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Alexandria Gazette Newspaper Archives Jun 2 1891, Page 1

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Alexandria Gazette (Newspaper) - June 2, 1891, Alexandria, Virginia Ii no. 132 Alexandria. Fa., ties Mai 1v1n1ng, june 2, in a. Price 2 cts. 1edic1nal. Ii the Trade 1 Ork of an educated physician Tysl rd3iext for the cure � disease without Medicine of the cause and Core a Iii tax with body and the rates these condition i in uni i Lecarl cloy. N i a. In simply impaired vitality. Theas tautly Art is to the vitality and Nuti ire. In Natu re a Way to throw is the Iii i. A i a of proof than item or made eth sch by n Vii leu narc impossible. I cases of All kinds a cured in m Lum us 1. Liz enc perseverance de re it Lions of Mecoli Capon works Cine onic cases. Thau Trible hone treatment. vim know formation Call on or Lulu i is electro poise ,. V. Ave., Washington d c Gic st., nlckmono., a notice. �1 positive cure b j 1111.1,$, Fyk Esb and malaria u ,. A d chills and foyer in i e Sty Fob Hocks Aci directly upon a. Livor and will of appetite. Oden the following druggists at Goc per Box or of Lewis c a o e manufacturer Toi Ith Otreo n. W., con or int by mail upon receipt a for w Fiew s halt p. S. Leadbeater & i Ulon Johnd. Ii. , 4. Lena a and w. 6m japanese is �. \. Eed cure for files of whatever Juree external internal Ishad itching chronic recent or iry. $1-00 a Box 6 Box. $.",.00.il, prepaid on receipt of Price Otto to cure any Cao of files toed and sold Only by i thu Leleka muo., Alexandria. A _ Newt Reward for by. Can of i. i.m-. R. O or. Kantar fonts in Only by us Rou Mac by c o. , #u4 i Fiji or a l o City Job b a. B. Persy. Formerly of Perry moot i co. And is. Boctor Smoot & Perry. I Mem office no. 12s� st., Alexandria Virginia Dalors in doors 8a3h, blinds mouldings co int calcined pastor Limo hair nails a -. I hop undercover. 8ep5 established 69 years j0siahbld.smootason, Kualii in a stories Lais r, plaster so. A. Makufactube3 of ". A poors Sash. El1nd8. Frame Sis . Brackets0 All kinds of we a wore. Anc Yard no. 22 North Union it. Factory r i a st., Alexandria a. Us no charge for Dolivo n Eily. Janss agricultural. Was 3� "30 Kalor in a Complete line of agricultural implements. Loeb a. Wood Harvoj Tetino Machin Ery. Eld and Garden seeds. Bosq Rehanna fertilizers cd. I for the hewling8 automatic 1lk Aerator a d cooler and the e or Luck Eye feed Mill and Power Irvona Rospo Cifelly solicited. Orders tilled promptly. No. 51 k1sg Street Alexandria Virginia. Q.e0. H. Cochran Corner King and Loo streets commission merchant and easing agent for the Farmers Alliance of Northern Virginia. Meats cd ciders will receive Tonj a too febl9 dlwtw4m " i out l i oof Par Cal Gay tic ulars sen free. 1 x lleyjl1�. C . Ozios Whitehall st Choice Lise of cravats latest styles and a Kamos b. Slaymaker s. Published daily and Tri weekly at the Gazette build g.,310 & 312 Prince st. Dally one yer -.86 m " six months_.3 00 " one month. 50 Fri weekly one Yoar-._.400hutoioalhe.2 of three month. 1 00 contract Rill not be allowed to exceed their space unless the extent is paid for at transient rates and under no circumstance will they be allowed to advertise other than their a Glt inmate business in the space contracted for. All transient advertisements Viust be paid for in and Vance. It Trunko and death notices Moat be paid for in and Vance. Resolutions Intebi i a of thales tribute of respect Resolution adopted by societies or persons unless o Public concern will Only be printed in this paper As advertisement. Tho jaz Ktuk office is connected with the Telephone excl once. Ave it cents on Lora for the pier news or any Lulor Pattou or business can to sent by Tele hone altered at the Esfi Fulce Aiex Narla. Virginia in second class an Indian Devil Loose a wild animal but is Ali out i Lobo an Indian Devil is at Laige a East m Connecticut killing string pigs and Teller doge he appeared first in tee forests a lout port Laud Village on the Connecticut liver. Two Hunters stroll log through the underbrush heard one of Ibert doge yelp in a Peculiar Way and hurry Irig