. Perhaps it was the association with birth or the association with flown fledglings but somehow that tiny nest seemed appropriate and significant we left it untouched. And the feeling of Christmas crept into our Home at last. A and that s an order of a Napkin in the neck can help to keep a Man from making a polka Dot tie out of a Plain one. Any erroneous reflection upon the character. Standing or reputation of any person finn or corporation which May appear in the columns if the Dally Boho will be gladly corrected upon being Brough to the attention of the publisher. The opinions expressed in the columns of this newspaper a. T not necessarily the opinion of the publisher. Member of the associated frees sea service Bureau of advertising Southern newspaper publisher As focal ton. Subscription rates St Carrier. Week a month to 30yar 15 of by Mel in Jill Wells Abd a Blo nine count Yea. A 50 0 Mouth $5-50 3 month 3.25 month ii by mail in Texas. Year f 12.so�?4 months 7 of i months 4 of month la 7i by mall out of Blate tsar gig so a Mouths too r a a a a a Roan is leg Buzz Sawyer Sif hell show by / i get it a la Pew of eases ,50 i when be leaves \ a let him hear enough n hell eos ubi i v y to Kwiw it important k and Frow Mckeets Vav pp4fae a i a 1 a in dam to it Blondie How la we / Lecove Pat 5py from a tavern Back of Mckee Klamt go there la to Tov she in pi5gt5i$� carrying a Sag full of Brck a. Act a Tho it Vas crammed with i top secrets you re delivering ye5.but he 5 50 Clever Vod Manof see him take this route to goos Bay. Asp guard that Bagi it Tail Hoa Asp whew he goes to is Superior for help Well Spring the trap if you Don t m i nex old rather have the Green stuff that s a a crackles it when you Quot a a i amp t crumble set y capt. Easy / Okay Here s some of Emfs that Joni when y Gangle Lone Ranger Don t for by Jung a Parks we in t coming Back to thou to amp amp bus

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