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Alexandria Gazette Newspaper Archives Dec 15 1890, Page 1

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Alexandria Gazette (Newspaper) - December 15, 1890, Alexandria, Virginia L Xci-n0 294 l1xanbria, a. Monday evening december 15. 1890 Price 2 cts. Trait if on blood und skin dist a t sir to p chemical co.ie8 Emfs �9 9 7 South 12th Street Ali a a to. I. Bulli ing . I Ilc. Tohn Peevey b. I Kun formerly of Perry moot a co. And is. Rector Smoot & Porrov Perry slumber imams off1cj3 Asis a Lindl st., Alexandria Virginia. Dealers in d ors , blinds mouldings Cement calcined plaster Lime Hiir nails a. Dres re lumber kept Nandor cover _ 3op5 established 68 years j08iah ill. Si00t-, lumber life btail8,u ,Cement.cal0th2d plates Acac a. c pm 0o2in�, boobs Sash bunds Peak is to Uldino Aitt?.bs. Bracket and All kinds of Wood woes. Orca mis Yarc pc. 21 North a mos at. Factory Noa. 13 and 15 North Lee at., Alexandria 7a,�iff-no Cli Arzo for delivery in City. Ian Smoot &c�7t accessory to j. Acc or Smoot a co., 81 earn flooring Plain Iii Mill manufacturers of do and window of barfs. Molding Dosio a in re Mabeb shingles laths nails Lumi calcined plates and Cement. Pc. 25 it cute Tintos st Alexandria. 7tbci n so Lutu Hec Pelitere the City free. Corbett & Yohe manufacture a of the Best Quality of Aho made Brick. Red ass paving Brick a so v. Cia Ety. Long experience has fully demonstrated that hand made Brick Aro Tho Best for All purposes where expos of to the weather. Office Corner Kirg and Fairfax streets. Yards on South Washington Street a lox Dria a. _jy9 of bricks the alexand7.i� Brick works situated on Hunting i Reck Are now prepared to Recovo orders and de i of All kinds Asod in Tho Trado on the shortest notice. Apply Tom. E. Harlow my i Secretary and treasurer. Merchant tailors. We. Mukha y 517 King Street Alexandria a. In Orras his customers that a is received a Supply of fall and Winter goods and is now prepared Toi ish suits in All the liter t Tyles and on reasonable terms. Ap2." by oysters. Tames e. Mckea Ney i a wholesale and a Taii Oyster Dealyss no. 112 Fairfax sublet Oppa Sita e. S level Bottor a Brov Alexandria is. Country and City orders solicited and Ruup by _novl9 Tel Andrew Bella s Oyster House,307 Prince Street opposite the Gazette office. The Best oysters that ceiue.= to Market always on hand. Oysters delivered to All parts of the City. Conn try orders solicited and promptly filed ? of 12 Sai . S2sco? . . W. A. Smoot & co., Coal Salt and Piaster a Tibet Kudsia a. 0�fics.Smoot b wharf. �p4 special attention paid to forwarding a f. Cook dealer in fresh poultry a a stalls -1 and 5 City Market. Vegetables and fruits in season. Notl9 Tel published daily and Tri weekly at the Gazette Slid g.,310 & 8j2priiice st. A Holly one v�r-5900 " six month-.3 00 " Odo Mouth. 60 Rel tee Lily or.oirsssr.4 oo8usneatbs.2 no three oat in. 1 00 contract advert a ers Irvil not be allowed to exceed Belr Ipao unless Iho excess in paid for at transient rated under no circumstances will they be allowed to advertise other Usu Belr legitimate business in the space contracted for. All transient advertisements must to paid for in and Vance. Marriage and dash notices must be paid for in and Vance. Resolutions in thanks tributes of respect resolutions adept s4 by societies or persons unless of Public concern. Trill Only be printed in thi3 paper As advertisements. The Gazette of lace la connected with Tho Telephone Exchange. Adef Semente orders for the paper news or or business can be rent by Telephone filtered at the st Dofice Aiex Andrla. Virginia age Corid class matter a Belle s negro Mats a sorrowful .0 n � wad Ali Nosseir at Covington Bya to y or two age in Trie polic6 court nod a oboe log considerable talk throughout the oily. Ten years ago one of toe pret Izeat Aco most popular Girle in c to too Wae Lycra Brinni a Thia is Tot Ali Midi car newspaper b item int Bat a Fitch. Be was full of life and the favorite at Ai gafheiirg.