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Alice Daily Echo (Newspaper) - August 10, 1955, Alice, Texas But How wont Sull by j vo.,.bo we staking in the Cap where \ can a mail it we dumped him,40 Wiles back1. Sack "0 the by Kow he a reported it to sheriff the the we can t / moment we a face them i re reach Al he it a a a paso j mph Wilf me Tco to p wonder he was dear i forgot All \ annoyed. Well. About Havik 3 Hie Wallet is simply must after it turned out wed j return it captured the Wrons mania. Diffs i no smells awfully a or Goco e-4 my gosh top. How Eva reckon All those folks knew id come Back v l who co Liepa a v told eff a ghost but think Schmidt. If it works and we have it to other country will pare attack us. I wish to \ never discovered the secret of the s drafted Anth radar paint. Its caused. Nothing but / trouble a tm4t 4int of Vlah but this Guy wm4t honest John n is 4 prospective told the t4x aun h buyer,4nd Ivie Fie w4s or Vine 3 of Oiler people Here tli4t the joint it Are just bus Sitt ers vv4s 4 morgue / to make the Josh to err <2 v look 4live- is f Good to see you bus Haw to 15 is 1 slow we h4d six Hundred people in Here yesterday figure Ive /m4de s my pile so i it might 4s Well j o retire re it the Alin Tex Dally Feho. Wednesday. Augustio 1055 Alice doily Echo. Editorials reappraisal Gettysburg Gas sacrificed to foreign opinion l i p efforts of rep. Frank t. Bow a Ohio to save american military personnel from the peril in which the flatus of forces treaty has placed them seems to be effectively blocked by the internationalists at every turn. The House with the backing of the president beat Down a proposed amendment to the military reserves Bill which would have prohibited the sending of reserves into any country which would not agree to waive this treaty provision x several weeks earlier the House had reared up on j to Hind legs and tentatively approved 174-56. An amendment prohibiting the sending of our men to such countries. But in the showdown the amendment was Defeated on May 18 Bow introduced in the House a Resolution calling on the president to seek a revision of the treaty to eliminate the provision under which foreign countries have criminal jurisdiction Over american military personnel stationed within their boundaries. The Resolution further states that if the revision is not achieved the president shall then denounce this Section. With the president opposed to it and members of ingress heavily influenced by the internationalists it is unlikely that the Bow Resolution will get anywhere unless there is a rousing Public demand for its passage. If enough parents wives and other relatives of servicemen will bombard their members of Congress with requests that the Bow Resolution be supported the weight of Public opinion can carry it to passage. Tile status of forces treaty was signed in London in 1951. It is an agreement Between members of the North Atlantic treaty organization for the handling of members of the armed forces of these countries. One of the provisions places the servicemen of one country under the criminal jurisdiction of another country in which they have been ordered to serve. The state department said the agreement was necessary to keep our allies from thinking the american government was High handed and trying to dominate them. So the state department was willing to sacrifice american servicemen to appease the opinions of our allies. Why should an american Serviceman lose his rights under the american Constitution because in the service of his country he is ordered to serve in another country that is what is happening under the status of forces treaty. A recent report said 58 american servicemen have been tried for criminal offences in foreign courts. What Chance does an american Serviceman have in a foreign court of citizens of that country even on trumped up charges guest editorial from the Houston chronicle next few months to write results of big four meet by Peter Edson be \ Washington correspondent Washington Nea a president Eisenhower a Complete honesty and disarming frankness were never better demonstrated than when he arrived in Washington from the Geneva big four meeting he said Quot just what will be the result of the conference of course no one he did not claim it a a great Victory. Though Ethel have claimed that for Lim As a of a i tilt Weis on How rec the Geneva conference was will be determined in the Forth coming United nations commission meeting in August the regular u. A general As St in by v v hit h convenes in september and the Gen a meet f f it. Ii ministers in oct incr. F Quot i such Prem Ina in Point. As were Sci cd at Geneva Are viewed today a entire intangible. was a change in this mysterious a spirit that tie president likes to talk about. It created his a new atmosphere lathe future dealings with the russians. In a comply dung this the president seems to have captured the a magma Ion and Confidence Quot of All free world Peoples yid my by first