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Alice Daily Echo Newspaper Archives Dec 20 1965, Page 1

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Alice Daily Echo (Newspaper) - December 20, 1965, Alice, Texas Hub City Congress eyes City history the amp lire Rhulu Echo by Virginia Blanton Alice Echo staff writer most citizens of Aiice are5 not aware of the historical Sites within the City limits and just out of them but the work of Hub City ingress May preserve the heritage of Alice. Did you know that there Are 18 known historical Sites within the City limits not to mention 14 Sites of interest just outside the City limits. Several citizens those composing the Hub City con Gress know and care and Are working on the preservation at the present. This project is needed to help individuals understand and appreciate historical Points of interest. These Are eventually lost unless a planned and adequately executed Effort is made to preserve them. Though several Alice citizens Are concerned for this historic loss a greater Effort on the part of the Community As a whole j seems warranted not Only to preserve historic landmarks in and near Alice but also restore them to their original state. Ways considered to help this a a land grass judging meet winners named Al be teams from the Ben Bolt and la Pryor future Farmers of America chapters topped area ten Fra land and grass contest Competition Here saturday. The Ben Bolt team scored 1,-188 Points out of a possible 1,� 200. To win grass identification Competition and la Pryor team members scored 602 out of a possible 720 Points in the land judging contest Armando Saenz of san Diego made the Only perfect score-400 Points arid won High Point individual honors in grass identification George Ham of Alice and Seledonio Perez of la Pryor each scored 238 Points out of a possible 240. To tie for the High Point individual s spot on land judging More than too Fra chapter members from 20 South Texas schools competed in the Annua contests. The top five teams in each one will be eligible to com i Pete in state wide Fra land and grass judging contests at Stephenville in april in the land judging contest the boys Are shown a variety of different types of soil in different locations and required to Tell the qualities and capabilities of each one grass identification teams must be Able to recognize dozens of different grasses and know when and where they grow and what they Are used for both of the contests Are worthwhile educational tools. Members of the winning Ben Bolt team coached by Ben Bolt vocational agriculture teacher Herman Herrington were Bernard Adams Jorge Garcia. Arturo Ruiz and Joe Munoz on the top land judging team coached by la Pryor vocational agriculture teacher James Bevel were James Chitwood Richard Wagner Robert easter and Seledonio Perez Ben Bolt placed second in land judging and u Pryor second in grass judging third place Winner in land judging was the Alice Fra chapter Pleasonton won fourth and Taft fifth. In grass identification san Diego won third Pawnee fourth and Alice fifth project would be to stage a five Day annual festival in the Early Spring closing with a historical play or pageant produced in memorial stadium. The Spanish f Rench and Anglo Uit ures could be employed in the following ways Spanish would be spoken in greetings and leave taking on Small simple manuals of Spanish phrases and sentences could be provided by thee Hamber of Commerce for visitors and tourists. Also there could be evening lectures and illustrations in English an Spanish about the historical aspects of our Community and South Texas. Der orations and displays could be provided through the use of costumes Home and Street appointments. Organized games and contests with cultural implications could be held along with gatherings for the purpose of music and dancing scheduled Field trips to historical Points could be arranged. A culminating activity such As a pageant May close the festival. This May be a dramatization of Many of the event s that took place at the Points visited on Field trips. The history of successful celebrations or festivals similar to the project outlined Here shows they developed Over a period of years. The Hub City civic Congress has As its objectives Community Progress by keeping Liaison with City and area leaders in an at tempt to Aid Independent clubs and groups in the purpose to provide a Means for groups to obtain assistance in projects to improve the welfare of the Community. The Congress is composed of persons from each of the fully constituted organizations within the Community. Present governor of the con Gress is w. W. Farrar. Other officers Are j. In. Stroud it. Governor Nolan Boyd speaker of the House mrs. Gentile Parish Secretary and Hilton Cook treasurer there a three committees those being the evaluation re search and