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Alice Daily Echo Newspaper Archives Dec 23 1963, Page 3

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Alice Daily Echo (Newspaper) - December 23, 1963, Alice, Texas Hints from Heloise by Ibex risk Kise i Thoro a ii not you glad ifs All Over but Wasny to it fun now till we have to do is clean up Tho Moss put Tho gifts Nav decide what gift to return to which store for Exchange looks i make the kids put their tilings whore they belong decide what to do with the leftover Turkey and dressing and wonder if they will eat it lie next three Days and not complain worry about the laundry and cleaning that has stacked up put away tie Good dishes write ail those thank you notes Divide All the Christmas curds put away the leftover Candy it will taste real Good a few weeks later and be far More appreciated see that the garbage is gathered and set outside. Vacuum dust clean the Silver that got tarnished mrs. De Lloyd club hostess the Book lovers study club Beld its Christmas party at the Home of mis de Lloyd the program topic was a the Joys of mrs Harlan Mummo was program Leader. She gave High Ham or pork or Lamb chops and is delicious. When thawed ifs also Good to stuff pork chops or flak Steak so done to throw a bit of that away if you Don t want to a a Jelly it in a Glass just wrap it in foil. But done to waste it. I have found it Best to do the heavy after Christmas cleaning while your family is Home for the holidays especially before Hubby goes Back to work and the kids get Back in school. Make Mem All pitch in. If they ret i Gripe Tell Mem Heloise said it lights of Christmas traditions in America and symbols of these. Mrs. Karl Williams read j i in Bishops version of a a the first a Solo a the birthday of the King was presented by mrs. Wiley Vest. Two Leeds a a the Christmas Rose and a a the Christmas tree were told by mrs. Gertrude Atkinson. Dear Santa Claus we Are writing you a letter to wish you a merry Christmas also to let you know what we would like for Christmas. My Mother is writing for All of us As we Are too Small and Don f know How to write yet. My name is Al and since i am the oldest. 6 years i will Tell you first what i want. I would like a big wrecker and Dick Tracey car and the game called mouse trap and army set and a stocking of goodies. Barbara wants a toy Cap gun and some puzzles and color Book and crayons and a doll Bott and cloths. Debbie would like a Chicken Puzzle Bear Puzzle magic baby mrs John Clemons read Sev bottle and some doll cloths eral poems and miss Lois Adams a Cap gun an j a big color Book. Pots oin of our Good table showed a a companionship and n the get the House Back in or-1 that ainu to the real word for it Anc wonder what in the but it works and they will never to id caused All the confusion1 know the difference later you then take Down the tree i will thank me. Vide the lights tinsel and Ecol a another Mother and wife Lions and wonder what in the i _ world to do with these clean up dear Heloise that mess Divide tile wrapping please Tell people not to Despa Pei and ribbons and see what Troy All those Christmas cards. We can save Wash and Roll just put them in a Box and set up our own hair and Hope we it aside for a few months. Can find the time to do that Don t clean up too fast. Read a Christmas Story a a Miracle in Texas. Carols were Sung by them group under the direction of mrs. Jake Mccallister with mrs. C. Vav Laughlin at the piano. Mrs. Mumme concluded the program with the poem a a As the old year members exchanged gifts around the tree which was on a revolving stand which played carols. Doug would like some blocks and a truck and boat toy horse a Little Puzzle and a Cap gun. A stocking full of Candy for All of us. Thanks you from All of us. Alfred Barbara. Debbie and Doug Richter 623 e. Seven in Alice dear Santa clause i want a Nice truck with Carson it and record player for the Yule Motif featured Gold Christmas dear Santa we will and Silver through out Home. Leave out some milk and cookies the refreshment table was eat. Laid with a Golden net cloth Over Satin. The White Christmas Trees were embroidered in sequins and appliqued on the love Robby 1609 Rose or. Two Large Blue stars made from construction paper were i cloth. The Centrepiece featured glued to this letter with die note an arrangement of Gold and Sib enclosed As follows i made ver balls with foliage in a Silver these for you Eperone. Table