reaction reports. This is in spite of the fact that Las dramatic Aerial inspection proposal was not accepted by me Russia and is regarded As \ Sion Ary by Many septic. Stating the successes negatively tile big four conference did not Encl up in a grand Row nor in a admission that their problems were insoluble also the president didst have to rut anything away which is something of a Novelty. The preambles of the final statements from the four Heads of government and their directive to the foreign ministers All glow with optimism for those who take the double so read beyond these opening paragraphs however there As full realization that nothing tangible Lias been changed. Tins is the pessimistic View Geneva did not disarm a s ugh Soldier. Not one defense budget Dollar or Ruble has Bec ii saved not me atom or Hydrogen bomb has been destroyed not one Trade Carrier has be n remove effected. Germany Lias the proposed Obliga difference is Neall Mem of i nations took the major problem communism and russians As non of the this St and Pei i is As a govern mint Niu cd to i and they Rem cd to by Willi am l. Ryn Yin foreign news analyst tile time for a careful reappraisal of u. A policy toward Tito and the communists of Yugoslavia May be at hand. Tito has been issuing statements full of assurances of his abiding Friendship for the United states and the Western nations. But these protestations Are followed by the announcement that his party is re entering into relations with the communist party of the soviet Union. Tito has announced his relations with the Moscow party would be like those he maintains with Western socialists. This aspect of his announcement might raise Strong sushi icons of him in Washington. The role assigned to Tito and Yugoslavia a communists Many years ago was to maintain relations with socialists in the no communist countries to Lull them into a feeling of comradeship of interest with tile communists in the future of the world proletariat. In the past year Tho has been furiously engaged in making and strengthening his contacts particularly in Asia. The question must arise is he about to take Over his old Job again now that Stalin is out of the picture tile United Stales poured almost a billion dollars in assistance. Half of it in military Aid. Into Yugoslavia in the years it was an outcast of the co inform. Now the United states has every right to feel uneasy about Tito a future course. That course seems to be steadily eastward. He has indicated it is his belief the satellite communist countries no longer Are dominated in their internal affairs by Moscow but yesterday the Budapest radio announced that the state prosecutor of communist Hungary had been ousted. The removal of the prosecutor. Oalman Cako came a week after a Tito speech which complained that some satellite communists still were arresting people for to Taoism. Particularly in Hungary and Czechoslovakia. Tito said he believed implicitly in Moscow a promises to him. So the news that Taoism remained a sin in Hungary would indicate that the hungarians were defying Moscow. That impression did no to last Long. Obviously Tito a complaint was heard in Moscow and Moscow took Steps. Czako became the victim of the soviet smile offensive. Accused by tile russians of having obeyed the russians Iii the past. Czako played a Large role in the prosecution of to twists and in the trial which sent the hungarian police Boss and Interior minister Laszlo Rajk to the Gallows. It takes Only a glance at the press of the satellite countries to disprove any talk of their Independence from Moscow. Tile satellite pit is and radio faithfully Echo every swerve in the Moscow line no matter How fantastic the by de c Reagh Gettysburg. A. Aug. To Cpl one thing this pre rid but Friendly Battlefield town Means to do it is doily its Best to take in stride its eminent part time resident. Dwight d. Eisenhower. Yogt i Quot. Iii this determination cd a Many of tic town a 6.-200 people who have found themselves neighbors to the president. Mostly they put it something like this a a we re glad to have Ike living Here delighted in fact. We re proud he picked Gettysburg out of the whole country As the place to buy a farm. And. If you come right Down to it it looks As if he s going to be Good for the tourist business. A but done to forget that Gettysburg was on the map Long before any of this happened we had a Battle Here remember and much As we like him Ike is not the first president to Honor us with his and of course he Isnit although others Haven to spent As much time Here. Gettysburg a and the country will it forget lire november Day in i7w3 when the lean Melon a holy figure of Abraham Lincoln descender from a train at the Gray painted station still standing Here and delivered a few words a four score and seven years ago a other presidents have come to Gettysburg a every one since Mckinley in fact. But Eisenhower is the first chief executive to take up residence Here. He lives All this week and