-�. M. By of the Hett Yuu lir a a in be c y sought her in mar y e Viia some of tit fam Iii in is York Breton chicag Osad 8t. Louie. S be c. Esq Al site voice and Ter fume beamed a. Fail of pc Mike As the summer any is full of 6q1 Bine Rould suit she disappeared. Bra bad gone Ona visit her fund by i Iii. After a Ebort Dicig they went an a and ail i her Loar and to the pass ing yes in the fic urae of j the examination it was i oped that to o believe that Ebri 0 did beet toe a Mother and it net Uii he Tho child that be ecu d Rudic if. Toe baby which la a boy weighed Only thre3 pounds when it wits born an bad Tho of an old prop w the features oud the Etiz Ned joints c f the aged. But Oiher la. Foeman a bps Fhy. Commonplace chill tie Mother having of course no Rio Iiri hut Lor it it i being brought up no the bottle. The a her is much m Rte find a the occurrence Ard views he child Ca a monstrosity. Be Ianc my Yearb younger than Hie wife worse Tatum it in regard to her a the a co Robor it in. Tho woman Eye Ehe Herauf was Burn whet her Mother was fity two. And thar t or Ber. Ii viol near link Ophof Sweden Gao birth 10 twine at the age of sixty three when people came for a Hundred Milre to is him or. Andorson of Lapeer who born in Stockholm ays be rec Leta he ailing when a boy of the a Clarrence. Mrs. Johnsen la Dourg we and a Deligh i with her Tihy which As baptized by the Prier to rect a ring the Nara of i a3 Jan. The play Viciana re c Are Aills Cao has r eve r had but two in Thenna a of Tho profession. Cd bios effect of map on a Bow. A Niy fee Crow on Armor James a. La of h place in Pocono to arc ship Ala growing 11 let of new Fea Beia and the most of hem Aro coming in White 0. E morn ing a or Fovea v?t�ok-5 ago mrp. A Asoo Nea d he Crow croaking out in Ine Beck Vord. It wee e Novitt altogether unlike Penny s a Oal cheerful \ o a and Ira. La a n run cd to Aco what toe or or Wop. 3be found Pei by up to Bis eyes in a big Kettle of l soft Cost that Abe made the thorough rinsing. hard ice in i e r i it powerfully Strong and Loo feed the Ota of Penny s pretty in Bort a to. Lots of them for 0 is a or to. In 1 Ivo perfect & Tia estion or Money refunded. Price 25 cents por bos. For rce. 9 ? Bro. Of for Carer Lifty years. An old a will thied Jofe oyers. A inflow s soothing syrup has Beer Usi d for Over fifty yeaf.8 by millions mothers for their Chi Naen Osrie Teeth i Jug with perfect 8cccess. It sir Stela the t , softens the gd1i8, allav3 a l pain cubes Wisd folic Aud is the Best for diary urea. Bold by druggists in every part of the world. De sure and ask for mrs. In slots s 6oothi t a tbsp Duttko no other Kin Enty five cents a Hott o. Royal Cut Glass Doul Toland Etc Olstadt Mako Beautiful Holiday rifts. For Sile vory Low a Declo a. J. Millee & Box 3. Bear Lithia water at 25c per gallon at �d2 j. D. E. Lunt 8. Medici Ai cores Ujj Ivor Novi Plant " Inus affections and Ness. . Price 25 cts. Is lvat10n pm or of sold by All druggists relieves a Okay Picu maoism Neu Ragi c r Lun Bapt a Cut Faith Che a Burr. So Ai sort backache c. Psi rss tvs robacoo4� a Cei Octa � i Drua Alief proposals. A easel proposals will be received for Theo pure see of All the proper of la Alexan Dei a. Gentl men .5 Iii ving