implementation committees. Those on the evaluation committee Are Joe Rehmet see Hub City Page 2 volume 71 Cox and Cia pot or paid at Ailet a 7333 Alce Texas monday december 20, 1965 5c Dadalt 10c sunday 30c per week daily and sunday phone to 4-65s4 number 119 Nea radio telephoto easy Runoff Victory Gen Charles de Gaulle left won a new seven year term As France s president sunday restoring some of his political prestige marred when he was forced into a Runoff e cd ? on against Francois Mitterrand right who conceded defeat Only an hour and 20 minutes after the polls closed de Gaulle s total held steady at about 55 per cent of the valid ballots. Erhard lbs open to Quot of Days of talks with emphasis on Germany Washington West German Chancellor Ludwig Erhard and president Johnson open two Days of talks today with the emphasis on Germany a efforts to gain a larger role in Europe a nuclear defences the germans have no nuclear weapons and rely on the North Atlantic treaty organization As a deterrent against what or 3 area men die violently Over weekend by the associated press violence took 47 lives in Texas during the last weekend tie fore Christmas 33 in traffic. Four Young persons died at Amarillo when their car hit a Sante be freight train just before Midnight saturday. The it see deaths Page 3 hard has said Are 1,000 Middle Range soviet missiles aimed at Western Europe the Erhard envisaged Force As understood in Washington would be a Fleet of american and British submarines equipped with Polaris missiles and jointly owned by interested nations. At the outset this probably would include the United states Britain West Germany Italy and the Netherlands. Thus. Three nations Germany Italy and the Netherlands would have a bigger say in the use of nuclear weapons. Among those with Erhard in Washington Are foreign minister Gerhard schoreder and defense minister Kai Uwe von Basset. They arrived late sunday afternoon and were greeted by i vice president Hubert h. Humphrey and Secretary of state Dean Rusk. A state dinner was scheduled at the White House tonight. I Nea radio telephoto under fire marines ran for cover across a Rice Field Utar Hon an 20 Miles South of Danang where . And South vietnamese units maintained a major operation against Viet Cong fanes and to it up Yiv base Congress will Eye Viet Nam by William f. Arbogast Washington a congressional leaders Are in general agreement that the dominant Issue in the session convening Jan. To will be the Viet Nam War. Sharing the spotlight in what May be a Long and bitter session will be labor legislation the administrations a great society programs and perhaps taxes. Many members took advantage of the fall ref Ess to visit Viet Nam they returned with conflicting opinions on How the War is being conducted and their differing views should touch off Sharp debate. There is Little that Congress can do about How the War is being fought except to appropriate Money to foot the Bill. But the fact that it is being waged and is costing a lot of Money will be reflected in consideration of nonmilitary legislation. A one of the Basic issues a said rep. Gerald r. Ford of Michigan. House Republican Leader a will be the need to cur see on guess Page 3 freeze line pushes deep into Texas by the associated press skies cleared throughout Texas and the freeze line pushed deep into the state today temperatures before Daylight ranged Down to a Chilly 23 degrees at Dalhart in the upper Panhandle but that amounted almost to a warm spell compared to Dalhart a 12 degree Low Early sunday. The Mercury sagged to 25 at ii paso and 27 at Amarillo. At the same hour Brownsville on fhe states Southern tip recorded 42 degrees. Rain and drizzle which had dampened much of the state finished playing out sunday in Southeast Texas moisture measurements through sunday Houston .46, Mineral Wells do fort Worth .34, Abilene .28 and Dallas .24. Continued fair weather was promised and a Little warning was in Prospect for Northern sections of Texas tonight and tuesday. Forecasts called for another cold night in Southern areas with Frost at some Points health forces Mays to cease Job corps Job Salt Lake City a Willie Mays has quit prom cling the Job corps for the Sake of his baseball Carcer. His third collapse in three years forced j tilt decision. Willie explained Quot the doctor Here said i was a Little nervous from running around All Over the Mays 34, highest paid player in baseball $105,000 and the National league s most valuable player fell in a faint saturday while promoting the Job corps at a downtown theater. Backstage hands ran to help him. They sat him in a chair. And somebody called a police j ambulance but Mays walked from the theater and Rode in a police car to the Salt Lake City Home of Herman Franks manager of the san Francisco giants. A i guess he just blacked out a said Fransk. A