to Hie Aid Law a big Brown boat galloping through the brakes i b Long easy leap. The dog bid been killed almost instantly. He a i been bitten through the Brees. And Bia Bead Wes almost to a from the neck. Than the by by came get at Midnight in hit bed the Otner Day Farmer Peck of the Rural teen of fac kid a few Miles North of Norwich Hotd a Grai outcry a Bis Orchard below the House a re he had Nice of tie handsomest pigs in new London county. He leaped from his bed and ran into the Orchard shouting. In the Moonlight be Deco i de a big bet it Kun King away rcrcs9 the Fields. Or. Vick was just id time to save Tho ii e of the pig which the predator anti it bad Hen strangling tic pig bad been bitten by vet Ely. Next the Iodia Devil Viii re the Piegl by of a. D Lamb in the same Odas in Fth or. Lamb s four $ Ige Wert All rent in the meriting when to went to feed them two of them a Ere dead in in pen tie two others hid ii to the woo where or. Lamo tu.= m Remh with let . Tee Send pig had been terribly Lacer ated about the head und ears and there a re bites on their che2? that to Tho heart. L. H. Smih i of of for k Lio had a pig killed at nigh in a similar r a in i Pru. Next Momick la the sat do Road he saw track of Tho a a that were bigger than the Foo Mark of a late d The Franklin Farmer now b log Lanter by out their p g pens and in Thi in Orchards at � igbo b Spirg to frighten Tho beast away. I that Ruthern part of the town la a great Bill yet it Mountain and in Oce craggy top of if. Ayer is Gap i the Entrance to o Una Kable deep Cavern the Devil s d a that la Beth Ltd in p Netra e to All parts r f the Mountain. It has Long Beer the Home of Fox and some Taraea of wind Cash which Stem to knew a Bidden Way of cgrea3, of to it Hunters have never Hec a Abla to Trep or successfully besiege the animal in the Cavern. The Indian Devil undoubtedly has located i Home to the a Vii s Dan. Tho n Ira he fails Kenae club of fax Hunters Are getting ready to take the Field m a grand bunt for the beat. a pc school is running amid Riffi cultist a the Rural Academy in Hadam Village on the connect a Cut River. Not Long ago a big new pm of be Lig Crent wild Beeb it roamed into the Academy cupola stayed there overnight liked it and Are there Belll. They arc pot Ting to Honey comb Aud Honey at a great Rao. For a Day or two Tho bees got along All Ruht with the pupils then a boy threw a a tone Ano. It cupola and two quarts of bees came Down promptly Aud interviewed him. He and the bees went out of Ead Daru bumming in a hot of Murli that was a Quarter of a mile Long nod strewn with Ciot Bee Marbes a hat Jack knife Trout Hooks and other things. Since that episode the bets have harboured a Lively prejudice Gaia of. Public dec bowls. The fus begins Early each Day. The Tea Ober rings the Bell Aud the Boya try to Moenk into the Boue hut it s a Lively iad that can get through the door without being spotted by two or three dozen bees. Sometimes a youth imagines be bae ran the Success fully drops breathlessly into Bis scat and then the Bee beaks out on bit in his pocket or the Region thereof and the boy Tii a dust like a Eky Rocke three feet toward the Selling Ecra ebbing like an Indian. At race pm or noon the Boye Don t dare have by fun on the school ground for after the least of mirth on their part a pint of bees drop oat of the cupola and take a hand to the business. The teacher is just As afraid of the bees is the children Are and after Dir ii fing school Ebe wraps a Snail ubut Ber head and runs for her life. What to do with the Lead Bea Tor & Bro. Many persons Are broken Down from overwork or household cares. Brown s Iron bitters rebuilds the system nid. Digestion removes excess of bile sad cores ularia. Get the genuine. Tel a is off bed by the mamjfao01uu toeer3 of Hall s Cata Btl cube Lor any Casa of Catarrh that cannot be cured with this remedy. To Havo sold quantities of it Sandbo Yiove it to to an excellent preparation Mylle. S. Leap Rateb a a Loci. Lawn Havo several kinds but Tho of Vor Itee and Sunbeam ate Tho Best in Uso. Call und see them. Prices Low ja8. F. Cabin & 8"n?. 5- Alexandria a. Medicinal. Take