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Alice Daily Echo Newspaper Archives Dec 23 1963, Page 1

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Alice Daily Echo (Newspaper) - December 23, 1963, Alice, Texas 1,046 abandon burning ship volume 69 lower Valley crops escape freeze damage Mcallen api the lower Rio Grande Valley escaped extensive freeze damage Early today. Farmers expressed Strong concern for crops tonight when a Low temperature of 2a degrees is forecast for the upper Valley. Mission and Rio Grande City int he upper end of the Semi tropical Valley had 28s, the lowest Early morning temperatures. Mcallen in the Middle Valley had 31. Brownsville had 34. Bill Busch who farms More than goo acres of land South of Pharr said of mid Valley norther Quot it should t have done much damage. It All depends on How quickly this clears off. Our problem could come Busch said the outer leaves of lettuce and cabbage probably froze this morning but a slow warming during the Day could prevent extensive damage. The High temperature forecast today is 45 degrees which could prevent fast warming. In Harlingen Bob Withers of the Crockett nurseries said thermometers dipped to 34 degrees. Quot we did no to even fire up smudge Withers said. Quot tonight May be a Little different Story Quot Carl schuster of san Juan said after an Early morning Survey of 1,600 acre farm including about 800 acres of vegetables. He detected no Frost. He said Low was 31. Quot i done to know How it will come out Quot schuster said. Quot it was pretty cold. We still have i a few peppers left out there and some Little tomatoes. Quot it was Windy last night and Heaters probably have done any schuster said. Quot the heat and smoke blows away. It would be in Mexico before you know the weather Bureau forecast in the gathering dusk of Wash lows tonight of 30 degrees in the in ton As the nation ended a coastal sections of the Valley months mourning for John f. 28 in the Middle sections and 26 Kennedy. See Valley. Page 6 fhe amp lace daily feta 5c daily 10c sunday 30c per week daily and sunday phone to 4-6588 second claw Portage paid a Alice Tex Alice Texas monday december 23, 1963 number 122 in i red face twisted in skin Roy Konviska lies injured and trapped in the wreckage of an automobile in Houston. Tex., in which one Man was killed. The fatality in this car was the City a 125th for 1963, getting a new record Nea telephoto Clear skies replace Snow in Texas but frigid Marks linger by the associated press Glaze in the Northern half of the Clear skies replaced Snow state monday but another hard Clouds in Texas monday but freeze with temperatures 15 to frigid temperatures continued to 25 degrees were forecast for chill the state. Monday night. Early morning temperatures Low temperatures Early Mon ranged Down to 8 degrees at dal Day included Lubbock and fort Hart and Sulphur Springs. Worth to degrees Amarillo Only Brownsville in the Lowr Dallas and Texarkana la Waco or Rio Grande Valley reported ,15 Abilene 16 Beaumont and Midland 18 Houston 20 Laredo 24 and Victoria and san an above freezing 33 degrees reports from the lower Rio Grande Valley said the sem tropical area apparently escaped extensive freeze damage sunday night but Farmers were concerned Over a predicted hard freeze monday night. A Low of 26 degrees was forecast for the upper Valley Early tuesday. Rising temperatures were expected to Dent the ice and Snow nation ends month s mourning for Juk Washington apr thou-1 thus with the rhythm of Len Sands of candles burned Bright Coin s Gettysburg address Johnson marked the end of the 30-Day official period of mourning he had proclaimed on predecessors assassination nov. 99 weather an hour and a half later the new president turned a switch to Light the National Christmas a hard freeze warning tonight for the Alice area is issued by the e s. Weather Bureau. Continued Protection of exposed water pipes ear radiators and tender vegetation urged by the Bureau. Sunny and a Little warmer for the Alice Vicinity on tuesday is the fore ast of the Bureau. In it a expected tonight is 32 to 28 degrees. High tuesday should in 46 to 52 degrees. Binds will decrease northeasterly tonight imm Oming 8 to is Miles per hour tuesday. Official local temperatures High sunday. 41 Low this morning 28 High at noon today. 37. By reminded us that Christmas is the Day when All of us dedicate our thoughts to others when we Are All reminded that mercy and compassion Are the really enduring Virtues when All of us show by Small deeds and by Large that it is More blessed to give than to receive. Quot so in that spirit tonight let sheltered against a biting wind on Winter s first Day they symbolized that the late president s ideals Are still aglow in i. I tree behind the White House i me express to you As Youra a and in leading the nation in a transition i president that one wish that i in Imam wino i suns ame. Kenoe j from sorrow to the Joy of Christ i have As we gather Here. It is a a -irs2eral at. Wish that we not lose the closeness pm join to i. It j Quot on this occasion one year Ness and the sense of sharing