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Alexandria Gazette Newspaper Archives Apr 27 1891, Page 4

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Alexandria Gazette (Newspaper) - April 27, 1891, Alexandria, VirginiaThe Gazette. Mondat Yii Nirav april 27. Yon Moltke s opinion Low who accompanied emperor William daring Ket year d Maneu vers recently gave to to interviewer Many interesting remic Ceca. E of Gen. Von a Moltke who was a to a Gaet of the Earp crop at the t5m�. He Guys i asked tie Euler or about von to Liker d reported reference to the american civil War the general having been quoted As calling our armies armed mob.-, from which nothing of the science of War Cou d a Learned. Gen. Von Moline csv3r said any snob thing nor bad he Euch opinion Kalcl the emperor. On Ibe contrary a had the Highet respect for your Gerrib a r every one acqoaint9ri with Hie and let ration of the general 6tstf Mut know. Even to Ihla Day Ever Germar officer Iamb a to to s Edy carefully tre history and tar los of Vona War. We germans Are thoroughly a anoint de with the campaigns of Grant sri Redan 8herman, Lee and your other generals. Gan. Von Meliks has repeatedly expressed his admiration of the to to . You taught a the a. Of entrenchments military and forced marches in fact the whole a conc of it by a i fare was ill traced in your War. Gen. Von Moltke always recognized t in and that we had much to i Arn from y Cui Genera s. No Binz could a further from the truth than that Emily Story " Levin Goth va., Jan. 17,1890. Or. A. dear 1 Requiro the inso of glasses i Wear your a disc Pic Lentros. In re Spect to brilliancy a vision they Are dec Perior to in via i h Ever used. Ree enuf Fitzhugh i be sex governor of Hginia. These famous a adjusted to defective vision Tho drug Sturat l. Stabler & co. Dec9eoiy Alo Shedria a. An co blut a pocket almanac and Jimo Kabul Iii Kik Brou \ s Liitt eks the Best tonic Given away it drag und general tit orcs. Apply it onco. Fop. Sat r up fir modern y or acres 2�a Miles from Alexandria on Tho mount Vox nou Road the Survey of Tho on fit Vernon Avenue passing through Tho place. in Weil calculator for gardening and Dairy euros of being Well watered and has a frontage in Tho i a tonic River of 2 Miles also unsurpassed scenery overlooking both Tho cities of Alexandr a and Washington persons seeking investments will Lind it to their advantage to examine Thia land. 2d. 124 acres and another of 52 aches about 4 Miles from the City not far from Tho above described property. Perhaps there is no land on Tho Market at this time offering greater advantages to smokers of profit than the above named property for do bar option and terms apply to miss Katie G. Johnston 514 Cameron Lieeel o Neal & Lunt real estate rotors or to no. 103 Fairfax st bet. Cameron and King aug27 to a of confectioners. D. Harry Appich successor to David Appich wholesale and retail confectioner and fruit dealer 525 King Street Alexandria Virginia Fine French candies and fancy i cakes jaa9 of a specially. Stockholders meetings. Alexandria va., april 20,1891. the first by Law of Tho Alex i mining manufacturing and warehouse company Tho of huh Annu Al meeting of the stockholders of that company will be held at Tho general Effic of Trie Virginia Midland railway company in Alexandria va., on thur8day, Tho 7th Day of May 1891, at 1 o clock p. By Vidor of Tho directory. Ap20wtd_l. W. Bid. Acc rotary. Ryphe