Lud in Alexandria county Virginia infusing Tho grand s and buildings Nices it via and race track of to oxus any and tin in spirt d term of its losses of is land upon which ifs property is situated by the under Knel up to 12 o Loe noon of to 17th Day of december 81at 505 Kin. Street Alexandria a. Al. to addressed to b. , Sec rotary and tres uror a. G. D. Club and will be opened at to Timo mentioned the right to r Jet and All bids i reserved. Terras of Sale Cash. The Alex. Gentlemen s driving club a cog to Auk to rent. Y ladle Beal estate Fob Sale. One 1 act of land 446 across 2\ Miles from alas. Dria on the mount Vernon roid Tuo Turvey of Tho mount Vernon Avonzo Pas i Tai Congh the place. This property i i Well Calcut i cd for gardening and Dairy pure Ose boing Well watered and has a frontage on Tho Potomac River of Miles also Unser passed scenery overlooking both the cities of Alexandria and Washington l Orons Iii will find it to and rant the to examine this land. 2d. 124 acres and another of 52 acres about 4 Miles from the City not ear from Tho above described property. Perhaps thru is no land on to Market Al this Timo offering greater advantages to seekers of profit than Tho above proper to. Ror description nud terms apply Tomies Katie m. G. Johns"3 to 514 Cameron Icet or to o r l a int Keal Stato Bro Kornj no. T.03 Fairfax st bet. Cameron and King,jmg27 Job rent. House 21g South Washington Street and he use 924 Dot Ostreet. Apply to oct 27 of Joh s t. Nalls 820 King st. A Avo Post Wajts and Vise Cabinet for the holidays. At Naramore s studio. Tho inc roast in our orders and entire Satis fac Tio i Given n the past Sot is to guarantee us in urging too c who wish a Fine portrait at a very Low figure to give u3 an Early Call to Avort to Rush for Holiday pictures. There is nothing Moro appropriate or acceptable for a holi Day gift than a Crayon Job trait in Ono of our elegant frames. With each Dosen Cabinet photographs we give an extra picture for . H. Naba Mobe nov20_321 King Street. John m. Barrett 218 n. St. Asaph st., Alexandria Eire Sentiff a. P. Mcelroy s Art store 5003 i a. Av., Washington i. A will furnish estimates for picture frames in old Svor White and Gold Ivory and All Aind Dof hard Woods. Constantly on hand Engra rings etchings water colors and Pho t�gbaph8. Re gilding old frames a specially. Art novelties suitable for wed Ding and Holiday presents. To accommodate those not desiring to to Washington orders in be left at 218 n. St. Asaph str cot any evening after six o clock. All communications will receive prompt attention. Sop2 4m we Are now running a line of Herdics on King str cot Between to ferry slip anal the depots calling at Tho hotels. Faro 5 cents. A smaller nordic will Convoy passengers from residences upon order to any pert of the City Faro 10 cents. Dot-9 2w_patterson a boo j Heb. P october 1890.i ant six tons Lowis s Puio White Load Linece Oil a oiled lius oed Oil cheap paint Oil varnishes of All kinds window Glass Putty tinted gloss and metropolitan Beady mixed paints in Ono and five gallon cars also a Large Stock of prime Quality Beady mixed paints in 1 and 2 Pound cans. An immense Stock and at lowest prices. We will be pleased to fur Nish rotations at any time. Of ,8_e. I. Leadbeater or. Pro 1000bbls 01family k0e net Boe no. 1 and no. 1 net Potomac heering our own pack. Keeping Quality guaranteed for six months after Sale. Jolo Chas Kino & son. Nas Mebs. Read x. O. Dust x. O. Dust the new and great discovery x. O. Dust for Tho to Lief from the Texas or Buffalo fit on cattle just received and for Sale by acp9_w. F. n of of. Mineral watees10 