it Aith. The d notion which ago a Johnson said Quot our be and the spirit of mercy and we bring to this Endeavor will loved president John f. Kenne-1 Sec nation Page 6 Light out country and All who server and the glow from that fire can truly Light the bareheaded and costless sunday night president Johnson told More than 14.000 gathered at the Lincoln memorial and a he nation by radio and television Quot thirty Days and a few hours ago. John Fitzgerald Kennedy 35th president of the United states died a martyrs death the world will not forget what he did Here. He will live on in our hearts which will be Sis Tonio 25 Kilgore in East Texas blanketed under six inches of Snow sunday had a Low temperature of nine degrees monday morning. Sub freezing readings were reported As far South As the upper Rio Grande Valley. Farmers up and Dourn the Valley had prepared cold weather Protection devices for a hard freeze but the Mercury did not get As Low As predicted. Mission in the upper Valley had a Low of 28. However the weather Bureau predicted another hard freeze for the Citrus and vegetable Rich area monday night. Up to five inches of Snow spread across Texas from the Panhandle to the wooded areas of East Texas sunday. Marshall measured five inches Tyler i four Texarkana three and bal Las two. The Snow stopped and skies generally cleared late sunday j except for a few Clouds along the coast and in the Wichita i Falls area skies were Clear in the state monday morning. The bitter blast of cold air heralded the official arrival of Winter in Texas sunday just joking Russell w. Mclarry. A former student at Arlington Tex state College who has been charged in fort Worth with threatening to kill president John f. Kennedy the night before Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas said it was a joke. A secret service Man quoted Mclarry As saying he was glad Kennedy was dead. My Larry said that he wished the president had been impeached but was not glad to see dead by violence. Nea telephoto Yule cruise vessel ablaze in Atlantic hundreds Are saved London up a a raging fire forced 1.046 persons to abandon the Christmas cruise ship Lakonia in the Atlantic today. A massive air sea Rescue operation plucked hundreds from the Ocean and More were being saved hourly. A . Air Force report said about too persons were floating in the water and All appeared dead. Aboard the 20,314-ton greek--7--�?-�? liner when disaster struck Sun wearing life jackets but All a Day night were 651 passengers geared to be on a Holiday mostly British but 1 radio messages told of the including four americans and dramatic Rescue. The master of a Crew of 395. Reports of the to the British Tanker Montcalm. Tai rescued ranged from 470 to capt. E j Kempton an eng More than 800 but there was a Ushman reported possibility of some duplication. All but the Stern of the ship was ablaze and explosions rocked her 608-foot length when Rescue vessels arrived on the scene about 180 Miles Northwest of Casablanca. The water was dotted with lifeboats and swimmers. Great Clouds of smoke rolled up from the red hot Hulk. People wild with Joy waved from lifeboats As rescuers approached. Others struggled to swim As far away from the Lakonia As they could. The water temperature was 64 degrees warm enough to give those in the sea a Chance to survive. Quot there Are a lot of people in the water around the burning vessel. We Are picking up As Many As see ablaze Page 6 witness at Ruby hearing has a pistol Dallas apr officers tool officials of the line believed i a pistol from a stripper called two babies and 30 to 34 children under 12 were aboard. Some accounts told of mothers tossing children into lifeboats and of parents struggling in the water to keep their children afloat us and British military planes criss crossed the area As a witness today in the Bond hearing for Jack Ruby night club operator who killed the accused Assassin of president Kennedy. The gun was found under a Scarf in the purse of a strip teaser named Karen Lyn Ben hard freeze predicted for Alice my Helper in a hard freeze is predicted tonight for Alice and the area Lone Star Gas co., supplier of a Low of 22 to 28 degrees natural Gas for Broad areas of forecast see weather. Page 6 Young Pennsylvania does t want to be governor p resident the world today Jar also speech helps writer Johnson to say and How he would say it loner. Scranton said Tiu it to and i can to Tell where president Dwight d he leaves off and i leave incidentally As for tools of the Trade a visitor to Soren being a candidate sen s office noted these books i a agreed that by Kelman Morin statements a special correspondent Quot he said the National scene Harrisburg a. It apr an now was such that he Felt a intriguing mystery Story Call it number of persons thought i Quot spotlight on tile Sphinx Quot a is should be the candidate and that taking shape around William he thought i ought to give a Warren Scranton the Persona Good Deal of thought to this mat ble Young governor of Pennsyl ter and think deeply on the sub Vania Jet in View of the change in Quot i done to want to be president