annual meeting of the Stock holders of the wheless electric railway company will to hold at 212 King Street Alexandria va., monday May 4, 1s91, for Tho election of nine directors and Tho transaction of such other business As May be property brought before Tho mooting. Apl7 to d. F. Merrill jr., Secretary. Merchant tailors. We. A Terra y 517 King Street. Alexandria a. Informs his Casto mors that he Nas received a Supply of Spring Snaer goods and is now prepared to Fri Ais suits in All the latest styles and on reasonable terms. Ap23 by fancy goods notions a. We again place our card before Tho Public inviting them to inspect our carefully selected Stock of Spring and summer dry goods. Gentlemen s and children s furnish Ings notion8, a. We will Endeavor to keep up to our Standard of the lowest prices for reliable goods. Amos b. Slaymaker mh31 no. 429 King Street. Plymouth Rock phosphate Gela Tine for Sale by ap8_ j. C. Milburn. Full like of gentlemen s Necktie collars and cuffs in latest styles at febl6 Slaymaker 8, 429 King Street. Large lot of extra Quality country knit socks just received at �o?19 Amos �. Slaymaker 8. Financial. Office of the Fidelity building and loan association of Washington d 0 i corpor Tad Ander the a of to state ova boat plan for securing Ahomd Orfio saving Ali Titov of mosey. And h in it. Ion a repayable $53 per month on each $1,000 advanced i$13 per month in cd nolo the monthly dus on � Shir per month maturing in j02 a nth fur $200. Profit. $ � �. Of Hack t5uf3 . Fix Pat cent interest a of of i it pay men s. Paid a certificates for $100 is oed at$50 per chafe 5 per in. Per Annuli Javion pare a e pries Bemi Annu Auy. Off Loeb. Hartison ring Ian. President. \. Georg w. vice onto. T. Thorn of i Tea Asprer. Zalotz Twe Ojielo Belieu a Andrew Wail manager . J ?. In dts to. R boy an seen i y and com Pany a. T. Brittos president. Depository Cen trial National 1� k. Samuel pull Ock superintendent n. I -. Cor. Kim and Fairfax its. Up stairs. Mh4_ Alexandria a Banc of the smitten Bill Liliie Aid Loia Aiso Ciatto of Knoxville ten. J. 3. B. duub0tob8. Harrio Smoot John f. Tackett Laurence Rita blog Milivoj b Perry goo go h. Hinken. E. F. Knox 8.c & treat. J pc. Norton atty this Branch i strictly under loud Muc. The Money paid in by local members a go Ian Teo i to to loaned in Alexandria Hoshart Soi Stock repro font $100, Par Luand the cose Al per Hare for the first a nth and 60 cents per share monthly thereafter. I Iden Aaro declared quarterly and Tho Stock will pay out in six years at the Rato of dividends now being made. This association also issues paid up s Ock at $51 per there a ca3h dividend of six per Cut per Annam Prayab o Semi annually Rill e pad. At the end of six Ore Evon or Ara the Stock will Hyvo tured and to member draws $100 from the for each $50 to has invested to nidc3 the annual six per cent. Tho company will Cash such 6tock at any time with 6 per cent int Orchet thereon. Front Ock to information a to this association apply to b. F. Knox 3 28 South Fairfax Street. _feb20 of endowment building association. 