Simmons liver regulator one dose Worth 100 dollars dear s. L. Friends i coi Ibidem on do of of Simmons liver Logn Paior Worth �100. I Wasco Stipa of bad headache could eat Noth ing with satisfaction or appetite had the Blanos and Felt no Togo Tho Cut of sorts i re sorted to Luo maw calmn"1, quinine and All remedies Bugges of lint Only Obia ipod temporary to Lief. One dose of s. L. E. Did me More Good than Tho $100 Worth of doctors and doctoring. Respectfully t. C. Mabrley. I have Hen a teacher for Twenty Yon and during that Timo have had repeated tucks of Hoad Acho produced by torpid Livor and i Havo Boon entirely cared by Tho use of sum Mons Livor regulator. I found it to to o to mild a character in Ito action is not to inter Fere in the least with my duties in Tho i Viool room. To those Sim Early situated and subject to same i cannot too highly recommend Simmons Livor regulator. E. A. Cheek Campbellsville by. C0b8st3. Tjimis is the Way with the Ball Corset if you want Case and Shap Liness you buy you Don t keep it unless you like it. After two or three weeks Wear you can return it and have your Money. Comfort in t All of it though. Soft eyelets and Bones that can t break or s corsets have both of these. For Sale by Isaac Eichberg. Groceries. A. J. . C f. Swetnam. Arr & Swetnam grocery liquor and commission Mer chants Corner King and Washington streets Mcnurney d old a tend. We h Ive Jnet opened at the above stand with an Osti roly new and varied Stock of Staple and Fine Grove Rio liquors so and solicit a Sharo of Tho Public Patron go. Foo liquors of All kinds for family use a Spe Fialty. B. F. Gravely s beat selected tobacco three year3 old. Hardware. Established 1844, Jas. F. Carlin & sons. Tl5 Kin st., Alexandria a. Hardware cutlery suns Wagon wheels nails steel and Iron rim3, shafts hubs and sp0ke8, barbed fencing wire baling ties geind3tones, a Telephone Call 80. Nayf of a f. Peake dealer in doors Sash blinds hardware paints oils leads Cement lumber l me calcined plaster slate mantels hearths &c.,&c.,&c. Corner King and Pitt streets. Alexandria. A. John t. Creightoni & son who i. K8ale a if d Estail Deal Zbyl in hardware and cutlery. No. 88 Kinu Cor Lar of Royal Stevet have on hand a very Largo and Well a sorted Stock of goods in their line. Country mor Cbanta Are in Vinci to Call and examine before purchasing. Satisfaction guaranteed. Call and Tea. Al carriages Ica Reiges we have on hand Tho largest Stock of new cabriags.8 and Spring wagons Ever offered for Sale in Alexandria which we Are Selling As Low As can be Hough Olsen hero. Como and Sec. Summers so Biro 119 South Pitt Street Allum for Bale and 170b be. Len and Corn House. By standing is the Ray of improvements on Cost Braddock. Street. Orch est Alex Indria. Mast be Lorna a id from he Rorai of p a Oto try to of g0 h if. A b de on the North Sido of King tire Colnman Ped Al rid. Ail modern improvements. Ivanec Scioti Given at 01 co apply to j. Clinton Scot ap30tf 500 b Wahington it. F a rent. St02e112 King Street. Apply of Knox a he Tendon. Myl of no 21g King Tal liable p.e4l estate for half. One t act of land 446 across 2 Miles from Alexandria on the Iio unt Vernon Road the i Nurvey of Tho Blount Vrcon Avonne passing . This property is Well calculated for gardening and Dairy purpose5, being Well watered and Baa a front dec on the Potomac Ivor of 2 Miles also unsurpassed scenery Overly k no both the cities of Al Orandria and Washington Persona investments will find it to t i in a Vantak to examine this inno. Lid. 124 acre Sand another of \ about 4 Miles from Tho City not far from the above described property. Perhaps the re is no land on Tho Market at Wiliie Tiitso offering greater de Rantgos to Teeken of profit Ili Hii the a love aimed property. I. D ascription and terms apply to Misa Katie id. -. Johns id 534 it it real estate Brit cry j or to no. 03 Fairfax it hot. Cameron und King aug27 t. Profe is final t Eonard mar dry attorney at Lam. 2 2kii g Street or. 4 in lox ipod a a. w. Akm31b0sg, Atto Itsey at Lam. 212 King Street inv4 in Alexandria a breweries. Robert Portier Breff Elfi company s Vor family use jul. Specially