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Alexandria Gazette Newspaper Archives Jan 6 1891, Page 1

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Alexandria Gazette (Newspaper) - January 6, 1891, Alexandria, Virginia Mei canal. Surprising Case. Or. O w. Harris a prominent lawyer a no. 100 i g us n. A. Washington d. Condor Dato of Jan. 11th, i8�twrote to Tho a. A. C chemical co., Richmond va., living Tho history of a so of skin oru won of �0 years standing Tho result of malignant blood disease fat this time or. Harris had been Unabia to or in Tor six months in reply he Wes directed to Nso a. . Alt rat be with Tho a39nrat.ee that to w u d to euro. March 1st, 1890, or Harris again wrote the a. B. C. Chemical co. In Tho following words Tho improvement in my Aso to far is almost miraculous j am really setting Well and can walk As Woll is i Ever could my general health As never better. I feta i write you from Timo to time. Mea Litimo you can refer any Ono to to you desire and i sol certainly Tell them that the a. �. C alterative lifts Dono to More Good in two months than ha9 20 years expo Rouce with various eminent physicians and All other remo pies tried " under Date of april 7th, 1890, or Harris wrote. I am entirely building material a. Smoot & co., successors to j. Bector Smoot a co., manufacturers of i ook and window feamf8, holdings & dealers in us Mabeb. Shingles laths nail8, Lime calcined pla8teb and Cement. No. 25 North unions. Alexandria vibe in. By Lambor Doli Voro the City free. John pee by m. B. Pebby. Formerly of Porry Smoot & co. And Jas. Bector moot & Perry. Perry & son 1dmber Meg wants office no. 12 Kish st., Alexandria. Virginia. Dealers in doors Sash blinds mouldings co intent calcined pastor Limo hair nails a. Dressed lumber kept Onder cover._sep5 established 68 years Josiah he. Smoot Alke is lumber shingles laths Nail. Lime, plaster a. A. A. of Julf being doors Sash blinds frames mouldings mantels bracket and All kinds of Wool work. Office and Yard no. 21 North Union st. Factory Nob. 13 and 15 North Leo et., Alexandria j5b�-Ko Chargo for delivery in City. Jan28 bricks. Bricks bricks the Alexandria 3eick works situated on Hunting Crook Aro now Poparod to Toce Ivo Ardore and deliver bricks of All kinds used in the Trade on Tho Shorto t notice. Apply to m. B. Hablow a How Secretary and treasurer. Merchant tailors. We. y Mwau vow in 517 King Street Alexandria a. Informs his customers that to Oas received a Supply of fall and Winter goods and is now prop Rod to furnish 6�it3 in All the latest styles and on reasonable terms. Ap23 by oysters. James e. Hike Bey a co., wholesale and Bobtail Oyster dealers no. 112 Fairfax Street opposite e. S. Lead Boater & Bros Alexandria a. Country and City orders solicited and promptly oiled. Novl9 Tel w. A. Scoot g. 8. Faa Ca. W. A Smoot r Vear of Missouri for if be had who was it not publicly avowed at the time i Hope Hen not attempting to ran with the Bare Ai d hold with the but if he should prove Aii right on the Sil ver question i hold Bim to b str Eric for the position of prepaid of which re quires More of a statesman than or. Cleve land showed himself to be in Bis career a president and presidential Candido e. This waa proved by what he Calls his Campaign of that was simply a Campaign made upon one Laugle there were several others of equal and a m of greater importance. For ins Ance every body Ezo ept a Large Section of the capitalist Claeb who Are interested to keeping Money ? concedes that there is not enough Money in the country for its current by Ineree and Many Shitik tha was the prime cause of to bal late and pre sent at Lnger by in the Money Stringency which the National Bank have failed entirely to remedy As Many of of always said Tiluy we Dir Auch a Criasia the exclusive and extraordinary privileges most unwisely granted to them and which should be withdrawn As the Alliance say they must be. Or. Cleveland either could not or would not see this condition of the country though it confronted him very plainly he sided with Wall Street. Behold the con sequences of that Blunder again to indebtedness of the Farmers particularly of the weat info Raul it