8habes, pay value $100. Subscription foe. $1 or share monthly duos 80 cents or share. Shares to mature in about six years making 23% per cent interest por annul upon Tho amount invested. Those who Dodge Stock or information concern ing the company can apply to Bank e. C0bbet7, president or a. A. Warfield Secretary Cor. King and Fairfax trots. Noy loaned on real estate. A tent on Isca Llod to paid up shares at $65 each at \ cod paying investment. Par value $100, on which Tho Boldoc is de titled to withdraw out of Tho profits of the fund four per cent per annul on the Par value of Tho shares in Bomi annual instalments after Tho to a year guaranty has Boon provided for at not once Otong 4% per Tont inter eat Tho balance of Tho profits remaining being applied to Mantro Tho shares in i Shorter period than ten Yoars. Nov8 Ofa Penn saved is Penny Alexandria saving Bank office 421 Kino Street. Interest allowed on deposits pay Able Semi annually in Oast. Deposits of 10 cents or More Roc Elved. Money to loan in Small sums on real estate or other Good Security. Managers. John b. Zimmerman Julian t. Burko e. 8. Leadbeater goo go Wise Worth Hulfish d. N. Bust l. E. Uhler r. W. Avory Octilo of Charles King. Hilda Alexandria a. Corker Lee at Prince streets 8. Febgu80n Beach f Chas. B Hooff president. J \ cashier. Prompt attention Given to All business including collections throughout the United states and ap4 Eskohi wheat 1 j v72f. . J 1 Oahler. H Nati collections hade and prompt i semi2 Ted a ally ids of ihvb5tb33rt a specially. Dib echoes. A wheat e. L. , p. B. Looe John Perry f. L. ap4 Burke & Herbert sax Abb is government Bonds local stocks and All first clash Railroad Bonds and other Good investment Secu bitter. Cd 3 Burke & Hebeeb. Gaea Parillie for the blood fob26_j d. H. Lunt 8. White wa8h brushes of Superior Quality and cheaper grades for Sale wholesale and retail at 328 King Street. Call and examine. Prices Low. �p21 j. T. A Beighton & son. Y a tent s cough syrup Fob Couget and 0 1 is. Price 25c Sample bottle 10c. Decl5 Stebman 8 each food put up in 25c, 50c and 75c cans is the beat preparation for the extermination of Roaches. From personal knowledge we know it to to All that is claimed for it. Ap8 e 8. Leadbeater & boo. 0 More headache Nob neuralgia Phenyl Ca Fetn gives Quick Relief in the worst cases. For Sale by mhl3_ebnest l Allen. Dyspepsia just received a Supply of the above celebrated preparation. It never fails. Price 25c. For Sale blog tag a. F. Creighton be co. Saven wheels assorted sizes at 328 Kin Street Corner of Boyal. The above will to sold at greatly reduced prices. Call and examine. Ap21_j. T. Creighton & son. Beat Lithia water at 25c per gallon at aap2_j. P. H. Lunt 8. 0bange3 and Lemond for Sale Low byap23_j. C. Milburn. Fresh butter and eggs constantly received by ap23 j. C. Milburn. Bat Soaib. Richmond and Danville r. E. Virginia Midland division. C02sbk5ssd schedule. To of fact match 29,3891. South bound. Leave Washington. Alexandria. Mana Nsasi Alverton. C Lupei or. Orange. No. 13, no. 9, Dally. Dally. 4 35 h 30 a 5 02 pm 8 55 am 6 02 pm 953 am 6 r5 p m10 2g a 7 28 p Mill 10 am 8 0" p i 12 01 am a drive . 9 10 p mlynchbcrg.113c pm Kra Nklan Jano. Danville. Greensboro. Raleigh. Kali Bury. . Charlotte. -. Columbia. Augusta. Atlanta. 1 0 j 20 pm 5 05 p c 15 p in 8 25 p 7 45 h 10 21 p 5 55 a 12 01 4 40 a 8 15am 9 30 a no. 11 Dally. 11 00 pm 1123 pm12 12 am �33 am 1cj am 137 am 2 37 am 5 20 am 6 57 am 8 03 am 1010 am 1 28 Phil 5" am 5 65 pm 1 30 pm6 50 pm 9 30 pm 11 00 pm note Forest. No. 14. Dally. Leave. Atlanta. Augusta. Colin Bla. Charlotte. Abbeville. Salisbury. Raleigh. Greensboro. Danville. Franklin june.-.