real estate agents. Knox Here Don real estate agents no. 21� King Street Alexandria Virginia. Desirable Otty and country property for Sale. Correspondence solicited._ap30 . Bust 4k0e a Wise Worth Hulfish president. Secretary. Treasurer. The. I Dommin a Mun Lloja Olla Willi 1 ii office 421 King Street. Parties having property for Sale in City or Conn try will find it to their in Crost to list it at this office. We Doal in real estate and of Tocks a Largo lot of Eca Noko property for Aale. Febl8 by establishes 1s50. New Springwill paper the Lar Cit test and cheapest Wall paper 302d is and decorations. Window shades and cur Taix poles a specify. John p. Clarke iur4 pm to. 612 Kin Street. Jjo Obe Beds. General cow drink for Margot maw bound bloating and Revore milk Yovor and abortion prove Tiv test received and for Sale by fob3s w. P. Of fit Hon a 00. �j1ry Lunt s Cotta a syr i foil of tag �13 an.-1x . Price 25c Sample Lottie ick Doc to i Bristol Tennessee. W be rejoins it of Tho terminal says the next Laxer development a " Huith thu hot of tin1 whole United scat a and to Tiri at Sei Dimmel ral n ran cart it i Platt to Happy und comfortable Homes. Expect the it it Larch development to is in the Lirl Tol District Holst of Arn East Ivonne Sjuve. Ilten ills practically the some natural advantages m Birmingham Bat which hav Nevei been worked up. Thi i Section will Row Rapu within the next few years. The Railroad a cities arc Peutl now and arc is in improved All the is i i a country Richer in Coal and or a than an single suite in America. It to a solid City backed by Mill mate. Resources in great variety and to being pushed to tin fore by a Gas resist All Ivory chamber of Commerce. Tin Outlook is favourable for it Ristol Torild c1e�3ibeu of Commerce. Financial. E building association. Share spar value $100. Subscription Foo �1 per Anro. Monthly dues 80 Coats per Sharo. Shirts to mature in about six years making 2",% per Ernt. Int orcs pot annul non the amount invested. This association hit3 sold nearly thongs and in this City and All the Morey Piid in is been loaned hero. It is a Tir Inch of to life insurance company of Virginia Wirich was charter of by the a o in 1871, and Row Haj assets Arron tin to nearly one half million dollars which guarantees the payment of All its obligations. It is a Horn company. W 11 managed Anpo Fostiy rehab to. For Stock or information App v to f. E. Nit err ap30 Corner Kin nil of in fax st roots. O if if i c e of the Fidelity building and loan association of Washington d. C. In corpor Ted under the i of i of state of a Best plan for securing a Home or for living a action of Monet. Any amount loaned repayable $1. 5 per month on each $1.000 do cod. $13 per in Clad of the monthly due on k shares shares $1 or month maturing in 102 months for 20o. Profit s98. No dues required. He per cent Irto rest Apo Wrd on special pay ments. Paid a Carti Vicatos f a $1 Twe Dalo Secretary. Andrew Wall . J. K. Smith attorney. I Acca ii and Trust Cora Pai a a. T. Britten president trial National Bank. Samuel Pollock . N. C. Or Kin and Fairfax ats. Ftp stairsmh4_ Atje Nobu ban Elf of the Southern build Inifi and loan association of pc nov Lle Tenn. J. 3. B. . Norrin so. John f. To cacti Larecco Stabler Milton b. Perry i Corgi ii. Binton. E. F. Knox 8cc & try a. J m. Nerton atty. This or inc i a strictly under local management. The Mono paid in by local Rati uber la Guaran teed to to Loai Iod in Alexandria. 1 to shares of Stock represent $100, Pir value and the coat is$1 per share for the set mint and 60 cents por Sharo monthly Thor Castor. Dit Del in Are declared quarterly and Tho Stock will pay out in six years at Tho rate of dividends now being Renado. This association s1bo issues paid up Stock at $51 per share a Cash dividend of six per cont por ,.payable Sci annually will be paid. At Tho end of six or Sevon years Tho Tock Fri 11 Hivo matured and Tho member then draws $100 from Tho association for each $50 to has Iii Stoj to side3 Tho annual six per Tho company will j Cash such Atuck u any time with i per cont iut orc st Thoreau. For Stock information Asio this association