appointments the Day will come along when you arc depressed dreary and disgusted this is the time to get out were served with Coffee during the Holiday. Sure some or were probably sent routine. But who knows but what they would really like to hear from you personally Happy new year to you and j Etc and men wonder Why we gals go could take up this whole Page with what we women have that Box of cards and go through to do today but the men would them again it will give you a Only laugh. So laugh with i lift to recall your friends. We them and put Mem to we Ork. Gals were All Busy during the holi make your family help you Days. You Arentt now. Take Down that tree and store buy a few Post cards and an away the decorations it will do ser those who thought of you Mem a it my and they will see How hard Mother works remember to save the Best of your Christmas wrappings they Are wonderful to line drawers and Linen closet shelves with later 1 i have Learned to All our Heloise friends Roll Inot fold the prettiest my wife and i love Reading of them around a rolled piece letters in your column each Day. Of newspaper stash Heck i May the lord bless you and done to even know How to spell it yours for years to come and we can to find it in any of most sincerely our dictionaries but you know i retired husband what we mean the Beautiful a i per wrappings away som it where bless you sir for your Beau so when you have a gift to wrap Tifful words during the coming months or you must be a wonderful per need it to Lim a Cabinet you son. Kiss your wife have a cup will know where it is of Coffee for All of us and know and done to throw away any of that we love you that Good leftover Turkey dres a Heloise sing you worked so Many hours p s wish you w Ere in our to make. Get out a Jelly Glass Home its a mess Complete and cram it literally it it Down chaos. Beds not made the1 into the Glass Mash it hard in Kitchen full of dishes to be w Ash til it is packed then freeze it of and no one seemed to care i a week or month later remove this shows that love and Happi it from the Freezer and slice Ness Are the most important in it slices Uke magic and Fries gradients in life. In t life like a Pancake it can be either wonderful Fried in your Skillet along with guess who were in Silver. Sandwiches cookies assorted snacks mints nuts an candies mrs. Clemons and mrs Laughlin served others present were m e a Dames o. B Wilke j m. Mitchell Johnnie Clarke Leslie costly s. H Howell Jeff Allen dear Santa please bring me a train Case and a ring and some cloths. I have been Good. Thank you Paulita Buentello a i love you. Deal Santa Claus i have been Good girl bring me a train Case Ball and cloths Russell Edkins and j. O. Davis to set for our room and desk i for my sister and me for our i books. Thank you. St Jane Buentello letters to Santa Claus dear Santa i want a farm set. A Slinkey a gun and some games. I will have some cookies and milk for you on the table. Merry Christmas to you Larry Witten 37 Gibson Alice. Texas age 6. Dear Santa Claus i have been a very Good girl i would like for you to bring me attain Case Ball and cloth Sand my Sis a doll and dishes. Thank you Santa. Nifa Rose Buentello dear Santa i am a boy of five and i want a a Bike a gun and my brother wants a Small Bike drum and i gun. Thank you. Bene or Buentello sincerely Edan Wright 17-year Olds face a major crisis dear miss Wright we re two 17-year-old Gills with what we consider a major crisis. We have never been invited to social Al fairs at school or to anything else for that matter. It Isnit because Wear Quot unattractive or unfriendly or done to join in school projects or clubs it has been suggested to us that we can t vet boys to Date us because we stick together too much but can to see that because we belong to a lot of different groups so what s th1 answer we have to have one soon two developing a Complex i agree with the suggestion except it did no to go far enough to help you it Wasny to explained that you need to associate with other girls who Are successful in dating so that you could learn from them that a the Angle both of you should work on dear Edan Wright for More than a year now my Niece has been arguing with me about a fur coat that her motile a Allied me when she died. I done to know wiry my Niece is making such a fuss about this because her Kotlier gave her everything else she had. Also i want to Point out i that the fur coat is too big for my Niece