-. Lynchburg. Arrive. Charlottes Lilc. . Calverton. Maua Saan. Alexandria. Washington. Baltimore. Philadelphia. New York. No. 10. Day. S 30 am 600 9 30 12 0 6 20 104 7 co 1 00 s58 11 02 12 01 1 40 p p p 11 a a a a a a no. 12. Daily. 710 10 45 200 715 2 19 8 13 4 37 10 40 12 35 138 pm 3 15 30 am 31am 03 i 45 p 12 p 40 p 05 p m17 p 40 p 20 p 4 00 p p 03 p am am pin pm pm pm pm am pm am 5 35 am 6 40 am 7 20 am 6 55 p 8 25 am7 30 p 8 55 am810 pm look am8 c5 p l0 25 am1125 pm12 06 pm3 20 a 2 20 pm 6 45 a 4 60 pm a Hing on and southwestern ice Tibule Lim ipod. Operate f. Peake Doe Lei in d00e8, Sash blinds had wave paints oils leads Cement lumber Lime. Calcined plaster slate mantels hearths cd a. Corner King and Pitt streets. Alexandria. A. John t. Creighton & son whole alb and Stait ? Xiv hardware and a Tbleby no. 88 King Cohney of Royal Street Havo on hand a very cargo and Well assorted Stock of goods in their line. Country merchants Aro invited to Call and of amino before guaranteed. Call and see. Al f elite Gooke Oach beg Bug and Bat paste Jast received by wat held & Hall Jyl Corner Printe and Fairfax streets Jook at this Best granulated sugar 5c. " Cut loaf 6c. " powdered 6c. For Salo at Al j. C. Milburn 3. Pi8h food for Aale by Ernest l. Allen feb3_corner King and Pitt streets. Pageot food especially prepared by Bishop for their use. Try it for your Bird. Ernest l. Allen,febl3 Corner King and Pitt streets. Bishop s bid health restores. If your Canary is sick and droopy Uso Tho be Torer. It can be found at Leneat l. Allen s,feb4_corner King and put streets Plant Yob buggy for one Dollar. Another Supply of Crown Caber age gloss paint Toady for use Only one coat necessary. For Salt a sep6 w. F. Creighton & co More Bros. General cow drink 1 for target maw bound bloating handovers. Milk fever and abortion preventive a received and for Sale by fatal w. F. Creighton & co. Curacao bitters will keep off malaria. For Salo at lungs. 50e per bottle. Feb26 Nojeeb new one soap Wonde Bdl foe cleaning cloths. Price 10c per Box at mh9 j. D. H. Lunt s. Perby s harness Oil soap. Three sites.$1, 50 and 25c sizes the finest article in the world for harness. For Sale by cab27 w. F. Creighton & co. Fob chills and fever try Lunt s ague cube.feb26 Price 50c per bottle. daily Meto the Norfolk and Washington 8team boat company will run a daily link commencing on men Day March 30, their new and powerful Iron Sto Amr a washing Oist and Norfolk leaving the . At the foot of Prisco strict it 7 30 p. Bot reing will love Norfolk at6 20 p. Siglo fare 3 Board or $5 p. B h0 of agent mh30 to 2 p to Roos Inland . Norfolk and fortress Monroe connecting at Norfolk with Tho old v Dominion steamship co. Fop. New York and with Tea Clyde line p b Philadelphia and via these Lin i i h Points North and East. Steamer lady of the 5. Ill v. Loaves tuesday thursday and Sun Day at 5 30 ., from treed a wharf. Faro $1.50. Ron d Tri t $2.50. For farther information apply to novels f. A. Reed & co., agony c w. Cibb c f Switnak. Task at Swetnam grocery liquor and come vision Mer chants Corner King and Washington streets Mcben Znoj i old a tart. To Aro now laying in a Kavorik of line groceries and liquors and our Tore which is being fitted up will be of dec a by the Liis of May. Pall j. C. 3wr.ix.btje.1t, commission merchant and dealer in fancy and Staple groceries. Proprietors of Potomac Brand of flour. Dcc26 which is us excelled. King aarm ice Oticia preparations. We have made Urgo additions to on Stock ind Aro buying leading Propri Tayari c &�., direct from to manufacturers. Were Thero Foro enabled to Supply the Trade with goods usually carried by a ,-�j.ointclwholesale Deco House at prices As lows those Given by the Best houses in larger cities All goods forwarded by Glrst t re igbo or express after Roco pfc of order. Rorup toss is oar specially. We guarantee the purity of All invited. Do 31 a Enest i. Allen in us censor to Summers k Al dealer in drugs chemicals Patent medicines and All articles found in a Well appoint i drug Sto s. Physicians proscriptions will receive personal attention. Mh25 a in Cressor to Samuel h. Lunt Dealu is Dkl a Heim Cines Chamois sponges brushes perfumery. Toilet Aiti Cioa cigars tobacco ac., a. Prii tiption careful in of night y r. King and Fairfax 8ts.,doc4 by Alexandria. Virginia. V. Creighton &��., wholesale and retail Dalor in drugs chemical8. Paints. Patent medicines Stoffs 8 Den heeds a. A. Corner King and Royal st roots a , alb Liwra. Physicians i Ascriptions careful in compoc duders will receive prompt attention. Mh24-tf_ John d. H. Lunt a Cossor to Lunt & Davidson Dii Laler in drugs. Chemicals. Patent medicines and fancy articles. N. E. Corner King and Washington Oire ii Alexandria a. Physicians Preemption a specially. T Stabler & co., successors to r. H. Stabler druggists and chemists. In w. Corner King and Washington Street dealers in Patent Mali Minos drugs cigars exp cigarettes Fine tooth brushes Nail brushes Gorman and Domestic Cologno hair crushes sponges floss straps a. A Spocia Caro Given o pro scr Tiona. � Warfield Hall. Druggists or nor Prince and Fairfax Street a special to. English frenc German and Domestic toot soap. Ienni Cizarina Cotogno Magnolia plod Cosmia Gerau u , Florida water of Union Lubin s hair Brahos and Combs bos. Englis tooth brushes a full assortment of Patent med Idues Cox s go latino Corn starch 8oa Moss it Rino spices of All kinds and a select Sfax a of �11 articles said by druggists at prices Aslo As to tame Quality can to obtained elsewhere. Dec 1 the Gazette Job Piffl Fulg office 18 be paced to do at the sh0btes1 n once and on the most Bea son ble Terf Efi a if and Fri l 3uch a cards tickets briefs. Posten Ca 1ain tje8. Hll. 1. . Opening and closing of the mails. Northern mails close at 7 30 and 10 00 a o i d 12 45 and 6 15 p. And 9 00 p. In. Open a 8 30 a. Is., 12 00 m., and 6 30 p. Southern mails via Chariot Tesvie c mob at 8 20 and 12 00 . And 9 00 . R Pun at 8.30 and 2 30 p. And 7 30 p. In. Man Ssara division mails close at 8 20 �. A la l 2 20 . Open at 10 35 a. and 7 30 . Southern i Ila via Richmond vhf do 10 00 a. M., 4.45 and 9 00 p. Open at b � i And 12 Alexandria and round Hill va., mails close j 30 a. And 4 10 p. Open at 9 00 a. O �na1 30 p. Closed mails to Falls Church Vienna Faina he Horn Don less Borg Pur Colvillo bom lill.va., close at 4 10 p. And open at 9 00ax Western mails close at 10 30 a. M., via 1 00 u. Open at 8 30 and 10 00 a. A., aw5 00 p. No , malls close at 7 30 and of Tow u 12 45, 4 40 and 6 20 p. Open it 9"3i and 10 00 a. M., 12 00 m., and 3 00 ask i30 p. Or. Office at 8 30 a. Close at i. Open at 6 30 p. Close at 7 p. Sunday at 9 00 . Com & 1 3 j a. M., cae Niees sche Dulc collections Madoo rip route3-6 30 and 10 00 a. A .1- 5 45 p. On 3-trip route.6 30 awl 0 00 a. Aad 5 45 p. deliveries Mado at � 00 a. M., 12 And cunday carriers window own at 9 00 sad Lojo at 9 3u a. �
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