dozen Bedford water isl received 10 Casos Buffalo Lithia to keep constantly in Stock a full Supply of Bromine and Aaronic Oceola Roek Bridge Alum. Hunyadi a non Frederic shall and Al other Well known misery to Waters. Mys e. S. Leadbeater � Bro. 0ne Carloa California raisins for Sale at new York price3. cd _ charle3 King & son. A a Oore Bros. General cow drink for target maw bound bloating and fevers it ilk fever and abortion pre Veaty inst received and for Sale byfeb28 w. F. A Beighton & 00. Fancy Geo eels. To cases Canton Ginger pots halves and quarters. For 9io Low by o. We Ramsay. Fancy Florida oranges and Malaga grapes. Go we Ramsay. Extra Quality leis air Orange Peel and Sweet cider. G. We. Ramsay. Atmore s and r. Sara Plum puddings. O. We Ramsay 700 Nice soft figs Wivl Ramsay. New crop raisins currant Citron nuts. C. We Ramsay. Confectioners. D. Harry Appich Sacco ser to David Appich wholesale and retail confectioner and Frait dealer 525 la log Streitt Alexandria Virginia Fine French candies and fancy cakes a specially. Ja&9 of b. B. Smith 505 King Street Amu facture of Fine cigars ago dealer in Al kinds of smoking and chewing tobacco. Smokers articles a specially. Notwithstanding to High Tat Ift on imported tobacco i Ara still Selling Smith s choke Clear Havana Cigar for 6c, the Best on the to in ported. If yen want a Good Smonko try Ono. For 3le by All Dolors. B. B. Ith manufacturer of Tho famous Rose Cigar. Oct27 Ueo c3be8, Tho celebrated Minnesota Patent process flour. It is the Best in Tho world. G. A i. Ramsay nov6 sole agent for Alexandria. In Gold rings love knots at 5cc, solid silve5 rings Lovek Nota at 25c at Hemry Woldt 8, 318 King Street. Holiday goods. Christmas 1890 to hav Ojust Rece ivol and placed on exhibition a Moat b Antii a and Labora a assortment of Arii. Des suitable for Holiday presents. Bolow to make mint Ion of a to assist you in Maki k h option. Plush alt3r.ii, Plush Wouk i of a shaving sets manicure sets writs a de to Glove Anil Handke. Cases whisk holders line handkerchiefs silk handkerchiefs mufflers gloves napkins towels table cloths and napkins to match silk tidies Uhr Rellas muffs capes Etc. All of the above in Large Var Loty. To reduce our Stock a is tailoring to will make suits to a Ossero at Cost. Isaac Eichberg Cor. King and Royal its. Real estate agents. John 0 been do k. Kemper attorney at Law and Lato of a Qai Orco in. Noury Public. Ger Dox a Kemper real estate agents n03. 21g-218 King Harcot. Alexandria a. Boil oat nto bought and so d on Orar Mission. City lots a specially. Farms for Sale. By taxes col oct Ronta and furnish tracts o titles correspondence solicited._nov22 3m re est a. T s foe Sale by o Neal & Lunt Corner King and Fairfax streets. Housand lot no. 113 Columbus Street to i tween King and Princo 9 room 30 foot 9 riches front by 90 feet drop. Pri e $2,500. Houses nos. 427 and 429 Columba Street in perfect order built Only one car 0 rooms Bath room China co80t, new Latrobe stoves in Parlours All modern conveniences. Largo Brick 9 rooms ail in Good order splendid location Largo Jard attached. Fino 3-Story Brick 9 rooms on Princo Street near Washington 2-Story Brick Back building All in perfect order with modern conveniences. 2 Story Brick House on Columbus st., by tween King and Princo 7 rooms in perfect Ordor. 22 acres of land at Falls Charch. 