amounts to $3,450,000 000, or one fourth More than Tho United states debt at the Oloane of the War and is nearly three times As great As that debt is to Day. Ignoring Thia bankrupt condition which confronted him even More plainly than the other or. Cleveland Pridea him self on a proposed Tariff reduction of 9 per cent what is the us of offering a Man a shirt at 6 cent instead of 10 cents a Yard when he he no one cent to Bay n shirt win girl four Money and then cheapen commodities by Tariff Reform. Railroads have established it a e. Rule to charge for transportation every cent that a commode w i her. Ian t it Worth a much As Tariff Reform to Correct that Condl for to Bave Rei Road As Well a Tariff Reform that Rule and be Curoe Rons ways in which Char Era monopolies trusts f Rex ample in Agricol a a Imp Ute and combinations arc Dily widening end deep ening Tho Block Gulf Between Rich end poor to a Way unexampled in. A other country that pretend to be free. Or. Cleveland s speech at Columbus the other night showed that he knew of by a conditions. But be Boac Edas if be did not comprehend significance. Ars they cot of As cinch consequences Tariff re form pro ousted upon an unprepared country against the advice of Wise men some of them his chosen friends and what happened in this Campaign of education Why it educated the Republican party into Power with free course Given for Yeara to ail the wickedness we cd has attended their career under a ,. Iea i of Harrison Wao Makor Lodge q tar or Dudley Clarkton re Iod Mck a and a Host of Othera. The Barreme Coit of the United states Bas been d by two More usurpers to act Iona pension system has been established jobbers Bave been turned Loose in Congress and the departments like hogs in a Garden would it not Bave a Titi of p. Vent these conditions than to reduce the. Tariff from 47 10 to 42.6s percent and to that end Wou d it not b 3u to Ter t retain Oon Troi of the government until ice More year Haoold Havo made u prudent to talk spot Helms rather than to Phat one s eyes lower one s Bead Aud Loach one s Back like a Hall charging a locomotive bellowing As he advances it is a condition that con fronts us and not a theory 1" i observe that the came paper Speaks As if or. Cleveland s late defeat if palliate by the fact that be bad a majorly of the pop ular begging its Pardon that has not big to do with it. The president May be elected constitutionally by a minority of the people. He is chosen by Satee. I am g and to know and Muff it per fas aut Nefas o of Jerky of the voted of each Date is entitled to As cast by the electoral col lege. Co there is a Fao in that popular vote Wii h in of very grave significance and it is this in the state of Connecticut new York i Nejl Vanie new Jersey Ohio in Diana and Illinois casting 155 vote Sod All voting Lor the republicans at the Las presidential election toe negroes cola the bal Anoe of Power. It s Weil known to every body that these peril ate utterly to vote a a that they Only admitted to the privilege because i Eui Edibe re publicans to Accord it to thy Borda of negroes by � Hoo to be they in e ird to of Octroi the South. Bat finding that t Ven win to Aid if Tai a vote in these Northern hates thy ctn of rely upon getting and k in end expected to give item the control of the Sou. B. It Vinu taken a Vii age of or. Cleveland s Tariff Reform to 8 a Ith the worst prone Ive Tariff the c u r Ever saw and fixed it certainly for Ftp Jern and for As Many More As car b c toe presi Dency the Senate or the huts. Of representatives the republicans Are Neu conspiring to pars that Law the Force Bill to e Cut i come of tie Inlet daring conspiracy against free government that has Ever Tseu alternated. It is out Worth while to set Forth Here he character of that Law which is intended so turn the South Over to the negro vote manipulated by this republicans end to to govern the who o United 8tbt 8 by the negro Yule for that is Belner exposed every Day. But i wish to Call attention to lbs fact that this legislation which Nims to substitute the Bayonet for the Hollot end must if passed subvert Republican government or subject the country to ail the horrors of civil