a rent circumstances National of the United he said i firmly in in interview. Quot i can to Quot he said some very comply conceive of any circumstances Centary things about me per in which i would run Quot he add tonally and my work Here in the cd in one of the strongest Dis state. He was very kind about claimer of interest in the re this and suggested that i give publican nomination for Prest deeper thought to it than he bedsit he has made. Lived i had in the past. However in a news Confer Quot he was quite right in this Sador to South. Viet Nam. Make himself available As a candidate for the nomination the governor said he and i the Weater Bureau urged continued Protection of exposed water prices car radiators and tender vegetation a Low of 28 degrees was recorded Early today As the first Day of Winter made itself Felt Here sunday night. Some outside water pipes w Ere Frozen and vegetation killed As the coldest weather of the season hurled its More frigid blast at the area. There were signs of ice every where As puddles of water froze Over temperatures dipped Here dec. 13. Brought in with a norther and a drizzle. The incl mated spotting swimmers and lifeboats Nett 19�?known As Little Lynn and directing Rescue boats. Who performs in Ruby a Carou a air Force air Rescue Sel club the weapon was a .25 report received in Orlando Caliper automatic pistol. Fla., said a c54 flying Over the was found As officers area from the azores told 0 the searched witnesses before they casualties. It said the too were taken into the courtroom to be worn As a group. The witnesses. Including miss Bennett w Ere sworn then taken into an anteroom to await their Calls to the stand. Shortly after Ruby a arrest miss Bennett said Ruby had sent her Money for her rent. She lives in fort Worth. Meanwhile defense attorney Melvin Belli tried to establish whether Dallas police hi., St precautions against Quot a Man with an inflamed mind Quot in preparing for the Transfer of Lee Harvey Oswald charged with murder in the assassination of president Kennedy from the City jail to the county jail it was when Oswald was being led from the Dallas City jail see Ruby Page 6> shopping Day to Christmas shop for gifts in our and pages Aid Bill passage seen by tuesday former Eisenhowe wish to to. I Haven to Given deep or has urged to give Quot deep thought to the i stage of the proceedings. Others Ani not a candidate and done to believe Scranton has t made a see Scranton Page 6 or thought Quot to the question of i would Quot but now. Scranton says he will think about it. Newsmen asked Scranton if on desk a Treasury of Scranton said Quot although i he considers himself qualified Washington it apr Lyndon b Johnson can do More things than most people. To is a Ball of fire a one Man gang but he can to find time to write own speeches All by himself. _ a a _ the pre. associates g re at speeches. Bartlett s pointed out to that i doubt have disc Tost ii that Theodore c Quot familiar quotations Quot and cd this would change my Opin Sorensen who also was speech 10.000 jokes and a speech has to have Mon Quot the meeting with Eisenhower just done to think so. Do i think i than just style it has to be de a which included mrs. Eisen could do the Job if i had it yes. The regular meeting of the lug it w Bower and mrs Scranton took i Alice City Council meeting no ghost writer Ever Penna place in Eisenhower private they also asked Scranton scheduled for 7 30 p in tonight neatly made a political silk railway car dec. 14 on a siding about reports that Eisenhower is will not purse out of an oratorical sows near Harrisburg. Scranton gave advocating that Henry Cabot a Ai this version of Eisenhower a Lodge a now special Zembas Benhower discussed this briefly i and unusual weather has Conand added tinted Over a to Day period and Quot As i understand it. Heel kept the streets and roads wet Benhower denies he saw Henry and Muddy. The temperature Cabot Lodge and that he Tele fell from a High of 83 on dec. Phoned or anything else. 12 to a daytime Low of 39 on and he did no to indicate there was dec. 13 and the weather has anything else to remained Cool to cold since Nat so is Scranton in the ring or time Isnit he some observers close High temperatures since dec. To the Harrisburg scene believe 13 have remained in the 40-50 incan opposition and pass the he is merely taking the Trade degree Range with the lows in foreign Aid Bill by tuesday at tonal Quot not me posture at this the 3 m0 degree Range. During the period Only i 44 inches of rain has fallen on dec 13 rainfall of .75 inches were recorded in Alice by Joe see freeze Page 6 by the associated press have kept the White House Tele Washington map it a House phone lines humming sunday democratic leaders bringing trying to whip up support for their absent members Back to the measure in Calls to con work by planes predicted they Gressmen. Would have enough democrats and at East one charter flight on hand today to crack re pub writer for president John f Kennedy on occasion helped Johnson write first address to Congress. This is no slam at Johnson the business of a presidential