7 acres of Laud at wc3t end of Falls Church about 100 Yards from station. Will to la for Alexandria business property. Storo and dwelling at the Comer of st. Asaph and Gibbon streets stabling an cd in Rood Bye Jamaica and st. Croix Erci purrs. New England be Bass & co a. Ale guinness Stout Portnor s Export Perla or s extra dry Champaign Ackron oat Moil and Bolind Oats. Hocker Elf raising . Mixed pickles Sweet pickles and canned goods. All at lowest prices. W. A. Johnsona co., Declo to i. Cornor Boyal and Cameron ats. A sons Little the largest line of books. Chbi8tmascards and booklets. Games and blocks Tea Tioney All prices. To Riff crr Ricl with Good sait Ablo for Xmas prients and they will to cold at to lowest Pricola. A Iuo and look what to Hugo iad if you do not soc the article wanted ask for it and to will try and find it for Ycu. Doclo2w_s. F. Dyson 60s King st. Christmas goods. Atmore s mince meat in half barrels and buckets. 12 buckets preserved quinces peaches plums and 8tbawbebb1es. Home made chop de Pickle by to quart or and London layer rai3 inh whole half and Quarter hoses. Valencia Muscatel and Sultana . Genuine Genoa Citron. Florida and Jamaica oranges Lemons and can bobbies. A full assortment of whole Aud Puro ground in Declo 3w a. C. Ii Mon & co. A Beautiful display Christmas novelties. To Havo Rocc ivol during the past week a a to l selected assortment of goods in China bisque Carlsbad a Reo Tor , Doulton Aud Rich Cut Glass also a to Dutiful Lino of brass lamp goods including parlor Library banquet Aud Pinin lamps tit cd i h the celebrated Rochester to Havo marked All at very Low figures Aud fool confident that to Bolsamo goods cannot to bus zit for less. To won id to pleased to Havo you Call get our prices and or amino those goods Bosforo you Pur Choso your Christmas gifts and to shall Tytko pleasure in showing our s Ock Picaso Call to Soo us. Declo e. J. Miller & son. R e a d v Fob c h b i s t m a s. L. Shaman Corner King and Pitt streets announce that to is prepared to moot Tho wants of Tho Christmas Aud Holiday Trado. His Stock of cakes Black Plain and Tobor kinds is Largo and h s Supply of confectionery nuts a unexcelled. I of is Tho time to Lovac orders. Dcc8 2w Holiday 8tatement. . Act sch wish to say to Alex Adriam As Competition grows stronger Day by Day Between Tho cities of Alt Cai diva and Washington it necessitates meet ing Tho demand of our poc Plu in their luxurious wants. In order to Supply your Christmas wants to will from now till to �r3t of january sell our Stock of diamonds watches jewelry silverware clocks Bronze table lamps imported pottery oct at prices lower than they can to bought in Tho City of Washington. To invite you to inspect our Stock and compare prices fooling confident oar offer will Boppre cited by Tho citizens of this City. We arc very r r. C. Acton & san jewellers and silversmiths dec6 606 King Street Alexandria a. He sry w5ldt, jeweler and optician 315 Kix Street Alexandria Virginia. A Fino assortment of watches jewelry Siver and Plateis Ware clojk8, spectacles and eve glasses. New Ami elegant Krc est. Ju3t received at 32s King on the Corner of Royal Street Ames s so d steel scoop3. Wright s " " Ana shovels. It Codon Snow shovels. All of which will to sold at Low prices. On baud Sleigh Eastos runners and bolls skates and other goods pertaining to Tho Toason at. Lowest Pricola. Call and examine. Deco j. T. Creighton a 80n, just out. If Yoa want to rid your House of Roacho and water bags get one of the Champion traps at a d. H. Lots. Price 25c._8ep22 mlle and pocket cutlery for Aalo at old x prices regardless of the Largo Advance. Call and of amino Bosforo purchasing at 328 King st. Decu j. T. Creighton & son. Fancy cups and saucers from 8c to s3each a Declo a. J. Miller & son s. Lack eyed peas just received by dec j. C. Milburn8
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