commotion been rendered possible by or. Cleveland s fool Hardy Campaign of of course it la a condition which confronts us to Day As much More impotent than Tarl Refo. Mas is a govern ment by free and intellect White men than the details of a system of finance and Tass tier. If or Cleveland bus denounced this dangerous and a if cd Oie sure i Bays yet to hear of it is he to fostered of it is one Condi Tido of Tariff ref run and so in Reut on getting the Noro Nalion for Tho presidency that he can not appreciate the gravest Daeger that has Ever threatened frr6dinn ? sometimes a Small object May be held so close to the Eye As to obscure other Hiuga of far greater Mcgoni tude. Is it or. Cleveland s Petty ambition which blinds him to danger of the country ? in my judgment there conditions inc others that i omit for want of time Are of Morsi or Seq Aenone than certainly As much or Tariff Reform and when or. Cleve land starts off us he did the other night at e a a year ahead of time on not brr electioneering Campaign of education which May Cost ibo democratic party the electoral to e in 1892,1 think it High time for some at least of the Many who in the last presidential canvass pro ested in Advance that or. Cleveland s Campaign of education would lose us the election and All its Adan Tuger to commence our Campaign of Edu cation and to warn the prob e now As they were warned before that his supporters have Over estimated the Wisdom popularity and ability of or. Cleveland. And when he claims that i Campaign of education1" p. A for the democratic party the glorious but thanks to him almost fruitless Victory of lust november and gives that Cue to Bis Iii Eude in an electioneering speech such As be lately made to new York it is the right and duty of other democrats As Good cod 9 8 True a be is to deny the correctness of that silly statement and to Point ont that the f Reo Bill the Mee Zoiey Bill the currency question the Silver Bill the infamous pension Laws with other wicked measures and corrupt Obs Ami practices of the Republican party together with the bankrupt condition of the agriculturists All mad to sible by the Campaign of Educa Tion combined to produce this result by disgusting angering and alarming the whole people especially the Rural and Labouring population of the United 8lates. Of course if the people Are unwise enough to turn or. Cleveland Loose Eglin in our China shop we will Acque Reeca and help in the work. For objectionable As be May be he is infinitely belter than any Republican. I May be pardoned i Hope for saying in conclusion that i a life is a vet , will go when the time come As far As Rny other bites rights Democrat toward a direct Revenue Tariff Bot that time is not when we Are engaged with such conditions As confront us now. And i am not willing to feed the aspirations of or. Cleveland by giving undo prominence to an Issue upon which we have already failed three time once under soc an experienced Leader a or. Tilden once under Gen. Han cock and once under or. Cleveland him self. To. Next time i think it might be bet Ter to wait for the Peop e to break especially so Tuey appear to be Gottlog ready to do so. Frank g. Ruffin. Lexington a Jan. 17, 1890. Or. A. K. Bucket dear i req narc Tho Usif glasses i Wear your Faith Copic Crystal izod Lomes. In re Spect to brilliancy and clearness of vision they Are Superior to any Glais i have Over used. Gospee finlly Fitch Cru Lee sex governor of Virginia. These Fanoos lenses adjusted to defective vision at the drug store of l. Stable & co., decl9 Only Alexandria a paint Yoke buggy Fob one Dollar. Another Supply of Crown Ca Biage gloss pain1 ready or ask Only one coat necessary for Zoh � y sep6 w. F. A Brighton & co. Always stands bisque figures and Cologne bottles. Call and examine Ernest l. Allen. Declo Corner King Ard Pitt a Tab imps new buckwheat just received Bijl oct20 j. C. Milt Jan. Medicinal. Its Peculiar Efficacy is do As much to the process an nothing skin in compounding As to like it he Horred Lenni 11 take it in time. It checks diseases in Tho outset or if they be advanced will prove a potent cure. No a Star lie flout in it takes the place of a. Of to doctor