apply to e. F. Knox 128 South Fairfax Street.feb20, a Penny sated is a Penny Alexandria saving Bank office 421 King Street. Interest allowed on deposits pay Ablo Somi annually in Cash. Deposits of 10 cents or More received. Money to lean in Small Enma on real estate or other Good Security. Managers. John r. Zimmerman Julian t. Mearko e. 8. Lead beater Georgo Wise Worth Hulfish . East l. E. Uhler r. Avory Octilo of Charles f1tia1il Alexandria. A. Corner Lee and Prince streets 3. Ferguson Beach j f cha8. R. Eoloff president. J \ cashier prompt attention Givon to All business in Lurt ing collections throughout Tho United states -indsurnpe._p4 Nasorri wheat j .aaraf.t,president, j Cassiar. Pm National capital $108,080. Surplus $20,888 and a stall kinds 0? byes Jont 22curitiet a specially. . Wheat l. Dpi Orfield p. B. Hook John Perry f. L. ap4 Burke & Herbert banners a brokers government Bonds local stocks and All fie3t class Railroad Bonds and other Good investment securities. Mfd Burke � Herbert. Dish Ops Bird health e -re2. If your Cin by is sick and droopy use Tho re Storer. It in to found at Ernest l. Allen s,fobl4 Corner King and Pitt streets Good Green Blick and mixed Tea for Sale at 45c by Myll j. C. Milburn. My goods. Opening Lew Spring goods daily at. Bendheim s. Will mention a few isto arrivals who Hwa con Sider excellent i gains 1 Case of Fine dress Gingham 8c per Yard. Two u cases 5-4 bleached Muslin Contri Good Quality in lengths from 1 to 5 Yards at 10c per Yrd. One 1 Case 4-4 Anchor Brand bleached Muhlin 1 to 6 Yards at 8c per Yard. 250 Yards oiled table damask8, up dior Quality sad Choice patterns 50c per Yard. 500 Yards Bea Tifal styles Outing flan Nelse 6 to 12 Yard lengths 10c por Yard. New dress goods. New Gingham new prints new White goods new lies new laces new hosiery new gloves new fact have a i a new additions to All of on varied departments and Havo Nurod Ali at setting Pricer. Invite your inspection. No Trouato to show goods. D. Bendheim Ilg Street. Tobacco. Worth saving. Old tags 100. Electric plug tags 100. Hancock s 3-ply tags 100. Zuleki tags 200. Ii a cock s no. 1 9 in. Tag3 100. Parties mailing to any of the above number of to a will receive a Fine Meerschaum pipe and Case or 2,500 will get a Nice Gold watch. T. Hancock manufacturer of tobacco royl4 pm Richmond Virginia. Books and stationery. Utji 8tablished 1848." Robt. A Trench pc accessory to goo. E. Fronch bookseller stationer Printer �117 a 41 King st., Alexandria a. Who Kudo and retail dealer in All kinds of stationers goods. I carry a larger and More varied Lino than any other House in Tho South of coir Mercoal and Fino stationery envelopes shipping tags Bill not Sand letter Heads state ments paper bags of All sizes 81ates, pencils Pou holders inks mucilage tablets toys fancy goods cac. An indispensable Lino of attract Ive Anil Quick soiling goods for dealers. Fob everything in the musical line. Sheet music music books music folios and Ivory variety of musical instruments. Agent for the celebrated Etcy organs and pianos Tho Royal st. John sowing machines and Tho Remington Standard Typo writer. Lowest prices for Tho highest Grade of goods. Your patronage cordially solicited. Tho Bright of cos of my new and boat till goods trill Greet you and my salesmen will show you every at Tention. Ap8 Robt. French. Merchant tailors. We Murray merchant tailor 517 King Street Alexandria a. La forms hi3 Custo Tnora that Hea received a Sil apply of proft summer goods and is now prepared to Uintah Acler in All j he latest 9 ind on reasonable terms sp2. J Cocoa. Gold medal Paris 1 taker As breakfast Cocoa a which Tho excess of Oil has been removed is \jb8olutehj pure and it is soluble no chemicals arc used in. Its preparation. If has More than three times the strength of Cocoa mixed with. Starch arrowroot or sugar and is therefore far More economical costing less than one cent a cup. It is delicious nourishing strengthening easily digested and admirably adapted for invalids As Well As for persons in health. Sold by grocers everywhere. Baker & co. Dorchester mass
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