fall the heat and the kids a a done to worry about him a Franks said and added that his Star Center fielder would be in a Good shape by Spring. A a in a Fine a said Willie a eth doctor said i should get lots of rest. He gave me a couple of shots and some pills and said m a couple of Days i should be Back to feeling really Willie collapsed in 1962 sitting in a dugout and doctors blamed it on indigestion. Then he fell to one knee because of dizziness at candlestick Park in 1163, doctors blamed exhaustion or. Robert Dalrymple who examined him saturday mid exhaustion was the culprit a in during his first year with the giants last season Franks Reed Mays periodically. And Vav lie responded with 52 homers f the Best season performance in the majors posting a .317 batting average with 112 runs Bat a Ted in Viet Cong saboteurs terrorize Saigon elks entertain children a e Guty six students in the mentally retarded classes in Alice were entertained by the Alice elks Lodge no 2082, at the annual Christmas party thursday afternoon at the Lodge. Santa Claus arrived with a Sleigh full of toys to fill the requests made by the students through the elks. Christmas cookies ice Cream and fruits were served to each guest their parents and teachers elks and their wives. Pictured left to right front Row Are Lee Carroll Florence Watts and Annie boat right Back Row Lee Cook Ott it Newton exalted ruler Bernard Carroll Alton Moose and Santa. Daily Echo staff photo weekend astronauts now begin of a Giance three Days of test to try attn do acc in by the associated presi saturday gemini 7 splashes Down in the Atlantic and astronauts Frank Borman and James a. Lovell or arc returned to the air raft Carrier Wasp in Good condition after their record 14 Days in space. The North vietnamese information Agency Calls Washington reports of a peace feeler a pure fabrications without any thereby appearing to end the latest talk of a negotiated settlement. The Viet Cong attack a Section of the South vietnamese capital of Saigon with mortar fire for the first time in the War just hours after the . Military command orders a dusk to Dawn curfew on . Troops there to protect them from terrorist attack. Sunday pop1 Paul i urges Pursuit of the recently reported proposals for peace in Viet Nam in order to bring att it a c Christmas cease fire followed by negotiations Gen. Diaries de Gaulle wins a new 7-year term As president of France restoring some of the political prestige he lost when he was forced into a run off election a new surge of ground action on three fronts Ushers int Christ Mas week for fighting men in Viet Nan fire is fatal to 4 children in Galveston Gai Vest n a flames sweeping the second floor of a two Story apartment House sunday killed the four Small children of or. And mrs. Gene Wyatt fir men l und the bodies of me negro children in a Corner of the same room. They said the fire apparently started freon an open front Gas healer. Police said the parents were shopping at a neighbourhood food store. The children were Terry la Elmira 2, Gene 3, and Barbara 5. Another resident of tin build my mrs. Geneva Johnson said screams a be her. So kicked of n a Down in an Effort to reach the children but the flames Druva us on flight effects Cape Kennedy Al a a astronauts i rank Borman and James a. Lovell jr., who sailed far enough during their two weeks in space to make 10 round trips to the Moon begin three Days of medical checks her today to determine what physical Rigours space travel has in Man. People who talked with the astronauts said their main complaint of the 14-Day flight was the confinement they could t stretch out. They asserted they dreamed a lot during the Mission sources said. And Borman was quoted As saying thai i oven was dreaming a fall the food on Board the space raft some of it dehydrated got tedious and somewhat objectionable toward the end a the flight the sources noted air Force it of. Borman and Navy mar. Lovell As wll As gemini 7 astronauts Walt. R m so birr a or. And Thomas p. Staff re praised tile Titan 2 Booster and gemini spacecraft. All four als remarked How easy it a to see through each others Pace raft windows while they were rendezvous ing High above the Earth wednesday. Sci Ria was quoted As saying that the gemini 7 capsule appear. D twice a it Bright As the brightest Star Sirius when he was apparel Ling it and Schirra and Stafford indicated that rendezvous was easier than they thought Stafford and Schirra co piloted two Small air planes on thursday from the prime recovery ship the aircraft Carrier Wasp to Bermuda. On the Way sources said they tried to Fly their to air raft in formation and noted that it was much easier to Pilot two gemini spacecraft in formation even though the spaceships were speeding at 17,500 Miles an hour persons who talked with the astronauts quoted Borman As saying he thought