and costly pre acre pylons. All who 1. And for whose sedentary Uvea will find Benefi tit the Best preventive of and Elm for indigestion constipation headache bilious Ness files 1 mental depression. No loss of time no interference with business while taking. For children it is most in Nocent and harmless. No danger from exposure after taking. Cures Colic diarrhoea Dowel complaints feverish Ness and feverish cold. Invalids and delicate persons will find it the Mildest ape Rient and tonic they can use. A Little taken at night insures refreshing sleep and a natural evacuation of the bowels a Little taken in the morning Sharpen Tho appetite cleanse Uio stomach ft&4 we tub the breath. Ifo a physician s opinion1. A i have been practising Medicine at Twenty years Anil have never been Able to s f put up a vegetable compound that would like Simmons liver regulator promptly and effectively move the liver to action. And at the same Tiro Aid instead of weak \ going the Dige Dvo a4 Mimi latin Power of the i m. In Roif m of Washington Ark. 0 Marks of Genny Nummi look for ther4 Trade Marie on front of wrapper and us Beal and signature of j. a up Andis izod an Ivory Day As st intend in Tho Butiro As in Tho past to aim to m Oil Homo Enterprise a succee3. 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All and Wintee Stock of underwear motions dry goods Acac arriving daily and bold at lowest prices at Amos b. Sla k us 4 29 King is beet mo13 Alexandria. Virginia. Confectioners. D. Harry �pp5ch successor to David Appich wholesale and retail confectioner and fruit dealer 525 Al Street Alexandria Virginia Fine French candies and fancy cakes a specially. Jaa9tf John m. Barrett 218 n. St. Asaph st., Alexandria a. P. Mcelroy s Art store 1003 a. Ht., Washington o. A wilffnrni3h estimates for picture frames in Gold Silver White and Gold l7ory and All kinds of hard Woods. Constr try on hand engravings etchings water colors and photographs. Re gilding old frames a specially. Abt novelties suitable Tor wed Ding and Holiday presents. To those not desiring to go i o wa3iington,ordor3 can be left at 218 n. It. Asaph Street any evening after six o clock. 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S i Ai Ijac Saino & soft wholesale Grqce is 21? 23 North Lee 8teeet, opposite Hill s Cracker factory. Co Lac agents Fuji a t8faction to Ai 0 ii Aza cd p0wdk8. A t2g to i. Johnson a of. Wholesale grocers Ibal comi5338ion rfsrchant8,Anri dealers in kinds of liquors have of hand Gibson s xxx. Xxx. Xxx Rod pubs old Eye. Of Cabinet whiskies also Bakers ry7. Whiskies which Rucj i Viu Pic attention of Luc front the country for 3hall receive prompt . of four Grain and country pro i leu elicited for which Thoy guarantee the i ugh m argot Pricola and prompt Corner of Cameros and Eoy Ai Stroota sop4_alexandria, Yokl look 30 cakes Babbitt d soap 45c. Babbitt s 177� soap powder 4c.soapinc and Prii 15 Iba Largo lamp stare 25c.star soap. 4c. 7 cakes Quaker City soap 25c.8 cakes Standard of soap 25c. Large bottle s Wettst powder 10c.largo boxes matches la. Abb Seo Brand tomatoes Gools at reduced prices for the next thirty Days. O. B Hopkins,docl5 pm no. 4 "0 North oui urn treat coupons Forstate taxes coupons Ein to tendered for Stato taxes for1800, now due under Tho acts of Tho Virginia Lonis Mattiro Tat payers Aro request of to cell on to Bonuro payment of their to Bills As they can Navo a a Fargo a Conte nil 1 obtain the Rea surer s receipt in full by Caing coupons. B. T. Lucas nolo 134 n nth Loyal Street. For malaria liver Trou ble or indigestion u3e rowits Iron bitters laundry elegant smooth an Glossy finish put on your Linen by Tho Uso of laundry Wax. Five Corts a Pafco. Or Salo by Ernest l Allen Feblow Comer King and Pitt streets. Of your chickens Are 8ick, Lunt s Chicken cholera cure. Sold by ail druggists and grocers mh31 builders hardware of All for Salo cheap at 328 King Street Corner Royal Alcoa Drio 3cplo j. T. Creight i i act Eye pencils for colouring Eye brows and lashes for Sale by Ernest l. Allen,h0712 co. Kinfat and Pitt ate., Alexandria Lemon hot Deol h cd e colds hoarse nos and Soro Throat. 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