most summer weekends in the Roomy air conditioned House he rebuilt a Little South of the town a stones throw from where Pickett a charge carried the confederacy to its High water Mark. What does a town do when it finds a president in its midst Gettysburg has done the tactful. Dignified tiling. It found out what the president wanted then tried to give it to him. It mad1 him Welcome at the presbyterian Church where Lincoln worshipped that memorable Day in 1863. The Gettysburg country club opened to him and my t Good Days when he a Here Sec the president happily careening Over the Golf course in one of the colourfully painted go carts which the club just happened to buy after it found out he liked them. It fixed up a private Looker room for him. Gettysburg enjoys having Mamie Eisenhower drop in for a travel i Alk reversal might be. Tito is making abundantly Clear to All who will listen that he remains a communist devoted to the idea that an elite must Leat the whole worlds proletariat. Tin Only difference Between Tito and the satellite leaders seems to be then that he pursues la. Cause As a partner of to cow rather than its subordinate. Answer to previous Puzzle across i said Egypt 5 i a Uke r slake China 12 per Ian j 13 Haw Ai Ian wreaths i Aupiu at 13 Bahan Niantic is 3 7 deity 18 warehouse u1 rocks 21 Jap Muse wine 23 grab 24 pea Holder Down 1 posture 2 leave out 3 worthless bib 4 travel Tours 5 or. Baba 6 tidier 7 prong 8 German City 0 we Stern Plant 10 scent 11 advantages 18 head Man 20 forbidden 22 recent Battle Field 24 impudent 23 above 2. Decide 28 wans 30 travelling on water 31 my Robe 33 Saltpetre 35 list 40 save 43 to openings 45 finished 46 Short sleeps 47 Arrow Poison 48 Glen 50 withered 51 soviet River 52 essential being 55 aged the Gill do it every to line by Jimmy i la to in afire Ivha re h4sn t been sex i a re j it be Block since l4st. St of july Parade a shills for we Bistro owner who a trying to in Loh d the joint of 1u4nc 4no 4 fwd Pultr Trey f to a l Vul i Cree n j Mug w a amp a Mon a c pc Sqq Ici. Weekly a scan used him Dally 1941 rub Ltd hid each week Day afternoon saturday Aud 8unday morale entered at the pot office at Alice a a ii a tread matter Uncial it of co a re a March 2, 1802. V a ring Wisd editor and Puhi turn plate. Managing editor a c. Mccoy advertising manager venue Zurovel classified manager Eddie Wollard general superintendent p e Bulloch circulation manager any erroneous reflection upon the a Harare a. Standing or reputation of a tar person firm or corporation which a if appear in the columns of the Wally i oho will he gladly Correct upon being brought to the attention Ltd the publisher. Member of the associated Presa cum Ripe Lon it vie. By Carrier. 25c per week i year $12 so by mall in Jim Wells and adjoining counties i year i Al $ months 4 a 3 months h an i month my. Mad a Lix. I year la oot it Montes a Suo. 3 months a5j i month la of Mui out of a tale i year $1100 9 to us a 0 i month ii in and Mali rates in and ran be round of shopping at the five and dime. It understands her husbands visits Don t leave much Lime for such events As Lions club luncheons or Corn and Wie Ner roasts. So Gettysburg a attitude is for the most part to give the president a smile and a wave and then to forget about him. The town knows he likes it that Way. The town rather likes it too. Some folks her11 have worked up a lather Over a report published recently in a Magazine that the porches of houses overlooking the Golf course Are in demand As Balcony seats when the president is playing. Reporters and photographers playing behind the president checked up on that one last weekend. The verdict not a Pecker on any porch. The presidents total gallery on the last Green consisted of three women and one Little girl who wandered Down from the swimming Pool in bathing suits. Another example of How Gettysburg takes Eisenhower in stride one weekend the president was playing with the club pro Dick Sleichter. A newcomer approached Dinda Hauser the pretty Little lifeguard at the club Pool and asked which of the golfers was the president. said Melinda casually without looking up. A a he a the fallow that a playing with who la launch the first traffic cop into space youngsters get to do a lot More things by telling parents about them afterwards instead of asking permission in the first place. A flitting Friendly advice together the cheapest Way to cure a cold is to buy a drug store. Falling Down on the Job after working your Way up is a Quick Way from Success to failure. Blomme voodoo dear its me gee that perfume Kou have on for to inform i have perfume Iii he smells the liver and onions in a cooking for a each time we come Over a Rise m hoping to see their Cari they is harder to f Adim the Cit and we re Only twelve Miles Cut. By i got of us but it done to look Uke to Motyll have any part of you Bein in fact you be Lucky if they la have nervous Les hurry on to thu Palace

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