ghost writer has ancient and honorable antecedents for example Alexander Hamilton had a ghostly hand in the writing of George Washington a famous Farewell address. A president who pays attention to main Job just does no to have time to make the research a and do the word polishing that a speech requires lots of Oiler Public officials and men in private Enterprise j too. Have turned to ghosts to j help them with their speeches j and their other writing Sorensen helped in the research for tin1 Book Quot profiles of courage Quot which Kennedy wrote before he Bec ame preside it sen Barry Coldwater of Ari Zona provides another example.1 after paying thanks to a Long list of those for whose help he was grateful Coldwater said he did the first draft of Book Quot Why not Victory Quot but added Quot the Way i look at it polish Jug my prose is not something in which i can spend a lot of time As enjoyable As that is for the proper expression of the result of that labor i for one depend on those i have mentioned helpers ghosts Call them what you will they Are an indispensable part of polities and Sorensen once said of teamwork with Kennedy Quot i know so Well what by wants to by president. He replied Quot is anybody fully qualified to do every phase of that Job i Council meet is cancelled the latest. And that wont be any too soon for president Johnson prestige on the line and Texas Holiday delayed. He Ana aides were said to Parachute drop record air Force flight surgeon capt. Medney e. Tardy jr., left Cheeks the degree of frostbite on the lace of army staff sgt. Loren b. Hollingsworth who was part of a 13-Man team of army Aud air Lone parachutist that established a world record for a mass free fall by jumping from a plane firing Al 43,-500 feet. The men released their parachutes after falling below an Altitude of 2,500 feet. All lauded safely near Al Centro Alif. In a telephoto be held according to an announcement this morning by Lee Weber City manager. Weber stated til Ere Are a number of proposed plans which the Council will be discussing during the forthcoming meetings Early next year but none of a pressing matter at this time. These future plans will Deal mainly with continued improvements for the City More efficient operation of City programs to better the City a Economy and to make development of future City programs tie in with the established master plan the City attorney Points out to rut All City offices will be closed for the Christmas holidays from noon tomorrow until thursday morning. Daily Echo Street sales boys get Yule gift today today is the Quot big Day Quot for daily Echo Street sales boys. On this Day the a Little salesmen Quot receive their papers free mid retain All receipts from a ales As their Christmas gift from v d. Hinge wild daily Echo publisher. This Lins been a policy of past years in keeping with the Christmas spirit and extends the daily Echo greeting of a a merry Christine a to the Street boys. Breached for Christmas a \ West Berlin policeman foreground watches As a woman Crosse into i ast Berlin at the Obert Muin Bridge. All East Berlin policeman right in the opening of the grim Berlin Wall erected by the communists. East Berlin police opened five erasing Points to West berliners so they could make Christmas visits to relatives in the communist held territory Nea Rada photo was reported picking up congressmen in Texas Louisiana and Georgia who had gone Home Early for Christmas and was speeding them Back to the capital. Who was paying for the flight a and perhaps others a Wasny to Clear a spokesman denied the White House was paying the Bill. However because of House rules a final vote on the $3 billion Aid appropriations measure was not expected before Christmas eve. But even of the House approves the Bill with its controversial provision on government credit guarantees for sales to soviet bloc countries the Senate still must act. And the senators most of diem Home for the holidays have no business scheduled All week and arc not Likely to vote before Friday at the earliest House democratic Leader Carl Albert of Oklahoma served notice that there will be no adjournment until the Bill is approved thus no Quick adjournment is in sight for the longest session since the 1950 korean War Congress and when it comes it will be Little More than a formality for the 1964 edition of the 88th Congress begins Jan i the crucial Issue in the stalemate Over the Compromise foreign Aid appropriation Bill is whether to ban government underwriting of private credit accompanying any shipments to communist countries the House included such a ban but Johnson protested the Senate refused to include the ban in the Bill and a Senate House conference committee eliminated it in drafting a Compromise measure but in a Long session that didst break up until behave Daw n saturday. Republicans caught the demo atle major to with its ranks slashed by absenteeism and succeeded in forcing the measure Back to the conference committee insisting that the credit ban to inc id d a further Compromise was use Aiu Bill Cage 6

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