and it j pay to have it altered because j it is a Moth eaten old tiling that has in mole value than a dyed Skunk i would t give it closet room if it weren t a Token of affection from my Slater and i Only Wear it to keep warm when i go to the grocery store plaque aunt if that a the Case Why done to you turn it Over to your Niece surely this would be better than having her Chew you out and create a bad feeling Between you dear miss Wright i had been going with a boy steadily for four months. We weren to going steady just see ing each other regularly. Well i began to notice another buy and hoped he would notice me he did and he asked me to a big dane1 at school i accepted and i told the boy i had been dating i was going to the dance with the other boy he took it in a Nice Way. So i went ahead and i have to say i never had a More enjoy Abb time a few weeks afterwards the new boy and my old b p asked me to go steady my girl friends said my old b f. Only made the offer because he i did t want me to go out with anyone else. I could see the j Point and i accepted the new boy. But i returned his ring the next Day because my parents allow me to go j steady. My old Boyfriend kept Pes-1 teeing me and i told him i w Ould ask my parents if j if they would change their mind but he said i should first Tell the new boy that i j would t Date him anymore. I tried to several times but i could t bring myself to do it and to make a Long Story Short the new boy heard rumours that i was going to drop j him and he stopped having j anything to do with me i really like him the Best and now i be lost him caught i doubt it but ifs far More important for you to realize you should t let boys pressure you into doing what they want. If your old ii f really wanted to go steady with you he would have brought it up in the course of your dating As Yam friends pointed out he Only sought to do this to keep you from the other boy so let s learn from that also let s go out with a number of different boys until you Are older sensational Holiday offer delicious 2 Pound fruit cake Only packed in colourful reusable gift tin 98 just in time for Good Holiday eating. Chock full of a variety of the Best fruits and nuts. Gorgeous tin is so Handy. For storing other foods for a sewing Basket and Many other uses Pablo t. Gonzalez amp sons hardware 413 s. Johnson to 4-3419 a my final clearance of Moore s men s shop we must vacate by january first so we have slashed our Stock to Rock Bottom prices. Men s suits amp sport Coats further reduced menus dress Slacks from >.00 ioo1. Viton Waso n Wear pants menus Khaki Klondike pants sport shirts Short sleeve sport shirts look sleeve dress shirts Short sleeve dress shirts Long sleeve Western Straw hats resistor Western hats 2.75 3.50 2.00 2.50 2.25 2.50 1.50 7.50 8.50 Nunn Bush shoes greatly reduced Many More bargains to choose from the Alice Tex Dally Echo monday Dee. 23. 1963 faze i festive foods a for the holidays a prices Good in. Alite on Mon. And to es., dec. 23-24peaches Miracle Del Monte no. 2 can limit % please with other Kjems 19 salad dressing quart Jar limit i with other pm re Hase s cd p n3 whole Kernel Viz in in a Olden Kraft Oil pecans Economy 12 ounce can pieces foil Arrow aluminium Snowdrift shortening Margarine so r a Valley milk pet evaporated tall can Coffee Heb Premium Quality 17c 39c 79c 25c 59c 19c 2 for 29c 57c quart bottle 12 ounce 25 foot Roll 3 Pound can la. Carton la. Vacuum i .s.iva. Graded amp inspected turkeys limit-2 please additional Purchase 19c armours Star fully cooked i to 14 la. Sies hens to to 16 la. Sizes Toms hams butt portion Pound Shank portion Pound 49c whole Pound 49c full half Pound 37s 35 c la Boston butt fresh. Lean Northern pork roast Pound sliced Bacon Armour Star swifts a a Butterball Turkey hens More White meat Pound 49c baby beef la 79c 49c sliced Bacon a a 35c 39�?~ r Center j Al cuts la 07v 39�?~ fryers round Steak feed lot farm fresh Grade Quot a a Pound Columbia pork Steak la. Washington a extra fancy apples red delicious 2 pounds for 29 Valley Sweet and Juicy oranges . No. I All purpose potatoes lbs. 25c 39c c Alifornia Pascal Large stalk lbs. For a. No. I East Texas celery is 15c yams 225c California l l of. Pkg. . No. I yellow dates 39c onions 2 u. 19c Green onions a radishes j a bakery special mince meat pie or pumpkin pie Holiday dinner cake 59 each danish cinnamon nut 99c Coffee cake 49c h e b. 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