future spacemen should not have to Fly in Bulky space suits on Long duration flights. And if a a Aback up pressure system is needed Borman suggested it be built into see astronauts Page 3 Humphrey to head welcoming group Walkington Avice president Hub Roll. Humphrey will head the american delegation at the dec 30 inauguration of philippine president elect i Ferdinand Marcos. Two other i s. Representatives will by named after consultation Between Humphrey and president Johnson the White House announced saturday terror Campaign nearing by John t. Wheeler Saigon South Viet Nam Saviet Ong ranging from Youthful saboteurs in Saigon to Battle hardened battalions in the Countryside Are tightening a noose of terror around Saigon. The threat at present is mostly psychological. But a massive terror Campaign May be near for the capital which has escaped much of the brutality of th1 War despite repeated terrorist acts no Viet Ong military attempt to seize the City is expected. Government troops have been Able to do Little to Clear the surrounding Countryside some vital installations and tactical areas Are considered threatened. A tie such military area is almost within Rifle shot of the . 1st infantry division Headquarters just North of Sal gun. Adding to the problem rumblings of military discontent with Premier Nguyen Cao Kyd a government have touched off a flurry of coup rumours. At such times anti communist operations often Are disregarded in favor of political jockeying. Rivalries Between various intelligence agencies complicate the picture. Police sources say informers often fear being exp sed by Viet Cong agents who have infiltrated into the governments version a the f s. Central intelligent Agency High officials in Washington Saigon have it it used sharply on the recent Campaign of terror in Saigon which began with the bombing dec. 4 of tie Metropole hotel a ., and Allied Billet. A series it of incidents once led w a dusk to Dawn curfew for servicemen in Saigon. Concern is High now because the current terror Campaign obviously is geared to the fifth anniversary today of the National liberation front political Arm if the vie Cong inside the City Are four known Viet Ong commando units th1 65th, 67th, 158th and 159th. They probably total less than 300 per set j is the commandos Are not organized a it military units. Th1 members Are parts a communist cells and sub cells and most Are unknown to each other. Over All plans Are known Only by a top handful. If one cell or group is compromised the sabotage network does not collages. Fanning out of Saigon into it la Dinh province also part of the capital military District Are perhaps five Viet Cong Distri r. Organizations some with Mill tary companies attached. These District organizations have a i measure of autonomy and include Many of the most dedicated communists. Recent intelligence reports indicate that to Viet c my battalions also have moved into the area just South of Saigon. It seems unlikely that the v let Cong would try to take physical Possession of the City since they i not have the military organization to Back up such a move their hit and run tactics Are expo Ted to remain unchanged. Pickled pigs feet no favor to mailman Saigon South Viet Nam a i n the mass of mail pouring in from the states to the u. S. Servicemen in South Vii Nam was this three gallon Glass Jar of pickled pigs feet to the two men who shoulder the daily responsibility of getting the mail through to the soldiers this ordinarily would be no problem. But let one of them m. Sgt James v. Adams of Penfield 111tell what happened. A the Glass Jar broke and the re was a a a1 mass it took us some time to pick out the broken Glass and sort out the Sodden letters from the tug Metal Container we use Lur the mail. The other Man responsible for the mail getting through is capt Gerald Aker of Bellevue wash., a former air Force navigator and onetime Tea her. Navigator and onetime teacher. The Aker Adams team directs the handling of about 270, xx1 Pound of mail daily at the Aerial Luau terminal at Saigon a Airport. About 30 too pounds make up the letters nut packages being sent Back Home. The other 12 tons is mail addressed to . Troops on duty in South \ let Nam three months ago the daily volume of service mail handled her was about 50,000 pounds say5 Adams the noncommissioned officer in charge a the Aerial mail terminal. Aker 32, is a Veteran who served in the Pacific As a navigator for the military air transport service he t we time out for schooling and teaching but the cuban crisis in october 1962, called him Back into service. He now plans to make the serve let his career the i Pard tattooed on his right Arm tells of a hitch in the ii s. Coast and geodetic Survey problems to keep the soldiers mail moving so there will by no urdu do it

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